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					2001 Michigan MLK Memorial
Questions by Chicago Alpha (Ed Cohn, Jeff Bennett, Peter Onyisi, Peter Steffen)


1.       A conjecture involving it is false if and only if the de Bruijn-Newman constant is positive. It has
been proved that its value at 3, which is the sum of the inverse cubes, is irrational. For 10 points--name
this function, of great importance to the study of primes, whose nontrivial zeroes in the complex plane
may or may not lie along a straight line.
Answer:            Riemann zeta function

2.       Superintendent of West Point in the early 1880’s, he commanded the left wing of Sherman’s army
on the March to the Sea. After the war, he continued to serve leading armies against the Nez Perce, who
called him ―General Day-After-Tomorrow,‖ and along with Nelson Miles he accepted the surrender of
Chief Joseph. FTP, identify this general and administrator, known for his work with the Freedman’s
Bureau and for founding many black schools including his namesake Washington DC university.
                                                                          Oliver Otis Howard

3.      Based on Fielding's Jonathan Wild and the real life of Andrew Robertson Stoney, the main
character of this novel fights in two armies in the Seven Years' War, meets the Chevalier de Balibari, and
makes a career at the gambling tables of Europe. Though he later marries an English Heiress he is
ultimately killed by his stepson Lord Bullingdon. For 10 points--name this story of an Irish rake a William
Thackeray novel that inspired a Stanley Kubrick film.
Answer:            The Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq., Written by Himself

4.        The highest point in this chain is Mount Marcy, and the rivers in the area include the Grass,
Oswegatchie, Ausable, and Sacandaga. Closely related geologically to Canada's Laurentian Highlands,
it is protected by the country's largest state or national park outside Alaska, and is not really a part of the
Appalachians. For 10 points--name this mountain chain of northern New York state.
Answer:            Adirondack Mountains

5. Due to vacuum polarization, it gets larger as energy increases or, equivalently, as one approaches a
charged object. It is most frequently quoted as its reciprocal, which is remarkably close to a whole
number. For 10 points--what dimensionless measure of the strength of electromagnetism is symbolized
by the letter alpha?
Answer:           fine structure constant

6.      She has posed for her country's version of Playboy, perhaps the first person in her sport to do so.
At the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, the international media labeled her a diva for her tirades against
her teammates and icy stares at her coaches. All that steely confidence, however, vanished after she
tumbled on the vault when it was mistakenly placed six inches under its proper height. For 10 points--
name this Russian gymnast.
Answer:          Svetlana Khorkina

7.      Its author wrote that the pool players that appear in it have no accented sense of themselves, yet
they are aware of a semi-defined personal importance. At first the characters' lifestyle seems almost
desirable, but that impression vanishes in the final four lines, which read, "We/ Sing sin. We/ Thin gin.
We/ Jazz June. We/ Die soon." For 10 points--name this poem by Gwendolyn Brooks.
Answer:           We Real Cool
8.       Originally named Demna, he was raised by two nurses and became the head of Clan Bascna.
The druid Finegas refused to teach him until he caught the Salmon of Knowledge, and he gained wisdom
after sucking his thumb while cooking the fish. However, he is best known as the father of the poet
Ossian and the leader of an eponymous band of warriors. For 10 points--name this mythological Irish
hero, the central figure of the Fenian cycle.
Answer:           Finn MacCool or Fionn mac Cumhail

9.        His Treatise on Probability, published in 1921, proposed a logical-relationist theory of the field.
He led a group of young Cambridge scholars called the "Circus" after publishing his Treatise on Money,
but first became famous by predicting the increase of hostilities and the demise of the Versailles treaty,
"The Economic Consequences of the Peace." For 10 points--name this author of The General Theory of
Employment, Interest and Money.
Answer:           John Maynard Keynes

10.      It is divided into the superior, descending, horizontal, and ascending segments. Hormones
released from the superior segment stimulate the pancreas. Ducts from the pancreas and gallbladder
enter in the descending segment, and in the last two segments absorption of nutrients begins. For 10
points--name the first part of the small intestine.
Answer:            duodenum

11.     Weakened by war with the Byzantines and dynastic disorder, it collapsed quickly following its
defeat at the battle of al-Qudisiyya by the Umayyads. Founded by Ardashir, its capital was Ctesiphon,
and it was generally less religiously tolerant than its predecessor, the Parthians. For 10 points--name this
Persian dynasty that ruled from the 3rd to the 7th centuries CE.
Answer:          Sassanid or Sassanian dynasty

