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									                                                                                No. 140

                                                                          April 15, 2008

                                                                Voluntary Supporters
                                                          Kalamazoo Division, NICE
You can get information about Numazu twice a month on this home page and some hard copies
issued by Supportive Volunteers at the Tourist Information Office at the Numazu Station, Palette,
the City Library, the City Gymnasium, Speakeasy, the Tap Room, Catholic Church, Kato Gakuen,

  / Feature Article: The Guidebook of RoboCup Japan Open 2008 in Numazu pp.2~6
  / Information Wide pp.7~18
      New Service at the City Library p.11
     Joyful events during Golden Week holidays:
      Numazu Imperial Villa Park pp.13~14
      Senbon Plaza p.15
      Kanogawa riverside p.16
      Shochiku Kabuki p.16
      New Health Checkup and Guidance for the citizens p.17
/ May Event Information for Kira Messe and Cultural Center
/ Emergency Hospitals for April 15 (Tue)~May 5(Mon)

Feature Article

~RoboCup Japan Open 2008 in Numazu will be held!~
  Inquiries: Office for RoboCup Japan Open 2008 Numazu TEL: 055-934-4799

      Mayor’s Message                                                               Saito Mamoru
  “RoboCup Japan Open 2008 Numazu” will begin on May 3. It will be held in Numazu’s Kira
   Messe and City Gym for 3 days in a row. Not only our national teams but foreign
   ones will join the competitions to make it the largest number of the teams ever. There are
  several strong teams, one of them being the foreign team from Iran. Our city will send a representative team,
  which was decided in the preliminary held in advance. We’ll give free tickets to elementary and junior high
  students living in the city in order to have them realize the remarkableness of the leading edge and feel how
  wonderful it is to create things. I’d like a lot of children and citizens to see the marvelous live competitions.

Schedules & Sites [The details about the pairings for the competitions and schedules are shown at the sites.]
            When                             Kira Messe Numazu                                       City Gym
   May       3 9:30 ~ 9:50          Opening Ceremony
   (holiday)   10:00 ~17:00         RoboCup Succer (6 leagues)
   May       4 10:00 ~17:00         RoboCup Rescue                                  RoboCup Rescue
   (holiday)                            (Rescue Simulation League)                   (@ Home League)
               10:00 ~15:00              (Rescue Robot League)                      RoboCup Junior (3 leagues)
   May       5                      Welfare & Nursing Robotics Exhibition           Handicraft Experience
   (holiday)   15:30 ~16:00         Awards & Closing Ceremony                       Awards & Closing Ceremony
                                    *RoboCup Soccer                                 *RoboCup Junior
                                    *RoboCup Rescue

Leagues        [12 events (The most ever) are held and 209 teams (the most teams ever) will join.]
                        Leagues                          page                           Contents
   RoboCup            Simulation League                          In these six leagues, robots moving with autonomy
   Soccer             Small-sized Robot League                   play soccer.
                      Middle-sized Robot League
                      Four-footed Robot League   4,5
                      Humanoid League
                      Micro Robot sub League
   RoboCup            Rescue Robot League                        In the leagues, each team competes for the way to
   Rescue             Rescue Simulation League                   rescue people as preparation against some disasters.
                      @ Home League                              The teams make use of their skills to move robots.
   RoboCup            Succer Challenge            6              These challenges aim to educate new generation of
   Junior             Dance Challenge                            leaders through designing and making robots.
                      Rescue Challenge
   Simultaneous       Welfare & Nursing Robotics 5               You can see and move care robots which are being
   Exhibition         Exhibition                                 put into practical use.
                      Handicraft Experience       5              You can make some models and enjoy creative

Access to the sites & Parking lots
[Please go to the sites by bike and public transportation and on foot in order to cut down congestion.]
       Sites              On foot                                By bus                               Parking (free)
   Kira          2-minute walk from the      No. 2 bus stop of            Get off           9:00~18:00
   Messe         north exit of Numazu Fujikyuko at the                    ‘Takashimacho         Kira Messe Numazu:
   Numazu        St.                     south exit of                    1-chome’              473 spaces
                                         Numazu St.                       (3-minute ride)       Tobu Sogo Chosha
   City Gym      10-minute walk from the (every 15 minutes)               Get off           (the south of City Gym):
                 north exit of Numazu Fare: 100 yen                       ‘Takashimacho’    about 20 spaces
                 St.                     Bus card: 150 yen                (5-minute ride)

