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					                                    General Meeting Minutes #9
                                   Alpha Phi Omega- Mu Zeta Chapter
                                     Monday, November 1, 2010

I. Call To Order at: (7:10PM)

II. Roll Call:
President: Jan-Michael Bueno Cartaño (present)
Service VPs: Kathryn Terese Lee (present) & Anna Lei (present; came late)
Membership VPs: Angelica Young (present) & Krystle Koshiyama (present)
Pledge Masters: Glenn ―Coco‖ Andrew Bernal (present) & Louis Pandong()
Fellowship VPs: Margaret Tsai (present) & Jason Au (present)
Administrative VPs: Katrina ―Kay‖ Rosero (present) & Edward ―Dward‖ Mendoza (present)
Sergeant-at-Arms: Jacqueline Miguel (present) & Benjamin Zhao (present)
Alumni Advisors: Sharon Wai Lee (present) & Kristina Rachel Hew (absent)

Guests: Gamma Gamma, John Luna (Alumnus), Mark Corpuz (Alumnus)

Three sharp taps of the gavel signifies the three fold purpose of this meeting
 I. First to foster good Fellowship,
 II. Second to promote Leadership to worthwhile activities,
III. Third to develop plans for Service to our fellow man;
So therefore let us dedicate this meeting to Leadership, Friendship, and Service

Deputies: Calsey Chan, Susie Wong, Duyen Pham & Doreen Li.

III. Approval of Minutes: Approved

IV. Officer and Committee Reports:

President’s Report: Jan-Michael Bueno Cartaño
       - President for the Day: Kaitlyn Ton
       - Today:
              o We will be having 1st Round of Nominations for Executive Committee Officers Spring
              o National Delegate Amendments
       - On Monday, November 8, 2010
              o 2nd Round Nominations for ExComm Officers
       - On Monday, November 15, 2010
              o Bottom 4 ExComm Speeches
              o Questioning
       - On Monday, November 29, 2010
              o Top 4 ExComm Speeches
              o Questioning & Voting
       - ExComm Candidate Speeches limited to three (3) minutes & questioning will be limited to 15

PRO: Mike Wang
       -   Thanks for coming out to ICs!
              o The Haunting + IC Invasion at AEN
       -   12 more days left!
              o Fellowship portion for $29
              o Banquet full (
              o Departing together at McD @ 6:45AM. Sign up!
              o 8AM-midnight
              o Shirts are ordered
              o Pick up after 11/10

Leadership Chairs: Crystal Quach & Laura Brantley
      -   We have one announcement.
             o Leadership Day
                       This day we’re planning to have it immediately after Jeoparday.
                       A day filled with interactive leadership games run by the leadership
                       Our Chapter is starting to experience some downfall & unfortunate
                       LAUNCH isn’t appealing or effective.
                       100% pledge attendance & participation
                       100% ExCommm
                       Possible guest speaker?
                       Possible IC event?
                       Our three cardinal principles are Leadership, Friendship & Service. We have
                          many Fellowships & Service Projects, but not so much on Leadership.
                       We’re aiming to have it a minimum of an hour.
      -   Today’s leadership committee group: Jason, Iggy, Duyen
             o Skit on Leadership through Creativity, Encouragement & Innovation
             o Theme: Leadership Rangers

Historian- Emilia Franco & Jennifer Chang
       -   Pictures?
               o Send them to
               o Upload to
                       Username: historianfall2010
                       Password: brownie

