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      New South Wales, Australia

                                           N.M.H. INDEX                                            1976

ABATTOIRS                                            ABORIGINES (O'td)

Beef slaughtering halt at Himebush 3.1:21            "Demon" bust of artist sou^t 20.4:12
Men go back at abattoir (Taree) 9.2:10               "Embassy" looks to overaeas 21.4:3
Dispute threatens meat supply 28.2:3                 Aborigines arrest "Not Justified 30.4:7
Strike at abattoir 2.3:8                             Truganini rests     1.5:3
New strike at abattoir 5.3:5                         Truganini at rest 3.5:13
Abattoir talks fail. 9.3:6                           National policy likely on police, Aborigines
Meatworkers' strike threatens auppliea 10,3:5        6.5:9
Abattoir strikers to meet 11.3:7                     Judge saw Aborigines refused hotel service
||1,35M loan allocation does not cov6r planned       7,5:4
abattoir 11.3:7                                      Publican gets away from Moree 8.5:5
Meat workers back Monday 12,3:7                      Ear defects high for Aborigines 11.5:7
|25M Abattoir for ferley approved      6,5:1         Women barred from trial to keep Aboriginal rites
Abattoir, a |30M Taj Mahal, butchers 7.5:3           aocret (Adelaide) 12.5:3
Abattoir site "put to use" 11.5:7                    Aborigine to face tribal law, 15.5:3
Regional abattoir supported 19,5:14                  Aboriginal girl is master of crafts 17.5:6
MLA'S bid for abattoir site awitoh 22.5:5            Aborigine mine council urged 17.5:7
Abattoir cost likened to Opera Hjuse 29.5:9          Aborigine speared by tribal elder for death
Abattoir delegates to meet 9,6:15                    19.5:1
Killing at abattoirs reduced 22,6:3                  Opinions conflict on tribal spearing 20.5:3
Abattoirs strike may end     23,6:7                  Aboriginal art show in U.S. 21.5:1
Abattoir bans lifted 26.6:5                          Aborigines to get land rights 27.5:3
Beef judging in October 5.7:15                       Mine plan "Worry for Aborigines" 3.6:6
Referendum m big abattoir sought 19,8:7              Bill guarantees Aboriginal land 5.6:3
Abattoir men lose jobs 25.8:6                        Aboriginal leader condemns land bill 8.6:7
Meat firm expands 28.8:8                              Dedicated 17.6:6
Councils to discuss nest abattoir move 17.9:5         Meeting called on Aboriginal inquiry end
No abattoir manager yet     18.9:5                    18.6:7
Abattoir sacks 200, advertises jobs 12.10:8           Eye care for Aborigines 26.6:1
Boners queue for sacked men's jobs 13.10:8            Church to fight for Aborigines 29.6:3
Picketa heckle oeatworkera 14.10:3                    Aborigines welfare "safe" 6,7:3
 24-hour atrike at Goaford Meats 15,10:7             Aborigines meet about grrant    14.7:14'
 Meatworks atrike continues    16.10:9                Prejudice against Aborigine total:inquiry
 More talks on abattoir dspute     19.10:8            15.7:1
 Meatworks dispute, talks break down 20;10:7          Mining leases threatened 15,7:7
 Staff men plan to picket strikers 21.10:1            Aboriginal leader jailed for assault (Denis
 Meat workers continue seniority strike 22.10:3       Walker)    16.7:7
 Gosford abattoir may reopen Tuesday 28.10:11         Warning on land righta 17,7:10
 Meatworkera end atrike 29,10:6                       Aboriginea get white diaeaae 19.7:2
 Newcastle abattoir workera strike 4,11:9             Aboriginea will advise on education 23,7:3
 Union may act on meat award claims 9,11:8            Gurindji elder on viait to city 13,8:11
 Abattoir strike extended 11,11:17                    Aboriginea copyright supported 17.8:15
 State meat strike on Monday 13.11:8                  Aboriginea promiaed additional funds 19.8:11
 AMIEU out supporting Newcastle 16.11:8               Teachers for Aborigines 20.8:3
 Meat men to dlacuaa next move 17.11:7                Aboriginal land attack 20.8:5
 Abattoir atrike aettlement no nearer 18.11:6         Aboriginal bays refused aid 23.8:7
Abattoir strike (Leader) 19,11:2                      Aborigines "haye been deceived" 23.8:11
Abattoir pickets block trucka 19.11:7                 Aborigines to elect council 24,8:7
 No retail neat diaruptiona 20.11:11                  Minister groes camping (Mr Viner) 28.8:3
Abattoir strike apreads 23,11:8                       Aboriginal land promise "broken" 31.8:12
 Maatworka to get report 25.11:7                      Row flares on Aboriginal land issue 2.9:14
 Meatworkera continue atrike 26.11:5                  Aborigines "drunks at 10" 3,9:7
 Strike may force up meat pricea 27.11:8              P.M. will restore Aboriginal aid cut 7.9:3
 Shop meat dumped at tipa 30.11:17                    T.V.station pays and apologises 7.9:8
 Meat men will diacuss atrike 10.12:7                 Native Child deaths high 16,9:20
Abattoir atrike goes on 11.12:9                       Housing needs report sought 29,9:11
 Picketa atop meat exporta being proceaaed            Early inquiry into native drinking 9.10:3
 16,12:3                                               School racism at Moree alleged 12.10:3
 Hopea riae for meat diapute 17,12:1                   Diacrimination inquiry hinted 15.10:3
 Meatworkers to meet 18.12:9                          Federal caah aida Trachoma reaearch 20.10:7
Abattoir vorkera meet 20.12:6                          P.M. aaaurea Aboriginea of aervicea 20.10:7
 Meat atrike ends at two abattoirs 21,12:12           Health of Blacka in Alice area "appals" 21,10:1
 More strife at abattoir likely 23,12:11              Aboriginea "not paid" 23.10:1
 Abattoir claims hearing favoured 24,12:1             The Unk between Aboriginal health and living coiulltlona
                                                      conditiona 23.10:7
ABORIGINES                                            Aboriginal reaearch abort of project funds
Young aborigines petrol aniffers 10,1:26               Inquiry on law. Aborigines 12,11:3
Aboriginal homo plan 15,1:LH1                          Feeling the tribal pulse 15,11:2
Aboriginea to benefit from uranium, aay                Major changes in Aboriginal land righta
miners 6.2:3                                           18.11:3
First Aboriginal barriator (Patricia June             Aborigines aervicea need upgrading 1.12:10
O'Shane) 7,2:1                                        Aboriginal council to halt activities 7.12:3
Aboriginal accuses Qld of apartheid 9.3:3             Bonea return after 45 yeara exile 11,12:10
Perspective warped (Leader) lo,3:2                    Aboriginal hostel aid increaaes 22,12:10
325 Aur ukan i»rka ti petition 10.3:3                 Aborigines complain of ban (Albany W.A,)
Aborigines seek to be separate 11,3:6                  29.12:5
Aborigines to seek UN sanctions 12,3:1                Aboriginal health problems "serious" 30,12:3
Minister's secretary Aborigine 12.3:3
Qld bashes Aur ukun on land 12,3:7                    ABORIGINES - HISTORY
Aborigines condemn S,Africa decision 13.3:9
Aboriginal embassy (Leader)   20,3:2                  Tomago tree link with the pest (P.A. Haslara)
New embassy for Aborigines 20.3:3                     8.5:7
Consent for tostel recommended 22.3:9
Ownership jasue restrains bauxite miners              ABORTION
Woman's cbath: call for action 24,3:3                 Doctor caused 4 deaths: ULA 3.3:3
Ombudsman starts Aur ukun inquiry 25,3:3              Woman doctor on abortion charge (Sydney)
Aboriginal enator's niece evicted 26.3:5              23.3:6
Church attacks State on Arukun 27.3:3                 Abortions "possible" under Hedibank 24,3:3
Aborigines and minors policy 31,3:2                   Doctor, nurse sent for trial 24.3:3
Aboriginal land rights will "be safe" 31,3:8          A.L.P. rejects abortion bid   11.10:3
Bauxite mining project in doubt 8,4:3
Feathorfoot fear as stockman vaniahea 8,4:3           ACCIDIOT'S AND FATALITIES
Blindneaa worat in Aborigines 8.4:6
Feathorfoot may be heading for It. laa 9,4:3          Aged man h i t by c a r , d i e s . ( C , C o l e ) 1,1:1
Roving rod ochre man a fake 16,4:3                    Boardriders throat cut 1.1:5
Miniater to vlalt ialands 17,4:5                      Boy ill after one-fang bite (Brisbane) 2,1:6
Torres Straight seeks border support 19.4:10          Girl hurt ti trackwork 3.1:1
Aborigines want own bureau 20,4:9                     Bogle,Chandler host "sought peace" 3.1:3
                                           N,M, INDEX                                           2,1976


  Girl hurt in falls plunge (Sydney) 5.1:3              Police, fisherman,rescue teenagers trapped
  Man loses valuable Turkish ring 5.1:4                 by tide 24.5:1
  Lockwood death - suicide reled out (Sydney)           Car victim in hospital (Elcla Besignach) 25.5:1
  6.1:4                                                 Man hit by car dies (Adam Stirrat) 25,5:3
  Daughter "Choked on leaves" (Sydney) 7.1:3            Man lay injured 10 hours 25.5:3
  Sneeze killed watchman, court told (Melbourne)        Woman 85, road victim (Esta C a r t e r ) 2 5 . 5 : 1
  7.1:5                                                                                   M
                                                        Drink r o l e in boy's drowning; S (Frank
  Woman's body in harbour (Sydney) 7.1:25               Polvere)      28.5*3
  Father of champs survives sea ordeal (N.Brent)     Fisherman dies (Barry Ellis) 31.5:1
  8.1:1                                              Man hurt when car hits cow 31.5:8
  Sand tunnel almost fetal 15.1:1                    Accident victim awaits news (Francesco
  Snakebite victim in air rescue 19.1:3              Pollloino) 31,5:1
  Grain chokes boy in bin (Melbourne) 21.1:3         Body on hot steel not identified      25.6:1
  Policeman hurt in freak accident Const. Tickle)    Three found after night lost in forest 28.6:3
  22,1:1                                              $66,000 to disabled butcher (Cobar)     6.7:5
  Blank shot inquiries, boy at play (Sydney)         Police fear hit run (W. Shannon 7.7:3
  24,1:5                                             Damages for foundry worker 14.7:8
  Fan blamed for blast 24.1:29                       Death inquiry path cleared (Jose Bilbao) 17.7:3
 Missing man found in rugged bush 29.1:15            Hang glider falls on three women 19.7:3
   Power line killed sailor - witness 30.1:1         Boy hurt in fall down waterfall (Scott Walmsley)
  Drugs, alcohol caused death 30,1:5                 19.7:3
 Cot death puzzle "regrettable" 30.6:5               The wrong destination 20.7:1
  Drug, alcohol caused death (K. Orlowska)           Lake crash kills Belmont kite flyer 26,7:1
  30.1:5                                             Rider thrown {£.Mulder) 26,7:10
 Air dash diverted, girl dies (Melbourne)            Man burnt in explosion (J. Foster) 26.7:10
  30.1:6                                             Glider death investigated     27.7:3
 Boy rescues four from fire (Sydney) 3,11:3          Bus kills girl, 5 (Cessnock) 27.7:3
 Tree branch kills man (Cessnook) 2.2:1              Boy survives plunge down cliff (Sydney) 28.7:2
 Red tape hampers mercy flight 5.2:13                Cricket Ball killed boy 7 (Peter Morris) 30.7:1
 Boy injured in surf accident 9,2:1                  Jogger killed (George Clark) 7.8:3
 Tenants stay in wrecked flats (Newcomen St)         Police find two bodies on Rankin Park home
 11.2:1                                              9,8:1
 Change your thinking about clothing fires           Car strikes girl,13 13.8:3
  18.2:16                                            Severed hand left behind (Perth) 14.8:1
 Scarred girl gets |46,000                           Youth dies in diff fall(Melbourne) 16.8:1
 Injured horse rider and motor cyclist rescued       Golf Club death brings protest on doctor 16.8:1
  23.2:1                                             Cardiff boy badly burnt in childish prank
 Javelin hits offical in stomach (Melb) 23.2:1       (D.Lamb) 16,8:1
 Renewed bid for crossing after 3 hurt               Boy dies after match    17.8:3
  (Gateshead) 24.2:3                                 Football collapse second in year (Darren Thomson)
 111 toy flown to Sydney 25.2:3                      18,8:3
 Judge orders new trial after article an             Rifle found near body 23.8:1
 disabled 25.2:6                                     Searchers find missing boys safe, well (N.T.)
 Hang glider flyer »ved from cliff after             23,8:1
 controlled crash    26.2:1                          Taxidriver dies on job (W.Poile) 25.8:14
 Bush search for Newcastle man (Allan Banister)      Boy cyclist killed (R.Kawenhouen) 31.8:7
 27.2:1                                              Pesticides blamed for death (Sydney) 1.9:9
 Mystery blast rocks Cross 27.2:1                    Boy killed saving can (Scott Mulle*hausen)
 Sick child flown to Sydney 27.2:1                   3.9:1
 Missing man's body found      28.2:1               Trapped fisherman rescued from sea cavern
 Fear for safety of Cooranbong man 28.2:3            (Fraser Park) 4.9:1
 Dance hall blast fatality, 20 injured 1.3:1        Rescue hero fails to tell wife (Max Shultz)
 Missing girl found (J Creco) 1.3:3                  6.9:3
 25 stitches after lioness attack 23 ;3              Samaritan finds soft spot 7,9:1
 Searchers find body     3,3:3                      Lifesaver rescues surfer 8.9:3
 Kite man crashes in river (Melb) 3,3:7              Parents fear for missing daughter (Deborah
 Child injured en road (New Lambton) 8.3:3           Bain)   8,9:7
 Mountain ordeal (Hobart)      11.3:1               Army awards fcr severed arm aidd      13.9:9
 Child killed    11.3:3                             Girl accident victim dies (Joanne Whittaker)
 Dingoes on missing man's trail (W, Kolppen)         16.9:3
 27,3:1                                             Man survives 300M fall (Kangaroo Valley) 18,9:1
 Waves trap 4 on cliffs     29.3:1                  Ladder fall injuries prove fatal (V.Cejovic)
 Dingoes fail to find man (W, Koeppen) 29.3:3        23.9:7
 Teenage boy dies after prank 31.3:1 (F.Polvere)    Coroner suggests safety check on ski-kites
 Nazi camp victim in stabbing suicide 31;3:3         (Peter Coocheroff) 24.9:6
 Dead boys's parents aay only family searched       Boy badly hirt in accident (Stephen Robin)
 for him (F.Polvere)     1.4:3                      29.9:3
 Exploding bottle cuts garbo (B.Sayers) 1.4:3       Skeleton found in Jesmond bush 29,9:7
 Boy trapped in refrigerator (Melb) 2.4:3           Murder fear dismissed     30.9:3
 Detonator blast injures four (Canberra) 5.4:1      Car knocks boy down (Simon plint) 2,10:1
 Boy found shot dead (Millers Forest) 6,4:3         Stricken child flown out 7.10:3
 Cricket ball blow kills boy, 7(Wallsend) 16,4:1    Arnotts heir "died of overdose" 9.10:5
 Hang glider pilot crashes (Sydney) 12,4:3          Skeleton identified (John Bolkenstein)       11.10:9
 Ten die on first day of holiday 17.4:1             Gardener's feet cought in mower 12,10:5
 Body found in bush (Cessnock) 20,4:1               Motorcyclist injured (Szelau Suska)      14.10:1
 3 Children die in pit (Dubbo) 20.4:1               Tree hits back in chain reaction 14.10:1
 Missing walkers found (Melbourne) 21,4:6           Pedestrian injured (Wayne Channell) 14.10:3
 Pill overdose killed child, court told 21.4:12     Child dies on road (Ann Wratten) 15.10:1
Cattle find woman missing ti bush (Gladstone)
                                                    Body found in girage (Dudley) 15.10:3
                                                    Sky kite "rosetoo fast" (Stephen Pacey) 15.10:6
Power job kills electrician 29.4:8                  Hang glider killed (Melbourne)      18.10:1
Missing angler riddle (R.Rolvink) 4.5:1             Miaaing man found dead on property (Stanley Dunbar)
Cardiff man back, but "no memory" (R. Rolvink)      18.10:3
6.5:8                                               Rider hirt (George Amantider) 1.11;3
"Mr Victoria" dead      6.5:8                       Children hurt on way to achool 3.1134
 Injured man found in bush (R.Bali) 10.5:1          Leg rope aavea surfer from drowning 11,11:1
Motorists asked to watch for children 11.5:1        Man hurt in car crash (Meville Dunn)       13.11:3
Missing girl left no trace (Brisbane) 12.5:5        Fumes from heater killed boy in bath (Sydney)
Helicopter rescuea snake bite victim 13.5:3         17.11:10
Girl falls from library ataira       13,5:3         Hang Glide pilota in reacue 19.11:1
Boy left to drown, coroner told (Frank Polvere)     Fears held for missing boy (Tony Jennison)
14,5:3                                              20.11:5
Fight to save finger (Ceaanock)       15,5:1        Cleaner and coconut kill 2     22,11:1
Brothers slept as police searched 15,5:3            State considers new rape laws 23.11:10
Crocodile victim recovering 17,5:6                  |35,000 Award for eye injury (Sydney) 2.11:10
Cause of swamp cfeath still unknown 18.5:7          Two children badly hurt in accidents 29,11:1
2 sisters die in old fridge (Brisbane) 18,5:8       Lost share papers were in safe (Mrs Joyce
Youth falls on to rail line (Sydney) 20,5:1         Hannan)    7,12:7
Lake search fruitless (Lake Eyre) 21,5:3            Baby found dead at *ermain 8.12:1
Police name dead man (David Kearins) 22.5:3
                                                 N.M.H. INDEX                                               3. 1976

             .D                                          ADOPTION (C'td)

Grenade victims condition serious 9.12:3                 Victoria gives 8 Thai orphans entry right
Body found at Mount Isa 11,12:3                          3.8:10
Workshop blast victim dies (Ted Scott) 17,12:3           Breaking adoption silence 30.8:2
Body found in shed 20.12:1                               Newcastle jigsaw for adoption aid 15.9:17
Freak road accident injures boy (Martin                  Adoptions (Leader) 2.10:2
Pinchen) 20.12:3                                         A light shines through the adoption secrecy
Gloucester man k i l l e d (Gregory Rheinberger)         barrier 2.10:2
20.12:9                                                  Adoption law secrecy lifting 30.1o:3
Top ambulance award to Newcastle man                     The right to know (Leader) 1.11:2
(Mr Mac fthultz) 21,12:3                                 The backlash on adoption 30.12d2
Hurt s o l d i e r dies (Raymond Stephens) 21.12:6
Rail worker nakes f a t a l jump 21.12:7    (Boss        ADULT EDUCATION
Girl dead in shed identified (Colleen Harris)            Bridging the education gap 26.3:2
22.12:3                                                  Talks on adult education 3.11:6
                                                         The problem of adult illiteracy 25,11:14
Pedestrian killed in Raymond Terrace 24.12:3
Helicopter lifts woman from lighthouse                   ADVERTISING
Man on road killed (Ronald West) 31.12:7                 Newcastle seminar for advertisers 5.2:7
                                                         Consumers given "no choice" on T,V. 6,9:6
ACCIDENTS AID FATALITIES - DROWNING                      Foreigners own top ad agencies 14.9:5
                                                         Advertisi ng oauncil upholds complaints 19.11:3
Young girl rescued at Redhead    2.1:1
Body pulled from river (Sydney) 5.1:12                   AGRICULTURAL COLLEGES
Woman sees husband drown (Forster) 8.1:1
Body found (Sussex Inlet) 8.1:1                          Students increase at Tocal 15.1:HV1
15 minute surf fight to save girl's life                 Adelaide honors for Cessnock student 23.2:8
(Tammy Marangoni) 15.1:1                                 "Old boy" to speak at Tbcal 19,4:7
Policeman lost off float (Const,A, Pettigrew)            Important role for rural colleges 1.5:9
26.1:3                                                   College may expand role 1.5:31
Myall Lakes drowning 27.1:9                              Graduates do refresher at Tocal 6.9:10
Boy vanishes in river hole (Melbourne) 9.2:3             Farmers urged skills 6.9:10
Baby girl drowns in fishpond 25.2:3                      Summer school cffered for country women
Boy 6, drowns during family picnic (D. Cotter)           21.10:13
1.3:1                                                    Swiss butchers see Tocal cattle 21.10:13
"Rescued" surfer drowns (Sydney) 2,3:3                   Tocal Agricultural results "high level"
Wife saved from cave, girl dies 5,3:6                    21.12:25
Canoeist drowns in river (W. Rogers) 15.3:1
Three drown while Qit fishing at resorts 15.3:1          AGRICULTURE
Man feared drowned (Vales Point) 18.3:3
Lost man dead (S. Aranas) 19.3:5                         Maize "needs more rain" 12.1:8
Woman 37, drowns in surf 22.3:1                          Spray tests planned for Hunter 22.1:HV2
Young N.S.W. diver dies (Adelaide) 17.5:3                Year of doubt for P.P.B. Chairman 27.1:9
Search to be abandoned (Lake Illawarra)                  Board director gets new job (A.W.Bragg)
21.5:3                                                   29.1:HV2
Two drown in rescue bid (Long Reef) 24,5:3               Pastures board has battle to survive 19.2:HV1
Drink role in toys drowning;SM (Frank Polvere)           Pastures board may seek state, Federal finance
28.5:3                                                   26.2:HV1
Shortland man drowned (Vincent Cardam) 5.7:1             Farm decline fear 4.3:HV1
Boy 12 found dead in lake (Lake Joondalup,W.A.)          Views on air bans 24.3:3
30.8:1                                                                    f
                                                         Hyacinth friend c foe? 5.4:2
Body found in swamp 2.9:3                                Boneseed stays off nojaous plant list 5.4:7
Big wave brings death (Blue Bay) 13.9:3                  Valley farmers face g-im winter ffiason 8.4:HV1
Two cray fishers drown (King Island) 25.9:3              Detatils in May on farm notes 24.4:31
Baby 0.rl escapes drowning 30,9:7                        Horticulturist for Maitland 29.4:8
Russian performer saves boy in surf 5.10:3               Pastures board worried 30,4:8
Beaches claim three lives 1.11:1                         Citrus growers set to vote 8.6:19
Torrent sweeps twins to {feaths (Brisbane)               Guide for \ailey properties 9.7:7
2,11:6                                                   Chairman quits after 36 years 19.8:7
Five die, 3 missing in water accidents 15.11:1           Saw dust, peanut shells as soils of future
Youth \ho beat cancer dies in surf (Sydney)              1.9:9
23,11:10                                                 Death s t r i k e s on the firm 2.9:2
Drowned man named (Henry Bashford) 25.11:3               Study may c r e a t e a food bowl 2.9:14
A short stop, then saves two    25,11:3                  Death t r a i l leads to legal action 3.9:8
Body found on beach (John Hudson, Tarree)                Seminars for \ailey farmers 16.9:20
1.12:3                                                   Asparagus gamble pays off 17.9:9
                                                         Research aid to Australian farm efficiency
ACCIDENTS AND FATALITIES - INDUCTRIAL                    11.10:11
                                                         New board chairman after 36 years (G. Bennett)
Safety leader fatally hirt (R.Nickels) 16.1:4            19.10:8
Girder fall crushes man's legs (CGetts) 7.2:3            Weed killer danger discounted 5.11:11
Port Kembla explosion injures 20 workers                 Sorghum strains superior 20.11:10
13,2:1                                                   Salt threat to irrigation 24.12:4
Man dies in fall onto hot metal (A.Trajkovski)           Maitland pastures board defers rate 28.12:13
Man dies in coke ovens (M. Grubiaic) 31.3:3              AIRPORTS
Accidonta main death threat to under 35's
12.5:7                                                   Stoppage in Melbourne d A y s planes 20.1:7
Slab fins workman (R. Schmidt) 10. 9:9                   Airport d r i v e r s stoppage may d i s r u p t f r e i g h t a
$165,481 damages for dockyard injury (Lewis              23.3:11
Boyd) 8.10:9                                             Industrial disputes widen 25.3:1
B.H.P. man killed at work (alfred Streets)               Airport stop"threatens indexation" 30,3:6
12.10.8                                                  Airport talks ordered 1.4:7
$32,000 for eye loss (Leon Sokulaky) 15.10:6             Airport men go back 3.4:9
Workmen gassed in river tunnel accident (Hinton)         Airport strikes to go on 7.4:8
10.11:1                                                  Western areas considered for new airport
Inquiry into gas leak at Thornton 11.11:13               5.5:21
                                                         Queensland opposes levy on air travel 21.5:5
                                                         Bomb was a burglar alarm (Sydney) 31.5:3
                                                         Airstrip building approved 14.6:15
Adoptees press for identity 5.2:2
                                                         Scone seeks airport aid 15.6:7
Woman's 9 jears of medical worry 14.2:1
                                                         Airport tax proposal criticised 24.6:12
Single mothers fece adoption"pressure" 16.2:7
Adoption secrecy not required 23.2:2
Adoption law moves 6.4:3
Adoption "changes focus" 12.4:6
The long wait to find a child 25.5:2                     Adolescents quizzed on study, drink 15.1:6
Adopting a diild (Leader) 29.6:2                         10,000 Newcastle victims of g-og 17.4:1
                                                         Alcohol the big problem 17.4:2
                                             N.M.H. INDEX                                         4. 1976

ALCOHOLISM (C'td)                                      ANIMALS (C'td)

Drinking habit uncontrolled 19.4:6                     Colt destroyed after float accident 10.5:3
The drinking employee 20.4:10                          Veterinary surgeon barred for year 29.6:6
Toper's liver "needs rest" 21.5:3                      P.P. Inspector warns on pet »bbits 29.6:10
Booze grabs the young 28.6:1                           Distemper on increase 1.7:10
Al Anon brings hope to families troubled by            Dog attack prompts council inquiry 20.7:7
alcohol problems 4.8:24                                Council acts en dog nuisance 21.7:7
Federal health chief wants alcohol centres             Poison fern kills cattle 11.8:7
2.9:15                                                 8 pets poisoned in Lake area 12.8:1
On the trek of oblivion 18.10:1                        Poinonings (Leader)   13.8:2
Drink worry claimed tor 1 in 8 workers 27.10:          $1,000 offer on poinoner 13.8:3
Life with alcoholic parents 30.10:2                    Thoroughbred filly needs a fostermother 31.8:1
                                                       Poisoner strikes again 7,9:3
ALUMINIUM                                              Dog attack search "blocked" 9.9:1
                                                       Terrace lions exported to N.Z. 9.9:7
Polution gear absent at N.T. bauxite works             Mutilated dog in sewer 9,9:20
25.5:8                                                 Council defends dog - owner secrecy 10.9:3
Miner wins $20M case against B.P. 9.7:1                Dog- eared (Leader)   14.9:2
Kurri fire causes $200,000 damage 2.9:3                Medowie "monster" selects its victims 30,9:1
Comalco expands 14.10:20                               Killer has law on his side 29.10:3
Alumina plant may close (Gladstone) 2.11:5             Kennels hope to breed rare dog 30.10:3
Qld. strike and shutdown could affect Kurri            New rules on horses 19.11:13
4.11:14                                                Serious dog disease spreading 27.11:1
Comalco climbs out of trough 5,11:10
Strike ends at alumina plant 10,11:15                  APPRENTICES

AMALGAMATED METAL WORKERS' UNION                       McCarthy gets top state job 15.1:4
                                                       Workless trainees iicrease 15,1:4
Registrar approves union merger 22.1: :7               Increase for apprentices 4.5:7
Metal union lifts bans 9.2:6                           Apprentice award time extended 14.6:6
"Ban overtime" call to A.M.W.U. 2.12: :12              Apprentice fall prompts action 29,6:10
Titan men consider bonuses ]5.7::10                    Dole queue grows for apprentices 5.8:1
Titan men go back 17.7:9                               Apprentices (Leader)   6,8:2
40 stood down at Titan 28.7:7                          Increased intake of apprentices urged 6,8:5
Union link"will cut disputes" 2.,8:6                   Apprentice scheme cut report denied 12.8:3
Union may aid 30,000 to tooks 3.8:3                    B.W.I.U. supports trainee aid 2.9:16
Strike call over shipping policy 21.f.8:3              Tech. open days 25,9:8
Titan strikers go back to work 31.8:]:10               Apprentice crisis 29.9:3
Titan men resume 2.9:16                                Two-in-one scheme for apprentices 13.11:5
Protest stoppage on bonus (B.H.P.) 3.3.9:8
Strike off at Comsteel 3.9:8                           ARBITRATION
Union brings out singles 3.9:15
Union still seeks man's job 8.9:7                      Arbitrators put in fcr [ay rise 19.6:1
Union call for action on doctors 18.9:11               Kirby opposes change 15,7:1
Seizure of radio condemned 11,10:6
AMWU denies Egerton claim 21,12:12                     ART

AMBULANCES                                             Omission of $2, fee disqualifies artist 21.1:14
                                                       Grant Canvas judged Archibald winner 24,1:1
Ambulance station for Singleton 12.1:8                 Art Society elects patron 24,1:28
New lease for St. John man (Mr Searles) 15.1:5         Art prize condition starts legal row 27,1:3
Coast rescue group ready for action 15.1:LH2           Pedro turns to painting (Andrew Batistatos)
Ambulance H.Q. order defied 22.1:3                     Art prize vote soon 14,2:1
State cuts threaten ambulance service 30.1:3           First local art win in 20 years 21,2:1
"No money" for station (Singleton) 5.2:HV1             From the mines to the easel (R, Watson)
Ambulance volunteers recognised 23.2:7                 25.2:15
Government to study ambulance service 5.3:3            Gresford Art Prize invitation 11,3:HV4
City helped get heart ambulance 20.3:9                 Impact, vitality from artists 18.3:9
Warners Bay cadets win top award 8.4:LH3               Dorrit Black makes fitting contribution 24.3:11
Ambulance recognition 3.5:8                            Life prisoner's first art show (A. Bassett)
Oxygen gear for ambulance (Gloucester) 7.5:7           26.3:1
Ambulance fcr port 11.5:7                              Show by Canada-bound Boyd 29.3:3
Ambulance told to alter new control room 20,5;3        Artist's first professioal exhibition 29.3:10
H.D.A. to continue fight for new rescue van            (D.Van Nunen)
21,5:5                                                 Twenty five years of quiet painting (Nan Gardner)
Ambulance wants to extend service 21,5:15              3.4:7
Toronto ambulance proposed 8.7:LH1                     Lifer makes mark on l o c a l a r t scene (A. B a s s e t t )
Vet warns of dog taits 10.7:9                          Newcastle a r t work a t Forater 5.4:9 ^ 5.4:9              )
St John man ends service 12.7:3                        Boyd's l a s t A u s t r a l i a n show 7.4:12
Ambulance ipdates 20,8:5                               Desert colours in g i r l ' s a r t ( J , Pickering)
Ambulance changes confuse 23,8:7                       8.4:17
Ambulance control centre ready 23,8:8                  Artist will be judge 8.4:HV2
Ambulance chief criticises rise 16.9:3                 Print exhibitors impress at two galleries
Ambulance promotes service 4.10:8                      21,4:32
Ambulance advanced course 13.10:10                     Art work for centenary booklet (Val Anderson)
Ambulance parade Sunday 20.10:8                        22.4:14
Hunter ambulancemen ban paperwork 24.11:10             Skill,senaitivity in exhibition 1.5:9
Rescue men want ban on amateurs 25.11:1                Making pottery a family affair (J, and M.Tyler)
Ambulance radio centre operating 1.12:7
Hunter District Ambulance to disband 23,12:6
                                                       Imagery conveyed by visual language 17.5:11
                                                       The painting pastor (Pastor Alec Thompson)
                                                       "Caretaker" of his treasurers (W. Bowmore)
Turtle turns up in lake 3,1:1
                                                       Art sale realises $2,000 25,5:8
Figures show dog [Dpulation dropping 5,1:12
                                                       Arts centre $1,000 grant 27,5:6
Dead cows litter lawn 14,1:1                                                              (Joy Stewart)
                                                       Artist competes with demollsher
No clues on cow mystery 15,1:3
Hobo g>es to a new home 15,1:LH5
                                                       Muswellbrook art gets $l,o50 help 27.5:12
Hospital bars guide dog 27.1:7
                                                       Melange of art offered     28.5:7
Cessnock judge to visit Europe (Wes Stacey)            Top art to be sold Monday    3.6:7
29.1:HV2                                               Painting given to heritage appeal 5.6:31
Funnelweb plague in Newcastle suburbs 5.2:1            Bargain hunters tops at art auction 8.6:1
Men save mare, foal from flood 5.2:HV2                  $200 gift for Scone art 29.6:10
Goats milk cure to goat stud 4.3:HV1                    Italian art unique 5.7:7
Starving horse found chained to atake 3.4:1            Lithographs exhibition at City Art Gallery
Cuddly cubs as Hon safari surprise 22,4:1              7.7:24
Chocolate baits kill D dogs 30.4:3                      Date «t for art show (Muswellbrook) 10.7:5
Birds cause trouble 5,5:16                              Erotic art off limita to police:Wran 14.7:1
Birds on nerves 6,5:1
                                             N.M.H.INDEX                                      !-£
                                                                                          5. l , 7

ART C'td,                                              ART GALLEHIES (C'td)

Artist paints the aimple thinga (Francla               $500 presented by Esso Auat, Ltd 25,10:11
Celtlan) 14.7:27                                      •Four day queue for art aale 28.10:1
It's naughty but it's safe 17,7:8                      Valley art centre opening (Muawellbrook)
Humour shown in great detail 17.7:31                   28.10:10
Lithographera 4iow wide range 21.7:23                  Art gallery fund growth too alow 3.11:10
P.M. announces Melbourne artist for Royal              Cultural groupa combine to help gallery 8.11:10
portrait 26,7:3                                        Plana started fpr art move 17.11:17
Wollongong gains big art collection 27.7:1             Children whirl worlds 29,11:3
Muswellbrook art prize vorth $1,000   30.7:7
No prize in local art section 2.8:10                   ARTS AND CRAFTS
Gallery lecture on ceramica 5.8:11
Purity, detail. (John Montefiore and Judy              Central Coast boom for dye maker 29,1:LH5
Elliott) 9,8:6                                         Potter to study overseas (B.Beazley) 26.2,LH2
$1,350 for Terrace a r t show 16.8:9                   Fair stirs arts interest 25.3:LH3
Tossing off a few pots (Peter Lafeline)                Organisation comes naturally (Maureen Baldwin)
18,8:23                                                14,4:11
Ceramica s t i l l have impact 18,8:31                 Spinning, weaving on show 3,6:LH1
Experimenting with effect        (Mary Beeston and     Elizabeth finda her own ailver lining 16.6:20
Ken Buckland 25.8:6                                    Hobbies show has big range 1,7:6
Painting in cathedral appeals to youth 27.8:3          Crochet hobby for man 1.9:22
Leading a r t i s t to adjudicate (Maitland Art        Arts centre opening (Denman) 29,9:8
Prize) 30.8:6_                                         Embroidery takes trip 28,10:15
Art show deadline neara (Weaton) 2.9:13                Halgh opens Hunter art centres 1,11:7
Art prize to Senberga 15.9:3                           Welding used in art work (Mrs Phyl Delves)
Etchinga display raw appeals 16.9:20                   17.11:20
Newcastle shown in etchings (Elizabeth                 Instant employment (Gleghorn) 18.11:LH1
Rooney) 23,9:14
Hundreds of art fakes sold:painter (Sail               ASTRONOMY
Herman) 24,9:6
Farmer - artists close to nature 30.9:14               Night sky at its best (Prof. Keay) 2.2:9
A new class for an old achool 2.10:7                   Physucist puts case for space colony 2.2:9
Art of lealism strong and consistent (William          Brightest stars in the sky (Prof. Keay)27.2:12
Delafield Cook) 2.10:7                                 Talks on power in orbit 27.2:12
Throe mediums in art shows 11.10:6                     Lights worry observatory 26.3:3
Religious art prize 13.10:29                           Display of bright stars (Prof. Keay) 5.4:8
Student wins art prize (Brad Levido) 16,10:3           Stars, constellationa in clear view (Prof.Keay)
Dancer print wins Herald award 19.10:1                 29.4:15
Australian painting brings high price                  Moon eclipse 13,5:7
 (Conrad Martens) 25,10:8                              Orion to emerge in the early mornings (Prof,
Soviet art bought"for $1M"   27,10:1                   Colin Keay) 27,5:10
Error in etching (Elizabeth Rooney) 27,10:17           Two planets return in evening (Prof. Colin
Collector's for Von Bertouch 30,10:32                  Keay)     2.8:11
Artiat to open show (Mr. L, Shultz) 30,10:33           Mt. Gambler finds its place in the eclipse
Long view of Victorians (Lionel Long) 1.11:7           1,9:7
Major aid ronor painters (Cooks Hill Gallery)          Venus reigns as Mars fades (Prof,Keay) 5,10:17
15.11:6                                                Eclipse safe "only on T,V, 9,10:9
Out of achool, into gallery for lunch 18,11:14         Optometriat warns of eclipse danger 19.10:7
The choice la Europe (Jamie Boyd) 8.12:13              Eclipse filters on aale despite warning 20,10:1
Archibald artist doubly aire 9.12:15                   Cloud, but eclipse should be visible 22,10:11
Multi million pottery 20,12:13                         Blindness warning on eclipse 23,10:1
Artiat wanta union for protection 27.12:3              Scientists wait to capture eclipae 23,10:10
Honk joina art prize entranta 28.12:6                  Eclipse eyes at minimum   25,10:3
                                                       Venus, Jupiter bright (Prof.Keay) 3.11:14
ART GALLERIES                                          Orion and Taurus summer stop outs 1.12:21
                                                       Astronomers find space mystery 13.12:11
 Gallery opens with graphics 2.1:8
 Gallery for the boat "Galloria 5" 6.1:9               ATHLETICS
 Muswellbrook to get art gallery 15.1:HV1
 Gallery appeal group sot up 23.1:3                    Rafforty to try U.S. desert run 5,1:8
 Out of the waateland (Leader) 26,1:2                  Top competition in athletica 8.1:20
 Art gallery funds appeal opena 6.2:3                  Athletics succesa 12.1:14
 Olaen painting gift 11,2:12                           Strong team in athletica 22,1:20
 Exciting and adventuroua exhibition 12,2:13           Courage earna Keatel trip to Para-olympics
 Dobell gifts "aignifioant" to gallery 13,2:5          5,2:20
Art gallery ceremony in May 13,2:7                     Rafforty out to aet new run record 12,2:11
 Willia to act in art gift duties 20.2:6               Rafferty ignorea injuriea 26,2:3
 Dobell drawings given to gallery     21.2:3           North'B 7 in National athletics 26,2:22
 Art gallery likely to be completed in September       Athlete going ahead in leaps and bounds
Art gallery ^peal extended 11,3:10       vll.3:3)      (M, Pepperall) 4,3:20
 Gallery"doubt" 29,4:7                                                         f
                                                       Runner half hour ahead c time 18.3:9
Art gallery cost leaps to $25M, 4,5:7                  Only one more road for record runner Rafferty
Gallery begins lecture seriea 6,5:12                   20,3:3
Art acquiaitiona for exhibition 7,5:5                  The end of a dream for Barwick 22,3:16
 $120,000 gift to gallery 8,5:3                        Sprint double gives Raelene back her crown
Art Gallery (Leader) 28,5:2                            22,3:16
Gallery [laque unveiled 29,5:1                         Marathon run no trouble to mum (S,Beisty) 6,4:18
Artists help to gallery appeal (Lucy and               $18,000 grant for bitumen athletics track 6,4:18
Hatton Beck)    1,6:12                                 $18,000 cheque for athletics track 27,5:24
Two styles for Von Bertouch 5,6:9                      "Spider" still sprightly after lifetime of aport
First display of Dobell mural 11,6:5                   2,7:14
Company gives painting (Singleton) 16,6:12             Loan query sent to clubs (Muswellbrook) 6,9:10
3 displays noteworthy 16.6:14                          Hec, Hogan was tops; in life and on the track
Two views of landacape     18.6:5                      12,11:16
Art gallery course starts 21.6:9
Art gallery ready by October 15,7:7                    AUSTRALIA
Denman aids art appeal 21.7:36
"Defer donation" appeal by conmiittee 22,7:LH5         A year of politics (B,Cogan) 1,1:2
October target date for art gallery 28,7:12            Patron Menzies says never again (National
Music, poetry to honour gallery supporter              Australian Accociation) 24,3:3
(Myra Thompaon) 28.7:21                                From a great height (Leader) 8,5:2
Gallery marks mniversary (Cooks Hill) 7,8:5            The symptoms of an ocker society 8.5:2
Art fund tops $17,000 2,9:17                           Australia Day plea for consideration 20.7:7
Travelling art show proposed 10,9:9                    Desert crossed in West-east bid (Hans Tholstrup)
Committee suggests name for gallery 13,9:9             30,7:3
Art Gallery (Leader) 14,9:2                            Adventurer ends epic journey 2.8:3
Name decided for new gallery 22,9:10                   Lear ning the learning of Australia's elite
Ciallery to lend «-t works 22,9:27                     25.10:2
Dobells given to nation 7,10:1                         Australians "darling dodos" of modern world
Art windfall to Maitland 7.10:3                        (Prof. Manning Clark) 1,11:3
                                           N.M.H. INDEX

AUSTRALIA (C'td)                                    AUSTRALIA - CONSTITUTION          (Ctd)

The whine in strine menely from clime 8.11:3         Reforming the constitution (Leader) 11,11:2
Australia "tied to past" 15.11:3                    .Constitutional reform plea 11,11:2
                                                     Republic choaen as model for Australia 16,11:1

\ir forces combine i exercises 13.2:6
                     n                               AUSTRALIA - DEFENCE
.Air base workers refuse transfers 17.2:7
                                                     Killen wants mval lase before 1978 15,1:3
Airmen are women 18.2:3
                                                     "Core force" advocated for defence l=-l:6
RAAF Williamtown's 35 years 13.3:7
                                                     Killen aaks for new plan on cadet corps 16,1.J
Air Force turn.g 55   13,3:7
                                                     Stringent tests on nuclear port use 23.1.3
Pilot two seconds from death 17.3:1
                                                     New cfefence controls from today 9,2:1
Williamtown has facelift 18.3:5                      Wooroera activity reduction 19.2:7
500,000 likely at HVAF shows 22.3:7                  Dilgo Garcia tase charge "fatuous" 19-2:7
R \ \ wives help out 24,3:21                         Australia. N.Z. study joint arms deals   ^^-^-J
Soldier drops in for RAAF open day 2.4:1             Omega station agreement prop9sed by government
40,000 attend air display 5.4:7
Sydney to Melbourne in 35 min. 14.4:3                24.3:1
CT 4 will supercede Winjeel 17.4:8                   3 Omega sites suggested 25.3:1
Four renew freindship with flight 5.6:3              Omega (Leader) 25.3:2
Top award to Mirage squadron 17.6:7                  Omega base "dependence" 28.3:9
Search fails to find airman 26,6:1                   Policy "Incites" naval build up   17,4:5
Search for Jet pilot abandoned 28.6:3                State plans houses for forces 5.3:14
                                                     $12,DOOM minimum in 5 year defence plan
Navy called to Mirage search 2.7:7
Pilot dies, two Mirages lost in crash 7.7:1          26.5:10
National trophy for pilot 7.7:11                     A i r a t e g i c v i c t o r y (Leader)     27.5:2
Mirage smash inquiry 8.7:7                           Cadets to cost $7.6M a year 28.5:3
Wreckage part of missing Mirage 7.8:3                Iranian - A u s t r a l i a p a t r o l s in Indian Ocean
Another Mirage down 11.8:1                            suggested 29.5:33
Mirages for air exercise 11,8:16                      Ports re-opened to nuclear warships 5.6:3
F-lllC V, Mirage in war game    19.8:3                More top officers quit 3 services 24.6:7
 Search for Mirage successor   30.8:2                 Leopard tanks "on schedule" 14,7:3
Airmen for Civic Park ceremony 16,9:6                 Killen expresses new fears on Russia 19.7:3
Caribou at end £ run 25.9:3
                 f                                    Sharper eye on Soviet requested 4,8:1
 Shire to grant "Freedom to RAAF. 25,9:33             U.S. sees Soviet threat in Pacific 5,8:3
 $15M Eagle to fly for tests 3.11:7                   Fraser defends attitude to Russia 7,8:5
Fighter demonstrates its form (F15) 4.11:13           Australia steps up ocean role 10.8:1
 Shiny balls come down to earth 5,11:7                Warnings on defence criticised 11,8:1
 Search for airman ende (Penang) 10.11:1              Soviet naval threat in Indian Ocean disputed
Land owners, RAAF face range headaches 11,11:1        11.8:7
Noise study as aid 11,11:1                            Soviet naval threat diamiased 18.8:3
A rocket for the council (Leader) 15.11:2             Defence needs examined 28,8:1
 Promotion with posting (Air Commodore F. Barnes)     Soviet activity "no panic" 28.8:3'
 24,11:7                                              No direct threat seen ii Soviet naval activity
 Safety first for ground men 25.11:11                 30.8:1
 Pilot hurt in Mirage 14.12:1                         Too much fuss on Soviet ships: P.M. 31.8:3
Airman recovers from shattering experience             Indian Ocean fuss and bother (Leader) 1.9:2
 15.12:3                                              Ministers attack Labor on anti treaty adver-
 Protection (Leader) 31,12:2                           tisement 15.9:17
                                                      Nuclear ships uncertain 18,9:3
AUSTRALIA   ARMY                                      Killen returns to "Naval threat" 23.9:3
                                                       Unions oppose Omega station 2.10:1
Australia pays $40M for missiles 1,1:1                And now, let us pause for a mock war. 12.10:3
New gins likely 13,1:1                                Grandstand seat to Kangaroo dogfight 13,10:3
Lancers ^in 130 recruits 27,1:9                       Air war result unknown 15.10:7
Mercenary linked \«ith Australian army 19,2.7          U.S. marine injured 18.10:3
Denman's lancers may re-form 26.2:HV1                  7,000 troops in exercise climax 18.10:6
Putty military land plans questioned 22.3:10           The services (Leader) 21,10:2
Singleton camp attracts 200 5.4:6                      New $45M services academy 21,10:3
Army training plan worries council 5,4:11              Forces game spots flaws 23.10:1
Anzac shield to air cadets 12.4:7                      Kerr changes to s-eens for war games 25,10:13
No answer yet oi cadets' future 5.5:7                  P.M. gives defence installation details 3,11:3
Army training commander appointed 5.5:12               White pnper seeks call-up power 5.11:1
Killen proposes dial <Bdet system 27.5:3               "Self-reliant" defence aims 5,11:8
Ammunition expert in new C.O. (Lt Col, V.G,            Defence iaauea (Leader) 8,11:2
King)                                                  Ruaaiana "received defence secrets" 25,11:3
New C.O. for Singleton camp    14,6:10                 Shift in A.L.B, Omega stance 26,11:3
Task force head to retire (Fox) 24,6:7                 Senate diaoounta Soviet "Threat" 1,12:1
Army unit disbands to-day 30.6:13                      A threat recedes (Leader) 2.12:2
Centurions track their way North 20.7:7                Defence leak debate 11.12:8
300 troops on exercise 22,7:3                           Defence base security to be stricter 17.12:13
Army mum honoured (K, Jordan) 9,9LH1                   Hayden call for better security 18,12:31
Army awards for severed arm aid 13,9:9
Increase planned in Amy reserve 18,11:3
Army runners ahead of schedule 22,11:3                AUSTRALIA - DIPLOMATIC AND CONSULAR
Qld Army moves south fast 23.11:8
Grenade victim's cDndition serious (Private           Nauru clears way for Envoy    7.1:25
James Angus) 9.12:3                                   Gair out as Ireland envoy 28.1:3
                                                      New Envoy to India 27.2:3
AUSTRALIA   CONSTITUTION                              Homecoming (V.Gair) (Leader) 13.3:2 /13.3:9 • >
                                                      Gair comes home"to plan comeback with*D.L.P.")
Constitution - it must be followed - Kerr             Peacock names diplomat (Leslie Johnson) 12.4:8
27.1:3                                                Aasistance sought on shooting 22.6:3
Opposition condemns Kerr speech 28.1:1                Blaze guts Moscow Embassy cfficea 7.8:3
Advise to G,G. was wrong 14,6:1                       Peacock names new China envoy. 23.10:3
November protest plan 15.6:3                          Ministers typass Russian reception 6,11:3
Whitlam queries competence cf Chief Justice           Envoys selling cars at profit: MHR. 10.11:7
7,8:1                                                 Peacock shuns embassy row 19,11:7
P.M. Defends Kerr's role 9.8:1                        $2.5M fee for embassy denied 2.12:7
Debate of principle (Leader) 10,8:2                   Ex-ambaasador returns as Iferr critic (Mr Booker)
A battered constitution (Leader) 27.10:2              2,12:10
Senate power changes 8Ought27.10:5                    India envoy harassed. Senate told 11.12:3
Queensland tactics bring angry debate 28,10:1         P.S. slates Fairbairn posting 17.12:3
Rebels upset party vote 29,10:1                       Canberra recalls 27 Aplomats 18,12:5
Two proposals attractive to P.M. 30,10;1
The Senate (Leader) 2,11:2                            AUSTRALIA - ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL
Constitutional tinkering 5.11:2
Constitution caution 4.11:3                           Sobering New Year (Leader) 1,1:2
Australia 'Still saddled with Colonial rule"          Lynch squashes dollar devaluation rumors 5,1:1
Bowen reveals Labour plana for change to              Good sense (Leader)   6,1:2
constitution. 5.11:7
                                            N,M.H. INDEX                                        1976

Canberra drains lank liquidity 8.1:1                   24 hours later(Leader) 22.5:2
Hayden warns on"cruel credit cut" 9.1:1                Inflation brake: P.M. 24.5:3
Cabinet tody to devise cuts 22.1:3                     Early hearing for "loan plot" challenge
Economy boost in Lynch'a package 23.1:3                25.5:8
Bank chief attacks new bond rate 24.1:3                Care for cities dropped:Whitlam 26.5:3
S.M. refuses warrants in Whitlam conspiracy            Economy "model" aims to broaden advise
case 24.1:5                                            26,5:3
Business stimulant details outlined 27.1:1             Longer term objectives important:Cotton
New land sales $98Million    2.2:7                     1.6:3
P.M. makes another $300M cut 4.2:1                     Poverty report seeking $302M annually 4.6:1
Restoring confidence (Leader) 4.2:2                    Fraser raps business 7.6:14
Sickness, funeral costs up 5.2:1                       Federal deficit $3,250M 8,6:3
"New information" in Whitlam case 6.2:6                Premier critical of Federal'Waste" 8.6:3
Whitlam case adjourned 7.2:9                           Inflation up economy down - study 11.6:1
P.M . cuts out jobs 10.2:1                             Lynch hopeful on recovery 16.6:22
Cabinet tipped to open its purse 10.2:1                Cutbacks need to be undeastood 17,6:21
National deficit takes big drop 10.2:3                 Opposition to launch attack over economy
$565M Bonds sucess   11.2:3                            22.6:6
Fraser guarded on 50% local equity 13.2:8              Recovery aid seen in tax measures 22.6:8
Inflation checks recovery "Key" 18.2:18                Aust. policy "bashed" by OECD" 24.6:16
Deficit task - A Barnes 20.2:2                         Rural funds blow 28.6:3
Hope for 1976 recovery rises - Lynch 21.2:1            Hamer warns Canberra 29.6:1
Australians lack realism - P.M. 27.2:1                 Business leader criticises PM's record
Government spending cuts pay value - P.M. 1,3:8
Cost cutting criticised 1,3:9
                                                        FM may get $6,000 rise 1.7:3
Fraser braces for the backlash 3.3:2
                                                        Decision soon on challenge 1.7:6
A call for discipline (Leader) 6.3:2
                                                        Investment appeal X gets support 1.7:14
Turning back the inflationary tide 6.3:2
                                                        Pay rises (Leader) 2.7:2
P.M. unjielding on inflation 13.3:3
                                                        "Stimulate economy" call by employers 3.7:3
S.M. to hear Whitlam court case 16.3:7
                                                        Business goes in for a chop 7.7:2
Indirect taxes cut "No answer" 6.11:9
                                                        Inflation fight "concern for all" 7.7:7
Money policy not a credit squeeze 8.3:2
                                                        Liberals critical fo Fraser. 8.7:1
Bjelke hit over loan probe bill 20.3:3
                                                        Canberra deficit $3,585M in year 8.7:1
P.M. Claims growing sup>port   23,3:1
                                                        Australia runsup big deficit 10.7:3
Savings bonds "boost interest" 23.3:3
                                                        Recovery delay "deliberate" 10.7:11
No credit squeeze; Lynch 26.3:3
                                                        Economy recovery forecast doubted 16.7:1
Bonds interest cut to 9.2% 3.4:1
                                                        Money talks to follow P.M.'s US visit 2.8:3
States snag for foreign capitol guidlines 3.4:9
                                                        Loans affair not economic mistake: Hawke
Australia "can be choosy on foreign investment
                                                        Private spending up 14.8:1
Economic survey shows confidence dropping 8.4:6         Fair sharing as policy on foreigh capital
Deficit near $5,000M 9,4:1                              16.8:3
P.M. plans check on spending 9.4:3                      Treasurer denies money sqeeze 20.8:3
March deficit at $108M 10.4:3                           Foreign cash 26.8:3
Policies blow to recovery 12.4:1                        Devaluation near, Hayden warns 7.9:3
Economy"needs new tack"     12.4:3                      PM says policy right 7.9:3
Cairns facing loan inquiry 13.4:3                       Devaluation 14.9:1
Silence on devalue rumour 15,4:1                        Gov. denies devaluation talk 15.9:17
Cairns makes Arab loan disclosure 15.4:3                Auditor general finds faults 16.9:6
Grant cuts to states this year; Whitlam 19,4:3           Industries hit finance policies 21.9:1
Cabinet puts new controls on long-term spending         Recession being prolonged: Whitlam 28.9:3
20,4:1                                                  Manufacturers oppose devaluation 29,9:3
Tentative signs of modest recovery 21.4:9               Treasurer defends economic strategy     14.10:20
Whitlam, Connor ask judge to halt case 1,5:3             Whitlam spells out A.LP. economic strategy
Canberra "prevents" effort to combat inflation           15.10:1
3,5:6                                                    Whitlam, Connor to face summonaes 16.10:3
Buying a way out is not so simple 4.5:2                  Economy to get worse: Hayden 18.10:6
Cabinet meets on spending cut plans 4,5:3                Government economic "blunders" attacked
Ellicott denies providSng Iraqi document 5,5:3           20.10:3
\l(hitlam case for appeal court 5,5:19                   SM sets date for conspiracy case 23.10:9
"Muck raking" on loan denied 7.5:3                       Inflation still far too high: Eraser 25,10:3
Taxes, economy dominate talks 7.5:5                      Treasurer reports confidence 1,11:3
Whitlam aide in US loan letters inquiry 8.5:3            Pressure to devalue "hindering investors"
Fraser reaffirms federalism plan 10.5 ;3                 2,11:12
American financier "Well paid" 10.5:3                    Borrowing from overseas will go on: Lynch,
Quick recovery "not wanted" 11.5:1                       4.11:20
Claim on loan inquiries "nonsense" 11.5:3                Australia records $265M deficit 4.11:20
Bjelke urged to stand down 12.5:3                        Lynch cuts liquidity, Labour cries "squeeze"
 P.M. to address nation about mini-budget 15.5:1         8,11:1
 Troubled economy awaits lead from Fraser 17.5:2        Victims of contradiction 8.11:2
 Convention to discuss economy 18,5:1                   Kerr's flights cost $216,517 9.11:7
 Pay rise tax to be cut 18,5:1                          ALP charges economy mishandled 10.11:1
 The Fraser approach (Leader) 18.5:2                                          f
                                                         Economists critical c Government 11.11:16
 Full text of P.M.'s address 18,5:2                      Savings Bond interest rises 12.11:1
 Department faces $6M quiz 18.5:3                       Fraser lynched by bank 13.11:2
 New tack tipped for loan debate 18.5:3                 Labour loan charges: privilege sought 13.11:9
ACTU will meet Fraser on economy 19.5:1                 Treasury cut in half for new department 19.11:1
Loan dealers "Used proper channels" 19.5:3               Privilege plea in conspiracy case "cover-up"
 Senator seeks "cbry action" 19.5:10                     19.11:13
 P.M. "without union trust" 20.5:1                              f
                                                        Value c dollar down 17j% 29,11:1
Lynch will announce a better deal for many              Massive defeat for strategy: Whitlam 29,11:1
 20.5:3                                                  Jobless get priority 29.11:1
Fraser Government slashes spending 21,5:1                PM rebuffs Wran economic plan 29.11:1
We were warned (Leader) 21,5:2                          Credibility tested (Leader) 29.11:2
The Fraser mini-budget 21,5:6                           Eraser accuses treasury of bad advise 30.11:1
Lynch's economy speech 21,5:6                            Salary increases next target for government
2.5% health levy, but opting out allowed                 1,12:1
21,5:7                                                  New monetary measures this week 2,12:1
Agricultural programs get "Light pimning"               Wage price freeze open for discussion 7.12:1
21.5:7                                                  Tarriffs cut as dollar revalued 8.12:1
Economy move "discipline for governments"               Buyers told to complain 8.12:1
21.5:8                                                   Policy of no know 8.12:1
More off building program 21,5:8                        Ad hocery rampant (Leader) 8.12:2
Cuts lop $8M from ABC, 21.5:8                            PM hints banks may curb credt 9.12:1
Family allowance plan gets extra $785M                  Conspiracy case: Hansard sought 10.12:6
21,5:8                                                   Inflation fight"now harder" 10,12:15
Snowy works cut by $10M 21,5:8                          Lib -NCP spends more than labour 10.12:15
Emphasis shift in education spending 21.5:8              PM sees sign of economic upturn 11.12:1
$100M off health care 21.5:8                            Critical year, warning by PM 13.12:3
Unions balk at Lynch package 22.6:1                     Floating dollar upvalued by 1.28%     14.12:1
                                              MM.H. INDFJC                                 8, 1976

