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                                FACT SHEET ‘09: MSAMBWENI BEACH HOUSE AND PRIVATE VILLAS

                                             This version was updated on the 4th April 2009




Msambweni Beach, South Coast, 50 miles South of Mombasa and 20 miles from the border of Tanzania.

Coordinates: LONG 39,28 E       LAT 4,03 S


Between one and a half hours and two hours by car from Mombasa Airport which has direct flights from England, France, Germany, Italy
and Switzerland. There are also 10 daily scheduled services from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta and Wilson Airports (Kenya Airways and Air
Kenya) to Mombasa Airport.

It takes about 35 minutes drive from Ukunda Airstrip from where there are:

              1.       Daily flights to and from the Masai Mara (flight takes 2 hours), operated by Safari Link and Mombasa Air
                       Safaris. Therefore a very popular tour is Nairobi----Masai Mara------Ukunda (Msambweni House & Private

              2.       Private flights to and from Mombasa (flight takes 10 minutes), organized on request.

              3.       From mid-June, schedule flights to and from Nairobi Wilson airport, operated by Safari Link and Air Kenya.


Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas has been designed in the Lamu style with whitewashed intricate features, high beamed ceilings,
Makuti wood roofs, locally hand carved furniture, large open spaces and beautiful decorative touches, such as bright silk cushions, brass
lanterns or the candlelit property and infinity pools at night. The property’s balconies, terraces, pontoons and infinity pools overlook the
Indian Ocean and are the perfect spot to relax, watch the sunrise and enjoy a sundowner. The many wining and dining options are extended
to Msambweni BeachHouse’s private beach and new lounge beach bar as well as a hidden cave, and, when the tide is right, a sandbank a
little wade away.


Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas is in a quiet, unique setting on a stretch of completely unspoilt sandy beach surrounded by 28
acres of natural land. The property has 700 feet of private beach along a four mile stretch of coastline with palm trees offering peace and
tranquillity where guests can really be at one with nature while enjoying a luxury, yet discreet, stay with attentive service in beautiful
surroundings. There are no beach boys on this beach as there are no other hotels around.


Msambweni Main House and its Luxury tented room:

Six guests can be accommodated in the main house in three double bedrooms all en-suite with deep sunken baths and walk-in showers and
large private terraces. Master room I and II are bedrooms directly facing the sea with panoramic sea views while Master room III has a
bush/sea view from the terrace. The bedrooms are air-conditioned with mosquito nets.

In the event that the whole main house is rented out to one group of guests, two extra rooms are at their disposal (Makuti I and II, situated
under the roof, no air-conditioning, provide a very big lounge area.).

The main house also features a large lounge, dining room and a 50 metre infinity swimming pool surrounded by sunbathing terraces
overlooking the ocean.

Two guests can be accommodated in the unique luxury tented property situated at 20 metres from the main house. A large living area with
terrace overlooking the sea with panoramic views are among the features. Walk-in shower, double washbasins overhead fans and mosquito
Lamu Villa I:                                                                                                                     4/12

Two adults and three children can be accommodated in this exclusive private villa with terraces and private 30 metre swimming pool and
private Jacuzzi overlooking the beach with panoramic sea views. One double bedroom with air-conditioning, overhead fan, deep sunken
bath/shower in the bathroom, the other triple room (one double and one single bed) with overhead fan, mosquito nets, and shower in

Lamu Villa 2:

Two adults and three children can be accommodated in this exclusive private villa with terraces and private 12 metre swimming pool and
private Jacuzzi overlooking the beach with panoramic sea views. One double bedroom with air-conditioning, overhead fan, deep sunken
bath/shower in the bathroom, the other triple room (one double and one single bed) with overhead fan, mosquito nets, and shower in
bathroom. A special private sundowner area overlooking a 500 year old Baobab tree is very popular.

Pictures of Lamu Villa II follow soon after the next photoshoot.


Guests at Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas have exclusive use of the property

SERVICE: Thoughtful and discreet service from 30 experienced staff as and when required.


Dining at Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas is pure delight. Our kitchen staff are thoroughly trained by a celebrity Belgian chef.
Enjoy seafood, Swahili dishes, Belgian and French cuisine. Dine by the pool under the African sky and candlelight while listening to the
whispers of the breeze from the Indian Ocean. Suggestions of the day are explained at breakfast. Each lunch and dinner can be served in a
special private setting.

