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					                   SIEBERT COASTAL TIMES                                                      An Alliance of Sandbridge Owners and Team Siebert

                                                  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!                          March 2009 / Issue 110

                                                                                                                      SPRING SERVICE
           AWARD WINNERS!                                                                                                  PROGRAMS
                                                                                                               The best way to improve income and
                                                          The Hampton Roads REALTORS Association               keep guests returning year after year is to provide
          Excellence in Sales                             announced their annual Circle of Excellence          well-maintained and inviting vacation properties.
                                                          recipients, and we are proud to announce             As always, our hardworking "Go Team"
                                                          eleven Siebert Realty REALTORS were                  (Guest/Owner Service Department) is here to
                                                          honored this year. These prestigious awards          assist our owners with this goal. The 2009 Spring
                                                          are given each year as a way to recognize            Service Forms have been mailed to our Siebert
                                                          those REALTORS who have delivered                    Realty property owners. If we don't hear back from
                                                          “excellence” in their field.                         you by April 1st, we shall assume you wish to keep
                                                                                                               your Spring Programs the same as last year. By
   Charlie Kelly    Bev Kwiatkowski                Siebert Realty’s professional REALTORS are
                                            Jim Kelly                                                          working together to service and maintain your
   Silver Award     Bronze Award +        Bronze Award
                                                   truly among the "best of the best", and we                  rental unit, we can look forward to another success-
                        30 Year                    applaud their high level of service that contin-
                    Longevity Award                                                                            ful rental season.
                                                              ues to keep Siebert Realty in the
   Distinguished Property                     Managers        forefront of the real estate industry.
                                                                       We would also like to give special
                                                                       thanks and recognition to Bev
                                                                       Kwiatkowski who received a 30
                                                                       Year Longevity Award this year.
                                                                       We appreciate the many years of
                                                                       service she has given to this
                                                                       company. Well done, Bev.
    Kat Donald      Lee Burgess     Lori Osenbaugh    Kate Findlater
                                                                       Congratulations to all our award
                                                                       recipients. Keep up the good work!