Only himself to blame 15.12:2                          Timor deaths note "stifled" 26.4:1
$250M cut from federal funds 17.12:1                    Envoy to query Timor leader on killings 27.4:1
Loan case enters second year 17.12:7                  'Australia sends 3 to check Timor killings
Whitlam slates Government on economy 18.12:10
Senator Cotton confident 18,12:10                      E. Timor leader guest of AJA (Mr Jose Martins)
15-20% rate of inflation tipped 20.12:3                29.4:3
Economic strategy not convincing 20.12:7               Angry clash on Timor 30.4:6
Next year - maney, money   29,12:2                     Timor newsmen's deaths inquiry 1.5:3
US report tags Canberra as backward 31.12:1            Islanders ask for no change in border 3.5:8
Industry calls for major review of policy              Officials deny Fretelin allegation 4.5:3
31.12:1                                                Border issue may go to referendum 4.5:10
                                                       Uren fears for East Timor 5.5:14
AUSTRALIA    FJCTERNAL TERRITORIES                     Senate rejects Timor debate 6.5:3
                                                       Australia nears major alliance with Japan 7.5:1
Islanders press mining claims 22.4:3                   A small voice (Leader) 11.5:2
Islanders in "yes or no" demand 23.4:3                 Timor killings study ends 12.5:3
Christmas Islanders demonstrate 24.4:3                 Unions prepare for voyage 15,5:3
Withers warns islanders 27.4:3                         Catholic church plans aid for Timor 17.5:1
Bjelke hit on Torres border scheme 8.6:1               Smuggling of arms to E.Timor denied 17,5:3
Bjelke blows up a storm 8.6:9                          Peacock seeks early border solution 19,5:3
Investment allowances 13.9:3                           Sale of ship "will not upset Timor mission
AUSTRALIA    STATE RELATIONS                           Sol passed in but trip on 20,5:3
                                                       Timor ship may sail on Sunday 21,5:5
Fraser conning states - Dunstan 5.1:4                  "Peace ship" plan stalled 22,5:3
PM wants early state talks 5.1:10                      Peacock firm on Timor policy 24,5:3
Tax rights to states "next year" 14.1:1                Judge criticises Timor deaths delay 26.5:3
State wants wider borrowing power 16.1:4               Forging bonds with Japan 28,5:2
Finance talks for Fraser, Dunstan 23.1:5               Singapore accuses Sydney group of plotting
No extra money for states 24.1:1                       28.5:3
Premier may be in for shock 24.1:2                     Check on guerilla base reports 29.5:3
Talks with PM please Dunstan 24,1:3                    Jakarta cable leak prompts inquiry 1.6:1
Premiers meet PM for finance talks 4,2:12              PM attacks build-up by Russians 2.6:1
Fair deal for states - Fraser 8,4:3                   A first step (Leader) 2.6:2
Grant cuts to states this year: Whitlam 19,4:3         UN guided Australia on Timor 2.6:3
Promises, reality (Leader) 26.5:2                     Realism needed at home, abroad 2.6:6
States "will receive less" 31.5:3                     An act of insolence (Leader) 4.6:2
States overspending - Fraser 5,6:9                    Anthony and Bjelke meet 4.6:3
States face cutbacks 9.6:3                            China silent on Fraser speech 5.6:3
Premiers fear the axe 7.7:2                           Australia "small" to Indonesia 5,6:11
Fraser bows to states on tax 15,7:1                   Keep enemy in balance: Peacock 7,6:6
                                                      Good sense (note) 9,6:2
Cuts a danger to jobs: premiers 17.7:1
Public sector fights back (leader) 17.7:2             Qld Cabinet backs Premier on sea border 9,6:3
                                                      Border talks continue 10,6:3
Lynch tells states to cut spending 19.7:1
                                                      Fraser against detente; Soviets 11.6:3
PM tells states to "play ball" 20.7:1
                                                      Wider Japan ties likely 14,6:3
The role of the states (Leader) 21,7:2
                                                      Fraser seeks Asian views 15,6:1
Test for "new federalism" 21.9:2
                                                       Japan treaty (Note) 16.6:2
Federal MP's criticise Qld. 4.10:20
                                                      Australia , Japan now closer links 17,6:1
Federal tax Bills stir state leaders 1,11:1
                                                      Timor vessel sought 21.6:7
Minister to look at tax share Bills 2,11:1
                                                      Fraser invites Hua to Australia 22.6:1
Tax share Bills misunderstood: PM 3,11:3              A question of realism (Leader) 22,6:2
Premiers force changes in tax sharing 4.11:3          Apartheid bloodshed tragedy: Fraser 23.6:3
States rebuffed at loan talks 16.12:1                 Foreign affairs head goes to secluded island
A wasted meeting (Leader) 16.12:2                     23.6:8
More funds for some states 20.12:7
                                                      Ship for South Africa held 23.6:24
AUSTRALIA - FOREIGN AFFAIRS                           China gives peace assurance to PM 24.6:1
                                                      ACTU BANS South Africa cargo 24,6:1
 Resources diplomacy (Leader) 5.1:2                   Swimming in the Yangtze (Leader) 24,6:2
 Peacock stays close on East Timor reports 7.1:25     Fraser in China 24.6:3
 US keen to limit Soviet ocean role 8.1:3             Half million cheer for Fraser in China 25.6:1
 Island base secret kept by Whitlam 9,1:3             The Peking Papers 25,6:2
 Australian journalists blacklisted 10,1:1            S,African Airways ban demanded 26.6:3
'Wo US build up" in Indian Ocean 14,1:5               Timor deaths (Leader) 28,6:2
 Canberra orders cable leak inquiry 17.1:1            Missing journalist may be alive (Roger East)
 Fraser plans closer ties in S.E. Asia 19,1:1
                                                      Timor statement "out of context" 8.7:3
 Peacock gets Jakarta view of war in Timor 20.1:1
                                                      Mr Anthony's pragmatism (leader) 9.7:2
 East Timor "Assurance" to Peacock 22,1:3
                                                      Viner told of peace zone 9.7:3
 Timor aid team seeks clearance 22.1:3
                                                      Australia bars 2 Soviet officials 17.7:3
 Fretlin contact radio seized 26.1:3
                                                      Not happy on Timor takeover 21.7:3
 Envoy denied australian plane for Timor flight       Indonesia raps Peacock 22.7:3
 27.1:1                                               Unarmed 27 "slain by Australian troops" 2.8:14
 Santos claims Peacock knew Fretlin used radio        Children thought killed in ambush 3.8:1
 28.1:1                                               The Vietnam trauma (Leader) 4.8:2
 Fretlin resign call to Peacock 29.1:1                Vietnam allegation dismissed 4.8:3
 Cut Indonesian aid - Labour call 31.1:1              Killen changes mind over new Vietnem assertions
Timor talks in jeopardy 7,2:1                         6.8:3
 UN envoy to Timor leaves 9.2:1                       Declaration refused 7.8:3
 Joint cultural agreement (Japan) 10.2:3              Peking links to widen 10,8:1
 UN may call Australian troops 13.2:6                 New move on Timor deaths 18,8:3
ALP man accuses police on Fretelin 25.2:1             Cocos action in Senate 20.8:3
Fretelin"did not sell supplies"13.3 :3                Peacock takes softer line on Ruaaia 21,8:3
Timor aid "from Australia"      16.3:3                PM offera Vietnam friendahip, aid 3,9:3
Australia favours US presence in Indian Ocean         State "foreigrn policy" rejected 9,9:3
 18.3:1                                               MP's pay tribute to Mao 15,9:17
Whitlam accused of "selling" E. Timor 19.3:1          Nauseating hypocrisy on Timor: Whitlam 24,9:3
Fretelin appeal 26.3:1                                Minister quiet on Soviet visa refusals 24,9:3
 Extradition treaty to be ratified 8.4:12             Visa service denied Rhodesians, Senate told
 Peacock flies to Indonesia 13.4:1                    24,9:3
Peacock checks claims of mercenaries recruiting
                                                      Fraser aware of East Timor radio search 4.10:3
 13.4:12                                              Indonesia pressure "stopped radio" 5.10:3
Labour seeks black rule support from Government       PM may not resolve Timor 5.10:13
15,4:3                                                PM expected to stand firm on E. Timor 7.10:3
 Increase aid for Indonesia 15,4:3                    Fraser to state Timor views 9.10:1
 Jakarta gives pledge on Timor withdrawals            PM. hedges on Timor 11.10:1
 17,4:1                                               Most Australians fear invasion 11.10:3
Decision on Timor envoy welcomed 21,4:6               Seizure of radio condemned 11.10:6
Hawke in talks on E, Timor 22,4:3                     PM denies recognition of Timor 12,10:1
Hawke's call on deaths 23,4:3                         The loud silence (Leader) 12,10:2
Torres Strait dilemma 24.4:2                          Whitlam accusea Fraser of bungling 13.10:1
                                          N.M.H. INDEX                                     1976


Peacock confirms changes 13,10:10                    Hush-hush Cabinet 17,1:2
Whitlam denies approval of Timor action 14.10:6      Eraser sets up business team 21.1:1
Labour backs Nauru appeals 14,10:9                   Enter Chairman Malcolm, the somewhat reluctant
PM asserts no de facto recognition on Timor          leader 24.1:2
15.10:1                                              Selfish pursuits no solution - PM 26.1:6
Ambassador under pressure on book (Mr Booker)        Morris ready for active shadow role 29.1:3
15,10:3                                              Fraser wipes 14 committees 3.2:1
Canberra says no to transi^^j^ 20.10:7               Garland resigns over poll claim 7.2:1
Fraser denies secret Timor pact' 21.10:3             Coalition weakened (Leader) 7.2:2
East Timor silence (Leader) 23.10:2                  Fraser "job" for Labour leader 9.2:3
Activists urge Timor support 25,10:3                 Whitlam calls ar John deceitful 10.2:1
Torres Island autonomy call 1,11:3                   Protect golden goose - Lynch 10.2:5
Fraser interview pleases Jakarta 5.11:3              Time to desist (Leader) 11.2:2
War secrets revealed 11,11:1                         A man of commerce gladly takes over the science
 Japanese protest over "media piae" 11,11:12         portfolio (Senator Webster) 11.2:2
Minister feared city attack 11.11:12                 Labour boycott brews 11.2:3
                                                     Eraser's words and Eraser's deeds 12.2:2
Tokyo demand feared 11.11:12
                                                     Garlai.d case action planned 17.2:1
America decision "amazed" envoy 11.11:12
 Menzies told UK he feared a dismembered Germany      Staley for ministry vacancy 17.2:3
 11.11:12                                             Speaker Snedden plans return to tradition 17.2:3
Australia sought E.Timor base for war 11,11:12       Boycott, .ipers as Kerr opens Parliament 18.2:1
                                                     Canberra policy shifts outlined 18.2:1
Colonials (Leader) 15,11:2
                                                      McClelland calls for Kerr to quit 20.2:1
 Coalition backbench criticises China policy
                                                      Whitlam attacks PM over Garland 20.2:3
 Fretelin's last radio link cut 18.11:3              Whitlam "Sedition" inquiry 21.2:29
 100,000 killed: Timor report 20.11:3                 Garland - Whitlam decision to-day 24.2:7
 Un concern at Cocos split 22.11:9                    Whitlam renews attack on Kerr 25,2:1
                                                      Court refuses Whitlam order 25,2:3
 Islanders oppose seabed boundary 24.11:3
 Torres boundary issue nearly century old             Garland "gave" me money 6.3:1
                                                      Magistrate discharges Garland 9.3:1
                                                      The purity of elections (Leader) 9.3:2
 Underground centre 25.11:1
                                                      No further action planned in Garland electoral
 Canberra "buying support 25.11:3
 Fourth round of Torres border talks 27.11:3          case 17.3:7
                                                      Denial by Chief Justice on books allegationa
 Senate discounts Soviet "threat" 1.12:1
 Indonesia "held hand" on Timor 1.12:3                22,3:3
 A threat recedes (Leader) 2.12:2                     No word from Wheeldon 23,3:3
 Peacock defends radio 2.12:6                         Eraser's first 100 days 24,3:2
                                                      Wheeldon resigns report 24.3:3
 Australia should keep Torres 10,12:3
                                                      Fraser learns a lesson 25.3:2
 Adelaide family remains captive 28,12:13
                                                      Shadow cabinet change known soon 25.3:3
                                                      Whitlam reshuffles Labour spokesmen 26.3:3
                                                      PM wants stronger democracy 29,3:3
                                                      MHR queries court action 2,4:1
 Small crowd welcomes submarine (H.M.A.S. Oxley)
                                                       Solicitor challenges MHR 3.4:3
                                                       "The truth will out" saya Sir John 3.4:9
 $195M deal for 2 frigates sealed 19.2:1               Whitlam changes could be quashed 6.4:7
 Minesweeper on goodwill visit (H.M.A.S.) Ibis)       Federal MP's want perks restoredd       7.4:3
 5,3:5                                                Opposition queriea eligibility of MP/ 8,4:3
 Submarine damage inquiry 13.3:3                       .''Deaker to rule whether QC broke privilege
 Destroyer in Newcastle Tuesday 10.4:9
 Missile age son brings up steam dad (Captain          Breach of privilege reject ed 9.4:6
 P, Sinclair) 14,4:1                                   Politicians' wives lonely, deprived 10.4:11
 Inquiry into ship damage 10.5:9                       Country reborn: Peacock 13.4:12
 Ibis crew chooses Newcastle 22.5:3                    Great Powers "danger" 19.4:3
 Two frigates might cost over $330M 12.6:3             Kerr kept quiet on wife's advice, book asaerta.
 Frigate for Newcastle (HMNZS Taranaki) 7.7:14
 Northern docks look at naval tender 11,8:9
 Melbourne viait for cruiser (USS Truxon) 21.8:1       Govt jobs cut to aid private aect6r 27.4:6
                                                       Hall aims at seat in House 27.4:8
 World trip (HMAS Hobart) 4.9:3
                                                       Australia "no longer the lucky country" 1,5:3
 Research ship will visit Newcastle (HMAS Kembla)
                                                       MP's miss documents 3.5:8
                                                       Bleak future for independents 4.5:3
 Navy show boat pants into port (HMAS Kimbala)
                                                       PM's views may "impair" performance 4.5:8
 New Zealand navy ships visit city 29.10:3             Sen, Greenwood collapses 8.5:3
 Navies meet 12.11:13                                  Senator still in coma 10,5:1
 War artefact tells a long story 20.11:35              Political thrillers on fall of Whitlam
 Ship's visit cancelled (Perth) 2.12:13                Government (Book reviews) 26.5:2
 Nowra sabotage not ruled out: defence experts         Gough watchera speculate on his future 31.5:2
 7.12:1                                                Sack Kerr society formed      1.6:3
 Another Navy disaster (Leader) 7.12:2                 Hayden denies using word "lying" 2.6:3
 Arrests not related to Navy fire 13,12:1              Poverty report seeking 302M annually 4,6:1
 Nixon act killing off dock: Wran 16.12:3              Parliament in receaa 5.6:3
 RAN silent on Nowra party story 16.12:3               Arts switch trims council size 5,6:9
 Defence base security to be stricter 17.12:13         Federalism tragic for Australia 7,6:6
 Killen denies political corpse role 21,12:19          Federalism in danger:Punch 8.6:7
 January report for Navy fire 31,12:3                  Chipp: my duty to criticise policies 8.6:10
                                                       An unaettling dedication (Leader) 9.6:2
 AUCTRALIA - OVERSEAS AID                              Court,Bjelke. rile Anthony 21.6:1
                                                       Conspiracy charge intervention challenged
 India offered disaster aid 1.1:1                      22,6:5
 Australian aid pleases Somarc 6.3:3                   Minister urges G,G. to resign 28,6:1
 Increased aid for Indonesia 15.4:3                     Skeletons in the Cabinet (Leader) 2,7:2
 Minister denies secret aid deal 20.4:3                Australia's role "to speak the facts" 2.7:3
 Lynch claims Asians happy with aid 27,4:6             Greenwood goes in reshuffle 5.7:3
 Move for aid levy planned 6.5:16                       Plan for hoax mail to Kerr 6.7:3
 $1/4M to help quake victims 12,5:1                     Dunstan criticises Barwick on Kerr 16.7:1
 Australia may conpensate Mozambique 26.5:3            No secret (Leader), 16.7:2
 Mozambique aid $1M. 4,6:1                             Bendigo form best for Kerr 17.7:3
 Australian destroyer completes Bali aid 22.7:3        Kerr in office for Queen's viat 26.7:3
 $60M aid for islands 13.10:1                           Prince Charles (Leader) 27.7:2
 Treasury move on foreign aid foiled 26.10:7           Fraser runs one man band 2,8:2
 Australia pledges Lebanon flour 21.12:19               Whitlam veers from Kerr protests 6.8:3
 $250,000 for East Timor 24,12:1                        PM emphatic: Kerr will not go 10.8:7
 Staff cuts "weaken foreign aid" 27.12:4                Budget main target, not Kerr:Whitlam 12.8:3
                                                        Backbenchers criticise lack of information
 AUSTRALIA   RVRLIAMENT                                 18.8:3
                                                        All Canberra knows his secret 26.8:3
 Feb. 17 likely sitting date 2.1:1                      4th PM named as father of year 28.8:3
 Eraser off to quiet start 3,1:2                        The acid test for Fraser 8.9:2
 News clamp on Cabinet agenda 13,1:1                    Fraser "broke moat promiaes" 10.9:3
                                                             N.M.H.   INDEX                                 10.   1976

AUSTRALIA -       R\RLIAMENT       (C'td)                                AUSTRALIA - PARLIAMENT - OVERSEAS TRIPS (C'td)

Sacking"tragic"for Kerr    10.9:3                                        'Indonesia gets explanation of PM's China talks
Call for backbenchers to have more say 21.9:3                             1.7:1
Vice regal posfis the most absurd"    a.9:3                               Anthony to test Soviet reaction 2,7:11
Open House (Leader) 24.9:2                                                Pm will visit America this month 7,7:1
House representation "wrong" 24.9:3                                       Anthony will woo Soviet buyers 8.7:3
Minister told to cut secrecy 24,9:7                                       Anthony for trade talks on tour 10,7:11
Conspiracy case put off again 2,10:5                                      Fraser and Ford set meeting time 21,7:1
Governor-General's name dropped.12,10:3                                   Whitlam confident of courtesy for Queen 21.7:3
Whitlam's sacking "upset elite" 23,10:1                                   Anthony on way home 22,7:3
Parliament to push 100 Bills 4.11:8                                       Anthony defends detente 23,7:3
MLA to head committee 4,11:LH1                                            Frasers US visit puzzle 27,7:2
Kerr off beam on republic 6.11:2                                          Fraser gives pledge of support to US 29,7:1
Book asserts G.G. should be elected 6.11:5                                Fraser, Ford agree on Indian Ocean build-up
Fraser establishes new portfolio 8.11:1                                   30,7:3
Spotlight on backbenchers 9,11:2                                          Australia, US "in accord" 30,7:12
Production department welcomed 9.11:3                                     Washington puzzle (Leader) 31.7:2
Indiscreet (Leader) 11.11:2                                               PM rules out devaluing dollar 31,7:3
Libs "gave files to police" 12,11:1                                       Anthony going overseas again 4,8:7
PM seeks details of "royal Kerr rebuff" 18.11:1                           Anthony arrives in Teheran 9,8:3
Dingo for Lynch; doghouse for Jones 19.11:7                               Fraser will visit Indonesia 8,9:3
Government defeats A.LP. company Bill 19,11:8                             Peacock to address UN 9.9:3
Kerr told of Queen's appeal 19.11:13                                      Fraser gets warm welcome to Indonesia 8.10;1
Anthony still absent 24.11:7                                              Fraser to state Timor views 9,10:1
Houses resume for 25 Bills 30.11:3                                        PM's trip cost $150,000 8,12:24
Hayden's blind reference "hurtful" 8,l2:ll                                Dates set for Tokyo talks 29,12:8
PM offers states new palace link 8,12:24                                  Sick Anthony withdraws from Japan beef trip
Ministry addition tipped 11,12:3                                          31.12:3
Fraser 12 months later 14.12:1
Top grade for Hayden 15.12:9                                              AUSTRALIA - PARLIAMENT - SENATE
Fraser discusses his first year as PM/ 15.12:10
Fraser 12 months later, part 3, A dismal failure                          Senate expert attacks states 19.2:3
 16.12:6                                                                  Senator three times on dole (Sen, Malcolm
UK sets way to change links 23.12:1                                       Colston) 25.3:3
Human rights office soon 27,12:1                                          Weaker Senate urged 13,4:12
Human rights plan criticised 28.12:3                                      Weaker Senate urged 14,7:9
Rights body absorbs Grassby's office 29.12:8
A need for definition (Leader) 31.12:2                                    AUSTRALIA   SECURITY

AUSTRALIA        PARLIAMENT - BUDGET                                      Burglary at ASIO 5,2:3
                                                                          CIA probe sought 2^,2:1
Month deficit tops $1,000M 8.1:3                                          CIa"plot" absurd: US envoy 25,2:23
Lynch foreshadows boost to small businesses                               Job loss blamed on ASIO 3,3:3
3,3:3                                                                     Public servants to discuss CIA lole 16,3:3
Budget deficit tops $4500m with 4 months to go                            Embassy "bugging" report 31,7:3
9,3:1                                                                     New ASIO watch"for industry" 2.12:3
No significant tax rise, PM hints 17.3:3                                  Unionists' concern at spying reports 13,12:3
Budget will help taxpayera: Fraser 29,3:3                                 Combined security force likely 22.12:19
Opposition accuses Eraser on Budget 30,3:6
Deficit on way down 10.5:3                                                AUSTRALIA - VISITING PJHSONALITIES
Canberra geta budget advice 29.6:3
ACTU puts tax cut plan for Budget 1.7:3                                    US politicians arrive quietly 10.1:26
Cabinet starts work on budget 14.7:3                                       Rockefeller to visit Australia 29,1:1
Budget will boost confidence: Fraser 23.7:3                                Un Chief, envoy to meet 6,2?3
Budget to promote confidence 10,8:1                                        King Hussein begins 8 day visit to day 2,3:1
Acid test for government 16,8:2                                            King Hussein in Canberra for official talks
Australia awaits coalitions first budget 17,8:1                            3,3:1
Fine tuning called for (Leader) 17,8:2                                     P,N,G. Premier on visit 4.3:3
Treasurers spares the tax payer 18,8:1                                     Land key to Arab peace 4,3:17
Whitlam sees no benefit 18,8:1                                             Time will defeat Israel: Hussein 5.3:1
Worker to "Bite bullet" 18,8:1                                             King and Queen's hectic time in zoo     8,3:3
A holding operation (Leader) 18,8:2                                        Special security for Rockefeller 30,3:3
1976 Budget 18.8: 8,9,10                                                   US plans naval power balance 31,3:1
Economists on Budget 18.8:31                                               Canberra invites Makarios 31,3:3
Wran aids budget with tax pledge 19.8:1                                    Islands PM to visit 19,4:9
Curious aspects (Leader) 19.8:2                                            Prince in landing scare (Crown Prince
The budget pill still bitter 19.8:2                                        Vajiralongkorn Mahidol) 7.5:1
Bill covers deficit in Budget 20.8:3                                       Japanese PM to viait Australia 19.6:1
PM sees budget as reformist 23.8:3                                         PM plans October visit to Suharto 5.7:3
Budget social indictment: Whitlam 25.8:1                                   Dayan sees chance for peace 22,7:1
Budgetary politics (Leader) 26.8:2                                         Soviet key: Sayan 23,7:3
Rebuff to budget is thrown out 23,9:3                                      Short term politicians "Infuriate" 16,9:20
Budget deficit higher than planned 6,11:1                                 'Wide range" for Eraser - Lee talka 16,10:3
                                                                           Chanting demonstrators greet Singapore leader
AUCTRALIA - PARLIAMENT - OVERSEAS TRIPS                                    18,10:3
                                                                           Chanting students greet Lee 20,10:7
Anthony for Tokyo talks 15,1:3                                             Trade and defence areas show gains 21,10:6
ASEAN aummit myatery for Australian PM, 24,1:1                             Lee supports Asian ties 22,10:3
Kerr home after tour 4.2:3                                                 Lee gets riot film as gift 2.11:15
Tokyo talks "without blackmail" 4,2:3                                      Turks to visit Canberra 22.11:9
PM books time for N.Z. Talks 4,2:7
Japan puts offer of big gas deal 9.2:1
                                                                          AUSTRALIAN ASSISTANCE PLAN
Anthony pledges Japanese fair go 10.2:3
No price hassle on uranium contracts 10,2:3
Curbs on imports may go anthony 10,2:5                                    Social Welfare plan "not being axed" 3,4:5
Japan's coal plans"astound"-ll,2:3-                                       65 programs could suffer 3.4:5
Anthony                                                                   Government tipped to keep welfare plan 13,4:7
                                                                          Statement on aid plan soon 3.5:3
Anthony forecasts year of economic recovery 13
PM, Ifeacock to go abroad 3.4:1                       (13.2:3)            Community self-help scheme faces the Canberra
US trip for PM 26.5:1                                                     axe 14.5:2
Deputy PM w i l l v i s i t U . S . S . R . l n J u l y 5 , 6 : 3 1       Government to phase out assistance plan 22.5:3
T r i p p i n g (Note)   7.6:2                                            Fight to save assistance plan 14.10.18
                                                                          Whitlam attacks plancut 16.10:3
MP'S $236,000 Junkets 12,6:2
                                                                          States call for A.A.P. grants 20,11:3
Australia - Japan now closer linka 17,6:1
Diplomats boycott Fraser in Peking 21.6:1
                                                                          AUSTRALIAN BRQADCACTING COMMISSION
Fraser defended on China talks 26,6:1
Mr. Fraaers someraault (Leader) 26.6:2
                                                                          ABC head starts pruning 6,2:3
PM leaves Chinese pleased 28,6:3                                          Kurri gets chance to "find" film stara 6.2:5
PM deniea nation tied to pekingd                      29.6:1              Economy drive cuts ABC drama 7.2:3
Indonesions accuse Fraser of insult 30.6:1
                                                                       N.M.H. INDEX                                      11.   1976
                                                                                AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY      (C'td)
  Apology to Hansen enda slander case 10.2:6
  ABC features axed 11.2:1                                                      Plan In six months 29.3:8
  ABC post (Mr Laurie Short) 13.2:1                                             Radio-active dumping "scandal" 24,6:3
  ABC films adoption program 19.2:16                                          • Homosexuality to be legal in A . C T , 14.7:
  ABC staffers propose militant stand 20.2:3
  ABC Chief warns on strike 23.2:3                                             AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL OF TRADE UNIONS
  ABC staff in Perth vote against strike 24,2:3
  ABC goes black for five Mondays 26.2:1                                       New year hard for unions - Hawke 1.1:3
  ABC T.V. films in Kurri 26.2:HV1                                             Acn'U to boycott industrial group 18,2:3
  ABC rolling strike plan 27.2:3                                               ACTU seeks <redlt file guard 19,2:9
  ABC seeks meeting on stoppages 28.2:3                                        ACTU attacks NZ proposal 19.3:3
  ABC quality at risk (Leader) 1.3:2                                           Hawke other side of capitalist coin 6,5:17
  ABC "Off air"at noon 3,3:3                                                   Hawke ready to talk if ballot law dropped
  ABC strike call beaten 4.3:3                                                 18,5:1
  Reprieve for 30 in ABC 6.3:1                                                 ACTU head "no longer hero" 28,6:3
  Advertisers offer ABC $8.4M deal 13,3:3                                      Defamation settlement for Hawke 4.9:5
  Keep ABC free appeal 23.3:3                                                  Crean seat Hawke key 14.9:L
  Whitlam seeks Government intention on ABC                                    ACTU to consider agencies 30,10:10
  26,3:11                                                                      Hawke defends wage proposal 9.12:3
  Aunty: shedding excess fat or on a starvation                                Hawke puts tax trade-off to PM 14.12:1
  diet 29,3:2                                                                  Something to talk about (Leader) 14.12:2
  Time for ABC changes 30.3:2
  Broadcasters "not the opposition" 12.4:3                                     AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRY DEVKLOPMENT CORPORATION
  September demise for Blue Hills 21.4:1
  End of Blue Hills sad for Granny 22.4:15                                     AIDC foresees difficulties      12,11:8
  Soviet pressure query to ABC 19,5:3
  Bellbird is down but not out 21.5:3                                          AUSTRALIAN LABOU'R PARTY
  ABC purchase seen as futile 26.5:13
  Better T.V. cover 8.6:10                                                      State elections tipped 10,1:L
  Newcastle ABC gets support 16.6:14                                           ALP would reduce fares - Wran 10.1:26
  New head for ABC (Sir Henry Bland) 5.7:1                                      Whitlam to lead ALP 13.1:1
  ABC bid for planning council 5.7:7                                            Hawke backs Whitlam for Leader 14.1:8
  Jolt in store for ABC 9.7:2                                                   ALP branch plea for Lake campers 15,1:LH5
  Single broadcasting authority opposed 19.7:3                                  ALP files and papers "stolen" 16,1:3
  Shortland suit settled 5.8:6                                                  Egerton wants younger labour leaders 23.1:3
  Now Alvin loses his guernsey 13.8:3                                           Youngest Whitlam son joins labour party 26.1:8
  Green light for buff purple 14.8:1                                            Call to unions for ban on Sir John Kerr 26.1:8
  Alvin "may shock viewers":Bland                     17.8:3                    Whitlam favored in tight ALP tussle 27.1:3
  Bellbird author turns freelance (Barbara                                      Media bias vicious - ALP secretary 27,1:6
  Vernon) 19.8:12                                                               Whitlam leads younger team 28.1:1
  Alvin clipped 20,8:1                                                          At last, the 1967 show (Leader) 28,1:2
  Alvin Purple's encounter therapy 21.S;1                                       Another alderman resigna from ALP (W. Durrant)
  Old stagers gather as Blue Hills fades 1,9:1                                  Lord Mayor's ALP post 12,2:12      (2.2:1)
  Solicitor loses defamation action (M. Seymour)                                Hawke claims obligation to make political commer
  1,9:9                                                                         14.2:3
  Newcastle garden show on ABC 6.9:6                                            Whitlam must wait for decision on conspiracy
  ABC staff rally for Alvin 6.9:8                                               14.2:5
  Alvin cast criticise Bland 7.9:1                                              Hawke ready to contest early vacancy 16.2:3
  Black, blue and Purple (Leader) 7.9:2                                        ALP "must not forget" 23.2:3
  Commercial T.V. shows interest in Alvin 8.9:3                                 Iraq $JM offer rejected - Hawke 26,2:1
  Queensland minister criticises ABC                       9.9:6               Arab deal would be treachery - Einfield 26,2:1
  Moses favours quality before Alvin 14,9:1                                    A register needed (Leader) 26,2:2
  No "ABC meddling" 15.9:9                                                     ALP branch officers (Toronto) 26.2:LH5
  Opposition attacks ABC head over Alvin 16.9:3                                ALP heads returning to crisis 27.2:1
  Blue Hills bows out at last 16.9:3                                            Iraqi's deny gift to Labour 28.2:1
  Alvin back on T.V. with cuts 17.9:3                                           Whitlam era hearing the end 28.2:2
  Support fOT^ABC independence 22.9:3                                           Whitlam to get diary copies 1.3:1
  ABC "not under threat" 23.9:3                                                 Whitlam hits press with $2iM writs 2.3:1
  Councillors reject Alvin protest 28.9:1                                       Waterside ban on newsprint proposal 2,3:1
  PM "wants to make ABC conform" 4.10:3                                         Labour leader waits fordiary copies 2.3:1
  Resign call for Bland 5.10:3                                                  Newspaper's Hawke vigil called off 2.3:3
  The ABC of censorship (Leader) 9.10:2                                        No "raid" on ALP agency 2.3:3
  Unions "against ABC censorship" 9.10:3                                       ALP men to lose passes 2,3:7
 ABC lectures not subject to review 13,10:1                                    Aware of inquiry scope: Ellicott 3.3:1
  The ABC (Leader) 14.10:2                                                      Iraqis "not searched" 3.3:1
  Radio - T.V. board "to be axed" 25.10:3                                       Police seeking "Iraqi money offer" man 3,3:3
  Green report leak to ABC supporters 30,10:33                                  Union fees law sought by Willia 3,3:3
  Big radio, T,V. shake-ip 5.11:1                                               Fiacher: no Iraqi cash offered 4.3:1
  Broadcasting control (Leader), 6.11:2                                         News chief flayed 4.3:1
  Staff attack ABC restructure move 6.11:3                                      Whitlam supporters sure 5.3:1
  PM "seeks control" of broadcasting 8.11:3                                     Martyrdom "denied"to Whitlam 5.3:1
  Pacesetter role seen for ABC 10.11:1                                          Hall seeks full Iraqi inquiry 5.3:1
 ABC axes programs 11,11:1                                                     ALP branch officers (Stockton) 5,3:7
 ABC attack by Bishop 15.11:3                                                   Whitlam's fate remains in doubt 6.3:1
 North's ABC budget cut 16,11:1                                                Mr Whitlam admits his error 8.3:1
 protests follow Newcastle ABC cuts 17.11:3                                    The Iraqi money (Leader) 8.3:2
 Public to ecpress view on ABC reform 19.11:13                                 Labour "will help young buying first home"3.8:3
 Anti-ABC campaign alleged 24.11:3                                             Whitlam gets Bay support 8.3:10
 Protest on ABC concerts 24.11:7                                               Caucus opponents canvas challenge to Whitlam
 ABC work stop called 25.11:1                                                  9.3:1
 ABC cuts stir North protest 25.11:7                                           No sign of Whitlam quitting 10.3:1
ABC staff expected to strike 26.11:1                                           Beazley ready if ALP drops Whitlam 10.3:1
ABC strike »ill last 24 hours 27.11:3                                          McClelland sticks with Whitlam 11.3:1
 Debate follows ABC strike 30.11:3                                             Swansea ALP worried 11.3:18
Television station to change diannel 30.11:12                                  50 unions back Whitlam 12.3:1
 Integrity of ABC "guaranteed" 1.12:10                                         Whitlam confident on gift report 13.3:1
 Interference upsets Bland 2.12:3                                              Grassroots support grows for Whitlam 16.3:1
ABC subscribers oppose cuts 7.12:8                                             Beazley resigns but Whitlam looks sure 17.3:1
ABC To get more national cover 11.12:33                                        Mr Beazley's principle (Leader) 17.3:2
ABC tests channel 5A                      14.12:5                              Support for Whitlam 17.3:12
ABC staff ask Bland to quit 17.12:13                                           ALP body attacks police role 17,3:13
ABC chief resigns 18.12:1                                                      Wheeldon may go "soon" 18.3:5
New ABC Chairman "not a hatchet man" 20.12:3                                   Whitlam still leader: no Caucus challenge 18.3:5
A clean slate (Leader) 21.12:2                                                 ALP o f f i c e r s elected (Bolton Point-Fennell Bay)
O f f i c i a l s f o r b r o a d c a s t body named 2 4 . 1 2 : 1            18.3:LH2
950 ABC j o b s may be aced                     24.12:3
                                                                              Dockyard supported 18.3:LH5
                                                                              Branch opposed to foreign aid cut 18.3:LH5
                                                                              Hayden "gets vote" 22.3:3
                                                                              Police order "leak" inquiry 23.3:6
M i n i s t e r i a l t a l k s on A . C . T . b o r d e r   planned
13.1:3                                                                        ALP opens appeal for debts 24,3:3
                                                                              Labour rates bid thwarted 24.3:11
                                                        N.M.H. INDEX                                                   12, 1976

AUSTRALIAN LABOUR PARTY (C'td)                                    AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL LINE ( C ' t d )

                                                                  G u a r a n t e e d c a r g o e s aid rumours on s h i p s 4 . 1 1 : 1 4
Newcastle campaign by ALP 25.3:11
                                                                  ANL s u f f e r s $9.44M l o s s f o r y e a r 1 9 . 1 1 : 8
Press group protest 26.3:11
ALP branch calls for tax indexation 29.3:9
                                                                  AUSTRALIAN RAILWAYS UNION
Woodberry ALP supports nurses 1.4:HV2
Third alderman quits caucus (Ald.Mullard) 6.4:3                   "No rises" for nan-unionists 22.7:3
Branch to discuss resignation 7,4:7
                                                                  Displaced railmen to b e retrained 25.10:8
ALP wants dock retained 8.4:LH2
                                                                  Comrades in work 22,12:7
ALP considers policy change, news service 14.4:3
Whitlam "accepted Iraqi $iM " 29.4:1                              AUCTRALIAN WORKERS' UNION
Shortland ALP officers 29.4:14
Breakfast gift of $500,000 "absurd" 30.4:5
                                                                  AWU three.tens action on pay guidlines 30,1:3
ALP chief to be prosecuted (Mr Holding) 8.5:3
                                                                  AWU Chief hits Labor pjlicies 4,2:9
Pensions queried 13.5:LH1
                                                                  AWU sticks with ACTU 5,2:3
Rejection of Sir John "dignified" 18.5:7
                                                                  Shop assistant gets job back 6,5:7
"Democracy" key to Labour's hopes 8.6:3
                                                                  Greenkeeping award talks 18,8:31
"Rear vision" view opposed 14.6:1
                                                                  AWU decision commended 28,8:3
Jobless policy attacked 14.6:1
                                                                  Gold watch award claim 8.9:1
Sir John quiet on future in ALP 15.6:1
                                                                  Unions to "'resist takeover by BLF" 11.11:13
Egerton silent on future 16.6:3
                                                                  Quarry workers to discuss award    $.11:8
Labour's love lost: Lynch 17.6:3
Hawke's post "safe" 17.6:20
Lourigan wins ALP job 18.6:1
Knight "ready to step down" 19.6:1
                                                                  Award for quiet airline 5.1:11
Egerton to resign in 4 months 24,6:1
                                                                  Demand for air services 7,1:25
 Egerton looses Queensland ALP post 29,6:6                        Smithy's Southern Cross has model link in Valley
State check on Sydney ALP brawl 30,6:3
"Westminister style" questioned 30.6:7                            8,1:HV2
                                                                  Airline traffic declines 15,1:7
Gov-Gen. position would go    3.7:27
                                                                  Fly- in almost became awim-in 29,1:LH5
MHR Outlines his opposition work 8.7:LH4
                                                                  Ansett breakthrough on overseas routes 30,1:6
.ALP elects new leader (C. Martin) 10.7:8
                                                                  Qantas oits Tahiti route 3,2:1
Labour pleased with appeal response 12.7:7
                                                                  Maitland - Sydney service delayed 5,2:HV1
Fraser's China visit "sham" 31.7:32
                                                                  Nixon puts clamp on airlfere cuts  9,2:7
Labour win seen in 1978 2.8:3
                                                                  Victoria offers trial landings to Concorde 10.2:3
Popular vote sought for Mayoral election 3.8:1
                                                                  Alice asks fcr Concorde 16.2:3
No moves to unseat Cairns 4.8:3
State pulls out of Bereton indictment 17.8:10                     Qantas to buy 12th jumbo 19,2:3
                                                                  15pc rise in air navigation charges 20.2:5
Cahill quits Labour post 2.9:1
ALP attacks migration policy 8.9:7                                Flights resume as strike ends 21,2:1
ALP tip for top job (Graham Richardson) 10,9:1                    More planes to-day to cope with backlog 21,2:3
                                                                  Union dispute could ground Ansett 26,2:3
Mr Hawke (Leader) 16.9:2
                                                                  Cessnock gets air service 26.2:HV1
Hawke stays put 16.9:3
                                                                  Ten years to a take off (Gloucester Aero Club)
ALP Senator may lose endorsement (Vic) 18.9:3
Trades Hall supports centre 22,9:27
                                                                  Controller to quit but air diapute goes on
Labour warned on Senator's future 24.9:5
Labour eyes on rural seats 25,9:9
ALP wants Medibank review 29,9:7                                  J e t l i n e r grrounded a f t e r f e d e r a t i o n bans p i l o t
Zone 6 ALP Conference 4,10:8                                      28,2:3
Australian republic deadlock for ALP 11.10:3                      Nomad earns its name 28,2:29
ALP rejects abortion bid 11.10:3                                  Air travel body to enforce tariffs 3,3:7
100 for ALP zone talks 16.10:9                                    Zeppelin all set to make a comeback 9,3:2
ALP needs clear guidlines for Poll success                        Airstrip still grounded (North Wallaend) 17,3:10
19,10:8                                                           30 Tiger Moths in air show at Rutherford 19,3:5
ALP preselection for council 23.10:10                             Crash fails to deter two enthusiasts 22,3:1
ALP fails to endorse Garrick 25.10:3                              Tiger Moths draw 7000 22,3:1
Prepare for early poll: Whitlam 6.25:10                           Aero club extensions (Gloucester) 25,3:11
Lourigan quits Qld post 26.10:3                                   Air service shapes up to union 12.4:9
Whitlam, Hawke disagree on policy 27,10:7                         Aeropelican expanda fleet 16.4:5
No joy in ALP raffle; but it's legal 30,10:1                      Aircraft workers want decision 17,4:3
ALP supports fertisiser subsidy 30,10:32                          Seaplane service on lake 19,4:3
Australian republic inevitable: Whitlam 2.11:15                   Granny fares (Leader) 20,4:2
Election plans 11,11 :LH1                                         Seaplanes to meet on Lake 22,4:LH1
Labour studies rural policies 15.11:3                             Lib. Lockheed bribe alleged 30,4:1
Vic ALP endorses Newport ban 15.11:3                              Approval for Maitland air service 30,4:7
 Nomination closing time extended 18.11:14                        Lockheed denies corruption charge 1.5:3
 MLA's prosecution branded political 24.11:3                      Ban may hit airlines 1.5:3
 ALP seeks cover fcr blasting 8.12:32                             Whitlam links name with allegations of
 Query on Whitlam for '78 22.12:2                                 Lockheed bribe 4.5:1
                                                                  Airlines trim winter fares 4.5:3
AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL ASSCXIATION                                    Menzies finds bribe charge "deplorable" 5,5:1
                                                                  Fraser attacks Whitlam on corruption charge 6.5:1
AMA   to seek part ban on bulk billing 2,2:1                      Aero club honour (Bill Hitchcock) 6.5:6
AMA   "wide operf/t to suggestions 19.8:3                         Proof needed (Leader) 7,5:2
AMA   seeks view on health care 28.8:31                           Whitlam alleges Paltridge evasion 7.5:3
AMA   accused of deceit 17.11:3                                   Commuter copters in planning 8,5:8
                                                                  Noise rule halts seaplane flights 13.5:10
AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNE                                           Air service grounded 13.5:LH1
                                                                  Minister rebuts electral link with Paltridge
ANL Bulk carrier returns to service 12,2:11                       19,5:3
Couples find themselves all at sea 20.3:1                         Noise hurdle to fly in 20.5:1
ANL wants to extend tenders for carriers 3.4:9                    Concorde's coming"certain"22.5:1
ANL may order 4 ships from Japan 26.5:1                           Seaplane fly in...and taxi across 22.5:3
Australian Trader run ending 12.6:31                              Air fares will rise 22.5:3
Carrier ready for ANL 17,6:11                                     Pilots seek noise talks with MSB 24.5:8
Tas shipping loss angers Liberal MP 22.6:3                        A gaggle of seaplanes now, and then 27.5:LH1
ANL joins new cargo service 26.6:11                               Concorde gets Australian approval 29,5:1
Reprieve for passenger ship service 1.7:14                        Knocked out with rifle butt, saya Qantas man
Shipper seeks trade entry 17.7:10                                 31.5:1
Name-dropping the fashion 17.7:31                                 Supersonic aircraft "pose threat to life" 4.6:1
Ban may keep ship in port (Bass trader) 21.7:3                    From two flights daily to 85 a week (Aero
Still hope for Crat sailing 22,7:3                                Pelican) 5.6:9
Decision on Trader Monday 23.7:3                                  Airline pilots "tired" 8.6:3
New ship changes lands 27.7:3                                     Pan Am to start air cargo service 10.6:12
 Seamen say ANL ship will not sail 31;7:32                        Concorde run may start in February 26.6:3
ANL loses another $10M 2.8:1                                      Airline fares up again 30.6:3
 Deal h i t c h d e l a y s $40M s h i p o r d e r 2 6 . 8 : 1    Domestic air fares tipped to rise 30.6:7
Loan fund c h a l l e n g e l i k e l y over s h i p d e a l      Airlines out of action 1.7:3
 27,8:1                                                           Qantas chief calla it a day (Capt. Ritchie)
 More s h i p o r d e r s may go t o J a p a n 7 , 9 : 1          1.7:6
 Sweeping c h a n g e s f o r ANL u r g e d 3 . 1 1 : 1           T,A,A, staya out: Anaett flying 2.7:1
                                                              N.M.H. INDEX                                 13, 1976

AVIATION (C'td)                                                          BANKS AND BANKING (C'td)

11th hour agreement ends airline strike 3,7:3                                             n
                                                                         Miss Australia i bank public relations team
Newciastle air service to North extended 7,7:11                          11.2-15
Inter-city air fare rise 9,7:7                                           New bank for Hamilton 12,2:16
Air passenger traffic down 10.7:11                                                                  y
                                                                         Benefits service offered l bank 13,2:5
Air services increased 17,7:11                                           Wales cut lates 14,2:9
Red Baron dog fights relived 27.7:2                                      Bank sees tax cuts as stimulus to industry
Test pilot for aero club 29.7:10                                          5,4:8
Aircraft's "sound barrier" test 5.8:LH1                                  Savings bank home loans increase 8.4:6
Qantas cuts holiday costs 7.8:3                                          Bank frees $300M to ease liquidity 9,4:1
Groounded bird may fly again 19,8:LH1                                    Bank branch renovated 14,4:LH1
Free drinks flight critic 24.8;3                                         Recovery to be slower in hbrth 29,4:18
Jet contract to Australia 31.8:3                                         Technical awards inlOth year 5,5:22
Air control action doubt 4.9:3                                           Home loans at record 14,5:11
Rules make flights late 6.9:3                                            Wales offers rights issue 5.6:10
Total airway closure threatened:Nixon 7.9:1                              Savinga bank deposits fall 10.6:18
Maitland - SYDNEY air service 7.9:3                                      Australians deposit less, borrow more 18.6:8
Air traffic delay ends 8,9:1                                             Newcastle born bank chief tells of changes
Landing softly (Leader) 8,9:2                                            30.6:3
Flights back to normal 9.9:11                                            Bank in red, woman in black 7.7:12
Red Baron in with moths 13.9:3                                           Business revival "Chief hope" to break spiral
Air union se^ks joint claim 16.9:10                                      8.7:13
Qantas blames illegal rivals 24.9:1                                      Woman told to repay bank 10.7:5
A battle of princ^le 25,9:2                                              PS opposes plan to end bank holiday 3.8:3
The sky's the limit for racers 9.10:7                                    A perk (leaderO 4.8:2
Drink decision still in air 14.10:3                                      New bank fcr Jesmond 13,8:6
Maitland gets air service 14.10:7                                        Phone friends meet at last (Mr J,D. Markey)
Changes sought to flight plan proceedures                                1.10:5
21.10:17                                                                 New 9.5% savings bond 8.10:1
Two force land on Nullarbor plain 22,10:3                                Company director charged with fraud 12.10:6
Masling denies low flight 22,10:3                                        Bank in new building (Warners Bay branch cf
Weather grounds race planes 23,10:3                                      the bank of N.S.W.)    18.10:9
Airlines passenger total 5,000 a month 23,10:8                           Bank to spend $3M in North 23.10:10
Light plane first over continent 25,10:13                                ANZ sees signs cf recovery 4.11:20
 "Fed up" race chief quits 26,10:12                                      Nation keeps on toarding 5.11:10
Connair pilots go back 28,10:11                                          Bank leader will speak on economy 5,11:10
ACTU may ban trade links with Fiji 1.11:8                                Retiring "needs planning" 17.11:7
Hang gliding to be controlled 3.11:3                                     Bank branch renovated (Warners Bay) 19,11:13
Do-it-yourself pilots to hear hints 4,11:13                              Empty lots prompt Chamber concern 1.12:23
                                                                         Hamilton Bank building sold 8.12:24
Home made planes fly in 8.11:3
Qantas chief to lead world airline group                                 PM hints banks may curb profit 9.12:1
8.11:10                                                                  More bank Sinds marked for freeze 22.12:1
Airline row settled out of court 10.11:15
Qantas holds back decision 11.11:1                                       BASKETBALL
Anaett chief blames airport for delaya 17,11:23
Country agent for qantas (Airlines of N.S.W.)                            Basketball post to Kibble 13.8:20
20.11:10                                                                 Self help earns $49,000 grant to basketball
Second flying school (Cessnock) 25.11:12                                 12,10;18
Australia clear of Lockheed 2.12:6
Tliree more Nomads sold 2.12:18                                          BEACHES AND BATHS
Sea food kept off qantas crow menu 8.12:6
Engines fail 47 times on Qantas flights 8.12:24                           Beach   g>ers get two sting blues 3.1:1
An annual 18,000 KM flight 9.12:17                                        Spike urchins plague: Nobbys 5.1:3
Aircraft buffs meet 9.12:19                                               Beach buggy drivers beware 5,1:4
Air Niugini to buy Austalian holdings 20.12:3                             Sharks mar beach days 19,1:3
Air fares expected to rise 21.12:1                                        Boats holed in ODstly carnival 27,1:1
Overseas Air fares rise 10% 22.12:3                                                    s
                                                                          One in two i a beach litterer 27.1:7
Airline ad "false" 23.12:5                                                Life savers battle to revive Bar Beach surf
                                                                          victim 2,2:3
AVIATION - ACCIDENTS AND WRECKS                                           Surf club extensions 5,2:LH4
                                                                          New pavilion approved for Nobbya 11,2:11
                                                                         Clamp planned in leach hoodluma, loiterera
 Tow p l a n e husband b a f f l e d by w i f e ' s g l i d e r
 death crash 2,1:1
                                                                          Siltation atudy for beach (Canton) 4.3:LH3
 Pilot dies in crash (Melb.) 24,1:29
                                                                          Huge waves pound the coastline 6.3:1
Five die as planes collide in mid air2,2:l
                                                                          Beach litter (Leader) 20,3:2
Six men die as plane crashes in paddock                                  Additional lights at baths urged 14,4:7
(Merimbula) 1,3:1                                                        Baths lioensee retires after 20 years 4.5:7
Pilot two seconds from death 17.3:1                                      To give new life to life saving 5,5:25
Air crash victims named 23,3:7                                           Surf clubs safety work celebrated 6.5:LH6
Oxygen leak gets air crash blame 29.3:7                                  Surf Association standards "have declined"
Plane wreck protection 12,4:3                                            3/6:LHl
Search party finds lost light plane (Central                             Move for beach works 3,7:27
Australia) 17.4:3                                                        Major works proposed at Dixon Park 7.7:20
Engine catches fire as jet takes off 3,5:3                               Committee check beach improvements 19.7:6
Aircraft missing on tops 14,5:1                                          Five year plan for beaches advocated 4.8:12
Pilot tbund dead in plane wreck (Lostock)                                Beach inspectors for late start 5.8:LH3
15,5:1                                                                   Beach works priorities listed (Lake Macquarie
4 die in a i r c r a f t crash (Cooma) 21.5:5                            Shire Council) 12.8:LH4
Search p i l o t k i l l e d 22.5:1                                      Cash needed for beaches 16.8:7
Youth who fell from a i r c r a f t "Long dead"                          Program for beaches 25.8:11
28.5L6                                                                   Pools and baths open to-morrow 27.8:7
3 die in planes third crash 14.6:10                                      Beach licenaed reaturant favoured 1,9:14
Six escape from crash landing (Melb) 28.6:3                              Bar Beach rest;aurant "good for City" 2,9:3
Couple safe after plane crash (Brisbane) 19.7:6
                                                                         Porpoises found shot on beach 4,9:1
Air death payout "unfair" 2.8:8                                          Restaurant plan deferral fails 8.9:8
Nomad crash kills test pilot (Victoria) 7.8:3                            $1/4M marked for teach works 8.9:8
Nomad plane crash toll now two (Victoria) 9.8:3                          Beach restaurant plan "ruled out" last year
Air crash kills 3 8.9:1                                                  9,9:1
Patrol plane, glider in near crash 8.11:1
                                                                         Gritty fare(Leader) 9.9:2
Surf- ski paddle to lescue 13.11:1
                                                                         Restaurant plans for beach "deferred" 10.9:3
Wind stops salvage of aircraft 15,11:3                                   City policy on cafe queried 13,9:3
Mechanic, pilot killed in crash (Sydney)                                 Rescission move on beach lease expected
10,12:14                                                                 14.9:3
2 Den hurt in plane crash (S,A.) 17.12;4                                 Burgess vents restaurant advice 15.9:1
                                                                         Tender supported for promenade 15,9:8
BANKS AND BANKING                                                        Miniater orders urgent pavilion inquiry 17,9:1
                                                                         Dispute on pavilion lease report 29,9:11
MHR puts alternative to Rural lank 16,1:5
                                                                         Surf club wants pavilion report made public
Interest aites drop 1% 23,1:1                                            30.9:1
                                                  N.M.H. INDEX                                                  14. 1976

BEACHES AND BATHS (C'td)                                         BOATS *1D BOATING

                                                                 Mafia Conditions on Murray 1,1:3
Alderman Challenges report embargo 1.10:3                        Woman escapes from Wangi Yacht blaze 1,1:5
The Bar Beach letters 4.10:2                                     Showboat cut free 5,3:3
First plans for beach pavilion"ready to go"                      MSB opens office at atansea 10,3:11
7.10:1                                                           Boat ramp requests "knocked" 17,3:10
N o r t h e r n g r a n t s t o t a l $5.5M 7 . 1 0 : 1          Course in boat safety methods 17,3:12
Bar Beach ( L e a d e r )             8.10:2                     Reclamation seen as aid for boats 7.4:10
Minister investigating lease 9.10:3                              Shipyard may be toat slip 15,4:11
$100 gift for surf club 11.10:6                                  Boat ramp proposed 18.5:8
Divers to clear beaches of traps 16.10:5                         Grants for ramp 27.5:LH1
Additions to surf club 20.10:8                                   Council plans boat ramp 3.6:LH3
Removal of tank traps starts 21,10:7                             New safety rules fcr boats 12.6:5
Minister to inspect beach pavilion 21.10:15                      Yard trawleris no monument 22.7:LH3
60 tank traps found in day 26.10:6                               D e r e i m boats "hazard to navigation" 5.8:Iil3
Dual sport facilities approved (Stockton Surf                    Lake ."et for boat show 18,8:31
Lifesaving Club) 28.10:13                                        Backyard to hke, the long way (Nigel Carter)
Developer seeks advice on pavilion rejection
 2,11:3                                                          Stockton triple boat ramp likely 13.10:11
Bar Beach (Leader) 3.11:2                                        Club to took at toat ramp plans 16.10:33
Restaurateur tells of lease offer 5.11:1                         The small ships (Leader) 18,10:2
Bar Beach appeal improper: Morris 13,11:3                        Launching ramp for old boat site20,10:11
 Reward offer on baths, rampage at Merewether                    Distress calls hazardous 5,11:6
 Advice sought •on pavilion letter 24.11:14                      Wires over launching ramps to be moved 2.12:7
 Crabtree not drawn on lease opinion 25,11:11
.Additional aid boosts service 26,11:16                          BOATS AN'D     BOATING - ACCIDENTS AND WRECKS
 Support to continue for life saving 29,11:20
 New ruling on pavilion somght 1,12:1                            Ship slices yacht in two 3,1:2
 Pavilion case to minister next week 2,12:13                     Couple missing in boat 6.1:3
 Surf markers plan deferred 16,12:13                             Sea tossed but game 6.1:4
 Central coast patrols by helicopter 16,12:LH6                   Woman b u r n t i n j a c h t 1 0 . 1 : 3
 Chamber backs council on lease 18,12:9                          Stranded men rescued 12,1:1
                                                                 Man dies after capsize at heads (Sydney) 12,1:3
BEER                                                             Beginners lone sea voyage foolish - Coroner
Drinkers facing new rise 3,1:3                                   Helpless launch towed to safety (Delaney)
Supply of beer improving 10,1:4                                  23.2:3
Thirst for beer increases 15,1:4                                 Yachtsman asleep as oraft runs aground 26.2:3
Publicans bid for release from old ties (D.Knox)                 Boy disappears as cruiser overturns 8.3:1
10,2:2                                                           Lost yacht saved 27:3:3
Beer, spirits up to-day 24.2:1                                   Coalfields men hurt as launch ecplodes 30.3:1
Publicans will not pass on latest rise in beer                   Race sloop missing 10.4:3
prices 16.4:1                                                    MHR helps atve two 19.4:1
Price rise stays in barrel 21.4:3                                Father, son swim 5Km to safety (Brisbane)
Beer prices to rise next week 24,4:1                             20.4:3
Hoteliers to meet on beer prices 26.4:3                          Helicopter in harbour reacue 10.5:1
Beer rises to-day 28,4:1                                          Police tow in disabled boat 18,5:8
Beer rise not for clubs yet 29.4:3                               Fisherman saved but new career sunk (Mr Patch)
Drinkers as mainstay of economy 20,5:1                            29.5:5
Brewery afraid publicans will dilute beer                        Man rescued after fire in boat 12.7:3
27.5:1                                                            Planes sight missing yacht 16.7:1
Brewery fear on adverts 28,5:3                                   Fishermen adrift in big »as for 24 hours
Alcohol induced train damage 9.6:7                                27.7:3
Beer market"declining" 9.6:15                                     4 «fe after sea rescue (Brisb ane) 20.8:7
Liquor union seeks free vacation 3,8:7                           Recognition to be sought for hero 25.8:10
Strike, but no beer shortage 31,8:10                              Sailors d e in Bass Strait bid 6.9:1
Brewery strikers stand alone 1.9:8                               Red shirt led to reacue (Budgewoi Lake) 10.9:3
Brewery disputes referred to court                                Coroner praises bid to rescue drowning man
Brewery men at Cardiff strike 28,10:11                            (James Martin) 17.9:5
Brewer attacks PJT 2.11:12                                        Missing sloop mcored at Forster (Kawaisi) 21.9:3
Northern Brewery workers strike 4.11:14                           Fisherman adrift 32 hours will go back (William
Beer back on tap 6.11:5                                           Thorm) 22.9:1
Beer price war in offing 10.11:1                                  Two fishermen saved after 24 hour ordeal 18,10:1
Ban stops beer delivery 2.12:12                                   Sailing holiday wrecked (Mr. and Mrs McMaster)
                                                                  Speed toat mishap kills racing skier (Terry
                                                                  Mumberson) 22.11:9
 Separate bicycle ways "costly" 28,4:8
 Push bikea vith a difference 29.4:LH1                            BOATS AND BOATING - ACCIDENTS AND WRECKS
 Motor cycle inquiry 14.9:13
 Cycling safety in Melbourne 24.11:9                              H e l i c o p t e r rescues fisherman 11.12:1
                                                                  Boy 4 , u n h u r t a s b o a t motor e x p l o d e s ( C o a l
 BLACKBUTT RESERVE                                                Point) 1 3/12:1
                                                                  Boatman escapes 160KMH crash (Sydney) 20.12:3
 Blackbutt "not all park" 9.6:8
 Coal mine should not delay Blacbutt plan 10.6:15                 Trawler aground at Stockton 21.12:3
 Blackbutt Lantana project 17.6:11
 Blackbutt delays (Leader) 21,6:2                                 BOWLS
 Blackbutt Lantana cleared 21,6:3
 Blackbutt pit phasing outir    12,8:1                            Bowler shows bias for top score (0. Stevens)
 Blackbutt study 18,8:14                                          8.1:HV4
 Civic Park cut recommended (Includes the devel-                  Conditions testing in invitation play 16.1:12
 opment of a recreational reserve on the coal                     World class players in top bowls field 16.1:12
 mine ate in Blackbutt reserve) 29.9:1                            Cream of lily whites in blue on green 17.1:3
 Blackbutt: a peoples park 30,9:2                                 Bowlers fight over coal 29.1:HV4
 Blackbutt report 30.9:7                                          Bowling clubs rated as special 6.2:3
 The use of Blackbutt (Leader) 4.10:2                             A Special treat (Leader) 9.2:2
 $100,000 to fight weeds 3.11:11                                  Salter to tangle with worlds best 11.2:26
 Changes to Blackbutt favoured by committee                       Busy itinerary for bowlers 15.3:16
 24.11:1                                                          Salter amazed at promotion 15.3:16
 Blackbutt (Leader) 25.11:2                                        International bowlers will not have it all
 Blackbutt opinions sought 30.11:3                                Own «y 16.3:16
 Animals "safe" in Blackbutt 1.12:14                              McAtee a collector of titles 17.3:30
 Debate goes on, but man's moving 7.12:1                          Football injury leads to love for bowls 18.3:20
 Blackbutt (Leader) 7.12:2                                         English bowler is top administrator (T.Fleming)
 Conaultants Blackbutt view 7.12:2                                 19.3:16
 Blackbutt fauna '"should be retained" 8,12:1                      Bowls pair delights crowd 23.3:1
 Blackbutt keeps fauna    15.12:13                                Australians are early favourites 23.3:16
                                                                   Coach came at own expense 24.3:32
                                                                   Australains hold off challenge 24.3:32
                                                                   Victoria retains lead in bowla 25.3:24
                                          N.M.H. INDEX                                  15. 1976

