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					MARC ALAN MEYERS, Ph.D.                                                      215-504-0381 (home) or 215-595-6414 (cell)
156 Tinari Drive, Richboro, PA 18954                                      (personal)                                          (work)

                           - FOOD / BEVERAGE / WELLNESS INGREDIENTS

 Global experience in innovation and new technology development of microencapsulation and delivery systems.
 Experienced in development of functional foods/nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, confectionery, bakery, syrups, pet
 foods and ingredients. Manager of technical services for food and flavor applications. Accomplished technical presenter
 with numerous publications. Awarded 36 patents, including 19 US patents, 17 foreign patents and 12 PCT’s.

Meyers Consulting, LLC, Richboro, Pennsylvania (see                         2007 - present
Managing Principal R&D Consultant. Consulting with top multinational food/pharma/dietary supplement companies in
developing new technologies, encapsulation, hydrocolloids and Open Innovation NPD. Focus areas include: new
product development for wellness ingredients/supplements, sweet goods, flavors, baked goods, confectionery and
chewing gum businesses. Current and prior agreements along with teaching assignments with:

            Nutrilite/Amway Corp. developing new wellness dietary supplement concepts(2010-2011)
            Vitamin Spice as CSO and V.P. of R&D (consulting role) for new business and technology development.
            Smart Balance/Earth Balance (GFA Brands) developing healthy soymilk products (launched in 2010)
            Rutgers University and Montclair State University as an Adjunct Professor of Food Science teaching
             Foods and Nutrition courses; and Functional Foods/Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements course. Also
             teaching at Hunter College-CUNY and Mercer County Community College in similar roles and topics
            Microbia Precision Engineering as Director of Application Development business and encapsulation
             technology development for Carotenoids from Bio-fermentation (biotech start-up company)
            United Foods Corporation as V.P. of R&D (consulting role) for new business and technology development.
            Johnson & Johnson/McNeil Nutritionals--Project Manager on Splenda ™, Viactiv™ and Lactaid™ brands.
            ConAgra Foods and Kraft Foods Global developing confidential technology, Open Innovation NPD and
             encapsulation solutions.
            Martek Biosciences, Senomyx and other new technology/start-up biotech companies in the
             commercialization and development of novel new ingredients.

 Pinnacle Foods Corporation, Cherry Hill, New Jersey                                                        2006-2007
 Director – Product Development. Group leader for Duncan Hines ® brand (cakes, brownies and frostings), Log
 Cabin ® and Mrs. Butterworth’s® brand syrups. Led group of 4 developers in development of new products and
 technical services for most profitable brands within organization. Coordinated development and innovated activities at
 co-packers and suppliers. Interfaced with Marketing from concept development through commercialization, ensuring
 timely and successful launch of products

            Launched 4 new innovative products in 2007
            Justified expenditure of $1MM in capital equipment for National launch of new concept brownie leading to
             pre-ship order penetration at 15,000 stores for number one merchandiser in U.S.
            Worked closely with all functional groups (Upper Management, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Regulatory and
             QA groups) to facilitate development and commercialization cycle.

 Firmenich, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey                                                                     2005-2006
 Global Product Design Team Manager. North American group leader for global flavor R&D design team. Developed
 applications, new technology and encapsulated flavor systems for sweet good products. Responsible for a group of 5
 scientists and flavorists.
           Constructed and managed new group and built application labs. Coordinated efforts with R&D, Product
              Development and Marketing/Sales groups, including an assignment in Geneva, Switzerland with R&D
              counterparts in Europe
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       Directed group’s projects with flavor applications in bakery and oral care (traditional and functional).
        Presented to key industrial customers new and novel technologies and innovations to define new project
        opportunities which resulted in new flavor business.
       Expanded development of North American Sweet Goods business unit by developing proprietary technology
        for key customer applications as Encapsulation Technology Leader.

Natrol, Inc., Chatsworth, California                                                                       2003-2004
Vice President, Technology and Product Development. Member of Senior Executive Management Team reporting to
CEO. Key technical advisor to CEO. Responsible for development and execution of R&D strategy for New Product
Development, Clinical Research and Technical Services for traditional formats of Vitamin/Mineral/Supplements.

           Hired staff of 7 seasoned professionals from dietary supplement and nutritional beverage industry to form
            Product Development function. Converted company focus from market model to product model based on
            clinically proven science.
           Directed design and build-out of new product development labs and pilot plant facilities which increased
            efficiency between departmental and corporate functions.
           Managed a $1 MM R&D budget with quarterly reporting accountability to Board of Directors on progress and
           Developed three products, including chewable tablet taken with meals to control carbohydrate metabolism,
            which were responsible for increasing net sales 13% in 2004.
           Led the return to profitability for first time in 5 years with 2 fold increase in net income from new product

Mars, Inc. /Masterfoods USA (formerly M&M/Mars), Vernon, California                                           2001-2003
New Technology Manager (Pet Care and Wellness ingredients)
Initial activities in Pet Care products area focused on innovation and development of new pet food technologies to meet
consumer insights for companion pets.

