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									                                      Good News

St. Johns United Methodist             “Eat, Pray, Love”       you, forever and sincerely, for
1800 Cypress Gardens Blvd                                      as long as we have voices.”
Winter Haven FL, 33884                 (some thoughts on       Eat. Pray. Love. All three things
                                          Thanksgiving)        are usually a part of our
                                                               Thanksgiving Day.
                                                               EATING is the mission around
                              “Eat, Pray, Love”: I read the
                                                               which we gather. Soon after we
                             book by Elizabeth Gilbert
                                                               decide with whom we‟ll spend
                             during my August vacation. A      the day, we‟re on to the main
                             friend had recommended the
                                                               question: “WHAT are we going
                             book to me knowing I seldom
    Inside this                                                to eat?” Turkey or ham?
                             read „nonreligious books.‟ She
    issue:                                                     Pumpkin or apple pie? We
                             figured this one wasn‟t too
                                                               salivate at the thought of what
                             long and I‟d enjoy the theme
                                                               is to come!
                             of finding life balance between
                             pleasure and devotion. Some       PRAYER is often the official
                             of you might have seen the        beginning of the meal, even for
                             recent movie of the same          those who aren‟t much for
                                                               „church-going.‟ We instinctively
                             title, starring Julia Roberts.
                             (Sorry, Julia, but the movie      seem to know gratitude is due
                             wasn‟t all that interesting.) I   to God. But Gilbert‟s book also
                             can‟t say that even the book      reminded me not to forget the
                             will be memorable a year          few people closest to me who
                             from now, but I was drawn to      throughout my life sustain me.
                             the author‟s closing words in     Do I say thanks often enough
                             the credits of the book:          to those who God uses to
                               “In the end, though,            deliver His grace and peace?
                               maybe we must all give          When was the last time? If it
                               up trying to pay back the       hasn‟t been for a few days,
                               people in this world who        weeks, or longer, it‟s time.
                               sustain our lives. In the       LOVE the Lord our God and all
                               end, maybe it’s wiser to        those who God loves. Express
                               surrender before the            that love and gratitude to
                               miraculous scope of             whomever it is due—not only
                               human generosity and to         Thanksgiving Day, but “forever
                               just keep saying thank          and sincerely, for as long as we
                               you, forever and sincerely,     have voices.”
                               for as long as we have            May this Thanksgiving be a
                               voices.”                        day of delicious eating,
                             Wise words as we begin this       heartfelt prayers of gratitude,
                             month of Thanksgiving:            and experiences of
                             remaining grateful and            life-transforming love.
                             continuing to express our         Eat. Pray. Love!
                             thanks by “keep saying thank
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 Welcome back to our Winter choir members
                                                                        “Praise Worthy”
And a hearty welcome to all
who are not presently singing                                           The new CD single, "Praise Wor-
with us. This is a great time to                                        thy", written and performed by
join the Celebration Singers as                                         Sharon Lee Koch is here, to the
we prepare for the Christmas                                            honor of God. "Praise Worthy"
season and our annual Christ-            11:00 Service Choir
                                                                        includes incredible special ef-
mas presentation on Sunday,        The Worship Arts Ministry is
                                                                        fects, world percussion instru-
                                   now developing a choir that
December 12. You don’t have                                             mental, as well as the inspira-
to have a great voice, just a      will be dedicated to singing in
                                                                        tional word of God from the
love of God and the joy of wor-    the 11:00 service. If you are
                                                                        Psalms 33:1 and 96:1-6. They
shipping Him (though a great       interesting in being part of this
                                   new musical group, please            will be available for purchase in
voice would be nice to have,                                            the Christian Life Center on Oc-
too). We meet Wednesdays,          contact Pat in the Worship Arts
                                   office. Thanks!                      tober 31st, November 7th, 14th
7-8:30 PM in the Music Room.                                            and 21st for $9 each.

