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          Dr. V.P. Upadhyay
              Director (S)

        Government of India
Ministry of Environment and Forests
      Eastern Regional Office
      A/3, Chandrasekharpur
      Bhubaneswar-751 023

         e-mail :
              Phone: 0674-2301248

1. Name in full                  :   VEERENDRA PRATAP UPADHYAY

2. Father’s name                 :   Sri ONKAR NATH UPADHYAY

3. Date of Birth                 :   10. 07. 1958   Age     49 years

4.   Nationality                 :   Indian

5. (a) Address for               :   Dr. V.P. Upadhyay,
    Correspondence                   Director (S), Ministry of Environment and Forests,
                                     Eastern Regional Office, A/3 Chandrasekhar Pur,
                                     Phone No(s) : 0674 -2301248 (O), 6538108 (R)
                                     Fax No.        : 0674 - 2302432
                                     E mail         :

5. (b) Permanent Address     :       Vill. Chaturbhujpur, PO Bhatauta Tulsipatti,
                                     Distt. Sultanpur (U.P)    Pin- 228161.
                                     E-mail        :

6. Whether belong to SC/ ST/PH/OBC.                 :       No

7. Educational Qualification:

     Exam          Board/Institute       Year       Subjects           Division/    %
     passed        Univ./ College                                      class       Marks/
     Certificate CIEFL                   2004       German             Ist         62.2%
     Ph.D          Kumaun University, 1985          Botany             -
                   Naini Tal                        (Forest ecology)
     M. Sc.        Kumaun University, 1980          Botany             Ist         63.7%
                   Naini Tal
     B. Sc         MBPG,      College 1978          Zoo. Bot. Chem.    IInd        51.1%
                   Kumaun University,
                   Naini Tal

8.      Professional training:

Title                                                                 Duration          Conducting
                                                         From           To              Organisation
(a) India:

Environmental Impact Assessment of                       23.03.1995       28.03.1995    IIM, Calcutta.
developmental projects.
Management of Natural                 Resources and      28.02.1995       11.03.1995    IIPA, New Delhi.
Modelling and Monitoring of Coastal Marine               15.11.1999       16.11.1999    IIT, Delhi.
Processes (MAMCOMP-99)
Equipping the Enforcers in Environmental Law at          19.04.2000       23.04.2000    CEERA, National Law
W.B. University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.                                         school of India University
                                                                                        of Bangalore.
(b) Abroad:

Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing             08.01.1996       15.03.1996    DPPC,
                                                                                        University of Bradford,
Course in Environmental Management                       16.03.1996       27.03.1996    Centre for Industrial and
                                                                                        Commercial      Training,
                                                                                        Middlesbrough, England

9.      Employment Record:

Organisation                             Position held           From                  To       Nature of work

Ministry of Environment & Forests        Director                AUG 07          Till date      Environmental
Eastern Regional office, Bhubaneswar     Scientist „F‟                                          Monitoring,
                                                                                                Impact Assessment.
Ministry of Environment & Forests        Additional              MAR 06          AUG 07         Environmental
Eastern Regional office, Bhubaneswar     Director (S)                                           Monitoring,
                                         Scientist „E‟                                          Impact Assessment.
Ministry of Environment & Forests        Additional              OCT 2003        MAR 06         Environmental
North Eastern Regional office Shillong   Director (S)                                           Monitoring,
                                         Scientist „E‟                                          Impact Assessment.
Ministry Environment & Forests           Additional              MAR01            OCT03         Environmental
Eastern Regional office Bhubaneswar      Director (S                                            Monitoring,
                                         Scientist „E‟                                          Impact Assessment.

Ministry of Environment & Forests,       Joint Director(S)       Jan‟95           MAR01         Environmental
Eastern regional office, Bhubaneswar     Scientist „D‟                                          monitoring ,
                                                                                                Impact Assessment.
Ministry of Environment & Forests,       Scientist „C‟           Jan‟90           DEC04         Environmental
Eastern Regional office, Bhubaneswar                                                            Monitoring, Impact
Indian Council        of Agricultural    Scientist S1            Oct‟89           Dec‟89        Research (Forestry)
Research. Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi.
NAARM, Hyderabad

DOEn. Research Project. Dept. of              Research Scientist   Sep‟88      Sept‟89   Research
Forestry, Kumaun Univ. Nainital.                                                         (Restoration
C.S.I.R., Department of Botany,               R.A.                 Mar‟88      Aug‟88    Research
Kumaun University, Nainital                                                              (Restoration
DoEn. Research Project, Department            R.A.                 Mar‟86       Feb‟89   Research
Forestry,                                                                                (Restoration
Kumaun University, Nainital.                                                             Ecology).

DoEn. Research Project,                        SRF                 Nov‟84      Feb‟86    Research
Department of Botany/Forestry                                                            (Restoration
Kumaun University, Nainital.                                                             Ecology).

