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					                                                            Fitness Fun

   •Identify benefits of increased physical activity
   •Increase your understanding of how to perform
   physical activities safely
   •Plan to increase your daily physical activity
   •Try one or more new ways to increase your hydration

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Benefits of Regular Physical Activity
for Seniors
1. Slows the Aging Process:
 Slows muscle loss and strength
 Better reaction time - for clearer thinking,
  safer driving
 Better balance - less risk for falls
 Decreases risk for heart disease, blood
  pressure, stroke
 Slows bone calcium loss
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Benefits of Regular Physical Activity
for Seniors
2. Feel Better
 Gives you more energy, stamina
 Helps you cope with stress, & control
 Helps counter anxiety & depression
 Improves sleeping
 Share activity with family & friends
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Senior Fitness Safety
 Check with your doctor first before starting
  new physical activity
 Fact: U.S. Surgeon General reports
  physical inactivity is a major risk to your
 Start slow, gradually build up time to 30
  minutes most days
              Sunday   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursda   Friday   Saturday

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Four Kinds of Physical Activity

 Endurance activities
 Strength
 Balance exercises
 Stretching

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Keep Hydrated

 Drink 4-8 ounces before physical activity,
  and after
 Drink before you feel thirsty,
 6-8 cups fluid everyday
 Try one or more new hydration tips

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