   Parking (pay)                                              Parking Lots for bikes (free all day)
          Pico 21 (150 yen per 30 minutes)                        North-side First Parking Lot: 150 bikes
         e-ra de parking (150 yen per 30 minutes)               (Motorized two-wheeled vehicles & motorcycles are
   .     San-san parking (the first hour: 250 yen, and          available.)
        then 100 yen per 30 minutes)                              North-side Second Parking Lot: 1,124 bikes
                                                                (Motorized two wheel spots are available.)
   *Please use other parking lots.                                South-side First Parking Lot: 481 bikes
   *You can look for parking lots in ‘Parking-lot               (Motorized two wheel spots are available.)
   Guiding System’ on the Homepage of Numazu City.               South-side Second Parking Lot: 650 bikes
                                                                  Otemachi Parking Lot: 500 bikes
                                                                  Soechi Parking Lot: 895 bikes
                                                                (Motorized two-wheeled vehicles & motorcycles are

                                                          bus stop                  parking lots (pay)

                                                                   parking lots (free)

                                                                   parking lots for bikes (free)

         *You can see flags along the roads between Kira Messe Numazu and the City Gym.
         *You can refer to the Homepage of the city if you want to see the timetable of buses and trains.

  *****Admission Tickets*****
   *a ticket sold in advance (for a day) 1,000 yen / one day ticket 1,200 yen
   *Children under 6 years old are free.
   *If you have your ticket stamped at the entrances of the sites, you can enter the sites repeatedly.
     (Ex.) You join ‘The Handicraft Experience’ at City Gym, and go to see ‘RoboCup Succer’ at Kira Messe,
         and then come back to cheer ‘RoboCup Junior’ at City Gym.
   *Each ticket has a stub of both sites, so you can go into the other site on a different day.
     (Ex.) You go to Kira Messe on May 3 and go to the City Gym on May 5.

Kira Messe         When: May 3 (holiday) ~ 5 (holiday) Where: Kila Messe Numazu

 Categories: Soccer 6 leagues, Rescue 2 leagues( Robot League, Simulation League)

              RoboCup Soccer

   [Simulation League]
   It looks like a computer game. On the screen of 2D and 3D, 11 players with
 artificial intelligence on each team compete.
 Contestants: 30 teams including Iran and Japan(The University of Tokyo,
                 Waseda Univ. etc.)
 Competition style: 5 minutes per half
                      Preliminary league :May 3, 10:00 ~
                      Final tournament by 4 teams :May 5, 14:00 ~
   [Small Size Robot League]
      5 robots which are 18 cm in diameter and 15 cm in height play soccer.
      Contestants: 6 teams including Iran and Japan ( Aichi Prefectural Univ., etc.)
      Competition style: 10 minutes half
                          Preliminary league: May 3 and 4, 10:00 ~
                          Final tournament by 4 teams: May 5, 10:00 ~
      Capacity: 60 seats
 [Middle Size Robot League]
    Robots equipped with a 360- degree field of vision camera play soccer.
    They move quickly recognizing the place of a ball and their position.
    Contestants: 12 teams including Iran and Japan ( Keio Univ. Fukuoka
                   Univ. Toyo Univ. etc.)
    Competition style: 15 minutes per half
                         round-robin competition: May 3 ~ 5, 10:00 ~
    Capacitiy: 100 seats
 [Four-legged Robot League]
   4 Aibos play soccer. This is the most popular league because ofAibos’ lovely behaviors.
  Contestants: 6 teams ( Tohoku Univ., Tokai Univ.,etc.)
   Competition style: 10 minutes per half
                         Preliminary league: May 3 ~ 4, 10:00 ~
                         Final tournament by 6 teams: May 5, 10:00 ~
   Capacity: 60 seats
[Humanoid League]
 Robots with a human-like body and senses play soccer.
 According to the size of a robot, they are divided into two classes
 ( Kids and Teens)
 Contestants: 11 teams including Korea and Japan
 Competition style: 10 minutes per half
                      Kid Size: Technical challenge May 3, 10:00 ~
                                 3 to 3 preliminary league May 4,10:00 ~
                                 3 to 3 final tournament by 4 teams May 5, 10:00 ~
                      Teens Size: Technical challenge May 3 and 4, 10:00 ~
                                   Penalty kick (1 to 1 ) May 5, 10:00 ~
    Capacity: 100 seats

     [Micro Robot Sub League]
     The size of a robot is the smallest of all the robots, about the size of your thumb.
     Contestants: 2 teams
     Competition style: 5 minutes per half
                         Preliminary league: May 3 and 4, 10:00 ~
                         Final tournament by 2 teams: May 5, 10:00 ~

                     RoboCup Rescue

      [Simulation League]
     On the screen, fire fighters or a police force conducts rescue operations and
     compete using their rescue strategy on the assumption of a prospective Tokai
     Contestants: 6 teams including Tokyo Univ., Ritsumeikan Univ., Nagoya Univ., etc.
     Competition style: Preliminary league: May 3 ~ 4, 10:00 ~
                       Final tournament by 4 teams: May 5, 10:00 ~
       [Robot League]
     Robots compete for speed and accuracy in the disaster rescue activitiy.
     Contestants: 12 teams including Nihon Univ.
     Competition style: Preliminary league: May 3, 13:00 ~, May 4, 10:00 ~
                        Final tournament by 4 teams: May 5, 10:00 ~

                     Joint Event
                    [The Exhibition of Robotics for Welfare and Nursing Care]
                 When you wear a ‘Muscle suit’, the burden on your muscles decreases,
          and you can lift heavy things easily. It is very helpful in disaster rescue.
          You can try it on.