Service VPs- Kathy Lee & Anna Lei
       -  SVPs for the day – Jon Dudulao & Shirley Lay
       -  11/2-11/5 (Tuesday-Friday) - Help Build the Bioswale (CAMPUS)
              o Shifts:
                       10AM-11AM
                       11AM-12PM
                       12PM-1PM
              o Meeting Place: TBA
              o This project replaces ~1600 sq. ft. of lawn & diverts rainwater away from the storm
                  drain & into the landscape where it belongs. The design will capture ~60,000 gallons
            of rainwater per year falling on the Science building roof & channel it into a vegated
            bioswale (aka ―rain garden‖).
        o Dress appropriately!
-   11/4 (Wed) – Academic Advising (CAMPUS)
        o Location: Dining Center by the dorms.
        o Time: 1:30PM-6PM
                 1:30PM-2:30PM – 2 more spots!
                 2:30PM-3:30PM – 1 more spot!
                 3:30PM-4:30PM – FULL
                 4:30PM-6PM – FULL
        o Please see calendar for breakdown of shifts & more details!
-   11/5 (Friday) – South San Francisco Library Trivia Challenge (COMMUNITY)
        o All spots are filled up! Please see calendar for details. 
-   11/6 (Saturday) – Edgewood Hope Ball (COMMUNITY)
        o Location: Fairmount Hotel, SF
        o Time: 9:30AM-12:30AM
        o Meet at McD at 8:15AM
        o FULL
-   11/6 & 11/7 (Saturday & Sunday) – Green Festival (COUNTRY)
        o Location: Concourse Exhibition Center, SF
        o Bring $4 for bus fare!
        o Saturday
                 Green Team: 12:30PM-4:30PM
                         Meet at McD @ 11AM
                 Box Office: 3:30PM-7:30PM
                         Meet at McD @ 2PM
        o Sunday
                 Green Team: 12:30PM-4:30PM
                         Meet at McD @ 11AM
                 Box Office: 3:30PM-7:30PM
                         Meet at McD @ 2PM
-   11/9 (Tues) – SF Community School on Excelsior (COMMUNITY)
        o Speaking on behalf of this project: Cindy Huynh
        o Where: SF Community School on Excelsior
        o Time: 3-6:30PM
        o Meet at McD @ 2PM
        o Description: Volunteers will help to assist program leaders in a specific grade level
            with academics, enrichment, & recreation
        o Please bring $2 for drivers!
        o Capped @ 7 people.
-   Update on Nike Marathon
        o As a show of gratitude, the Nike Marathon volunteers will be receiving donations in
            the next 2 weeks.
        o Donation Amount: $300
        o Again, thank you very much for all your hard work. It was a pleasure working with
            you. Thanks again.
                 Meredith Rich, Tri-California Events
        o We decided that we will be donating this money to use for MAAD Spring 2011.
-   Service Hours Update! (as of the 10/29 Halloween Dance Shift from 9PM-12AM)
        o We will send out an email out AFTER WE GET HOME FROM GENERAL MEETING
            regarding your hours.
                 This time, we have separated your hours into Chapter, Campus, Community
                    & Country so everyone gets a better idea about what hours you guys did.
              o    Please DOUBLE CHECK your hours
                        We are aware that we are human & with that said, we do sometimes make
                           mistakes, so please double check your hours to make sure we didn’t miss
                        We also know some chairs might forget to include your name on the events
                           reports so this is why we’re asking you to double check.
                        If there are any mistakes, discrepancies or if you guys have any questions or
                           concerns regarding your service hours, please email us ASAP at
                        Talk to us EARLY because we will not go out of our way to accommodate
                           anyone on Service Projects.
       -   Service Hours – Family Challenge:
               o Rocks – 410.75 pts
               o Papers – 512.5 pts
               o Scissors – 628.75 pts
       -   Total Service Hours: 1392

MAAD Chairs: Darshika Patel and Rochelle Fruguglietti
     -   Link for Surveys will be sent by TONIGHT, if not already 
     -   We appreciated your feedback last week, so please take the surveys, so we know what you
     -   Link to sign up to be part of a committee will be sent by TONIGHT, if not already.
     -   Please do both by Sunday, November 8 @ 11:30PM.
Membership VP’s
     -   MVPs for the Day: Amy Deng & Debbie Chang
     -   Brownie & Brownie Jr.
              o Michael Timothy Wang
              o David Ogata
     -   Today’s Theme: Favorite Sport or Team (family points)
     -   There will be no GOLD MEMBER EVENTS for the next weeks in the event that we are going
         to spend all our time on Fall Fellowship Prep!
     -   We do have events TBA soon- Family Feud for last Family Points!
     -   Theme for next meeting: Lime Green
     -   Requirements are due November 15 @ noon
         Sorry about requirement updates, we’ve been waiting on some reports. They will be in by
         We would like to apologize for the confusion about Member requirements. It’s only ONE
         Fellowship & ONE Family event. NOT TWO.

