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     TF-NGN 8
Berlin, 2nd July 2002
• Review GTPv6 status
• D9.6 GEANT deliverable
• Presentations from participants
• 6NET
  – Outputs, status, and urgent work required
• GEANT Y3 work (=> IPv6 on GEANT)
  – Define workplan
           GTPv6 ongoing tasks
• Running own tests and mini-network
   – IPv6 multicast, interoperability
   – D9.6 GEANT deliverable, August 31 2002.
• Working with/on 6NET project
   – Understandably 6NET is getting the IPv6 focus
   – NRENs not involved with 6NET
• Developing work plan for IPv6 on GEANT
   – Migration to dual-stack on Juniper routers
   – Need to plan, define and schedule tests
   – Dual-stack within 12 months?
• Web site updates(!)
            GEANT Deliverable
• D9.6
   – Due 31st August 2002 – need authoring help/volunteers
• Contents:
   – Experiments report
       • Report on operation of Juniper M5 router
       • IPv6 multicast
   – Implement international infrastructure for use by 6NET
       • 2.5Gbit/s links (due for 6NET Y2, January 2003)
   – Study the results of 6NET
       • applicability to GEANT IPv6 migration (to dual-stack mode)
   – Test interoperation between Cisco, Juniper and other router
     platforms (Hitachi at Southampton)
 Participant status/presentations
• 6WIN presentation
  – Christian (JOIN)
  – Bernard (RENATER)
  – Tomasz + Bart (POZNAN)

• Other inputs?
               6NET outputs
• Public documents on
  –   MIPv6 review
  –   Routing architecture (IS-IS), DNS service
  –   List of applications to be run
  –   Slides of Limerick 6NET-Euro6IX workshop
• Ongoing:
  – Transition review (site, NREN, core)
  – List of management and monitoring tools
              6NET network
• Core network is live and running
• See:
• Next step is to bring online communities in
  – WP1 has a connections status summary list
     • Needs inputs to be kept accurate
                    6NET WP2
• WP2 is transition
• Three mini-reports due now(!)
   –   Site transition
   –   NREN transition
   –   Core transition
   –   Reports will be useful for GEANT transition
• But need contributions…
   – Theory review, current experience, scenarios
   – Brief gathering this afternoon in break?
                 Euro6IX status
• Deploying IPv6 IX’s in Europe
   – Linking exchanges at 34Mbit/s
   – Deployment not due until M8 (August 2002)
• Will connect to 6NET at UK6X and Paris
   – UK physical link is in place
• Joint activity deliverable (D5.3 in Euro6IX)
   – Needs people to talk – draft is available
   – Deadline for deliverable is upon us
   – Implies some coordinated efforts
      • e.g. on who ports which applications and tools
       Other EU IPv6 projects
  – 6NET, Euro6IX, 6WINIT, LONG, …
  – 6LINK (coordinating IPv6 Cluster)
  – IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee
  – New: 6POWER, 6QM, Eurov6
  – Expressions of Interest submitted
• Other groups, e.g. RIPE IPv6 WG
           GEANT Y3 work
• Focus is IPv6 deployment on GEANT
  – What do we need to test? How? When?
  – Identify architecture requirements from 6NET
     • But note 6NET is designed to be IPv6-only
     • GEANT will be dual-stack
     • Perhaps study dual-stack deployment by SURFnet?
  – Aim must be to be IPv6-enabled by end of Y3?
  – Relationship between 6NET and IPv6 GEANT?
     • GEANT offering 2.5Gbit/s to 6NET in 6NET Y2
     Other ideas/suggestions…
• Promotion and usage of IPv6 applications
   – Some coming from 6NET, Euro6IX, LONG
• Promotion and usage of IPv6 multicast
   – Work by RENATER and within 6NET
   – Need content(!)
• Use of IPv6 in TERENA mobility WG
   – Ad-hoc wireless networking
   – Network admission/authentication
   – Mobile IPv6

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