    Numazu City Gymnasium

1F                                             [Handicraft class]
                                                  When: May 4 (holiday) 10:00-17:00, May 5(holiday) 10:00-15:00
                                                     Starts at10:00 and 13:00
                                                Instructors: Tamiya staff
                                                Capacity: 100 people (first come, first served)

          Parents and children can build models together such as Dangan Racers and remote–controlled robots.
          They can make models run faster by changing the parts, or enjoy their races.

                Let’s Cheer for the Local Teams!
                The Numazu regional preliminary match was held on March 27.
                Four robots won and are going to join “Soccer challenge”
                and another four robots won and are going to join “Rescue challenge”.

2F   When: May 4(holiday), 5(holiday)

     Categories: Junior 3 Leagues (Soccer, Home Dance) and Rescue League (@home league)
            RoboCup Junior

                                Soccer Challenge:
                               Two-on-two competition with remodeled commercially available robots.
                               65 teams will compete including 8 Numazu teams and a team from China
                               in two sections, “primary “and “secondary”.
                                Competition style: 10 minutes per half
                                         Preliminary league (May 4, 10:00- )
                                         Final tournament (May 5, 10:00-)

                               Rescue challenge:
                              The robots trace the prepared course to see how fast and accurately they can
                              find accident victims. 32 teams will compete.
                              Competition style; 10 minutes
                               Preliminary: May 4, 10:00~ Final: May 5, 10:00 ~

                              Dance challenge:
                               Costumed robots dance to choreographed music.
                              Competition style: 5 minutes
                                        Rehearsal: May 4, 10:00~
                                        Real part: May 5, 10:00~

            RoboCup Rescue

                      Home league:
                    Competition on techniques that enable robots to perform daily activities, such as talking
                    with people or taking things.
                    Competition style; Exhibition (May 4 and 5, 10:00 ~) by 3 teams

Child Raising
Kodomo Kakekomi 110 ban no Ie (A Rescue House for Children) Protect Children
Inquiries: Education Division of Lifelong Learning TEL: 055-951-3420

    When spoken to by a suspicious person on the way between school and home,
    run off screaming for help and go to 110 ban no Ie for help.

With cooperation of some households, stores and companies, Numazu city provides
2,537 places as “Kodomo Kakekomi 110 ban no Ie” so that children can ask them for
help in an emergency. We will take all possible measures to ensure children’s

Supply of Necessaries for Infantile Chronic Disease
Inquiries: Health Promotion Division TEL: 055-951-3480
We supply necessaries to children who have infantile specific chronic disease certificates and are cared for at home.
Applicants: Children who meet all the following requirements
(1) register as a citizen of Numazu
(2) have a infantile specific chronic disease certificate
(3) admitted by a doctor that the condition is settled enough to stay at home
(4) don’t meet the supply of Child Welfare Law, Promotion of independence and Social Participation Law (except
    for cool vest, UV cut cream)
Items: toilet bowl, special mat, special toilet bowl, special bed, special urinary bowl, implements for walking or
bathing, implements for changing position, wheelchair, safety helmet, electric phlegm aspirator, cool vest, UV cut
**You can’t get a subsidy if you purchase those items before you apply.
** After you apply, our staff will visit you to decide the subsidy

Why don’t you join a Boy Scout, Girl Scout or Junior Sea Friend’s Federation?
Inquiries: Education Division of Lifelong Learning TEL: 055-951-3420
[Boy Scout]
Inquiries: Boy Scout Numazu Branch, Mr. Nishiyama TEL: 055-951-3420
Boy Scouts is about building character, developing personal fitness, and learning leadership and citizenship
through the experiences in the outdoors with friends of different ages.
[Girl Scout]
Girl Scout Japan indicates that the following three points are important to Girl Scout activities.
(1) Self Development, (2) Relationship to others, (3) One with nature
Applications and Inquiries: Girl Scout Numazu Council, Ms. Nakano TEL: 055-951-2753
[Junior Sea Friend’s Federation]
We work on the activities with the slogan “Learn from the sea and Train in the Sea”
Applications and Inquiries: Junior Sea Friend’s Federation of Numazu, Mr.Ishiwata TEL: 055-920-2404
Applications: by phone     *Please ask for details.

We are looking for participants for the Green Curtain Contest.
Environmental Policy Division TEL: 055-934-4741 FAX: 055-934-3045
Why don’t you grow vines which make pleasant shade near the windows during the summer and apply for the
photo contest in the fall?