      -  Pebble & Confetti Heads – Thomas Blasé & Francisco Nguyen; David Ogata & Lougene
             o Open Event
             o Werewolves
             o Tuesday, November 2nd
             o Where: 469 Ralston ST.
             o 6:30PM-9PM
             o Meet at 19th & Holloway @ 6PM)
      -  Pumpkin Carving & Scary Movie Night
      -  Safety Scissor Heads – Kevin Soncuya & Joanie Espinosa
             o Sweet Tooth Tour moved to a later date to help with Fall Fellowship.
             o Open Event
                   o   Fall Fellowship Prep (can get your family event or chapter hours for this)
                   o   Saturday, November 6th
                   o   Krystle’s House @ 4-6PM
                   o   Safety Scissor Event:
                             Fall Fellowship Prep
                             Tuesday, November 9th
                             Place TBA 4-7PM

Family   Points
         1st - Scissors
         2nd - Rock
         3rd - Paper

Pledge Masters Report- Glenn “Coco” Andrew Bernal & Erica Vanna “Nikko” Bueno Cartaño
       - PMs for the Day – Priscilla Thai & Kenneth Ho
       - Announcements
             o 8th pledge meeting: Open to members. Email PMS after meeting is adjourned.
             o 19 interviews DUE Thursday
             o 12 signatures DUE Thursday
       - Big Bro Meeting
             o Wednesday, November 3, 2010
             o Time: 7:30PM
             o Meet @ Malcolm X 7:15PM
             o Bring your books & ideas
       - Get your update from your Little
       - Jeoparday
             o Sunday, November 7, 2010
             o Time: 1PM-6PM
             o Meet at 12PM for set up
             o Location: TBA
             o Bigs Mandatory to go
       - Recap of Pledge Meeting (7th Meeting)
             o National Office
             o National Convention
             o National Board of Directors
             o APO Around the World – ICAPO
       - Recap on LAUNCH
             o 42 Pledges attended
             o Success, only 10 mins delay
       - Future Reference
             o 9th pledge meeting; closed to members
             o Wednesday, 11/10, NOT Thursday
             o 7:15PM
             o Final review before exam
       - Pledge President
       - Pledge VP
             o Pledge Class Fellowship Recap
       - Pledge Finance VPs
             o Pledge Auction:
                 November 5th, 2010
                 Locaton: TBA
             o OPEN TO IC MEMBERS AS WELL! [Mike Wang, can you help us tell IC's?]
               o     Prices:
                     Regular Admission: $5
                     Admission + Food: $8 (buffet, served by pledges)
                     @The Door
                     Regular Admission: $7
                     Admission + Food: $10 (buffet, served by pledges)
               o     Pre-sale tickets will be sold after the general meeting until Thursday by 7PM
                     Come see Iggy & Phoi!
               o     ONLY APO MEMBERS/PLEDGES may AUCTION
       -   Pledge   AVPs
       -   Pledge   Historians
               o     Digital Scrapbook
               o     Highlights & events
               o     Individual pages
                          Username: jlcscrapbook
                          Password: muzeta1

Fellowship Report-Kristina Ignacio & Louis Pandong
       -  Fellowship for a Day – Phoi Wong & Darius Ngo
       -  Cover Me In Chocolate
       -  Karaoke Potluck Night
               o 11/6
               o 6-10PM
               o South SF, Joanie’s House
       -  Sleepover Event
               o 11/12
               o 6-10PM
               o Edward & PJ’s House Daly City
       -  Clarification
               o Two Fellowship – pledges
               o One Fellowship – Members
       -  MZ Activation Banquet
               o End MZ’s 25th year with a BANG! JLC Pledge Class!
               o 12/4
               o 6PM
               o The Crowne Plaza
               o SF International Airport
               o Buffet Style, DJ, Dancing
               o Winter Ball – ―A Night to Remember‖
               o Semi-Formal, Dress to impress
               o Pop Polls – Nominate up to 3 each by 11/29
                         Snow Angel – Nicest
                         Frosty the Jokester – Chapter Jokester
                         Snowflake – Most Artistic
                         Ice Ice Baby – Most Attractive
                         Jingle Bells – Most Musically Talented
                         Jack Frost – Most Changed
                         Snowball – Most Spirited
                         Winter Wardrobe – Best Dressed
                         Brownie’s Little Helper – Most Dedicated to APO
                        Snow Globe – Best All Around
               o   Tickets
                        $40 – Early MZ (10/18-11/7)
                        $45 – Regular MZ (11/8-11/15)
                        $50 – After Pre-sale (11/16-11/28)
                        $50 – Guest & ICs
               o   Parking is Reimbursed. First 40 drivers to sign-up!
               o   Paying for someone’s ticket?
                        Comments Section – Who you are paying for
                        Everyone needs to sign up!
               o   The future is bring. The future is fellowship!