BOWLS (C'td)                                        BROKEN HILL PROPRIETFARY CO. LTD (C'td)

This tournament is unique 25.3:24                   10,000 out for BHP pay row stoppage 11.2:7
Play delayed in classic bowls series 26.3:14        BHP will hold off ARC     14.2:9
World bowls interest 8.4:15                         Steel toost at Whyalla 18.2:8
District bowls to Barry Salter 5,7:20               BHP's raw steel flow up 18.2:18
Pressure produced a bowls winner (Ken Pearce)       BHP strike continues 3.3:16
25.8:1                                              BHP in steel price bid 3.3:22
Football injury led to bowls title (Doug Watson)    500 strike over sacking5,3:5
31.8:22                                             BHP steel up 9.57 % 6.3:1
Top bowler taught by husband 1.9:23                 45 builders suspended    6.3:3
Darby Ross bowls over state champions for           Steel works tallyemen remain on strike 9,3:6
Newcastle 20.11:1                                   Production, strike g> on 10,3:7
Ross defies late challenge 20.11:38                 257o rise in BHP benefit funds 12,3:3
Second master title to Ross 22.11:16                $1200 fine for BHP spill 3,4:1
                                                    Manning row halts bloom mill 3.4:9
BOXING                                              Steelworks fitter wins award (Hans Freye) 30.4:7
                                                    Steelworks tests on Queensland coal 3,3:7
South African bout for Rose off 24.2:3              Furnace strike spreads 4.5:9
Olympic bid by boxer (P. McElwaine) .9.3:13         BHF 55ends millions on pollution control 5.5:24
McElwaine misses Olympic team 15.3:16               Wallsend man top apprentice 8.5:3
McElwaine hopeful of games trip 23.3:14             BHP qjuld face air pollution charge 10.5:6
American boxer in critical condition (C.Wilburn)    Conservation group quizzes BHP 20.5:33
3.4:5                                               Production resumes at HIP 4.6:7
Churchman wants boxing banned 5.4:1                 Coke ovens repairs to cut pollution 9.6:9
Vicious sport (Leader) 6.4:2                        BHP acquires more fend 9.6:15
U,S. fighter dies; Thompson will continue           Import restrictions for steel 10.6:3
career (Chuck Williams) 7.4:1                       BHP hold off expected by Newcastle firms 11.6:6
McElwaine in Montreal bid 9.4:12                    BHP coal export move not immediate:chief 12.6:3
Foreman favoured in "grudge" fight 16.6:30          "No ^proach" on coke oven repair 12.6:3
Frazier will hang up gloves 17.6:24                        n
                                                    Drop i raw ^eel output
McElwaine is "fighting fit" for Montral 3.6:30      BHP's steel role queried 23.6:1
Newcastle boxers had cause to remember Jack         BHP case continued 23.6:10
Carroll 24,9:18                                     Inventive mind pays off 24,6:11
Thompson to retire from ring 23.10:34               Monopoly in steel criticised by GMH 25,6:3
Brown retains title with TKO 1.12:32                BHP may buy into Burma 26,6:11
Easy way to hold crown (Phil McElwaine) 1.12:32    First stage of BHP project completed 29.6:12
Thompson holds title, in quest for world crown      Dockyard silent on ship call 30.6:7
17.12:16                                           BHP satellite buys car part distributors 30.6:26
Alan Westbury is one of boxing's unforgettables    BHP keen to use solar unit 1,7:14
31.12:12                                           BHP granted time over CK Tedi 1.7:15
                                                   The view from BHP house 5,7:2
BREAD                                              BHP on collision course 14.7:2
                                                   Ship delays costly 15.7:15
Bakers seek early starting times 24.2:7            BHP's steel output down 17.7:10
Bread to cost more 6.3:1                           BHP loses $50M on steel 26,7:8
Bread rises questioned 15.3:3                      BHP vorkers strike after accident 29,7:7
Price cut moves "phoney" 8,4:3                     Ship delayed O'er "non-work" issue 5,8:7
Bread discounting row at stalemate 10,4:10         Clerks nay end ship ban 6.8:5
Bread prices frozen 29,9:3                         BHP will buy into NW shelf 7.8:3
Huge bread profits "rubbish" 30,9:3                Black ban lifted 7.8:5
Ban for unsold tread 4,10:1                        Decision on tally clerks saerved 13,8:5
Bread price freeze "costly" 13.10:3                Unions warn en steel appeal 17,8:8
Freeie on bread faces legal challenge 14.10:10               y
                                                   Output l BHP up in July 19,8:15
Bread control bill before House today 20.10:1      BHP, Shell merge for gas cteal 21.8:1
Greedy bakers selling pig feed: Wran 21.10:1       Coal lease offered to BHP 27.8:3
Crusty word3(Leader) 22.10:2                                 in
                                                   Clerks \ i pay from BHP 28,8:8
Bill mainly for bread: Einfeld 22.10:3             Protest stoppage an bonus 3,9:8
"Priority" to bread industry 10.11:7               BHP fined $1,000 for coke oven pollution 8,9:10
Defiant baker waits for arrest (South poast)       BHP's $92M Port Kembla plan 10,9:10
11.11:7                                            BHP profit down $53M 22,9:1
                                                   Optimism (Leader) 23,9:2
BRIDGES                                            Two unions neet oi BHP mill dispute 24,9:5
                                                   Bloom mill men go back 25,9:11
New bridge ready next month (Ourimbah Creek Rd     BHP Chief indicts maritime industry 28,9:3
bridge) 22.1:LH3                                   PM sees signs of business expansion 30.9:10
Work starts on $99,000 Gap bridge 29.1:HV2          Wartime sinking recalled 2.10:1 (Capt.Brady)
Damage to WDodville bridge $40,000 4.2:11           BHP leases 3 ships 9.10:9
$1M needed for Cessnock bridges 11.3:10             BHP vans steel price riae 13.10:20
Bridge tan ignored (The Entrance) 29.3:11           BHP in H g coal deal 16.10:1
Flooded bridge razedd   (Splitters Crook) 7.5:1     40 workers strike over muddy conditions 26.10:7
New bridge "further away" (Dudley) 2.6:19           BHP confirms Lake coal plans 27.10:1
                                                    Coal news bright (Leader)    29.10:2
New bridge in six veeks (Brundersville) 14.6:14
                                                    Coal cheapest energy source:McLennan 2.11:1
Town fears isolation 18,6:3                         Explosion after walk out at BHP 3.11:1
Fassifern station to get new bridge 16.7:7          Steel plant visited in margin case 3.11:12
Bridge check requested 17,7:31                      BHP strikers to resume work 4.11:14
Big show for blue teelers 17,8:1                    Guaranteed cargoes end rumours on ships 4.11:14
New Timor bridge gets green light 26,8:11           Oldest BHP ship sold 5.11:10
$1,7M for road bridge work 20.10:16                 Sale of ship benefits charity 9.11:5
Funds needed for Maitland bridges 21.10:15          BHP cuts output at four Northern Collieriea
Bridge project in doubt 28.10:22                    12,11:1
$1M Bridge replacement (Murrurandi) 1.12:16
                                                    Newcastle BHP jobs aafe but Kembla hit 13.11:3
                                                    BHP men stop over strike work 16.11:8
                                                    BHP men cut as delegate sacked 17.11:7
                                                    BHp beltmen end stoppage 17.11:15
Safety issues hit steel production 9,.1:4           Pioneer women of BHP 20.11:2
BHP Qitlines coke oven dispute 10.1:4               October steel output up 13.11:12
Metal iKn strike at sinter plant ID,1:4             Mittagong joins BHP fleet 9.12:7
$55 million placement by BHP 18,1:16                BHP plans joint $30M coal venture 9.12:22
Cattle prices jump $40,   16.1:4                    Union ban delays BHP ship 14.12:6
Drop in BHP steel 17.1:9                            Seamen's union lifts ban on carrier 16.12:13
128 jobs to go in BHP closure 21,1:8                Hearing begins on jobs 17.12:4
Stoppage at HIP continues 24,1:8                    BHP's biggest holder sells 18.12:1
50 workers strike at sinter plant 30,1:6            BHP man had strong Newcastle link (J.F.Pick)
Award refusal sparkes HIP strike 31,1:3             18.12:3
BHP profit down 48% 7.2:1
Japan vithdrawa from HP's jumbo steel plan          BHP land valuation reduced $2M 18.12:5
                                                    BHP steel output cut in Newcastle 21.12:24
stoppage en bonus claims 10,2:6                     BHP's $1M furnace plan at Kembla 31.12:6
Experts help BHP mill output 11,2:3
                                                 N.M.H. INDEX                                        16.1976


                                                            Industry wide stop, but only 60 at rally 11.8:3
BLF men in court on damage charges 16.3:7
                                                            $3,683,289 new city buildings 19.8:11
Coercion to join union alleged 13,4:3
                                                            Newcastle builder banned fcr 2 years (W.S. and
Union rift threatens strike 23.6:5
                                                            R.L. *milton) 20.8:7
Warring unions bury ttie hatchet 3,9:1
                                                            Building firm to contest suspension 21.8:8
On-site facilities warning 4,9:9
                                                            Concrete prices rise 27.8:3
Unions to "resist" takeover by BLF 11,11:13
                                                            Permit issue "limited" 31,8:10
Union concern as contractors import labour
                                                            North gets building boost 21,9:1
                                                            $3M building applications 25.9:33
NTHC seeks green ban support 16.11:3
                                                            Building values slump 16.10:32
Police say BLF paid p r o t e s t e r 17.11:10
                                                            Treasure hunting in historic warehouse (Cohen s)
F i r m ' s plans cause jobs row (Transfield Pty Ltd)
24.12:1                                                     19.10:12
                                                            Wreckers i n , but trust keeps t r y i n g 26.10:10
BUILDING - GENERAL                                          Building group t o hold public meeting 26.10:12
                                                            A rew l i f e (Leader) 28.10:2
Bigger payouts planned on building defaults                 Former b u i l d i n g head suspended (Mr C, Duffield)
6.1:3                                                       29.10:5
Claim law "no worry" to builders 7.1:5                      New jobs system for builders 30.10:32
Unions begin award case 30,1:7                              Homes and building review ill:
Men swap punches incourt corridor 11.2:1                    Builder loses licence for two months (Kenneth
Builders case .to proceed 11.2:5                            Cox) 19.11:8
No immediate relief, warns master builder 25,2:3            Increase in building 24.11:19
Builders licence laws toughened 20.3:8                      Owner builder requirements 29.11:9
Crisis call by building industry 15.4:3                     Building job check en picnic day 1,12:13
Board disqualifies builders (A, Hawkins) 16.4:5             Facelift fcr 1920 AMP office 15.12:27
                                                            Newcastle building needing non-preservation
Premier's promise on building industry jobs
19.5:9                                                      order 29.12:12
Building slump raises unemployment fears 10.6:3
                                                            $2,878,769 building approvals 31,12:7
Builders seek help 19,6:3
Meeting on building crisis 21,6:7
Building unions seek MP's aid 24,6:10                       BUILDING SOCIETIES
Builders face lankrupt threat 10,7:11
Union plans building Job campaign 22,7:7                    Society gets new computer 2.1:6
Building policy "blow" 26,7:9                               Record figure lent for home building 15.1:4
Campaign to save building industry 3,8:7                    Home tending mtes in balance on bond cut 12,2:1
Industry survey predicts more gloom 4,8:1                   1% rise in home loan interest likely 19,2:7
Budget call by builders 12,8:3                              Home loans will cost more 23,2:1
Builders allege union ban threat 13,8:3                     Interest on home loans to rise 1,3:3
Building unions seek aid 31,8:10                            Minister tells of $1M building 11,3:11
Homes left up in air, at a cost 9,9:1                       Society investigation                  )
Five face building conspiracy charges (Sydney)              Qld parliament attack en building societies
10,9:9                                                      17,3:1
Building pay "cut" 13.9:9                                   Qld stop on 6 building societies 18,3:1
Sub-contractors cash withheld: unions 12,10:8               Building Societies (Leader) 18,3:2
Building activity increases 16,10:3                         Chalk triea to stem investors panic 19,3:1
Home building on recovery 2.11:12                           Building Society merger likely 23,3:3
Building recovery signs queried 9,11:12                     Suspended building societies reopen 13.4:3
Building unions discuss rights 10,11:15                     Home funds 30.4:3
 $400M boost to building sought 11.11:13                    Lord Mayor opens home loan offices 1,5:31
                                                            Building society gets loan 25.8:11
                                                            Building loan optimism grows 9.10:5
                                                            Premier wants interest reduced 23.10:3
"Concern" over idle land 14,1:8                             Building Society Allocations 29.10:6
                                                            Qld building societies left interest rates
Riae predicted for Northern Building trade 20.1:7
Kurri to get first Motel 22.1:HV1
                                                            Free choice in home insurance TPC rules 26.11:8
Recovery expected for Maitland 22.1:HV2
Land lack "inhibits" Kurri's progress 22.1:HV2              BUILDING WORKERS INDUSTRIAL UNION
Building sold (Queensland Insurance Co Ltd.J
29,1:12                                                     Building men seek pay fcr council strike day
$6,5M buildings (Cessnock) 5,2:HV1                          26,2:6
Recovery signs in building rate 5,2:LH1                     Pay row oanference sought 27.2:5
Building in Maitland reaches $1M 6,2:7                      Building union to dtacuas Jaba 2.3:8
City building approval figures top $29M, 9,2:13             BWIU claima hearing today 10,3:7
Village units project 10,2:7                                Dealy in ailU hearings 10,4:11
Builders get union centre 3.3;7                             Arbitrator to see extensions at silo 14,5:5
$60,000 Motel for Pokdbin 4,3:HV1                           Unionists only on Wallsend project 29,6:7
New union centre opened 5.3:3                               Building jobs talk sought 30,6:12
Building figures fall (Cessnook) 1.4:HV1                    BWIU Job search "demoralising" 8.7:6
Scone Shire statistics 8.4:HV1                              Super funds lay aid building trades 10,7:31
Union to fight illegal building practices 12.4:7            Single hire plan on building jobs 26.8:11
Building safety "often ignored" 10.5:7                      Builders wary of proposal on labour hire 27.8:7
Newcastle Council faces rew tuilding dilemma                Building unions "not after charity" 1.9:8
14.5:1                                                      BWIU aupporta trainee aid 2.9:16
Work on house could atop sale 18.5:1                        Warring uniona bury the hatchet 3,9:1
Employ locals, builders told 18,5:7                         Unioniat refuaed visa for P,NG, 9,9:6
Discussion sought on ordinance breach 20.5:10               Sub-contractors' cash wit    9,9:6
Hamilton man told to alter illegal building                 Unions to"resiat takeover by BLF " 11,11:13
26.5:1                                                      Terminal buildera upset 12,11:8
 Sour decision (Leader) 27.5:2                              Contractor defies union (Mr Ben Darcy) 18,11:1
 Debate on i l l e g a l building changes continues         Union threatens Master builders 19,11:3
 Unions affirm stand on work bases 22,6:6                       BUILDINGS - HISTORIC
 Payment may be held - aged persons' units                      Old Aberdeen mill faces extinction 15.1:V2
 23,6:15                                                        Rotary redevelops hiatoric Inn site (Woodberry)
 Opinion a>ught on advising buyers 7,7:21                       22,1:LH4
 Hardboards holds its first community relations                 Rotunda, annex classified s 4.2:11
 day 14.7:28                                                    Historic home up for aale (Minimbah) 9.2:8
 MHR urges tax cuts as a tpunter to spiral                      Historic Valley house to be sold (Minimbah
 14,7:28                                                        House) 12.2:HV2
 Upward trend in building 20.7:7                                Old Inn heart of Wallsend (Grapea Inn) 11.3:LH1
 North building job "Criais" 27.7:3                             Grossman House project geta $7,500 20,3:9
 No plans yet for cottages 31.7:32                              No money fcr cottage (Merton Cottage) 24,4:31
 Facelift for Palings Hock 2.8:8                                Historic House passed in (Ingall House) 31.5:11
 Men "Sentenced to uiemployment" 2.8:9                          Rose cottage to be reatored 10.6:15
 Builders support ally 4.8:9                                    Facelift for hiatoric Valley houae (Aberglaaalyn)
 Association against building stop 5.8:7                        Houae      8.7:16
 Chance for students 5.8:LH5                                    Bond store "could be restored" 21.7:20
 Building design competition under way 9.8:6                    Grant to restore Stroud home (Quambi) 16.8:7
 Half tuilding capacity idle 10.8:7
                                                              N.M.H. INDEX                                                              17. 1976

 BUILDINGS - HISTORIC (C'td)                                                 dMETERIES

H i s t o r i c buildings get l e g a l cover 24,9:7                       F a c e l i f t f o r c e m e t e r y ( C a t h e r i n e H i l l Bay)
The N a t i o n a l e s t a t e ( L e a d e r ) 1.10:2                   • 26.2:LH5
New l i f e f o r U n d e r Houae 1 9 . 1 0 : 3                            P i o n e e r ' s g r a v e n e e d s repairs ( L i e u t , Col
Centenary (Leader)                26,10:2                                  Henry Dumaress) 2 9 , 4 : 8
Customs House 100 years old 26.10:2                                        F u n e r a l funds do n o t a l w a y s c o v e r o c t r a s
Cohens needs holding spell (B. Suters) 27.10:2                             20.7:6
Customs House Ibl rthday party 27.10:18                                    S t r i k e s t o p s North b u r i a l s 1 . 1 1 : 3
Customs House mystery 29.10:2                                              Stoppage tolds ip f u n e r a l s 2 0 . 1 1 : 1 1
Talks on Cohen building fate 30,10:3
Cohen warehouse reprieve 2.11:3                                              CENSORSHIP
Parking plan for Trust warehouse 3.11:11
Cohen's reprieved 13.11:1                                                    Pornography check t o d a y 1 2 , 1 : 1
Cohens future dicision in months 23,11:3                                     Porn l i t e r a t u r e " i n h i d i n g " 1 3 , 1 : 3
Cohen building classified 24.11:1                                            U n i v e r s i t y ' s took c e n s o r e d 1 3 . 3 : 1
Valley mansion will be exclusive club                                        Book tans e n d e d : Wran 1 4 . 9 : 5
(Minimbah House) 22.2:3
Court stops demolition of Cohen's building                                   CENSUS
Unlucky (Leader) 24.12:2                                                     Judge sees census intruder 23.4:1
Cohen building not suited as car park 24.12:5                                Light guard on papers 23.4:3
                                                                             Treasurer defends oenaus 3,5:7
BUSES                                                                        Census form discriminates against migrants
Transport unions slate fare rises 5.1:4                                      The Census inquiry (Leader) 28.6:2
10 bus services finishing 24.1:8                                             Statistics of census released 1.9:16
No buses allowed E K Avenue) 29.1:LH5                                        Moves to increase census secrecy 25.9:33
Bus fare rises hit school sport 4.2:3
Willis view sought on transport workshops 4.2:9                              CESSNOCK
Cardiff buses diverted 4.2:15
Bus plan hits 4 schools 5,2:3                                                Cessnock study 26.2:HV2
Trades Hall backs school bus protest 6.2:6                                   Car dump for Cessnock 4.3:HV1
Carriages on rubber wheels 16.2:2                                            Cessnock vorkers get tasty job 8.6:12
State asked to buy 1,000 new buses 19.2:1                                    Cessnock to see report on future 5.7:15
Union attacks bus anomolies 19.2:8                                           Cessnock shows the way 14.10:2
School bus charter based on child fare 20.2:6
Transport workers fear control shift to Sydney                               CESSNOCK CITY COUNCIL
PTC sets out workshop plans 25.2:7                                        Black Creek silting worries farmers 29,1:6
Put it in writing - unions 5/3:12                                         Council seeks Mjrri land 29.1:HV1
Busmen back bans 11.3:11                                                  $11,000 for flood works 26,2:7
Changes to bus routes 15.3:7                                              $1M needed for Cfessnock bridges 11,3:10
Buses off service cne by one 16.3:1                                       Cessnock to study new dumps impact 18.3:1
Buses resume after 3 hour strike 17.3:8                                   RL fans win town hall drink rights 25.3:11
Newcastle buses off road again tomcirow 23,3:1                            Cessnock "problem" tour 25.3:HV1
Workshops group meets 23,3:8                                              Cessnock panel re-formed 25.3:HV1
Buses to stop this morning 24,3.:13                                       Tourist park "stalled by Commission" 25.3:HV1
Bus men want to confer with Bruxner                        25,3:11        Tourist plan continued 1.4:HV2
Bus dealys blamed on maintenance 31,3:6                                   Trouble tour 8.4:HV1
New buses on $15M lease 31,3:8                                            Instalment rating scheme attacked 15.4:6
Unions accept PTC pledges 8,4:10                                          Colliery plan for washery rejected 19,4:10
"Unroadworthy" bus stickers 5.5:3                                         Trail tike fcr fire brigade 29,4:8
4 hour bus stoppage today 12.5:3                                          Garbage collection service for review 13.5:10
Defective buses safe: Union 27.5:3                                        National highway details wanted 10.6:14
Bus and rail fares down from July 1st. 2,6:7                              Council faces $i million in debt    12,6:1
Cox to be asked for bus improvements 2,6:14                               Factory may change role 24.6:7
MLA's to visit Gordon avenue workshop 7,6:3                               Council to sell land 26.6:11
MLA's told of need for workshop upgrading 8,6:3                           Kurri baths lights to be replaced 28.6:7
Bus, rail fare fall surprises 29.6:3                                      Alderman walks out over strike closure 15.7:7
Workshop talks with Cox expected 1.7:10                                   Council "cuts upkeep coats" 28.7:15
Unions will put transport case 8.7:6                                      Valuations rocket for some areas 29.7:11
Bus runs wont be cut 2.8:8                                                Low rate predicted despite VG rise 9,8:11
Woodberry bus run finishes 9.8:11                                         Protest on changes fcr subsidy 12,8:6
School bus service "satisfactcry" 11.8:12                                 Cessnock pledges rate rise limit 26,8:10
Shelter in Christo Rd opposed 18,8:14                                     Cessnock land auction 28,8:8
Bua atop site alternative auggeated (Croudace                             Cessnock tackles budget 28,8:9
St, Lambton) 15.9:9                                                       Jobless rate relief plan 9,9;11
Senate told girl nearly abducted 17,9:3                                   Cessnock move for car plant 13,9:9
111 health concession for PTC 13,10:8                                     Cessnock seeks poppet for park plan 13.9:9
Private bus fares rise Ibnday 15.10:3                                     Cessnock expects surplus 16.9:11
Bus cfepot (Leader) 9.11:2                                               Work permits top $867,000     17.9:9
Bus nen t o l d to l i s t p r i o r i t i e s 9 , 1 1 : 8               Mayor returned in 7-5 ballot 23.9:13
Bus ebpot work e x p e c t e d soon 1 6 . 1 1 : 3                        Cessnock planning atudy for exhibition 25.9:8
Fag-end (Leader) 20.11:2                                                 Cesanock can cash in on Singleton mining 28.9:3
Workshop plans drawn up 1.12:13                                          $80,000 park development 29.9:14
$1M aside for bus radio links 22.12:3                                    Extra ward proposed for Cessnock 30.9:7
                                                                         Cessnock to protest on grants ahare 8.10:3
BUTTER                                                                   Late plea made for old mine building 18.10:8
                                                                         Cessnock seeks clean-up 27.10:11
No butter price cut - Co-op 8.1:4                                        Opposition to state control of rates 28.10:10
                                                                         Branxton land plan withdrawn 4,11:13
CANCER                                                                   Patrol checks on vandalism 11,11:17
                                                                         Rate rebates costing council more 16.11:8
No linds for hundreds of cancer c«ses 13,1:4                             Youth plan attacked by Mayor 18.11:8
Cancer link 13.1:1                                                       Second flying school 25,11:12
D o c t o r s t o l d of i n s e c t i c i d e l i n k - b l o o d       Residents afraid of dump 1.12:3
cancer 20.2:3                                                            New Town Clerk for Cessnock 2.12:1
Cancer victim mobile again 21.6:3                                        "Pay as you dump" service planned 9.12:14
Enzyme linked with cancer 6.7:3                                          In the bag (Leader) 10.12:2
Lung cancer "breakthrough" 27.10:3                                       Rates up 11% despite cuts 15.12:14
Grandmother 56, beats lung cancer 4.11:15
Mouth cancer smoking link 11.11:10                                       CHARITY APPEALS

CANOEING                                                                 Heart fund doornock 29,1:LH2
                                                                         Council allows appeal (Royal Blind Society of
Canoeists set for Olympics 9.1:12
                                                                         N,S.W.) 5.2:HV4
A rapids aigagement 25.2:15
                                                                         Ribbon sales to help spastica 18.2:14
                                                                         Victims want to cover loss (Royal Blind Soc)
                                               N,M,H. INDEX                                         18. 1976

CHARITY APPEALS (C'td)                                 CHURCHES        (C'td)

Crisis appeal successful (Royal Blind Society)          Historic Wallaend church renovated (St Luke's)
31,3:6                                                  4.3:LH3
Doorknock "made without permit" 31.3:10                 Church archives go to university 5.3:5
Blind Society denial over doorknock 1,4:7
                                                                                       ' s
                                                        Bishop Shevill teads Anglican v i a i t to Russia
Newcastle people become famine fighters 7.4:18          Confession put in the open 6.3:3
Families "insurance in Bangladesh" 13.4:5               Invite Rhodlsians plea22.3:3
Roundabout club gets a boost from visit 21,4:22         Australia accused of g-eed 12,4:9
J500,000 from door-knock (Royal Blind Society)          Christ Church Cathedral appeal planned 14.4:19
22.4:11                                                 Trust fund rises (Rorke - Hunter Trust) 14.4:9
40 hour fast to aid hunger appeal 28,4:1                A distant goal (Leader) 16.4:2
Fine "risk in doorknocks" 28.4:8                        Birth pangs of a new era (Rt Rev. Ian Shevill)
$500,000 to help blind 30.4:8                           16,4:2
Heart appeal aim:   $8,000 1.5:9                        Desperate need for renewal of hope (Monsignor
People show heart 3.5:3                                 P. Cotter) 16.4:2
Hundreds end charity fast 3.5:9                         Music drama at services 16,4:5
Few benefits for poor in world aid programs             Big attendance for churches 17.4:3
4,5:3                                                   Catholic laity urge reform 27.4:3
Heart of appeal 4.5:8                                   Sect men "held as CIA agents" 30.4:3
Bowlers give $1700 to charities 21,5:5                  Central Methodist Mission feature 30.4:10
Austcare to hold appeal 7,6:6                           A Catholic revolution 1.5:2
Salvation Army appeal soon 28,6:7                       Long experience in c a r i n g fcr people (Commission
Salvation .Vmy . launches appeal 5,7:9                  Pindred) 6.5:14
Red Shield appeal to exceed target 12,7:3               Mission fcr understanding 7,5:2
Senator in fast 12.7:7                                  S.D.A. tent dty rises 13,5:LH1
Shield hope of $60,000 22.7:11                          Catholic Church plans aid for Timor 17,5:1
Legacy help for thousands 26.8:12                       Stroud starts Churchyard appeal 24.5:10
Legacy button ^peal 3.9:9                               Chairman for Cathedral project named (J.Peschar)
Red shield appeal bonus 18.9:29                         26.5:7
$2,000 from Lake Hunger appeal 7.10:6                   House may become city's first Mosque 26,5:13
Overseas aid fund launched 14.10:20                     Heritage appeal gains support 27,5:6
Slain taxi-drivers painting for sale (Hozumi            Inflation high on Synod list 28.5:9
Momota)   28,10:13                                      Bishop calls for a Newcastle vision 29.5:2
Doornock limit likely 24,11:14                          Church paper may be aied 29.5:3
Many coins in the fountain 30.12:5                      Newcastle vision" tost" 29.5:3
                                                        Synod rejects nove to allow Christian
CHILDREN AND CHILD WELFARE                              marriage in open 31.5:1
                                                        Church has"political duty" 31.5:3
N.S.W. plan to escape child abuse 14.1:6                women in soon 31,5:7
Children to benefit from quest 14.1:7                   Newcastle Anglican Sunod, 76 1,6:11
Father claims foundling baby (Sydney) 15.1:3            Symbolic kiss seen as sign of unity 2,6:3
Many handicapped "healthy, happy" 16.2:8                32 accept role in athedi^l fund 2.6:7
Standards to save childrens lives 4.3:12                "Little Mother" brought faith to the jungle
Equal rights bill for illegitimate 10.3:6               (Brigadier Enid lee) 2.6:25
Baby bashing report plan opposed 17.3:7                 Protestant praise fcr Catholic "Ocker" 4.6:5
Custody fight for grandchild 8.4:9                      Quest fcr new life:Bishop Shevill     9.6:2
Children plan at Cessnock praised 7.5:5                 Churches statue opposed 10.6:6
Boy "tied to table for nine hours" 12.5:1               Churche's centenary at Muswellbrook 17,6:12
Breakers of governments - child endowment and           Bishop to confirm candidates 17,6:12
basic wage 15.5:2                                       100 year wait for Cathedral 19,6:1
Cesanock loses childrerfs worker 8,6:12                 Cure for Cathedral's growing jjains 19,6:2
 arly care assures best foundation for happy,           Married couple of ranlc - Salvation army 23,6:20
healthy children 30.6:24                                $10,000 as Cathedral fund gift 24.6:3
Doctor bows to feminist zeal 7.7:24                     Bishop meets more friends 28.6:3
 Play centres approved 8.7:LH4                          Relief fund started for South Africa 29.6:8
Child centres value to be reassessed 28.7:12            Art exhibition to aid Cathedral 30,6:13
Changes to Child Act on way 30.7:7                      Bishop on Fraser effect 6,7:1
Child care funds to be reviewed 31,7:31                 Banker to launch "Heritage" 12,7:3
Baby care "inadequate" 4,8:3                            Millions seeking bibles in vain 12.7:9
Anglicans will shut home (St Elizabeth's Church         Council harassing nuns, claima Bishop 15.7:1
of England Home for Girls) 18.8:31                      Nunnery plan for rectory splits Stroud 16,7:1
Child care to get higher priority 9.9:3                 The Church in Russia (Rt Rev, Ian Shevill)
Unauthorised child seats "dangerous" 29.8:3             17.7:7
Minister offers funds for centre 29.9:10                Stars will contribute to Cathedral appeal
A stigma (Leader) 16.10:2                               17.7:8
Illegitimite status to vanish 16.10:3                   $150,000 boost for Cathedral fund 19,7:1
Home for Children approved 21.10:17                     Cathedral may get $15,000     21.7:21
Special day for children 25.10:8                        Soviet Church still has hold 23,7:6
Far West Scheme granted $1.5M 26.10:8                   Council studies nun's plans 23,7:6
Child care centre if cash comes 27.10:8                 $16,000 art exhibition to aid Cathedral 26,7:7
Tender for child centre withdrawn 17.11:16              Exhibition will help 27.7:7
Changes to lail ^stem for vards 10.12:6                 Council Q&.thodral gift proposal meeta snag
Help for \acation care programs 11.12:33                 28.7:1
Government to act <n child tatoos 13.12:7               Anglican rules on exorcism defined 28.7:3
Barnardo's to close home at Belmont 15.12:3             Boost for Cathedral 28.7:7
Mayfield Children's Hjmes plan needs $100,000           Belmont to get $2.7M hostel for aged 29.7:7
15.12:35                                                 Synod "concerned" by TV programa 30.7:6
Ship party for children 16.12:1                         Church leader hails court unity action 4.8:3
Barnardo Home closure defended 22.12:3                  New Church planned (Lutheran Church) 4.8:8
Child centre financed (Beresfield) 22.12:3              Archbishop may officiate 5.8:3
Many cffer to aid Barnardo's Home 23.12:3                No money for Cathedral 5.8:LH3
                                                         New presbytery for parish (Denman) 7,8:5
CHURCHES                                                 Turf men attend Ervice 9.8:7
                                                         No decision on Cathedral 18.8:16
Drunks force churches to abandon Mass (Melb.)            Parking plan opposed (Catholic Church
12.1:4                                                   Beresfield) 18.8:16
Last fling for Army store 13.1:5                         Dedication of new church (Morisset) 19.8:LH5
R.C. hostility to sex rules 17.1:5                       Pensioners boost Cathedral appeal 21.8:8
Non-smokers only for salvation 4.2:1                     Church rises like a phoenix (Morisset)
800 for Jbrmon gathering 4.2:15                          26.8:LH3
New life for pipe organ (St James' Catholic              Painting in Cathedral appeals to youth 27.8:3
Church) 12.2:HV4                                         Catholic rebels condemned 2,9:3
Health Seminars (Avondale Memorial Church)               Empty seats blamed on'sin 2.9:13
12.2:LH4                                                 Nuns attend conference 3.9:7
Hare Krishna warned off 17.2:1                           Latin Mass rebel to hold service again 4.9:3
Hare and hounds - Krishna sect (leader) 18.2:2           Protest at Biahop's arrest (Bishop Lamont)
Minister and police to discuss Ect 19.2:1                4.9:3
Bishop helps with Valley vintage 19.2:1                 Media causes Mass refusal 6.9:3
Krishna sects right to operate confirmed 20.2:3         The s t e e l peal of St P a u l ' s (St P a u l ' s Church
Cathedral organist gives concert 1.3:7                  of England, Maitland) 25.9:2
                                            N.M.H. INDEX                                                         19. 1976

CHURCHES   (C'td)                                      CLERGY        (C'td)

Cathedral roof works atari 3 0.9:1                    Dismissed priest piacks fcr Sydney (Rev. John
Industrial centre changes 1.10:5                      Bunyan) 7.2:3
Archbishop's visit arranged 2.10:5                    New m i n i s t e r a t Belmont (Rev. D. Clements)
Bishop calls for jobless campaign 5.10:8              12,2:LH4
Anniversary for Belford Church 8.10:8                 Five made priests at ceremony 23.2:7
Dean sees new vote on women warders 13.10:28          Catholic bishop's successor still unknown
Anniversary for Church (New Lambton Baptist           25,2:1
Church) 16.10:8                                       Pastor fined for handing out tracts 19.3:3
Bishops attack inflation fight atrategy 19.10:1       Street evangilist opts for jail to challenge
2 tonoured at Stockton (Mr. Norman Bassan)            law 25.3:3
20.10:20                                              Porno r e p i u t a t i o n " e x a g g e r a t e d " ( F a t h e r Hans
Indian Bishop arriving (Bishop John Sadig)            J o r r a ) 25.3:HV1
21.10:16                                              Pastor spared jail term (Michael Smith) 16.4:3
Baptist men form Hunter brotherhood 25.10:8           New Bishop ot Maitland named (Monsignor Clarke)
Churches unite on casinos 26.10:2                     23.4:1
Bishop on Russian trip 26.10:7                        New Bishop (Leader)                   23,4:2
S.A. Presbyterians ordain woman 26,10:13              Bishop consecration date set today 24,4:3
Cathedral work funds at $275,000 28,10:11             Consecration of Ixshop in June 27.4:3
Bishop Sadlg prepared for Paterson 28,10:11           Archbishop of Perth for visit (Rev. G. Sambell)
Rare opportunity for f)eace 28,10:14                  29.4:9
Church rededlcated (Cardiff Methodist) 28,10.LH2      Bishop plea to Saigon 25.5:3
 Pre-dawn baptism was no Jewish joke (Pastor          Pastor to nilllons warns to occult
Landa) 28.10:LH2                                      (George Vandeman) 27.5:7
Change of culture for Paterson (Mrs Lavlnia           Hard road led to an ordination (Pastor Beyers)
 Sedig) 4,11:18                                       27.4:LH4
California transfer (Pastor R.R. Frame)               Dloceae to pray for new bishop (Right Rev.
 4.11:LH6                                             Monsignor Leo Clarke) 28.5:3
Cathedral plans get go-ahead 10.11:3                  Consecration book as souvenir                          2.5:3
Church will exhibit treasures 11.11:11                Diocese motorcade for new bishop (Rt.Rev,
Mass marks sister's golden jubilee (Sister            Leo Clarke) 31,5:1
Mary Winifred Kidd) 12.11:7                           Coggan to pay visit 31,5:7
 $418,211 bill for Salvation Army 15.11:7             Bishop elect's mother ill 1,6:1
Youth centre opens Sunday 17.11:16                    Motto of new bishop: To do and to teach 1.6:7
Nun appointed to senior church post (Melbourne)       The making of a bishop 2.6:2
 18.11:12                                             Bishop elect amazed at welcome to diocese
Help for Christmas joy 18.11:16                       2.6:3
Church to open (Baptist church, Swansea) 18.11:LH1    Contagious happiness at ordination 3,6:1
Youth Centre opened 22.11:6                           Bishop Clarke)(Leader) 3,6:2
Adventist president (Pastor K Parmenter) 25.11:17     New bishop finds "special honesty" 28,7:13
Church opens (Catholic Church at Warners Bay)         The pastor with wings (Pastor Len Barnard)
25.11:LH2                                             14.8:7
An example of the spirit of man (Christ Church        Churchman revisits parish 29.9:6
Cathedral) 26,11:2                                    Women priests for Vic, 2.10:8
Diocesan car p)ark favoured 8.12.18                   Blahop for Paterson (Right Rev. John W.
Bishop urges Korean balance (Right Rev. William       Sadig) 8.10:6
C.Choi) 9.12:3                                        S t r i d i n g w o r l d w i t h C r o s s (Rev. A r t h u r
Bishop's opinions about unions "misrepresented"       Blossott) 26,10:3
9.12:12                                               Pastor's golden wedding (Mr Norman Gray)
Trades Hall seeks talk with Bishop 10.12:15           3.11:10
The right'to criticise (Leader) 11,12:2               Women "not needed" as priests (Bishop
500 delegates at talks (HS.W. conference of           Hazlewood) 11.11:14
the Seventh-day Adventists) 13.12:9                   Women C l e r g y ( L e a d e r )          13.11:2
Nun to study in Hungary (Sister Maria Bagg)           New c a t h o l i c a p p o i n t m e n t s 1 5 . 1 2 : 9
17.12:6                                               Rugby Union p a s t o r (Rev. E r i c Walsham) 1 5 . 1 2 : 2 4
Steps to holy matrimony 18.12:2                       Dunkirk Medal f o r m i n i s t e r (Rev. J . G a i l l l e )
young help Cathedral 21.12:8                          16.12:6
Adventist's to aid civil war victims 21.12:18
Archbishop to give Newcastle lecture (Dr Donald       CLUBS (LICENSED)
Coggan) 24,12:4
Adventists hold Polish congress at Cooranbong         Clubs dispute in court 28,1:8
28,12:3                                               Extension for club (Muswellbrook and district
THC replies to Bishop Shevill 28,12:12                Workers' Club) 5.2:HV2
                       Correction 5.1,77)             Club ban smokea out smokers 14.2:3
City home for country girls (St.Hilda's)              Workera Club (Greta) 26.2:HV2
30,12:10                                              Belmont Lions entertain 554 at convention
CHURCHILL AWARDS                                      Club wins appeal to have 12,500 members
                                                      (Cardiff Workers' Club) 13.3:9
61 gain Churchill awards 1,7:18                       Northern Suburb move for club, 17.3:10
                                                      Club staff accept $7159. (Newcastle Workers'
$500,000 allocated for 3 new churches 23,7:7          Club) 23.3:7
                                                      Club closed by dispute 10.5:1
 CIVIL LIBERTIES                                      Club closure diaputea end 11.5:7
                                                      Rugby body may get club 12.5:12
 Bureacratic files "threat to privacy" 15.3:3         Club rises again - Waratah-Mayfield    14.6:11
 The right to privacy (Leader) 22,3:2                 Dismissed manager re-instated 19.6:3
 Orwell's 1984 is painfully close 22,3:2              Tax relief for clubs discussed 21,6:7
 Complaints on privacy justified 31,3:3               No club tax relief yet 22,6:5
 Legislation sought on privacy 12,4:1                 $288,000 club extenaiona (Muswellbrook) 30,6:17
 Appeal on ASIO records possible 12,4:1               Clubs act "not proclaimed" 15,9:12
 Criminal records for perusal soon 13,4:5             Club strikers staying out 22.10:11
 Decline ti use cf juries criticised by               Playboy club In North "ready to go ahead"
 Professor 26.4:3                                     10,12:10
 Federal civil liberties organisation
 established 26.4:3                                   CLUBS feERVICE )
 Marihuana use rising: professor 26.4:12
 Press"gone too far"18.5:3                            Seminar f o r c l u b s p l a n n e d 1 . 1 : 7
 Appointment for Face (Privacy Committee)             High p o s t f o r R o t a r y man ( J . Downie) 7 . 1 : 2 5
 12.8:6                                               N e w c a s t l e h o s t t o Leo C l u b s c o n v e n t i o n 1 2 . 1 : 9
 State sets ip data privacy Inquiry 17.8:3            L e a r n i n g t o keep t h e i r h e a d s 5.2:HV1
 Parliament "privacy defence" 5.11:3                  They d i d n ' t        s l e e p a t Dora Creek - R o t a r y
 Secret court records "sent ot employees"             16.2:6
 10.12:1                                              Club faces closure for second time -
 CLBHGY                                               Greta Workers 19.2: HVl
                                                      $450,000 extensions to Toronto Club 19,2:LH4
 Go to Church or be punished (Rev.Ellaara             U.S. Rotary group visits Newcastle 23.2:11
 La'Bl) 7.1:17                                        Lions give $5,000 for Bundaberg 27.2:6
 New wave length for minister (Rev. Chris             Newcastle Welcomes Rotarians 6,3:3
                                                      Apex Clubs in drive to aid the blind 6,3:8
 Walker)   20.1:3
                                             N.M.H. INDEX
                                                                                              20. 1976

                                                       COAL HAULAGE

   Rotary group for U.S. tour 8,3:10                   Move to keep out coal tiMcks 6.1:4
   School leader wins Lions' selection (David          talks on coal haulage sought 12.2:LH1
   Peters) 8.3:LH5                                     Coal pipeline suggested 12.2 :LH3
   Youth of year at Gloucester (R. Kenneth) 25,3:7     Rail feeder points plan for coal 23,2:3
   Rotarians to visit U.S. 1.4:7                       Belmont rail "cheapest" coal transport 11.3:1
   Apex backs rescue van 5.4:7                         Coal transport introduces PR 25.3:12
   .Apexlans attend ".Atsumari" in Philippines         $3M coal loan sought 25.3:20
   8.4:HV3                                             Wyee focal point for coal haulage centre
   Priest to lead Lions Club (Rev Father John          25.3:LH1
   Gahan) 9.4:3                                        Council may put case on d i s t r i c t coal
   Belmont girl wins award (Lindell Stone)             haulage (Maitland) 214.18
   22.4:LH2                                            Road *Dot a t loader " v i t a l " t o mines 1.5:5
   Rotaract Club aids patients 29,4:17                 Work begins a t coal r a i l loop 14.5:3
   Warners Bay Lions feature LH3 - LH6,.29,4:LH3       Talks c a l l e d on coal spur l i n e 29.6:7
   Voluntary grroupt in seminar 3,5:13                 Coal trucks to by-pass Singleton soon 2.7:3
  Another win for Lynne (L, Walker) 4.5:3              Action group meets on coal haulage 6.7:6
   Girl wins youth of year section 6.5:8               Bulk road haulage for study 10.7:11
   Mayfield Lions win awards 6.5:12                    Inquiry on coal haulage 25.8:11
  Apex appeal nets $2,500 6.5;LH1                      Coal truck rush almost over for Singleton
   Clubs provide bees 6.5:LH6                          25.8:10
  Qld Rotaract visitors 8.5:8                          Rail order for most new mines 27.8:7
  Apex gives exerc5lse frame 10.5:10                   Coal transport proposal goes on display 31.8:7
  Five in U.S. study tour 31.5:3                       Coal haulage study benefit questioned 2.9:LH1
  Belmont girl is youth ot year (Lindell Stone)        Coal road opening 10,9:15
   31;5:3                                              New toader to relieve truck nuisance 30,10:11
  Lions $40,000 for diabetic clinic 23.6:24            Valley coal transport study requested 25,11:11
  Conference at Muswellbrook 26.6:11                   Coal truck speeds checks sought 8.12:18
  MLA praises Lions social outlook 28.6:7
  Officers for Gloucester Rotary 29.6:10               COAL LOADER
  Singleton Ape.xians elected governor 29.6:10
  Rotary helps with cheques 29,6:10                     Strike hits coal toading 23,1:7
  Brazilian to lead lions 1.7:7                        Row stops work on harbor 30,1:6
  Lions club $12,000 effort for year 1.7:LH1            Big demand on porta wheat and coal plant 3.2:5
  First changeover for club (Wangi Lions Club)         Loader dispute talk planned 9.2:6
  1,7:LH2                                              Gollin gets lacking for ooal loader cost 12.2:1
  Emphasis on youth in 1976 1.7:LH4                     24 hour strike at coal loader 12.2:3
  Art aids Toronto appeal 5.7:7                         Men stop at coal loader 20.2:6
  H.V. Lions Club has record year 5.7:15                $30 claim ultimatum by loader workers 24.2:6
  Chocolate wheel champs end 25 year stint 8.7:3       Conference on loader strike 26,2:13
  200 at Apex convention 8.7:5                         Rail loop line boosts loader throughout 2.3:7
  $2,000 goes to Dename appeal 10.7:31                 Loader strike meeting called 9.3:6
  Cessnock Rotary leader 10.7:31                       Alleged dirty site strike to go on ) ) , :
  Lions and amputee 17.7:9                             Coal loader strike talks 15,3:7
  Denman Apex induct new president 16.8:13             Commissioner insp)ects site 24.3:11
  Jaycees plan free blood tests 1,9:7                  Coal loader pay rise 7.4:7
 Brcjader projects" for Lions 5,10:21                  Loader site pay talks 10.4:11
  Service culbs combine to honour U.S. 8.10:7          Technical fcult dealys loading 13.4:7
 Quotarians confer 16,10:33                            Loader meeting 14,4:8
 Newcastle blood plan national project 1,11:3          Coal loader water date 21,4:5
 Belmont Apex 1956-1976 4,ll:LH4-5                     Road coal for loader in ebubt 30.4:9
 Tribute to service clubs 11.11:LH3                    Road dep>ot at loader "vital" to mines 1.5:3
 Apex in the van of rescues 15.11:6                    New coal berth dredging starts 1.5:9
 Lions Clubs to promote road safety in schools         Coal loader ownership settled 20,5:15
 19.11:9                                               New section for loader 10,6:3
 No drink pledge for safety week 22.11:1               Coal loader causes staff freeze 26,6:3
 Lions pride: Dry throats 23,11:3                      Loader loan signing soon 26.6:10
 Dry Lions (Leader) 25.11:2                            Gollen In trouble but loader goes on 1.7:1
 MP hits at attitude of drinking drivers               Take ever averts ooal loader threat 9.7:1
 25.11:10                                              Government interest in lo.-ider "vital" 14.7:3
 Lions day to help charity 29.11:3                     Transfer of loader expected to be late 21,7:29
 Valley visit for consul 30.11:3                       Further |15M lor loader 28.7:22
 Rotary Club officers 21.12:6                          New loader begins shifting coal 26.8:1
 Lions sell million Christmas cakea 24,12:4            Coal chairman sees pro'olems for new loader
 COAL EXPORTS                                          "Strict" control on new loader 4,9:1
                                                       Ship toader for coal test soon 24,9:7
 No time to cave in (Leader) 19.1:2                    Coal loader takes first ship 1.10:5
 Coal ship set for record (Cassiopeia) 31.1:3          Japanese sign coal loader finance agreement
 Coal record to Swedish ship 2.2:7                     12.10:8
  Japan steel boost to coal plans - Anthony            Small ship coming for coal order 15.10:3
 16.2:3                                                New group buys $82M Newcastle coal loader
 $10M Hunter coal for Mexico 27.2:6                    22,10:3
 Chinese pose threat to coal handling 8,3:1            Dispute delays coal loading 26.10:8
 Coal cargo record broken 15,3:3                       New loader to relieve truck nuisance 30.10:11
 Qld sets up big coal deal 15.3:3                      Coal loader automatics tested 20.11:3
 Newcastle facing coal export drop 15.4;7              Loader awaits first ship 8.12:8
 Coal ships arrive with little notice 29.4:18          Test today for $82M coal loader 11.12:10
 Face saving coal talks 30.4:11                        Coal loader has smooth debut 13.12:3
 Japan sets new price for coal 3,5:3                   400% rise in coal export coats tipped 22.12:1
 Coal levy promise 5.5:30
 Miners seek talks on exports 10.1:6                   COAL RESEARCH
 BHP coal export move not Immediate :Chief
 12.6:3[                                              Coal scheme for Riverina 21.1:11
Green light for Utah on exports 23.6:23               Research rise on oil from coal 31.1:5
Talks today on coal export drop 24.6:11               Research into oil from coal expanded 1,3:1
Utah agreement criticised by Labour MHR               Coal oil hopea grow (P.A. Haslam) 5.3:2
 24.6:16                                              Victoria bid for coal oil 7.4:3
Miners close books ever export fall 25.6:1            Labour promises coal research 5.5:7
The coal mountain (Leader) 25.6:2                     Promise of oil in Singleton coal 13,5:1
Miners seek coal levy removal 2.7:1                   Vast coal for oil reserves in Qld 24,5:3
Exports of coal lowest In 3 years 3.7:5               Coal research men meet 24.6:11
Japanese coal carrier banned 22.7:1                   $900M coal to oil plant possible for Australia
Newcastle ban on coal ships 23,7:6
Coal loading back to normal, almost 27.7:3
                                                      H.V. Coal oil doubt 2.7:1
Port tempo to quicken 9.8:7
                                                      Brown coal "oil rival" 6.8:3
Coal relief "two edged sword" 19.8:1
                                                      Coal chairman aeea problema for new loader
Japanese mission fcr North soon 31.8:17
N.S.W. coal could be sold in Europ>e 15.9:7
                                                      Booat sought for coal reaearch 5.10:10
Coal exporters to check Japanese plan 21,10:12
                                                      Coal " s t i l l grreatest source of energy" 7,10:3
                                                         N.M.H. INDEX                                 21 .1976

COAL RESEARCH ( C ' t d )                                           COALMINING (C'td)

Coal: energy of the future 8.10:2"                                 . Local Government Act "poor second to mines
Coal research (Leader) 9.10:2                                        Act" 33,6:18
The long haul of research 9,10:2                                     Huge coal project gets state go ahead 3,7:3
Energy eyes on South Africa 15.10:9                                  Mine labour supply cut 3.7:3
Professor outlines developments in coal                              Talks on coal aid Singleton g-owth 5.7:15
conversion 21,10:12                                                  Partners to invest about $100M in Warkwoth
Survey shows liquid fuel posslbiltly 13.12:8                         6.7:9
                                                                     140 mine men face pb loss as stocks grow 7.7:1
COAL TRIBUNAL                                                        Coal mining identity's 3) years In Industry
                                                                     (James Scott) 7.7:14
Coal Tribunal in talks move to cut mine strikes                      Mine "at ready" for normal output 8.7:6
4.2:9                                                                Miners jobs (Leader) 9.7:2
Seven mines out as talks fail 5,2:6                                  Outlook en coal under review 10.7:3
Pit lodge delegates at hearing 28,7:3                                Praise for work of coal authorities 10.7:9
Strikers attend coal tribunal hearing 6.8:5                          New local coal authority today 12.7:7
Mines award hearing 18.8:7                                          New colliery at Wakefield geta committee nod
Mine hearing ends soon 21.8:8                                        14.7:14
Colliery finding reserved 24.8:15                                    Notices but new jobs fcr minera 15.7:3
Coal mining decision (Leader) 15.9:2                                Warkworth mining "flexible" 15.7:14
Year round mining plan rejected 15.9:7                              Mineworkers get notices 17,7:9
                                                                     Boy loses cycle in mine hole 19,7:9
COALMINING                                                          Mine daims hearing Monday 21.7:14
                                                                     Coal potential tests sought 22.7:10
North coal industry to double spending 7,1:1                        Hills to visit Singleton 22,7:13
The future of coal (Leader) 7.1:2                                   Coal mine owners apply for 7 day roster 27.7:1
The coal industry's dileimna (B. Cogan) 8.1:2                       Coal stocks to be kept up 28.7:3
Plea for open cut "balanced" 8.1:4                                  Coal "chaos" from 52 week mining 29.7:7
Mine work resumes 12.1:4                                             Mine pension could rise 30.7:3
Anthony tips coal move 17,1:3                                        Northern mines idle for 24 tours 30.7:6
Labour man to inspect open cuts 20.1:7                               6000 mine workers to strike in North 31.7:9
Valley coal industry could lead revolution                                                    f
                                                                     Miners threaten strike i owners win 3.8:7
23,1:1                                                              Tourist plan for old mines 4,8:3
An eye for history (Leader) 27.1:2                                  Work crder lengthens irike 4.8:9
Buchanan expands open cuts 27.1:7                                    Minora' strike threat decialon endorsed 4.8:9
Shire bid to resume land at Catherine Bay                            Strikers attend coal tribunal hearing 6.8:5
                                                                    The pit whistle ruled the day (Jim Comorford)
No result in mine dispute 31.1:5
Union dispute stops 10 collieries 3.2:3                              Symposium told of need for mine fire
Coal Tribunal in talks move to cut mine                              "education" 9.8:8
strikes 4.2:9                                                       Misconception claim by mine owners 10,8:10
Seven mines out as talks fall 5.2:6                                 Miners aware of owners intention 11.8:7
Inter union dispute hits more mines 17.2:7                          Blackbutt pit phasing out 12.8:1
Bayswater mine row decision 18.2:8                                  Minister happy with mine work (Ravensworth)
Decision today on mine dispute 19.2:9                               12,8:7
Miners Ignore "No picket" rule at Bayswater                         No minera stoppage today 16.8:8
20.2:5                                                              Blackbutt (Leader)     17.8:2
State Government acquires land In valley for                        Grafting O'er the scars (Clutha project at
coal resources 28.2:3                                               Ravensworth) 17.8:2
In the dark (Leader) 2.3:2                                          Coal relief "two edged sword" 19,8:1
 Experts c a l l e d to r e s e r v o i r mine Inquiry              Mine hearing enda aoon 21,8:8
 ,3.3:7                                                             New took at mining menace 23,8:2
Miners seek 24 claims 8.3:8                                         Japaneae milla "may ease out" 25.8:3
Northern seams lure big money 10.3:3                                Clutha plan opena ip new job vista 27.8:1
N.S.W. to allow women In pits 10.3:3                                Coal lease offered to B.H.P. 27,8:3
Oak fears threat In $2M Hexham coal plant                           Watch lept on mine growth 31,8:10
11,3:1                                                              Mt, Thorley coal loading plan on view 9.9:7
New head for coal owners 11.3:11                                    Muswellbrook gears for mines yowth 10.9:15
Move to save mine history 11.3:HV2                                  Singleton to seek advice on mines 14.9:13
Ccial plan gets impaact order 18.3:7                                Coal mining decision (Leader) 15,9:2
Mines rescue semi-final 18.3:HV1                                    Year round mining plan rejected 15,9:7
$100 funeral grant sought by miners 18.3:HV1                        Valley mines part of $.62M deal 17,9:8
                                                                    Warkworth prepiares for mining 17.9:9
Coalmine cash boost of 165% 22.3:9
                                                                    Singleton aeon as Industrial centre 18.9:8
Coal pxjllutlon Inquiry move 23.3:3
                                                                    $7.50 riae in minera penaiona 18.9:9
Waterlogged collieries may soon bo aaaeta
                                                                    Minera to give ip project 18.9:9
                                                                    Valley coal future topic at meeting 18.9:11
Unions optimistic on Aberdaro reopening
                                                                    Mine aafety idea earns m n $750 22.9:12
                                                                    Lease plan may close mine 25,9:1
Repxjrt on open cuts urged 5.4:6                                    Cesanock can cash in on Singleton nining 28,9:3
Fly ash used in Aberdaro mine recovery bid                          Japanese coal mission vislta valley 29,9:12
6.4:9                                                              Coal Induatry delegates to meet 30,9:12
Council likely to meet protestors 8.4:LH1                          Mine land dispute: minister stops in 1.10:3
Mine plan puts beauty spot in danger                                Japianeae tour coalminea 1.10:5
 (Fishing Point) 8.4:LH1                                             fi
                                                                   I c e gains acceptance suggested 7.10:16
Youth neetlng on coal plan 19.4:9                                   Great coal era for H.V. 9.10:1
Colliery plan for washery rejected 19,4:10                          Coal industry jobs increase 13.10:8
Partners agree to Nebo deal 3.5:3                                   Ooal seen aa main energy source 13,10:15
Severance \arlation denied 6.5:9                                    $20 million mining project tiogina near Ceaanock
Coal finance sought 10,5:6                                          16/,10:1
Ccjaltrimmers-proposed log of wages 3,6:4
                                                                    Great Coal (Leader) 16.10:2
Singleton prepares for ccaal boom 14,5:5                            New life for coal seam (Greta Seam) 16.10:2
Miners resent federal brief at hearing 20.5:1                      Late plea made for dd mine building 19.10:8
Cessnock pit to reopen 21.5:5                                       Coalmining still a family affair 20.10:10
Miners press log of claims 21,5:9                                  Check on mine work "solo task" 20.10:11
Mlllfield plan gpts qualified approval                              Mineworkers pension (Leader) 21.10:2
27,5:11                                                             Protest strike on sick miner 21.10:10
AberSare NOt-th colliery reopens 29.5:9                             North makes advanced mining vehicle 21.10:12
Closed mine to resume work soon 1.6:10                              Miners' case for talka 22.10:5
Mines miniater plans dbrthern inspection                           Order halts colliery demolition 23.10:3
3.6:3                                                              B.H.P. firms Lake coal plans 27.10:1
Thornton coal stockpile upaets              reaidenta              Landa acts on Richmond Main 27.10:3
4,6:1                                                              Newvale claim adjourned 27.10:11
P.T.C. spends tig on <Dal 5.6:5                                    First Warkworth coal expected in 1978 28.10:16
Planning advisers prepare Singleton for coal                       Coal newa bright (Leader) 29.10:2
Impact 7.6:16                                                      N.T.H.C. to help stiicing coke workers
Jobs hope InBellblrd plans 8,6:11                                  30.10:9
Mining chief sees promising future 10,6:13
                                                                   Japan's jen for Hunter 2.11:2
Residents fight coal plan 18,6:3
                                                                   Coal pipeline"the answer "    2.11:12
Decision "soon" on Warksworth 30,6:12
                                                                   Coke strikers seek aid from minera 3.11:12
                                            N,M,H, INDEX                                        22. 1976