12.      The four speakers are the worried king, the crafty minister, a sailor, and the title character, who is
sent on a perilous winter voyage to Norway to deliver a letter to the king's daughter. After arriving
successfully, the ship sinks on its return trip when the noblemen on board refuse to help on deck to avoid
getting their cork-heeled shoes wet. For 10 points--name this late medieval Scottish ballad about an
unfortunate knight who dies at sea.
Answer:           Sir Patrick Spens

13.     Bob Dole considered him as his running mate in 1996, but decided that he was too old. He was
elected to Congress in 1962, and left in 1969 to become an assistant to Richard Nixon and Director of the
Equal Opportunity Office, and later on was Dick Cheney's boss as White House chief of staff before
becoming Gerald Ford's Defense Secretary. For 10 points--name George W. Bush's new Secretary of
Answer:         Donald Rumsfeld

14.      This piece of music was composed for the Baroness d'Este, and therefore not released to the
public during its composer's lifetime. After his death in 1849, it was printed by his heirs as Opus 66.
Written for the piano, it begins with a furious allegretto agitato before slowing markedly into its famous
melody. For 10 points--name this work by Chopin, which was given lyrics in the 20th Century and called
"I'm Always Chasing Rainbows."
Answer:           Fantasie-Impromptu

15.     This was first obtained from the destructive distillation of indigo. A weak base in solution, it is
colorless and poisonous. It can be prepared commercially by reacting chlorobenzene with ammonia. For
10 points--name this substance, a benzene ring with an amine group, used to produce many dyes.
Answer:         aniline

16. The crowds which chanted "Konstantin i Konstitutsia" thought that "Konstitutsia" was the name of the
Archduke Constantine's wife, and not the Russian word for constitution. Constantine had secretly
renounced the throne, and the Northern Society was unable to rally enough supporters of Alexander I's
more liberal reforms in opposition to the new tsar. For 10 points--name this 1825 revolt against Tsar
Nicholas I.
Answer:          the Decembrist or Dekabrist revolt (or uprising)

17.     Its run started at 20 hours in 1902, and sped up incrementally until the run took only 16 hours in
1938. Its route went through upstate New York and it was the pride of the New York Central System,
competing with the Pennsylvania's Broadway Limited. For 10 points--name this train, featured in "North
by Northwest" and running from New York to Chicago.
Answer:          Twentieth Century Limited

18.     Business monopolies have evolved to become ―the Great Trust‖ and economic chaos has been
replaced by a democratic form of state capitalism. These changes are described to the title character by
the father of his lover, Edith Leetee. Although a sequel Equality was written, it did not match the initial
popularity of this work featuring a sleep induced travel into the future for Julian West. FTP identify this
1888 work the most famous of Edward Bellamy.
Looking Backward

19.       While studying at a monastery, he paraphrased Lorenzo Valla’s Elegantiae, which earned him the
ire of his teachers. After settling to teach in Louvain, he authored ―Handbook of the Christian Knight‖,
which urged careful reading of the Bible to gain moral insight. His, most famous work, however, was
written while staying at Thomas More’s house in England and criticized his own scholarly pursuits. FTP,
identify this Renaissance humanist, author of ―In Praise of Folly.‖

Answer: Desiderius Erasmus

20.     First developed rigorously by a 1972 article in the Journal of Economic Thought, this theory is
based on the idea that recessions are self-correcting and that government intervention is short-sighted––
hence, government monetary intervention will be preceded and preempted by the decision to cut prices
by sensible businessmen. For 10 points--name this economic theory first championed by Nobel laureate
Robert Lucas.
Answer:          rational expectations

21.     Its members were quickly and secretly evacuated after the Soviet invasion of Manchuria in 1945,
and were later granted immunity from war crimes prosecution in return for the results of their experiments.
Headed by General Ishii, this group's experiments on germ and chemical warfare killed thousands of
people, mostly Chinese POWs. For 10 points--name this Japanese army unit which sought to develop
new methods of germ and chemical warfare using human guinea pigs.
Answer:         Unit 731

22.     In the south is a great salt lake called the Chott Jerid, while the north includes the mountainous
Northern and High Tells and the extensive Mediterranean coast. A French colony after 1881, it won its
independence under Habib Bourguiba, whose successor, General Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, has been
nearly as repressive of Islamic fundamentalism as neighboring Algeria. For 10 points--name this North
African nation.
Answer:          Tunisia