THE TEAM: Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas is privately owned by the Vanderhoeven family from Belgium. It is run and
managed by eldest son and Managing Director Frederik Vanderhoeven who previously ran the family’s sister private property Villa Val des
Roses in Cap d’Antibes, South of France


MsambweniBeach House & Private Villas is open all year around except between 1st May and 1stJune due to the rainy season.


Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas have an excellent climate with very little humidity from September to March. The weather
conditions are excellent on the coast the whole year round, except during the month of May.

There is a continuous off or onshore breeze.

Month                  Jan/Feb       Mar       Apr     May      Jun    Jul/Aug      Sep/Oct     Nov/Dec

Min/MaxC                 24-32      24-32      24-31   29-32 29-32       28-31      30-32        31-33

Rain mm                   18          64       150      250      150      75          72           76


Msambweni Beach House and Private Villas are equipped with reliable telephones and satellite Internet connection with Wi-Fi.


Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas can accommodate children, however the property is more of a couples’ destination.

Children under 16 are not permitted in the main house unless the whole house is rented.

Children under 16 are permitted in villas Lamu I and Lamu II and are charged a reduced rate (see pricings).


Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas indirectly supports a minimum of 400 local people. Fresh fruits and fish in particular are
purchased from the village, fishing and village trips are taken by locals who also sell their wares in an organised way at the property for a
fixed price on the understanding that they do not bother guest on the beach to ensure guests maximum enjoyment of their holiday.

Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas supports Round Table Mombasa 3 that undertakes many initiatives, one of which is the
annual ‘WEEK OF HEALING' whereby Mombasa Round Table 3 takes up the initiative to undertake specialized surgical treatment for
the under privileged members of the coastal communities. The 'WEEK OF HEALING ‘09' will be held from the 4th till the 10th May at the
Msambweni district hospital. Frederik Vanderhoeven, the Project Convener, is aiming for 80 surgical treatments, free of cost to those who
cannot afford the treatment. Guests can also support Round Table Mombasa 3 and be updated about its initiatives.
More information about Round Table Mombasa and its initiatives at

MsambweniBeach House& private villas IS GOING GREEN:

The following information is provided in the information file in guests’ room:

“Msambweni House and private villas are well aware of the problems facing our global environment today and are taking some small steps
to try and help minimize our impact:
- Power saving lamps have been used where possible.
- We have installed timers on all the pumps and water heaters.
Thanks to the two above actions, the electricity consumption has decreased by 30%.
- Msambweni House is starting to replace the water heaters by a solar powered system. These solar water heaters will be staying as a back-
- Msambweni House purchases all its fruit and fish from the local market, which reduces fuel consumption. Our own vegetable garden is
starting to do well.

Would you like to join us and reduce your carbon footprint?
It is possible:
- There is a wooden signboard hanging near the bed. We will not change the sheets when the wooden signboard is in the green position.

  We will change the sheets when the wooden signboard is in the red position.
- We will put clean wet towels to dry. If you would like them to be changed, please put them in the laundry basket.
  We have put a red mark on the switches that consume more Energy: The air-conditioning is the only item in the room which consumes a
lot of energy, about the same as 30 fans…

Please note that guests’ involvement is totally on a voluntary basis. We advise guests to let a member of staff know if they would like the
sheets and towels to be changed automatically on a daily basis.

              Many thanks
              The Msambweni House team
Excursions-activities on location:                                                                                           7/12

Village walk

- One of the staff members can join you for a walk in the village at around 4:30 pm and after the walk please feel free to give the guide a
tip; the recommended tip is from 7USD but this is completely optional. This walk is a very nice experience and is highly recommended.

Fish market

- Visiting the local fishing market is also highly recommended. You will be taken to the market by car and return by foot partly through
Msambweni village but mainly along the beach. This trip takes two hours (car + guide + contribution to the market) and costs 25USD per
person, which will be added automatically to your bill. Please contact Frederik or his assistant for more details and timings as the tide
varies. Please ensure you carry your sunglasses, hat and sun lotion.

Snorkelling and Fishing.

- Snorkelling/fishing with a private fishing boat @ 15 USD, which will be added automatically to your bill. Feel free to give the crew a tip.
The best time is in the early morning before having breakfast on the beach. We will inform you the previous evening if the tide and weather
is fine for the excursion. If interested, please inform Frederik or his assistant one day in advance. This excursion is only possible if the
weather and tide conditions allow. Please ensure you carry your sunglasses, hat and sun lotion.


- There is a tennis course at your disposal at a nearby property. You can leave a tip at their tip box, which will be used for the equipment of
a small local school.