DoEn. Research Project,                        JRF                 Apr‟84      Nov‟84    Eco-development/
Department of Botany,                                                                    Research.
Kumaun University, Nainital.
D.ST Research Project,                         JRF                 Dec‟80      Apr‟84    Research (Forest
Department of Botany,                                                                    Ecosystem
Kumaun University, Nainital.                                                             analysis).

10. Publications and Reports:

                A list of publications & citations enclosed.

11. Present Pay Scale                     :          Basic Rs. 18,200/- Central Government
                                                     Pay scale (Rs. 16, 400 - Rs.20, 000/-)

12. Member of Professional Societies:

                       i.   International Association for Ecology (INTECOL)
                      ii.   International Society for Tropical Ecology, Varanasi (ISTE).
                     iii.   Ecology Research Circle, Nainital.
                     iv.    Society for Geoscientists & Allied Technologists, Bhubaneswar (SGAT).
                      v.    Plant Lovers‟ Association, Bhubaneswar.

13. i) Details of Honours/Distinctions received, if any:

                1.          Received “Environmental Conservation Awareness Award” of Orissa
                            Environmental Society from His Excellency Hon‟ble Governor of Orissa on
                            30th October, 2007.

                2.          FTE- Fellow of Tropical Ecology (ISTE, Varanasi)

                3.          ARS-1986 (Agriculture Research Services), ICAR, New Delhi

                4.          Co-opted member and contributor of “Task Force on Mountain Ecosystems
                            constituted by Planning Commission for the Environment and Forests
                            sector” for the Eleventh Five- Year Plan (2007-2012)

  ii)      Ph.D. Produced                      :          Two

           1. Phytosociological study of Bhitarkanika Mangrove ecosystem, Orissa, Utkal
              University, Bhubaneswar by Dr. Prafulla Kumar Mishra.

           2. Phytosociological Study of Forest Ecosystems of Similipal Biosphere Reserve,
              Orissa, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar by Dr. R.K. Mishra.

  iii)     Ph.D Registered                     :          Two

  iv)      M. Sc. Dissertation Supervised      :          Four

           1.     Environmental Impact Assessment of a Chromite Mine – A case study, Utkal
                  University, Bhubaneswar by Sidhartha Mishra, 2002.

           2.     Environmental statement of a chromite mining project at Sukinda, Jajpur,
                  Orissa, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar by Suchismita Patnaik, 2003.

           3.     Environmental Management Plan of Saruabil Mining Project, Sukinda, Utkal
                  University, Bhubaneswar by Sudhamayee Behura, 2003.

           4.     Environmental Monitoring of a mining project in Sukinda, Jajpur, Orissa,
                  Utkal University, Bhubaneswar by Sasmita Pattnaik, 2003.

  v)     Total experience (Years/Months)       :          26 years

Field of Study/Research                            Designation                       Duration

Study on structure and Functioning                 Junior Research Fellow            4 Years
of Forest Ecosystem in Central Himalaya.
Restoration of Degraded Forest Ecosystems in       Senior Research Fellow            1 Year 4 months
Central Himalaya.
Restoration of Degraded Forest Ecosystems in       Research Associate                2 Years 6 months
Central Himalaya.
Restoration of Degraded Forest Ecosystems in       Research Scientist                1 Year 1 month
Central Himalaya.
Field Training (Agro-forestry)                     Scientist S-1                     3 months
EIA and Environmental monitoring                   Scientist „SD‟                    5 Years
EIA and Environmental monitoring                   Joint Director (Scientist „SE‟)   6 Years
EIA and Environmental monitoring                   Addl. Director (Scientist „E‟)    6 Years
EIA and Environmental monitoring                   Director (Scientist “F”)          Since Aug.2007

        vi)      Training Experience:

Title                                               Duration                Conducting
                                         From              To               Organisation
Environmental Impact                     23.03.95         28.03.95          IIM, Calcutta.
Assessment of developmental
Management of Natural Resources          28.02.05              11.03.95     IIPA, New Delhi
and Environment
Modelling and Monitoring of              15.11.99              16.11.99     IIT, Delhi
Coastal Marine Processes
Equipping the Enforcers in               19.04.2000            23.04.2000   CEERA, National
Environmental Law at W.B.                                                   Law school of India
University of Juridical Sciences,                                           University of
Kolkata.                                                                    Bangalore.
Environmental Impact Assessment          08.01.96              15.03.96     University of
and Auditing.                                                               Bradford, U.K.
Course in Environmental                  16.03.96              27.03.96     CICT,
Management                                                                  Middlesbrough,