Growing period : May ~ August
Applicants: Houses, stores and offices in Numazu City
Numbers: Morning glories: 250 places, Nigauri( Okinawa’s cucumbers): 150 places, Sponge cucumber: 100 places
Applications: Apr. 15 (Tue) 9:00 ~, by phone, fax or directly ( in order of arrival)
Please ask for more information.

Spring Bird Watching
Applications and inquiries: Youth House in Nature TEL: 055-922-1746
When: May 10 (Sat) 12:30 ~ 11 (Sun) 12:30
Observation places: around the Youth House in Nature and Mt. Ashitaka
Contents: typical spring birds’ watching
Instructors: members of Japan Wild Bird Watching Association, Numazu
Applicants: 3rd graders of elementary school ~ 3rd graders of junior high school
Capacities: 40 boys and girls
Fee: 1,900 yen ( includes expenses for staying, insurance etc. )
Things to bring: pens and a notebook, water, binoculars (if you have ),
            a change of clothes , rain gear, pajama and toothbrush, etc.
Applications: Apr. 27 (Sun) 9:30 ~, by phone ( in order of arrival)

Heda Onsen Spring Festival, the 2nd Event “ Kome zakura Fest”
Inquiries: Heda Sightseeing Association TEL: 0558-94-3115
          Tourism and Exchange Division TEL: 055-934-4747
The fantastic small blossoms will be in full bloom around the end of April. Please join us in planting Komezakura
          trees, and enjoy taking a walk along the Kendo Route 6 where Komezakura is blooming, and shopping for
          Heda products at the stalls.
When: Apr. 27 (Sun) 10:00 ~ 11:30
Where: Muko Toge in Heda (along the Kendo Route 6)

The 11th ‘Let’s Enjoy the flavor of Orange Blossoms’
Inquiries: JA Nansun Nishiura Kankitsu Kyodo Senkajyo ( factory for oranges selection ) TEL: 055-942-2068
          Agriculture and Forestry Division TEL: 055-934-4751
Why don’t you take a walk in the field where orange blossoms are blooming? The view of Mt.Fuji over the Suruga
 Bay is especially beautiful.
When: May 3 (Holiday) 9:30 ~ 15:00
Where: JA Nansun Nishiura Kankitsu Kyodo Senkajyo ( Address: 6-4, Nishiura Hirasawa )
Contents: Taking a walk in the orange fields, a quiz concerning oranges, wine tasting, eating cookies and cakes
          made from Jyutaro oranges.
          These products will also be on sale.

‘Urashima so ‘ is the best season at the Imperial Villa Park.
Inquiries: Numazu Imperial Villa Park TEL: 055-931-0005
Lovely light purple flowers begin to come out around early April and are at their best
till the end of April.
The park is open: 9:00 ~ 16:30
Where: around the wisteria terrace in the park
Admission fees: Adult: 100 yen, Elementary and junior high school students: 50 yen

Telephone Service for Flea Market Information

Inquiries: Garbage Control Promotion Division TEL: 055-934-4743
We provide information on flea markets held by groups in Numazu City.
  Telephone Service ( by automatic voice ) TEL: 055-931-2514
Also, if you have any information on flea markets, let us know.

Don’t forget your city tax payment.
Inquiries: Tax Collection Division TEL: 055-934-4730
Apr. 30 ( Wed ) is the due date for property tax and the 1st term of the city planning tax.
    You can pay taxes even at night after the City Hall is closed or on a holiday.
         Night time service: Apr. 17 (Thu), Apr. 24 (Thu) till 20:00
         Holiday service: Apr. 27(Sun) 9:00 ~ 15:00

The procedure of National Health Insurance
Inquiries: National Health Insurance Division TEL: 055-934-4725
April is the month when many people are transferred and get new jobs. When you join or withdraw from
the Social Insurance, or leave Numazu City or start to live in Numazu, you have to do all the necessary steps of the
National Health Insurance.
Please go through the procedure as soon as possible.

Ganyudo ferryboat service is available every day between Apr.29 and May 6.
Inquiries: Numazu Ganyudo Gyogyo Kyodo Kumiai(Fishery Cooperative Association) TEL: 055-931-1395,
           NPO Numazu Sightseeing Association TEL: 055-964-1300,
           Tourism and Exchange Division TEL: 055 934 4747
When: Apr. 29(holiday) to May 6(Thu)
                 Departure from                   Time table
            Ganyudo                        9:00, 10:30, 13:30, 15:00
            Ayumi bashi bridge             9:25, 10:55, 13:55, 15:25
*The service between Tadehara and Ganyudo is available at any time (9:00 ~ 17:00)
Fees: 100 yen for a junior high school students and over. 50 yen for a primary school student
If bad weather, the service might be suspended.