- Beach volleyball, badminton, petanque, croquet, mountain bikes and a ping pong table are all at your free disposal. As well as books,
DVDs and indoor games (Scrabble, chess, Dominos ….).

Please find the full list of DVDs, books and games at the end of this information book.

Massages and Beauty services

               1.      Massages can be organized on the beach or pedicures and manicures in your room. Please inform the staff in the
                       morning at breakfast. The following options are possible: Full body relaxation massage @ 30USD /hour- Head and
                       neck massage @18USD /30 minutes- Foot massage @ 18 USD/ 30 minutes -Back and shoulder massage @ 18USD
                       /30 minutes- Pedicure @ 30USD - Pedicure & manicure including nail art @ 40USD - Tweezing @10USD -
                       Braiding with extensions @100USD - Braiding with your own hair @60USD - Making lines with extensions @
                       60USD - Making lines with your own hair @ 50USD - Blow-dry @15USD.

Excursions-activities nearby:

Shimba Hills Trip.

- A picnic between the elephants in the Shimba Hills is a marvellous experience. You leave at around noon and will be back
around 5:30 pm. This trip costs 130 USD for 2 people, but is included in a 7 night stay at Msambweni House.

Marine Park.

- Snorkelling/scuba diving in the Kisite Marine Park. Following an early breakfast in the lounge, you will leave at around 7:45
am. After a 35 minutes drive you will arrive at Shimoni from where you will take the dhow that will take you to the Kisite
Marine Park, which takes about 45 minutes. You might meet dolphins on the way. Snorkelling there is really amazing. Fun
diving is also possible at an extra cost of 60 USD/person/dive. There is also the possibility to see the slave caves before going
on the dhow. Lunch will be served on Wasini Island. You are back in Msambweni between 5 and 6 pm.The basic trip,
including transport and lunch, with snorkeling costs 130 USD/person. An exclusive private boat has an extra cost of 250 USD
and is recommended if you wish to have privacy during the whole trip. Please ensure you carry your sunglasses, hat and sun
lotion. The whole trip can be paid for at Msambweni House.

Diani town tour.

-Diani is the nearest town with shops, bars and banks. A return trip to Diani costs 60USD and is available at all times. Please
book transport minimum 1 hour in advance.

Having the same car at your disposal in Diani costs 10 USD/hour.

Mombasa town tour

- Possibility to combine this on the way to the airport at an extra charge of 30 USD. You leave at around 10 am and will drive
to the Tamarind restaurant, a high quality restaurant with an amazing view of Mombasa Island. After lunch, possibility to visit
the old town and Fort Jesus before heading to the airport.

- The same can be done as a day excursion where you return to Msambweni at around 4:30 pm. This excursion costs 250


- Diving with Diani Marine. Please note that you need an international certificate. Following a small, early breakfast in the
lounge, you will leave at 6:30 am. After 35 minutes drive, will you arrive at the diving school where there will be a briefing
with coffee and tea. The boat leaves around 8am for the first dive. The boat goes for a second dive to another place. During
the trip, water and fresh fruit will be served. Other drinks are available at a small cost. You are back in Msambweni at around
2 pm. The basic cost including 2 dives and transport is 195 USD/person.


- Motorized sports (Jet Ski, Water-ski etc.) available in Diani, which is a 35 minutes drive. Please ask our staff for the rates.
Return transport to Diani costs 60 USD.

- A small air safari over the coastline, the Kisite Marine Park and the Shimba Hills is possible from Diani. The flight takes
one hour. The cost of this trip costs 400 USD for 2 people. Return transport to the airstrip in Diani cost 60 USD.

- An 18-hole golf course is only a 35 minutes drive away. Please note that the best time to play golf is in the morning or late
afternoon. The rates can be found in the excursions file in the lounge.

- Deep-sea fishing is possible. The charge is 100 USD/hour (minimum 5 hours). Return transport to the boat costs 80 USD.
HEALTH PRECAUTIONS                                                                                                                    9/12

We recommend all guests take independent medical advice before travelling to Kenya. The East African coast in particular is a malarial
area. All beds at Msambweni House have mosquito nets and mosquito sprays are provided. A small, well-equipped private hospital is
within easy reach of Msambweni House. Comprehensive medical insurance is strongly advised.