Companions in Christ                                    S. A. M.
Feeding on the Word: The Mind of Christ                 Seniors Alive Ministry



                                                                   FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE
                                                        St. John's Friendship Circle will meet at
                                                        the Lake Bess Clubhouse on November
                                                        9th at 7:30 PM. Nancy Carver will have
                                                        devotions. All women are invited to join us
                                                        in friendship, devotions, refreshments and
                                                        our missions. Any questions or need direc-
                                                        tions, please call Betty Soble at 324-2151.
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A Big Thank You from the Congregational Care Team!
 “Are you the cooks?”       all you do. There are       School Classes, UMM,
said a visitor to a         over 75 people who          UMW, small groups,
reception at St. John‟s.    have signed up to help      the newsletter, bul-
 “Yes, we are some of       with food, set up, and      letin, etc. If you are
them,” we said.             clean up. During 2010       not a cook, you may
 “Thank you for sup-        we have delivered 35        donate money for
porting my friend with      meals to church family      the team to purchase
your prayers, cards,        members, provided for       food, paper goods,
calls, and food,” said      7 receptions following      etc.
the visitor.                memorial services, and          We thank you in ad-
 “It is part of who we      provided food for one       vance for your prayers
are and what we do          District Minister‟s Meet-   and support. May God
here at St. John‟s,” we     ing at St. John‟s. With-    bless you and St.
said.                       out God‟s guidance and      John‟s as we seek to
 This conversation took     your support, these         continue this ministry
place earlier in the year   needs would not be          in his name.
at one of the receptions    met.                            The Congregational
following a memorial          It has been 3 years               Care Team:
service. Supporting our     since we updated our
Church Family during        volunteer list. During           Ruthea Gualt        Our Vision:
times of need is part of    November you will                                     “To be a
                                                             Linda Moisa
what the Congregation       be hearing from us
                                                                                  community in
Care Team is about.         as we ask you to sign
                                                             Wanda Snyder
There are many volun-       up again or sign up                                   mission!”
teers who help meet         for the first time.              Janet Toward
these needs and we          We will be contacting
                                                             Kitty Walker
thank each of you for       you through Sunday

HE Calls Me Daughter
  Ladies of St. John‟s,     questions, “Who‟s your      feed (in as many ways
find a 2011 calendar        Daddy?” and “How do I       as possible) everyone
and mark February           live as a child of God?”    who participates.
26, for the 2011 St.        As we explore the love
John‟s women‟s              of God acted out in the      Please pray for God‟s
retreat, “HE Calls Me       lives of the “daughters”    guidance to make this
Daughter”. You won‟t        of the Bible we will        His retreat as we begin
want to miss this time      discover ways God is        to plan and plan on
removed from the            and can be active in        being there.
daily responsibilities of   the lives of his daugh-
life to gather with your    ters today. Plans are
sisters in Christ. We       underway to delight,
will try to answer the      inspire, challenge and
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                             First Sunday of the Advent Season
                                     November 28, 2010

                 Upkeep on St John’s

Our Mission:

“ make

fully devoted

disciples of                           

Jesus Christ!”



                                                           Library News
                                                       We have been work-
                                                       ing on a Fall clean-up
                                                      at the library. Please
                                                       return overdue
                                                       books, CD's, and
                                                       DVD's so we can get
                                                       our records up-to-
                                                      date. Many thanks.
                                                               ~Janet Towart
During the second week at AIM (Adult In               For all newly elected leaders for 2011
Ministry) this summer friend of the ministry,         Mark you calendars for Saturday, January
participant and volunteer Reed Bradford was           22 from 9-3 pm for an intensive training for
recognized for 25 years of service to Mt. T.          various church positions, offered by our
O. P. Reed and his wife, Deeda, have been             South Central District. All chairs and newly
long time supporters of the ministry and              elected leaders should plan to attend.
even relocated to continue volun-                     Location and more information will follow.
teering on a regular basis. Reed
currently serves as a member of                                  Thanksgiving Dinner
the Mt. T. O. P. Board of Directors.                  Join us for dinner Thanksgiving Day at 12
                                                      noon. Turkey, dressing mashed potatoes,
              11AM Worshippers                        cranberry/orange relish, rolls, cherry/
Pastor Dawn is looking for high-schoolers             cranberry cobbler and beverage will be
through all adults who might be interested            provided. Bring a dish to share and $6.00
in training to become a Sunday morning                per person. Sign up at the hall table or
liturgist (currently being done by staff).            Wednesday night dinners. For more infor-
She‟d like to have a group of 4-8 people who          mation, call Sue Umstead at 324-3171.
would rotate this worship leadership respon-
sibility. Most wording is prepared for you.           The Morning Circle would like to
Contact her before Thanksgiving, please.              thank all who contribute to our
                                                      Aluminum Can Recycling Project.
                                                      So far this year we have received nearly
             Hospitality: are you Radical?            $200. These monies go to Florida First
            Staff has been reflecting on our          Start in Eloise. When you bring your cans it
            church‟s effectiveness in ex-             would be helpful if the cans were rinsed
            tended radical hospitality to new-        and completely (not partially) crushed but
            comers. What makes hospitality            we will still accept them. The collection site
            RADICAL is our initiative to go           is in the main building just outside of As-
where “they” are: whether to the church en-           bury Kitchen by the exit doors. Be sure you
trance, the other side of our pew, a different        place them INSIDE the blue trash can. We
table at Wednesday Night Dinners or right             appreciate your participation in this project.
beside us in Sunday School. Are you (or your          For more info call 291-3372.
whole group) radical in extending hospitality?            ~Mary Louise Baumgardner—Circle Chair
How could you improve?