COALMINING (C'td)                                    COMMONWEALTH STEEL CO. LTD

 H.V. Coal draws French 8.11:1                      , Million up without a disabling accident
 Qld mines team wins contest 8.11:8                   11.3:11
 Miller gets new coal area 9.11:1                    U.S. computer feeds Comsteel lathe 16.3:11
 Mining plans for discussion (Denman,                 Maintenance row spreads 7.4:7
 Muswellbrook and Singleton) 11.11:16                 280 strike over reinstatement refusal 1.9:3
 B.H.P. cuts output at four Northern Collieries       Strike off at Comsteel 3.9:8
 12,11:1                                              Sacked man prospects "Jeopardised by naming"
 Coal body to meet council 15,11:8                    4,9:9
 Medallions awarded for mines rescue work             Inion still aeeka mna job 8.9:7
 Coal mining to need special planning 23.11:13       COMPUTERS
 Hunter ooal development proceeds despite
 lull 24.11:17                                       Grant aids school's computer trainees 13,4:5
 $iM check on colliery pollution (Buchanan,          Computer likely for Singleton rates 17.6:12
 Lemlngton Colliery) 9.12:7                          Five councils may share combined computer
 Work found for sacked miners 11.12:9                service 28,10:7
 Pension rises for widows of miners sought
 14.12:6                                             CONSERVATION
 New year hope for miner pensions 15.12:28
 $60M coal plan for Valley 16.12:18                  Soil study bonus from pipeline 26,2:HV2
 Prosperity hope for $60M coal plan 17.12:3          $259,000 for Merriwa soil project 18,3:HV2
• Qld post for former Hebburn man (Mr leuan          Conservationists "not A,L,P,"front 19,3:3
 Roberts) 17.12:4                                    Soil offecer's service is rewarded (Mr B,Cowan)
 Colliery strike after dismissal 17.12:5             1,4:HV1
 Mine pension increased 18,12:8                      $164,000 for Isls Valley soil work 1.4:HV1
 An example of change 20,12:2                        $4.5M grants for estates 21.4:32
 Mine pension cheques 24.12:4                        Conservation (public appeal) 29.4:8
                                                     Minister to see H.V. work on soil 10,8:8
COALMINING - ACCIDENTS AND FATALITIES                Conservation work lauded (John and Esmond
                                                     Ellery) 12.8:7
N.Coast miner dies in gas blast (Nymbolda)           Grafting over the acara (Clutha project at
13,1:1                                               Ravensworth) 17.8:2
Burnt miner still serious 14,1:4                     National estate program "in peril" 6.9:6
Munmorah miner injured 20.1:3                        Soil check in Valley 25.9:8
Rescue drills astray, mine union claims              Soil experts study mines 7.10:10
20,1:7                                               Conservation work to cost $11,000 30.10:33
Emergency agency denies pit help withheld            High hopes for new reserve 4,11:LH1
22.1:8                                               Nature reserve to be dedicated 10.11:7
Man saved from Liddell fall 28,2:3                   Coast erosion study ordered 1,12:10
Six hurt in mine accident (Munmorah) 29.4:7          Public can buy conservation repiort 9,12:LH3
Snagged ^Ir line saves miners 25.8:1
Charging "Rhino" threatens lives in mines            CONSERVATORlUM OF MUSIC
(Cessnock) 15.12:1
Mine victim seriously ill 16,12:7                    Scholarship planned 5,3:7
Miner dies in Singleton cave In (John                "First" for aymphoniats 30,4:5
Gibney) 24.12:5                                      Lunchtime concert veil received 28,7:23
Injustice (Leader) 29.12:2                           Newcastle Orchestra on tour 8,10:7
                                                     Sketches highlight one-woman show (Margot
COALMINING    PRODUCTION                             Hamilton) 11.10:6
                                                     No ectra space for Conservatorium 1.12:15
N.S.W. Coal output slips 20..1:6
Mines work nine days 14.2:8
                                                     CONSUMER AFFAIRS
More coal produced last year 19,2:9
Future coal a deep problem 21.2:9
State coal output down 10.8:13                       Clash cf interests likely in portfolio 8,1:16
N.S.W. coal output jumps   3.11:20                   No restriotjons on aerosol cans 16.3:3
Record coal output 9.12:15                           Committee to review trade act 2.4:3
Northern coal output up 29.12:16                     State move to ban harmful goods 22.4:3
                                                     Electric blanketa;fIre risk 4.5:7
                                                     Spinning toy dangeroua 5,5:1
                                                     Waranty "for buyer protection" 17,6:7
Rare coin exhibition worth a mint 10,2:7             Conaumer inquiry ordered 28.6:3
Seller puts Maxim to maximum teat 2,7:3              State warns car dealera 1,7:6
$1550 for 1930 penny 14.7:9                          Contenta code sought for soap 10,8:3
                                                     Toy needle"alck"    27.8:3
                                                     Nightwear material planned 3,9:3
                                                     Standard for play equipment 16,9:20
                                                     State moves on dangerous toys 16,11:3
Country "hoatlle" to C.A.E. ideaa 22,1:13
                                                     Relief move 23,12:3
Reaearch area opened at Avondale 26,2, LH3
A Dane but not melancholy (Dr,Andreasen)             CORPORATE AFFAIRS
Old Chapel facoa end (Avondale) 1.7:LH1              Summons for Junie Moroai 7,5:3
Agrreement on Uni enrolment 7.7:11
                                                     Abeles named in Barton report 26,8:3
Former atudent returna (Dr P. Land) 19.8:LH5
                                                     Director named, charged (Bella Esidei) 31,8:1
Pride goes before a riae 23,8:3
                                                     Strasser cited under companies Act 2,9:3
The world his class (Dr Edward E. White)
                                                     "No deala" made with Bartona 15,9:3
                                                     Three on company chargea 28,9:3
Tutor for Morpeth College (Rev. Dr T.J.Wright)
                                                     Former Minaec men plead not guilty 28,9:3
                                                     Part of Minsec indictment struck out 29.9:3
Student allowances rise 40% 7,10:7
                                                     Profit in Minsec deal "was false" Q,C, says
Avondale's bumper crop 25.11:1H 1
Graduates set Avondale record 29,11:8
                                                     Minaec directors cleared 22.10:5
COMMONWEALTH GAMES                                   Police drop fraud investigations (Murumba Oil
                                                     N.L. and Bounty Oil Ltd.)    6,11:9
                                                     Company director jailed for 7 years (Sydney)
Brisbane likely to host 1982 Games 10,6:6
Brisbane talks on Games finance 16,7:16              20.11:11
Edmonton gearing up for Games 9.12:18
                                                     COST OF LIVING
                                                     Inflation record predicted 28.1:8
C.S.I.R.O. finds hills and valleys in                C . O . L . h i g h e s t a i n c e 1951 2 9 . 1 : 1
                                                     I t c o u l d be w o r a e ( L e a d e r ) 2 9 . 1 : 2
ocean 1.6:3
                                                     Food f o r t h o u g h t ( L e a d e r ) 2 3 . 4 : 2
                                                     Food C . P . I , f a l l a i n 5 c i t i e a 1 8 . 5 : 3
                                                     Conaumer i n d e x p o i n t e r a t o d a y 1 6 . 7 : 3
                                                     B a t t l i n g on ( L e a d e r ) 1 7 . 7 : 2
                                                     Food price riaea alow, trim inflation 17,7:3
                                                     Suicide use of the C.P.I. 13.8:2
                                           N,M,H. INDEX                                          23. 1976

                                                     CRICKET (C'td)

Dearer meat pushes C.P.I. 15.10:3                    A u s t r a l i a slumps as West Indies hit back
Test is still to come (Leader) 22,10:2               in t e s t 24,1:32
                                                     400 lead will suit Chappell 26.1:14
COUNTRY PARTY                                        72 and still not out (Herb "Joey" Cox ) 27.1:1
                                                     Australia thrash Windies attack 27.1:14
Punch talks to C.P. branch 18.3:HV1                  Cosier in doubt 28.1:24
N.C.P. fund questioned 19.3:3                        Gibbs equal wicket mark 28.1:24
Electoral council chief chosen (I, Steele-           Richards lead test fight back 28.1:24
Park) 19.3:3                                         Australia needed only 43 minutes 29.1:18
Dairymen quit C.P, in protest 30.4:1                 No aising up by Australia in last test 30.1:14
Resignations report refuted 1,5:1                    Numbers men put to test today 31.1:9
How to win power (Leader) 7,6:2                      Teams change on eve of last test 31.1:32
Country Party bewilders (John Holland) 17,6:2        Windies stick to their task 2,2:16
N.C.P. "yes" on W.A. coalition future 22.6:1         Gilmour,Lillee rout batsmen 3,2:14
Federal N . C P . gets tough with Qld 31.7:3         It is only a matter of time for Windies 4.2:32
Tamworth woman new C.P. officer 16.8:7               Dismal finale to West Indies tour 5.2:20
Anthony's strength tested 14.10:17                   Walters satisfies N.S.W. selectors 5.2:20
Anthony challenge reports denied 18,10:3             Chappell confident of holding top place 6.2:14
N,C.P. warned against split 18.10:3                  $400 test bonus to Australians 13.2:14
The clan behind Anthony 20.10:2                      Victoria cautious of ahield clash 13.2:14
Punch plan to keep people in country 24.11:19        Five teams battling for two places 16.2:13
                                                     Gilmour's century boost In shield 17.2:18
COURTS                                               Outright to West Aust, in shield 17,2:18
                                                     Spin pair gave N.S.W, victory 18.2:28
Privy council - with no appeal 24.1:1                Cricket team goes on strike 24,2:1
Coatless men dressed down    28.1:8                  Chappell paves way for ahield win 24,2:16
Court start sought (Muswellbrook) 29.1:HV2           Queensland only Challenger 24,2:16
Supreme court service 30.1:5                         N.S.W, in strong position 24,2:16
Supreme Court opening 13.2:6                         Shield team denied workout 26.2:22
Magistrate closes court to public 17,2:1             Fitness test for Prior 27,2:14
Service marks court opening 17,2:7                   Chappell in line for record 27,2:14
Justice in the open (Leader) 18,2:1                  N.S.W. crumble in shield 28.2:32
Secret conspiracy hearing erters fourth day          South Africa cricket tour "good move" 1.3:3
19.2:1                                               Washout ruins shield chances 1.3:18
Open court or closed: what the law holds 23.2:2      South Australia clinch ahield 2.3:16
Valley courthouse restoration plan 29.4:6            N.S.W. offer to Ian Chappell 5.3:14
                                                     A refusal to be ignored 6.3:32
Jury fluency check 1.5:31
Court house restoration starts 4.5:7                 Benaud aeeks change of heart in S.Africa
Some press access to child courts favoured           12.3:3
7,6:3                                                Herald award to Corling 15.3:16
Exposing child courts backed 8.6:6                   "Superstar" cricketers Richards and Lillee
Country night courts hinted 16.6'3                   finally clash 30/3:14
Night Courts (Note) 21.6:2                           Wilkinson to play with Glamorgan 2,4:14
Jury duty net to catch more 22.7:3                   Top cricket awards 13,4:24
Jury duty for women gets welcome 23.7:5              Lillee aims at top 23,4,14
Easing of court dress law sought 11,8:11             Magic moment in career of batting champion
No sound recording yet for courta 10,11:10           (Don a-adman) 30,4:18
Hunter divorce court cloaes despite big usage        Corling seeks cricket spoat 10,8:18
11.12:8                                              Oldfield an artiat with glovea (W.A,[Bert]
                                                     Oldfield) 11.8:34
CRICKET                                              Approval on N.Z. tour 13,8:20
                                                     Cricket "out" at sports centre 13.8:20
                                                     Chappell looks at Melbourne 13.8:20
Test lineup reshuffle 1.1:12
                                                     "The son" bats on (Sir Donald Bradman) 27.8:16
Murray may be opener 2,1:12
Windies go for a pace bid 3.1:24                     Revered Scone doctor was test captain (Henry
 Injured pair lead teat fight back 5,1:18            James Herbert Scott) 17.9:16
Chappell turns test fortunes 6.1:14                  Historic cricket test gala 25.9:33
                                                     Season's opening brings back many memories
Roberts to play shield with N.S.W. 7,1:28
                                                     (Arch Fraser) 1.10:14
Chappell close to record 7,1:28
Mallett's last season 7.1:28                         Dark days brought top bat North (Arthur
                                                     Chipperfleld) 15.10:16
Captain gives team warning 7.1:28
Australia wraps up Test seriea 8,1:1                 Top batsman ratea low acore as highlight
                                                     (Jack Mayes) 5.11:18
Pair'a bid for ahield pxjsitlon 8,1:20
                                                     Two centuries three wicketa puta N.S.W. on
Return tour to Caribbean 8.1:20
                                                     top    23,11:18
Thompaon shatters Windies 8.1:20
                                                     N,S,W, move up ahield ladder 24,11:31
Early results costly 9.1:12
                                                     Gilmour leads flghtback In shield 29,11:20
Family honor to uphold 9.1:12
                                                     Shield lead to Queensland 30,11:22
Wright to revive fond memories 10.1:28
Roberta rested from West Indies XI. 10.1:30          Time catches up with Athol (Athol Connor)
Cosier a casualty in K,0, Cricket 12.1:14            30,11:22
Batting collapse gives W,Indies Innlnga win          Maiden century by Davis gives Australia lead
12,1:14                                              27,12:12
Teenager topples touriata 12.1:14                    Walters "not out" angers Pakiatania 28,12:1
Another chance for Greenidge 13.1:14                 O'Keefe key to teat win 28.12:26
Gilmore v. McCosker in cricket challenge             Last pair hold up Australia 29,12:22
13.1:14                                              Captain had no aay in draw 30.12:18
Thomaon fit but x-raya for Coaler 13,1:14
Rain ruins W. Indies bid for practice 14.1:26        CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES
Shearer cuts W.I. out of win chance 15.1:18
Qld radio station inbid to hold Thomaon 15,1:18      Sympathy coats pjatlent $50. 1,1:5
S.A. offer to Richards 15.1:18                       Police disarm Bellbird man 2,1:1
Lloyd ill, sent to bed 16.1:12                       Crowd hit - driver guarded 2.1:3
Gilmore and McCosker turn an charity crowd           Coral Sea stowaway ends U.S. trip with $9,
19.1:3                                               3.1:5
Lillee back for fifth test 19,1:16                   Bedside court lays charges against man
Brothers wreck Newcastle's cricket hopes             (melbourne)m 3.1:21
19,1:16                                              "Blow with shoe" story doubted 3.1:21
Richards sets pace for teammates    19.1:16          Nationwide search for stolon baby (Sydney)
Rain threat to Qld win 19.1:16                       5.1:3
Lillee fit for test 20.1:16                          Bomb blast at Newspaper (Maitland Mercury)
Run spree by West Indies 20.1:16                     5,1:8
Washout a setback for Q'land 20,1:16                 Woman charged with abduction 6.1:1
Thomson signs $633,000 contract 21,1:1               S.M. orders sale of car, 10 year ban (E.Kollner)
Fast bowlers on injured list 21,1:30                 6,1:4
Lillee turns down cricket offer 22,1:1               Upset Motor cyclist sped through streets
J u l i e n ruled out of t e s t 22,1:20             (K. Mason) 6.1:4
Open position worries Windies 23.1:14                Dropped fcx5d wrapper cost $46. 7.1:1
One-day s e r i e s In Caribbean 23.1:14             Pensioner worked to pay for funeral (G.Collard)
                                                          N.M.H, INDEX                                  24, 1976

                                                                   CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES   (C'td)
                                                                   S.M. describes dirty shop as "disgraceful)
Rent office bombing attempt a flzzer (Melbourne)
                                                                   (A.Gldas)   10.2:6
                                                                   Suspended soccer player on bond for striking
Impostor checked "Ideal figure" 7,1:5
                                                                   referee 10.2:6
Woman walked out with bag 7,1:5                                    Bomb blasts home after dud (Melbourne) 11.2:3
$70 fine for dog dumper 7.1:5                                      Remanded on kidnap charge (P.Clements) 11.2:5
Shot b l a s t s window - youth a r r e s t e d   8.1:3            Socer coach on bond for shoplifting (Sydney)
N.Z, mother fails to find trace of missing                         13.2:6
son 8.1:16
                                                                   3 months > i l for gooda worth $46. (R.Woodrow)
Gun fired to scare father (G,Bradford) 9,1:1                       13.2:6
Rallman in close call 9,1:4                                        Baby found lying in water in Toronto gutter
Accused "happy to be in jail" (Melb.) 9.1:4
Hospital T.V. set trickster jailed (D.Casslick)
9.1:4                                                              Donnelly refused bail in conspiracy case 21.2:1
Barrister set off Cathedral bomb - police 9.1:4                    Thieves raid shop after car crash 23,2:7
Manager collapses (Sydney) 9.1:4                                   Clerk forged benefits claims, court told 24,2:3
Man forced girl into car (T.Propert) 9.1:4                         Bank foils big racket In travel cheques 27,2:1
Church blast witness "saw man run" 10.1:4                          Jury finds man not guilty in car death case
 Desith threats against police 10.1:26                             27,2:6
 Experts check ships after bomb hoax call 12.1:1                   Feeding birds earna summons 27,2:6
 Inspector called in on bash inquiry 13.1:3                        Warning led to theft from constable
 Shirt theft brings fine (J. Norris) 13.1:4                        (D,Bloomfield) 3,2:1
 Jailed for bad cheques (J.Spice) 13.1:5                           Three men for trial on seed theft charges
Policeman hit, S.M. told (H.Pratten) 13.1:5                        2.3:8
Gifts stolen "for family" 13.1:5                                   S.M. opens court to fix bail 2.3:8
 Police believe girl abducted (Eloise Worlidge)                    Consultant faces $70,000 charge 3,3:9
 14.1:3                                                            3 remanded on stealing charges 5,3:6
Abduction was planned - police (Sydney) 14.1:6                     Policeman cpiestioned on shots (Brisbane) 9,3:3
Test shot led to arrest of "hold up duo" 14.1:6
                                                                   491 cassetes seized, pirate trader fined (Syd.)
Granny fined for boy's drive 14.1:17
 Savings stolen - and lost 16.1:1
                                                                   Supt "ordered no charge" 10.3:1
Woman dies in salon explosion (Melbourne) 16.1:3
                                                                   Three for trial on conspiracy charge 10,3:1
 $50 fine for smashing glass door 16.1:4
                                                                   Pensioner duped of $254 11.3:1
Missing girl feared dead )(Eloise Worledge,
                                                                   Charity workshop raided again 11.3:3
Melbourne) 17,1:3
                                                                   Widow overcharged $1215 19.3:1
Bomb threat closes air terminal (Sydney)
                                                                   Two men charged with pretences 20.3:1
                                                                   Man guilty of stealing (M.Badier) 20.3:5
Man struck pet with axe, court told 20,1:1
                                                                   Public "hamp)ers police" 23.3:1
Questions on missing girl 20,1:3
                                                                   Bilker left jail with $11, ran up $156 bill
 Driver for trial over road death (W, Tlnson)
                                                                   (J.Thompson) 23.3:6
                                                                   $100 fine for smashing 44c glass (D.McCarter)
 Shoplifter followed anothers example 20,1:6
 Poll, pub and penalty (D,Murray) 20,1:6
                                                                   Man in court on kidnap charge (Cobar) 24,3:3
 Jail over car, glass Incident (R.Padberg)2o.1:6
                                                                   Investment loss led to mail tampering (Sydney)
Car park slew brings $120 fine (R.Nlznik) 20.1:6
Girl petrol bomb victim dies (Melb) 21.1:7
                                                                   Man faces trial (Sydney) 25.3:3
Theft, drive, smash in matter of aeconda 21.1:9
Bullet hits woman outside home (Sydney) 21.1:9                     Two benefit claims add up to Jail (B.Duggan)
Maitland bank raiders 40o haul 21,1:10                             26,3:7
Long flight home for missing Cobar child                           Two on fraud chargea fcrgelt $800 bail 27,3:5
21.1:12                                                            Charity theif bungles call 29.3:1
Gunman hunt after policeman shot (Sydney)                          $1600 horse gear stolen 29,3:7
22.1:1                                                             Pensioner, 80, paid $1,000 for roof painting
Police arrest 27 in raids 22.1:7
Laborer "held off police with shotgun"                             Photograph slashed for love (Syd) 2,4:6
 (Melbourne) 22.1:7                                                Two for trial on fraud charge (Syd) 3,4:3
Men broke windows to end frustration 22.1:7                        Stabbing victim's hand may be useless (P,Rapcic)
Man extradited on kidnap charge 22.1:7                             3,4:9
Cobar's Peggry and mother reunited 23.1:1                          Boy used in 'despicable" fraud (L, Turnbull)
Gunmen evade police hunt 23.1:3                                    Argument costs man $99. (A.Wheeler) 7,4:6 ^•'^'•^
Two plead guilty to shop lifting 23,1:6                            Seaman denies culpability (C,Neville) 7,4:6
False claim from pools alleged 23,1:6                               Seaman bonded on driving charge  (S.Neville)
Woman for trial on kidnapping charge (Sydney)
24,1:3                                                             Man pleads gui}.ty to protencoa (R, Martin)
"Not very" plea not poaalble 24,1:9                                10.4:9
Bond, fine for hitting dog with axe (J.Carlaon)                    Bricklayer jailed for aix montha (R.Smith)
24,1:9                                                             10,4:9
Repayment of $700 in dole ordered (J, Gould)                       Canberra Interpol neta two auapects 14.4:3
24.1:9                                                             Fire bomb thrown at Gateshead School 15.4:5
Cobar case remand 24.1:9                                           Train driver jailed (Katoomba) 15.4:5
Three men fined over wheat 24.1:9                                  Wounding charge bail $5,000 (P.Rupcic) 15,4:6
Woman takes prison option 28,1:1                                    Extortionists spoil c«rs (Tas) 16.4:3
$2,200 seed theft alleged by police 28,1:7                         Genocide "not finished" 16,4:3
Extradited driver put on $1,000 bail 28,1:7                        Blklea challenge police to fight 19,4:1
Man charged over knife incident (G,Thorley)                        Bomb blasts hiatoric building 20,4:3
28.1:8                                                              Eight men remanded in Bathurst court 20,4:6
Driver alleges intent to steal seed loads                          Reaidenta scatter as ahota fired (Brisl^ane)
29.1:7                                                              20,4:6
Judge s t r i k e s over law 30.1:1                                 Easter fines at Bathurst total $5,300 21,4:3
Bandits smash into e;ar, seize payroll (Sydney)                     $50 fine for call at police 21,4:3
30,1:3                                                              Plates fly in cafe row (B,Boyce) 21,4:12
Two plead guilty (S.Boswell and R.Blakely)                         Motoriat jailed for ban breach (L, Robinson)
3.3:2                                                               21,4:12
Bribe attempt leads to fine (D.Kaleel)     3.2:3                    "Hot" car was policeman's (J.Briggs) 22.4:10
Brothers lank passbook paid for spree                               Film star picture charge 22,4:10
(V.Cadogan) 4.2:14                                                 Currency charge remands 23,4:5
                                                                    Valueless cheques "furnished flat" 23,4:6
Pensioners fined for shoplifting 4.2:14
                                                                    (B, Dessaiz)
Test toast cost $100 (Melbourne) 5.2:3
                                                                    No case found against mother 23,4:6
Director on fraud charges 5.2:13
                                                                    "Insider" trading verdict quashed 23,4:6
Solution "close" on missing schoolgirl 6.2:3
                                                                    Bua shelter tjaaher fined $200 (P, Buxton)
Fine stumps cricket fan 6,2:6                                       24,4:9
9 months jail for refund (K,Rigley) 7,2:9                           $26,000 theives miss crown (Brisbane) 27,4:3
5 years jail for shooting de facto wife (Sydney)                    Junction bank raid: man on four chargea 28,4:7
7,2:9                                                               Constable on two chargea (Brlabane) 29.4:6
Man's arm, leg slashed in c e l l (R, Markham)                      "Gun" threat to bank man alleged 29.4:6
7.2:9                                                               Blue movie bribe brings fine 29.4:6
Jail for father who hid children (Melb,) 7,2:9                     "Drowned" MAN reunited with family (B.Dessalx)
Bomb left en doorstep proves faulty 9,2:3                           30.4:7
                                                    N.M.H. INDEX                                             25. 1976

 CRIMES AND ALLEGED (EIMES (C'td)                             CRIMES AND ALLEGED CHIMES (C'td)

 Court bills state 1.5:1                                      Abductor commits suicide (Adelaide) 15.7:3
 Probation for pop singer (Willaim Shakespeare)               Jail follows credit card "spree" (G.Langer)
 1.5:1                                                        15.7:5
 Abandoned booty found in bush 3,5:1                          Breach on social s e c u r i t y alleged      (I.Euit)
 Horse left unfed:$200 fine 5.5:1                             15,7:5
 Crash death after warning: witness 55:18                     Horse fraud alleged (Sydney) 16.7:5
 Top stallion stolen at Adamstown (Dorian Boy)                Bank officer foiled stolen cheque ruse 16.7:5
 5,5:20                                                       Summons over alleged betting dismissed
 Jurors let go after talk reported 6.5:6                      (P. Flood) 20.7:5
 Driver, 18, found culpable (A.Ancuk) 6.5:6                   S.M. told $500,000 missing 21.7:9
 Pest Workman on fraud charges (J. Banfield)                  Appeal court frees couple 23.7:5
 7.5:5                                                        $100,000 fur haul for drive in raiders (Melb.)
 Car'theft syndicate smashed (Queensland) 7.5:7               26,7:1
 Family's dog shot in chest 8.5:5                             Cheque deceptions incredible - S.M. (Roy Flnley)
 Weekend detention for six months (P. Ancuk)                  26.7:8
 8.5:9                                                        Pest controllers on fraud charges 27.7:1
 Gunman dies In Adelaide siege 11.5:3                         Baby sitter jailed for kidnap (Catherine
 Jail terms for clothesline raiders 11,5:6                    Chapman, Sydney) 27.7:5
 Baby girl snatched in home (Lilydale) 12.5:1                 Former exterminators sent for trial 28.7:8
 Theft halts cancer sufferer (Robert King)                    Amateur fined fcr illegal broadcasts 28.7:8
 12.5:1                                                       $54,400 theft charge: man to face trial
 $212,000 " l o s t " in t r a n s i t from Katoomba 12.5:1   (Port Macquarie) 29.7:3
 Meat b a i t s found in greyhound kennels (Brisbane)         Footpath peeper fined $180. (C.Fisher) 30.7:5
 12.5:3                                                       Alleged escapee extradited (J. Fbberts) 30.7:5
  Driver "was staggering before pole smash"                   Anti-smuggling patrols hint 30.7:7
  12,5:10                                                     Girls bashed man: police (Queensland) 5.8:6
  Baby abduction arrest (Lilydale) ;3.5:1                     Accountant jailed for fraud (Ronald Hyams,
  Mail train waited for missing $212,000 13.5:1               Sydney) 5.8:6
  Crash pole "hard to see, badly placed" 13,5:7               Offenders to serve public 10.8:2
  State orders inquiry Into parking fine 13,5:7               Bus driving prank costs student $200 fine
  Kidnap woman "Yearned for baby" 14.5:3                      10.8:10
  Boy left to drown coroner told (Frank Polvere)              Fitting the crime (Leader)   11.8:2
  14.5:3                                                      Constable "entitled to shoot aaaailant"
  Five face mine conspiracy charge 14.5:7                     (Malcolm Munro) 11.8:10
  "No memory"of Waratah car crash 14,5:7                      Love did not find a way (Gerard Smith) 11.8:10
  Jail for dole cheques theft (Raymond Cooper)                Arm fractured in row over horaea (Dennia
  15,5:5                                                      Shelton) 11.8:10
  Guilty verdict on drive charge (Robert Downie)              Destruction, theft on "large scale" (Leonard
  15.5:5                                                      de Sain) 12.8:13
  15 Witnesses for conspiracy charge hearing                  Interpol will help in search 13.8:7
  15.5:5                                                      two charged with public mischief 13.8:7
  Police hunt man after Taree solicitor shot                  Solicitor alleges attack in custody (P.Palozzi)
  18,5:1                                                      14.8:5
  Three facing conspiracy charges (Brisbane)                  Dog owner fined, put on bond for neglect (Ruby
  18,5:1                                                      Palmer) 21.8:9
  Two fined for secret base entry 18.5:7                      Pensioner told house infested 21.8:9
  $8,000 on Walgett train vanishes 19.5:1                     $100 fine for tackling dog (Brisbane) 21.8:31
  Shots reported at Beresfield 19,5:1                         Unlicensed driver gets weekend jail (Darrell
  Five years for dole tax fraud (Robert Martin)               Gore) 24.8:10
  19.5:8                                                      Woman alleges rifle threat (Walter Crofts)
  Pistol "found in truck"(Eric Simpson) 19.5:8                24,8:10
  Culpjable driver jailed (Robert Downie) 19.5:8              Bail refused in forgery case 24.8:10
  Bonds for five over stolen seed 20.5:6                      Violent society"exists" in Australia 25.8:9
  Bond and fine on pistol charge 20.5:6                       Driver "on wrong side" 25.8:9 (Morton Hawthorne)
 Top policeman "played along" with bribery                    Bank puts up big reward to net note thieves
  20.5:11                                                     26.8:3
  $8,000 in mailbag found 21.5:1                              Police wound gunman 26.8:3
  Kidnapped girl found (Sydney) 22.5:1                        Bribery conspiracy alleged 28,8:8
  Famous Australian paintings stolen 25.5:3                   Thief gets 7j years (John Blower) 28,8:9
  Man used knife In attack, girl alleges 25.5:5               Man took union funds for own lae (Wayne Reed)
 Trial set on wound charge (P. Rubclc) 26,5:9                 31,8:8
 Child kidnap brings prison 26.5:8                            Three shots fired into bedroom (Patrick
 Youth charged over dole claims (Ian Hunter)                  Palozzi) 31.8:8
  27.5:6                                                      $300 bonds for club theft 31,8:8
 Teenagers reach end of line (Brisbane) 27.5:11               Extradited wholesaler faces 18 charges (Sydney)
 2 jailed for stealing petrol 28,5:6                          31.8:8
 Kiss cost $76 (Adelaide) 28.5:6                              Man cashed Mother's cheques 1,9:16
 Bullet hits police station 28.5:9                            Borers in home alleged 1.9:16
 Gun victim mystery (Melbourne) 31.5:3                        Youth put In hospital by "unprovoked attack"
 Dog baiter hits Taree again 31.5:8                           1,9:16
 Knife used in bag theft 31.5:11                              Police alleges driving licences racket 1,9:18
 Man, 31, faces cheat charge (M, Haye) 1,6:9                  Evidence "unlawfully removed" (Brisbane) 2.9:3
 Low flyer refuses to pay (Syd) 1,6:9                         Bankstown bowman fined for ambush 2.9:6
 Jail for leather coat theft 1.6:9                            Bankrupt facea 10 credit charges (Brlabane)
 $300 penalty for animal cruelty 1.6:9                        3.9:8
 New ban on young motoriat (Gary Furnias) 2.6:8               Extradition (Lawrence Gascoig^ne) 4.9:5
 New law "slowly" 3,6:1                                       Man en wounding charge (Melb) 6.9:3
 Racehorse conspiracy alleged (Brisbane) 3.6:6                Accountant on 45 charges (Syd) 7.9:3
 Homemade bombs blow Maitland letter boxes 4,6:1              Five car chargfos cost man $180 7.9:8
 Treapiasser at Golden Sands had $1067 10.6; 11               Bogus photo stunt bringa $300 fine 7,9:8
 Driver found guilty on 2 charges 11.6:5                      Attacker "was inlove with victim's wife"
 Motor bike disguise fails 11.6:5                             (E.Hocking) 8,9:10
 Hit by car near median: wilneas 16.6:7                       Youth's Jaw broken, S.M, told 9,9:12
 Man faces firearm charge 22,6:5                              14 years for ambush, attack on solicitor
 Pools entry to "stir" mates, court told                      (E, Hocking) 9,9:12
 (R.Owens) 26.6:9                                             Razor blades in shoes, court told 9,9:12
 Shop guard asserts pensioner put bottle in                   30 Sewing machines go missing 10.9:3
 pocket (Alfonso Sernas) 30,6:8                               Hotel row leads to $445 fine 10.9:8
Schoolboy alleges knife slash 1.7:6                           Man wandered through home 10.9:8
Yooth for trial on wounding account (D.Brady)                 Hoodlums' shooting spree 13.9:1
2.7:5                                                         Man tried to kill wife, S.M. told (Sydney)
Pensioner guilty of shoplifting (A.Sernas)                    14,9:7
3,7:5                                                         Head c u t t e r j a i l e d for 3 years (Brisbane) 1 5 . 9 : 1
Pools"wlnner"told boss I quit 6.7:5                           Marriage charge pleas r e j e c t e d (Brisbane) 15.9:7
Company guilty of tape" piracy" 6.7:5                         Mother 28, j a i l e d for s t e a l i n g (K. P i l a r s k l )
For aantence on wound count (R, Young) 7.7;12                 16.9:1
Bribery trial record (Brisbane)m 9.7:6                        Punishment (Leader) 17.9:2
Smuggling piatrols increased 10.7;9
                                                     N.M.H. INDEX                                                  26, 1976

                                                                CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES ( C ' t d )

                                                                State to discuss appeals on ball 3.11:3
Lobster conviction appeal lodged (Ian Gillon)
                                                                Driver bound ever, fined (William Pannell)
Man "threw beer cans a t t i ^ i n hostess (Chris               ton^charged on 46 fraud counts (Sydney) 3.11:6
Brown) 17.9:6                                                                   foal shot dead 3.11:10
$40. and no comeback (Melb) 18.9:1                              Mare and unborn
                                                                suspended police on conspiracy, forging counts
Youth "out dead woman's w r i s t s " 18.9:3
Raids on meters alleged 18.9:9                                  No case in plot diarge (Sydney) 6.11:3
Pest report costs man $200 fine 18.9:9                          TcStt^ls   end 6 month trial (Brisbane                   6.11:3
Comedian shot in hotel 21.9:3
Kidnapping Mother on probation (Melbourne)                                            "^"'"\-,
                                                                Po'ice fear for girl ( - ^ " • ^ ' " •^3
                                                                Bikie war, 3 still sought (Melb.) 9.11.3
21.9:7                                                          Fals^ doi; claims earns $121 fine (Alwyn
$60 fine for false pretence (Vicki Reid) 21.9:7
Child "went limp" died after crash (Bruse                       Lawrence) 9.11:6               / ,„v,n Hall)
Englund) 22.9:8                                                 Club manager sentenced to jail (John Hall)
Shooting: man "in union diapute" (Sydney)
                                                                Crime orgy brings 16 year sentences 10-11;1°
                                                                Judge shuts carnal Knowledge hearing (George
Victimless crime study 23.9:1
Deranged gunman k i l l s two g i r l s (Brisbane)              Martin) 11.11:6
23,9:3                                                          Policemen face forgery trial (Sydney) 12.11.6
                                                                Bail request refused 12.11:6
Motorist sent for trial (Richard Holmes) 23.9:10
                                                                Man jailed on theft cheque charges (George
Culpable driver jailed for 2j years 23.9:10
Fine for drug" squad claim (Robert O'Neill)                     Doyle) 13.11:9                              1
                                                                                                   ^ 1« n . =
25.9:9                                                          No bail for coffin cheater (Sydney) 16.11.5
Poker machine offence brings fine, bond. 28.9:6                 Mail sorter fined for theft (Paul Fielding)
Disqualified driver jailed (Bruce McMahon)                      16.11:8
29.9:16                                                         J a i l for    d-lving without l i c e n c e (Ronald
$1,2M fraud aEeged 30,9:3                                       Wakeling) 16,11:8
Kerr home, trespass remand 30.9:6                               Two fined for offensive behaviour 16.11.12
Widow died "In fear of prison", 30,9:6                          7 remanded on street charges (Sydney) 16.11:12
Father of six Jailed on dole charge (Sydney                     Dumping costs man $126 (Keith Maher) 17.11:8
Nicholes) 1,10:7                                                Clerk sentenced to periodic detention (John
Hotel closed by brawls (Tuncurry) 4,10:1                        Clarke) 17.11:8
Developer alleges kidnap and threats (Melb)                                              f
                                                                2 Sydney men convicted c offerelng bribe
5.10:3                                                          (Peter Franklin and George arnes) 18,11:10
Islington man faces gun charges (Roy Thompson)                  Gelegnite exploded near home S.M. told 18.11:10
5.10:8                                                          Hand bag hammer woman's defence 18.11:10
Man serves two days jail over golf ball                         Theft of rented T.V. brings fine 19,11:8
(Brisbane) 5.10:8                                                Escapee faces sentence 19.11:8
Bathurst motor racing crowd quiet 5.10:8                        Police ailed after screams (Woodstock St,
Medical fund theft nets $22,000 7.10:3                          Mayfield) 20.11:3
Youth burnt overlooked haul (N.Kvaternuka)                      Youth remanded on safe theft charge 20,11:11
7.10:10                                                         Two men fined for car park fight 23,11:10
Wounding brings jail (Robert Young) 9,10;9                       Schoolgirl abducted - safe (Carlngbah Primary
Allegation on boxer attack denied 9.10:9                         School) 25.11:10
Soccer fan pushed linesman, fined $100 (Sydney)                  Nine jears In mental homes, but normal
12,10:6                                                          (melbourne) 25.11:10
                                                                 Four cars damaged, S.M. told (Paul Tindall)
$40 fine for 69c groceries theft 12.10:7
Man for sentence on wounding count (Michael                         25.11:10
Lafuer) 13.10:7                                                     Sydney man on cheque charges (Stephen Renouf)
B ird smugglers to pay $5,800 14.10:3                               25.11:10
                                                                    Bullet fired into bus (Charlestown) 26,11:1
Trespasser to receive mental care 14.10:8
                                                                    Alcoholism led to crime and jail (Robin Sheedy)
Steward on four charges (Neville Anwyl) 15.10:6
S.M. told man died after attack 15,10:6                             26.11:6
Couple serious after stabbing (Melbourne) 16.10:3                   $500 bond on wound charge (Bryan Cameron)
Judge directs retrial on kidnap charge (Melb.)                      26.11:6
Dismissed captain begins jail stint (Capt,                          Union officer "kidnapped, tortured" (Phillip
Henderson, Melbourne) 16.10:5                                       Jackson, Adelaide) 30,11:1
Passbook theft leads to jail (Allan Ellis)                          Man for trial 01 wound charge after bar row
16,10:9                                                             (Thomas Mason) 30.11:9
Managera fined over club liquor sales 16.10:9                       Stealing brings two years jail (David Stace)
Police seek hit and run driver 18.10:5                              30.11:9
Bond for pose as detective (Noel Rheinberger)                       Court told of crash death (Ian steadman) 1.12:9
19.10:10                                                            Woman $8M in red (Melbourne) 2.12:1
Rifle fire kills cow endangers children.19,10:10                    Egg beater sentenced to jail (Brlabane) 2/12:11
$240 garage theft 19.10:10                                          Jury told to find airman not guilty (Ian
Jail for f>arking caah thefta 20.10:6                               steadman) 2.12:15
Six months for gun blast through door 20.10:6                       Secret documents stolen 7.12:3
Pardon frees innocent retarded man 21.10:3                          Glendale man on nobbling charge (Peter Rippon)
Receiver of stolen tin fined $850. 21.10:6                           7.12:12
Busload of men gate crash party 21.10:7                             Trials order on driving charges (Norman Bennett
Jail for seriea of thefta (Raymond Cant) 23.10:9                    and Morton Hawthorne) 7.12:12
Road deaths jail term Increaaed (Sydney) 23.10:9                    Two jailed for safe theft (Douglas McGaw and
Reward out for shrub killer 25.10:1                                  Paul Beetson) 7.12:12
Thieves steal 130 finches 25.10:3                                   Nine montha j a i l for s t e a l i n g ( P e t e r Farnham)
Seaman accused of shop raid 26,10:6                                 7.12:12
Road death: youth charged 26.10:8                                   Escapjee g e t s l i r t h e r six montha (Robert Markham)
Knifed in hand, youth alleges (Owen Brady)                          7.12tl2
27,10:6                                                             Dole trick earna Jail (Donald Searle) 7,12:13
Magistrate bans pxjlltlcs (Darwin) 28,10:7                          Quick jury decision acquits driver of culpability
$10,000 contract on wife, police a l l e g e (Sydney)               (William Lawson) 8,12:14
28,10:8                                                             Court told of $9,000 dole total (Syd) 8,12:14
Jury frees youth on knife charges (0,Brady)28,10:8                  Motorist found culpable in man's death (Wayne
                                                                    Tinson) 9,12:10
$60,000 Art theft in Melbourne 28.10:8
                                                                    $4,500 rings stolen (Taree) 9,12:12
Police warn on cashing cheques 28,10:22
Embezzler Jailed for 4i yeara (G. Higgs)                            Weston residents fear hoodlums 10,12:1
29,10:7                                                             Club manager wins appeal againat jail (John
Man kills de facto before suicide (Clifford                          Hall) 10,12:6
Jones) 29.10:7                                                       Man jailed for culpable driving (Wayne Tinaon)
Bail of $50,000 forfeit (Sydney) 30.10:3                             10,12:6
Six months jail for driving offence (David                           S o l i c i t o r j a i l e d for $8M fraud   (Melbourne)
Stace) 30.10:9                                                       11,12:9
                                                                     5 montha jail for suit case theft (Norman
Fines for poker machine thefts 30.10:9
                                                                     Manning) 11.12:9
Junie hbrosi charges cfeferred 30.10:9
                                                                     Relief seen for victimless crimes 14.12:3
$500 fine for pest controller (Jeffrey                               $100 fine for salmon theft (Steve Monaghan)
Banfield) 30.10:9
Thieves »id two hotels 30.10:32
3 reasons led to suicide 2.11:3
                                                                     Police i n v e a t i g a t e $500,000 loas (Brisbane)
Man for sentence on job relief claim 2.11:8                          14.12:9
                                                   N.M.H. INDEX                                      27. 1976


.Man for trial on forgery charges (Desmond                    Wine bar fight "like Western saloon brawl"
Cassldy) 15.12:8                                              8.7:5
Witness "saw car hit pedestrian" (.Anthony                    Police check man's death (Alfred Edwards)
Klnsella) 15.12:8                                             10.7:3
Stolen dole cheques lead to jail (Louis Cook)                 Wine bar Incident; S.M. finds no case 14.7:8
15.12:8                                                       Police seek g i r l ' s a t t a c k e r 19.7:3
Lawman hopes for major changes 16.12:10                       $2,000 b a l l In a s s a u l t charge (Ronald
7 years jail for misappropriation 16.12:10                    Thomson) 30.7:5
Timor "ham" extradited 17.12:7                                Wolf-whistle then a s s a u l t alleged (Ernest
Jail for man on gun threat charge 17.12:7                     Dunn) 6.8:5
Victimless crime (Leader) 17,12:2                             Man's jugular vein severed In struggle
Cassettes seized in raids (Qld) 18.12:9                       (Richard Condron) 12.8:13
Mayfield explosion costs man $75 (Michael                     $3,200 award fcr assault victim 13.8:7
Pollard) 18.12:9                                              Court report "alarming" 13.8:7
 Student's East Timor charge 18.12:31                         $400 bond for penknife stab (Victor Brown)
Gunman holds up family (Woodberry) 20.12:1                    25.8:9
Student on bond for E.Timor radio link                        No action likely (Brisbane) 14.9:3
 (Andrew Waterhouse) 21,12:8                                  Assault, robbery count trial set (R.Thomson)
 Signature of Anthony forged (Sydney) 23.12:5                 14.9:7
 Driver to stand trial (Anthony Klnsella)                     Attack on police: man fined $350 (Tony
 24.12:5                                                      Babry) 22.9:8
 Illegal, high speed tape unit alleged 28,12:6                Hayden's wife attacked 23.9:3
 $4,000 boat found inquarry 29.12:5                           Young Gloucester man attacked In Thailand
 Wife set on fire, S.M. told 29.1206                          (Robert Hooke) 23.9:7
Topless girls drew police attention 30.12:7                   Man" Msaulted" in Maitland Q t a d e l (Robert
                                                              T i n d a l l ) 28.9:6
CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES ~ ARSON                             Greenkeeper alleges stabbing (Garry Summers)
Accused lit 15 fires, S.M, told 8.1:16                        29.9:16
Cessnock firebug still active 15.1:HV1                                  :i
                                                              8 years . a l for assault, robbery (Robert
Juvenile set fire to house - police 16.1:4                    Tindall) 29,9:16
Fire lit in poker machine destroyed club                      Woman beats off assailant (Barnaley) 7,10:3
(Belmont Macquarie Bowling Club) 30,1:15                      Witness tells of bruises and blood (Erlks
$200 reward put on arsonists 6.2:7                            Koklns) 20,10:6
Fire In store "senseless" 26.2:6                              Blackouts fcllcjw drink: accused (Erlks
Newcastle cafe explosion blamed on arsonist                   Koklns) 21,10:6
23.3:3                                                        Han freed on ape attempt(Erlks Koklns) 22,10:5
Boy faces factory fire charge 29.3:8                          Youth jailed for assault (Warren Wyatt) 22.10:5
Man charged over fire 11.6:5                                  Man hurt In assault 23.10:3
Jail for boatshed fire 17.6:8                                 Man fined $270 for cafe row (Mayless Maynard)
Youths plead giilty to fire charge 7.9:8                      9.11:6
Two youths jailed on fire charge 8.9:10                       5 years jail for "cowardly attack" (Trevor
Cook accused of 4 fire deaths (Savoy Hotel)                   Cox) 11.11:6
10.11:10                                                      Man fined fcr assaulting woman (Terry Bradbery)
Arson Charges (Brisbane) 18.11:10                             7.12:8
Caterer fined for unclean premises (Tommy Wong)               Hospital death Investigation (Cecil Robinson)
2.12:14                                                       15.12:3
                                                              Man jailed for assault on woman (John Robaon)
CRIMES AND AILEGED CRIMES - ASSALLTS                          16,12:10
                                                              Bail for man on assault charge (Oswald
Kiss then punch (N. Baker) 13.1:5                             Roberts) 21,12:17
Youth's assault on child despicable - S.M.                    Former minister sent to jail (George Martin)
(R.Wagner) 21.1:7                                             21.12:17
Police allege woman took baby "as son" 21.1:7                 Party guest wore out welcome (Frank Wasllewlcz)
Man shot trapped dog in head 21.1:7                           30,12:1
Hotel punch costs youth $150 24.1:9
                                                                  CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES - DRINK DRIVING
3 months jail for assault on p>oliceman (S.
Kopiejka) 31,1:5
$1,350 bill for blow "after Insult" (L.Drew)
                                                                  Youth drove after party (S.Cochrane) 7,1:5
11,2:1                                                            Veteran off road - but not for long (W.Allen)
Irate pxinter hit dog official (Sydney) 24.2:7                    13,1:3
Man kicked, punched police (R,Pinkstone) 24.2:7                   Man on ei-lvlng charge lifted from car -
Accused claims police hit him 25.2:6                              police (P, Nlcholls) 20.1:6
Alleged girl assailant "respected, pxjpiular"                     Drinking driver "had plenty" (G.Orlandie)
27.2:6                                                            23.1:6
Policeman awarded $3,000 for i n j u r i e s   (V.Carlson)        Disqualified driver got renewal by mail
28.2:5                                                            Peter Foator) 31.1:1
Theft bid led to assault - police 4.3:6                           Court jalla motoriat (S,Hannan) 3.2:7
Bashed baby permantly retarded (Sydney) 4.3:6                     Correction (S.Hannan) 5.2:3
Man's throat cut In pub brawl 8.3:3                               Motoriat for trial after smash (M. Marshall)
Dismissed public servant reinstated 24.3:14
Intent to rape alleged (E.Kokina) 25.3:10
                                                                  $800 fines on motor c y c l i s t (H.Pratten) 23.3:6
Man faces wounding trial (G.Thorley) 30.3:9
                                                                  Young man crippled In amaah: doctor
$220 fines on man in struggle with police 31.3:6
                                                                  (P.Handaaker accuaed) 24.3:14
li years Jail for shot through door 31.3:6
                                                                  Man for t r i a l on drive Charge 27.3:5
Snowdon pictures slashed 1.4:3
                                                                  Driver charged after leaving ledgre (W,Headman)
"Quiet man" gets six months jail for assaults
(M. Miles) 7.4:6
                                                                  Airman for sentence to day (G,Barratt) 9,4:6
Dancer fears for life (Sydney) 23.4:7                             Outside ride caught eye (C,Duval) 16.4:5
Two face attack charges 27.4:8
                                                                  S.M. Jails four drivers after "last chance"
Witness tells of pulling knife from back
(Victor Brown) 28.4:16
                                                                  Cyclist pushing it at ,24% (Brisbane) 3,6:6
"$45,000 loss" after attack 29.4:6
                                                                  Driver gets 21 months 17,6:8
Ex-policeman Jailed for assault (G.Whitmore)
                                                                  Highway rider outsped px>lice 19,6:5
                                                                  Wife's departure leads to drink drive charg^e
Dancer In fear gets 899,000 (Syd) 6.5:7                           22.6:5
Assault charge remand 8.5:9                                       Rum "cure" apxjlla drivora record 22.7:6
Women not pinchbags: S.M. Neil Fredinnick)
                                                                  Police allege rifle fired in atruggle (Brlabane)
Detective alleges man dived at police car
                                                                  Licence allowa drive to church 4,8:28
 (Malcolm Munro) 20.5:6
                                                                  Weekend jail for driver (Thomas Roberts) 3,9:8
Youth stabbed Mother in back; police
                                                                  Three men fined, lose licencea 7.9:8
Campbell Scott) 20,5:6
                                                                  Six fined for road offences 21.9:7
"Contempt for dignity" In divorce raid 22.5:5
.Armless beggar assaulted three women, court told                 Six on drink drive chargea 12,10:17
(Sydney) 29.6:6                                                   6 fined on alcohol chargea 16,11:8
6 months tor a s s a u l t on woman (T.Tallbot)                   Drink driver sentenced to periodic detention
7.7:12                                                            (Graeme Maynard) 16.11:8
                                                     N.M.H. INDEX                                              28. 1976

 CHARGES       C'td)

Two year driving ban (Michael White) 23,11:10                Death of witness draws comment (Sydney) 5.8:6
A.C.T. cracks down on drink driving 18.12:10                 Student fined over drug offence (Arthur Cooke)
CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES           DRUGS                    $300 fines on drug sellers 7,8:5
                                                             Man fined $300 on hemp count 10,8:8
2 on drug and theft charges 3,1:21                           Woman called drug agent (L,Trahair) 10,8:10
Hemp charges, penalty $800 (E.Macela) 6,1:4                  Drug sale reported on campus (Auat. Nat.Unl,)
Drug takers fined 13.1:5                                     1,000 hippies plan protest 16.8:1
"God told us" - drug accused 15.1:5                          P..-c-mer "angry" over hippie arrests, 17,8:1
12 charged over drugs (Melbourne) 16.1:1                     Hemp butts lead to convictions 17.6:10
Man charged with heroin smuggling (Sydney(>                  (.larihuana cache "not known to defendent" 17.8:10
17.1:5                                                       Drug trials In doubt (Melbourne) 18.8:3
13 cought In drug raid at Mayfield 20,1:1                    Drug charges have to gp ahead 18.8:3
Youth caught with heroin, police claim 21,1:3                Hemp abundant in toltland: solicitor 18.8:6
Drug raid nets five 22.1:16                                  Stolen money used to buy hemp 18.8:6
Heroin seized at Cooks Hill 23.1:1                           Appeal jidge jails drug pedlar (Garry Horton)
Hemp "found in 2 cars" 23.1:6                                Woman freed "on advice" 20,8:5
Five fined on Cooks Hill drug charges 23.1:6                 Girl Injected with heroin: man jailed (George
I'olice battle hard drug problems 26,1:2                     Spurling) 21.8:9
Possession of drug; youth and man fined 28.1:7               Heroin raids: five charged 26,8:1
Man "carried drug in pracket" 28.1:7                         Two men refused bail in heroin case 27.8:5L
Bond for young drug offender 28,1:7                          Drug mid "yielded 16 hemp deals" 28,8:9
$49,000 drug plot alleged (Sydney) 29,1:7                    Two jailed for drug possession 31.8:8
Heroin sales netted $887, court told 3,2:7                   Hippy raid vaste of time 1.9:3
Family Jailed over drug crop (Brisbane) 4,2:14               Tuntable [Falls] 13 remanded 7.9:7
Heroin used at beach rendezvous, court told                  Criminal influx alleged 8,9:3
5,2:13                                                       Qld starts campiaign on drug pushers 8.9:27
Drug sale brings jail term (W.Rand) 10.2:6                   Queensland minister criticises A.B.C, 9,9;6
"Wrecked lite" plea by youth In drugs case                   Qld remits sentences 10,9:1
(R. Matler) ; 12.2:10                                        Men go back to court 13,9:3
Toronto heroin raid - five arrested 13.2:1                   $2,800 "under rags, rubbish" (J, Jackson)
Heroin user faces sentence 18.2:6                            15,9:14
Narcotics agent claimed LSD received in post                 Indian hemp found in t r u n k s , p o l i c e a l l e g e
19.2:6                                                       16,9,10
LSD letter brings $500 fine 21.2:5                           Moon bells drug "not illegal" 17,9:6
Smoke signal alerted police 24.2:7                           Extradition delay for Cedar Bay Witnesses
Heroin in car: 7 years Jail (Sydney) 28.2:3
3 on drug remands 2,3:8
                                                             Teenagers on drug counts double 22,9:3
"Unsought" drug in mall 5.3:6
                                                             Two fined fcr smoking Indian hemp 22,9:12
Years jail for drug seller(R.Hender) 23,3:6                  Nembutal hidden in Tobacco 25,9:9
.Jail sentences for two after drug raid 30.3:9               18 months hard labour for heroin user (John
Hemp found after car stopped in Mayfield 3.4:9               Domalewski) 29,9:16
Youth jailed over heroin (C, Fellpou) 6,4:8                  Drug laws may tighten 2.10:1
Five for trial on drug farm find (Griffith)                  $420 fines oi hemp counts (M, Barwiae) 2,10:5
14,4:8                                                       Magistrate warns heroin pushers 8.10:9
Police link in South Coast heroin alleged                    $100,000 life for pushera 12,10:3
14,4:19                                                      Youth bound over for hemp dealing 13.10:14
Police not named by drus accuser. 15.4:1                     Woman jailed for using heroin (Veronica
Solicitor appears on drug charge (Sydney)                    Berriman) 19,10:10
15,4:6                                                       Drug ale ripped from wall 20.10:7
J a i l for " t r i p " on mushroom 16.4:5                   $500 fine for hemp charges (John Jackson) 27,10:6
Remands granted on five hemp counts (P.Sohr)                 Hard ci-ugs common in city (John Raymond) 29,10:7
21.4:12                                                      Cedar Bay report dday 2,11:15
Girl driver had smoked hemp (D, Lennon) 24.4:9               Seizure of drugs increasing:report 3,11:1
Jail for high housebreaker (J. Hawke) 24.4:9                 Writs againat Cedar Bay J,P. 5,11:6
Torture alleged after theft of drug crop 30,4:6              S.M. g^anta bail in drug case 8,11:6
22 held in drug raid (Cooks Hill) 1.5:1                      Groom of one day on drug charges (Robert
Inquiry uncovers drug, bird racket 3,5:1                     Kinson) 13,11:9
$2 note "snorter" among 9 on drug charges 4.5:6              State raises drug fine (Victoria) 18,11:1
3 smoked hemp in bushland, police allege 4.5:6               25 years jail for drug cf fences proposed 22,11:1
Jail and fines for heroin and hemp 5.5:18                    Fine for drug offence (Joseph Reilly) 1,12:9
Marihuana grown "instead of beef" 6,5:7
                                                             Ex-army man's appeal on drug sentence dismissed
$50,000 bail In drug case (Sydney) 14,5:3                    (Kenneth Hart) 1,12:9
Doctor on drug charges (Sydney) 21,5:3
                                                             Commune warrant iivalid, court told 7,12:3
Officer's watch smashed In drug arrest (Peter
                                                             Hemp grower jailed for five years (Bathurst)
Lee) 21,5:9
Marihuana p l a n t a t i o n found 22,5:5                   Inquiry sought into drug raid "cover up" 13,12:9
3 fined after raid 26.5:8
                                                             Judge rules on Nimbin warrant 14.12:9
Batch of hash brings bonds (Perth) 26.5:8
                                                             Youth .:^iled on drug diarges (Robert Kinson)
"Shoot" pushers 3,6:1                                        15,12:8
Judge critical of drug defenders 22.6:5
                                                             State asked to quash drug charges (Tuntable
He gave the pot away 23,6:1                                  Falls) 21,12:3
Woman, 20, gets bond for drug offences (D, Fay)
                                                             Unknown supplied hemp: Witness (John Chesterfield)
Five held in dmig raid 2,7:1
                                                             Crown witness in drug h e a r i n g declared h o s t i l e
Heroin found in vacuum cleaner, police allege
Differing views on drugs "confuse" 7,7:3                     CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES             HOUSEBREAKING,
Sailor and youth fined on hemp 7,7:12                        THEFT
S.M. sorry for parents of addict 10.7:5
Thief hunt led police to drugs (Michael White)
                                                             Two remanded en attempted enter charge 1,1:5
                                                             Man charged with thefts 3,1:21
Drug charges 19,7:3
                                                             Remand for two on cable theft change 8,1:5
$750,000 In drugs imported; 2 charged (Sydney)               Police block freedom chsh (R, Anderson) 10,1:4
                                                             Court told of jewel theft (G,K6rslake) 13,1:5
$1,000 fines for drug,       stealing offences
                                                             Bail refused in alleged thefts (A,CotteriH)
5 face hemp charges 20.7:5
Nine appeal on hemp counts 21.7:9                            Man lemanded on t h e f t charges (G. Bunt) 2 0 , 1 ; 6
Court told of temp in caravan 23.7:5                         $800 t h e f t from Limbless workshop 2 4 , 2 : 3
Man a c t i v e in s a l e of drug sent to j a i l           Two face T.V. t h e f t charge 25,2:23
(Max Sloan) 26.7:8                                           For sentence on t h r e e charges (P.Carmichael)
Police find drugs in homes 29.7:11                           5.3:6
Drug witness found hanged (Sydney) 4.8:7                     Labourer committed on thefts 6.3:5
Jail for hemp possession. (Leo Hickey) 5.8:6                 War crime evidence stopped 17.3:3
                                                       N.M.H. INDEX                                       29. 1976

THEIT                                                            CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES - MURDIKS (C'td)