Early morning service of Indoor Swimming Pool
Inquiries: Indoor Swimming Pool TEL: 055-932-2179       The service starts at 7:00 during the following period.
When: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from the period between May 3(holiday) and Sep. 28(Sun)

Examination and registration of firearms and swords
Inquiries: Shizuoka Ken Cultural Division in charge of guns and swords TEL: 054-221-3157
           Cultural Promotion Division TEL: 055- 952-0844
When: May 13(Tue), Nov. 11(Tue) 9:30 ~ 12:00
      Juho-shinsa(the examination and registration of firearms) is held on May 13 only.
Where: Kentobu Sogochosha (Eastern Shizuoka Government Office), the large meeting room on the 3F of
        Honkan(main building),
Need to bring: Firearms and swords which you want to register,
                Tokenrui-hakken-todokedezumi-sho(the license) issued by the police,
                ID card, Application form for registration, fee(6,300 yen Ken-shyunyushoshi per case)

Numazu City Gymnasium service is suspended.
Inquiries:City Gymnasium TEL: 055-922-7200
Private use of the training room, the ping pong room, the kyudo-jyo(archery room) is not available during RoboCup
When: May 3(Sat) ~ May 5(holiday) Only the training room is available on May 3.

Examination of the leakage of water pipes
Inquiries: Waterworks Construction and Operation Division TEL : 055-934-4860
The above examination is done in order to keep a stable water supply. Your cooperation will be asked when the area
between the main pipe in the road to the water meter on your land is examined. To every Jichikai(self-governing
body) where the examination is scheduled to be done, a request letter and the map specifing the examination area
will be sent.
When: May 7(Wed) to the end of Aug.
Examination area: Parts of Kanaoka, Ooka and Ashitaka

Ra-Ra-Ra Sun Beach is open
Inquiries: Fisheries and Seashore Division TEL: 055-934-4753
When: May 1(Tue) ~ 6(holiday),
        Saturdays and Sundays in May and June, July 1(Tue) to Aug. 31(Sun),
        Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from the period between Sep.6 (Sat.) and 23(holiday)
Open: 8:30 ~ 17:00
Facilities: Warm water shower(charged), cold water shower(free), lavatories, dressing rooms
Fee: 100 yen for warm shower for 2 minutes
                    a car        a bus        a motor-bicycle
                  700 yen      2,000 yen          200 yen

Bulletin board for the citizen (The events in this section are free of charge.)

Enjoying Nihon Sakura-so in Taishyoen and observing the treasure of Shoinji Temple
Inquiries: Taishyoen Hozonkai(in Hara chiku center) TEL : 055-966-0084
When: Apr. 29( holiday) 9:30 ~ 12:00
Where: Uematsu-honke(the head family) in Taishyoen and Shyoinji Temple

The 3rd riverside concert in Numazu
Inquiries: Kawaguchi-san of Numazu Utagoe no kai (chorus group) TEL: 055-932-0197
When: May 3(holiday) 10:00 ~ 11:00(if it rains, it will be held on May 4)
Where: Kanogawa River, at Kaidan-zutsumi(the bank with stairs) *No appointment is required.

The exhibition by Numazu Bijyutsu Kyokai (Society for the fine arts)
Inquiries: Numazu Bijyutsu Kyokai Bureau TEL: 055-931-0373
When: May 5(holiday) ~11(Sun), 10:00 ~ 18:00( It will close at 17:00 on the last day. )
Where: Citizens’ Cultural Center, the 1F in the exhibition room and lobby
*Works for this exhibition are being accepted.

Information Wide

                 We’ll ask for your cooperation for identification when you apply for issuance of certificates.
                    Inquiries: Resident Registration Division TEL: 055-934-4723
                   After May 1, we will confirm your identity (or the identity of your proxy) when you apply for
issuance of certificates (e.g. copies of a resident card, family register) in order to prevent third parties from applying
without your notice. We ask for your understanding and cooperation with identification.

              Issuance of certificates for which identification is required
             *A copy of a resident card or related documents
             *A copy of family register or related documents

                Identification Documents
 a photo ID card issued by the government and other public offices
= a driver’s license, a passport, a Basic Resident Register Card (with a photo),
an identification booklet for the physically disabled or the retarded,
an ID card for government or public officials, etc.)

*If you don’t have any of the above, two of the following are possible as identification documents.
A National Health Insurance Card, An Nursing Care Insurance Card, a national pension book or other pension
certificates, an employee ID card, a student ID card, a savings book or a cash card of a bank, a credit card.

You need your seal for some issuances.
*A copy of resident card or family register
= a seal of the applicant (If you apply for a copy of your resident card by yourself, you don’t need your seal.)
In addition, if someone applies for it as your proxy, he/she needs his/her seals and a letter of the proxy.

We have asked you to present your identification for a long time when you register a change of your family
(marriage, divorce or adoption etc.) or address.
We ask for your continued cooperation.

