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									3)     Research Paper

The paper will be typed in Ariel font no larger than 12. It must be 8-10
pages in length. Students must have a minimum of 6 resources, including
five (5) electronic sources, and one (1) written source. The paper will follow
the rules and guidelines of the MLA research format. Students may need to
consult with an English teacher for assistance with the MLA research

The research paper MUST include the following topics: 1) Description of
the career, 2) Job outlook, 3) Salary, 4) Educational/training requirements,
5) Institutions/organizations offering degrees/training in the field and
courses/types of training offered, 6) Critical issue, 7) Working environment,
8) Personality traits/aptitudes necessary for this career, and 9) “Perks” or
“benefits” of the job.

Your English 12 paper will focus on items 1) career description, 2) job outlook, 3) salary
and 4) education/training requirements.

It will be 4 – 5 pages typed, double-spaced. Our first day in Lab 2 is Thursday, Dec. 2.
An alternate activity will be available for exempt seniors.
     Requirements for Thursday – Locate three sources and print the information. I
         will approve the research for class work credit. You will collect your research and
         keep the articles on file in your folder. You will prepare your draft for item #1
         over the weekend. If you do not have access to a computer at home, this may be
         handwritten. You can type the drafts at the next lab visit.
     Draft of item #1 is due Monday, Dec. 6. Please include your parenthetical
         citations. Lab visit Tuesday, Dec. 7.
     Draft of items #2 and 3 is due Thursday, Dec. 9. Please include your parenthetical
     Draft of item #4 is due Tuesday, Dec, 14. Please include your parenthetical
         citations. Lab visit Wednesday, Dec. 15.
     Revised and edited draft with complete list of works cited is due Friday, Dec. 17.
     Turn in your printed research with this draft. I will edit and return Jan. 3.
     REVISED FINAL DRAFT is due Monday, Jan. 10.

Expect one 90 minute block per week to conduct your research and write your drafts.

Useful websites per Ms. Marks
      Occupational Outlook Handbook
      College Foundation of North Carolina
      Career Cruising
      NC Employment Security Commission
      Dictionary of Occupational Titles
        O*Net Online
        Occupational Information Network
      Career Information
      Pathways to Career Success
      Career Information, Job Search, Education, and Job Descriptions
        Cape Hatteras School web site
        Cindy Marks—Classroom information
         Jobstar Central
      Vault, the most trusted name in career information
        Kid Info Career Information
      The Wall Street Journal Executive Career Site
      The Complete Web 2.0 Directory
      Converts photos into Polaroid™-style images

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