Son aided robbery at heme (K. Garton) 23.3:13 '                  120 Jury panel dischargrod (weckert case) 4.2:14
Guests stole music gear from host, court told                    Night yells led to death, court told (Sydney)
30.3:9                                                           11.2:5
Man stole a f t e r gambling t h r e a t (R.Seymour)             Young cook on murder charges (Savoy Hotel fire)
2.4:6                                                            Murder confession defended (Weckert case)
Hotel raider aged 17 gets two years jail 8.4:11                  28.2:3
Two jailed on theft charges 8.4:11                               Youth hit, strangled relative, court told
Police station burgled 10.4:33                                   (J.Glase) 3.3:9
Art thieves hit gallery twice (Brisbane) 20.4:9                  Coroner orders warrants for wlfem two men 3,3:9
Warehouse raid nets $12,000 28.4:7                               Youth to be tried for murder 4.3:6
Housebreaker gets chance to enlist 5.5:18                        Man admits to killing (Weckert) 9.3:3
4 surgeries burgled 8.5:3                                        Murder denial accepted (M.Smyth) 9.3:6
T.V. thieves make "generous offer" 25.5:1                        Man had no thought of killing (Weckert) 10.3:3
Six additional counts follow committal                           Woman gets eight years tor killing (M.Smyth)
(Peter Date) 2.6:8                                               10,3:6
Friendly helper was thief in the night 5,6:1                     Weckert trial evidence finishes 11,3:3
No ball on house breaking charges (Colin Reid)                   Wife took blame for killing: police (V,Roberts)
3.7:5                                                            11,3:10
Police job ambition (J.Lauder) 8.7:5                             Wife makes admission from dock on killing
Stolen detonator fixed to fountain in park 8.7:7                  (V.Roberts) 12.3:7
Three for sentence 21,7:7                                        Labourer geta life for murder (R. Wylle for
Three face trial on stealing charges 5.8:6                       murder of N. Weckert) 13.3:5
Thief, 23, given 4i years term 17.8:10                           Son "took blame to ahield Mother" (V.Roberts)
Committal on club breaking charges (Drajo                        13.3:5
Soldo) 31,8:8                                                    Court told of 147 war deaths (Albert Kruger) 16
Fine bond over shopbreaking (T.Petrie) 14.9:7                    16.3:1
Boy linked with daylight thefts 15.9:12                          Wife, son jailed for murder (V.Roberts) 16.3:7
Tcjukley police beating alleged (Garry Summers)                  Man killed mother, court told (Sydney) 18.3:9
30.9:6                                                           Barrister acts to stop hearing (Albert Kruger)
Club charges bring two years jail (Garry                         23,3:6     b                        1
Summers) 1.10:7                                                  Court rejects war crimes appeal 26.3:3
Two charged on achool break In (Swanaea High                     Man guilty of gassing sick wife (S.A.) 26.3:3
School) 5.10:8                                                   War crime hearing enda 27,3:3
Break In at city office (Braye,Cragg, Cohen)                     Newcastle link In Qld aearch 13,4:3
5.11:3                                                           Hotel fire admission alleged (Sydney) 13.4:8
Guilty plea to theft of safe (Douglas McGail)                    Barrister's tid in fire deaths cauae 14.4:8
9,11:6                                                           15 death blaze on conaclence, record allegea
Three years jail for youth(Kevln Chambers)                       15,4:6
26,11:6                                                          1 5 hotel fire deatha: ccxjk for trial 16,4:5
3 arrested at Kurri 2.12:12                                      3 on murder charge (Woollongong) 21,4:19
Retrial ordered on stealing charges (Edward                      Pregnant woman for trial on murder charge
Sienczuk) 2.12:15                                                (Warwick) 22,4:10
                                                                 New lead in murder inquiry (M,Klauss) 22,4:10
CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES         MANSLAUGHrm                    Wine flagon blow to man's head fatal, court
                                                                 told (Sydney) 4,5:3
                                                                 Abducted girl found dead (Brisbane) 7,5:5
Motorist not culpable in woman's death (R.Love)                  Pensioner on murder count 8,5:5
4.3:6                                                            Women barred from trial to keep Aboriginal
Culpable driving led to death court finds                        rites secret (Adelaide) i2,5:3
(J. Welsh) 24.3:14
                                                                 Man,28, bombed wife's car 14,5:7
Young motoriat culpable (D.Pead) 25.3:10
                                                                 Pensioner, 91, murdered (Perth) 17,5:3
Motoriat jailed following death of pedeatrlan
                                                                 Missing hitcher had "fright" 17,5:7
                                                                 Man who killed grandmother mentally ill
Child died after "cruel beatings" (Donna Gaye
                                                                 (Jeffrey Glase) 18,5:8
                                                                 Murdered pensioner died from aiff beat Ion
Gang gets Jail terms over killing (Sydney)
                                                                 (Perth) 18,5:8
                                                                 Man for t r i a l on murder (Llamore) 20,5:3
R e t r i a l ordered on death of child 7.4:6                    Suapended aergeant wina appeal (Melbcxirne)
Huaband"in a i r " a f t e r craah (W.Lawaon) 1.5:5              21.5:9
New blocxi dld;not sober stab vlctom (Sydney)                    Hitch hike death rouaea women 24.5:3
20.5:3                                                           Life aentence for bomber (liaroochydore) 28,5:6
Fatal shot bringa 10 yeara Jail (Sydney) 28.5:6                  Charged man hanga himaelf (Melb) 31,5:3
5 years for stabbing (Sydney) 1,6:9                              Pupila in murder Inquiry 3,6:6
"Horror crime" sentence (Sydney) 26.6:9                          Son atrange before stabbing - mother 24,6:6
Charge follows baby's death (Sydney) 6.7:5                       Avoca gunman Insane (Philip Weetern) 30.6:1
Farewell death (Geelong) 7.9:8                                   Killer had "luck of devil" 30.6:3
Constable found driver crying over dead friend
                                                                 "steps taken" tp capture Avoca gunman alive
(Patolomes Manusiu) 24,11:6                                      30.6:8
No trial on slaying count (Sydney) 25,11:10                      Dead nurses ring friend 1.7"3
Abermaln baby death case adjourned (Glen Cullen)                 Western free on ball despite warning 2.7:5
14.12:9                                                          New lead In nurses murder 3.7:3
4 held over death of girl In shod (Colleen                       Car lead In Queensland murders 6.7:3
Harrla) 28.12:1                                                  Closed court for hearing (E, Hocking, Taree)
Two heroin doaes proved "fatal for girl" 29.12:1                 6.7:3
Bail for four on slay chargre 30.13:7                            Western inquiry urged 6.7:6
                                                                 Western case inquiry begins 8.7:3
CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRI.MES        MLTIDERS                       Woman'a body found (Hobart) 8.7:5
                                                                 Man faces murder charge (Hobart) 9.7:6
"Murder claim" by man on j a i l pass 7.1:3                      Wran pledges "no cover up" 9.7:6
Anchored body had b u l l e t wound in head (Sydney)             Murdered boy'a mother appeala for help (Gary
8,1:16                                                           Barkemeyer) 14.7:1
Drowning leads to suicide (Sydney) 9.1:4                         Art curators death still a mystery (Brian
Dump)ed body found (Sydney) 10,1:1                               Flnemore) 14.7:8
Remand on murder charge (Sydney) 13,1:5                          Playmate describes killer 15.7:1
Grandson strangled woman, police allege                          The Ifeatern caae problem 15.7:2
(Sophia Okulich) 20,1:6                                          Western charge: bail allowed 17.7:9
Remands In Northern kill charge (A,Spink and                     Facts on Western "provided" 20,7:5
R, Malcom) 22,1:3
                                                                 Inquiry in Western bail case ordered 21.7:9
Alleged murderers yell at police (Murwillimbah)
                                                                 Man laid stranger t o k i l l (Sydney) 23.7:5
                                                                 Western inquiry on to day 28,7:3
Youth refused bail (J. Glaae) 28.1:7
                                                                 Wide terms for ball inquiry (Western) 29,7:3
Mother killed daughter S, police allege
                                                                 Taxi murder baffles police (Melb) 31,7:3
(Sydney) 29.1:7
                                                                 $10,000 offered to find murderer 4.8:3
Woman, juvenile on k m charge (Taree) 3/2:7
2 shot dead at Griffith 4.2:7                                    Shotgun liasts kill two (Merewether) 10.8:3
Two freed of murder charges 4.2:14                               Court "powerloaa" to bail Weatern 10,8:3
Queensland murder trial adjourned 5.2:13
                                                   N.M.H. INDEX                                                           30, 1976

                                                                  CRIMES AND AXEtJED CRIMES - RAPES
                                                                  H y p n o t i s t f o r t r i a l on r a p e c h a r g e a 6 , 2 : 6
Police sought bail news on Western 12.8:3                         Driver raped g i r l l o , (Sydney) 1 0 , 2 : 6
Father on murder charge 16,8:3                                    Rape a t t e m p t , 4 i y e a r s j a i l ( J , D r a g e ) 1 1 , 2 : 5
Father on kill charge (Henry Holden) 17.8:7                       15 y e a r s f o r r a p e of c h i l d ( S y d n e y ) 1 2 , 2 : 1 0
"No way for ball" - police (Western) 19.8:3                       Court change in r a p e c a s e s " d a n g e r o u s " 1 3 , 2 : 6
Western had planned to hyjack airliner 20,8:7                     " G i r l ' s s c r e a m s i n c a r " l e d t o mpe c h a r g e
Western ball "conspiracy" 21,8:9
Teenagers lose life sentence appeal (Sydney)
                                                                  Man "admitted raping child" 26.2:6
21,8:9                                                            Ether bottle, rape trial told, 9,3:6
Schoolgirls given grim warning 26,8:1                             Rape jury discharged: new trial 10,3:6
Missing girl safe (Anne Knaggs) 26.8:3                            Fingerprints left in theft bid, rape Jury told
High court changes verdict (Sydney) 27.8:3
 Wyee killing still a mystery (Charles Devine)                    "U^ttraotive pair" guilty of rape 17.3:7
 27.8:6                                                           Jail for two men who used ether, knife in
No police, diary for Western inquiry 31,8:3                       rape 18.3:6
 Inquiry told Western had two wives 2,9:3                         Witness alleges struggle In sedan 20,3:5
 Life term Imposed for fatal stabbing (Sydney)                    Young man on rape charge faces trial
 l2.9:6                                                           (P, Andrews) 3.4:9
 Detectives bail evidence challengred 3.9:3                       Soldier on rape charge (Goulburn) 21,4:12
 "No criminal record" In Western papers 4.9:5
                                                                  woman's evidence heard In closed court at
 Entry right (Western) 8,9:3
 Man "fixed gun 15 times" (Sydney) 9.9:6                          hospital (E,Koklns) 22,4:10
                                                                  Police hunt apist (Brisbane) 26,4:12
 Court told wife burnt in bath (Sydney) 14.9:3
                                                                  Man wanted to hurt young women, court told
 Body disembowelled, S.M. told (Brisbane) 28,9:3
                                                                  (Sydney) 2 8 , 4 : 1 6                                 ,^ .x        s
 Man gets life for Hobart murder 29.9:8
                                                                  Rape t r i a l juryman d i d n ' t u n d e r s t a n d ( S y d n e y )
 Western inquiry; officer criticised 29.9:8
 Boy charged with murder (Melbourne) 2.10:3                       Man a c c u s e d of a p e a t t e m p t ( E . K o k i n a ) 1 3 , 5 : 7
 Mother on bond for Infanticide (Melbourne)                       A s s a u l t on woman a l l e g e d 1 4 . 5 : 7
 2,10:3                                                           15 years for double rapist (Sydney) 18.5:8
 Police "scrutinised" in Western inquiry 2.10:3                   Rape as a means of subjection (Book review
 Man dies after shooting wife (Melbourne) 4.10:3                  by Jacqueline Thorpe) 19,5:2
 Taxi driver stabbed to death in lane (Sydney)                    Girl's screams in car alerted man, court told
 11,10:3                                                          (Peter Aidrews) 20,5:7
 Two charged with Sydney murder 13.10:8                           Man guilty of rape (Peter Andrews) 21,5:9
 Extradition order on kill charge 14,10:8                         Nurse alleges rape while asleep (Ivan Finlay)
 S.M. told taxi driver stabbed in heart 15,10:3
 Man killed "after drug ripoff" (Sydney)
                                                                  Cardiff man sentenced to five yeara jail
 20,10:10                                                         (Peter Andrews) 25.5:5
  $25,000 award "made before man's death"                         Gunnedah youth not guilty of rape 26.5:8
  (Brian Kavanagh) 26.10:6                                        Violence at anti-rape demonstration 29.5:3
  $21,500 rewards for murders, vandals 26,10:13                   To the death (Leader) 1,6:2
 Murder trial told youth loved aunt (Brian                        Change In law on rape irged 1.6:3
 Kavanagh) 27,10:6                                                Death befor rape call triggers row 1.6:9
 Young driver shot dead (Brisbane) 27.10:7                        Wide search for tattoed rapiat 25,6:1
 Youth said uncle accidently shot, police allege                  Woman raped in Lake home 6.7:3
  (Brian Kavanagh) 28.10:8                                         4 charged over alleged rape of woman 22, 14,7:8
 Murder count: youth held (Brisbane) 28.10:8
                                                                  Man faces rape, theft charges (Sydney) 16.7:5
 Man detained over shooting 28.10:10
                                                                  Carpenter for trial on hitch-hike rape charge
  Juror discharged from murder trial (Brian
                                                                   (Sydney) 17,7:9
 Kavanagh) 29.10:7
                                                                  New deal for rape victims 27,7:5
 Woman acquitted of murder (Beryl Kavanagh)
                                                                  Four charged over alleged rape 27,7:5
  30.10:9                                                          Rape review "to protect woman" 31,7:11
 Two jailed for life (Sydney) 3,11:3                              Rapiat jailed for 15 yeara (Syd) 4.8:28
  Inquest on death of man In custody (Sydney)
                                                                   "Family rape" law fcr S.A. 6.8:1
  4,11:12                                                          Girl, 18 alleges multiple rape 28,8:9
 Life for youth guilty of murder (Brian                            Rape of young girl alleged (Sydney) 3^,8:8
  Kavanagh) 4,11:12
                                                                   Youths accused of rape in van 2,9:6
  Painter 26, charged with murder (Brisbane)                       Rape victim awarded $3,000 (Sydney) 3,9:8
  5.11:6                                                           Juveniles, youths on rape charge 4,9:9
 Cook accused ol 4 fire deaths (Savoy Hotel)
                                                                   Youth tells of flat attack 13,9:7
                                                                   Four face trial on rape chargea 18.9:9
  Police tell of murder pact (Tweed Heads) 11.11:6
                                                                   Woman alleges payback threat 21,9:7
 Kill him, woman called at shooting (Tweed Heads)
                                                                   Highway attacker jailed 21,9:7
                                                                   4 youths for trial on rape 22,9:12
 Man finda wife, daughter dead (S.A.) 15.11:3
                                                                   Rape law unjust to women: Judge 1,10:1
 Two held over rape, murder (Townaville) 17.11:10
                                                                    20 years jail fcr rapists (Sydney) 15,10:6
 Murderera jailed for life (Tweed heads) 18.11:3
                                                                   Marital rape bill Introduced 21,lo:6
 Killers jailed for life (Sydney) 19,11:8
                                                                   Man freed en rape attempt (Erlks Koklns)
  Savoy hearing told of fire death bid 19,11:8
 Bomb murder bid charge (Garry Keech) 22,11:5
                                                                   Nurse, 58, raped, bashed in buahea (Brlabane)
 Rapist geta life for murders (Sydney) 23,11:3
 Mayfield man refuaed bail (Garry Keech)
                                                                    $8,000 for victim of rape, aaaault (Sydney)
  Inquiry on atlck death (Perth) 23,11:10
                                                                    Jury told 3 youtha raped girl, 16. 4.11:12
 Hotel fire court told c "Newcastle links"
                                                                   Australian r^pe incidence "among the worst"
 23.11:10     (Reginald John Little)
  Savoy fire auspect deniea charge824,11:6
                                                                    Youths Iran away: rape case witneaa 5,11:6
 Bail system changes urged (Western) 24.11:6
                                                                    Youths allege girl did rot rselat 6,11:8
 Man geta life for hotel fire 26.11:6
                                                                    Youtha guilty cf rape 9.11:6
 Accuaed says he shot at tyres (Brisbane) 2,12:15
                                                                    State considers new ape laws 23.11:10
 Life for murder c foater mother (Brisbane)
 2,12:15                                                            "Mr Magic" hypnosia rape verdict lifted 30,11:5
                                                                    Acquitted man still held (Barry Palmer, Sydney)
 Man for trial on kill attempt charge (Garry
 Keech) 7.12:13                                                     1,12:7
                                                                    Judge finda rape case witness threatened
 Man charged with slaying (Glen Cullen) 11.12:9
                                                                     (Sydney) 17.12:5
 Woman jailed as murder accessory (Beryl
 Kavanagh) 21.12:17                                                 Newcastle youths Jailed for rape 21,12:17
 Hospital murder alleged (Victor Dunnicliff)
 24.12:5                                                            C3HMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES - ROBBERIES

                                                                    3 charged on bank hold-up (Sydney) 3,1:3
                                                                    $14,500 was too much to carry (Perth) 3,1:21
                                                                    Thieves teave no ciuea in $200,000 hotel
 Remand on rape charge (P, Andrewa) 5,1:4
                                                                    robbery (Brisbane) 3,1:21
 Bail on rape charge (P, Andrews) 6,1:4
                                                                    Hooded men b a i l up c o u r i e r , g e t $ 9 , 6 0 0 ( S y d n e y )
 Magician on rape charge remanded (Sydney) 13.1:5
 Magician on 4 more assault charges (B,Palmer,
                                                                    Priaoner apita at woman witneaa 8,1:1
 Sydney) 17.1:5
                                                                    Shotgun threat made to T.A.B. agent, court
 Armed man r a p e s h i t c h h i k e r (Sydney) 2 3 , 1 : 6       told 8.1:5
 G i r l , 1 4 , r a p e d a t Broadmeadow 3 . 2 : 1                8 yeara for toller who aided bandita (Melb)
 Rape c l a i m f a l s e say pjolice 4 , 2 : 3                     9,1:4
                                                      N,U,H, INDEX                                              31, 1976
                                                                  CRIMES AND ALLBGED CRIMES - TB3U10RISU
                                                                  Passenger t o l d of bomb s c a r e In f l i ^ t 3 0 . 3 : 6
Deferred terma for men who robbed chemists
                                                                  Brlabane [x>lice hunt"p>osaeased" bomber 1 , 4 : 3
                                                                  Han held on p r e l a t e bomb charge 3 . 4 : 5
Poat provldoB l i n k i n 2 shop r a i d s 1 4 , 1 : 3            Bombing charge hearing d e a l y (Hobart) 7 , 4 : 6
Shot f i r e d i n $5,000 robbery (Sydney) 2 3 , 1 : 3            E x o r c i s t " a f f e c t e d man" 1 0 . 4 : 3 3
CHinman h i d i n g i n Norti, p o l i c e b e l i e v e 6,2:1    Bomber a c t e d on"moral grounds" (Syd)             11.5:7
Hold up men d e s c r i b e d 7 , 2 : 5                           Airi>ortB f e a r t e r r o r group 2 6 , 7 : 3
Thievoa grab cameras 7 , 2 : 9                                    Two charged w i t l \ h o t e l bombing (Moree) 2 7 . 7 : 5
T.A.B. bandit got $300 and J a i l f o r li y r s ,               Woman t e l l s cf Moree bombing 1 8 , 8 : 6
18.2:6                                                            Detonator "found i n car" 1 9 , 8 : 1 1
T.A.B, bandits backed a loser 19.2:6                              West "gutloBS" on t e r r o r i a m 2 0 , 8 : 3
Thieves atrip woman and home of Jewellery                         Wltnesaos "fear for a a f e t y " 2 1 , 8 : 9
25,2:23                                                           Two aont for t r i a l on bomb chargea ( I m p e r i a l
Ten years jail for T,A.B. theft (R.Robson)
                                                                  H o t e l , Moree)           15,9:17
2.3:8                                                             Political bomb link alleged (George St, Sydney)
10 yeara Jail for bank robber (Melb) 3.3:9
Gunpxiint robbery at club (Sydney) 5.3:6                          Moree bombing endangered race harmony: judge
Armed robbery alleged (Darwin) 5,3:6
Club hold up victim "no hero" 6.3:3
Man with knife holds up petrol station 8,3:1                      CRIMES AND ALLEGED CRIMES - VANDALISM
Gunman hyjcacka van, pjayroll (Sydney) 12.3:3
Office girl feared death (Reid and Reid) 26,3:1                   School has colorful brush with vandala 10,1:3
Restaurant robbed 6.4:9                                           Vandallam in ahlre Increaaoa 15,1:LH5
Police wait on man for Jewela (Melbourne)                         Lake phonea wear wounda from vandals 23,1:1
10.4:33                                                           Vandals hit college park (Ceaanock Technical
Would be robber forgeta oar (Junction) 13,4:1                     College) 29,1:HV2
Bank bandit atill free 14,4:3                                     Vandals hit soccer ground (Weston) 5.'2:HV4
$2,000 losa by doctor in robbery (Whitebridgo)                    Car vandals damage oval 12.2:11
20,4:3                                                            Light thrown on vandals 26.2:LH1
Two men aoug^t i n $68,000 robbery (Sydney)                       Vandals damage park area, 11.3:LH6
21,4:12                                                           Soccer club hit by vandals 18.3:LH6
Six oxcapje with $1,4M in nationa biggeat theft                   Vandals cause $2,000 damage to pipes 30.3:9
 (Melb.) 22,4:1                                                   Flags cut down 18.4:3
Woman clue in $145,000 poat haul (Port                            Stolen fiaga returned 22,4:7
Macquarie) 23.4:3                                                 Vandals daub state block 27,4:3
 "Bookie" bandita kept eye to peephole 23,4:3                     Vandala hit caravan park 29,4:LH1
Big reward offered 26.4:3                                         Sydney bomber J»iled 8 yeara 19.5:10
Thieves uaed two poepholoa 27.4:3                                 Vandala destroy buoy 21,5:5
 Police hunt four after P.O. raid 27.4:9                          Rose gardena wrecked 22,5:3Vand
 $5,000 pay robbery 8.5:3                                         Vandals burn club canteen (Charlestown) 24.5:1
Bandit escapes (Brisbane) 13.5:1                                  Vandala' big bill (Geelong College) 27.5:1
 $1.3M settling (Melbourne) 15.5:3                                Vandallam on Increaae 27.5:LH4
 Interpol comment on raid critloiaed 17,5:3                       "Lead aet" in vandalism claim 28.5:3
 Reward man facea court (Victoria) 19.5:3                         Rail vandalisro"on increase"   9.7:3
Girl, 17 on hold up charge 19,5:3                                 Action call on vandallam 5.8:LH3
 Police poae In bank raid alleged (Trevor                         Rocka bombard train 6.9:1
 Steele) 19,5:8                                                   Wlndowa kicked in 7.9:3
Trial aet on robbery intent charge (Trevor                        Vandala >reck victim's future (Windale) 29.9:7
 Steele) 20.5:6                                                   Vandals break rare window (St Anna Church,
 $8,000 in mailbag found 21,5:1                                   Paterson) 13.10:3
 Bookie robbery cluea "falae" 2,6:8                               T.V. damaged ly vandala replaced (Merewether
Another mailbag robbery 4,6:1                                     aurf club) 25.10:6
 $54,000 goea in mailbag theft 17,6:1                             Vandals cauae $300 damage to wall 26.10:8
 Mail police "Impoaalble" 18.6:1                                  $21,500 rewarda for murders, vandals 26.10:13
Bond, fine for assault and robbery 23.6:8                         Vandals add to ilia of ailing couple 2,11:5
Court for mailbag suspect (Sydney) 26,6:9                         Reward offer on bath rampage at Merewether
 Barrack theft fails 22.7:7                                       16.11:3
Gang gets $6,000 in hotel raid 3.7:7                              Singleton fights ^andallam 18.11:8
Liquor, money thedt alleged 4.8:28                                Butcher ahops sprayed 15.12:8
 3 robbers on drugs, S.M, told (Sydney) 18,8:6
Bogus police rob grazier at gunpralnt 20,8:5                      CUSTOMS
 Bank accuaed offera dog's meat alibi (Trevor
 Steele) 26,8:6                                                   Huge smuggling business "in empty North" 9,7:3
 Man guilty of bid to rob bank (Trevor Steele)                    Promise on import dumping 23.8:3
 27,8:5                                                           "Degrading search" inquiry held (Sydney) 23.10';3
Man sentenced for robbery (Trevor Stoole)28,8:9
Blow with scraper sends thief running 4.9:5                       CYCLING
Bandaged gunman in raid (Sydney) 10,9:3
Robbery charge extradition (Adelaide) 18,9:3                      Cyclist crashes on track he helped construct
Thieves raid city premises 25.9:3                                 (L.Cossettinl) 24.2:1
 8 yeara jail for assault, robbery (Robert                        Top promoter praiaea Velodrome 24.2:16
Trondall) 29.9:16                                                 Nicholaon, Clarke to clash in cycling final 26.2:22
Man charged with $1M club theft (Melbourne)                       26,2:22
 7,10:3                                                           Lure of title ensures tough cycling final 27,2:14
Two face bookie recieving charge (Melbourne)                      Nicholson wina in atraight heata 28,2:32
12,10:7                                                           Marathon record bid ly cyclist 3,3:32
Ball denlecl on bookie robbery charge 14,10:8                     Parkea confident of record time 17,3:30
Masked men snatch big piayroll 19,10:3                            Cycle record broken (T,ParkeB) 22.3:9
No bail on bank charge (James Calrna) 20,10:11                    Tour ridera get early indication 23,7:16
Youth rlnga till to advantage 23.10:11                            Hoole out of retirement for 4th tour win 26,7:17
4i yeara for aaaault and robbery (Ronald                          Juniour, veteran lead cycle race 29,11:20
Thomaon) 3.11:6                                                   Cycllata plans crash at Velodrome (Darrell
2 remanded on charge of armed robbery 9.11:6                      Wheeler) 2,12:26
Thievea raid sex shop 10,11:7
Bail refused in armed robbery chargea 17.11:10
Legacy aafe rifled 19.11:1                                        DAIRY INDUCTRY
Thievea bash, rob woman of $2,000 (Beverage
Bottlers) 23.11:3                                                 New cfeal for dairy farmers 15.1:5
$10,000 ball fixed on hold up charge (Allan Percy                 Dairy farmers' new president (G.Perrin) 11.2:5
and Leslie Connolly) 27.11:9                                      Oak fears threat in $2M Hexham coal plant 11.3:1
Two men for trial on rob charge (Allan Pacey                      Coal plant gets Impact order 18.3:7
and Paul Reilly) 14.12:9                                          Coal piollutlon on inquiry move 23.3:3
Bcx)kmaker t>ashod and robbed (Herb Purnoll)                      Disease clamp on cheese 6,4:7
15.12:9                                                           Choose study exempts 3 countries 27,4:9
Couple robbed a t gunpoint 2 7 . 1 2 : 4                          Despiarate farmers ahoot cattle (Tongola) 11,5:1
Two women g i p s i e s rob one p e n s i o n e r 3 0 . 1 2 : 3   An cbacenity (Leader)    11,5:2
                                                                  Deap>eration on the farm 12.5:2
                                                                  50 yeara ktor (Leader)     14.5:2
                                                                  Dairymen accept clamp on growth 15.5:3
                                                                  Dairy criaia "biggeat in 30 yeara" 25,5:3
                                         N,H,H. INDEX                                            32. 1076

                                                        DEATH DUTIES
Federal loan offera of $3,5H to dairymen                Qld Premier firm on ending probate 17,3:3
29.5:9                                                  Spcjuae d e a t h d u t i e a t o go 2 6 , 3 : 1
Dairymen seek subsidy 9.6:).2                           Queenaland to end death duties 24,6:3
Dairy cow valuea alump J7,6:6                           Spouae death duties end 1,9:3
Dairymen after help 22,6:1                              Gov, accused of probate "ripoff" 28,9:3
World Dairy outlook bleak:Mlni8ter 29,6:3               End of duties "disaster" 1,12:10
Booklet givea guide to dairy 1.7:7                      Wran ready to .backdate end of death duties
"No aid" for deaperate dairymen 2.7:3
Centre names aales officer 21.7:36
(jovernment booat for dairy pricea 23.7:7               Too much h a s t e (Leader)    23,12:2
Darlymen fear quota cuts 27,7:1
Punch wants subsidy to kill dairy cattle 17.8:3         DEMONCTRATIONS
Six nominate for dairy board 2.9:19
Quarantine for cheese 10.9:8                            300 i n Timor p e a c e march t h r o u g h c i t y
Dairy changes "could coat 600 joba" 14.9:3              atreots 22,3:7
Gietzelt ploada for maaaive dairy aid 17.9              Remand over Russian protest 26,3:7
Dairymen rebuffed 28.9:1                                Rockefeller protesta 27,3:3
Maitland atudent vtna dairy award (Geoffrey             16 held at demonatration 1.4:1
Taylor) 3,11:10                                         Antl-U.S. rally; 16 in court (Sydney) 2,4:6
N,S,W, "miaaing out ondairy grants"5,11:10              Demonstrations planned on Uranium policy
N,S,W, opposea dairyman subaidy 10,11:22                14,5:5
Milk rune envy.of other lands: Day 13.11:9              Groans and acreama outaide parliament 19,5:1
Morris alates "inefficient" dairy cO-op 19,11:5         500 in anti-Kerr claah 10,6:1
Dariy farmers face hardahip, M,L,A. warns               Studenta wait on Kerr 16.6:1
 30,11:17                                               BOOB but no violence for Kerr 17.6:1
Computer plan investigation 1.12:7                      Kerr leavea Queensland quietly 21.6:3
 Miniater aupporta dairy propoaal 9.12:12               Kerr in Melbourne encore - violence 24,6:1
 Dariy talks 15.12:35                                   Anti-Kerr demonstrator jailed for two
 More aupport for dairy induatry 31,12:6                months 6,7:3
                                                        100 join in aid to Indonesia proteat 19,7:3
DANCING                                                 Canberra fracaa for Kerr 31,7:32
                                                        Marchera call for ban on uranium 9.8:3
"Cinderella" opens to good house 2,3:1                  A.B.C, Chairman moved for ban 11,8:3
Cinderella girl for Newcaatle (J,Mitchell)2,3:1
                                                        Police deny inquiry ordered by Kerr 11,8:7
Marilyn geta a wealth ot ideas overseas (M.Jones)
                                                        Mob traps P.M. in university office
                                                         (Monaah) 24.8:1
Black dance group la ballerina's dream 4,3:3
                                                         Direction of dlaaent (Leader) 25.8:2
Coatume Ironers earn pay 19.3:5
Cossacks show stuff of life in dazzliug act             P.M. will complete ceremony at uni. 25,8:3
19.3:5                                                  Fraaer deniea Monash report 27.8:3
                                                        No state move on protests 3,9:3
Youngsters love their ballet (Entrance Pre-
                                                        Kerr protest rep)airs 8.9:1
school) 1.4:LH2
                                                        Tangle of voices 9.9:3
Dispute threatens ballot tour 10,4:11
                                                        Lone demonstrator maintains vigil 25,9:3
Bonnie lass for Scotland (Bonnie-Anne McEwan)
20,5:12                                                 Health surveyors walk out on Kerr, 28.9:3
                                                        Rally recalls A.L.P, ouater              12,11:1
Superstars of ballet (The Panovs) 26.5:17
Saturday night is for dancing 27,5:15
Stadium becomes a place to dance 2.6:25
                                                        Dentista' fees up 14,*!, today 1,5:3
Dancing his way to success (Dein Perry) 3,6:14
                                                        Children learn dental care 24,8:7
Ballet stars in Newcastle (Valery and Galimo
                                                        Dental clinic at Boreafleld School 15.10:13
Panov) 3,6:15
                                                        More achool dental clinica for North 21.10:15
Ballet headlines for Merewether girl (Mary
                                                        Dental scheme "hampered" 8,12:17
Caldwell) 30.6:25
                                                        Dental team to Indonesia 9,12:1
Ballerina on the dole (Roma Egan) 1.7:13
                                                        Dental techniciana get new status 17.12:4
One way ticket pays dividends (Eva Grobstas)
Newcastle dancers earn laurels (David Kaiser
and Trudy Erwin) 30.8:3
                                                        More casea reported of gonorrhoea 5,1:7
Dancing to unwritten word (Baranggay dancers)
                                                        Sentinel sheep guard northern gateway 7,1:25
                                                        No evidence of srbo virus on Murray 8.1:4
Dance company of N.S.W. 1.11:3
                                                        Disease reports fall sharply 9,2:7
Performance full of colour, vigour    24.11:3
Dancer walks in to stardom (Angela Ayers) 8.12:3        Upper Hunter film to aid aathmatics 9,2:10
Amateur dancer nears top (Mark Sullivan) 29.12:13       Girl's death prompts Dungog T.B, check 11,2:3
                                                        Dungog T,B, test clears 2,000 residents     '
                                                        It pays to Immunise 1.4:10
Region grows,     city loaea 8,12:2                     Camp for diabetic children first outside
                                                        Sydney. 6.4:10
DAYLIGHT SAVING                                         Principjal denies charges over impetigo 16.4:3
                                                        Cystic fibrosis: child killer 19,4:7
Clocks go back 6.3:1                                    Newcastle flu scare unfounded 1,5:5
                                                        Flu vaccine scare in North 28.5:9
Save daylight or not 27.4:3                             Vaccine work defended 29.5:3
Daylight saving; no loud campaigning 29.4:13            Two more die (Brisbane) 1.7:1
Daylight saving (Leader) 30,4:2                         Transplants "follow drug abuae" 1,7:3
Comment cancels daylight saving offering 3,5:1
                                                        Flu toll rising 6.7:3
Daylight aaving (Leader) 3.5:2
                                                        Learning to live with an ancient blood
Daylight aaving zone plan 27,10:3
                                                        diaorder 7,7:25
Clocks go forward 30,10:1
                                                        Kidney machine maintains life (Gwen Farley)
DECENTRALIZATION                                        9,7:3
                                                        Satellite in flu battle 9,7:6
More P.S,B. injected cities predicted 15.1:4            Surf hero needs machine to live (Tod
Review could boost Albury 16,1:3                        Hayden) 12,7:6
Government ti^nafors soil aervice to Orange             Donor holds key to life (Kim Veken) 20,7:9
30.1:1                                                  New Jobs bring diseaaea 23,7:2
Labor wants pledge on twin cities 16,2:3                21 caaea of hepjatitia 28,7:12
Fraser againat growth centrea 18.3:9                    Throe pcjwdera a day bring kidney damage
Decentralization plan waateful, says Uren 22.3:3        28,7:23
Growth centre fight la on 10.4:2                        Diaeaae suspect iaolated 5.8:10
Growth city aid sought 3,6:11                           Kidney donor roBpxjnae 13,8:5
No help from council 3,6:LH1                            State backa horae, dog diaeaae atudy 1,9:3
Future of growth areas in balance 11,8:17                Diaeaae incidence declines 2.9:10
Canberra wary of growth centre 12.8:16                   Pet diaeaae warning for ownera 13.10:10
Decentralization "may be doatroyed" (N.S.W.             Top doctor criticeaea antibiotic uae 14.10:9
Living atandarda Conference) 30.8:7                      Doctor wanta more atudy on analgreaica 9.11:7
Sydney firm awltchea to Gloucoator (Transdata           Group Booka young hearts (National Heart
P,L.) 12,11:8                                           Foundation of Auatralia) 18.11:16
State objects to centre funding 2.12:6                  Typhoid rlBk low:Hunt 2.12:3
                                            N,M.H. INDEX                                 33, 1976

                                                      EDUCATION (C'td)
Canberra checks airline meals 7,12:14
Hepatitis atrain a klUar 15.12:18                     Student view aought on sexism 18,6:10
Tahleo Houae camp for diabetica 16,12:17              MlniBter to aid training Bchcx>l broadcasters
DISEASES - RESEARCH                                   Co-education"linked with promiscuity" 9.7:6
                                                      Committee plea for isolated children 22.7:19
Epidemic fear from research 10,8:3                    Big changes in achoola control 30,7:1
Arthritia "eased" by using copper bracelet            Education week sc^ne set 31,7:32
17.9:1                                                Parent a want cane banned 2,8:1
Aspirin Unk in atomach acara 3.il:3                   Leaving achool at 13 backed 4,8:3
                                                      Education (Leader) 7.8:2
DRUGS                                                 Education funding too Icjw: experta 12,8:1
                                                      Educationa next atep (Leader) 14.8:2
Drug addict at birth 12,1:2                           Program for Education week 16,8:7
Import drug ataff halved 19,1:3                       Children hold key to environment 16.8:11
Boredom theory on women's analgesic abuse             More parenta help at achool 17.8:3
30,3:1                                                New emphaaia aa challenge for teachora 19.8:10
Shutting drug centrea a "tragedy" 5,4:3               Flag ralaing ceremoniea 23,8:8
Now ita a learning pill 27.4:2                        Canberra continues aid to businoBa collegea
Panel againat analgeaica 28,4:8                       1,9:11
900 Subatancoa 'Hruga"    28,4:9                      wangi girl wina acholarahip (Caroline Linton(
Acupjuncture breakthrough 5.5:12                      2.9:LH3
Stricter drug Idw urged 9,6:3                         Studenta pay plan 8.9:1
Drug becomea election iaaue 28,6:2                    Review of achoola conmilsalon 8.9:3
Penaioners"among top drug uaera" 17,7:3               Studnet coat increases 8,9:27
Addlcta "obtaining drugs from doctors" 26,7:14        Review of tertiary education 10,9:7
Cannabis group formed 17.8:13                         School heads confer 23.9:7
Studonta get "stoned" on cough mixture 24,8:9         28 achoola are "diaadvantaged" 14.10:16
Federal health chief wants alcohol centres            Power play In education alleged 19.10:3
2.9:15                                                School could end at 13 21,10:2
Harsh cure (Leader) 8.9:2                             Education inquiry bcjard aet up 25.10:10
Drug study 9,9:6                                      Report on language teaching praiaed 28.10:3
Heroin uae in Australia rising 18,9:3                 State aid for city achoola 28,10:10
Newcastle heroin isage on decline 23,9:1              Teachera crlticiao atate Government 2.11:7
Risk seen in girls use of painkillers                 Allocatlona to city achoola criticlaed 8,11:12
13,10:29                                              Newcaatle geta language centre 27,11:3
State trims drug addict aid program 14.10:20          School group complains of brief contract
Thalidomide victims get tax-free exomptiona           9,12:13
                                                      Education falla to help poor: Inquiry 10,12:1
                                                      Chairman to retire (Chairman of the State Higher
Doctor wanta more atudy on analgeaica
                                                      Education Board, Mr J, Pratt) 11,12:9
                                                      Payment for education site approved (Ourimbah)
Fertility pill urged aa benefit 10.11:14
Dunatan ordera inveatigation on druga                 11,12:33
                                                      Support for social report 15.12:11
                                                      Bedford fears Blower growth in education
Analgeaic abuse worlds highest 18,11:1
Unhealthy tradition (Leader) 18,11:2                  21,12:7
The aialgeaica problem 18,11:2                        State rejecta rigid claaa aize plan 21,12:18
Preacriptlona only analgeaica sought 24,11:12         Carrlck hlta back at N.S.W. 22,12:3
Professor hits at analgesics 24,11:20                 Education office takea 60 helpera 23.12:6
Group formed to aid drug addicts 27,11:9              Education Board head to retire (Mr, J. Pratt)
Analgesics lobby urged 8.12:18                        27,12:4
Marihuana poses problem for councils 11,12:1          Schoola Board enlarged 31.12:4

                                                      EDUCATION - HISTORY

Dangerous factor in aspirin uae eliminated            Kayaga pupila relive past 16.8:10
17,5:9                                                Plaque for conteiary (Telegraph Point School)
Aapirin link in stomaoh scars 3,11:3                  25.9:32
                                                      Moonam Flats education centenary 25.9:32
EARTHQUAKES                                           Broke School to celebrate centenary 15,10:7
                                                      Bungwahl centenary 16,10:32
Newcastle helps quake victima 19,5:7                  Muawellbrook School centenary 18.11:18
Talka en quake aid 15,6:3                             800 came to celebrate School Centenary 22.11:9
The man who gave a acale to quakea 28,8:7             Centenary for school (Grant's Creek -
Earthquake cpmmonta sought 18,9:29                    Sandy Hollow) 20,12:9                          >
Earth tremor (W.A.) 30.10:1                           School misses century (Wickham Girl's High
                                                      School) 23,12:2
                                                      EGGS AND POULTRY
 School year begins 28,1:6
 Willis still aims to reduce class sizes              N,Z. bans poultry from Australia 22,1:13
 31,1:5                                               Poultry factory to expand (Cardiff) 22,1:LH1
A fair g o in education 19,2:2                        Fowl diaeaae 28.1:3
Grant fcr educational study 1,3:9                     Hunt defenda quarantine Houae burnt 29,1:15
 Sorting out child readers 27,3:2                     Plague hita Vic poultry industry 10.2:7
 Schoola to work on aocial projocta 3,4:5             In the pecking order, ita a abort life
Funds for 29 schools 29,4:13                          12.2:LH3
 Education lobby ready 29,4:14                        Conference on pjoultry strike 2.4:6
 Education proteat geta no promiaes 30.4:3            Beard denies riae in egg prices 16.4:1
Literacy standard not on decline 4,5:2                Chicken meat Induatry growa 5.5:11
Teat createa a word puzzle 65:2                       Egg farmer wanta Independent inquiry 9.8:9
Dr. Seuas brings the word 10.5:3                      Bacteria found In chlckena 16.9:20
Schools out for autumn 10.5:15                        Poultry report criticlaed 18.9:8
Formal versus Informal teaching 13.5:2                Stogglea provide 40 extra Joba 14.10:12
School action group formed (Belmont North)            Steggles strikers go back 15.10:7
13,5:LH3                                              Steggles returns to better days 15.10:7
Teachers see school threat         14,5:11            Steggles feels a future pinch (David Karpin)
Illiteracy reaches "significant" level 21,5:5         30/10:10
Science education focus on reaearch 21.5:15           Wran stops woman's arrest 27.11:3
Education lack to triennlum funding 22.5:3
Heated delate ends parents meeting 27.5:11            EI STEDDFODS
One in five find reading difficult 28.5:3
Defence spending "better in schools" 28,5:7           Eisteddfod held over 10 days 5,5:18
Parents face big bill for students 7.6:1              Drama, speech at eisteddfod 12.5:8
Community course to start 7.6:16                      Eisteddfod family affair 13,5:10
Cheap achool uniform hopje 8,6:3                      Top soloists at eisteddfod 14.5:5
Limit urged for achool uniforma 9,6:3                 $500 Eisteddfod prize offered 19,5:13
Miniater to see Newcaatle achoola thia week           Eiateddfod ends 21,5:5
14,6:1                                                Eisteddfod entranta pi-aiaed 2.9:11
Education i n awitch 1 4 , 6 : 1 0                    Eisteddfod standard lauded 8.9:27
                                                                        ^iM.H. INDEX                                          34. 1976

EISTEDDFODS (C'td)                                                               ELECTIONS          S'A'TE

Eisteddfod wins to vloliniats 23.9:7                                             No contest in two country aeats 10.4:3
                                                                                 Wran offer of new deal on homes 13,4:1
ELECTIONS                                                                        Waking the sleeper (Leader) 13.4:2
                                                                                 E x - n u p t l a l law may change 1 3 . 4 : 8
3 partiea seek eat at Orange 6.1:4                                               Wran to apeak In Gosford 13.4:8
By-election Feb 14, 13.1:1                                                       Wran critical of states natural gas policy
New site ought fcr poll booth 19.2:LH2                                           14,4:3
                                                                                 Federallam writ large (Leader) 15,4:2
ELECTIONS          FEDERAL                                                       Wran'a promise on expressway work 15.4:3
                                                                                 Labor'a rural policies hit 15.4:3
Corio to Labor by 20 votes 3.1:3                                                 Willis land tax move upsets top 16,4:3
Colston gets "juatlce" 10,1:3                                                    Liberals' policy "limp" saya Wran 16,4:3
Final senate seat to Labor 15,1:3                                                Premier offers policy for scrutiny 16,4:3
Preferences distribution 29,1:LH5                                                Whitlam warns on high tax 16,4:3
$500 payment report ready 16,2:3                                                 Hall sees need for unity 16.4:3
Garland case, action planned 17,2:1                                              No added bills for Labor plan: Wran 17.4:3
Former Liberal Minister on electoral charges                                     Loopholes costing $50M a year 20,4:3
18,2:7                                                                           Hospitals boost 20,4:3
Cohen claima election ploy 19,2:1                                                Treasury costs out election promises 20,4:3
Kerr duped Labor, aenatora told 19,2:3                                           "Transport" reaction" 20/4:3
Fraser quizzed on (Jarland 19,2:3                                                Wran In tax challenge 20.4:3
Canberra may cut. poll hours 5.5:20                                              Travel deficit pledge 21.4:3
                                                                                 State Income tax opposed by Waddy 21,4:3
ELECTIONS - LOCAL GOVERNMENT                                                     60-40 policy "reversed" 21.4:3
                                                                                 Punch isauea challenge on milk quota 22.4:3
Review for council vote 13.1:3                                                   Jazz to woo Liberal lovera 22.4:3
By-election for council (Muswellbrook)                                           Wran, Willis clash over tax allegation 22.4:3
29.1:HV1                                                                         Liberals back woman to break stranglehold
Six week seat en council (Muawellbrook                                           (Cessnock) 23.4:2
Municipal Council) 12.2:HV4                                                      Poor road conditiona a major issue (Munmorah)
Six seek ^at on council (Muswellbrook)                                           23.4:2
19.2HV1                                                                          N.S.W. taxation "revealed" 23.4:3
Compulsory \'Ote views sought (Maitland City                                     Morris makes ahowy campaign opening                         23.4:3
Council) 14.4:6                                                                  Tax plan no state poll issue:Willis                         23.4:3
Voting in Council polls compulsory 2.6:1                                         3c milk rise warning 23.4:3
Obligation to vote (Leader) 3.6:2                                                "seeds of disaater" in A.L.P. policy 24.4:3
Compulsory voting aipported 3.6:3                                                Wran pjurauea atate tax fight 24.4:3
Compulsory voting bill in next session 16.6:16                                   Social lasues put to candidates 24,4:3
Scone election set fcr August 26,7:10                                            Cardinal raises abortion issue 24.4:3
Newcastle favours Mayoral poll 12,8:7                                            Freeway land aale proposal attacked 24,4:3
New councillor Joins brother (Rex Colllson,                                      Young librarian against Morris 24,4:11
Scone Shire Council) 23.8:13                                                     Boatbuilder opposes fitter 24,4:11
Hawley leads shire for 14th term 15.9:12                                         State tax admitted 26,4:3
President out after 21 years (Cr, Hegarty,                                       Acholce of uncertainties (Leader) 27,4:2
Merriwa Siire Council) 17.9:1                                                    State A.L.P. policy on industry attacked 27,4:3
Denman Shire head back 18.9:29                                                   Leaders wrangling over tax plana 27,4:3
President out of hat (Gloucester) 25.9:8                                         M L.C.'a by popular vote: Wran 27,4:3
Election charge: Judge directs acquittal                                         Former A.L,P, man runs as Liberal 27, 4:8
29,9:3                                                                           Opponents see graving dock as top priority
Lake t a l k s on v o t e f o r s h i r e l e a d e r      16.11:1               Daubed with cosmetics (Leader) 28,4:2
                                                                                 Darlymen to quiz minister 28,4:3
ELECTIONS - PARTY FITNDS                                                         Stsfe poll likely to hinge on six country seats
Whitlam a l l e g e s fraud i n p o l i t l c j a l f u n d i n g                Not d o u b l e t a x but a i r c h a r g e 2 8 , 4 : 3
12.3:5                                                                           Dariy g r o u p c e a s e s Labor r u r a l w o r r y 2 8 . 4 : 3
O p p o s i t i o n d e c t l o n funds b i l l r e j e c t e d 9 . 4 : 3        Labor faces task to beat sitting member                         28,4:10
Lid s t a y s on ( L e a d e r ) 1 0 . 4 : 2                                     Port development high on policies 28.4:10
Ford In $23,600 political land outs 15.4:3                                       The search for equality (Leader)                        29.4:2
Political payments from U.S. 17,4:3                                              Opposition aenaltlve on leaders 29.4:3
Senator calls for election subsidy enquiry                                       Both leader confidant of election victory
18.10:5                                                                          29.4:3
ELECTIONS            STATE                                                       Worker control denied 29.4:3
                                                                                 A.L.P. member entrenched in seat 29.4:12                           ,
Wran attacks government rifts 31,1:3                                             Brooks has two opponents 29.4:13
Labor preferences to C,P. in Orange 5,2:13                                       Close election expected 30,4:1
Orange poll win delights Punch 16.2:3                                            An intuitive choice (Leader) 30,4:2
"May election" 21.2:1                                                            Vote will be close 1.5:1
A. P. p r e f e r e n c e b r i b e d a l m e d 9 . 3 : 1                        Poll resta on preferences 3.5:1
S t a t e Labor d r i v e f o r $350,000            9.3:9                        Gosford Poll neck and neck 3.5:1
B y - e l e c t i o n en A p r i l 1 0 ,     9,3:9                               Swing to Labor delights Whitlam 3,5:1
C,P. stand s u r p r i s e s Hlllia            11,3:6                            A surprise (Leader) 3,5:2
N.C.P. j o i n s fight 1 2 , 3 : 1                                               North reflects state trend 3.5:12
Pressure on C.P. to field candidate 13,3:3                                       New method boosts poll processing 3.5:12
Poll talk amuses Willis 18,3:3                                                   Absent votes increase load 3.5:12
Sir Eric's advantage (Leader) 23,3:2                                             Vote check booat for Willis 4.5:1
Lib leader stands on record 15,4:1                                               Hatton open to either side 4.5:1
Election"likely on May 1" 25.3:3                                                 Late count in only five close seats 4.5:10
Willis calls State poll on May 1st 1.4:1                                         Poll result hinges on Gosford 5.5:1
Election date (Leader) 1.4:2                                                     Voters wary on cost cuts 5.5:2
State parties prepare tor election 2.4:1                                         3 aeata atill undecided in poll 6.5. :1
Rolls for election close 6pm today 2.4:5                                         Wran near election victory 7.5:1
99 writs issued for poll and N.S.W. referendum)                                  Cloae count In Gosford had parties o n toes
Bjelke backs Fraser on secret ballot                      (3.4:3 j               7.5:1
5,4:1                                                                            A.L.P. battler hits the front 7.5:5
N.S,W. "needs labor" 5.4:3
                                                                                 A,L,P, hope for two seat win 8,5:1
Dropped Waddy confident of holding seat 6.4:3                                    Electoral boundaries "outrageous" 8.5:30
Wran pledge on wages 6,4:3                                                       Labor Ministry (Leader) 10.5:2
Tax hope for bookmakers 6.4:3                                                    Recount of Goaford, Hurstville possible 10.5:3
A.L.P. gives $825M pledge for transport 7.4:3                                    McGowan wina Gosford by 70 11,5:3
C.P. aims for end to death duties 8.4:1                                          Mr Wran's promises (Leader)
Unashamed (Leader) 8.4:2                                                         McGowan lead goes to 74 13.5:3
Labor transport plan costed 8.4:3                                                Majorities Increased 14.5:5
State member calls in Whitlam 8.4:3                                              Taamanlan poll hint 15.6:3
                     for election campaign                                       State by-election called 25.8:6
90 fewer candidates for State Elections 9,4:1                                    Hills result knock back to Labor 11,10:7
Mother seeking 30% swing (Mrs Ross Gowan) 9,4:1
$825M Labor scheme defended 9,4:3
Poll shows awing to Labor 10,4:1
                                                  N,M,H, INDEX                                                35, 1976

ELECTIONS - UNION                                                BMPLOYMENT

Law on union ballots "not tough" 23,3:1                          Jobless hit new p>eak 10,1:1
Secret ballota for uniona 3.4:3                                  The jobs dileimna (Leader) 12,1:2
Secret ballot talka reaume 4,5:9                                 School leavers contribute to Northa 21,8%
Uniona stay firm in scret poll row 6.5:3                         Jobless riae 13,1:1
Trade Union lallots (Leader) 7.5:2                               Unemployed face work teata 16,1:1
Union poll control cfefended 8,5:3                               Back to work(Leader) 17,1:2
Unions "being strangled" 17.5:3                                  Angnry reaponae o^er "dole cheat" chasing
Union ballot bill introduced to jarliament                       17.1:3
21,5:8                                                           Unions fight "dole cheat" measures 20,1:7
No ballot deal with A.CT.U. : Fraaer 25.5:1                      "Dole cheats" tag attacked 21,1:8
Minera to reaist changea in voting 28,5:7                        Over 600 jobleas in Upper Hunter 27,1:7
Uniona adviaed of new law: street 17,7:3                         Wrong way job hunt 7,2:1
Uniona aoon to notify elections 24,9:3                           Jobless up but outlook better 7,2:3
New law makes unions warn of elections 8.12:3                    Northern jobless rate rise slows 10,2:6
                                                                 More can train after means teat 12,2:3
ELECTRICAL TRADES UNION                                          Moonlight brigade mostly husbands 2.3:7
                                                                 Jobless drop by 40,200 in February 6.3:5
Electricians protest 6.2:5                                       Career adviser warns of job hazards 8.3:8
E.T.U. affirms breakaway bid 2.6:12                              10% drop in jobless as schoola go back 9.3:3
Electricians strike at Sulphide plant 3.9:8                      1975 jobless "over-estimated" 20.3:3
Sulphide electricians going lack 28.9:5                          Six week dole delay for those who leave Joba
Liddell diapute gains support 29.9;7                             24,3:1
E.TU. men continue Sulphide strike 2.10:5                        Plight of a minority (Leader) 26.3:2
Striking SJphide workers meet 25.10:13                           One in eight youths jobless 27.3:1
Indexation at risk: E.T.U. officer 26.10:10                      Review of jobs service "needed" 29.3:6
Sulphide dispute continues 26.10:10                              B.E.D. scheme will end within two montha
Electricians stay out 3.11:10                                    30,3:1
Black bans threat at Sulphide 23.11:8                            NEAT cuts may force students to quit 1,4:3
                                                                 Wyong ends RED projects 1.4:LH1
ELECTRICITY                                                      Clash over jobless figures 10.4:3
                                                                 Northern jobless flgrures stable 13.4:8
2 Electricity stations close. (Cockle Creek                      More Jobs may go as orders fall to low level
and Richmond Main) 14.1:8                                        16.4:1
Power rate proposal "slanted" 29.1:3                             Employment insulated (Leader) 17.4:2
Stations power game over (Cockle Creek)                          More jobless ironworkers than In 1961 21,4:18
2a2:HV2 and 4,3:LH1                                              Employment should Improve after June quarter
Electricity faded as stars rose 4.3:HV2 and                      22,4:13
4.3:LH2                                                          North's job state "bad" 23,4:1
Cockle Creek out of action 4.3:LH1                                Qnployment level may not recover 26,4:12
New power tariffs for U.Hunter 18.3:HV2                          Unemployed In Hunter region disturb MHR
County clerk suspended (A.Mercado) 20.3:1                        28,4:3
Inquiry on clerk's suspension 7.4:8                              MHR attacks jobless setup 3.5:9
Power house demolition - end In sight for                        Canberra hit on jobless stand 4.5:3
Zaara St 9,4:1                                                    Jobleas up In April but trend slowing 8,5:1
A vision fcr the city (Leader) 10.4:2                            Wran seeks meeting on jobless 11,5:1
Blackout threat In Qld. 10.4:33                                  Fewer unemployed In North 11,5:3
Council interested in Zaara St., 13,4:7                          Farmers in line for worklesa benefit 11,5:3
Power strike ends (Qld) 15,4:6                                   New jobs scheme sought 12,5:8
Engineer lists county wrrk outstanding 17,4:5                    Man loaea dole for "refusing illegal work"
Coroner critical of power tests 13,5:7                            15.5:7
Sub station money aought 20,5:18                                 Bludger tag "misleading" 18.5:3
Electricity councils to confer 25,5:8                             Illegal job: dole back 18.5:5
Shake up likely in power control 27,5:1                          Worst for work, but pleasant 25.5:3
Think Sgaln, Mr. Hills (Leader) 28.5:2                           Relntroduction of RED works urged 31.5:5
Apology for power loss 9.6:3                                     A billion jobs or poverty 1.6:2
U.H.CC. part ef boundary review area 9.6:16                       Job market fails to revive 5,6:1
Minister to visit power stations 25,6:5                          Fewer unemployed In Newcastle area 8,6:11
Easing c power delay predicted 25,6:7                            Building slump raises unemployment fears
Upper Hunter power boost plan 28.7:12                             10.6:3
Suapended county executive resigns (Mercado)                      Engineer lays off workers 11.6:1
30,7:7                                                            Much said, little to talk aboot 12.6:1
New took ideas for old substation 17,8:7                         Wran denounces "Job conspiracy" 14,6:3
$1M for power boost In Valley 6.9:10                             Outlook on jobs gloomy 14,6:3
Power s t a t i o n sought a t Broke 13,10:3                     Thirty from Tubemakers find Joba 10.6:6        '
Broke power s i t e considered 20,10:3                            Induatrial output, employment "gloomy" 21.6:3
S.E.C. denies Zaara St s t a t i o n demolition                  Unemployment falla In Upper Hunter 24,6:7
21.10:13                                                          Jobless youths forced into hostels 26.6:1
 Jobbing back in chair 21,10:17                                   Jobless young worry chamber 29.6:8
Collinsvllle strike cuts power flow 26,10:10                     Quarter may be working part time by .1980 29.6:1
 Industry stops in Qld strike 28,10:11                            Part tine work ora looms 30.6:2
Stand down may affect 100,000 29.10:3                            Hawke warns of ^M jobless by January 7.7:3
Aberdaro chairman re-elected 30.10:32                             Job shortage worsens for aigineers 9.7:7
Land claim rejected (Muswellbrook) 30.10:32                       10,000 more out of work In June 10.7:1
Meter checks not regular (Upper Hunter County                    Wran seeks urgent action on Jobless 14.7:1
Council) 1.11:6                                                   Jobs "highest In Cessnock" 20.7:8
Singleton to check on Broke power station                        N.S.W. has highest unemployment 22.7:7
5,11:8                                                            MHR asks P.M. to honour promise 22.7:LH5
Hamer hits lack on Newport ban 13,11:1                            Employment service's new branch 2.8:14
Vic. A.L.P. endorses Newport ban 15.11:3                          Jobless"need more help" 4 8:7
Power site supported (Broke) 18.11:18                             Dole queue grows for apprentices 5.8:1
U . H . C C phasing out levy 18.11:18                            Metal industry job loss mounts 5,8:1
Powerless end at Cockle Creek 18.11:LH5                           Jobleas increase "deliberate" 5,8:3
U,H,CC. alters budget 23.11:13                                    Councils seek help for jobless 6.8:1
Victorian T.H.C. prepares for Newport battle                      Jobless lever jump again 7.8:1
25,11:3                                                          Wage rises still too high: PM. 9.8:3
Vic unions try power impasse compromise 26,11:1                  Hunter j o b l e s s figfures s t a t i c 10.8:8[
Resentment is the key (Leader) 26,11:2                           $15M provides 750 jobs 11.8:3
Newport diapute proposal 27.11:3                                 Abury plant sacks 350 (Borg Warner (Aust)
Union plans on Newport rejected 30.11:1                          Ltd) 12,8:3
Unions put Newport scheme 2.12:3                                 Seeing a way clear of the dole 12.8:3
End near for Zaara a 7.12:8                                      North seeks money for unemployed 12.8:6
Pressure on Vic unions increases 8,12:9                          Unemployed women urged to register 16.8:3
Labor offer on t^wport 9.12:27                                   Jobless dispute in House 19,8:3
Panel to review Newport plan 17.12:5                             Jobless aid supported 21,8:31
U . H . C C cables may go underground 20,12:9                    Willis blames Wran on jobs 23,8:3
Newport inquiry wins union backing 22.12:1                       Hills wants jobless to learn trade 3.9:3
Contracts flow from Newport compromise 23,12:3                   New job figfures disputed 4.9:1
                                                                 Relief for jobless sought 6,9:11
                                                                 Maladjustment (Leader) 7.9:2
                                        N.M.H, INDEX                                                 36, 1976
                                                       EBARING POWER STATION
                                                       Act early on power station 5,2:LH1
Wives want jobs "to help husbands" 7,9:3               Eiraring camp proposal favoured 12.2:LH3
Qaployora get training aid 8,9:6                       CarHvan park plan for Erarlng 26.2:LH3
Statea employment effect "marginal" 9,9:6              Power station plan cloaer 4,3:LH1
Unomployment"sends youth insane" 10,9:3                Widow'a property in canal path 4.3:LH1
Centre to help workless 10,9:8                         |30M Lake plant start soon 18,3:1
Job seekera get home shift aid 13,9:1                  Start 8CX)n on power atation 27,4:1
Locating the money (Leader) 14.9:2                     Erarlng fjower sta'tlon meeting 3,6:LH1
Council seeka money for jobless 14.9:5                 Erarlng power station neoda three mines 4.6:7
Backbenchers question unemployment 16.9:3              Meeting on Erarlng 28.6:5
Unemployed centre to asalat, advise aubaidy            Meeting to dlacusa power station 1.7:LH1
 for young job seekera backed 17.9:1                   Power site contracts soon 3,7:1
Wagea Job key: Fraaer 18.9:1                           Now look for Erarlng in power station plan
 Joba aid the Government (leader) 18,9:2               7.7:7
 4.3% of labour force Jobless 21.9:3
                                                       Power site will employ 1200 8,7:LH1
 Subaidy for school leavers planned 22,9:3
                                                       Erarlng impact check doubled 15,7:11
 Incentive to employora 23,9:1
                                                       Erarlng contract to Japan 21,8:8
 Employment palliativea (Leader) 24,9:2
                                                       Power atation work starts 30.8:9
 Payroll profit wrong: Willis 25,9:1
                                                       Hoatel plan for 200 on Erarlng alte 26,10:8
 Girl job seeker denies "dirty" tag 1.10:1
                                                       Land cleared for power atation 18,11:LH4
 Department sends girl back to Job office 2.10:1
                                                       Erarlng family will fight for home 26.11:1
 An untidy principle (Leader) 2.10:2
 Bishop calls for .jobless campaign 5,10:8
                                                       EXCHANGE STUDENTS
 More get joba in Auatralia 9.10:1
 I.A,C, attitudes blamed for jobless rise              Youth off for South Africa (A.Stevenson)
 Jobleas drop goea againat atate trend 12,10:7
                                                       Swansea girl off on "trip of a lifetime"
 Job problem blamed on bias 13,10:7
                                                       (A, Parkea) 15.1:LH4
 Unemployed figures near record levels 13.10:7
 Steggles provide 40 extra joba 14,10:12               Exchange team heads home 19,1:6
 Diddling on dole figrurea: Hayden 15,10:3             Belmont student settles in at Wyoming
 Planning needed on manpower: Hawke 15,10:13           (Michael Wood) 22,1:LH3
 Minister orders review of job serw;e 18,10:1          Exchange student "at home" (Chris Plint)
 Youth training respjonse "poor" 20,10:3
                                                       Exchange students at Toronto High 5,2:LH2
 Federal ears "deaf" to state pleading 21,10:7
                                                       Lucky girl back from Rotary exchange trip
 Work plan to help youth 22,10:1
                                                       (Kate Lobb) 12,2:LH4
  Jobless figures Inch down 6,11:1
                                                       English "incredibly difficult" (R, Yahashi)
 Newcastle jobless total up by 281 9,11:8
 Opposition proposes new scheme for jobleas            14,4:LH3
                                                       Danish girl to visit 13,5:13
                                                       Rotary atudy team farewelled 26,7:9
  More school leavers uiemployed: report
                                                       Rural youth viaitor sees Valley (Sandra
                                                       McCormack) 2.9:16
 Unseen troubles for students 15,11:1
                                                       Irish visitor sorry for dairymen (Sandra
  Extension aids Jobless young 22,11:3
                                                       McCormack) 6.9:11
  Plans provide more youth jobs 25.11:3
  Cessnock meet on problem of jobleas 29,11:11         Exchange student second from family
  Cessnock demands action for Jobless 1.12:1           (Debbie Moody) 18.11:18
  Help for former students 1.12:10                     Houses s u r p r i s e N.G. v i s i t o r s 17,12:3
  Agent charges j)b seekers tricked 1,12:13
  Unemployment (Leader) 2.12:2                         FAUNA AND FLORA
  Tech students lift jobless figure 7,12:11
  School leavers "will get dole" 7,12:14               Tern turns up in front yard 8,3:10
  Social piy edict to be challenged 8.12:11            Qld fears kangaroo plague 9,3:1
  1977 Dismal "unless job figures rise" 15.12:1        Australian plants chief interest of Newcastle
  Assurance given on jobless 15.12:12                  group 18.3:11
  66 placed for youth training 16,12:14                Inquiry uncovers drug bird racket 3.5:1
  School leavers aiployment 16.12:LH4                  Pygmy possum "a guinea pig" 20.5:2
  Punch calla for $20M job plan 17,12:3                Possum's death brings fine 21.5:9
  Response to youth scheme "pleasing" 20,12:3          S c i e n t i s t helps wombats to tetter l i f e 1,6:3
  CES office for Broadmeadow 20,12:13                  1080 use in baits suspended 26.6:3
  A growing tragedy (Leader) 21.12:2                   Wee wombat joins family 24.8:1
  Many school leavers not ready for work 22.12:7       Kangaroos, wombats menace motorists (S.A.)
  Teachers slate dole decision 23,12:1                 2.9:13
  Learning *ops father from dole benefit 23.12:1       Call for tourist boycott 26.10:7
   Privacy of jobless Invaded: M.H.R, 23,12:6          Protection for Urds 9.12:1
                                                       From tree to V.I.P. for bird foundlings
  Tax on unemployment teneflts 24.12:3
  Two fight for vacation dole (Melb) 27,12:3           30,12:1
   Jobless figure 14,718 small 27.12:5
                                                       FEDERATED CLERKS' UNION
  A lack of humanity (Leader) 29,12:2
  Advice centre for unemployed soon 31,12:7
                                                        Union wants Medibank job pledge 28,5:7
                                                        Member takes union to court for vote ruling
                                                       I 20,10:14
                                                        Coles accuaed of diacrimination 24,11:10
 World desperate for new energy 20,5:2
                                                        Court finds union elections void 24,12:3
 Wran mil aet ip energy authority 2,7:3
 Newcastle man to study overseas energy plana
 (Prof, Ian Stewart) 12,7:10                           FEDERATED ENGINE         DRIVERS AND FIREMEN'S
 State acts on energy 12,10:3                          ASSOCIATION
 Power control Bill enters Houae 14.10:6
                                                       FEDFA mine men to meet 9,2:6
 ENVIRONMENT                                           Row may cloae all pits 27,2:3
                                                       Pit striker a ordered to work 2.3:8
 Extra grant for eroaion control 30.1:5                FEDFA seeka $5 a day allowance 15,3:7
 Geneva union pleads for Fraaer Is, 17,2:1             Report today on Bayawater row 18.3:8
 Environment conference organised 17,3:8               FEDFA spreads Bayswater issue 19.3:6
 Environment posts made 22,3:13                        250 out of work in coal dispute 20.3:3
 Conference called on environment 17,5:13              Bayawater talka go on 23,3:11
 Environment day "ignored" 5,6:1                       Minea dispute: skeleton crews likely 24,3:13
 Environment talk at N,CA,E, 14.6:10                   Solution to mine dispute proposed 25.3:11
 P.E.C. critical of mines policy 14,6:15               CMU not Interested In dispute, drivers say
 A cloud on the environment (T,Colebatch) 23,6:2       26.3:7
 Awabakal body in plea for reserve 5,7:10              Bayswater pit trouble may end 27,3:5
 Environment problems on show 9.7:13                   Northern miners recalled to work 30.3:6
 Plana put environment first 4.8:29                    Bayawater men go back 31.3:7
 Environment program meets mixed reaction              Tribunal hita at Bayawater "war" 6.4:6
                                                       Mine railmen fight dismissal 19,7:3
                                                        Shunters will defy day off 26.7:9
 Field atudy centre geta approval 30.8:6
                                                        Sacked shunters stay pxjt 27,7:1
 Factory and tree can flourish together -
                                                       Men prevented from working 28,7:8
 Earthweek 5.10:13
                                                       Richmond railmen go back 29.7:7
                                                       Crane drivera on atrike 1.12:13
                                                                         N.M.H, INDEX                               37, 1976