           Developed new concepts and initiated feasibility trials on filled pocket (co-extruded) designs prior to
            transferring in to human food applications
           Commercialized the new Cocoa Via ™ line and designed new functional foods to deliver health benefits
           Developed aseptic ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages and dry mix dairy beverages.
           Supported clinical trials to determine efficacy of proprietary ingredients. Additional responsibilities included
            seeking out new technologies that deliver on health promotion area.
           Collaborated closely with internal R&D groups to manage project activities and to meet commercial

Rhodia Food Ingredients (formerly Rhone-Poulenc), Cranbury, New Jersey                                            1998-2001
Global Director, Innovation & Development - Texture (98 -01)
           Developed programs in new technologies and new ingredients for texturing applications worldwide.
           Coordinated and communicated efforts of research teams at various R&D Centers in North America,
            Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, developing food texture application projects for Top 20 International
            food companies
Director of Food Technology, North America (99 -00)
           Directed R&D function for six food technology labs at two U.S. locations
           Managed 25 scientists and support staff with $3.2 million R&D budget. Administrative responsibility and
            hiring of Ph.D. level managers, advanced application scientists and technical staff.

Balchem Corporation, Slate Hill, New York                                                                   1995 - 1998
Commercial Research Director
Directed group of research scientists and technicians in developing encapsulation prototypes, commercial products and
product improvements primarily for bakery, meat, confectionery and animal feed industries.

           Established successful program of new custom encapsulation technologies resulting in 30% increase in
            sales per year for 3 consecutive years, tripling stock price.
           Supported marketing efforts by presenting research activities in presentations (IFT, AACC, FIE),
            publications and technical seminars to customers.
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Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, Chicago, Illinois                                                             1990-1995
Senior Product Development Chemist (1993–1995). Developed new chewing gum products that impart dental benefits
to current and new products.
Senior Exploratory Food Chemist (1990–1993). Invented new ingredients and ingredient systems (flavors,
sweeteners, etc.) for chewing gum.

Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI                                                                       1987-1990
Senior Development Chemist Technical Service and Development of food applications for METHOCEL food gums
(hydrocolloids). Developed techniques for determining barrier properties of flour-based frying batters.

Ph.D.      Food Science/Food Packaging, Rutgers University
M. Phil.   Food Science, Rutgers University,
M.S.       Food Science/Food Biotechnology, Rutgers University,
B.S.       Food Science, Pennsylvania State University.


(See attached Addendum for one-pager summary of Competencies and Experiences)

                                           Marc A. Meyers, Ph.D.

                                     Competencies and Experience

      Ph. D., M. Phil., M. S. Food Science Rutgers University
              Thesis: Interaction of citrus flavors and polyethylene by static and inverse
              chromatographic methods
      B. S. Food Science Penn State University

Competencies and Experience

Teaching        - University lab courses at undergraduate level as an Adjunct Professor and teaching assistant
                - Currently teaching lectures and labs in Food Science and Nutrition at Montclair State Univ.
                - Currently teaching a Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods and Dietary Supplemnets class at
                  Rutgers University; and previously lectured on principles of food packaging during
                  industrial short courses at Rutgers

Presentations   - to senior management, board of directors and global customers on technology and
                - to large technical groups and project teams
                - over 35 patents awarded for novel innovations
                - published in technical and trade publications; chapter in Batter and Breading book

Expertise       - encapsulation technologies, hydrocolloids, high intensity sweeteners, chewing gum and confections,
                pet foods, aseptic beverages, batters and breadings, baked goods, frostings, functional foods, flavors,
                innovation and new technology development, wellness foods. Consulting in new technology and Open
                Innovation NPD.

   Comprehensive knowledge and experience in encapsulation of active substrates including acidulants,
    baking ingredients, sweeteners, nutrients and flavors.
   Comprehensive knowledge and experience in chewing gum product development and confectionery
   Formal training in consumer insights and identifying consumer’s unmet needs
   Developed new wellness products for nutritional supplements increasing net sales 13% in one year
   Developed edible films, encapsulated sweeteners and bulking agents for chewing gum applications
    resulting in 35 patents awarded for new technology development
   Developed filled pocket (co-extruded) pet foods and wellness products for pets
   Developed an aseptic dairy cocoa beverage for the CocoaVia™ line with heart health benefits
   Evaluated the nutraceutical value of guar gum plant waste materials to improve guar gum margins
   Directed a group of 25 scientists and support staff on a $3.2 MM budget
   Coordinated global projects for texture and flavor development for international organizations
   Developed custom encapsulations for the Top 20 global food customers and for animal nutrition
   Built high performance teams, labs and pilot plant facilities
   Led cross-functional teams for solving customer problems with chewing gum products
   Developed and patented a new process to improve the barrier properties of batters with hydrocolloids
   Developed novel new products for layer cakes, brownies, frostings and other sweet goods
   Developed techniques for determining the shelf life of encapsulated sweeteners
   Managed technical team for the development of new dietary supplements and nutritional drinks, bars and
   Developed annual budgets and justifying resources with management to assist my teams in effectively
    completing their projects