Conde Nast Traveller July 2007

“Dutch brothers Frederik and Filip Vanderhoeven already had one chic coastal retreat – the Villa Val des Roses on the French Riviera –
under their belt when they opened Msambweni House in Kenya this year. They chose if for its ‘remote, unspoilt location’ on a cliff
overlooking a deserted beach, 20 km from the Tanzanian border. The main house has three suites with private verandas and a luxury tent,
all with access to a 50-metre, infinity edged pool; two additional villas open this month, with private Jacuzzis and pools. Lamu stone and
intricately sculpted chalk-white plaster, driftwood doors and thatched makuti-wood roofs define the overall look. Lazy days on the beach
can be interspersed with diving excursions to the famous Kisite Marine Park and safaris to Shimba Hills to spot the sable antelope that gave
the house its name.”

Financial Times, How to Spend It Magazine September 2007

“In Kenya, on a deserted stretch of private beach 20 miles from Tanzania, Msambweni Beach House quietly opened earlier this year.
Loaded with Lamu-style furnishings, there’s a tent with terrace, bathroom and king-size bed. Add to this three double rooms in the main
house and the just-opened double-bedroom villas with private infinity pools. The entire property can be rented for a party of 12 or you can
rent by the room.”

Vogue November 2007

“Winter Sun: Book a week at Msambweni Beach House, Kenya. A family-owned house that sleeps 12, it’s set high on a cliff with views
out to sea 700ft of private beach along a four-miles stretch of coastline, and staff on hand to tend to your every whim.”

British Airways Highlife October 2007

“There’s a whole new vibrancy about the African republic’s hotel scene – from rustic chic to classy boutique…. Just South of Mombasa,
Msambweni Beach House has opened on a cliff above its own private beach. Its Dutch owners have combined local materials with pure
white linens and infinity pools, and there’s a luxury ten for those seeking a more ‘earthy’ encounter.”

Food and Travel Aug/Sept 2007

“…The Lamu-style building, with its thatched roof and whitewashed walls, looks out on the Indian Ocean, from a high cliff. In the main
villa, the rooms are dreamy white with exposed beams, pale linen on the beds and curtains dancing in the breeze. There are lovely sitting
areas with embroidered cushions on the banquettes and lanterns on the wooden tables. Bounded by a tropical coral wall on one side and on
the other by mangroves and rainforest, it also boasts a luxury tent and handful of private villas. All come with a personal cook, housekeeper
and driver. Enjoy the huge infinity pool, or picnics and barbecues on the golden beach. Belgian-trained chefs will cook anything you want,
including freshly caught fish. There is plenty of wildlife, from the marine turtles of Kisite Marine Park to the antelopes of Shimba Hills.
Come here for peace and quiet on the Indian Ocean.”

Luxury Travel Magazine November 2007

“…Msambweni House is luxury uncompromised. It’s a family owned and run exclusive house with three spacious and luxurious suites in
the main house, one villa and one luxury tent….. The emphasis for a stay at Msambweni House is very much on personal service to ensure
a high quality, tailor-made holiday. Individual itineraries are planned with the guests.”

B Spirit (Brussels Airlines magazine) November 2007

“For a more intimate African experience, this private house is one of the most recent additions to Kenya’s south coast. Perched on a 120-
metre-high cliff and surrounded by a coral wall looking out on to the Indian Ocean, there are three Swahili styled suites, one villa with its
own pool and a luxury tent to choose from. The food served near the infinity pool comes courtesy of chefs trained by top Belgian cook
Kristof de Kroon. But if solitude is what you’re after, there is a sublime private beach where you can disappear.”
The Independent Magazine 2008                                                                                                        10/12

“…If you’re after isolation, then press on south to Msambweni, where the upscale Msambweni House is the only hotel of note. Perched on
a cliff overlooking deserted, pristine coastline, it offers chic suites on full board…”

Marie Claire February 2009

“Beach Bliss. Thirty miles south of Mombasa, Msambweni House is a hedonistic escape that makes a perfect follow-on to bush
adventures. With a private beach, infinity pool, complimentary massages and a veranda for sunset cocktails, it’s pure relaxation. Suites
and villas have chic, Swahili-style décor, plus there’s delicious food and a boat for snorkelling trips. It’s worth shopping in Mombasa for
ethnic jewellery and fabulous lamps.”


1.                      Msambweni House and Private Villas has 10 rooms

5 rooms in the Main House with a 25 metre swimming pool. With A/C: Master rooms I, II and III.
Without A/C: Makuti rooms I and II.

1 Luxury tented room without air-conditioning, very high ceiling, overhead fan, wooden floor, panoramic sea view.

1 double A/C room and 1 triple Makuti room in the Lamu Villa I with a private 30 metre swimming pool and private Jacuzzi, panoramic
sea view.