                                                                                 FIRES AND FIRE BRIGADES (C'td)
                                                                                  Boolaroo to get new fire station 19,2:LH3
F.I.A. aeeka new ateel award 16.1:3                                              •Young cook on 15 Wurder charges 21,2:1
AWl men meet on auap>enaion 27,2:5                                                 (Savoy Hotel fire)
Ironworkera' 4 day council 15.3:7                                                 Drive In fire damage $60,000 23.2:7
Union backa ateel, ahipbuilding 17.3:8                                            Death fire Inqueat adjourned 25.2:3
Holiday In metal trades 27.4:3                                                    Council labor to fight buahfires 26.2:Lm
Reacue aquad wanted 3.8:10                                                        Bayawater seeks fire trail action 4.3:LH1
Steelmen got extra holiday 6.8:5                                                  Support for rail fire breaks 4.3:LH3
Right wing uniona plan big merger 26.8:1                                          Pole fire at Hexham 6.3:9
Alternative leaderahip (Loader) 27.8:2                                            Fire almost deatroya surf club (Wamberal)
Hearing aet on bonua 20,10:6                                                      8,3:3
                                                                                  $20,000 fire damages Cardiff club 8,3:3
 Strikea over FIA            bonus iaaue 11,12:9                                  Cargo fire breaks out again (Sydney) 9.3:9
                                                                                  Fireman'a aervice honoured (G.Foot) 11.3:HV1
 FERRIES                                                                          District ralllea after dlaaatroua fire (Mr and
                                                                                  Mra Paul) 11,3:LH1
 Stockton ferries set adrift 5.4:1                                                M.P. warna on Newcaatle fire traps 12.3:1
 New start for oldest ferry (Authur G.                                            Joint fire control proposal 13.3:9
 Walter) 9.7:7                                                                   Raising the alarm(Leader) 16.3:2
 "The o l d l a d y of the H u n t e r " ( M i l d r e d ) 1 7 . 9 : 2            Scone bushfire brigades reject merger 18,3:HV1
 Dockyard may g e t f e r r y c o n t r a c t 1 4 , 1 0 : 3                      Fire officers place strict work bans 29.3:8
 F e r r y p l a n s not s c r a p p e d : C o x 2 2 . 1 2 : 3                   1 dead, 3 critical following city fire 30.3:3
 FESTILIZER INDUSTRY                                                              Production of insulin halted by fire (Melb)
 Farmers t o g e t $57M bonus 1 1 , 2 : 1                                         $4,000 fire in home 2,4:1
 Farmers f i r s t ; ( L e a d e r ) 1 2 , 2 : 2                                 Goninan fire damages ore machine 2,4:5
 D i e s e l c o n v e r s i o n s a v e s E . N i t r o g e n $2,5M             Fire destroys holiday home (Balmoral) 5,4:7
 16.2:6                                                                          Fire atation approved (Muswellbrook) 5,4:9
 Government broadens supershoaphate bounty                                       Bushfire officers approved 8,4:LH5
 27,2:6                                                                          Craah starts bowser fire (Merewether Heights)
 $2M loss likely in "super" loophole 22,3:1                                      9,4:1
 Whitlam hits government on "super" bounty                                       Fire rules sought in clothing 10.4:33
 26.3:1                                                                          Hotel fire admission alleged (Sydney) 13.4:8
 Farm bounty query "intrudes" 5.5:14                                             Barristers bid in fire deaths case 14.4:8
 Farmers keep "auper bounty" 3.8:13                                              15 death blaze on conscience, record alleges
 FESTIVAL OF LIGHT                                                               15 hotel fire deaths:cook for trial 16.4:5
                                                                                 Fire and flood threatens West 17.4:8
 Liberals "sympathetic" Festival of Light 8,3:7                                  Woman, 63 dies In house fire (D.Rooney) 22.4:10
 Festival of light rally attracts 35,000                                         200 children flee from scrub fire (S.A.)
 11.10:3                                                                         26.4:3
                                                                                 Trail bike for fire brigade (Cesanock) 29.4:8
 FINANCE                                                                         Fire captain (Mr L Yardy) 29,4:LH1
                                                                                 Woman saved from fire (.S.A) 1.5:5
Glanvllle sent for trial 6,1:3                                                   2 brothers die In fire (Hobart) 3,5:3
Management seminar in Newcaatle 11,2:8                                          Children flee burning bus (Tanilba bus) 4,5:3
 Debt collectors accept new guidlines 16,3:11                                   Telarah brigade move opposed 5.5:12
Credit files available for checking 23,3:3                                      Burnt out garage to be rebuilt (Bar Beach)
Free enterprise fights back 5,4:2                                                14.5:3
Woman wins AVCO post 15,4:9                                                     Fire destroys old church (Muawellbrook) 15.5:8
Newcastle men for top buaineas talk 1,5:10                                      No permanent fire atation officer (The Entrance)
Judge withholds winding up order on company                                     20.5:LH2
Cumberland Holdings Ltd ) 5,5:18                                                Blast, fire, at flats (Nelson Bay) 24.5:1
Financier to "clear up affairs" 3.6:6                                            Plastic fumes KO firemen (Melbourne) 25.5:3
"Rough" trot for Norman Ross 24,6:17                                             Fire victim believes dog proves saying (Cardiff
Loan for bankrupt man ruled as loss (Syd)                                        South) 26.5:7
4,8:24                                                                           Cattle die in holocaust (Julia Creek) 27.5:3
Credit reforms "need close scrutiny" 25,8:21                                     Gutted arcade may be saved (Sydney, Strand
Liberals accused of report cover up                                              Arcade) 27.5:3
(Barton group of companies) 27,8:3                                              Another big grass fire 29.5:33
Credit pitfalls outlined for unwary 1,9:6                                       Toronto fire cause unknown 1,6:3
Building group registered 16.9:17                                               Big fire destroys arcade (Syd) 2,6:1
Agency shield for small buaineases 25,9:33                                      Newcastle station site approved (Killarney
Administrator in credit union 5,10:1                                            Vale) 3.6:LH3                                  ,
Advice sought on Bartons' offer 29.10:3                                         Fire hazard (Green Valley Rd.,) 3.6:LH2
State refuses "deal" for Bartons 2.11:3                                         Brigades fight scrub fires 7.6:6
Barton plea renewed 3,11:3                                                      Hotel barriers "pulled down" 10.6:10
Sale of debtors' list continues 18,12:3                                         Men saved from derelict hotel fire 10,6:11
Business levlval hopes "fading" 20.12:1                                         Fire check on bualneaaes 14.6:10
                                                                                Fire victims may get new start 16.6:1
FIRES AND FIRE BRIGADES                                                         $250,000 damage In fire 17.6:11
                                                                                Lone vigil for dog in burnt home 18.6:1
 Woodvllle home blaze cuts family's                                             Night in carriage coat $40, 19.6:5
 holiday 1.1:1                                                                  2 burnt to death in caravan fire (Barraba)
 Fire rules dalay denied 1.1:7                                                  28.6:3
 Man sees baby son die in blaze (Melbourne)                                     Fire atation under way (Muawellbrook) 29.6:10
 2,1:6                                                                          two die as fire engrulfs tanker 30.6:8
 $40,000 fire at Wingham 5.1:8                                                  Man saved In Weaton home fire 2.7:3
 Driver clears flaming truck 8.1:16                                             7 escape In $1M hotel fire (Melb) 5.7:3
Fire atation work near (Telarah) 8.1:HV2                                        Service badges given 8.7:LH5
 Maitland fire deatroys shed and two trucks                                     Tenants escape fire (Cooks Hill) 9.7:3
12.1:3                                                                          Family loses all in fire (Widden) 12.7:15
Maitland calls increase 15.1:HV1                                                God bless you Norda Wharf 15,7:LH2
                                                                                Sorioua fire season looms 28.7:15
Former brigade oaptaln new control officer
                                                                                Fire damage at Gorokan 10.8:8
 (Jim Bale) 15.1:LH5
                                                                                Grassfirea keep brigades busy 13.8:3
Bushfires out of control 19.1:3
                                                                                Fire destroys empty house (Toronto) 16.8:3
Fire damages wall, celling 19,1:8
                                                                                Petrol depjot fire at Tlghs Hill alarms residents
Firefighters halt big forest blaze 20,1:3
Munmorah appeal for fire victims 22,1:LH1
                                                                                Eigrht left homeless as fire razes flats (Swanaea)
Flats razed at Singleton 26,1:3
                                                                                Firemen "aave"       23,8:7                 23,8:3
Girl, grandmother home fire heroines 27.1:1
                                                                                Straw fire blamed for horse deaths 24.8:3
Wyong appeal for more fire fighters 29.1:LH1
                                                                                Boolaroo geta new fire station 26,8:LH2
$250,000 joinery razed (Hobart) 30.1:3
                                                                                Excape into snow from fire (Mt Hotlam) 30.8:3
Man dies in Sydney house fire 30.1:3
                                                                                Kurri fire causes $200,000 damage 2.9:3
Man hurt fighting milk bar fire 3,2:3
                                                                                Police levy "maintains fire brigades" 2.9:17
Council seks fire prevention report 5.2:7
Firemen learn new methoda 5.2:HV1                                               Now code covera liguida that burn 6.9:6
Fire heroine lauded 6.2:1                                                       Radio club helps save homea 6.9:10
Brigades cffer help to SES 12.2:LH2                                             Family loaea home in blaze (Bulga) 10,9:9
                                                                                Girl burnt In catch game 13,9:3
                                                   N.M.H, INDEX                                     38, 1976

 FIRES AND FIRE BRIGADES ( C ' t d )                        FISH AND FISHING (C'td)

 Buay run on firement    13,9:3                              Beat wedged in legal tangle 31,7:3
 100 out In basement Haze (T,&G. Building)                   Navy may arrest fiah boat captain 4,8:28
 15,9:3                                                     Auatralia firm on 320 km fishing zone 12,8:3
 Fire drill for 11 brigadea 16,9;7                          Trawlers head out as sea abates 17.8:7
 Lightning bolt kill 18 dogs 18,9:1                          Japanese trawler arrested 25.8:6
 House razed (Holmesville) 21.9:3                            Drought kills trout at fish farm 26.8:7
 Bushfire danger high 28.9:5                                Oysters threat 28,8:1
 Service honour for volunteer firemen 29,9:6                 Japanese ship fined 28.8:1
 Big bushfire in Qld 30,9:3                                 First fish exposition 31,8:12
 21 Firemen get permit authority 30,9:6                     Fishing fleet tied up 8.9:6
 Sold fcr $4,000 1.10:1                                     Negligence grounded trawler 9.9:6
 Old cottage on fire 2.10:1                                 Fingerlings to be released in streams 14.9:13
 $10M damage in A.I.S. fire 2.10:5                          M.S.B."concerned" by refusal to renew clubs
 Fire risk area sought 14.10:LH1                            occupancy (Stockton prawners' club) 15.9:9
 Screens aid to homes in fire 21.10:17                      Oyster research extensions 18.9:8
 Fire station approved (Killarney Vale)                     Auatralia may open fish zone 22.9:3
 21.10:lh3                                                  Cupboard radio base (Newcastle Dluewater
 Fire damages two flats 23.10:9                             Fishing Club) 13.10:7
 Fire destroys tome 25.10:1                                 Third Taiwanese ship arrested 16.10:1
 Blaz Ing tar menaces men 26,10:7                           Court told boat warned on Timor 16.10:33
 Firemen to stay put 26,10:10                               Bog fishing potential seen (Lake Glenbaum
 Fire damage bill in thousands 28,10:8                      and Harrington tops) 18,10:11
 Spray paint shop burnt out (Bennet's Green)                Accept Russian trawler offer, M,P. urges
 5,11:3                                                     20.10:1
 Two women in scram^ile to safety (New Lambton)             Sailors ate grass "from free choice" 22.10:3
 6.11:1                                                     Abalone bag reduced 25,10:11
 Cook accused of 4 fire deaths (Savoy Hotel)                Fisherman plays flute at great length 27.10:3
 10.11:10                                                   Prawning begins with sinking 2.12:7
 Police check on service station fire 15.11:7               Professionals reap fishing harvest 9,12:LH2
 Hospital fire: 22 boys rescued (Sydney)                    Oyster research pays off 20,12:2
 18,11:12                                                   Trawler aground at Stockton 21,12:3
 Savoy hearing told of fire death bid 19.11:8               Fisherman plan to blockade Navy 29.12:3
 Bushfire close to convent 19.11:13
 Hotel fire court told of Newcastle links
 23,11:10                                                   FLOOD MITIGATION
 Cottage fire (Mayfield) 24,11:1
 Timber pile fire put out 24,11:3                           Farmers hit levee work 29.1:HV1
 Savoy fire suspect denies charges 24.11:6                  Aberdeen to get $33,000 levee 4,2:3
 Fire chief's home lost in Dora Creek blaze                 $10,000 for flood works 26.2:7
 26,11:7                                                    Scone seeks action on flood probleiys
 Woman injured in leap from f i r e    (Cardiff)            8.4:HV1
 29,11 :3                                                   Discussion on floods urged 29.4:13
 Cottage fire at Lake 29,11:3                               Renewed bid to drain swamp 30,6:18
 Total fire ban on Hunter district 7,12:3                   $668,000 for flood work 10,9:8
 Cool wind promises fire danger relief 8.12:3               Hunter flood mitigation 10,12:14
 Fires still a threat 9.12:7
 Residents rally to help victims (Mr and Mrs                FLOODS
 Paul Muncaier) 9,12:LH3
 Baby dies In Aberdeen fire 10,12:15                       Full alert as river rises (Hunter) 24.1:1
 $12M spent to beat bushfires 11.12:33                      Mnn drowns, four feared dead in wide floods
 Sawdust fire (Hardboards of Aust.) 13.12:3                 26,1:1
 Bushfire threatens school, burns home (Sydney)            Beats rescue 12 families 26.1:1
 13.12:3                                                   Valley flood danger eases as peak passes
 Cottage destroyed by fire (Millers Forest)                Terrace 27.1:3
 13,12:9                                                   N.S.W. aid for flood victims 28.1:3
 Oxy torch causes fire (Armbow Engineering)                Federal aid for flooded areas 29.1:3
 24,12:5                                                   Flooding causes $5M damage to Namoi cotton
 FISH AND FISHING                                          5 rescued in Queensland cyclone flood 4.2:6
                                                           Flood damage set at $iM    5.2:HV1
 Fishing battle looms in Victoria 3.1:21                   Floods trap 54 on "Alice" train 9.2:3
 Fish, high, dry and dead 9,1:1                            Family cheats death in flood 10.2:3
 Inspector denies illegal nets hint 10.1:4                 Rising rivers threaten towns along Darling
Managing the raw prawn (Leader) 14.1:2                     11.2:3
Call for action on Taiwanese "prawn pirates"               Grafton and Lismore face big floods 12,2:1
 15.1:7                                                    Floods strand girls in car overnight 12.2:3
 Prawn prices still soaring while nets stay                Thousands evacuated from flood areas 13,2:1
empty 20.1:3                                               Floods cut roads In two states 14,2:3
Sturdy trawler comes unstuck 22.1:3                        Sick man plucked from farm flood 14,2:8
Mullet and bream net low prices 28.1:6                     P,M. pledges flood aid 16.2:3
Mullet bargain hauls them in 31.1:1                        Levee break hits Munglndl 19,2:3
Cheap fish sales continue 2.2:7                            350 flee Collarenabrl flood-Walgett next 23,2:1
Poachers fined, boats forfeited 4.27                       Record flood threatens town 24,2:3
A rare old fishy tale to tell 11.2:3                       R.A.A.F. averts baby crisis 26,2:3
Fish scoops pool in mosquito plague 13.2:1                 Inverell flooded but prepared 27.2:3
Fish out of water (Marlln) 16.2:1                          Motoriat dies In Northern flood 1.3:3
Prawning safe In Lakes park 16.2:7                         Suburban flooding follows wettest summer in
Australia paying millions for own fish 20.2:1              4 years 2,3:1
The fishing Industry (Leader) 21,2:2                       Wingham man atill missing in Northern floods
A better deal on seafoods 25,2:2                           3.3:6
The fishing industry report: part 2, 26,2:2                Flooding issue raised again 3.3:13
Rock oysters face interloper peril 28.2:1                  Valley still on flood watch 5.3:3
Gulf "prawn war" patrols stepped up 1.3:9                  Drowned' but stops rescue 4.3:34'
Diseased fish studies extended to Hunter                   Graziers will assist in flood relief 11.3:HV2
                                                           Minor floods for another day 27.3:3
Fish fungus "will not spread"    4.3:3                     Darling naar peak at Wilcannia 29.3:6
Foreign prawn ban pressure 6.3:3                           Fire and flood threaten west 17.4:8
Lakeside boats triumph In game fishing                     Flood spots inspection 28.4:13
8.3:10                                                     Town braces for flood (Wentworth) 12.5:17
Carp leads to trouble 24.3:8                               $1/4M flood loss 18.10:3
Easter mullet leat gun 29,3;3                              Heavy rain brings minor flooding to North
European carp a "mixed blessing" 12.4:2                    19.10:1
Taiwanese boat runs aground on reef 17.4:3                 Quick flood settlement promised 19.10:3
Market ban on marlin continues 4,5:6                       $1M loss in North deluge 20.10:1
Fish hawkers may be in the net 12,5:14                     Crops lost, sheep drown as flood rivers rise
Netting on beaches defended 14,6:14                        20,10:1
New Industry for Lake Macquarie   17,6:1                   M.L.A. seeks aid for Port Shire 20.10:8
Coast watch at the limit (R, Skelton) 24.6;2               Wagga flood eases 21.10:10
Plea to halt quit order on prawners 30.6:10                $1/4 M flood bill for Port Shire 22.10:3
                                                           Flood relief program 8.12:24
                                              N,«,H, INDEX
                                                                                                          39, 1976

FLUORIDATION                                           GAMBLING           (C'td)

Fluoride gear for Singleton 12,1:9                       $200,000 winner stays calm (R, Dexlda) 9,3:1
Dirty food cases highlighted in report                   More privacy for lotteriea 4,5:9
16,7:3                                                   Former bankrupts strike pools jackpot 5.5:1
                                                         Govt to atudy casinos 4.6:1
FOOD                                                     A side bet in gambling (Leader) 5.6:1
                                                         Upp>er House may block casino movoa 5.6:3
Food aurvey faces inquiry 24.1:5                                       roe
                                                         $20M casino i f v 15,6:3
Higheat food price riae for 3.yeara 25.2:3               Dudley man $iM richer 11,8:12
Food date atamo law considered 17.3:7                    $60,000 prize to Newcaatle 19.8:3
 Bulk food inveatigation 5,4:3                           City'a $1M lottery bonanze    27.8:6
 Duck ap)Ocialty of the houae (Charleatown)              Wran acta on caaino "aubmlaalon for Cabinet
Food labelling law"soon" 10,5:12                         Wran aees $20M in casinoa 8.9:1
Food price riaea alow, trim inflation 17,7:3             State losing millions to S.P. books 16.9:6
Pricea for gp-oceriea up -K, 19,7:6                      Coalition may block casinos Bill 9.10:3
Cooked mouae found In pastry 20,7:3                      Club gambling age to be lowered
Food coat 1,1% more in July 18,8:7                       Churchea unite on casinos 26.10:2
Date atamp plan for gpods "absurd" 21,8:3                Battler from the abattoir wins $600,000 on
Food prices up 1,4% in August 14,9:3                     Cup (Melb,) 3.11:1
Mercy equal a can plus ham (Robert Carrier)               $60,000 win but no plana (Dulcie Smith)
15.10:1                                                  19.11:8
warning on vegetable oila in PVC 22.10:1                 Outburata disrupt casino hearing 25.11:3
Health effect of PVC oil packa not known                  Former Mafia man may attend Inquiry 1,12:10
23.10:11                                                 Churches leave gambling inquiry 2.12:10
Miniater acts on inflated food prices 29.10:1             No basis for intervention state told 8.12:14
Top malady makers: Famine and fat, 13.12:7               Victoria to lift bingo ban 9.12:7
                                                          Restraining order on casino 10.12:3 )
FORESTRY                                                  Inquiry fails                        )
                                                          Music while you gamble 15.12:8
A time for pinidence (Leader) 22,1:2                      Illegal games houses "use corruption" 18.12:3
 Newcastle woodchip exports uncertain 22,1:3              Four win $25,565 In pools 23.12:6
Branch 200M years old 7.2:5                               Ex-Mafia head on casinos' effect 28.12:3
 Newcastle woodchip plan "sensible" 10.2:7
Forester Robyn pioneers new role for                     GAS INDUSTRY
women (R.Turvey) 12,2:LH2
 Minister "sitting on" woodchip report 26,2:13           Aberdaro gas future In doubt 28,1:1
Ancient "blackboys" of the Watagans 28,2:7               Amalgamation of gas power authorities seen
Barking up trees (Leader)     2.3:2                      as council booat 29.1:1
 State'keeps wocxlchlp report secret" 2,3:3              An old pot bolls over (Leader) 30.1:2
 Woodchip,report "not secret" 4,3:3                      Gas users told:"don't panic" 30.1:7
Rod gum legal battle nears end 4.3:3                     "Born loser" tag for Aberdaro council 5.2:1
A tangled forest (Leader) 5,3:2                          H.V.C.C ahuna Aberdaro amalgamation 6,2:5
Wyong fights for Its red gums 11,3:2                     See gaa paya "or pull out" 11.2:8
 Sandminer fights peninsula curbs 16,3:3                 Gaa council facing atate Investigation 12.2:3
 200 yeara for red guma to regrow 17,3:3                 Proposal for gaa in shire 12.2:LH3
 State forest enlarged (Giro State Forest)               H.V.C.C. against amalgamation proposals
18,3:9                                                   23,2:8
 Shire seeks aid for $20,000 red gum fight               New life for coal retorts 8.3:7
26,3:5                                                   Pensioners get gas concession 9,3:3
Studen ts help the flowers grow 1.4:LH5                  Council reduces coke prices 27.3:3
 It reigned in the forest (Watagan Mountains)            P.A. backa move to axe county council
8,4:HV2 and LH2                                           14.4:LH3
Bolwarra prepares for avenue of cedars                   Aberdare claim on gaa poaching 23.4:5
i3,4:8                                                   Natural gas for Newcastle may be long way off.
Joint application for woodchip licence                   8,6:1
12,5:8                                                   A.G.L. asserts "case put" 9,6:3
Sawmillera back chip induatry 21,5:5                     Ratepayers "should be free from Aberdare"
Hunter dominates forest spending 2 4,5:11                 8,7:LH5
Woodchlpplng "not banned" 17/6:17                         State to examine big gas plan 9,7:3
Rainforest plea to Wran 29,6:6                            Deputation sought by council 22.7:LH1
Terms set for new woodchip industry 23,7:6               Aberdare plan for gas increase 26,7:9
Woodchips (Leader) 5,8:2                                  Aberdare appoints Toronto agent 12,8:LH3
Woodchip decision still In balance 5.8:3                  President rejects Aberdare defiance 7,10:^.4
Scientists qualify woodchip approval 19.10:8              Gas delay affecting industry:Lyons 5,11:6
Watagan tourism prompts new ranger, aervice               "No plans" for gas price riae 30.11:16
4,11:LH3                                                  $80,000 loan to Aberdare 20,12:7
Lib support for woodchip plan 20.11:8
Export cure proposed for woodchip 10.l2:l                    GOLD
Hardwoods to be planted 16.12:LH3
Jail for woodchip opponents 23.12:5                          M y a t e r l o u a a i r p o r t g o l d l o s e s some g l i t t e r
                                                             End I n s i g h t f o r g^olden m i l e 9 , 9 : 1 4
Fruit war looms over $13M debt 4,2:6
Union may squeeze citrus Imports 6,5:3                   GOLF
Citrus growers black union ban 17.5:13
Orange aid 16,6:3                                            Nagle chasea 7th N.S.W. title 1.1:7
Growers on citrus board 30,6:10                              Bell wins first tournament 7,1:28
"Fresh" jluces must be fresh 2.7:5                           Dunk danger man In golf 8.1:20
Trader bows out at 80 (Stan Dolamore) 27,7:5                 "Ace", lead In first tournament 9,1:12
                                                             Jones battles for P.O.A. lead 10.1:28
FUN RUN                                                      Three way tie in golf 12.1:14
                                                             Tappers big finish for P.G.A. title 13.1:14
Record field starts in Fun Run 11.10:1                       Group plans Woodberry golf course 15.1:HV4
                                                             Dunk, Crocker tie, play off for P.G.A. title
GAMBLING                                                     19.1:16
                                                             Dunk fumbles 18th but takes P.G,A. playoff 20.1:16
Four mates share pools (Sydney) 7.1:25                       Cricket stars in Pro-am            4.2.:32
First past the post once more (R.Pearson)                    Veteran golfers branch move 17.2:16
10.1:1                                                       '^Champagne Tony" settles into city life (
Pools to jackpot 10.1:27                                     Tony Mangan) 26.2:18
Lottery syndicate change spot on 15.1:3      '               Big future tipped forjDung golfer (K.McLachlan)
Working pair win $12,000 22.1:16                             26,2:LH6
$1M lottery plan study 3,2:1                                 Pro-Am golfers raise $4,000 1,3:18
Lottery stops prize after winners cash                       Top hole golf course for MorrlsEt 1,4:LH6
cheque 10,2:1                                                Waratah golf Club 75th Anniversary feature
Club men to learn pokie cheat methods 17.2:5                 29.4:23
Wonan cracks bones and $iM (Pools) 20,2:1                    Shawcross t o p l a y i n N.S.W. open 8 , 6 : 2 4
Pokie pays $4,000 20,2:1                                     DtJublo"bogroy" s t y m i e s two g o l f e r s 14.6:1
                                              N.M.H, INDEX                               40. 1976

GOLF (C'td)                                             HISTORY (C'td).

Gresham fires for N,S,W, medal 22,6:14                  Civilised invasion led to birth of Tamwoilh
Driving five iron clinches U,S. open 22.6:14            25,3:HV2
Steel works ix>8t to mangan 12,7:24                     'Poking Man "in Aust" 30,3:1
Boyer to uae open in bid to clinch                      "Pekirig" skull retains ita mystery 5,5:1
Auatralian berth 7,12:24                                Anniversary trek for modern explorera 5,7:3
Father out to emulate his son (Jack                     The pit Whistle ruled the day (Jim Comorford)
Newton) 21,12:30                                        7 8*7
                                                        ConCict road damage "less than thou^t" 2,10:5
GRAVING DOCK                                            liteny remember steam tram era 14,10:LH2
                                                        English history as i t was told (P,A, Haslam)
Fraaer may kill city graving dock 20,2:1                6,11:7
Newcastle to miss out on graving dock 3,3<1
Punch accuaed of aell-out on dock 4,3:1                 HONOURS AND DECORATIONS
The dock is necessary (Leader) 4,3:2
Minister stalls on new dock decision 5,3:1              Queen knights Archbishop 1,1:1
Graving dock fight not over 6,3:3                       N,S.W. honors from Queen 1.1:5
Port figures "show value of dock" 8.3:3                 Day of celebrations in hospital bed (Walter
No reply on graving dock 10,3:11                        Hill) 2,1:1
H.V.H.F. dock aid may be Bought 11,3:7                  Entitled to better (Leader) 23,1:2
Lord Mayor to head dock deputation 13,3:5               Bishop Shevill included in Aust, Day Honors
Delay dock decision plea 15,3:1                         26,1:1
Nixon fobs off dock mission 16,3:1                      Honors cover wide field 26,1:3
Deputation on dock 17,3:8                               Coombs quits Order of Auatraliall,6:l
Graving dock hope "not high" 17,3:10                    A,K. A.D. O.K. for Ockera 1,6:1
State aid urged for dock 20,3:3                         Bunyip titles (Leader) 2,6:2
Punch to be aaked for dock meeting 23,3:11              New honors annoy union leaders 2,6:3
Coimnittee campaigrna for dock 24,3:13                  Honourable (Dr Coombs) 11.6:2
Graving dock depjutatlon 31,3:7                         Top unionist among 22 new knights 12,6:1
Finance "dock hurdle" 3,4:9                             Three awards in North    12,6:1
R.A.C aupporta dock atudy 12.4:11                       Queen's Birthday horous H a t 12,6:3
Fraser turns down dock mooting 28,4:1                   Patrick White reaigna from honors order 22,6:3
 "Pressure" promised on dock 29,4:3                     War aervice recogniaed (Mr,Zimmorman) 5.8:LH4
Coal levy would pay for graving dock 30,4:9             Service medal to railway man (Andrew Leonard)
 Dock issue: No hopje, no despondency 1,5:3             17.9:5
 Repxjrt hits dock hopea 3.5:3                          Off again, on again, anthem awardB 22,1:1
 Dock loas "could cost deep port" 4,5:3                 Bereafiold woman g;etB aervice rewarded
The graving dock (Leader) 5,5:2                          (Edith Vera Wilson) 29,1:HV2
 20,000 sign plea for ship order 5,5:3                  Modala arrive after 58 years (Ray Lyons)
 New dock "will help economy" 5,5:21                    29,1:LH1
 Graving dock meeting disappxaints officials             7 peace medals presented 9,2:1
 6,5:1                                                  Wattle base for medals 13,2:6
 Graving dock meeting aougrht 12,5:1                    Bravery recognised )Kelly, Watt and Harcus)
 Dockyard petition trip 15,5:3                           23,3:3
 Dock group preparea caae 22,5:1                        Third mark for brave Newcastle woman (L,Piteran8)
 Wran may seek dock loan abroad 24,5:1              _    24,3:3
 Graving dock "important nationally" 25,5:3              Modala recall old battles 7.4:3
 Newcastle dock "could go west" 27,5:7                   Sir John honoured again (Sir John Kerr) 24.4:1
 Dock in doubt, but gear still arriving 9,6:1            Bravery award to North 30,10:33
 $1,000 gift for dock atudy 10,6:7                       Two juaticos given knighthooda 24,11:3
 "Complex iaauea on dock 22.6:6                          Queen to award aldormana medal 11,12:3
 Port dock plan "aelf defeating" 2.7:7                   Dunkirk medal for miniater (Rev, J, Baillie)
 Budget key to dock decialon: Fergruaon 16.7:3           16.12:6
                                                         Top ambulance award to Newcastle man (Max
GREAT BARRIER REEF                                       Shultz) 21.12:3
                                                         Newcastle rescue recalled (Mariia Vaailieve)
No reef threat from starfish 3.3:6                       22.12:3
                                                         Fourteen knighta in honour list 31,12:1
GREAT LAKES SHIRE COUNCIL                                Top U,K, honour to rebel politician 31,12:4

$6.3M housing boom for Great Lakea 29,1:HV1              HORSERACING
Forster threat to shires plan 13,5:3
Great Lakea boom in building work 12,7:12                "Ocx)dwlll shown" to racing industry 15,1:6
Council haraasing nuna, claima Blahop 15,7:1             Horae trainera suspjenaion unjust council
Bulahdelah pool plan adopted 15,7:10                     (R,Trivett) 17.1:5
Nunnery plan for rectory aplits Stroud 16,7:1            Ministers' claim aurprises N.J.C. 23,1:14
Council atudiea nun'a plana 23,7:6                       Race group's licence tan"denial,of juatlce"
Lakea van park to be leased 16,8:9                       (R,Trivett) 23,1:6
$120,000 club expanalon approved 16,8:9                  Woman nakea N,J,C, history (Mrs, McDonald)
Great Lakea Council gets loan 8,9:14                     9.2:7
Shire leader re-elected 16,9:13                          Gold cup may return 12,2:3
Check on pool aurvey 22,9:7                              Top U,S, mare now at Woodlands (Orchid Vale)
Unimproved value up 101% in three yeara 14,10:7          23.2:11
Reaidenta see red over drain 14,12:1                     N,J,C, to consider comouter 2,3:16
Hall spattered with blood after dance, council           Denamn to decide on future 3,3:31
told 29,12:3                                             N.J.C, officials happy with meeting 4,3:20
$6,000 grant 30,12:10                                    Woman riders attraction at Newcast).e 5.3:14
                                                         Luck came right for Wendy (W.Smith) 8,3:15
GREYHOUND RACING                                         "Flying horse" claims lodged (Grand Memory)
"Kiaa of life" greyhound takea title 14,1:26             Boom in racing offsets N,J,C, deficit 16,3:16
Logloaa tralnera rare feat (V,McGoe) 19,1:15             Denman club to race at Muswellbrook 18,3:20
Greyhound out In front despite trouble with lame         Three charged on racing inquiry 18,3:20
22,1:HV4                                                 111 fated trotter a hit between pjubs (Golden
Diapute Jeopardiaea greyhound meeting 19,2:3             Robin) 18.3:LH2
                                                         Angry scenes when Wyong abandoned 19,3:16
GUNS                                                     N,J,C. must find new cup date 19,3:16
                                                         Cup changed to Tuesday 23.3:16
Police alam gun law 28.1:1                               N.J.C.'a now tote to coat $350,000 30.3:14
Police want tougher gun laws 27,3:3                      Positive swab for rich maiden 6.4:18 )
Crackdown on mail aalea       22,7:1                     Winner (Chelsea Morring)              )
No reaponae to amneaty 8.10:3                            Racing pair out for 6 months D. Lake and
                                                         K, Carroll)    10,4:36
HISTORY                                                  A,J,C, uphold appeal by stable hand 13,4:24
                                                         Court race order to continue 16,4:10
War job for Padre (Padre F,G, Glen) 8,1:4                Death of Imagele at Kia-Ora 23,4:14
Australia's peial past (P,A, Haalam) 17,1:7              Horse in fatal fall suspect, court told
Convict migrants leave mark on our atyle                  (Storming) 19,5:9
(P.A, Haalam)        31,1:7                              Gold CXip meeting restored to midweek 18,6:1
Hiatorlcal s o c i e t y ' s reaearch plan 16,2:8        N,J,C, Cup to be on "free" Wednesday 18,6:18
                                               N,M,H, INDEX                                   41 , 1976

HORSERACING (C'td)                                            HOSPITALS - VEWCASTLE AND HUNTEK VALLEY
                                                              WBGION   (C'td)
$25,000 prize for Newcastle (Up 22,6:14
Winning post (Leader) 26,6:2                              Hoapital aeon as "waif" 1.5:31
Racing pair diaqualified 30,6:36 (Darby McCarthy          R.N.H. director leavoB staff (Dr Woolard)
and Barclay Wilson) 30,6:36                                5,5:9
N,J,C, meeting with miniater 16.7:16                      Children seeking love aight up at a smile
Cup holiday sought (Denman) 21,7:36                        (Stockton Hospital) 19.5:19
Racing dates to be restored 22,7:24                       Crew puta colour into life of two babiea
L,Mayor honoured by N.J.C 23.8:18                         25,5:7
|6M commitment for racing improvement 23.8:19             Casualtiea of traffic (Leader) 31,5:2
Thoroughbred filly needa a foster mother                  Hoapital parking land aought 2.6:20
3L8:1                                                     Children mobile In row - cara 7.6:10
N.J.C. cjutlay $iM, plans for more 31,8:22                Hoapital recorda query - Singleton 7.6:16
Reduced TAB income to N.J.C. 1,9:34                       Singleton Hoapital geta new boilera 18,6:10
Mansingh'a eye fixed on Caufield Cup 16,9:24              Hospitals treat emergenclea 23.6:3
Race date (Leader)    18,9:2                              Liona gift establiahea medical "first"*
Lean speeds up N.J.C, computer 21,9:18                     (Newcastle) 24.6:1
N.J.C. faces $90,000 d e f i c i t 28.9:16                City seeka therapy unit 24.6:11 .
Ken Howard (Leader) 22,10:2                               Hoapital to get $3U ward block (WaUaond)
Happy Union geta Cup backing 2,11:1                       24.6:13
Light weight favours Taminga 2,11:18                       $4M hoapital addition for Maitland 30.6:3
Winning cup rider suap>ended 3,11:1                       Hoapital roao from compaaslon (Mra Marie Ellia,
Mud and alush no obatacle to Van Der Hum 3,11:             founder of Western Suburbs Hoapital) 3.7:7
30                                                        Rehabilitation entre la Valley flrat (Kurri
Booth slates A.J.C, 5.11:18                               Hoapital) 6,7:3
Conference to determine racing future 9,11:18             Top R,N.H, poat to "adopted aon" (Dr. J, M,
Country racing needs $1M aid 17,11:32                     Toohey) 8,7:3
A.J.C increase prizomoney 19,11:16                         $2.4M hexagon ward for Maitland 16.7:3
Clubs to seek more TAB    20,11:38                        No parking for donara 16.7:3
Race cluba conference with TAB 23,11:18                   Health Minister to visit hospitals 19.7:12
N.J.C. cut back on badges 7.12:24                          $1,5M plan for hospital 21,7:20
Singapore haa top racing facilitiea:                      Doctor calla R.N.H. monatroslty 21,7:21
ateward (Tony Gurran) 21,12:30                            Hospital "not unmindful" on parking 22,7:10
                                                          Many changea for Stockton Hospital 22,7:15
HDRSERIDING                                               Seamen add colour (Belmont) 22,7:LH5
                                                          Hoapital draws Minister back 23.7:3
Bacon's time the best in National 5,11:18                 Doctor's lifetime service honoured 23.7:6
Riding centre for North 21,12:21                          New hospital additions op)ened (Kurri Kurri)
HOSPITALS                                                 Deputation sought by council (Hospital on the
                                                          Western side of Lake Macquarie) 29.7:LH1
Hospital chiefs to confer 5,4:6                           Hoapital benefita from bottle depots (Belmont)
Hoapital officiala to confer 7.4:27                       29,7:LH1
Statea resist hoapital lift 25,5:1                        Cheque for hoapital (Belmont) 29.7:LH3
Bed fee conaenaua     12.6:3                              Appointmenta to board (Wallaend) 29.7:LH3
$294M for hoapital coata 29.6:3                           Cara a hospital casualty 31.7:2
Liberal priorltlea "dlatorted" 2.9:11                     $2,000 given to hospital (William Lyne) 2.8:11
Hoapltala »t biggest share of N.S.W. health               $750 checiue will help buy heart unit
sp)endlng 3,9:8                                            (Muswellbrook) 9.8:8
Peat    hospital gets facelift 4.11:13                    Hoapital without fears (Mater) 11,8:22
Hoapltala ignore ban 8,11:3                               Parking "solution" seen 16.8:9
$11M for central coaat hospitals 1,12:16                  $3,300 to Valley hospital 16,8:13
Hoapital for l&nwal 2.12:LH1                              Medical clinic in $13M program (Royal Newcastle
Caaualty help for Long Jetty 9.12:14                      Hospital) 21,8:8
                                                          Board to fight cut in size (Wallsend) 27.8:5
HOSPITALS - NEWCASTLE AND HUNTER VALLEY                   100 hoapital delegatea to confer 27,8:7
REGION                                                    The Plaza of menory (Market St Plaza) 28,8:2
                                                          Mater expansion rezoning plea 1.9:14
117 Blcx>d dorationa and not out (J.Shettler)             Cluti gives heart machine to hospital (Royal
1,1:3                                                     Newcaatle Hospital) 2,9:12
$20,000 glfta for hoapital (R,N.H.) 6,1:4                 X-ray gear for hospital (Wallsend) 9,9:LH1
Ruah of blood to bank after "topic" 6,1:4                 Searching for pink men 5,10:18
Kurri hoapital loses money 15,1:HV1                       Warners Bay hospital opening 8,10:7
Booka needed fcr hospital (Belmont) 22.1:LH3              $2M private hospital opened (Warners Bay)
Kanwal to get $4Mill hospital 29,1:LH1                    11.10:9
Tenders next month for hospital job (Wallsend)            Ceaanock set for laundry Influx 12.10:8     '
30,1:5                                                    Hospital work ahead of time 20.10:13
Every day should be Thuraday (Wallaend)                   Man will hoapital $150,000 20.10:14
19.2:11                                                   City may get cancer unit 22.10:3
$1J,000 raised to aid h o s p i t a l - Rankin Park       Rotary gift to hoapital volunteers 26.10:12
19.2:16                                                   Honour for hoapital worker (Mra Nance
Audiology department doubles ita business                 Mlllington) 28.10:15
 26.2:10                                                  Hospital coata riae (Muawellbrook) 1.11:6
 New hospital for Lake (Spoors Point) 26.2:LH1            Hospital chairman retires (Singleton) 4.11:9
Hoapital site dedication (Kanwal) 26.2:LH4                Dean aees big changes when Uni,, hospital
Hoapital roof for $390,000 (Waratah) 8.3:7                join 5.11:8
Multi atory plans for mod school, R.N.H,                  Now kitchen for hoapital (Stockton) 11.11:13
 18,3:1                                                   Aid for haemophiliacs at Mater 9.12:11
Children can now attend hospital site ceremony            Life membership (Mr Booth made life member of
 (Kanwal) 19.3:6                                          Wallsend Hospital Board) 22,12:7
Kanwal hospital plans "by June" 20.3:9                    Hoapital accuaed of mix-up acare 23,12:3
Heart money to hospitals 29,3:6                           Inquiry on mix-up allegation 24,12;4
Hospital w)rk start soon (Maitland) 29,3:9                More beda for Mater Hoapital     30,12:12
New boiler system at hospital (Singleton)
1.4:HV1                                                   HOSPITALS, MENTAL
Kurri therapy centre in doubt 8,4:HV1
140 attend Wallsend Hospital reunion 13,4:5               Staff criais seizes hospital at Moriset 16,1:1
Teenager aids hospital unit 14.4:3                        Doctors volunteer to serve at Morisset 17,1:3
Mater Hospital's pxjol project geta boost                 Hospital staff to atrike 28,1:3
15.4:9                                                    Morisset staff go back 29.1:7
Hospital staff reunion proves big success                 Police catch two escapees 6,4:3
15,4:9                                                    Escapeea from Moriaaet "being hushed" 7.4:1
Hospital work planned (Mater) 15,4:9                      Callan Park report today 14,4:3
Green light for $3M ward block project                    Many changes for Stockton Hospital 22,7:15
(Wallsend) 22,4:7[                                        Hoapital undergoea vaat changre (Moriaaet)
Hoapital project tenders called (Maitland)                29,9:21
24,4:9                                                    Brighter living in colourful warda 30.9:15
Auxiliary helps hoapital (Muawellbrook) 27,4:6            Mental home allegation denied 21,10:7
Rotoract Club aida patlenta 29,4:17                       New kitchen for hoapital (Stockton) 11.11:13
Hoapital galna from aafety 1,5:31
                                          N.M.H, INDEX                                    42. 1976

                                                    HOUSING    (C'td)"
                                                    Home loanB ri»lng 20,11:10
Hottest town's pub up for sale (Marble Bar)
                                                    State moves to balance rent and income 1,12': 3
                                                    Landa urges better flat planning 1,12:20
$66,000 offer fcr liquor licence 17,3:11            Poor tenants to pay less 2,12:11
Hotel homo for three generations of family          Big housing contracts 9,12:7
(mr and Mrs Beoslor) 22,4:12                        7 commission cottages 24,12:4
North hotels in tied house fight 12.5:9              $660,000 for Lake projects 31,12:7
"Perpetual thraldom" 13,5:2
Beer-"would bo dearer" 26,5:8
                                                     HUMAN RELATIONS
Brewery afraid pnibllcans will dilute beer
27,5:1                                               Media "enjoya gay scandals" 26,2:7
Drinkers 'lose" with tied hotel syatem 4,6:5         400 women warned of stress danger 11.3:6
Top drinking apota In N.S.W. Hated 10,6:6            Budget cuts into inquiry 18,8:31
Publican's $105,000 profit on hotel 11.8:3
Holiday Inns plan 22.6:8
                                                     HUNTER DISTRICT WATER BOARD
New owners for Valley hotel (Tourist Hotel,
Sandy Hollow) 8,7:13                                 Overseas probe on water probea 15,1:1
No poker machinea for N.S.W, hotela 9,7:6
                                                     Workers "sold dirty pup" 15,1:LH5
Union lane topleas bars 15,7:10
                                                     Study tour to begin 26,1:8
New hotel fcr Woodberry 4,10:9                       Award meeting for H,D,W.B, uniona 5.2:6
 $825,000 for hotel (Prince of Walea Hotel)          H.D.W.B, uniona accept, reject offer on award
Hotel aold for record price (Mattara Hotel)
                                                     H.D.W.B, wagea and craft unions split 9.2:6
                                                     H.D,W,B, award deal hearing 17,2:7
Tied hotel ayatem beaten 24,12:1
                                                     Ruaaian unioniat at H.D.W.B, 19,2:16
Cheers (Leader) 28.12:2
                                                     H,D.W,B, repair work may revolutioniae dam
                                                     plans 20,2:5
                                                     H.D.W.B, uniona to dlacuaa award 23,2:7
                                                     Uniona accept agreement 24,2:6
Premier accuaed of pact on homes scheme
                                                     Better water rating method predicted 6,3:9
N.S.W. seeks urgent housing gprant 17,2:3            Depot plan out 7,4:11
Largeat housing estate in North for Lake             Changes sought in election to Hunter Water
                                                     Board 2,6:19
                                                     Sewerage plan must wait for talka 5,6:5
3,000 homes estate plan 18,2:7
                                                     Water Board aeen aa aucceaa atory 7,6:12
Punch defends Fuller over housing plans
                                                     Sewerage studies, but no money 17.6:LH1
                                                     Water Board answers waste claim 23,6:2
Hamer's pledge to home buyers 2.3:3
Builder wina Singleton contract. 8.3:10              Adjustment funds for main 23,6:12
                                                     One nominee only for Water Board 30,6:17
Sharp decline in tome approvala 9,3:3
                                                     Lord Mayor likely H.D.W.B, member 12,7:9
Long wait on homes warning 10,3:3
Conditions set on village (Seahampton) 18,3:LH1      H.D.W.B, change "not likely thia year" 14,7:12
Shire rejects dam homes proposal 18.3:LH3            Urgent approach for beard repreaentative
Home saving gift now $2,000 1.4:1                    14,7:14
Thousands lose mortgage tax allowance 2,4:1          Union wants aeat on board 15,7:3
Grants for home buyers (Leader) 3.4:2                New Water Board candidate 23,7:6
Home building coat up 12% 3.4:9                      Unionist place on H.D,W,B. uncertain 28.7:10
Houalng estate for forces, veterans 6.4:9            Union aims strike at own members 29,7:1
Commission homes for Upper Hunter 8,4:HV1            Newcastle, Cessnock leaders on H.D.Vf.B.
More homes for Windale 8,4;LH1                       29,7:3
Windale town house project to cost $2M, 14,5:1       Pickering back on board 29,7:LH1
Plea for housing support 25,5:1                       Strike a light (Leader) 30,7:2
Commission tenants face rent riae 26,5:7             Strike "hard to understand" 30,7:3
Contract for homea (Windale) 27.5:LH5                Aldermen not bitter at H.D.W.B. changes 30,7:6
$517M out for homes 28,5:1                           Unionists query H,D.W,B, strike 31,7:1
40 home units approved 2.6:15                        Uniona ban cabin at Chichester 31,7:3
Banks lend $243M for homes 10,6:18                   No strike today at Water Board 4,8:9
Housing tender pleases 12,6:31                       H.D,W.B. postpones dam cabin plan 4.8:9
April slump in home finance 18,6:8                   Barbecue first stage of park 9.8:7
Ferguson wanta rent relief for poor 19,6:3            Sewerage cuts threaten H.D.W.B, workers
Houalng loan conaidered 21,6:7                        28,8:1
April home loans cut 25,6:6                          Carmichael moves to aave joba 31,8:3
Newcastle sales allowed 28.6:6                        Moves to save H.D,W,B. jobs 1,9:8
State housing cuts forecast 29,6:10                   water union men amend the rules 2,9:24
Windale house contracts 1,7:LH1                       Job threat prompts atrike vote 3,9:7         ,
Coal boom creates rush on home aitea 5,7:12          H,D.W,B. joba threat 17,9:5
Rent subsidy "rip-off" 6.7:1                         H,D.W,B, cuts works to sare Jobs 24,9:6
Windale housing work announced 22.7:LH1               Pension rebates easier 25,9:9
Housing cash piea rejected 23,7:6                     Jones criticises top board job 4,11:7
Ban urged on flood zone housing 20,7:7                "Top heavy" H.D,W,B. denied 5,11:5
New law would control funds 31,7:3                    Cheaper water rate syatem 9,11:5
Gorokan housing 19.8:LH5                              More top water board joba on way M.L.A.
36 service homes for Terrace 23.8:8                   11.11:11
Shortfall in home building 27,8:1                     Salaried officer to contest H.D.W.B.
$1.8M town houae plan for Windale 28,8:3              employees top poat 12.11:8
Less gloom on homea 31,8:1
Toronto land for commiasion 2,9:LH2                  HUNTER REDIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL
15 houses for Rutherford 3,9:9
Two alma in building 3,9:9                           Region council growth amazea Morris 13,2:3
Six houses fcr Rutherford 16,9:11                    R,A.C, supports dock study 12,4:11
Building inspections to protect buyers 17,9:3        Boat town contest on again 5,7:12
Contract for five houaes (Raymond Terrace)           Hunter region development meeting 16,10:32
25,9:33                                              Regional payment favoured 19,10:12
2 home funds queried 29,9:3                          Hunter regional council backed 20,10:11
More houses for Raymond Terrace 12,10:7              Group hopjes to clean up city's image 19.11:7
Big drop forecast in N,S,W, welfare houalng
13,10:1                                              HUNTER REGIONAL ORGANISATION
$347,300 for site work (Muswellbrook) 16,10:32
Housing contract signed (Toronto) 21,10:LH1          Granta delay irks region 25.3:3
Home voucher acheme to atari aoon 26,10:12           Dep>utation to see Wran over H.R.O. 29.6:7
Three city trial for houalng vouchera 28,10:7        Regional group on ita last legs 3.7:5
Contract let for Singleton homes 28,10:10            Leadership of a city (Leader) 15.7:2
Tenders fcr 59 houaea 11,11:7                        H.R.O. againat new regional grroups 30.10:11
$400M booat to building aought 11,11:13
Fern Bay inquiry ruled out 16.11:15                  HUNTER VALLEY
12 homes for commiaaion 17,11:12
Low coat homes plan for Lake 18.11:LH1               Spectacular views, cool glades among
Windale cnntract 18.11:LH4                           forest attractiona 2.1:4
Home granta set for 1977 start 19,11:3               Old aoldier on guard without rifle 8.1:HV1
                                                     Clarence town to get $500,000 rural retreat
                                                            N.M.H. INDEX                                   43 . 1976