  Patrick Keenan   Kathy Frierson     Lori Kneut         Kim Land                                              Owner's Webpage: Owners can go online to
                                                                                                               preview and select their options for the various
                                                                                                               Spring Programs. Also available are current rentals-
Go Green!                                                  Spring Cleaning                                     to-date, owner statements, staff & contractor
                                                                                                               information, recommended inventory, previous
With St. Patrick’s Day approach-                     Spring Deep Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning are              newsletters, and much more.
ing, it’s a perfect month to “GO                     required and must be performed prior to the summer
GREEN”! Our owners can now
opt into the “Go Paperless
                                                     season. Owners should be aware that a Deep
                                                     Cleaning takes 2-3 days to complete, with an                   EASTER RENTALS
Program” and have rental funds electronically        additional 2 days for the carpet cleaning/drying time.     If you plan to use your proper-
deposited. You also will no longer receive a                                                                    ty over the Easter holiday
                                                     NEW PROGRAM - "KEEP IT FRESH"
printed monthly statement and can simply                                                                        (Easter Sunday is April 12th),
                                                     Clean and stain-free Mattress Pads and
utilize the Siebert Realty Owner Webpage for                                                                    please contact our Rental
                                                     Pillows are an absolute "MUST" when it
all your rental information. If you’d like to                                                                   Department as soon as
                                                     comes to keeping your beds fresh and
participate in this program, visit the Owner's                                                                  possible to block your property
                                                     sanitary for guests' use. Our new "Keep It Fresh"
Webpage at and select                                                                    for Owner's Use. As always,
                                                     Program will guarantee freshness by allowing Siebert
the "Go Paperless" option.                                                                                      any confirmed rentals already
                                                     Realty to purchase (at Owner's expense) and install
                                                                                                                in place must be honored.
                                                     ALL New Mattress Pads and Pillows at the start of the
                     WHO SAID THAT?                  season during your Deep Clean. Thereafter, at no
                                                     additional cost to you, we will REPLACE any soiled or                                Happy
                     "You can only be young
                     once, but you can be            stained pads and pillows for the entire rental season                           St. Patrick’s Day
                     immature forever."              (through Post Season). If you have questions
                            - Dave Barry             concerning these programs, contact Kimberly                                        March 17th
                                                     Bohnslav at Ext. 542 or                             Don’t Forget To Wear Green!
601 Sandbridge Road Virginia Beach, VA 23456          Email:      Toll Free: 877-422-2200      Local: 757-426-6200        Fax: 757-426-6212
                                       SIEBERT COASTAL TIMES
                                      SIEBERT COASTAL TIMES
FABULOUS HOME              BEFORE                      RENTAL DEPARTMENT                                         TEAM SIEBERT TRIVIA
                                                       We have seen an
IMPROVEMENTS                                           increase in both our                                   With the popularity of the
Take a look at the                                     call volume and                                        movie “The Bucket List”
before and after                                       online bookings over                                     last year, we thought
pictures of a recent                                   the past few weeks                                      it would be fun to find
                                            AFTER      due to numerous email campaigns, promotional
living room makeover                                                                                              out what our staff
showing how a room                                     weekend giveaways, and other marketing efforts.             has on their list.
can be transformed into                                We continue to encourage Owners who wish to
one that has a more                                    discount their rates for any upcoming weeks to
upscale appeal. Janice                                 email us at If you                Name something on
Monroe heads up our                                    have any questions about specials, contact Kat                 your “Bucket List”.
Property Improvement Department and is                 Donald at Ext. 541.                                            (to do before you “kick the bucket”)
available to help Owners improve and upgrade
their rental investments. As always, her evaluation                                                          Jean Siebert: Cruise the Mediterranean.
services are complimentary. If you would like to                                                             Amber Witchey: Fly on a plane (never flown on
have Janice inventory your property and make                                                                 one before) to Alaska with my grandfather.
suggestions on how to increase your overall rental
income, contact her at Ext. 548 or                                                                           Lori Kneut: See the Grand Canyon.                                                                                   Darlene Kwiatkowski: Write a novel.
                                                                                                             Donna Magruder: To retire to someplace warm
                       ACCOUNTING                                                                            where I never need more than a sweater – and
                                                                                                             the beach is close by!
                       All owners should have                                                                Christine Skinner: Drive a racecar around Lowe's
                       received their 1099’s.                 KNOWING THE MARKET                             Motor Speedway in Charlotte.
                       Please don’t wait until April
                                                       Sandbridge buyers have narrowed their interest to     Connie Hartman: Go Skydiving!
                       15th to open your 1099 and
                                                       one neighborhood. They appreciate having a            Joane Walker: Visit the Greek and Virgin Islands.
verify that your name and Tax ID Number are
                                                       Sales Agents who knows all about this particular      Kat Donald: Go to Scotland & stay in a real castle.
correct. We also want to remind all of our owners      beach community.
that with your 1099 we enclosed your login                                                                   Kimberly Bohnslav: Go for a walk on L’Avenue
information for the owner webpage located at           “In-Town” real estate agents are generalists,         des Champs Elysees with someone I love. We encourage you to            having basic knowledge about many neighbor-           Trish Kruck: Vacation in Fiji.
utilize the Owner Webpage and access all the           hoods and more limited knowledge of Sandbridge.       Janice Monroe: Take my family to the Cayman
helpful information you can find there. Please feel
                                                       Being specialized and answering questions about       Islands for ten days.
free to contact Joane Walker at Ext. 577 if you
                                                       Sandbridge Beach is one reason Siebert Agents         Lee Burgess: Visit every state in the country at
have any questions.
                                                       sell more houses in Sandbridge than other             least once.
 NEW PROPERTY PHOTOGRAPHS                              agencies. Give us a call today and discover the
                                                       “Siebert Difference”.
                                                                                                             Kate Findlater: Go to Egypt to see the Valley of
                     Brightly painted walls, fresh                                                           the Kings, Luxor, and Haminoptra.
                     bedding, or new furniture can                                                           Sharon Murphy: To help my great niece “Jessica”
                     go a long way towards making           SIEBERT REALTY MILESTONES                        grow into a strong young woman.
                     your property more appealing                                                            Kris Conover: Go back to Key West and go on
                     to renters – especially in this              We are proud to announce
                                                                  we have four Siebert Realty                another cruise (longer this time).
                     tough economy. And getting                                                              Kerri Beasley: See my children get married and
                                                                  Team members who joined
updated pictures online quickly can help you book
                                                                  the company during the                     have families.
up now... rather than later. Avoid the May “rush”                 month of March:
and do your sprucing up now to take advantage of                                                             Kathy Frierson: Learn to play the piano.
                                                                  Joadi Lopez (2003), Clint
the special Marketing programs that are currently                                                            Janet Bainbridge: Re-visit Kauai, Hawaii for a
                                                                  Carpenter (2007), Kerri
in effect! Contact Lori Kneut at Ext. 521 or                      Beasley (2007), and Connie                 lengthy stay. in our Marketing Depart-                  Hartman (2008).                            Bob Walker: Sail the Virgin Islands.
ment so she can put you on her schedule for new                                                              Lori Osenbaugh: Ride in a fox hunt.
pictures and start reaping the benefits today!         We appreciate their years of service and loyalty to
                                                       this company and look forward to having them as       Kim Land: Win the lotto and buy the Ancient Ram
                                                       part of our team for many years to come!              Inn (1145) in Wotten-Under-Edge, Glocestershire,
    SIEBERT’S MISSION STATEMENT                                                                              England and restore it.
            We Strive to Provide                                                                             Joadi Lopez: Travel to Scotland, Italy, the Greek
     Our Guests with Great Memories,                    Spring Forward                                       Islands, and Belize.
       Our Owners with Excellence,                                                                           Bev Kwiatkowski: Go back to Japan and do some
   Our Team Members with Camaraderie,                           March 8th, at 2 a.m.,
              And do it all with                              remember to turn your                          in depth traveling there.
          Integrity and Great Fun!                           clocks forward an hour.                         Sara Moresi: Fall in love or go to Italy.
                                                                                                             Bev Kwiatkowski                     Ext.   550   /   650-2046
                                                                                                             Kathi Davis                         Ext.   556   /   435-5267
                                                                                                             Charlie Kelly                       Ext.   555   /   426-9191
                                                                                                             Jim Kelly                           Ext.   554   /   619-2247
                                                                                                             Darlene Kwiatkowski                 Ext.   550   /   692-6034
                                                                                                             Connie McMahon                      Ext.   520   /   295-6462
                                                                                                             Chris Fritts                        Ext.   552   /   426-6200                                        Happy St. Patrick’s Day!                                                          March 2009