                 New service is available at City Library.
                       Inquiries: City Library TEL: 055-952-1234
                  In order to improve service for users, the computer system was renewed at the City Library.
                  We are going to pursue more user-oriented services.
              What’s new?
We will give you a receipt every time you check out a book.
Instead of a bookmark given before, we will give you a checkout receipt which shows the book
list you checked out, the due date and the library information.

            What’s new?
           You can access the City Library website through mobile phones. You can check for
             books or its status and make a reservation.
           Website for the mobiles:
Other useful service
         By registering your password, you can make a reservation and check the books you’ve
 reserved or borrowed through the internal search service in the library (OPAC) or on the website.

How to get a password
*If you don’t have a library card, you need to register your password when you get a library card.
*If you already have a library card,fill out a password registration form and submit it to the checkout desk. Please
submit your form by yourself. For children (junior high school students in Numazu or younger), their guardian can
apply for it as their proxy.
What to bring for password registration
  1) your library card
  2) Identification Documents (a driver’s license, a National Insurance Card, a student ID etc.)

            Let’s Cheer up with San-San Numazu !
                 Inquiries: Tourism and Exchange Division TEL: 055-934-4747
              Numazu has a lot of charms such as an abundance of nature which changes the expression of each
four season, delicious sea food, many varieties of events. San-san Numazu will appeal to people in and out of the
city for these charms through the year. Numazu will shine greatly this year !

                              ***Enjoy Pleasant Events through the Year!***

                        Spring                                              Summer

      *’Koinobori (Carp-shaped Streamer) Festival          *Heda Port Festival
        Apr. 27(Sun) to May 5(holiday)                       Jul. 19(Sat), Heda Port
       the Kano River dry riverbed                       *Numazu Summer Festival and Fire Works Show
      *Numazu Fishery Festival, Kaijinsai                     Jul. 26(Sat), 27(Sun)
        May 25(Sun), around Numazu Port                      downtown and Kanogawa riverside
                                                            *Numazu Summer Garden
                                                               Aug. 2(Sat),3(Sun) Kanogawa riverside
                                                             *Sunset Pageant
                                                               Aug.23(Sat), Senbon Beach

                       Fall                                                Winter

      *Japanese Art festival in Numazu 2008                   *Winter Stage
        Oct. 1(Wed) ~ Nov. 17(Mon)                               Dec. 13(Sat)
        Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park                      the Kano River dry riverbed
      *Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition                         *Numazu Agriculture and Forest Festival
        Nov. 3(holiday) ~ 17(Mon)                                 Dec. 21(Sun)
        Numazu Imperial Villa Park                                Kira-Messe Numazu
      *Yosakoi Tokaido 2008                             *Tea Ceremony while Looking at Japanese Plum Trees
        Nov. 8(Sat), 9(Sun)                                        Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
       the central city and other placess                          Jan. 24(Sat) ~ Mar. 1(Sun)

Numazu San-San Ladies Will be Introduced.
Numazu Ladies are the image leaders of San-san Numazu. Ms Masuyama Yuuka and Morohoshi Kie have newly
joined from April. They will be waiting for you at the event places.

Will You Enjoy One Day in Spring at Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park ?
             Some various events will be held in a noble atmosphere.
             How about having a cultural day?
             Inquiries: Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park TEL: 055-931-0005

           The Memorial Events Of Showa-no-Hi at the Imperial Villa Park
           Exhibition of Ishida Fukuu works, a calligrapher
           When: Apr. 26(Sat) ~ 29(holiday) 10:00 ~16:00
           Where: No. 1 to 3 Learning Room at East Annex

          Exhibition of Abe Hideki, a photographer
           When: 10:00 ~ 16:00 Apr. 26(Sat) ~ 29(holiday)
           Where: No. 5 Learning Room at East Annex
           Inquiries: the East Annex TEL: 055-931-2233

          Special Products Market, ”Please enjoy eating delicious food of Numazu.”
           When: 10:00 ~ 16:00 on Apr. 29 (holiday) In case of heavy rain, it will be cancelled.
           Where: the trace of main house square in front of Shuma
           Contents: a trial drinks and sales of Numazu tea and sales of Numazu well-known sweets
           Inquiries: Numazu Products Promotion Counsel TEL: 055-934-4748

         Let’s Sing the Songs of Showa Together ! (Showa-no-Hi Goyotei Concert)
          The songs regarding Showa and Numazu will be sung together under the blue sky.
           When: 13:30 to 15:00 on Apr. 29 (holiday) In case of heav, it will be cancelled.
           Where: in front of Shuma (Tea room)
           Inquiries: Aoitori-no-kai, Mr. Suzuki TEL: 055-924-1053

           The admission is free on Apr.29(holiday).
           In memory of the foundation of Showa-no-Hi, the admission on the day will be free.
           On the other days, the admission will be usual: an adult is 100 yen and a student of
           elementary and junior high school is 50 yen.