HUNTER VALLEY ( C ' t d )                                               HUNTIB VALLEY .- HISTORIC

C l a r e n c e Town to g e t $500,000 r u r a l r e t r e a t           Stroud to celebrate 150 years    13,8:11
20.1:HV1                                                                 Anniversary for Dungog 21,8:31
Kurri clan expanda (J.McLood)                       5,2:HV4             "Broke plans celebration 4.10:9
Aberdeen to get hall facelift 9,"": 13                                   Stroud will step into paat 5.10:21
Keeping on turning (Ned Carter) 12,2:HV1                                 Strouds party to end 11,11:7
Glouceater pride cf valley 13,2:5                                        Colourful end to 150th birthday 15,11:6
Hunter Valley Homeatead in Disney film 14,2:2                            Valley linked with roaes 18,11:17
Business group may aet levy 19,2:HV1                                     Old Maitland in picturea 25,11:7
Singleton plans featlval 4,3:HV2                                         Wollombl'a old world 28,12:14
Featival at Muawellbrook 11,3:HVI                                        The great North Road 29,12:6
Gloucester ring 11,3:HV4                                                 50km through valley of Black Creek 30,12:6
Vfhen Dorothy and Harry were wed in 1916                                 Mt, view and vineyarda 31.12:5
Big crowds due at Vacy picnic races 25,3:HV1                            HUNTER VALLEY CONSERVATION TRUST
Organiaera hop>ea high for Singleton featival
25,3:HV1                                                                Nominee aought on truat 14,4:8
Bottle pxjBor from the paat 25,3:HV1                                    Conservation work in Valley 3,8:13
Bottle la Identified 1.4:HV1                                            Conaervation rate down, bill up. 10.12:7
Eel slip-up at picnic 5,4:1
Festival weekend for Upper Hunter 8,4:HV1                               HUNTER VALLEY COUNTY COUNCIL
Valley wine featival soaked, but a succesa
12,4:8                                                                  Own compo acheme out 20.1:8
Lookout gpranf aought 6.5:17                                            Amalgamation of g^a, power authorities seen
Branxton atagea aecond rodeo 8,5:9                                      as council boost 29,1:1
Rodeo haa oventa for women 13,5:10                                      H,V.C,C accepts cable tender of $162,000
Singleton gfeta into awing for featival 14,5:5                          29,1:HV1
Successful rodeo may lead to another 17,5:1                             H,V.C,C, shuns Aberdare amalgamation 6.2:5
Autumn featival buay 17,5:16                                            H.V.C.C, against amalgamation proposals
Mergrer atand reaffirmed 27,5:11                                        23,2:8
Small number at featival discuaaion 7,6:14                              Increased piower charges likely 19,8:3
Hunter Region needa lacking 8,6:2                                       "Electricity dearer" with cut in loan 18,9:15
Aid aought for Dungog Anniveraary 8.6:12                                H,V,C,C Chairman re-elected 22,10:3
Singleton council inapects Dungog                                       New mines to cost H.V.C.C $117,155 22.10:11
"secession" area 9,6:16                                                 H.V.C.C ends $1,100 ahead 19,11:7
No funds fcr art gallery - Dungog 9,6:16                                Price rise for valley power 17,12:6
Weekend of folk 11.6:5
Subdivision proposed (Muswellbrook)                          19,7:12    HUNTER VALLEY RESEARCH FOUNDATION
Ducking for hot air balloon in Upper Hunter
26,7:3                                                                  Premier to speak at dinner 5.7:10
Earth worka near end (Singleton) 29,7:11                                Wran viait in doubt 8,7;1
Shire population "will aoon double" (Singleton)                         Backing for foundation 14,7:12
31,7:32                                                                 Leadership in a city (Leader) 15,7:2
Two applicants for cara-van sites 25,8:12                               Valley researcher $40,000 short of appeal
Building boom for Singleton 27,8:7                                      target 15,7:3
8,000 expected at Gresford rodeo 2.9:10                                 Foundation to atudy leisure 29,7:10
Kurri gears for featival 2,9:10                                         Fcjundation looks back on difficult year
Singleton rural baae faces coal challenge:survey                        31,7:32
6,9:8                                                                   Wran warning for dock unions 3,8:3
Trees wantedaa acreen in Muawellbrook 6.9:11                            Regioral body goals to be defined 5,10:21
Muswellbrook gears for minea growth 10.9:15                             $500M resource group plan to develop Hunter
Singleton seen aa induatrial centre 18,9:8                              region 20,11:3
Kurri Civic Week festivities start 8.10:8                               Call for new water rating system 20.11:8
Tenders open for park (Bennett Park) 13.10:10                           Back to the drawing board (Cyril Renwlck)
Town Hall hiring opposed (Muswellbrook)                                 12.1:2
21.10:14                                                                Advice on water resources sought 30,1:5
M'brook t o have chamber 4 . 1 1 : 1 5                                  H,V,R,F, clock aid amy be sought 11.3:7
Knackery f o r M a r t i n d a l e 1 5 . 1 1 : 6                        Shopping patterns change 16.3:2
B l a n d f o r d g r a z i e r wina pxjat 1 6 , 1 1 : 8                Hunter area testing ground 7,6:2
S h i r e may a e r v e n o t i c e f o r g r a v e l 1 8 , 1 1 : 1 8
Singleton ahlre preaident r e - e l e c t e d                            INDUSTRIAL
( C r . McNamara) 1 9 , 1 1 : 9
Quiet Singleton poised for boom 20,11:7                                 A time to listen (Leader) 16,1:2
There's a lot to talk about after 73 years                              Government agrees to P.J.T. talks 17,1:3
26,11:7                                                                 Workers would make "deal" on incomes 26,1:3
S o - s t l l l Dungog n e e d s a change 2 7 , 1 1 : 7                 Trade unionism "barrier" to Sociallam
Empty l o t a prompt c t a m b e r c o n c e r n (Murrurundi)           success 26,1:5
1,12:23                                                                 Australians urged to share pxjwer 27.1:3
Muawellbrook cop>es well 11,12:7                                        14th term aa union leader (J.Judge) 5.2:6
Shire to seek 7% rate increase (Singleton)                              Union battle flarea over divera 6.2:5
16,12:6                                                                 Hawke, atreet atill at loggerhoada 13.2:3
The workingmans towns (Cessnock and Hunter                              P.M. hita uniona for lack of protection 14,2:3
Valley) 18,12:7                                                         A,C,T.U, to boycott induatrial group 18,2:3
Council Increaaes rate <7 (Muawellbrook)                                Diamiasal follows attacka court told
18,12:8                                                                 19,2:6
Singleton ratea Increased 7% 24,12:4                                    Street appeala to A.CT.U on talka 28,2:3
Watched over by the Bucketts 27,12:7                                    All funerala cancelled 10.4:1
Council out of rescue unit (Denamn) 27,12:8                             May Day aims for cultural flavour 12.4:7
Gravedlgglng costs worry council (Scone)                                Union stoppage delays funerals 13,4:8
27,12:8                                                                 Overtime ban on funerals lifted 14,4:8
Protest on Truat rate riae (Denman) 27.12:8                             Bosses want staggered leave, survey shows
Merriwa shop owner goea (Ted Ell) 27.12:8                               19.4:3
                                                                        Students plan May Day ahowa 28.4:10
HUNTER VALLEY - HISTORY                                                 Newcastle talks for workers 28.4:14
                                                                        Workers want say in business 3.5:3
Morpeth - gateway to the Valley 22.1:HV2                                500 people in May Day procession 3.5:9
Century cf law for Cessnock 5.2;HV2                                     3,000 in peaceful Melbourne march 3.5:9
Family tree reaches back to pioneers                                    Rest is shift workers "only answer" 14.6:6
(Mrs Alma Campbell) 5.2:HV2                                             Labour will review industrial laws 15.6:1
A nine decade journey between two worlds                                Halfpienny rejects "co-determination" 18.6:3
(H. Richardson) 18,3:HV2                                                2% poll "put unionist in office" 24.6;3
Historical group may wind up 25,3:HV1                                   Induatrial democracy blow 1.7:2
New road revives link with past 15,4:7                                  Liberals set up unioniat link 9.7:7
"Logs" were aeat of knowledge (J.Comorford)                             Workers with dirty hands 29.7:7
 19,4:2                                                                 Wholesale firm bans union 5.8:1
Hiatoric fountain atill homeleas (Singleton)                            Steelmen get extra holiday 6.8:5
21,4:19                                                                 Plumber tells of "bluff" by union 12,8:1
Maitlanda debt to Edward Day 10,5:13                                    Builders allege union ban threat 13,8:3
Sale benefits historical society 14,6:8                                 Uniona too powerful, membera believe 14,8:3
Paterson ceremony planned 22,6:5                                        Deception over meeting - Kidd 18,8:7
                                                N,M.H, INDEX                                                  44 1976

   INDUSTRIAL (C'td)                                       INDUSTRIES (C'td)

  Red herrings (Leader) 19,8:2                            C,S,R, diviaion expanded 12.5:9
  N.T.H.C. ultimatum on site unionism 20,8:3              SQPieraby aite for Farley plant 19,5:20
  Qnployer aeea union eplit 23,8:3                        2 litre cans of paint on sale aoon 21,5:10
  Union loses action over staff'notlce 25.8:12            Industry Jobs, orders on upswing 31,5:1
  Change In ACT could outlaw union bana 31,8:10           Chip factory geta new use 31,5:5
  Government barea teeth at unions 7,9:2                  Eglo after crane lift record 1,6:14
  Miniater attacks union militancy 8,9:3                  Shop stewards school visit 11,6:5
  Lawa to protect workera laid off joba 12.10:3           Heavy lift by Egld crane 26,6:10
  Plumbers acale pay heights 14.10:1                      Top "auggostor" rewarded 26,6:10
  Social role of uniona changing:Whitlam 20,10:3          Foreign ownerahip increaaing 8,7:13
  Ice cream depot picketed 9.11:8                         Top level talka on Eglo aide 14,7:9
  Whitlam: PM aeeka to blame all on uniona                Shell plans $50M plastic plant 17.7:10
  15.11:3                                                 company showa public all about Maaonite
  Induatrial militants criticised 16.11:3                 (Hardboards Aust Ltd.) 4.8:29
  Bill proposes $50,000 fines for Vic. bans               Hope for new tourism deal (Speech by Mr, K,
  18.11:3                                                 Booth) 13,8:3
  A.CT.U. will fight strike Bw: Hawke 19,11:1             Pollution claim sends factory packing 6.8:1
  Underwater workers form union 19,11:7                   Stand on own feet, industry told 6,8:1
  Union prepares for non-member clash 23,11:8             Production alipa back 25,8:1
  British union loader defenda right to oppose            Engineer back from U.S. with new ideas (Peter
  24,11:10                                                Tooth) 1,9:12
  Delegate working without pay 7,12:10                    43 yeara with same firm (A,Goninan &Co, Ltd)
  (Steel tank and Pipe consolidated Pty Ltd)              13,9:7
  Bishop's opinlona about unions "misrepresented"         Industriea hit finance policiea 21.9:3
  9,12:12                                                 Industrial output "atabilising" 24,9:3
  Unions liberty bastion: Wran 11,12:3                    Crusher for Japan 1,10:3
  Unionists concern at spying reports 13,12:3             Chamber seeks report on manufacturing 16.10:5
  W.A, union exemption plan 16.12:2                       Crane firm expands. (Herbert Morris (Aust)
  Union chief hits at "mindless" pay claims               Pty Ltd) 21,10:10
  17,12:13                                                Agreement on Gollin 25.10:6
                                                          Wran pleads with firms to stay 28.10:18
   INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT                                 N.S.W, will look for industries 30,10:10
                                                          Warning on new industrial control 2,11:7
   Wyong moves on huge industrial project 4,3:LH1         Threat to Northern plastics factory 4,11:3
   Wyong aaka for pcllcy on aid to Induatry               Industries "use" Canberra: report 4,11:9
   18.3:LH5                                               Pay diapjute keeps firm open Industrial
   Wyong angry at aid ;to industry cut 22,4;LH1           Engineering Ltd, (Roto-Flange diviaion) 5,11:1
   Miniater supports industrial estate 1.7:LH1            Brothera who built a dream (Newcaatle
   Power conditions "could deter Industriea"              Engineering Pty Ltd.,) 8,11:8
   18,8:14                                                Productivity (leader) 9,11:2
   Civic Park cut recommended (Cut in industrial          Sydney firm switches to Gloucester (Transdata
   zoninga In Maryville, Wickham, Tigha Hill,             Pty Ltd ) 12,11:8
   Carrington and Islington) 29,9:1                       Vidor aaaets taken over 30,11:16
   Industrial sites taken up 23.10:8                      Koppers profit increases 20,12:12
                                                          Production falla in many lines 24,12:3
                                                           INDUSTRIES ASSISTANCE COMMISSION
  Safety first and army wina 17,2:3
  500,000 workers face injury 14,4:3                      Government widens I.A.C. guidlines 12,4:3
  Firms face tougher aafety penalties 20,7:7              Protecting integrity (Leader) 14,4:2
  Occupational hazards (Leader) 23,7:2                    Top seap makers reject charges 31,8:7
                                                          I.A.C, attitudes blamed for Joblesa rise
   INDUSTRIES                                             12.10:1
                                                          I.A.C. expertise "not relevant to arta"
   Old timber firms merge (Viggera Timbera and            13,10:15
   Andrew Cook and Sona Ltd) 9,1:6                        Induatry warna Fraaer on I.A.C,     26,10:1
   Chemical plant to reopen in February 15,1:4            Industry seeks clamp on I,A,C, 27,10:3
   C S . R . re-employa 20 for Mayfield job 19,1:6        Induatry cannot blame 1 ,A,C, :Hc3ward 28,10:3
   7 lose jobs in worka closure (P.G.H.                   1,A,C, told of arts aid 2.11:3
   Industires Ltd) 23,1:5                                 I,A,C, report draws proteat 10,11:16
   Egyptian job to S.A. firm (Proline Industries
   Pty Ltd ) 24.1:8                                       INSURANCE
   Unions and C S . R . hold talka 24,1:8
   C S . R . unions meet on plant award 29.1:7            Record year to legal. Gen branch 20,1:10
   Platform Job progresses (Eglo Engineering)             Diaaster cover plan "on way" 5.3:3
   30,1:7                                                 Inaurance policy holders "slugged over fires
   C S . R . workers satisfied 31.1:5                     15.3:3
   28 ataff sacked at refractory plants                   Mercantile Mutual Feature 19.3:8-9
  ftuatralian Industrial Refractories Pty Ltd)            Nadic plana extensions 6.4:12
   3.2:1                                                  Minister calls for insurance review 22.4:1
  Hattigan dubs industry plan bureaucratic                Commission plans insurance inquiry 12.5:9
   10.2:7                                                 $750 for money saver (A,M,P, Society) 5.7:7
  Mayfield Chemical plant reopens 18,2:8                  Insurance men get awards 3.8:10
  Work to start on $1,5M factory (Cyclone)                Ruling on insurance 4.8:29
   19.2:HV1                             (26,2:LH1 )       Policy levy "maintains fire brigadea" 2.9:17
  Clean bottles from amall buaineaa (R.McNally)           Free choice in home insurance, T.P.C, rules
  E,N.L. sells nitric acid to N.Z. 27.2:6                 26.11:8
   Industry on slip after 15 years 3.3:1                  G . I . O , b i d t o b o o s t home b u i l d i n g 26.11:8
  Goninan awitch 8.3:8
  Goninan wins big rail order 19.3:7                      200 book b o o s t f o r l i b r a r y        1.12;15
  Avery staff sacked in electronics dispute
   20.3:1                                                 INTERNATIONAL SPC«TS CENTRE
  Production figures up 25.3:3
— Council told crisp factory to close 31.3:1              S p o r t s c e n t r e g e t s $3,000    30.6:17
—Firm verifiea criap plant cloaure 1.4:6                  A Sp)orting c h a n c e ( L e a d e r ) 3 0 . 1 1 : 2
   5 resign in Avery dispute 2.4:6                        Sports centre injection 30.11:2
  200 men laid off from four plants 15.4:1                $ 2 0 , 0 0 0 w i l l buy c r a n e f o r g r o u n d 2 2 . 1 2 : 6
  More jobs may go aa crdera fall to low level            IRON ORE
  Share plan for workera 16.4:3                           Hamersley to cut output 16.3:11
  Induatry: What la wrong, What can be done?              Ore sales considered 14,9:13
  27.4:1                                                  Newman iron ore plant opena 4,11:20
  Profit and the worker 28.4:2                            Japan "cautloua" on more ore deala 6.11:9
  Survey '76 (Leader) 4.5:2
  Survey '76.4.5:aupploment                               JOINT COAL BOARD
  High praiae for aurvey 76. 5.5:3
  $i export order for Phllippinea on way 5.5:22           Hartnell leavea coal board 23,10:11
  Northern company claims "first" in plastic              Handa off Joint Coal Board, minera warn 8,11:3
  lining (F.H, Feanon and Sons Pty Ltd) 12,5-9            Canberra revlewa coal board 9,11:7
                                                             N,H.H. INDEX                                             45. 1976

JOINT COAL BOARD (C'td)                                                 LAKE MACQUARIE (C'td)

Coal board vacancy irks miners 22,11:7                                  Competition for roada 15,7:LH1
Coal Board (Leader) 23.11:2                                             Urban committee plans petition 22,7:LH1
Minors fight for Joint Coal Board 27.11:8                               Miniaterial survey 22,7:LH1
Northern minera protest to P.M. 11.12:10                                Conmlttee protests 22,7:LH2
                                                                        Unexpected checkmate at Dora Creek 22,7:LH4
KARATE                                                                  "Poor atreots" complaint 22.7;LH5
                                                                        Jeweller with ideas (M, Tarrant) 22,7:LH5
Quiet demure, but Vera la tough (Vera Curtia)                           Lake gives up ita secrets (Hydro-graphic survey)
22.1:11                                                                 12,8:LH1
Kung Fu f i l m s t a r a 20.5:LH1                                      Who oares if Weaty dies? 19.8:LH2
Black b e l t for N>vocaatrian 1 6 . 7 : 1 6                            Shire atatua 19,8:LH3
Rugged teata for Karate grading ( R i t a C u r t i s )                 Urban worka to be Hated 19,8:LH3
26,8:13                                                                 Fuaa "over nothing" 19,8:LH3
                                                                        New wiring for hall 19,8:LH3
KOORAGANG ISLAND                                                        Ready for ahow (Speera Point Jetty) 19,8:LH5
                                                                        $20M retail plan may be revived (Charleatown)
Council move to co-ordinate ialand plana                                24.8:1
12.2:7                                                                  Dobell Houae paid up 26,8:LH1
Kooragang development 18.2:2                                            Twin's club aeeka new membera 2.9:11
Kooragang land uae changed 13.3:1                                       Reaident apathy atrikea (Blackalla Park
Island plant inapection planned 14.4;6
                                                                        Progroas Aaaociation 2,9:LH2
Firm's operations questioned Eglo Eng, Pty.                             Hall rate reduced (Teralba Community Hall)
Ltd) 29.4:3                                                             2,9:LH3
Factory on ialand passes 5.5:10                                         Motor reglatry plan advanced (Toronto)
Firm supported in tranafer protest 29.5:1                               9,9:LH4
Eglo tenancy problems "disturb" 9.6:8                                   Jonaen to aee chamber 9,9:LH3
Three baaic Kooragang Issues unresolved 9.6:9                            Swanaea group lists read work prloritiea
New plan for Kooragang favoured 23.6:14                                  5,10:6
Backing for ialand firm 28.6:6                                           $27M acheme a t a r t a 7 , 1 0 : 1
Kooragang for the birda 17.8:13                                          S t a t u s p r o t e s t group meets t o n i g h t 21,10:LH1
Kooragang plana sought on sand expanse 15.9:8                           Blacksmiths P,A. seeka read work a t a r t
Council given Kooragang voice 16.9:1                                    21.10:LH2
Kooragang committee (Leader) 17.9:2                                     Lake featival princeaa crowned 25.10:8
Kooragang moves by chamber 18.9:8                                       Cow chip titles to go on film 4,11:7
Port task force call 22.9:7                                              Speera Point Cenotaph aervice 4,11:LH1
Eglo promiaed long notice 24.9:7                                         Cat memorial gains a sister 4,11:LH2
Kooragang planning: city aeeka more aay                                  Title fight (Leader) 6,11:2
12.10:5                            ,                                     High wind at Edgworth 8,11:7
Kooragang (Loader) 13,10:2       V                                       Bobbing with enthusiasm (Carol Kovacs)
LAKE MACQUARIE SHIRE                                                     Urban group unhappy with reply (Proposed
                                                                         clange in the A riding boundary) 11.11:LH1
 Lake tour full of interest 3,1:4                                        300 attend rededicatlon (Speera Point
 Doll'a houae with a difference 8,1:LH3                                  Cenotaph) 18.11:LH1
 Black Ned and China in fiah tale 8,1:LH6                                Exodua to Norfolk la. 18.11:LH3
 Dick Whlttington vialts Preaident of Lake                               From reacues to aaving a cat 18.11 :LH3
 Shire 15.1:LH5                                                          (Lake Macquarie Reacue Squad)
 Relaxing hobby began by accident (Ellen                                 Traffic hazard complaint 25.11:LH2
 Mullare) 22,1:LH5                                                       Helping communitiea help themaelvea 2.12:LH3
 Golden wedding tomorrow (Mr and Mra John                                Jocka a dlnkum Auaale (Thomaa "Jock" Crooka)
Andrew Percy McNaught) 22,1:LH5                                          16,12:LH2
 The Dora Creek Derby is on again 22,1:LH6                               Group wina battle for grounds 23,12:LH4
 Residents and council work together at
 Holmesville 2e,l:LH3                                                   LAKE MACQUARIE SHIRE - HISTORY
 Waterway atudy at Swanaea 29,1:LH3
 Dredging work on Lake ahore 5,2:LH1                                    Charlestown committee seeks historical items
 Boolaroo'a $36,100 works 12,2:LH1                                      8,1:LH5
 Breakaway bid at Coal Point 12,2:LH1                                   Centenary cricket with clothing to match
 New start for progress body (Dora Creek)                               22,1:LH3
 12,2:LH3                                                               Charleatown geta grant for centenary 5,2:LH1
 "nothing" will lalt Dora Creek Derby 12.2:LH6                          Charlestown centenary hits hurdle 6.'2:7
 Models span 15 years (J, Bohle) 26,2:LH3                               An outpost from the past (Catherine Hill Bay)
 Coal Point petition to Minister 4,3:LH3                                7.2:7
 Two celebrations for Argenton couple (Mr and                           Agnes, 96, a aymbol of Bay life 7,2:7         <
Mrs Alf Coles) 4,3:LH5                                                  Centenary color 26,2:LH3
 Progress Association In jeopardy 11,3:LH3                              Lake Macquarie caught explorera eye 18,3:LH2
 No confidence vote ahocka 11,3:LH3                                     Charlestown centenary 25,3:LH1
 Rates trust fund plan (Dora creek)18,3:LH2                             Tone changea aa aong burets forth 8,4:LH1
Lack of support to biild                     hall disappointss          Fireworks at Charleatown centenary 8,4:LH3
 18.3:LH3                                                               Foot race in centenary celebratlona 14,4:LH1
 Puddy clan comes to town 25,3:LH1                                      Art work for centenary booklet 22.4:14
 Discussion groups get strong following 1,4:LH1                         Friendly atart to Charleatown celebrations
 Toronto police move backed 1,4:LH5                                     23,4:7
 Pit shaft brings protest (Fishing Point)                               Student wins 6km fun run 21,4:7
 2,4:5                                                                  Interoat in p>eople led to celebratlona work
Grandfather clock (Mr Col, Woods) 8,4:UI1                               (Mrs J, Heialer) 28,4:20
Toronto Canadian comparea lakea 8,4:LH4                                 Lake history list atarta 29,4:LH2
 Sounding atarta on Lake 14.4:LH1                                       Happy birthday Charleatown 29,4:LH2(P.A.Haslam)
 Shire mapa on sale 19.4:14                                             Miss Charlestown is school captain (Lynne Walker
Lake P.A.'a seek clock promiae 22,4:LH1                                 30,4:3
 Diamond wedding (Mr and Mra A. Thompaon)                               Centenary cake cut 3,5:13
22.4:LH3                                                                Big crowd sees Charlestown parade 3,5:13
Unity bid at Eleebana 29.4:7                                            Vice-Regal slice for Charlestown 6,5:LH1
Blood and honey (Mr and Mrs Potter) 29,4:LH2                            The story of Pulbah Island 6,5:LH2
Action group success 6.5:LH1                                            Centenary leaders thank public 13,5:LH1
Minister opens centenary lookout 6.5:LH1                                Finding a niche for Lake history 27,5:LH2
Top rider visits shire (T, Wammoladorf)                                 150th year for Toronto 22,7:LH1
6,5:LH5                                                                 "Converstaion" bringa history to life 12,8:LH3
Golden wedding celebrated (Mr and Mra Charloa                           Historical group plans for 1979 11,11:LH1
Neave) 13,5:LH3
Cape Horn to Belmont (Helge Molvig) 20,5:LH2                             LAKE MACQUARIE SHIRE COUNCIL
Cowchlpa are catching on, here and there
Broken glaaa mementoa of drinking daya 27.5:LH5                             Altered business proceedure likely 13,1:4
S.Lake "not lad off" 27.5 :LH6                                              Quit order likely for boatshed operations
P.A. aeeka l o c a l r e p r e a e n t a t i o n 27.5:LH5                   14,1:17
Lagoon for sinctuary move 2 9 . 5 : 3 3                                     Objections raiaed to mine waate in creek
Channel Inapected fcr works repx)rt 3.6:LH2                                 20,1:8
S i a t o r a r o - u n i t e d ( J a n e t Rymer and l a a b e l l a       Council cleans Cardiff fountains 20,1:8
O'Neill) 1,7:LH3
                                                            N,H.H. INDEX                                                       4a 1076

 LAKE MACQUARIE SHIBE COUNCIL (C'td)                                    LAKE MACQUARIE^SHIRE COUNCIL (C'td)

  Sbire saaks status of mlnicipnlity 22.1:LH3                            Swansea Channell plan to beat                    drodging
  Induatrial iftste dumpers nay b« forced to                             22,7:LH3
  p»y 28.1:10                                                           •"Defer Donation" move by committee 22,7:LH9
  Toronto store gets second approv«l 20.1:1S                             Council still waiting' (Hallway land at Toronto)
  Shira bid to resume land at Cratharln* Hill                            22.7:LHe
  Bay 29.1:LH1                                                           Open letter policy retained 27.7:7
  Councillors at progreSB aaaociation 29.1:LH9                           Barnsley proposal deferred 29.7:LH1
  Fountain dream a nightmare 31,1:3                                      A new department - a new emphasis 29.7:LH2
  Land sought for sailing' titles 3,2:7.                                A compxiter wlth'confused values 29.7:LH5
  Council nay veto youth club house 10.2:9                               Petition protest at new status 30.7:5
  See gas pays " or pull out" 11.2:8                                     *Quagmire" seen for Lake 5.8:IiU.
  Hooie wins sole cfealgn award                  12.2:LH1               Argument continues on Dunlcip»lity plan
  Waste disposal study planned 12.2:LH3                                  5.8:LH1
  Governor to attend celebrations - Charlestown                          Increase in shire building figures 5.8:LH5
  19.2:LH1                                                              Naming game for councillors 12,8:LH1
  F l y o v e r plan " d e v a s t a t i n g " (BlaolrsmithB)           Beach works priorities listed 12,8:LH4
  23.2:6                                                                 |90H plan for building 17,8:8
  Move to help late callers 26.2:LH1                                    Committee urges report on trip 19.8:XJI3
  Council labor to fight buahflreB 26.2:UU                              Finance for Jobless scheiDe sought 24,6:9
  Ycxjth group house lease rejected 23:7                                 Staff adopt flBxtlme 26.e:LHl
  Honor for former Lake PreBldent (W.H.                                 Staff changes supported 31,8:9
  MacDonald) 4.3:LH3                                                    Ski beats protest 2,9:3
  ^ . S M Lake centre propx>Bed 9.3:1                                   Long battle for Toronto rail land over
  Toronto railway land release aoon 11.3:LH3                            2,9:LH1
  Shire halls out for traders 11.3:LH1                                  Coal h a u l a g e study b e n e f i t q u e s t i o n e d 2,9:LH1
  Fennel bay land unsold 11.3:LH5                                       Belmont s e e k s $ 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 f o r d r a i n a g e 9,9:LH1
  Warners Bay flea market approval 16.3:6                               New r o l e f o r planner 9.9:LH1
  Conditions set on vlllagre (Seahampton) 18,3:IJI1                     S h i r e f a c e s $2.5M open s p a c e pay out 9.9:LH1
  Plans ordered for community centres 18,3:LH1                          High p r i o r i t y urged f o r b o a t s h e d l a n d c l e a r i n g
  Phone priority sought for councils 18,3:LH3                           14.9:5
  $890,000 sewerage scheme supported 23,3:8                             Parking policy "is stopping growth" 16.9:13
  Bowling club to seek approval for clubhouse                           Public inquiry on namicipality plan 21.9:9
  24.3:12                                                               Shire cannot open personal mall 22.9:1
  Staff keep flexible work hours 30,3:6                                 Trust wants S . C C off mountain top 22.9:6
  "Flea market" given green light l,4:lill                             Lake shire conversion "unjustified" 22.9:6
  Straying cattle cause concern in lake area                            Coimcillors reject Alvin protest 28.9:1
  1,4:LH1                                                              Building tender for Lake criticised 29.9:3
 Report highlights lack of facilities 1.4:LH2                          Tenders let for admin, building 30.9:12
 Floxtlme comment banned 3.4:5                                          Duties of urban committee listed 5.10:21
  Sport gear sale draws complaint 7.4:9                                Lake status committee 8.10:7
 Council likely to meet protesters 6.4:LH1                              Please yourself job hours 13.10:2
 Mine plan puts beauty apiot in danger (FlBhing                        Lake Shire change inquiry to be open 13.10:14
  Point) 8.4:LH1                                                       Legal opinion sought on Swansea street trader
 Burning tyres cause concern 8.4:LH4                                   19,10:12
  Shire planner favourite for now job 8.4:LH4                          City firms »in four contracts 20,10:11
 Ti^ding stopp>ed at Warnera Bay "flea narket"                         Fast rise for new building 21,10:LH1
  13.4:13                                                              Council censure opposed 21,10:LH1
 Council pledgea sport support 14.4:LH4                                Boundary change protest by committee 21,10:LH3
 Hospital work planned (Hater) 15.4:9                                  Time for a municipality, yes, or no? 28,10:LH1
 Coimilttee favours aigrn plant 15.4:9                                 Dudley sandmining report sought 28,10:LH1
 Glasa firm plans big change 15.4:9                                    Lake Shire "city" suggeata inquiry Chairman
 Floxtlme rules put to workera 21.4:14                                 2.11:1
 Dredge may aolve weed problema 22.4:LH1                               Sydney company denies Lake contract report
 Not acactly the beat way to get underfelt                             2.11:8
 22.4:LH1                                                              Inquiry opens on Lake municipality bid 2.11:7
 Talks today on CH Bay water plans 28.4:13                             Information on Lake change not always right:
 Fewer full council meetings propoaed 4,5:8                            Chairman 3.11:12
 Adminiatration centre plana get go-ahead                              Same status as any other city 3.11:12
 5,5:12                                                               From Shire to City (Leader) 4,11:2
 Shire aupport for crossing 6,5:LH5                                   Lake Shire policy on lowest tenders discuaaed
 Aged centre goes ahead (MoriBaet) e.5:LH5                             4,11:15
 Water supply delegation 11.5:11                                       "Council P,R," to follow complaints 4,11:LH1
 Meeting changes approved 18.5:11                                     Admin, centre work atopa 9.11:8
 Control sought on sandmining 19,5:13                                 Uniona to "resiat takeovera by B.L.F." 11.11:13
 $7,000 study of waste disposal 25,5:7                                An "intelligent" status inquiry 11.11:LH2
 Council seeks say in ^p>ointments 27,7:LHS                           Urban group unhappy at reply (Proposed change
 Council seeks rescue gear 27.5:LH5                                   in the A riding boundary) 11.11:LH1
 M.L.A.'8 invited to meeting 27.5:LH6                                 Shire move to stop trader 15,11:3
Bible school guard house "disgrace" 2.6:12                            Councillor rebukes lifesaving club 16,11:8
Unions "should be on transport panel" 3.6:LH1                         Council forums mooted 18,11:LH1
Railway land delaya threaten titlea 3.6:LH1
                                                                      Low cost hone plan for Lake 18,11:LH1
Channel Inspected for works repxjrt 3.6:LH2
                                                                      New contracts for council centre 18.H:LH3
 Eleebana boatshed area "atrocious" 8.6:10
                                                                      All tenders called (Administrative Building
 Improvement funds deputation 8.6:10
                                                                      at Spoors Point) 18,11:LH4
Flattened sheds eyeaore 9.6:7
                                                                      Power boats, ski club opposed 18,11:LH6
Nature area threatened 11.6:3
                                                                      Trader offers $10,000 for stall permit 22.11:8
Reaidenta fear creek flood (Winding Creek)
15.6:9                                                                Let state appoint some local reps: Councillor
Motel may b u i l d caravan park 1 6 . 6 : 1 4
                                                                      Municipality status for Lake "near" 24,11:3
S a l e s tax scxight f o r tourism 1 7 . 6 : 9
Government k i l l s Black Ned plan 2 2 . 6 : 1                       New status (Leader) 25,11:2
S h i r e s $ 8 0 , 0 0 0 f o r Swansea camp s i t e s 2 2 . 6 : 6     "Save old council chambers" plea 25,H:LH1
Town s t a t u s sought f o r lake 2 4 . 8 : 1 3                      Vote puts homos in doubt (Belmont) 25,11:LH1
Dog a c t may be aiforced 2 9 . 6 : 7                                 Yacht club to extend jetty 25,H:LH4
Skateboard o p i n i o n s aought 3 0 . 6 : 1 0                        Plea to shire: Let "Joe" go on 27,11:8
Council plan protested 1,7:LH1                                        Girl scared by council inspjector 7,12:10
Right t o op>en mall ef employees q u e s t i o n e d                 Belmont renovations favoured 7,12:10
6.7:6                                                                 Buildings worth $36M 9.12:LH4
Objections to municipality 8,7:LH1                                    Concrete ramps ready by holiday 9,12:LH1
Council gives centre go ahead 8,7:LH1                                                      jt
                                                                      Swansea trade case p u off 10,12:6
Railway land complaint to miitotor 8,7:LH5                            Happy New Year for Lake Municipality 11,12:3
New cDlliory at Wakefield gets a>mmlttee °°''                         Delay suggested for ski shed demolition
Urgent approach for board representative * ' ' ' '            *^•^*   15,12:12
(H,D,W.B,) 14,7:14                                                    Cutler approves nwnicipality 16,12:LH1
A g e n c i e s go t o the dogs 15,7:LH1                              Shire seeks removal of illegal sheds 16,12:LH4
B u i l d i n g 'value t o p s $3M 15,7:LH1                           Waterfront petition 16,12:LH3
Lakes marina future to go before council                              Tenders for fuel, oil 16,12:LH3
15,7:LH1                                                              Conmittee seeks retention 16,12:LH3
Deputation sought by council 22,7:lill                                Subsidy for microfilm work 23,12:LH1
                                                                      Application procession comparison 23,12:LH1
                                                               N,M,H, INDEX                                               47. 1976

LAKE MAO^ARIE SHIRE COUNCIL (C'td)                                      LAKE MACQUARIE SHIRE COUNCIL                RATES AND
Looking back, a year of consolidation
23.12:LH2                                                               Estimate talks next week 13.1:4
                                                                       Average 25% rate increase tipped 21.1:10
LAKE MACQUARIE SHIRE COUNCIL - ELECTIONS                               Lake mines rated on valuations 29E|,1:LH5
                                                                       Lake minimum rate increase 20% 31.1:1
Electors top 100,000          29,1:LH1                                 Rate rise forum jjromise councils 5.2:LH1
Woman aeeks council presidency 26,8:LH1                                Ratepayers group gets no change 17.2:6
Committee rejecta px)pular vote for loader                             Warners Bay work" geta $29,000 19.2:LH3
2,9:LH1                                                                 Extra read, bridge funds sought 24.2:8
Support for vote on Shire loader 30,11:12                              Council aeeks $326,000 granta 26.2:LH1
People will elect Lake President 2,12:LH1                              Rate rise defended 26.2:LH1
Former Shire head is mayor (Aid, J, Edwards)                            Increase for council aid "pjoaaible" 4.3:LH3
21,12:1                                                                New hopx? on pjenaioner rate cuta 11,3:LH1
Aldermen c o n f i r m mayoral v o t e d e c i a l o n                  Shire clerk repliea to ratepayora 11.3:LH3
23,12:LH1                                                              Residents urge rate limit 27,3:1
Family cornea firat for Wayoreaa 23,12:LH1                             Unlty"vltal" for funds 1,4:LH5
                                                                       Rate limit bid praised 3,4:5
LAKE MACQUARIE SHIRE COUNCIL - HEALTH                   AND             Electronic V.G."inefficient" 6,4:6
GARBAGE                                                                Tender for jetty accepted 6.4:LH2
                                                                       Council rates meeting move 6.5:LH1
 Four lake dumpa to cloae 12,1:8                                       Licence foea riae 6,5:LH5
                                                                       Licence foe slug for shire 27,5:LH1
Health officer to quit fxjat (V,C, Richarda)                           Insurance tender 27,5:LH2
13,1:4                                                                  Soccer club finda field rent hurdle 1,6:10
Shire to cloae more tipa 15,1:LH1                                      No help for company from council 3,6:LH1
Rangera acheme oppoaed 22.1:LH3                                        Ratea limit plea at conference 1,7:LH1
Rubbiah tip row may end today 10,2:6                                   Grant increaaed 8,7:LH2
Rubbiah mounta aa tipa cloae 19,2:LH1                                  Confidence motion for Preaident 8,7:LH4
Rathmines dump causes upaet    19,2:Lia                                Municipality move " will not affect granta"
Redhead tip:the place to go on a fine day                              8,7:LH5
8,3:7                                                                  Budget eatlmatea "IM out" 20,7:7
Shire study on waate diapoaal ordered 18,3:LH1                         Parking fee relief atudy propoaal     22.7:LH5
Lake Shire clean up atarta 25,3:LH1                                    Deficit report for committee 2Sft7:LH5
Garbage men ag^ee to early start 8.4:LH5                               Reallocation aought to overcome deficit 10.8:8
Lake Shire revisea refund policy 22,4:LH1                              Freeze on council apending backed 10,8:8
$7,000 atudy of waate diapK>aal 25,5:7                                 Council puta limit on spending 19.8:LH1
A touch of the Riviera at Rathminea 10,6:1                             Hates threat stir shire     26.8:LH1
Litter blitz planned by council, 8,7:LH3                               Wyee unfair over ratea, council told 2,9:LH1
"Bomb" dlaposal for Earth week 15,7:LH1                                New pionaion plan likely 2.9:LH1
Garbage problem causes concern 22,7:LH1                                Committee queatlona council efficiency 2.9:LH2
Garbage d.tes Inveatigation 5,8:LH5                                    $102,000 cut form worte program 7.9:7
Clean up cut abort 26,8:LH1                                            Belmont seeks $200,000 for drainage 9a9:LHl
Healthy budget reported 9,9:LH3                                        Healthy budget reported 9.9:LH3
Rubbish tip"expanded" (Redhead) 11,11:LH1                              Pension rate cuta sought 16.9:13
Dumping delaya drawa proteata 18,11:LH1                                Rate debts up 15.9% 28.9:11
Reaidenta irate at awitch 25,11:LH1                                    Preaident rejecta Aberdare defiance 7.10:14
Officers detect 35 litter breaches 9,12:LH1                            Time up for rate debtora 14.10:LH1
Diap)oaal of waate may be altered 16,12:LH1                            $1.3M grant sharing atarta 21,10:LH1
Dog pound timea will rot be leaeened 16,12:LH3                         Council gives money to bands 21,10:LH2
                                                                       $1M aewerage plan for Floraville 3,11:10
LAKE JJACQUARIE SHIRE COUNCIL - BVRKS AND                              Gas dealy affecting Industry: Lyons 5,11:6
KAYGROUNDS                                                             Pension rates unchanged 9.11:10
                                                                       Support for vote on shire leader
Campera challenge plan to cloae holiday aite                            (The council decided last night to ask for a
8,1:LH1                                                                full subsidy of Its $260,030 assesment by
Improvementa sought at Toronto park 15.1:LII6                          Aberdare County Council or for exclusion of
Committee seeka perk extenaion (Tulkaba Park)                          the shire) 30,11:12
22,1:LH1                                                               Reaidenta face 12% rate Increaae 14,12.8
Oppoaition to Croudace Bay plana ignored,                              Lale council goara for $16M budget 16.12:LH1
group claima 22,1:LH2                                                  Aldermen lift ratea 12% 21.12:1
Oval proposal for council 26,2:LH6                                     Council lifta rate by 12% 23.12:LH1
Shire limits holiday aitea booking timea
4,3::LH1                                                               LAKE MACQUARIE SHIRE COUNCIL - ROADS
Park area to bo discuaaed (Speera Point)
4,3:LH5                                                                $300,000 aought f o r r o a d a i n a h l r e 8,4:LH4
Increaae in aport area requeatod (Blackalla)                           C o u n c i l may r e f u a e r o a d r e p a i r a t o meet budgjet
4.3:LH6                                                                20.5:LH1
Clean up of Swanaea park urged 18,3:LH4                                Council will cloae atreet (Ada St, Barnsley)
Partiea meet on camp aight differences 1,4:LH1                         27,5:LH1
Sport area sale drawa complaint 7.4:9
                                                                       Stroeta are a diagrace 17,6:LH1
Campers "up in air" on aite future for ahire
                                                                       Major rcadwork for Ceal Point 17,6:LH2
                                                                       Meeting called on atreet cloaure (Council St,
Campers seek p)etition help 6,5:LH6
                                                                       Speera Point) 1,7:10
Charlestown of many trees 13,5:LH1
                                                                       Shire roada need outlined 15.7:LH2
Now look for old park )(Speers Point) 20,5:LH1
                                                                       "Dalpura Lane" choaen 22,7:LH3
50-50 gi'ant for reserves 15,7:LH1
                                                                       $64,000 poaer 29,7:LH6
Minister lifts threat on caravan parka
                                                                       $272,412 grrant for roads 12,8:LH1
                                                                       $34,000 road grant 19,8:LH5
Former clerk guest of honour (Thomaa H,Halton)
                                                                       Street stays closed (Council St, Spoors Point)
S a i l i n g c l u b g i v e n u s e of l a r k l a n d (Croudace
                                                                       Residents live in fear of floods and road
Bay) 3 0 , 9 : 6
                                                                       accidents (Elbrook Drive) 25,10:6
Moriaaet reaerve name (Clive Lean Memorial Park)
                                                                       Toronto road aealing program urged 28.10:LH1
                                                                        LAKE MACQUARIE SHIRE COUNCIL - WORKS
                                                                        Works progfram for Boolaroo 26.2:LH1
S h i r e w a n t s gaa pip>oline t o b y p a a s A r g e n t o n       Swansea lists work 8.4:LH1
5,2:LH1                                                                 $102,000 cut from works program 7.9:7
Seahampton ownera get chance 25,2:8
Houalng green light (Seahampton) 10.3:8
 ommlttee calls for new atance on open apace
22.4:11                                                                 Rush for no fault divorces 6.1:1
Ambitioua plan for Rathminea 29.4:LH1                                   $150-$200 new act divorces 7,1:1
Toronto plan "will lift land valuea" 4.8:19                             A popular reform (Leader) 8.1:1
Toronto acheme to benefit diatrict 12.8:LH2                             Ellicott to query directive 2,2:1
New role for planner 9.9:LH1                                            Sympathy, Justice (Leader) 2,2:13
No big change in Wangi propxjaala 21.10:LH2
                                                                        ,S.A. Judge rebels on new Family Law Act 14.2:3
Consultant sought for Shire planning 9.12:LH1
                                                  N,M,H. INDEX                                     48. 1&76

 LAW (C'td)                                                 LIBSKAL PARTY (Q'td)

 Solicitor awarded life honour (H.L. Wheeler)               Anthony attacks Qld Libs 5,10:3
                                                            S A. Libs seek merger 18.10:3
 17.2:3                  .
                                                            Lib! senator to meet public (Sen Baume)
 Challenge for divorces 21.2:1
 Council hits cuts In leg*l fcrvlces 1.3:7                  Libs'chooae Upper Houae policy team 16.12:3
 Divorce Act challenged 4.3:7
 Advocates urged to help more 6.3:3
 Tough test for legal aid 6.3:9
 Judges divorce question in House 11.3:6                    Puppeteer among features at Lake Shire
 Wran "wanted no part of divorce query 12.3:3
 Judges divorce "ordinary case" 24.3:7                      libraries 8,1:LH3
                                                            Library plan investigated 8.1:HV1
 Ellloott goes back on divorce deatlls 25.3:1               X2 year old puppeteer entertains at library
 M.P. «*nts Judge before Bar 26.3:3
 Conveyancing costs likely to fall 26.3L5                   IS.lJLHl
 Australian legal aid to stay 29,3:3                        Mobile meeting place fills a need 22.1.LH2
 American exp>erlence shows women shy 31.3:17)              scone Library ceases night lending 26,1:7
 In seeking alimony                          )              Librarian begin, work (Clare Phillips) 29,1:LH4
 Divorce advice inquiries piending 2.4:3                    committee sees cultural centre changes plansL
 More than 1,000 divorces filed each week                   4,2:10
 20.4:7                                                     Large print library books popular 12,2:LH2
 Labor attacka maintenance law change 23.4:3                Library hours changed (Toukley) 4,3:LH5
 Government acts to p>reserve marriage 3.5:3                $490,000 to library 8,3:7
 Maintenance law "easier" 6.5:8                             liM loans by shire libraries last year 18,3:LH5
 Family Law Act «alid 12.5:10                               Shelving tender accepted 7,4:11
 Divorce courts may be opened 17.5:3                        Toy Library for handicapped 7,4:19
 Writer's appeal dismissed (Wilfred Burchett)               Governor to dedicate library (Jeffries/Currey
 21.5:3                                                     Lib,Dudley Public School) 14,4:LH1
 Two Jailed for Family Law Court comtompt                   Historical display for centenary 21,4:23
 28.5:1                                                     |600 for school library 24,4:9
 Family law hearings praised 29.5:5                         Cutler opens VC library 3,5:13
 Marriage Law changed 4.6:3                                 Urgent need for cash for libraries 4,5:7
 Law seminar 16,6:12                                        Library school gets high praise 19,5:15
 North schools in law plan 26,6:31                          Library extension aid sought 19.5:15
 Bias will cost more 28,6:3                                 Baltic culture on display 27.5:6
Nelaon Bay legal aid 5,7:7                                  Library's book week again 10.6:6
 Solicitor auspended over $1M ahortag;e (Sydney)            New Library for Kotara School 15.7:LH3
 8,7:5                                                      Help sought for library 16.7:5
 16,373 divorced ii new court 15,7:5                        Newcastle library spjecial aid case  27.7:3
 Mundey caae settlement 16,7:3                              Grant for library "pitifully" amall 28.7:12
Chango would save money, cost time 19,7:9                    $7,600 for Scone library 3.8:12
 Inquiry could bring down legal costs 21,7:7                Late library houra agraln (Muswellbrook) 4.8:7
Legal aid funds for North cut N,H,R, 22,7:7                 Librarian advisea councils 16.8:8
Family Law Court seeks North site 26,7:7                     South East Asia exhibition 23.8:6
Norhtern legal aid boosted 27,7:3                           Regional library proposed 23.8:7
The Queens counsel rule 27,7:2                               $81,520 spent on library 2,9:LH2
Divorce case stopped by court 4,8:15                        Talking books from public library 16,9:3
20 Lawyers walk out on Kerr 5,8:3                           Library hours to be extended 23,9:7
Top Judge calla defamation lawa confusitig6,8:l             Home service for library 28,10:10
Law achcjol: city will have to wait 19,8:3                  Library setback (Charlestown and Toronto)
Law achool delay "Unfortunate" 20,8:5                        11,11:LH1
Curses in will fail to stop decision 16.9:1                  Hat draw decides chairman 17,11:17
Free legal aid in state courts 17,9:3                        Mutilation of books 17,11:17
Public may hear law breaches 27,10:3                         Booka will honour ethnic groups 17,11:17
Morris in move for Family Law Court 16,11:3                  200 book boost for library 1,12:15
W,A, reviews union law 17,11:1                              Lib move in council "unlikely" 2,12:13
Legal office "in danger"     18,11:12
Graasby wanta law court reforms 20.11:3                      LIDDELL POWER STATION
Hunter divorce court closes despite big usage                Power dispute at Liddell could spread, unions
11,12:8                                                      warn 11,2:1
An appalling aituation (Leader) 15,12:2                      Liddell men face anap atand down 12,2:3
Family Court (Leader) 16,12:2                                Liddell men face atand down threat 13,2:1
Family Court to sit in Newcastle 16,12:14                    Pcjwer dispute confined to Liddell 14,2:3
Legal aid for low earnera 23,12:8                            New power clash may ahut Liddell 17,2:6
                                                             New conflict adda to strife at Liddell 18.2:8
LAW OF O-HE SEA                                              Liddell dispjute re-listed 20.2:5
                                                             S,E,C. "abused" atand-down order 24,2:6     ,
Riches of the ocean bed 17,3:2                               Liddell work nears end 26,2:HV2
Doubt on offshore validity: Connor        3,6:6              Judge extends Liddell stand down order 4,3:6
                                                             Liddell claim changed 16,3:6
LIBESAL PARTY                                                Power workers submit claim 17,3:8
                                                             Liddell workera may lift bans 18,3:8
 Fraser snubs young lib "go it alone" 6,1:3                  Liddell strike goes on 19,3:6
Liberals plan new branches 24,1:28                           Liddell men conaider resuming 23,3:11
Wallsend liborala formed 18.2:8                              250 Liddell workera resume today 24,3:3
Liberal pre-selection condidate withdraws 3.3:10             Power returning to Liddell 25,3:11
Lib. bi-anch officers 16.3:6                                 Safety strike at Liddell 26,3:11
U,K,appeal "raiaed £96,534"           17.3:1                 Liddell safety 1,4:6
Menzies denies funds claim 18.3:1                            Liddell dispute gains support 29,9:7
Keegan stlcka to funda allegation 19.3:1
N.T, party upset by Federal attitude 23,3:7                  LITERATURE
Tax laws "advance effect" 24,3:7
Axe Medibank urges liberal branch 29,3:3                     300 books on display 3,3:16
Killen warns of "soft Society" 5,4:8                         Magazine forges ahead (Mia Mia) 1,4:10
Libs and L.M, to rejoin 7,4:1                                Novelist award (Xavier Herbert) 28,4:1
Liberal Movement aeeks a way back 12,4:2                     Surveyor in sonnets (Bert Shackelton) 27,5:LH1
Liberals offered more say 3.5:2                              Bookman gives writers view from top 2,6:15
Consultant plan for council supported 19,5:9                 Librarian turned author (Lilleth Norman) 10,6:17
Hewitt makes way for Holt 8,6:3                              Australian war novel hailed 15,6:3
Libs open office in Hamilton 25,6:7                          Imprisioned poet accliamed (Peter Kocan) 11,8:1
Liberals aet up unionist link 9.7:7                          Pcx)r city reapxinse to poetry workahop 16,8:9
Liberals "more aceptical on P.M." 19.7:3                     New look for an old friend (Winnie-the-Pooh)
Qld Liberal leader to retire (Sir Gordon Chalk)              25,9:7
28.7:3                                                       Erickaon wins book award 21,10:16
"Stacked" branch i n q u i r y widens 3 1 . 7 : 3            Lord Byron seeks manuscripts 23.12:3
Ex-Nowcaatle man t o be M.L.C. ( T . P i c k e r i n g )     Writer plans kangaroo book (Mrs Margaret Raw)
9,1:6                                                        23,12:6
Former Lake man on M.L.C. 2.9:LH2
Liba warn of aid to A,L,P, 17,9:5                                LITTEB
Fraaer leavea coalition rift in Qld to state
4,10:1                                                           Old colliery favoured for dump 25,3:7
                                          N.M,H. INDEX                                     49, 1976

                                                     UXAL   GOVEHNMOrr - FINANCE (C'td)

Old colliery favoured for dmp 29,3:7                 Ratepayers to meet candidates 19,4:10
Hebburn dump plan criticised 27,3:3                  New taxing pxjwers for councils urged 23,4:3
Coal seam "safe" from dimp 6,4:7                     Bank loan aought (Singleton) 28,400
Bottle depots at dumps 14,4:7                        $200M needed or rates rise 30,4:1
"Hop to It" (Keep Australia Beautiful Week)          Council staffs pay rise query 4,5:10
22,4:Lai                                             Share of tax aid to rate atability 4.5:10
Advice on litter 9.8:7                               Muawellbrook works 6,5:17
Derelict cars cause council concern (Denman)         Federal deal for ratepayera atill uncertain
17,11:16                                             18,5:7
Hove for tougher litter controls (Wyong Shire        Minimum rate riae 5% 25.5:3
Council) 2,12:LH2                                    Councila hope for tax booat 26.5:7
Fines for littering Scone 13.12:3                    Oppoaition to leviea 26,5:13
                                                     $51,4M for N.S.W. councila 28.5:3
LOCAL GOVERNMENT                                     Regions seek funda from Canberra 28,5:9
                                                     Muawellbrook loan offered 31,5:5
 Shire grun dlspnite "storm in a teacup"              Freeze" aeen for local government 1,6:3
 (Warringah) 7,1:25                                  Federal aid for councila criticlBod 8,6:12
 Fisher to neet councils in state tour 12,1:7        Councila aoek ahare of tax gains 17,7:3
 First meeting for new council (Singleton Shire      Council seeka $1.8M loan 22.7:10
 Council) 22,1:HV1                                   $21,653 deficit for year (Dungog Shire
                                                     Council) 11.8:14
 Council dects delegates (Singleton Shire
. Council) 22,1-:HV2                                 Singleton council laces deficit 23.8:10
 Councils may get new super acheme 9,2:13            Limit on rates aeen aa threat to work 27,8:3
 Council wanta to retain aid (Muawellbrook)          Shire to meet commiasion (Port Stephens
 19,2:HV2                                            Shire Council) 8,9:27
                                                     State will peg ratea 9.9:3
 Councillora re-elect Chairman (Cr C M ,
                                                     Councila meet granta panel 10,9:9
 Bourke) 23,2:6
                                                     Commiasion meeta councils 13,9:9
 Muawellbrook electa alderman (J, Seymour)
                                                     Councila rate rises "to abate" 22,9:3
                                                     Scone gets tougfh with penaionere 5,10:15
 Shire clerk leavea Murrurundi council (Mr.G,
                                                     Northern grranta total $5,5M   7.10:1
 Wllliama) 4,3:HV3
                                                     Council granta may cuahion rate riaea 8.10:6
 Liverpool ex>uncil mcked 1.4:3
                                                     Fraaer calla for L.G. ratea reduction 15.10:1
 Health officer to retire (J. Roth) 1.4:HV6
                                                     The local level (Leader) 15.10:2
 Six in line fcr health job 2.4:7
                                                     Council officers pay link 19,10:2
 Shire clerk appointed (G. Turnbull) 5.4:11
                                                     L.G. body asks for funds 19.10:12
 Muawellbrook appointment (CGidney) 8,4:HV2
                                                     An outdated aystem (Leader) 20,10:2
 ROC a no longer needed     24,   23.4:3
                                                     $1,7M for road , bridge work 20,10:16
 Council praiaea the late Mr Carter 24.4:5
                                                     Warning of Denman rate riaea 22,10:11
 Speaking for the region (Leader) 26.4:2
                                                     Council feea compared 23.10:8
 Electors group seeks transfer 29.4:9
                                                     Minister to look at tax ahare Billa 2.11:1
 Reaidontial crder abolition aought 3.5:13
                                                     Council rate-limit Bill in Houae 10.11:1
 Ccjuncil ataff a pay rise query 4.5:10
                                                     No council wage cut, state warned 20,11:3
 Forster threat to shlroa plan 13,5:3
                                                     Bill will limit riae in council ratea
 $4,590 needs atudy for Singleton 20.5:18
 New depwty shire clerk 20,5:18
"End council" call 20.5:LH1                          Dungog ratea down, up 24,11:16
 Singleton to conaider tranafer plea 29.5:32         Rate lift limit aet at 12% 25,11:1
 Singleton council inspects Dungog                   $51M for local government 7,12:11
 "seceaaion area" 9,6:16                             $123,000 grant for Paterson roada 13,12:8
 No funda for art gallery Dungog 9,6:16              Shire to seek 7% rate increase (Singleton)
 Singleton road deal awaited 9,6:17                  16,12:3
 Shire seeks review on gravel 9,6:17                 Council increases rate 4% 18.12:8
 Warning of noxioua trade sought (Denman)            P.P. Board sues landholdera 21,12:7
 14,6:14                                             Singleton ratea Increased 7% 24,12:4
5,000 more Beats on councils urged 15,6:3
                                                     LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOUNDARIES
Shire agreea to build reada for Joint Ccal
Board 16,6:12
                                                    "One council" plan blasted 8,1:HV1
Invitation to L,G, women 16,6:17
                                                    108 rates $182, 106 ratea $432 (Sydney)
Local government leaders to tour 2,7:5
Local government meeting 29,7:LH4
                                                    Lake, City to swap land 7.4:10
Councila to attend records conference 28,8:31
Relief for Jobleaa aought 6,9:11                    Reaerve awitch 26,5:13
Local government body "feeble" 8,10:3               Merger atand reaffirmed 27,5:11
L;G, wanta place in conatitution 13,10:3            Councila propose merger conditiona 4,6:5 ; '
Engineering vacancy (Singleton Shire Council)       "Socesalon area" to be Inapected -
25,10:8                                             Slngleton/Dungog 7,6:14
                                                    45 Sydney councils unite against merger
Five cDuncila may ahare combined computer
service 28,10:7
                                                    U,H,C,C, part of boundary review area 9.6:16
Singleton Shire president re elected
                                                    Singleton council inspects Dungog
(Cr, McNamara) 19,11:9
                                                    "Secession area" 9.6:16
 Let state appK>lnt some local repa:
                                                    Cexincila oppoae merger a (Upper Hunter)
Councillor 23,11:8
Singleton engineer appointed
                                                    Decision on transfer plan (Dungog Shire
(Mr J. Gould) 29,11:11
                                                    Council) 14,7:16
Tamworth hall lease hearing adjourned 11,12:9
                                                    Low priority for united councils 16,7:3
                                                    Council, ahire mergers to continue 21,7:12
LOCAL CJOVERNMENT - FINANCE                         Analgamation, but not yet 29,7:LH4
                                                    Boundary proposals 17,11:12
 $830,000 in rates for two firms 14,1:3             Re-division proposed for six areaa 15,12:18
New Singleton Shire acara in value 21,1:11
                                                    Council Mergers get green light (Lithgow,
New rate 2,75c in $ (Dungog) 21,1:11
                                                    Bathurat and Orange areaa) 21,12:12
Dungog aeeka $50,000 for bridgea, roada
                                                     LONG SERVICE LEAVE
Local Government atruggloa with money problems
                                                     Union bid on leave oppoaed 20,7:3
Singleton votes on estimates 9,2:10
                                                     Decialon on leave held 2,9:14
Singleton rates up 17% 11.2:8
                                                     Now terma for long aervice 22,10:3
Area move urged for council funds 12.2:HV1
Ratepayers rally to combine forces 12.2:LH1
State call for caah to aasiat councila 13.2:5
Wyong Shire rate increases 10% 19.2:LH5
                                                    Lyaaght introducea new alloy coating 3.8:10
New differential rate plan In Singleton
                                                    Cleanera ban work at Sankey 6.11:5
                                                    Lyaaght atrike diamiasala (Westernport)
Shirea pmrae (Leader) 30.3:2
Ratea could be cut aaya premier 31.3:3
                                                    Lysaght workers end strike 15,12:3
Merriwa ratea (Merriwa) 8.4:HV1
                                                    Sankeya men resume 16,12:12
New deal may atudy ratea 13,4:3
Citiea told "aak atatea for cash 15,4:4
                                               N,M,H, INDEX                                     50, 1976