23.     Its 150-foot-high waiting room was modeled on the Baths of Caracalla, but expanded by 25% in
every dimension; its arcade was a boulevard of shops modeled after the arcades of Milan and Naples.
Designed by Charles McKim, it was demolished in the 1960s to make way for an office tower and the new
Madison Square Garden. For 10 points--name this two-block long imperial train station finished in 1915.
Answer:          the New York City Pennsylvania Railroad Station

24.      His views were expounded in Bible Communism and The Berean. After studying theology at Yale
he lost his license to preach when he propounded the doctrine of perfectionism, or complete freedom
from sin. He eventually moved to Canada after his two colonies were charged with sexual impropriety
resulting from the complex system of marriages that he advocated. FTP identify this 19 century minister
from Vermont who founded the Oneida colony.
John Humphrey Noyes

25.      His first volume of poetry, "Five Men and Pompey," was published in 1917, two years before his
graduation from Yale University. In 1921, he published his first novel, The Beginning of Wisdom. Coining
the line "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee" in his poem "American Names"—for 10 points—name this
winner of the 1929 Nobel Prize for Literature, author of "John Brown's Body."
Answer:            Stephen Vincent Benét

26.       Subtitled "Episode de la vie d'un artiste," it originally incorporated a whole literary background
story linking the movements together. In background story, the composer says that the recurring theme,
or idÈe fixe, is the sight of his beloved, Harriet Smithson. Highly innovative, it is one of the earliest pieces
to use a modern orchestra. For 10 points--name this 1830 Hector [Ector] Belioz work, known especially
for its use of tone color.
Answer:            Symphonie fantastique [accept the English translation]
2001 Michigan MLK Memorial
Questions by Chicago Alpha (Ed Cohn, Jeff Bennett, Peter Onyisi, Peter Steffen)


1.      Name these French rococo painters for 10 points each:

(10)   He is best known for "The Progress of Love," a series of panels for Madame du Barry's chateau
       at Louveciennes, and "The Swing."
answer: Jean-Honore Fragonard

(10)   Patronized by Madame de Pompadour, another mistress of Louis XV, he painted "The Toilet of
       Venus" and "The Triumph of Venus," as well as a tapestry series called Loves of the Gods.
answer: Francois Boucher

(10)   He served as official portraitist to the four daughters of Louis XV from 1745 and revived the style
       of the allegorical portrait in which a modern individual was portrayed as a Greek or Roman deity.
answer: Jean-Marc Nattier

2. Identify the following works by Tom Wolfe FTPE:

10: This is a collection of essays satirizing trends and people of the 1960s.
A: _The Kandy Kolored Tangerine Flake Streamline Baby_

10: This work chronicles the adventures of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.
A: _The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test_

10: This novel focuses on a Wall Street bond broker and the student he may have run over.
A: _The Bonfire of the Vanities_

3.      Name these cycles for 15 points each:

(15)    This is the idealized model of the gasoline engine, and differs from the Diesel cycle in that its
        ignition step is at constant volume.
Answer:           Otto cycle

(15)    In this cycle, a working fluid is repeatedly pumped between two chambers at different
        temperatures, usually passing through a regenerator element.
Answer:           Sterling cycle

4.     With Survivor II almost upon us, it's time to revisit another reality TV concept: Big Brother.
Answer the following questions for 10 points each:

(10)    Will, or Mega, was one of the show's most popular characters, but after he was voted off
        information surfaced that linked him to what controversial black leader?
Answer:           Khalid Muhammad

(10)    During his stay, Curtis won a ticket to this Hollywood event, where it seemed to dawn on him that
        the show was not quite as successful as many people inside the house had hoped.
Answer:         The Emmys
(10)    George, the hapless Rockford, Illinois roofer, often referred to himself in the third person, a la Bob
Dole, and invented what inexplicable nickname for himself?
Answer:         The Chicken Man
5.      Identify the following related to the book "Darkness in El Dorado" by Patrick Tierney for 10 points

(10)    Tierney claims that anthropologists introduced disease and violence to this tribe, which lives
        primarily in southern Venezuela, decimating the population.
Answer:          Yanomami

(10)    Tierney's charges focus on this retired anthropologist from the University of California at Santa
        Barbara who published his best-selling book, "Yanomamo: The Fierce People" in 1968.
Answer:          Napoleon Chagnon

(10)    This prize-winning 1971 film, narrated by Chagnon, features violent clashes between various
        Yanomami - clashes that Tierney claims were staged.
Answer:          The Ax Fight