1 double A/C room and 1 triple Makuti room in the Lamu Villa II with a private 12 metre swimming pool and private Jacuzzi, panoramic
sea view from special Baobab terrace.

2.                      Single occupancy only possible in the main house @ 75% of double room occupancy

3.                      Closed during rainy season: 1st May till 1st June 2009

4.                      Special offers:

                        1.      children under 5 years old: free of charge (children<16 years old only in the main house when rented

                        2.      1 nearby excursion, a private picnic with the elephants in the Shimba Hills, is inclusive from a 7 night stay

                        3.      10 per cent discount for the bride


RACK Rates in US Dollars per person per night

PERIODS                                           Master room I, II& III      Entire House

                                                  & Tented House (up to 12 people)

05/01/09 to 31/07/09                                       $ 275                       $ 2,750

01/10/09 to 20/12/09                                       $ 275                       $ 2,750

1/08/09 to 30/09/09 &

Easter Weekend; (10th to 13th April incl.)                 $ 290                       $ 2,900
21/12/09 to 05/01/10                                                                                                       11/12

(Minimum stay 7 nights)                                     $ 480                           $ 4,800

Please note:

1.                      The Makuti rooms I and II are not rented out separately but are included when hiring the whole main house.

2.                      Children up to the age of 16 only when the entire main house is rented.


PERIODS                                            Lamu Villa I                                   Lamu Villa II

5/01/09 to 31/07/09                                 $ 370 ($ 130 children <16yrs)                 $ 370 ($ 130 children <16yrs)

1/10/09 to 20/12/09                                $ 370 ($ 130 children <16yrs)                  $ 370 ($ 130 children <16yrs)

1/08/09 to 30/09/09 &

Easter Weekend; (10th to 13th April incl.)         $ 395 ($ 150 children<16yrs)                   $ 395 ($ 150 children<16yrs)

21/12/09 to 05/01/10                               $ 620 ($ 170 children<16yrs)                   $ 620 ($ 170 children<16yrs)

(Minimum stay 7 nights)



               1.       Full board (sumptuous breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, gastronomic dinner)

               2.       Drinks (all soft drinks, juices, 2 house wines and a selection of local beers & alcohols)

               3.       Sports: Ping pong, beach volley ball, croquet, badminton, mountain biking with picnic

               4.       Private beach picnics, beach BBQ’s in a special personal atmosphere

               5.       TV only for DVD use.

               6.       Internet Wi-Fi

               7.       1 introductory massage/person

               8.       Village Walk - thiswalk is a very nice experience and is highly recommended.


               9.       Champagne, selected wines and imported spirits

               10.      Daily relaxation massage (30 USD for 45 minutes)

               11.      Pedicure, manicure

               12.      Picnic with the elephants in the Shimba Hills (65USD/person incl. Transport and lunch)
              13.       Golf, 18 holes course at 30 minutes drive (
              14.       Deep sea fishing (from 100USD per hour incl. Transport, minimum 5 hours,
              15.       Snorkelling with local fishing boat at minimum cost of 15USD/person.
              16.       Visiting the local fishing market costs 25USD per person, inclusive of a contribution to the infrastructure of the
              17.       Snorkelling in Kisite Marine Park (from 130USD/person incl. Transport & lunch,
                        exclusive boat has an extra charge of 250 USD.
              18.       Scuba diving (rates on request)
              19.       Wind surfing & Kite surfing Kite lessons (rates on request)
              20.       Motorized water sports (rates on request)
              21.       Airport transfers (180USD return Mombasa airport up to 4 people, 95 USD return Ukunda airstrip)
              22.       Mombasa tour on the way to the airport has an extra cost of 30 USD on top of the airport transfer
              23.       Mombasa tour as a 1 day trip costs 250 USD. Lunch at the Tamarind restaurant is not included.
              24.       A taxi to Diani costs 60USD return.


1.   Securing accommodation and service 20% non-refundable by credit card, payment costs paid by Msambweni House.

2.   Balance of 80% due by bank transfer 45 days prior to arrival, payment costs paid by guest or by VISA @ 5% surcharge.

3.   Extra payments at Msambweni House with Visa will be charged at 5%.
4    In the event of cancellation within the time specified, cancellation fees charged are:
5.   Cancellation notice before:
6.   45 days: 20% deposit forfeited
7.   45-21 days: 40 %
8.   less than 21 days: 100%

MsambweniBeach House and Private Villas
PO Box 51
80404 Msambweni
Tel: +254 (0) 20 357 70 93
Mobile: +254 (0) 723 69 73 46
Fax: +254 (0) 20 213 75 99

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