Finance Report – Margaret Tsai & Jason Au
       -  FiVPs for a Day – Anna Fang & Chelsea Chu
       -  Upcoming 49ers Centerplate Game: 11/14 @ 8:15AM (full), meet at Stonestown McD
       -  Anticipated 49er’s Game: 11/21 (does not count for requirements, but encouraged to go)
       -  Upcoming Campus Fundraiser:
              o Nov 1-5
                        10:00am - 2:00pm
                        There are still some hours available, please check!
                        Sign up now!
              o Nov 8-10
                        Pass out flyers to promote our restaurant fundraiser @ Panda Express Nov.
                        10.00am - 2.00pm (Flyer)
                        Sign Up after the meeting
       -  Finance Committee:
              o No more meetings!
              o Thank you for the hard work!

Administrative Report – Katrina “Kay” Rosero & Edward “Dward” Mendoza
      -   AVPs for the day – Jasper Yu & Theo Phan
      -   No report.

EMAIL CHAIR: Natalie Chu
      -  New rule:
            o You are NOT allowed to send out replacement e-mails.
            o Ex. Hey guys, I need a replacement for so & so. If you can, please contact me.
            o NOT ALLOWED!
            o Angry e-mails from me if you do 

PUBLICATON DIRECTORS: Darshika Patel & Rochelle Fruguglietti
      - Sign ups have been emailed out. Please check & respond with any concerns by tomorrow
      - Requirement Updates have been emailed out. Please check & respond with any concerns by
        tomorrow 11:30PM.
      - Newsletter #5: Due this Wednesday! Submit Articles with Pictures!
      - Committee Members, please come talk to us before you leave!

Sergeant Report – Jaqueline Miguel & Benjamin Zhao
       -   SAA for the Day – Miguel Deleon & Stephanie Aviles
       -   Today’s Bylaw is – Acts Punishable by Expulsion
                o Presentation by Calvin Zhu & Terri Yonemitsu
       -   Expulsion
                o The act of cutting off from membership or relations
                o A person who has been expelled by a National Convention shall not be a Brother of
                    Alpha Phi Omega, nor of MZ, in any regard whatsoever.
       -   Acts Punishable by Expulsion:
                o Felonies: If a brother of Mu Zeta shall commit an act which is defined as a felony by
                    the State of California, or of the United States of America, then he/she shall be
                    consider to have committed an act punishable by expulsion. A brother being found
                    guilty of an act punishable by expulsion by a court of Mu Zeta, that court shall place
                    his/her membership under suspension for an indefinite period of time and shall
                    petition the next National Convention, in Mu Zeta's name, for the expulsion of the
                    brother from the ranks of membership in Alpha Phi Omega.
                o Hazing: If a brother of Mu Zeta shall physically or mentally abuse the person of a
                    pledge, or of a prospective pledge, of this fraternity, or shall cause such to undergo
                    any initiation procedure that is not authorized by Alpha Phi Omega, or by Mu Zeta,
                    then he/she shall be considered to have committed an act of hazing. A brother being
                    found guilty of an act of hazing by a court of Mu Zeta, that court shall place his/her
                    membership in suspension for an indefinite period of time and shall petition the next
                    National Convention, in Mu Zeta's name, for the expulsion of the brother from the
                    ranks of membership in Alpha Phi Omega.
       -   Tomorrow – Pie someone. Proceeds go to Kidney Foundation.
       -   Canned Food Drive next week.
       -   Make sure to pay for Greek Week shirts.
       -   This week is Lambda Week.
                o 11/2 – Lotteria
                o 11/3 – Self-Defense Workshop
                o 11/4 – Brown-Bagging from 11AM-2PM. Bags go to homeless.
                o 11/5 – Dirty Dancing at Gym 146
       -   For the can drives, we are required to bring 25 canned foods or non-perishable items. So
           actives, please bring some by November 12th.
       -   There was a Giants game, but you still need to be respectful.
                o Scissors & Rocks lost 4 & Paper lost 3 points already.

