MAIA LUXURY RESORT _ SPA by chenmeixiu


SEYCHELLES                                                                          T	+44	(0)20	7201	8050

                    Why Stay Here?
                    •	Situated	on	12	hectares	of	pristine	beachfront,	Maia	Luxury
                    		Resort	&	Spa	is	a	sanctuary	dedicated	to	restoration,	pure	
                    		indulgence	and	the	rejuvenation	of	all	five	senses	
                    •	Maia	offers	an	eclectic	mix	of	chic,	contemporary	design
                    		combined	with	traditional	comfort	and	a	hint	of	Eastern	
                    •	Designed	by	leading	architect	Bill	Bensley,	named	one	of	the
                    		world’s	top	100	designers	by	Architectural	Digest	Magazine	
                    •	The	award-winning	spa	has	been	voted	“Best	for	Nurturing	
                    		Body	&	Soul”	by	Harper’s	Bazaar
                    •	All	villas	offer	spectacular	panoramic	views	of	the	ocean
                    •	Idyllic	location	for	weddings	and	honeymoons	including	
                    		tailor-made	exclusive	wedding	ceremonies
                    •	Superb	facilities	for	families	including	a	‘Very	Important	Kids’
                    		(VIK)	programme	which	offers	special	activities	and	menus	for	
                    		children	and	for	teenagers	the	recreational	team	can	arrange	
                    		treasure	hunts,	group	canoe	trips,	volley	ball	and	movies
                    •	Award	winning	cuisine,	Maia’s	Tec	Tec	restaurant	was	awarded
                    		the	Conde	Nast	Traveller	Award	for	“Best	hotel	for	food”

                    Maia	Luxury	Resort	&	Spa
                    Anse	Louis	Mahé	Seychelles
                    PO	Box	722	Mahé	Seychelles

                    •	Beachfront,	out	of	town

                    •	Seychelles	International	Airport		                              			25	min	by	car
                    •	Flight	time	from	UK																																		10hr
                    •	Airlines	from	the	UK																																		Air	Seychelles,	Air	France,	
                    																																																																						Emirates,	Qatar																						

                    30	villas	in	total	(approx	250	sqm)	including:
                    •	3	Ocean	View	Villas	(nestled	within	the	hillside	and	close	to	the
                    •	8	Ocean	Front	Villas	(direct	access	to	the	beach	and	a	private	
                    		garden.	Suitable	for	families)
                    •	11	Ocean	Panoramic	Villas	(on	the	hilltop,	with	180	degree	views
                    		overlooking	Anse	Louis	or	Anse	Boileau	Bays)
                    •	8	Maia	Signature	Villas	(located	throughout	the	resort)

                    •	Each	villa	comprises	two	separate	pavilions	and	a	private,	infinity-
                    		edged	pool
                    •	All	enjoy	luxury	air-conditioned	bedrooms	and	an	en-suite
                    		bathroom	with	walk-in	shower,	dual	vanity,	and	a	glorious
                    		outdoor,	double	sunken	bath	tub
                    •	The	spacious	bedroom	pavilions	are	equipped	with	a	privately
                    		stocked	bar,	flat	screen	TV,	DVD	player,	iPod	station,	ceiling	fans	
                    		and	a	La	Prairie	fridge	for	cosmetics
                    •	A	secluded	outdoor	Gazebo,	is	fully	equipped	with	private	dining
                    		facilities	and	a	wonderfully	oversized	day	bed
SEYCHELLES                                                T	+44	(0)20	7201	8050

                    •	Tec	Tec	restaurant	specialising	in	Mediterranean	cuisine
                    		with	an	Asian	Creole	accent
                    •	Sunset	Pool	Bar	overlooking	the	Indian	Ocean
                    •	All	villas	have	a	24	hr	private	butler	service
                    •	Each	member	of	staff	is	trained	in	yoga,	meditation	and
                    		life	skills
                    •	Children	have	their	own	child	minder	throughout	the	stay
                    •	Complimentary	24	hr	babysitting	service
                    •	State	of	the	art	technology
                    •	La	Prairie	fridge	for	cosmetics
                    •	Fully	equipped	Technogym	offering	the	latest	in	excercise
                    •	Boutique	spa	by	La	Prairie	designed	as	a	relaxation	haven
                    		for	not	only	adults	but	children	too,	with	special	‘Kids	
                    		Only’	treatments	such	as	the	banana	leaf	wrap	with	
                    		hydrating	gel	for	sunburn
                    •	Canoeing,	kayaking	snorkeling	and	fishing
                    •	Maia	Resort	can	tailor-make	private	exclusive	wedding
                    		ceremonies	with	three	idyllic	wedding	offers:	Frangipani,	
                    		Ocean	Rhapsody	and	Maia	Signature

                    Things to Do
                    •	Garden	tours	to	view	some	of	Maia’s	300	species	of
                    		exotic	plants	throughout	the	12	acres
                    •	Excursions	to	local	markets	in	the	town	centre
                    •	Leisurely	visits	to	the	museum,	national	archives,	
                    		botanical	gardens,	tea	plantation,	public	buildings	and	
                    		local	Creole	restaurants
                    •	For	nature	lovers	there	are	scenic	walks	through	forests,
                    		up	mountains	and	along	vast	stretches	of	beach,		
                    		horseback	rides,	Catamaran	picnics,	beach	barbeques,		
                    		jogging	and	trips	to	the	nearby	waterfalls
                    •	Hiking	in	National	parks	and	tropical	forests
                    •	Hatha	Yoga,	Qigong	and	Self-Shiatsu	practices	are	on
                    •	Excursions	to	the	outer	islands	by	private	boat	or
                    •	Water	Sports	–	non-motorised	available	at	the	hotel	such
                    		as	snorkelling,	fishing	and	canoeing	with	motorized	
                    		watersports	available	nearby	including	scuba	diving	
                    		parasailing,	waterskiing,	and	jet-skiing

                    Seasonal Closure Dates
                    The	hotel	is	open	all	year

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