14.       Details of my research and present Work      :

        Having trained in Ecology from 1980-1990 and interacted with most of the Indian
Ecologists and International Scientists in the field, I have made significant research contributions
in the field of vegetation ecology, nutrient cycling and restoration of degraded ecosystems. The
publications brought out by me have been widely recognized with fair number of citations. I am
working in the Ministry Of Environment and Forests since last 17 years with the following

          i.       Follow up the implementation of conditions and safeguards laid down for
                   projects/activities during environmental clearance.
          ii.      Follow-up pollution control measures taken by industries, local bodies,
                   Government (Centre/State) undertakings etc.
          iii.     Collect and furnish information relating to Environmental Impact Assessment of
                   Projects, pollution control measures, methodology and status, legal and
                   enforcement measures, Environmental protection of special conservation areas like
                   wetlands, mangroves and Biosphere Reeserves.
          iv.      Maintain liaison and provide linkages with the concerned State governments, with
                   Central Government agencies including Regional Offices of BSI, ZSI and the
                   Central Pollution Control Board, with State Pollution Control Boards and all non-
                   governmental organisations involved in implementation of programmes relating
                   to Environment.

            The Environmental Impact Assessment reports of various projects are examined in
      the Regional office for sending comments and recommendation to the Ministry of

Environment and Forests where environmental appraisal is done and environmental
clearance is accorded with environmental safeguards. The examination of EIA report is also
made on the basis of monitoring feedback on actual performance and level of implementation
of environmental safeguards by ongoing projects in the area/region. The inspection and
monitoring is done by field visits to review the status of implementation of environmental
management and control measures. The important safeguards stipulated and monitored are
rehabilitation of project affected people, restoration of degraded areas, afforestation and
catchment area treatment, occupational safety and health, environmentally sound disposal
and management of muck and other solid waste materials, Effluent water treatment, re-use
and recycling etc. Environmental monitoring of various parameters of air, noise and water
qualities which are affected due to construction/operational activities is major mandate of
Regional Office as a post EIA review mechanism. The safeguards stipulated by the Ministry
also includes carrying out various kinds of studies related to biodiversity, flora and fauna,
regional impact studies/carrying capacity studies which are pursued and a link is provided
by Regional Offices between projects and expert institutions to complete such studies. The
monitoring and EIA related work carried out by the Regional Offices are helpful to
Environmental Appraisal Committees to review their earlier stipulations and find out the
constraints and effectiveness of implementing such safeguards at the project level.

         I edited a book entitled `Issues of Environment and Sustainability‟ (Upadhyay, 1997).
The contributions include the international practices of EIA including details of EIA
methodology, screening of environmental management options, need for adoption of
appropriate instruments, methods of calculating environmental costs using various tools and
environmental analysis of policies and programmes. Various issues linked to developmental
activities in the eastern and north eastern regions and having impact on ecosystem
functioning were addressed in Upadhyay et al (1997, 2003) in compilations made for projects
and state authorities which provided guidelines for taking up environmental conservation
measures by different sectors of projects. These compilations will help achieve satisfactory
compliance levels required as per the various acts and guidelines of the Country in the matter
of Forest Conservation and Environmental protection. The developmental projects are given
feed back on the basis of findings of the monitoring by Regional Office to implement required
mitigative measures to fulfil obligations of environmental clearance issued by the Ministry of
Environment & Forests. The monitoring has helped the Projects to achieve the standards like
recirculation of effluents, creation of Environmental Management Cell, regular monitoring of
environmental parameters and plantation and green belt development.

         While serving in the North Eastern Regional Office, Shillong (October, 2003 to March,
2006), monitoring issues of the region were prioritized by concentrating on most significant
environmental impacts i.e. acid mine drainage in coal mines, oil sludge management in oil
exploration and refining industries and general disregard to environmental legislations by
developmental projects. My effort to establish pilot projects for AMD treatment with the help
of IIT, Kharagpur and CSRMS, New Delhi by using limestone fines and lumps and recovery
of oil from oil sludge paid well. While a few projects already implemented the measures,
others had initiated action to comply. Most of the industrial coal and limestone mining
projects violating the norms were brought into the legislative control by making them aware
about the legislative requirement through conferences and also by issuing notices to projects
and state authorities.

    During my tenure in North East region, I also took up a project for developing a chemical
profile inventory of North East Region. The project took more than 2 years to complete the
assignment (February, 2004 to March, 2006). The North Eastern region has less industrial
productivity with only a few chemical industries but is a highly ecologically sensitive region.
The region warrants for a sound chemical safety and management system. The monitoring
mechanism of the Regional Office was also utilized for collection of data on chemical use and
management. The industries were also requested through a questionnaire to submit the
details on chemical profile. The report is a first ever comprehensive compilation in the
country which provides all details of chemical management in all sectors of development
activities in North East Region. The report will be a tool for regulatory authorities and the
industries to take all precautions for Disaster and Risk Management related to Chemical
production, import, export and use in North East region.

     Bhubaneswar                                                       Dr.V.P.Upadhyay


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