Advisory Report – Kristina Hew & Sharon Lee
       -  Alumni Advisors for the Day – Nancy Tran & Kristin Lam
       -  Alumni Dinner
              o Saturday, 11/6
              o Place & Time: TBA (around 6:30/7PM)
              o Sorry, ALUMNI ONLY
       -  ―Match That Alumni‖ – Alumni Challenge Answers:
              o 1. I've been to prom eleven times in my lifetime. - Erick Kim
              o 2. I've been to Paris, France 5 times in my life. - Melissa Dagdagan
              o 3. My left arm is two inches shorter than my right arm! - Phillip Drennon
              o 4. I've ran inside 2 baseball stadiums in one year. - Patrice Ponciano
              o 5. I did a 5 hour climb up Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand...with a broken finger!
                 ^_^ - Linelle Lagsob
              o 6. I've sang at a coffee shop with a live band. - May Bui
              o 7. I used to get scolded by my mom for reading too much. - Maxine Choi
              o 8. I once shared a lollipop with 12 other people. - Jorge Vilchez
                o  9. I was a pledge in one of the smallest pledge-classes in MZ history. (There were
                   only 5 of us.) - Jordan Ondoy (Spring 2006 - Matthew Ong)
                o 10. A bird landed on my head when I was outside of a mall. - Sharon Lee
                o 11. I grew up in Springfield, Illinois. - Kingsley Yee
                o 12. When I was young, I jumped up and hit my dad’s chin and he bit part of his
                   tongue off. - Kristina Hew
        -   Alumni Challenge Winner: Justin Yu, but he would like to give the prize to his little, Debbie
            Chang. Congrats! (Sorry, but we will have the prize at next Monday’s General Meeting.)