         CHRISTMAS PICTURE FRAME                            Emmaus Community Gathering
Ladies, Join us at Yvonne „s Studio in Winter         Have you attended one of these spiritual
Haven November the 12th at 7:00pm. You will           weekend retreats: Walk to Emmaus, Cur-
have 7 different stains to choice from along with     sillo, Tres Dias or Via deCristo? If you have,
several colors of clay to make your holly. You can    plan to join us for a community gathering
find samples in the narthex. There is an $8.00        on November 13 from 5-7 pm. We will
material fee that includes baking the clay. We will   share fellowship and a covered dish dinner
be serving Lane‟s award winning Carrot Cake.          in the Christian Life Center. Then we will
If you have any question or would like to sign up
                                                      move to the sanctuary for a great worship
please call Yvonne at 863-224-4575 before
                                                      service of praise music and a short Fourth
November the 10th. Looking forward to seeing
you there.                                            Day message. For more information please
                                                      contact Jeanne Icenhour at 326-1610.
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                                               November 2010
Sermon Scriptures and Titles
                                  Sun    Mon     Tue   Wed     Thu   Fri   Sat
                                         1       2     3       4     5     6
                                  7      8       9     10      11    12    13

                                  14     15      16    17      18    19    20

                                  21     22      23    24      25    26    27

                                  28     29      30

                               Operation Christmas Child

                           For Those Visiting St. John’s UMC
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Just a few notes from Staff Parish Relations Committee             Welcome Dave Harner

The search is on...               mid-November. We ask you to      Dave Harner has been hired
We are actively looking to fill   join us in this process by       as a short-term, part-time
vacancies in our staff through    praying that SPR receives        consultant. He will strengthen
2 part-time positions.            God‟s guidance in choosing       our financial and stewardship
 Adult Discipleship Pastor       the people He would have to      communication within the
 Organist/Pianist                join our staff team here at St   congregation, equip us for an
We have posted the position       John‟s.                          annual stewardship campaign
openings on several websites                                       and future debt reduction
and have received many                                             campaign. Dave will also re-
responses as a result. We will                                     establish an endowment fund.
be receiving resumes until
    NEEDED Short-Term Team to
       Create Unique Service
         for Dec. 26, 2010.

    Pastor Dawn is asking for a team
    to help put together one united
    worship service for Sunday Dec.
    26 at 10:30 AM, based on a
    Christian “Love Feast.” This is a
    wonderful experience for all
    ages, and fitting for the Christ-
    mas season. Please contact Pas-
    tor Dawn now if you will be in
    town Dec. 26 and are willing to
    help in the planning and/or exe-
    cution of the Love Feast.

                                                      Come and Worship with us!

                                                          Sunday: Praise Music-8:30 AM
                                                                Hymns-11:00 AM

                                                      ReaLife Service Sunday Nights at 6:30!

                                                             Church Office Hours:
                                                       Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM
                                                        Friday 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM (noon)

                                                        Phone Number: 863-324-6347

Good News Deadline

                                      On th
                                            e We

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