6.      Answer these questions about a work of philosophy for 10 points each:

(10)    What 1927 work delineates the fundamental structures of human experience--"understanding,"
        "mood," and "care"-- linking the anguish of modern society to the individual's confrontation with
        his own temporality?
Answer:          Being and Time (or Sein und Zeit)

(10)    Who wrote "Being and Time"?
Answer:        Martin Heidegger

(10)   What German-American theologian, the author of "The Socialist Decision" and the three-volume
       "Systematic Theology," found inspiration in "Being and Time"?
answer: Paul Tillich

7.      Name these Vladimir Nabokov works, none of which is "Lolita", for 10 points each:

(10)    The title of this novel is also the name of a poem, the last work of John Francis Shade, complete
        with commentary by the Zemblan scholar Charles Kinbote.
Answer:            Pale Fire

(10)    This novel, Nabokov's last in Russian, describes the émigré Fyodor Godunov-Cherdyntsev, his
        dream of writing a book, and his search for his father, a lepidopterist lost in Central Asia.
Answer:          The Gift (or Dar)

(10)    This 1969 novel is presented as the memoir of Ivan Veen, a psychologist and philosophy
        professor, who loves the title character and lives in a world with two sister planets, "Terra" and
Answer:           Ada (or Ardor: A Family Chronicle)

8.      5-10-15, identify the ocean current.

(5)     It flows northward from Cape Hatteras to the Grand Banks. Northeast of Canada it continues as
        the North Atlantic Current.
Answer:           Gulf Stream

(10)    This cold current runs north up the west coast of South America.
Answer:          Humboldt or Peru Current

(15)    This counterpart of the Humboldt Current runs up the west coast of Africa.
Answer:         Benguela Current
9.      1979 was a bad year for dictators. Name these victims of revolution or assassination for the
        stated number of points:

(5)    He fled his country in January, hoping that the CIA would help him regain the Peacock Throne as
       it had in 1953.
answer: Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi

(10)   American reactionaries saw the fall of this corrupt and brutal Nicaraguan dictator as another
answer: Anastasio Somoza

(15)   After months of protests, this South Korean dictator of 18 years was killed by his life-long friend,
       the director of the Korean CIA.
answer: Park Chung Hee [Pak]

10.     The 14th one does almost as well on book deals as Jack Welch and Hillary Clinton. For 10 points
        each, identify these things related to the Dalai Lamas.

(10)    The sartorially named dominant Tibetan Buddhist sect of the Dalai and Panchen Lamas, it was
        founded in the 14th century as a return to a stricter monastic tradition.
Answer:         The Yellow Hat or Gelupka sect

(10)    The Sanskrit name for the bodhisattva of compassion, of whom the Dalai Lama is believed to be
        a reincarnation.
Answer:          Avalokiteshvara [ah-va LO kitte shvara}

(10)    The palace/fortress of the Dalai Lamas in Lhasa. It takes its name from the mythical celestial
        seat of Avalokiteshvara.
Answer:          the Potala

11. Identify these geographical features of Mars for 10 points each:
(10)    This 3000-kilometer long rift valley lies to the southeast of the Tharsis bulge.
Answer:          Valles Marineris
(10)    This impact basin in the southern hemisphere is the largest on Mars.
Answer:          Hellas
(10)    The center of this crater, named for an Astronomer Royal, marks zero longitude.
Answer:          Airy-0

12.     For 10 points each, identify the following things related to protein synthesis.

(10)    For any mRNA sequence, this is the first amino acid to be translated. It is often removed
Answer:          methionine

(10)    Introns are removed from the mRNA before translation by these protein-RNA complexes.
Answer:          spliceosomes

(10)    This is the name for the concept that DNA is transcribed to RNA that is in turn translated to
Answer:           the central dogma of molecular biology

13. Identify these living American playwrights from works for 10 points each:

(10)    The Last Night of Ballyhoo, Driving Miss Daisy
Answer:         Alfred Uhry
(10)    The Heidi Chronicles, An American Daughter
Answer:         Wendy Wasserstein

(10)    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, The Piano Lesson
Answer:         August Wilson

14. Identify the following about the physicists Lee and Yang, FTPE:

10: Lee and Yang’s most important work dealt with which of the four fundamental forces?
A:       _weak_ force
10: Lee and Yang won the Nobel Prize for demonstrating the nonconservation of what property in weak
A:       _parity_
10: Parity nonconservation was suggested by the study of the decay mode of what particle?
A:       _K-meson_