V. Old Business
       -   Mike: Sign up for ICs!
       -   Louis: Buy your banquet tickets. I have your invitations!

VI. New Business:
       -  Ryan Bernal & Shane Pineda: For all the RB members, we have something for you—
          Membership Certificate from the National Office.
       -  Today we are going to have our first round of nominations for ExComm Spring 2011.
       -  Alumni Advisors:
               o Anna Lei: I nominate Kathy Lee & Kingsley Yee.
               o Ricki HerreraL I second.
       -  SAA:
               o Anna Lei: I nominate Jon Dudulao Lee & Miguel Delon.
               o Glenn Bernal: I second.
               o Glenn: I nominate Lougene San Buenaventure & Duyen Pham.
               o Erica Vanna ―Nikko‖ Bueno Cartano: I second.
       -  AVP:
               o Glenn: I nominate Jasper Yu & Theodore Phan.
               o Trang Do: I second.
               o Francis Valbuena: I nominate Michelle Ibay & Harriet Wu.
               o Nicolo Lufrano: I second.
       -  Finance VPs:
               o Nikko: I nominate Doreen Li & Duyen Pham.
               o Glenn: I nominate Chelsea Chu & Anna Fang.
       -  Fellowship VPs:
               o Anna Lei: I nominate Darius Ngo & Phoi Wong.
               o Glenn: I second.
               o Justin Yu: I nominate Deborah Chang & Thomas Blase.
               o Katrina Rosero: I second.
               o Glenn: I nominate David Ogata & Kevin Soncuya.
               o Krystle Koshiyama: I second.
               o Angelica Young: I nominate Darius Ngo & Deborah Chang.
               o Kathy Lee: I second.
               o Nikko: I nominate Neil Morales & Andre Camaisa.
               o Noel Borbon: I second.
               o Anna Lei: I nominate Crystal Quach & Neil Morales.
               o Kathy: I second.
               o Natalie Chu: I nominate Thomas Blase & Phoi Wong.
               o Glenn: I second.
               o Glenn: I nominate Frances Valbuena & Andrew Lam.
               o Rochelle Fruguglietti: I second.
       -  Pledgemasters:
               o Kathy Lee: I nominate Krystle Koshiyama & Angelica Young.
               o Anna Lei: I second.
        o Darshika Patel: I nominate Frances Valbuena & Katrina Harvey.
        o Richard Hom: I second.
        o Nikko: I would like to nominate Glenn Bernal & Anna Lei.
        o Justin Yu: I second.
-   Membership VPs:
        o Krystle Koshiyama: I nominate Glenn Bernal & Anna Lei.
        o Jacqueline Miguel: I second.
        o Darshika: I nominate Glenn Bernal & Nicolo Lufrano.
        o Natalie Chu; I second.
-   Service VPs:
        o Mark Corpuz: I nominate Louis Pandong.
        o Ricki Herrera: I second.
        o Ricki: I nominate Frances Valbuena.
        o Darshika Patel: I second.
        o Darshika: I nominate Frances Valbuena & Margaret Tsai.
        o Anna Lei: I second.
-   President:
        o Kathy Lee; I nominate Anna Lei.
        o Jason Au: I second.
        o Rick Herrera: I nominate Krystle Koshiyama.
        o Jacqueline Miguel: I second.
        o Darshika: I nominate Ricki Herrera.
        o Rochelle: I second.
        o Glenn: I nominate Erica Vanna ―Nikko‖ Bueno Cartano.
        o Noel Borbon: I second.
-   Acceptances & Declinations:
        o Alumni Advisors
                 Kathy & Kingsley – Decline
        o SAA
                 Jon & Miguel – Accept
                 Lougene & Duyen – Decline
        o AVP
                 Jasper & Theo – Accept
                 Michelle & Harriet – Decline
        o FiVP
                 Doreen & Duyen – Decline
                 Chelsea & Anna _ Decline
        o FeVP
                 Darius & Phoi – Think about it
                 Deborah & Thomas – Accept
                 David & Kevin S – Think about it
                 Neil & Andre - Decline
                 Neil & Crystal – Think about it
        o PMs
                 Krystle & Angelica – Accept
                 Frances & Katrina H - Decline
                 Glenn & Anna Lei – Decline
        o MVPs
                 Glenn & Anna Lei – Think about it
        o SVPs
                 Louis – Decline
                 Frances – Decline
                 Frances V & Margaret Tsai – Think about it
       o    President:
                 Anna Lei – Think about it
                 Ricki Herrera – Think about it
                 Nikko – Accept
-   Nikko & Jan – 41st National Convention Amendments
        o We want to bring up changes that could be made to better the Fraternity as a whole.
        o Amendments to the Pledge Ritual Page 3
                 Present Language
                 Proposed Language
        o Discussion:
                 Ricki: It doesn’t affect the pledge ritual.
                 Anna: Don’t our pledges already come in blind-folded?
                 Nikko: But it isn’t stated. They want to make it known on paper.
                 Anna: It is a little wordy, but it gives a sense of how to do it.
                 Nikko: This is good for the Chapters that are being recharted or charted.
                 Anna: The way we do it, everyone is already blindfolded because everything
                    is set up already.
                 Nikko: It’s like amending an amendment. We’ll say it in front of thousands of
                    delegates & members.
                 Ricki: If changing the amendment will be too much trouble, keep it at the
                    present language. Don’t they have a big Bro chapter?
                 Sharon: Rechartered or new chapters won’t know what to do. So with the
                    proposed language, they know what to do.
        o Voting:
                 For the Proposed Language – 19 Actives
                 Against the Proposed Language – 1 Active
                 Abstain – 2 Actives
        o Amendment to the Pledge Ritual. Section: The Arrangements
                 Same Present Language, just different Section.
        o Voting:
                 For: 13 Actives
                 Against: None
                 Abstain: 4 Actives
        o Amendment to the Pledge Ritual. Section: Meditation Period
        o Voting:
                 For: 14 Actives
                 Against: 1 Active
                 Abstain: 3 Actives
        o Amendment to the Pledge Ritual. Article Page 16 – Meditation Period
        o Discussion:
                 Ricki: Is this before they get pinned?
                 Nikko: Yes.
                 Anan: It’s more elaborate.
                 Ricki: It says that the ―pledges…‖
                 Justin: Are we supposed to be talking about this since it deals with pledges?
                 Nikko: They said it was fine.
        o Voting:
                 For: 16 Actives
                 Against: None
                 Abstain: 3 Actives
        o Amendment to the Initiation Ritual (page 27)
-   Anna Lei: I move to postpone National Delegate Amendments to next General Meeting.
-   Rochelle Fruguglietti: I second.
       -   Anna: I feel this should be closed to just members.
       -   Nikko: We received this late.
       -   Anna: Can you send it to us & we’ll look over it.
       -   Nikko: I wanted to email that.
       -   Jan: Any other discussion?
       -   Anna: IF we do send it to the Chapter, we should exclude pledges.
       -   Natalie: I don’t mind doing it.
       -   Nikko: Make an
       -   Jan: Those who are for Anna Lei’s motion to move this to next GM?
               o For:19 actives
               o Oppose: none
               o Abstain: none
       -   Natalie: For clarification, please email me back so I know pledges aren’t included.

VII. Announcements:

VIII. Muggings:
       -  Trang Do: I motion to move muggings to next General Meeting.
       -  Rochelle Fruguglietti: I second.
       -  Krystle: Please keep in mind that Jeoparday is this Sunday & many of you are Bigs.
       -  Nikko: Maybe 10 minutes of just mugging.
       -  Trang Do: I, Trang Do, retract it.
       -  Sharon Lee: I, Sharon Lee, motion to have muggings limited to 10 minutes.
       -  Ricki: I, Ricki Herrera, second.
       -  Voting:
              o For: 14
              o Oppose: 1
              o Abstain: 3

IX. Meeting Adjourned (9:44 PM)

Toast Song