               Tango-no-Sekku, Children’s Day Events
       *Decorations for Tango-no-Sekku
       When: 9:00-16:30 till May 11(Sun) Where: the East Annex
       *Raising Carp Shaped Streamers
       When: until May 11(Sun)                 Where: in front of Shuma
       *Exhibition of Koinobori (Carp Shaped Streamer Pictures )by Kindergarten Children
       When: May 1 (Thu) to Jun. 1(Sun)        Where: Shin- Shuma
       *Flying Kites Competition
       When: May 5(holiday) 10:30 ~ Gathering Places: in front of Shuma
       Fee: 400 yen for an adult-the only, 200 yen for a student of elementary and junior high
           school but if you are only entering the park,the admission is the same as always.

                    The 26th Numazu Japanese Tea Ceremony
        All 8 schools in the city will gather and hold a tea ceremony.
        Please enjoy the field tea ceremony with feeling the fresh May breeze.
        When: 10:00~ 15:00 on May 11(Sun)
        Where: the described map below,
                 In case of a rainy day, it will be held at the East Annex and others.
        Tickets: 600 yen for 2 seats
        **The entrance admission will be also required.
          : an adult is 100 yen and a student of elementary and junior high school is 50 yen.
        Inquiries: Culture Promotion Division TEL: 055-934-4812
Seat                    Schools                           Seat                 Schools
No.                                                       No.
 1     Sencha Seifu-ryu                                     5    Sencha Obaku Kofu-ryu
 2     Souhen-ryu                                           6    Tokai-ryu
 3     Urasenke Tankoukai Numazu branch                     7    Urasenke Tankokai Tosei branch
 4     Omotesenke                                           8    Dai Nihon Sado Gakkai

                        *****Activities at Senbon Plaza*****
                        Applications & inquiries: Senbon Plaza TEL: 055-962-3313
                        Inquiries: Longevity Care Division TEL : 055-934-4834

        Dates                       Events                                  Contents
   Apr. 29 (Tue)    Playing with animals such as an     Time: 10:00~14:00
                    American minuture horse, rabbits,   Place: multipurpose hall
                    sheep and so on                     Fee: free
   May 3 (Sat)      Making stained glass                Time: ①10:00~12:00 ②13:00~15:00
                                                        Place: craft room
                                                        Capacity: 16 people each
                                                        Fee: 500 yen
                                                        What to bring: Gunte( cotton gloves)
                                                        Applications: by phone from 10:00 on Apr. 19
                                                                      (in applicational order)
   May 4 (Sun)      Concert “Numazu The Sound of Music” Time: 14:00~16:00 (open at 13:30)
                                                        Place: musical hall
                                                        Capacity: 200 people
                                                                  (in applicational order)
                                                        Fee: free
   May 5 (Mon)      Marine art                          Time: 10:00~14:00
                    Craft work with marine articles            (anytime during these hours)
                                                        Place: multipurpose hall
                                                        Capacity: 50 people
                                                        Fee: free
                                                        Applications: by phone from 10:00 on
                                                                      Apr. 22 (Tue)
   May 6 (Tue)      Magic & performance                 Time: 10:00~12:00
                                                        Place: multipurpose hall
                                                        Capacity: 30 people
                                                        Fee: 100 yen
                                                        Applications: by phone from 10:00 on
                                                                      Apr. 22 (Tue)
   May 10 (Sat)     Giving thanks to your mother whole Time: 10:00~12:00
                    heartedly                           Place: multipurpose hall
                    Making a candle and a flower stand Capacity: 30 people
                    with wire                           Fee: 200 yen
                                                        Applications: by phone from 10:00 on
                                                                      Apr. 28 (Mon)

Would you like to relax at the Senbon Plaza bath?
   ~May 5 is the day of “Shobuyu, hot water with calamus leaves.~
   Time: 10:00~16:00 (must enter before15:30)
   Fees: 500 yen for anyone of a junior high school age or older
        300 yen for elementary students or younger (free of charge from May 3 -5)

Let’s enjoy “Koinobori”, carp-shaped streamer festival!
             Inquiries: Education Division of Lifelong Learning TEL: 055-951-3420

                         When: Apr. 27 (Sun) ~ May 5 (Mon)
                          Where: Kanogawa riverbank (Misono bridge ~ Eitai bridge)

May 3 (Sat) 9:30~15:00
craft work (making a Kabuto helmet, Koinobori), playing with small
animals, a picture-story show, etc.
May 4 (Sun) 10:00~15:00
craft work (making a Kabuto helmet, Koinobori), a picture-story show,
stalls, etc.
May 5 (Mon) 10:00~15:00
Craft work (making a Kabuto helmet, Koinobori), Yosakoi dance show,
From May 1 (Thu) to Jun. 1 (Sun), there will be an exhibition “pictures of Koinobori” at Goyotei Imperial Villa Park.
The pictures are drawn by the kindergarten kids in Numazu.