                                                                                                                             Equal Housing

             Siebert Realty Sales Listings

         $1,375,000                       $1,099,000                   $2,195,000                         $997,000                                $928,000
    2740 Sandfiddler Road           2948 Sandfiddler Road         2625 Sandfiddler Road           3037 Sandfiddler Road                      3609 Sandfiddler Road
         Oceanfront                      Oceanfront                 Semi-Oceanfront                 Semi-Oceanfront                            Semi-Oceanfront
       Angel of the Sea              Charlie Kelly- Agent                Top Sail                     Beach Magic                                Four the Boys
     Charlie Kelly- Agent                                          Charlie Kelly - Agent         Connie McMahon - Agent                       Charlie Kelly - Agent

          $849,000                        $669,000                      $675,000                          $799,000                                $679,000
    3317 Sandfiddler Road           3533 Sandfiddler Road          3325 Sandfiddler Road           3108 Sandpiper Road                       3072 Sandpiper Road
      Semi-Oceanfront                 Semi-Oceanfront                Semi-Oceanfront                      3rd Row                                   3rd Row
        Pelican Party                Charlie Kelly - Agent        Bev Kwiatkowski - Agent              Ocean Oasis                             McClellan/Gemini
     Charlie Kelly- Agent                                                                           Charlie Kelly - Agent                     Charlie Kelly - Agent

          $599,000                        $899,000                      $599,000                          $495,000                                $479,000
     2748 Sandpiper Road            3621 Sandpiper Road            2773 Sandpiper Road             2245 Sandpiper Road                       3229 Sandpiper Road
            3rd Row                       4th Row                  4th Row - Canalfront            4th Row - Canalfront                            4th Row
             Mahalo                      Sand Key                    Summer Breeze                  Kathi Davis- Agent                         Jim Kelly - Agent
      Charlie Kelly - Agent        Bev Kwiatkowski - Agent          Charlie Kelly- Agent

                         $699,000                      $1,395,000                     $897,500                         $849,000
                      309 Sunfish Lane            3237 Little Island Road        3049 Sandbend Road                 349 Pike Circle
                      North Side Street                 Bay/Canal                     Bay/Canal                       Bay/Canal
                          Excellent                  Jim Kelly - Agent           There and Back Again                Halcyon Days
                       Jim Kelly- Agent                                           Charlie Kelly - Agent           Charlie Kelly - Agent
    Condos For Sale                                                Lots For Sale

      $449,900                          $369,000                                $475,000
#104 Sandbridge Dunes           #A-201 - Seaside Condos                     313 Tarpon Lane
 Huff’s Southern Breeze             Ocean Getaway                           North Side Street
Connie McMahon - Agent              Jim Kelly - Agent                      Charlie Kelly - Agent

                                                                                             Stop By Our Office!
                                                                                            If you are interested in more detailed information
                                                                                            on property values, feel free to stop by our office
                                                                                             for a visit. Our Sales Team would be delighted
                                                                                                   to discuss the current market status in
                                                                                              Sandbridge and no appointment is necessary.
                                                                                               If you would prefer to make an appointment,
                                                                                                      simply call our Sales Department
                                                                                                        at 426-6200 or 877-422-2200.

                  Meet Our Award-Winning Sales Team!

       Bev Kwiatkowski                           Kathi Davis                            Charlie Kelly                          Jim Kelly
       Home: 757-426-2611                     Home: 757-721-2147                     Mobile: 757-426-9191                  Mobile: 757-619-2247
       Mobile: 757-650-2046                   Mobile: 757-435-5267               

                       Darlene Kwiatkowski                      Connie McMahon                              Chris Fritts
                          Home: 757-721-6454                     Mobile: 757-295-6462                  Office: 757-426-6200 X552
                          Mobile: 757-692-6034                        Mobile: 360-957-6855

         Note: If you are currently working with another real estate professional, please do not consider this a solicitation for your business.

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