15.      Answer these questions about the old samurai institution for 10 points each:
(10)     The name for the class of feudal, landowning barons whom samurai served.
Answer:           daimyo
(10)     The "way of the warrior" that samurai followed. It demanded endurance, rectitude, and, above all,
loyalty. It was abolished in the mid-19 century, but its influence lived on in the army.
Answer:           bushido
(10)     As the perfect example of samurai loyalty and courage, this story, arising from an actual 1703
incident where a number of samurai avenged their wrongfully abused, dead master, is virtually Japan's
national epic.
Answer:           Tale of the 47 Ronin

16.     Provincial Governor Luis Singson has triggered an impeachment crisis in an Asian nation by
charging that his former friend, the president, is guilty of accepting an 8 million dollar bribe.

(10/10) For 10 points each, name the country and the president in question.
Answer:          the Philippines, Joseph Estrada

(10)    For another 10 points, name Estrada's predecessor as president.
Answer:         Fidel Ramos

17.     Given an English king, name his predecessor for 10 points each:
(10)    Henry I Beauclerc
Answer:          William II
(10)    Henry IV
Answer:          Richard II
(10)    Henry VII
Answer:          Richard III

18.       Identify the following about a psychologist FTPE:
1.This author of The Neurotic Constitution and Understanding Human Nature broke with Freud in 1911
and developed his own brand of psychoanalysis.
Answer:            Alfred Adler
2.Adler’s most important idea was that humans tried to overcome this feeling of inadequacy to be
mentally whole.
Answer:            inferiority complex
3.This is the general term that Adler gave to his ideas, which saw neuroses as stemming from an
inferiority complex. Name this type of psychology.
Answer:            individual psychology
19.      Answer the following questions about an American artist for 10 points each:
(10)     Born in Anamosa, Iowa, in 1891, he was known, with Thomas Hart Benton and John Steuart
Curry, as the third in the Regionalist painters triad. It was not a farmer, but rather his dentist, that posed
for his most famous painting.
Answer:           Grant Wood
(10)     During the Great Depression, Wood founded an art colony in this Iowa hamlet on the
Wapsipinicon River where his students lived in converted ice wagons.
Answer:           Stone City
(10)     Attempting to show that in America, one can rise from humble beginnings to greatness, Wood's
linear patterns and simplified forms are exemplified in his painting of what simple building in West Branch,
Answer:           the birthplace of Herbert Hoover (accept equivalents)

20. Identify the play from quotes, 30-20-10.
30: ―The more fool, madonna, to mourn for your brother's soul being in heaven. Take away the fool,
20: ―For so you shall be, while you are a man; But when in other habits you are seen, Orsino's mistress
and his fancy's queen.‖
10: ―If music be the food of love, play on.‖
A: _Twelfth Night_ or _What You Will_

21.     Given a newly appointed cabinet member, name his or her predecessor For 10 points--or for 5 if
you need to know the position being filled:
(10)    Tommy Thompson
(5)     Secretary of Health and Human Services
Answer:          Donna Shalala
(10)    Gale Norton
(5)     Secretary of the Interior
Answer:          Bruce Babbitt
(10)    Ann Veneman
(5)     Secretary of Agriculture
Answer:          Dan Glickman

22. Identify the following regarding bones, FTPE:
10: These are the types of bones responsible for the formation of new bone material.
A: _osteoblasts_
10: These spaces are the central cavities of the osteocytes.
A: _Haversian canals_

10: These structrures are the dilated ends of the long bones.
A: _epiphyses_

23.      Name these Portuguese explorers or adventurers for 10 points each.
(10)     In 1488, he became the first European to round the Cape of Good Hope, which he named the
Cape of Tormentoso.
Answer:           Bartolomeu Diaz
(10)     This Portuguese reached modern-day Brazil in 1500 on a detour to India.
Answer:           Pedro Cabral
(10)     This man's dream was for Portugal to control all the pressure points of Indian Ocean trade. He
conquered Goa, Malacca, Ormuz, and attempted to capture Aden. He is praised today for encouraging
his soldiers to marry native women.
Answer:           Alfonso de Albuquerque [the Great]
24. Given the excerpt, name the constitutional amendment from which it was taken for 10 points each:
(10)    "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or
disparage others retained by the people."
Answer:          The Ninth Amendment.
(10)    "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United
States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."
Answer:          The Fifteenth Amendment
(10)    "[N]or shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."
Answer:          The Fifth Amendment