                 Let’s enjoy a musical and a Kabuki performance!
                Applications & inquiries: Cultural Center TEL: 055-932-6111
                 Inquiries: Cultural Promotion Division TEL: 055-934-4812
“Yuta to Fushigina Nakamatachi” by Gekidan Shiki
When: June. 1 (Sun) open at 17:00, start at 17:30
Where: Cultural Center
Fees: 6,300 yen for S seat, 5,250 yen for A seat, 4,200 yen for B seat
     * all reserved seats A child under 3 years old can sit on their parent’s lap.)
Tickets: sold at the ticket office of Cultural Center Ticket Office from 10:00 on Apr. 26 (Sat)

“Shochiku Oh Kabuki”
When: July 28 (Mon) Time: 14:00 ~, 18:00 ~ ( two times)
Where: Cultural Center

      Programs : 1. Ayatsuri Sanbanso (Japanese dance)
                 2. Omemie prologue (Greetings)
                 3. Benten Musume Meono Shironami written
                   by Kawatake Mokuami
                      (Hamamatsuya ~ Seizoroi)
      Performers: ICHIKAWA Danshiro, ICHIKAWA Kamejiro,
                  NAKAMURA Kikaku, BANDO Takesaburo, etc.

Fees: 6,000 yen for special seat, 5,000 yen for A seat, 4,000 yen for B seat, (1,000 yen for a student)
      * all reserved seats Children under school year age are not permitted.
Tickets: sold at the Cultural Center ticket office and other ticket agencies from Apr. 25 (Fri)

Information Wide

              New Health Checkup and Health Guidance
               Inquiries: Health Promotion Division
                           TEL: 055-951-3480
 In order to decrease lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes, ‘Numazu
City National Health Insurance Specific Health Checkup Plan’ was
formulated. Paying special attention to inner fat in metabolic
syndrome, a specific health checkup and health guidance is to be carried out.
The period of this plan: 5 years (fiscal 2007 ~ 2011)
Goal: 10 % decrease in the number of people who are in question of
       metabolic syndrome by fiscal 2011
People concerned: people who are from in their forties to 74 years old
Specific Health Checkup: inquiry about theie physical condition,
                           taking blood pressure,                             [The abdominal circumference is
                           measurement of abdominal circumference,            measured around the navel.]
                           urine test,
                           blood test ( blood sugar, fat, kidney function )
         Period: July~ Oct.
         Where: Individual checkup: Medical Institutions belonging to Numazu Medical Association
                 Group checkup: Health Center, Sun Well Numazu, etc.
Specific Health Guidance
       From the result of the health checkup, people whose abdominal circumference is over 85 cm(men) or 90 cm
       (women), or BMI is over 25 have to have specific health guidance.
      They are divided into 3 groups according to their risks.
                            no risk                            1 risk                  2 or more risks
   The           Information service           Support for motivation            Active support
   contents      to give information about support so that they can change support so that they can
    of           how to lead a healthy life their lifestyle and improve their improve the result of their
   guidance                                    health                            health checkup and keep
                                                                                 changing their lifestyle

Child raising
Subsidy of the medical cost on specific fertility treatment
Applications & inquiries: Health Promotion Division TEL: 055-951-3480
In order to reduce the cost of specific fertility treatments, we supply a treatment cost. From fiscal year 2008, we
will promote the subsidy as follows:
Frequency of subsidy
The income maximum of the previous year will be raised. If you apply between Jan. and May, the income two
years ago will be judged.
Before 2008: within the half of the expense and up to 50,000 yen
From 2008: up to 50,000 yen, two times a year

The income maximum of the previous year will be raised. If you apply between January and May, your income of
two years ago will be judged.

Before 2008: a couple whose total income of the previous year is less than 6,500,000 yen
From 2008: a couple whose total income of the previous year is less than 7,300,000 yen
*Applicants also need to meet the conditions below:
     A couple had vitro fertilization or microscopic fertilization according to a diagnosis.
     A registered married couple and one person is registered as a Numazu citizen for over one year

Please inquire with us first and submit documents within 30 days after the treatments completion.
     If you apply for the prefectural subsidy, please finish the procedure first.
     The subsidy term is for 5 years after your subsidy application is accepted.


                          Plastic Containers and packages
                   (Evaluation A: 90% and over, B: 85-90%, C: under 85%
                               in 60 kg sample                                       Practice Day
                                                                                 Mar.12         Mar.26
 Plastic containers , packing taken out correctly                                93.30 %        91.3 %
 Incorrect Dirty Plastic containers, packing                                     1.80 %          1.6 %
 garbage        Plastic except the containers and packing                        2.60 %          3.6 %
                The other materials containers and packing, cans and paper       0.30 %          0.2 %
                The others                                                       2.00 %           3.9 %
               Things not allowed to be thrown out with plastics   0

We are keeping an A rank of the container package ratio thanks to your efforts to improve the quality.
Your continuous cooperation is also required to keep it in the future.



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