MAITLAND                                                MARINE LIFE

Festival of arts in Maitland 1.4:HV1                    Lake octopjus f i n d l e s s o n i n danger   12.1:1
Maitland feBtlval proves succesa 8.4:HV2
Mattland's store stolen or strayed 28.5:1               MATTARA
New look for festival 14.6:15
                                                        Mattara dates announced 1.3:9
Minister to open Maitland festival (Mr Booth)
16.9:11                                                 U.S, trip prize for princess 6,5:12
Maitind commercial centre plan 30.9:7.                  Wran may open Mattara 4.6:9
Festival opent with ball (Heart of the                  Mattara Invites Wran 9,6:8
                                                        Boost for Mattara garden contest 14,6:11
Hunter) 8.10:8
                                                        PrlnceBB entrants to step into spotlight
Woodberry Hall opens 16,10:32
Hunter festival ends well 18.10:9                       24.6:13
Woodberry to open $126,000 Community                    Gardener tries again 29,6:7
                                                        Garden contest highlight 28,7:15
Hall 20,10:13
                                                        Mattara parade, "brighter, bigger" 31,7:32
U,S. envoy to visit Maitland 20,10:13
                                                        U,S, envoy will help open Mattara 9,8:6
 MAITLAND CITY (X>UNCIL                                 Mattara parade expands 23,8:6
                                                        State Minister opens Mattara tonight 3,9:7
 "Indifferent" apprcach to dump site 8.1:HV1            A sparkling Mattara opening 4,9:1
 Woodberry hall needs $20,000 15.1:HV1                  Mattara carnival threatened 6,9:1
 Engrineoring firm named for drain study                Mattara showmen decide to stay 7,9:7
 21,1:11                                                Princess takes reward 8,9:3
 CJiilly area sought as rubbish tip 28.1:10             Sub's crew in Mattara procession (H.M.A.S,
 Clean-up plan for Maitland 5.2:6                       Oxley) 10,9:7
 Tough line on land owners 11,2:8                        85,000 aee big parade 13,9:3
 Traffic coatly for Maitland 12.2:HV1                   The princess In long        Johns 27,10:1
 Brighter plan for Maitland 12,2:HV4
 Committee defera dump choice 18,2:10                   MEAT INDUSTRY AND TRADE
 New dump aite an eyesore aays Alderman
 25,2:13                                                Port"dies"as beef exporter 2,1:3
 April date for fountain 26.2:HV2                       Beef gains in U.S, expiocted 2.1:8
 Reaidenta attack Maitland dump decision                Cattle levy dropped 2,1:9
 27,2:5                                                 Exports bypaasing Newcaatle 3,1:1
 $1,4M in building plans approved 3,3:10                Cattle pricea jump $40, 16,1:4
 Rural ratea grace 4,3:HV2                              Increaaed beef production for 1975-76
 Eaat Maitland land to be playground 4,3:HV4            21,1:9
 $385,000 loan requeat 10,3:8                           Meat output up 23,1:5
 Ward changea from homea boom 11,3:HV1                  Ruaaian meat deal coats board $1,2M 24.1:1
 Penaionor home flood spillway 17,3:13                  Sinclair aeeka end of beef levy 4,2:15
 Bolwarra sewer plan backed     24,3:12                 No stand cover at Dungog yarda 11,2:8
 Cemetery could become park 7.4:9                       Dearer meat ¥farnlng 23,2:6
 Maitland dump start likely 9.4:6                       Beef last in trial wagon run 13,3:3
 Compulsory vote views sought 14,4:6                    Fat cattle bring high pricea 22.3:10
 Football club query on sponsorship 21.4:16             Meat counter ataff atopwork 23.3:7
 Council may pjut case on district ccal                 Meat margins "unchanged" 23.3:8
 haulage 21,4:18                                        Sup)ermarket meat men back 24,3:13
 League club geta go-ahead on ada 28,4:14               Fay row hits meat supplies 25,3:11
 Telarah brigade move opposed 5,5:12                    Meat hearing begins 30,3:5
 New Jobs achemea sought 12.5:8                         Meetinga today on meat pay dispute 30,3:6
 5,000 treea for city, but others to go                 150 meat strikers to confer 1,4:6
 19,5:12                                                Meat in union sandwich 2,4:3
 $430,000 pool gets go-ahead 26,5:10                    N.T, appeal to help Katherine Meatworks
 40 home units approved 2,6:15                          6.4:8
Meetinga "tripe" criticlaed 9.6:12                      Chain store meat men stay out 9,4:6
 Key to Maitland's future in report 14,6:14             Union puts ban on N.Z, moat 21,4:18
 Plan report goes on exhibition 17,6:9                  Mart meat issue erupts 22,4:3
Maitland looka to the future 21,6:2                     National meat strike threat 24,4:9
Council "greed" blamed for rcadwork delay               Ban on meat extended 30,4:1
 23,6:12                                                Mass cattle shoot call 3,5:13
One nominee only for Water Beard 30,6:17                Strikers will meet Friday 4,5:7
Hall delay annoys Woodberry 1,7:7                       N.S.W, treat dispute 6,5:9
"Apathy" kill a Maitland ratepayers grroup              Meat strikers to confer 7,5:5
5,7:15                                                  Grave for 1,000 cows 8,5:1
Charges propoaed for new dump 7,7:19                    150 meat workers end strike 14,5:5
Urgent bid for caah to cut jobleaa 15,7:16              Slaughter 1,5M cattle now: exporter 15,5:3
Notball aid suggreated 21,7:19                          Four stores fined for meat aales breach
Syatem of rating "Under quoation" 28,7:15               18,5:8
Maitland art prize changed 29,7:11                      Ruaaia "atill in" beef market 4,6:8
Ctiairman qulta in car yard row 4,8:15                  Licence fee rise upseta butchers 8,6:11
Maitland market chiefa defy council 5.8:1               Meat traders reject feea 9,6:3
(jiarbage dump haa car problems 6,8:7                   Beef prices boost seen in marketing plan
Orange market approved, subject to conditions           9,6:29
11,8:14                                                 N,T, cattlemen get freight aid 10,6:18
$42,000 surplus l i k e l y 18.8:18                     More propertiea depKnd on beef 16,6:22
Maitland plan f a i l s to rcnise 23,8:3                Cheaper beef halt 17,6:16
Teata on fountain 24.8:10                               $1,2M subaidy for Russian beef aale ^.8,6:8
Orange market gets three month extenaion                Boards move on beef 19,6:10
25,8:12                                                 Bans cut output of beef 21,6:3
Metford Siop aite up for tender 30,8:6                  Sinclair more confident on beef future
Community awinga into library week 8.9:14               23,6:10
Bridge fund loss "City penalty" 16,9:11                 Meat for late nig^t shoppers 29,6:3
Committee refuses funds for band to travel              Butchers "sitting ducks" on feea 30,6:19
22,9:16                                                 Aberdeen ahut out 30,6:33
Maitland'a new dump open 22,9:28                        Real meat pie a lot of buffalo 2,7:1
Unlcomb to aerve fifth term as Mayor 29,9:14            Meeting called on butchers fees 7,7:21
New dump "needs more money and space 7,10:14            Meat exporters aee better outlook 14,7:7
Funds needed for Maitland bridgea 21,10:15              Meat Board posting 28.7:8
$785,000 in loan caah allocated 27,10:18                Women rate quality ahead of price in meat
Start approved on riverside walk 3,11:10                aurvey 29.7:13
Baths lose $22,000 in month 10,11:14                    Meatworks threatena cloaure over atrike
Chamber anubbed on parking iaaue 24,11:16               31,7:5
Budget cuts hold rate rise at 15% 8,12:20               Auatralia aelling cheap beef to Soviet
Orange elephant market "illegal" 15.12:14               Union 4,8:1
                                                        Meatworka employeea get job go-ahead 6,8:3
MAR(JARINE                                              Beef down 23,8:14
                                                        Big meat, aheep contract with Middle E.
Margarine entering metric era 5.2:10                    3,9:10
Groupseeks quota end 8.3:3                              Hunter cattlemen to establish union 6,9:13
Margarine quotas "no threat" 16.9:17                    Meat atrike (Gosford Meata Pty Ltd. 9,10:5
                                                        Demand to VS to keep old meat quotaa 11,10:3
                                          N.M.H, INDEX                                51. 1975

MEAT INDUSTRY AND TRADE (C'td)                       MEDICAL (C'td^

Abattoir aacks 200, advertises jobs 12.10:8          3 month flu vaccine wait, doctor claims
$15H beef loas for Australia 12,10:12                23,6:24
Boners queue for sacked men's jobs 13,10:8           Doctor queriea flu "ahota" 25.6:3
Pickets heckle meatworkers 14,10:3                   Kidney appeal (Leader) 29,6:2
Uncertain future for meat exports 14,10:8            Kidney Foundation appeal 29,6:2
Dearer meat pxishea C,P,I. 15,10:3                   Kidney plea brings donora 30,6:1
24 hour atrike at Goaford Meats 15,10:7              Microaurgery grrowth tipped (Dr E,Owen) 3.7:8
Meatworks atrike continues 16,10:9 .                 T.B. survey wihd-up criticised 5.7:12
frophy for carcaae 18.10:9                           Medicine Jar tops standard released 3,8:13
More talka on abbattolr diapute 19.10:8              Health centre uae aought for tests
Meatworks diapute talka break down 20.10:7           (Beresfield) 18.8:14
Staff men plan to picket atrikera 21,10:1            Birth rate not coping with loasea 26.8:3
Bankcard butcher a firat for Lake (Mr,John           New area health deputy (Dr. Wealey Vlckors)
Allen) 21,10:LH1                                     28,8:31
 Meatworkers continue seniority strike               Life and Death (Leader) 6,9:2
 22,10:3                                             20% fall blood preasure teat 16,9:6
 Butchers picnic 26.10:8                             Sp>eech aid courao 8,10:7
 Beef plan extended 27.10:19                         Stockton doctor landa top job (Dr G, Andrews)
Goaford abattoir may reopen Tuoaday 28,10:11         13.10:28
 Meatworkera end atrike 29,10:6                      Studies on tension sought 13,10:29
 Free moat meal export urged 1,11:6                  Prescription fees dispute ends 25,10:1
 Cattleman warns on Apan trade 4,11:20               Health plan praised 25.10:11
•Japan will defer beef 5,11:10                       Poison danger 26.10:13
 Beef Bill paaaed 10,11:22                           Newcastle blex>d plan national project 1,11:3
 State meat atrike on Monday 13,11:8                 Profeaaor aays let baby touch mother at birth
 Auatralia proteata on meat quotaa 16,11:1           5,11:8
A,M.I.E.U. out Bupporting Newcaatle 16,11:8          Sun-screening preparatlona asaoaaed 10,11:15
 Beef cuta could hit Japan'a fiahlng 17.11:1         Association history sought 10.11:21 (Nursing
 Meat men to diacuss next move 17.11:7               Mothers Aaaociation)
 Beef cuts may bring retaliations 18.11:3            R.N.H. team at heart aeminar 11.11:7
 Abattoir strike settlement no nearer 18.11:6        Health centre cloaed 15.11:5
 Beef market lobying urged 20,11:10                  Stewart backs family who let boy die 26.11:3
 No retail meat disruptions 20,11:11                 Children in a separate world 2.12:16
 Abattoir strike spreads 23,11:8                     Severed thumb restored (Sydney) 9.12:10
 Strike may force up meat prices 27,11:8             Stewart: Death undefined in law 9.12:10
 Butcher denies report on meat inspection            Mini pill paaaea pressure teat 13.12:12
 15.12:9                                             Quads are already travel victims (Melbourne)
Picketa stop meat expjorts being proceaaed           16.12:3
16.12:3                                              Alternative health acheme atudiod 16.12:19
Japan conaidera beef review 28.12:3                  Grant for heart reaearch work 20.12:8
Hunt expects boom in Northern beef 31,12:3           Health centre cloaea 31.12:7

MEDICAL                                              MEDICAL SCHOOLS

Babiea ahow no hurry to enter 1976 world             Unlveralty medical chaira announced 9.1:4
 2,1:6                                               Auatralian firat for medical achool 25.2:7
Yoga keepa them fit 2.1:6                            Multl atorey plana for mod achool R.N.H,
 "Back door" euthanaaia 26,1:2                       18.3:1
 Slameae twin leavea hoapital 28.1:3                 Medical school to be unique In Auatralia
No body from anybody 29,1:3                          9.4:6
Pregrnancy care class at Windale 2.2,7               Traffic problema with medical school 26,5:12
Health benefits for poor stopped 7,2:1               Solution to East End congeation "fantaay"
Hearing aid charge plan dropped 12,2:1               27,5:6
Reaearch on 5 day pill in India 12,2:5               Medical achool profeaaors bring changea
 Kidney patient "Like a leper" 17,2:5                28,5:5
 Dungog answers x-ray call 19.2:HV1                  Move for hospital parking 29,5:33
T.B, doctor will interview 67 children               New medical block 22,6:3
20,2:5                                               Newcastle builder gets $3.3M university
Amputees fight a lone battle (M, Delprat)            job 26,6:9
25,2:2                                               New dean of medicine (Monash University)
Bill lifts coat of modicinea 26,2:3                  8,9:9
Training course in the many ways to relax            Big grrant to medical achool 14,9:3
26,2:11                                              Foundation to be thanked 23.9:6
Preacription rise "aovere burden" 1,3:7              Workshop on medical achool 30.10:9         ,
Care centre at Kurri 4,3:HV1                         NYS told of "now breed" uni doctors 20.11:35
Commiaaion aeeka now clinic (Bateau Bay)             Policy talka today for new faculty 8,12:9
4,3:LH5                                              Community geta voice on medical faculty
Autiam link to foreign parenta 9,3:3                 9,12:7
Windale clinic adviaes expectant mothers
11,3;LH3                                             MEDICAL STAFF
Chemists seek $70M in foes 12,3:3
Cabinet to consider chomista $70M bill               Hunter Valley doctora' feea up 2,1:3
13,3:3                                               Father Daughter ahare academic light
Injection clinics 18.3:LH3                           (Dr Stuckey) 7,1:1
Normal auppliea to Northern chemists 24.3:13         No takers as town doctor (Gunning) 7.1:15
Protect children from poisona 25.3:14                Brave nurse honoured 7.1:25
Chomiata set up lobby 30,3:3                         Helper at blood bank atarta nuraing career
Wonder dnig for babies 31,3:17                       8.1:HV4
Doctora warn of curry diet 13,4:3                    Nuraea likely to protest 19.1:4
More help aought for medicine 14,4:1                 Slater takes up nurse duties (Gloucester)
Community health boost 24,4:9                        19,1:10
Effects of coma may be missed 4,5:8                  Nurses make feelings plain 21,1:12
Foundation 41 appeal launching recalls               Mother top Wallsend nurse 30.1:3
thalidomide tragedy 5,5:29                           Entice G.P.'s to country, dean urges 7.2:5
Laboratory copter flies into health contro-          Doctor aeeks reinstatement (R. Turnbull)
versy    8,5:8                                       7.2:9
New breathing technique aids asthmatics 10,5:10      Refreaher weekend for nuraes 18,2:17
Fatal dye reaction "rare" 14,5:3                     Labor aidea with nurses 20,2:5
Kidney helpa sister ^^^"^ normal life 14,5:11        Geriatric nuraing aeminar 26,2:LH4
New method saves blood 17,5:12                       Dungog'a matron is a man 2,3:3
Australian heart work aclaimed 18,5:3                Geriatric nursing care seminar 4,3:12
Claases in laby care 19,5:19                         DcxJtor might alao drive ambulance (Denman)
Surgeons aew arm back after 8 hours 31,5:1           15,3:3
Contraception out in the open 3,6:14                 Nurses to meet on lost $9, 17,3:1
Flu vaccine supply low in North 4,6:3                Angry nurses demonstrate 18.3:3
$2,000 for one X)rnings flu injections 4.6:3         Newcastle nurses protest 19.3:5
Flu nears, but vaccine short 10.6:10
                                                     Nurse bans start 20,3:5
Inaomnia caaes "overtreated" 18,6:10
                                                     8,000 nurses likely at protest stop 23,3:7
Flu serum demand should bo mot    22.66
                                                     Nurses keep vigil in protest 24,3:1
                                               N.H,H, INDEX                                     52,   1976

MEDICAL STAFF ( C ' t d )                                     METRICATION (C'td)

                                                          ,|1M metric charge for schools 22.4:1 •
N u r s e s Impjose work bnns 2 5 , 3 : 1
Exploited nurses (Leader) ^5,3:2                          Metric use well on way 2,12:6
Nursea likely to get pay rises 26,3:3
Minor hospital surgery stops 27,3:1                           MIGRATION
Morlsaet nurses act 29,3:1
                                                              English courses for migrants         7,1:5
Newc:aatle chlrop>ody seminar 29.3:8
                                                              Minister hits "stop-go" migrant approach
Barbra to set Noumea a new diet standard
(E). Kostier) 31.3:16                                         14,1:5
N.S.W, nurses invited to seek new award 1,4:7                 Easier rules on re-entry 15,1:5
                                                              Naturalisation for Australian 24,1:3
Doctor visited old friend (Dr Charles
                                                              The great oceanic migration finally ends 26.1:2
Harrison) 1,4:LH2
                                                              Northei'nera in migrant amnesty 26.1:3
Nursea reimpxise work bans 2,4:1
                                                              Illegal immegrant "wary of amnesty" 27.1:3
Hospitals will reject patients 3,4:3
250 in nurses protest march in city 5,4:3                     North gets Ethnic committee 3.2:5
                                                              Council "overlooked" in committee formation
Nurses In new pay talks but work bans go on
6,4:3                                                         4.2:11
Bans stay while nurses work value case tested                 Car fines "no amnesty bar" 6.2:3
                                                              Arrivedorci Sinopoll, G'day Fairfield 6,2:3
Royal Newcaatle nuraes lift ban on operations 8.4             Travel plan 21,2:1
8,4:1                                                         Tasman passports plan scrapped 4,3:7
Florence Nightingale myth 8.4:2                               Clergy attack migrrant plan 15,3:3
Nursea meet today over pay dlspnite 9.4:3                     Proud day for Scots (Mr and Mrs McMurray)
Nursea Uft wark bana, limitationa 10.4:3                      18,3:LH3
World award for eye research (Dr R Dunlop)                    New provisions for re-entry 23,3:11
10,4:3                                                        Patron Menzies says never again 24,3:3
Plaque honour for Belmont Doctor 22,4:LH1                     Family gets $400 week dole 25,3:1
"Near death" after drug 29,4:6                                ESetra powers for town clerks 25,3:20
More male nuraea gfraduate 30.4:7                             Australian teacher Greek to Greeks 31.3:17
Spinal healera proteat 3,5:9                                  Car firm helps Ukrainian off dole 9,4:5
R,N,H, director leaves ataff (Dr, Woolard)                    Checks find diseases 12,4:3
5,5:9                                                         "Selective increaae" policy for migrants
Judge pjuta $25,000 blame on hoapital 6,5:6                   13.4:3
Police say doctor w i l l not t r e a t families              Clerks may hear oaths 14,4:LH3
(Urana) 20,5:3                                                Reunion enda heartbreak 20,4:1
Lifeatyle is the big killer (Dr Mervyn                        Citizenship an honour 22.4:7
Hardinge ) 20,5:LH3                                           Migrant lived in pipe 24,4:1
Doctor will treat pxilice (Urana) 22,5:3                      100 from North seek anmoaty 1,5:31
States top paaa to Newcastle nurae                            Population advisea meet 10,5:15
(D, Davidaon) 26,5:3                                          Wocan "had head ahaved, held captive" 13,5:1
Nurae returns from Africa (Lola Hill)                         Police take "captive" Russian woman from room
27,5:LH4                                                      14,5:1
Nuraea get $12    29.5:33                                     Family seeks home big enough for 19 19,5:10
Doctor to mend image (A,M,A,) 4,6:3                           Head of Rusaian family diea (Acunetick
More work for women doctors predicted                         Djamarze) 20,5:1
15,6:3                                                        Migranta lose real good neighbour (Bruce
Indian doctor invited to apply 23,6:24                        Hatherly) 24,5:7
Appiolntment for nurae council (Mr Bernard                    No firance for naturalisation 27,5:LH1
Geraghty) 29,6:7                                              The Jones family go dlnkum 27,5:LH4
R,N,H, graduates Include state loader                         Do you take this woman, or that? 29,5:1
14,7:3                                                        Miniater in U,K. after migrants 4,6:6
Maitland nuraea to delay bana 26.7:7                          Addresa on migrant women 18,6:10
Abortion doctor suspended 31.7:9                              Migranta "ignored aa leadera" 26,6:5
Doctor will not work in"blckerlng town"                       Police depiort "P,L,0, official" 14,7:3
31,8:12                                                       Life picks up for down and almost out alien
Doctors fees to rise 7^ In January 9,9:1                      16,7:13
Staff to control doctors fee Increases 10,9:1                  100 take naturaliaatlon cath 22,7:3
Only kidney removed in error, court told                      Australia attracta 18 quake victima 26.7:3
14,9:1                                                        Uren call for mig^rsuit intake inquiry 9,8:3
Removal of kidney "hard to imagine" 15,9:14                   Warning to U,K, migranta 21,8:1
Doctor in kidney charge "now a sick man"                      Union bans new English migrants 7,9:1
16,9:10                                                       A,L.P. grroup attacks migrratlon policy 8.9:7
Kidney verdict given to woman 17,9:6                          Canberra plana refugeea speed up 24.9:3
A,M,A, tells doctors not to sign 24,9:3                       Help plea to migrrant children 23.10:3
Stockton doctor landa top job (Dr G, Andrewa)                 Fretilin party man given pjermit (Mr C, Santos)
13,10:28                                                       4.11:8
Pregnant woman poiaoned (Dr, Brady) 15,10:6                   Conference on migrant needs 4.11:12
Meeting aira views on doctora 10,11:17                        Citizenahip for doctor (Dr Mahommed A.
Doctors deny fee fix 12,11:3                                  Mohammed) 18.11:LH2
Nuraing achool graduates receive certificates                 Thai refugreoB allowed in 19.11:7
8,12:13                                                        Entry rules tightened 20.11:3
Doctora piut up feea, N,S,W, r i s e highest                   Interpreter authority praised 29,11:9
31,12:3                                                        Now authority to eaae migrant hardahip
METAL TRADES FEDERATION                                        Lebanese refugeea abandoned: Whitlam 11,12:10
                                                               Union aid scxtght for Chilean deportees 15,12:14
Call for unity on Timor problem 29,1:1                         Talks to reunite Timor families 18,12:31
Extra holiday likely for metal inen 30.1:6
Metal unions call for jobs finance 23.4:6[                    MILK
M.T.F. wagea warning 20,11:11
                                                              H.V, dairymen oppose cheap milk lo bbyists
METAL TRADES INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION                             3,1:5
                                                              Milk output falls 11%    8,1:HV3
Job campaign for leavers 3,1:21                               H,V, milk intake plummeta 13.1:6
Metal tradea aoek px>llcy 5.4:3                               Milk figures rise to 838M litrea 14,1:17
Metals manager gets assistant (M.Childa)                      Socio-political atorm in a milk saucer
27,5:6                                                        16,1:2
Metal employora aee job threat 28,6:1                         Wran attacks milk quotaa 19,1:8
Miniater explaina why state backs Indexation                  Milk quota refusal 25.2:1
10,8:3                                                        Chaos in milk industry alleged 27.2:6
Industry crista capital threat 16,8:3                         Milk inquiry set up 11,3:1
Metal trades officera 18.8:12                                 Milk quota sales scandal charge 12,3:1
Tariffs delay welcomed 23,9:6                                 Another inquiry (Leader) 15,3:2
Firms, unions Join in economic attack 25,11:3                 $300 for skim milk subsidy 10,4:33
Costa and habits threaten Industry 1,12:16                    Dairynan warns country party 19,4:9
                                                              M.L.A. get milk row demand 20.4:1
MErai CATION                                                  Milk major pxjll issue 21.4:1
                                                              P.M. queried on milk 28,4:3
Real estate metrics in full arlng 2.1:8                       Dairymen quit C,P, in protest 30,4:1
                                                              Milk worry not price:Cowan 30.4:3
                                            N.HH. INDEX                                   53, 1976
 MILK (C'td)
                                                     MINERS FEDIRATKiN (C'td)
 Resignation rep>ort refuted 1,9:1
                                                     Miners case for talka 22.10:5
 Skim milk export aid , 4,5:13
                                                     Hands off Joint Ccal Board, miners warn
 Freeze on price of milk "fx>litical" 17,5:1
 Doctor finds milk allergy cofbmon 3,6:14
                                                     Cesanock to discuss work future 19,11:7
 Milk price freeze "soon" 5,6:11
                                                     Miners fight for Joint Ceal Beard 27.11:8
 Skim milk price subsidy stays 10,6:6
 "Outside" milk allowed into Sydney market
                                                     MISCELLANEOUS WORKERS' UNION
 A 4iota of trouble (Loader) 5,7:2                   Vacuum cleaner tan 26.8:11
 Dairymen fear quota cuts 27.7:1
                                                     Vacuum cleaner "safe" 28.8:5
 Northern dairymen jeer Minister over quotas
                                                     Cleaning firms discuss "crisis" 2.9:16
 Milk quota cuts cexild cost $30,000, 9.8:13
                                                     MOTION PlCl-URE INDUSTRY
 Shire concerned over milk quota cuts 11.8:14
 $3.5M income toss aeon in milk change 13.8:5
                                                     Cyclone Tracy auggeated as screen topic
 Unions asked for aidin milk run 23.8:13
 Farmers protest on milk quotaa 25,8:3
                                                     Upper Hunter film to aid asthmatics 9.2:10
 Dairymen aend telegrams 26,8:3
                                                     Film "insult" to brave ancestor 12.3:1
 Darlymen, uiiona will confer on quotas
                                                     Plan for another 3-cinoma building 31,3:7
                                                     Films fighting back againat colour T.V.
 T,H,C, calla fcr milk cut review 28,8:9             14,4:19
 Dairymen quota proteat today 31,8:10
                                                     Sweet end to Carrington theatre 17,4:8
 Quota atorm in Parliament and cut 1,9:1
                                                     Aborigine aeea harm In film 23,4:3
 Dairy changea "could coat 600 joba" 14,9:3
                                                     JawB preview op>ena $1,5M Tower complex 28,4:3
 Price for flavoured milk sot 25,9:3
                                                     Picnic ahowa Commiaaion 50% profit 5,5:20
 Minister queried on reply 20,10:6
                                                     When moviea took to the road      15,5:7
 Booat for market In milk quota policy 30,10:11
                                                     Dlspiute threat to cinemas 3,6:7
 Bill to kill milk quotaa introduced 19,11:3
                                                     Strand vacant after 1978 3,6:7
 No pay back to milk quota loaera 26,11:5
                                                     Film on boating myatery planned 8,6:7Councll
 Dairy farmera face hardahip, M.L.A. warna
                                                     Council may go Into film buaineaa 14,7:12
                                                     Helen Morae topa awarda 17,7:31
 Milk quota amendment in Aasembly rejected
                                                     Augnist atart on movie 22,7:7
 2,12:7                                              Green light for Wyong drive-in 5,8:LH9
 Milk underwriting too coatly:Day 21,12:16           Film featival coming to city 4,9:3
                                                     Auatralian films praised 16,9:3
 MINE SUBSIDENCE                                     Film featival here again 18,9:2
                                                     Top honoura to Caddie and Chinstan 8,10:1
 98 claima for nine subsidence refused
                                                     Rain fails to wash out stars 20,10:13
                                                     Theatres atay open deapite atop 7,12:3
 30-tonno fill for hole after subsidence
                                                     Private film backera "firat" 8,12:6
                                                     Theatre union endoraes stand 8,12:9
                                                     MOTOR ACCIDENTS AND FATALITIES
Mineral plant atrike (Associated Minerala
                                                      3 hurt in collision ,3,1:3
Conaolidatod Pty Ltd.) 31,1:5
                                                      Highway blocked in big amaah 10.1:3
Pay claim proteat 3.2:7
                                                      Five die on roads at weekend 12.1:1
Mineral plant ten meet on pay offer
                                                      Motor bike rider killed in amaah (B.Engel)
 (Aasociated Minerala) 2.12:12
Some mine intoreata hostile:Anthony
                                                     Man dlea In amaah on way to hoapital 19.1:1
                                                     Police name car victim (Alice Tlorney) 22.1:16
Mailed fist enters jDlitlca 22,4:2
                                                     Man struck by car 24.1:29
Mining chief crlticiaea px>llcle8 28.6:3
                                                     Car plunge,widow hurt 28.1:1
"Danger" in ninorala policiea 8,7:3
                                                     Crash halts firat drive (Melbourne) 28.1:8
A rootin' tootin' gema ruah 18.9:1
                                                     Motor cycle rider hurt 23,1:1
State acta on gemfleld row 29,9:3
                                                     Paasenger killed in collision (T,D'Angelo),
After the ball (Leader)    20,10:2
Mt Lyell cuta back 5,11:10
                                                     Boy shot,another wounded (Brisbane) 27,1:6
Agnew nickel mine project about to atart
                                                     Wife of ex-Mayor killed (E.Fahey) 29.1:1
Mt Lyell alienee upseta P,M, 9,12:14                 Old soldier Injured Incolllslon 4.2:11
                                                     Driver burnt in collision (L, Thompson) 9,2:13
Senator acta for Ita, Minors 10,11:22
                                                     Car crash victim diea (T,Punton) 23,2:1
Retrenchments at Mt Lyell on target 28,12:22
                                                     $40,000 gelding killed incraah 23,2:3
MINERS FEDEHATION                                    Three killed on roada 1,3:1                   i
                                                     Teenagera injured in craah 1,3:13
 Miners delay talka on court picket order            Motorist diea in craah (E, Minter) 2,3:3
 21.2:5                                              Craah claima mother and grandmother 3,3:7
 4,000 minora meet today on Bayawater diapute        Man diea on way for help (B,Sainsbury) 5,3:1
 24,2:6                                              Youth injured in collislon(C.Thomaa) 10,3:10
 Minora atop for day each week 25,2:6                Bua victima get damagea (Snowy Mcxintains,
 Row may close all pits 27,2:3                       1973) 11,3:1
 A,M.W.U. calls for end to mine row 28,2:5           Bulldozer death 12.3:1
 Minera threaten national atrike over diapute        Five gueata killed, wedding goes on (Adelaide)
 3.3:16                                              15.3:1
 Bayawater mine dispute grows 4,3:6                  Motor cycle rider.paaaengor hurt 15,3:3
 Mine dispute talka offer 9,3:6                     Aa cool as cucumbers (Bus accident,Brisbane)
 Union leadera in mine talka 10,3:7                  16,3:3
Talka fail to end nine diapute 12,3:7               Man killed in crash at bridge (Muswellbrook)
Mine union talka break down 16,3:6                  19,3:5
Repxjrt today on Bayawater row 18,3:8               Crash cuta off water from homo 20,3:31
F,E,D.F.A. aproada Bayawater iaaue 19.3:6           Newcaatle woman killed (M,Haw8on) 22,3:3
250 out of work in coal diapute 20.3:3              Fortune amiloa on truckle 23,3:7
Tribunal to hear mine row 22.3:3                    Four hurt in craah 29.3:3
Bayawater talka go on 23.3:11                       Accidents take four lives at weekend 29,3:3
Mlnoa dlapxite: skeleton crewa likely 24.3:13       Widow,child awarded $56,000 7,4:6
                                                    Youth drivea for help with aevered leg (W,A,)
Solution to mine diapute proposed 25.3:11
C.M.U. not Interested in dispxito, minors
                                                    $87,463 for smash victim (R,Sneddon) 10,4:9
say 26.3:7
                                                    Explosive gas transferred (Swanaea) 12,4:1
Bayswater pit strike may end 27.3:5
                                                    Shearer diea in head-on craah 12,4:1
Northern miners recalled to work 30.3:6
                                                    Man pulled clear of car fire (Doyalson)
Bayswater men go back 31,3:7
Tribunal hits at Bayswater "war" 6,4|6
                                                    Trail bike riders injured in smash 20,4:1
Miners to resist changea ii voting 28,5:7
                                                    3 young men die when car explodes 27,4;1
Minora seek talks on exports 1,6:10
                                                    Nurse killed in England 1,5:31
Minors act on pjenslon 21,8:8
                                                    Trapped driver freed in vain (Peter Ryan)
Miners union expands board 21,8:31
Minera aeok changes in p>ensions 24,8:7
Minera to take new members 17,9:9                   Motorcyclist In horror smash (W.A.) 3.5:1
                                       N.M.H, INDEX                                     54, 1976

                                                      Nuns hurt in highway crash 5,11:8
 Man,son make six victims in month near
                                                      4 weekend deaths in North 8,11:3
 Tea Gardens 5,5:3
                                                      Her leg more important (Sydney) 8,11:8
 Ambulance in accident 8,5:3 -
                                                      Haemophiliac dies after craah (David
 Victim of Waratah collision serious 8,5:9
 Man victim of om tractor (K,Klmber) 8.3:9            Green) 10,11:1
 Bad start to school holidays 10,5:1                  Youth hurt as bike hits truck 10.11:6
 Nun awarded $96,000    11.5:1                        People, gardens hit by cars 16.11:3
 Injuries kill woman of 82 (Olive Bridge)             Three injured on'bikes 18.11:3
 11,5:7                                               Motorist saves family 19,11:13
 $220,000 for road injuries (Sydney) 12.5:1           Five injured in two car crash 22,11:6    .
 Police to examine death car (Sandgate) 12.5:3        Actress gets $135,000 (Louise Jane Philip)
 Woman dies in Maitland smash 17.5:3                  24,11:6
 Baby brothers killed In Maitland crash-18.5:3        Man killed in head on collision 27,11:1
 School bua smash senda 17 to hospital                Two women injured 27,11:3
 (Brlabane) 27,5:5                                    $123,624 for road victim (Alan Miller)
 Motor cycliat loses leg in craah 28,5:9              27,11:9
                                                      Wedding trip enda in death 27,11:9
 Man dies as truck plunges off bridge 29,5:3
                                                      $321,594 damagea for road victim (Bertram
 Wingham man hjrt (Ray Johnson) 31,5:8
 Drivorlesa van kills young boy (Burleigh             Cringle) 27,11:9
 Heads) 31.5:11                                       Lorn man killed (Trevor Dagg) 2,12:7
 Crash injuries,atroud youth 31,5:11                  $27,000 verdict for bua victim 2,12:14
 Hexham man killed in crash (Ernest                   Man diea in truck snaah (Allan Cox) 8,12:3
  Waterman)31,5:11                                    Woman dies in smash (Joan CBrien)! 10,12:3
 Two share blame, damagea (Sydney) 2.6:8              Couple killed in head on smash (Melbourne)
 Rutherford man fatally injured in smash              13.12:3
 7.6:3                                                Soldiers body in car wreck 13,12:7
                                                      Student accident victims critical
 Eacort for accident victim    15,6:3
                                                       (Brother Alan Francla Butler Killed) 14,12:5
 3 from bua stay In hospital 17,6:11
                                                      Crash victim atill critical 15,12:3
 Dead soldiers family awarded |B0,000, 24,6:6
 Read accident victim dies (W, Meagher) 28.6:1        Woman,62,trapped In car (Holly Stone)
 Woman dies after craah (E.R.Burke) 28.6:3            15,12:27
 Rider injured in smaah (C.Sinclair) 29.6:3           2,000 at funeral of Marlat Brother 16,12:13
 Driver trapped in wrecked car near Singleton         Truck driver trapped in cabin (Gloucester)
 2,7:1                                                20,12:9
 Vlidow, son awarded $52,000 damages 2.7:5            Vehicle wrecks room (Boolaroo) 21,12:6
 Semi-trailer blocka highway (Swanaea) 2,7:5          Craah victim atill serious 23,12:3
 Three hurt in crash 2.7:11                           Killed in 3 vehicle amaah (Dorothy Weesel and
 Girl injured on bicycle (Taree) 5,7:15               Peter Hiller 27,12:1
 Two hurt in island crash 10.7:1                      49 die in mainland craahes 27,12:3
                                                      Helipad men free six from inferno (Doyalson)
 Smash victim diea (John Bignall) 12,7:3
 Teenagers killed in Northern smaah 14,7:3            29.12:1
 Police car damaged in amaah (Scone) 26,7:10          1 in 3 road victims drank over limit 31,12:3
 Maitland man diea In crash (Eaat Maitland)
 31.7:32                                              M3T0R RACING
 Ham operator in amash alert 2,8:3
 Valley amaah victim's ordeal (Vincent Hoed)          Women drivers' image in high gear (Dawn
 2,8:7                                                Lambert) 14.1:15
 Double death crash delay 16,8:3                      Maitland rally man may end career (Ken
 Girl diea after amaah (Georgina Smith)               Tubman) 23,1:5
 17.8:1                                               Race track plan for Maitland 4,2:10
 Drivera eacape 2 car cnjnch 19,8:1                   Cannon limns to Rothman heat victory 16,2:14
 Car plunges 30M; youth killed 23,8:3                 $4,000 raised for car circuit 3,5:10
 "Miracle" crash escape 25,8:6                        300 hour ride ends 17.5:1
 Head on collision kills driver (John Norria)         N.J.C. decides to admit women 20.7:16
 30,8:3                                               Australia tackled on $5 day 2.9:10
Boy killed saving can (Scott Mullershausen,           Motorcross a sport of thrills, spills 9.10:7
Reports en deaths of Norman German and                Nelaon Bay bike club formed 13.10:10
Mr and Mrs H Pardey) 3,9:1                            Cowan conquers tough rally course for fifth
Runaway semi damages hall 4.9:5                       victory 14.10:10
 Hill climb driver erashea 6.9:3                      Speedway to open after facelift 20.10:10
Woman, mother die after crash 6,9:3                   Tubman will map out world's longest rally
 (Mrs M. Fletcher and Mra B,Pratt)                    15.11:3
Five hurt en lOad 8,9:14                              Family feat creates record (George and Chris
Marks point crash kills woman,26, (Daphne             Wataon) 17.11:3                              ,
 Edmond) 13,9:3
Ycjuth killed in amash (B.Brumpton) 14.9:3             MOTOR VEHICLE INDUSTRY
Engineer killed in amaah (Eric Harmon) 15,9:3
Colliaion killa driver (Edward Jakubenas)              S.A. could lose car deal 2.1:6
18,9:3                                                 Vehicle quotas extended 15.1:4
Young crash victim dies (Douglas Young) 21,9:3         G.M.H. workera ban shipment ol parts 22.1:3
Northern road deatha rise by two 22,9:3                 Dismissed GM.H, man reinstated 23,1:5
Smash victimidentifled (Robert Warburton)              No cut in car price 4,2:3
23,9:3                                                 Car firma deny huge aubsidioa to dealers
Boy read victim "serious" 23,9:3                        7,2:3
Man killed in crash 24,9:1                             Nissan buys V,W, Melbourne plant 13,2:1
Youth dies in crash (Kevin Newell) 25,9:1              Rejuvinated Ford seeks 3.86% price increase
Two widows,children awarded $148,000, 25,9:9           ID,3:3
(Geary and Golding)                                   Union leadera in mine talks 10,3:7
Man, 53, killed in crash 30,9:3                       Dunstan assures Chrysler aid 25,3:1
Police name road victim (David Fogg) 1,10:3           Car union defiant 26,3:1
Runaway truck overturns 1,10:5                        Arbitration app>eal plan 27,3:1
7 hirt in smash 2,10:1                                Need for subtlety (Leader) 27,3:2
7 die on Northern roads 4,10:1                        Wage riae criticism rejected 29,3:7
Nine killed on Northern roads 5,10:3                  Car import quotas go,dutiea to atay 31,3:1
Newcastle women killed (H, Reschuk and                Tinkering with cara (Leader) 1,4:2
R, Chemish) 7,10:3                                    Car firm objects to Federal plan 1,4:3
Two crash victims named (William Smith and            Car job risk seen in new acheme 3,4:3
Evelyn Walter) 8.10:7                                 Car aales "boom " first sign of recovery" 14,4:1
Two hurt in colliaion 12,10:5                         Toyota "quitting engine group" 16,4:1
Child killed, mother hurt in crash (Nigel             Chrysler firm on engine plans 19,4:3
Sclalo) 20,10:7                                       Holden prices up 20,4:1
Youth dies In road smash (Kevan Evans)                New car thinking needed 21,4:2
25,10:13                                              More cars imported 27,4;9
Wallsend woman killed (Mrs Anne Hall) 26.10:3         Talka on amall car induatry continue 4,5:3
Three die In North road sccldents 1,11:1              Ford man givea car price rise warning 6,5:1
Two hurt as bus skids In wet (Belmont) 2,11:3         Seatbelta faults found in new Holdena 18,5:1
Girl gets $120,000 (Sydney) 3.11:7                    State gtvea warning on car defects 21,5:9
Young crash victim dies (Karen Kaach) 4.11:14         "Faults breed better cara" 21,5:9
                                                      Car safety penalty 3,6:3
                                             N.M,H. INDEX                                55, 1976

M T R VEHICLE KDUSTRY ( C ' t d )                       MUSEUMS

Big gap in tyre linek 4,6:3                            • Museum nets paravane 21,1:12
Holden prices rise 9,6:1                                Grants for nnisoums 22,1:LH4
Ford car prices rise 4% 8,6:1                           Museum bicycle (Singleton) 5,2:HV1
Talks on car plan expected 8,6:3                        Army weapona collection worth ^SM 12,2:HV2
Prices rise for Dataun, Chryaler 9,6:3                  Itiaeum'a full year pleases aociety
Chryalor quick off nark on new car plant                (Pateraon) 11.3:HV3
10,6:1                                                  Muaeum acquires' settler documents (Wollombi)
Niaaon plana ear engine plant 11,6:3                    5.4:11
A monument to waate (Leader) 14,6:2                     Maritime museum geta $1,000 12,4;3
Vehicle industry sees threat to conaumer                C\iltiu-al grranta 22,4:14
16,6:1                                                  $500 given to folk muaeum (Gloucester)
Toyota price up 22,6:8                                  10.5:10
G.M.H, begins talks with uniona 24,6:10                 Vintage car museum plan 27.5:LH1
Car Importa down for May 26,6:11                        Seminar on museum planned 2,6:7
24,000 Forda recalled for check 10,7:3                  Museum seminar begina 24,6:12
800 atrike at G,M,H. 14,7:9                             Museum hdp promised 25,6:5
Workera at car planta laid off 15,7:10                  Museum "needs suppx>rt" 1,7:7
Migranta gain own award 21,7:19                         Zaara St, Muaeum itema aought 20,7:3
"Tug of war" for car plant 28,7:3                       Ceaanock muaeum proposed 21,7:7
G.M,H, calla in New Toranas, Holdena 11,8:1             Muaeum extenaion approved (Burdekin Park
Unionists defy strike command 14,8:3                    Muaeum) 21,7:36
Gloucester plan for car plant 14.8:3                    Thia very old reptile la a gem 28,7:3
Nissan plant expansion to proceed 16,8:3               Muaeum plan for Walka building 30,8:6
Chrysler recalls 4,800 cars for defect check           Committee would co-ordinate museuma 2,9:7
17,8:1                                                 1,900 visitora for muaeum 8,9:8
Toyota joins $40M venture 21.8:1                       Meeting planned on muaeum centre 8.9:9
Mercedes expanda plant 2.9:3                           Tanker booata rail muaeum atocka 6,11:8
Ley land cuts pricea 10.9:1                             Joint effort for muaeum 7,12:8
Cessnock move for car plant 13,9:9
Car induatry recovering:aales increaae                  MUSIC AND ARTS
G.M.H. plans to invest $150M. 1.11:3                    Featival attracts musicians great and small
Chryaler atarts $44M expansion 2,11:12                  2.1:3
Mitaublahi booats Tocal content 9,11:1                  Bob tracka cat (Bob Hudaon) 8,1:1
Fraser questioned on magazine test drive                H,V, gets $6,400 culture grrant 10,1:26
10,11:1                                                 Band may buy practice hall 15,1:HV1
Ford lode at Wyong for asaembly plant 7,12:7            Skin aoaked rock addict a waited in vain
No ruah cf Japaneae cars 9,12:1                         21,1:3
High court upholds G.M,H. conviction 9,12:10            Band gets grant for instruments (Kahibah
Ford plant aougrht for Newcaatle 16,12:12               Bowling Club) 22,1:LH3
North will lobby for proposed car plant                 Turner revue next Tuesday "90% ahance"23,l:3
23,12:6                                                 Turner revue atill in doubt 24,1:3
Auatralia may get Korean car 28,12*3                    Ike and Tina make up for laat week 26.1:8
The brake on fully imported cars 30,12:2                Diamond concert aabotage failed 30,1:3
                                                        Cultural grant to Abermaln 5,2:HV2
MOTOR VEHICLE INSURANCE                                 Lottery aid aought for arta 11,2:11
                                                       Newcastle ballet dancers get chance 14.2:8
Car inaurance up aoon 24,2:1                            Critics give 3 awarda 24,2:3
Motoriata "face slug of 40%" 8,4:1                      Pureed lipa and purse strings (Maitland
Premium rise inevitable aays G,I.O. chief               City Brass Band) 26.2:HV2
9,4:1                                                   Toronto band to enter state titles 26.2:LH3
Correctiona 9.4:3                                       "Disney on Parade" 8,3:8
350,000 cara not inaurod - N.R.M.A. 5.6:1              Viva new Musica season 13.3:9
Indexed car Insurance 24,8:1                            Disney fans, upset by early ticket sales
N,R,M.A, "atar rater" ends long service                 15.3:1
15,10:13                                               Braaa band racea clock to raiae finance
A link with the C P . I , (Leader) 26,10:2              18,3:HV1
Newcaatle N,R.M.A. ratea drop 8% 27,11:9                Succoas at piano (J,0blaa8er) 24,3:21
                                                       Band for Cessnock juniors 25,3:HV2
MOTOR VEHICLES                                          Promoter denies Monro show conplaints 2.4:7
                                                       Cash prize incentive for drama featival
Car firms to be charged for "false claims"             3,4:5
27,2:3                                                  $800 band grrant approved (Muawellbrook) 5.4;11
Trade p racticos inquiry into ex-rental car            Composing a buay buainess (A.McFadden) 7,4:17
aalea 6,3:9                                            Jazzmen take note of band 8,4:7
Dealera attack car quality 9,3:1                        Mancini rounds off tour 8,4:15
Car atrial to atop vandallam 11,3:7                    No ordinary choir thia (Mra Berks) 8,4:16
Ban for plate windacreens 15.4:5                       Young soloists with State Orchestra 8.4:16
Car club haa "home" hop>e 12,5:12                      Mancini's princely performance 9.4:5
Used car pricea tippjod to riae 19,5:7                 Cellist with her head in the clouds 12.4:1
Car dealera forced cut of trade 31,5:1                 Musical tattoo starts planning 12.4:7
Car dealer warna of price rise 1,6:3                   Broad view of American technique 12.4:9
Licence clamp on new ridera 30.6:10                    Liberace brings $1M coatumea for tour 21,4:1
Blitz on dlauaed vehlcloa 17.7:31                      CXiltural grroup granta 21,4:15
Courae in car upkeep 28.7:15                           New Hungarian muaic program 21.4:22
Four wheel drive cluba aee problem 19.8:7              Firat leading role for aoprano in Yoemen
Hovera over the desert 21.8:31                          (CFurness) a,4:23
Deaert ahead 23.8:8                                    Cultural granta 22,4:14
Motor registry plan advanced (Toronto)                 School aet to stage rock opera 22,4:15
9.9,:LH4                                               $1,500 given to band (Muswellbrook) 22,4:16
Motor cycle Inquiry 14,9:13                            Sturdy Yeomen of the Guard 23,4:7
Pink elephant car sales under fire 16,9:20             Pay row atopa singers shows (Lalnle Kazan)
Car fees grolng up 24,9:3                              27,4:3
Tough bike laws backed 26.10:1                         Great talent in musical group 30,4:7
Silver lining in car emission rule 30.10:2             Many to attend tattoo 30,4:8
Premier reveraea election promises M.L.C.              Group brings Kodaly ideaa to Newcastle 3,5:8
1.11:8                                                 Symphony concert well received 5.5:11
Deloraino Chryaler expands 11,12:10                    American pop organist to give concert
Motor cycle law will restrict beginners                (Dale Zieger) 6,5:15
30,12:7                                                Fine voice and a puzzle 7,5:7
                                                       Unions pay claim Jama jazz 8,5:1
MOTORWAY 23                                            Entriea Impress drama judge (Byron Williams)
Highway plans hit route rcadblock                      The girls, at least,are dazzlers 19.5:13
(K,Longworth) 2,3:2                                    Operationa changred voice and luck (Marilyn
Reaidenta call for action on motorway   9,7:7          Ravilli) 19.5:18
                                                       Much drama in Featival '76 21.5:5
                                                       Woman in the hot seat (Dr.Jean Battersby)22,5:2
                                            N,M,H, INDEX                                 56, 1976

MUSIC AND ARTS (C'td)                                  MUSIC AND ARTS (C'td)

Coimminlty projects get $3,000 27,5:5                 Workers club to sue Marcia Hinea 1.12:3
Owner refuses $800 bid for violin 28,5:3              Singleton to plan band'a centenary 8.12:13
Szeryng in memorable pierformance 3,6:11              Kamahl Just right 10,12:15
Australian dancer inpreasea 4.6:9                     Scone council gives $150 (Upper Hunter Pipes
Lusty baby holds ita audience (Chamber                and Druma Band) 15,12:7
Orchestra) 10.6:14                                    Sherbet puts punch back in pop 20,12:3
 Sedarka folk give Newcaatle a treat 14.6:3           Banda make first record (Kahibah Bowling
Music Jobs hearing to be public'16,6:3                Club Braaa Band and Adamatown R,S,L. Pipe
Little orchestra found wanting      26,6:3            Band) 20,12:3
Theatre debut for "backyard" violin
 (F. Greening)     30,5:25                            MYALL IJ\KES
Copyright seminar will focus on cassette tape
 pirates 1,7:6                                        Punch against "Bigger Myall" 17,2:3
Recorded muaic dlaturba N.T.H.C 2,7:7                 Punch stand on Myall attacked as "backward"
 South Pacific trlumpha in amall theatre              18,2:9
 12,7:3                                               Lower Myall plan for dlaplay 30,6:17
New onaemble showa mature confident style
 14,7:7                                               Change fcr area names    12.8:7
Opiora stars at Cathedral (John Shaw and June
Bronhill) 15,7:13                                     NATIONAL GROUPS
 Egg cartons come to band's aid 16,7:1
 Power at the keya (Zolton Kocala) 20,7:7             Raida enrage Lebaneae 28,1:3
Overaeas Artists for city concerts ,22,7:11           Sod turned for hall (Poliah Association) 4,10:3
 Pipe career calla Victorian 22.7:11                  Germania greets Oktobor again 11,10:3
Leta tear it for the landa 22,7:LH1                   Blahop laya atone for Polish Hall 30,10:3
 "Seekers promote travel 26,7;9                       Service for Greek day 1,11:3
Funda in op>era hita low note 27,7:3                  NATIONAL HEALTH SCHEMES
Quarteta concert a mixed bag (Parrenin
Quartet of Paria) 27.7:7                             Bulk-billing should go first - G.P.'i 3.1:1
 Mayor roceivea singers (Seiwa       singing         Heart probe (Leader)     il:2
 group) 2.8:14                                       Welfare workera defend Medibank 7,1:3
 Second hand mandolin a good atart (Gary              States "to handle health" 9,1:1
Roberta) 4.8:25                                      Medibank looms aa union flash point 12,1:3
 Muaician to take final curtain 5.8:11               A,L,P, executive warns Fraser on Medibank
 Something to blow about (Toronto Diatrict Braas     13.1:3
 Band) 5,8:LH1                                        Efficiency enquiry on Medibank approved 14.1:1
 Hardly the"key" to aucceaa.,. 7,8:7                 Social service group hits Medibank team
Clavicord,a rare treat 11,8:23                       15,1:3
 Second concert crisp, vital 12,8:6                  Medibank changea hit pensioners 19,1:1
Children hear choir (Seiwa Convent) 14,8:3           Medibank guide for cheats riles A,M,A, 22,1:8
Brilliant pianiat in quiet city visit (Serge         Medibank cheats anomymous 23,1:3
 Doronaky) 18.8:22                                   A,M,A, to aeek part ban on bulk-billing
Conductor drawa S.S.O fire (Hiroyuki Iwakl)          2,2:1
 19.8:6                                              A,M.A. movea on Medibank apposed 2,3:7
 Pupila prepare for muaic festival 19.8:LH1          Artificial eye "Cosmetic surgery" 3,3:9
 School stagres musical 23,8:10                      Medibank financing artificial eyea 4.3:7
Granta to opera 6.9:3                                $83M in medical claima 8,3:3
Bandamen compete In aolo conteat 8.9:6               New Myall plan perturbs Punch 22,3:3
Five Northern bands in titles 8.9:27                 H,C,F, lifts cover 1,4:7
Big man, bigger voice (Ivan Rebroff) 15,9:3          G,P. society bid to trim Medibank 2,4:3
Town bonding pop groups' behavour (Tamworth)         Medibank optional tax opposed 8,4:3
16,9:6                                               Recent trends In Medibank examined 8,4:6
Cultural group helps others 16,9:15                  Health fraud inquiry 21.4:12
 Sutherland may sing In city 18,9:3                  Medibank fraud implied: doctor 24.4:3
Fine music, empty seats (Bulgarian String             "Fraud casea" in Medibank 30.4:3
Quartet) 24,9:9                                       Health levy on the way 8.5:1
Symphonic keyboard epic 24,9:9                        Medibank charge "almoat certain" 10,5:3
Kahibah band wina title 29,9:7                        Whitlam warns of strife over Medibank 19,5:1
 Jason loud but not clear 29,9:12                     Hunt expects 50% Medibank drift 22,5:1
Composer triea rock opera (Allan McFadden)            N,S,W. rejects Medibank change 24.5:1
29.9:21                                               States resist hoapital lift 25.5:1
Variety in Ruaaian style 4,10:8                       Unhealthy relapse (Leader)   25.5:2
Musica viva concert did not quite fit 7,10:3          Medibank turns a political albatross 25,5:2'
 I.A.C finds no case for the arts 9,10:1              Bjelke to fight Medibank propoaala 26,5:3
Arts aid cut prompts angry reply by unions            Hunt pleas for calm 27.5;3
  11.10:1                                             States rally to save Medibank deal 28,5:1
All school in featival choir 11.10:9                  Union wants Medibank job pledge 28,5:7
Valueleaa (Leader) 12,10:12                          Wran gets pledge on Medibank 28,5:9
Opera to get $350,000 grant 13.10:6                   P,M, plana talka on Medibank 29,5:3
I.A.C. exp>ertise "not relevant" to arts             Tax urged on oil,smokes, alcohol 31,5:1
13.10:15                                             Uniona increase agitation on Medibank 1,6:1
Fraaer pledges aupport for all arts 14,10:1          The Medibank puzzle (Leader) 1,6:1
flrins'ing the arts down to earth 14.10:2             Pamphlets on Medibank tax levy available
Learning music made eaay (Sister Marie Dagg)          from this week 1,6:7
Sing a song of success 14.10:LH1      (14,10:'20)    Medibank agreementa with states valid, asaerta
Newcastle receives arta aid finance 15,10:7          Hamer 2,6:1
Pipera hold reunion 16.10:8                          35,000 unioniata in Medibank strike 3,6:1
council givea money to banda 21.10:LH2                Medicine fraud alleged   3,6:6
A tale of two hama (Peter Harper) 21.10:LH3          Uniona meet on Medibank 4,6:7
Folkalngrera atrike a satirical chord                A,L,P, uniona begrin Medibank fight 7,y6:l
 (Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seegar) 23,10:10            Medibank"to hurt poorer" 616:3
Matter of fact end to concerts 27,10:8               Cover ment switch on Medibank 9,6:1
Bay Rollers on tour 28,10:3                          Private health funda hold urgent talks 10,6:1
$200,000 bequest for music 28,10:8
                                                     Medibank (note)    10.6:2
Joan Southern shines at Hunter Theatre 30,10:3
                                                     Stop work call on Medibank 10.6:10
Trio'a approach unashamed (Stuttgart Piano
                                                     F.I,A, AND T,W.U, Oppoae Medibank atrike
Trio) 30.10:10
I.A.C. told of arts aid 2.11:3
                                                     Four uniona oppose Medibank stop 12,6:3
Fans lament but Rollers roll on 4,11:13
                                                     Medibank to "disappear in year" 15,6:3
Concert series bookings may change 9,11:7
                                                     Another "no" to Medibank strike 15,6:6
A.B.C. concert artists 9,11:7
                                                     A,W,U, will join campaign    16,6:1
I.A.C, report drawa proteat 10,11:16                 Call for teacher walk out today 16,6:1
Marcia makea Civic glow 12,11:7                      Minister wants bulk billing 16.6:3
Tavern rolla back the years 17,11:21                 Government, private funds seek to simplify
Choice of ringa: show or circua 29,11:9              health schemes 17,6:3
Rollers rock fans greeting pluna 30,11:3             Unions press A.C,T,U. over Medibank 17.6:3
Rollera run true to form 1,12:1                      Medibank protest rally leads to union tiff
Steamed up Rollera 1,12:3                            17,6:7
                                                      N,M,H. INDEX                                                97. 1976
NATIONAL HEALTH SCHEMES (C'td)                                    NATIONAL HEALTH SCHEMES (C'td)
Strike wont close shops 16.6:7
Medibank stoppage looms 21.6:1                                   Medical funda swamp>ed 30,9:3
Medibank strike considered 22.6:3                               • Whitlam sees Heditank change as running sore
A.CT.U. puts Medibank deadline to Canberi*                       2,10:3
23,6:1                                                           Meditank receipt book delay 5,10:17
Medibank Illusions (Leader) 23,6:2                               Tourists warned of health care need 8,10;8
Architect of Medibank resign 23,6:3                              Medibank cheque forgerioa found 11,10:1
Medibank strike: Hawke defied 29,6:3                             21 doctora fac^ $500,000 charges 12,10:1
Urjion split widens on Medibank 26,6:1                           Woman on bail over Medibank cheque 12,10:3
Strike call over Medibank falls 28,6:3                           Hedibank fcrgory charges 12,10:4
                                                                 1,500 strike on Hedibank     14,10:3
Unions put off Medibank stop 29,6:1
                                                                 Hedibank centre at Winna 21,10:7
Street tolls workers to stay on 30,6:3
                                                                 Doctor on 79 Medibank fraud chargea 26,10:1
Medibank strike 1,7:3
                                                                 Medibank boycott letter alleged      2.11:1
Revolutionary health plan 2,7:2
                                                                 Unhealthy (Leader)    5,11:2
Unions fight for Medibank 2,7:7
                                                                 Doctor "rejects" Medibank operation 5,11:3
Canberra rebuffs A.C.T.U, on Medibank 3,7:1
                                                                 2 funds free of"boycott" hearing 10,11:6
Nation faces huge strike 5,7:1                                   Hunt app>ealB to doctors 18,11:7
Medibank strike will halt North 6,7:1                            Belmont M.B.F, opiens 22,11:7
A tragic *rike (Loader) 6,7:2                                    Firma making errora in Medibank payments
Strike may shut shops 7.7:1                                      24.11:9
Fraser, Hawke reach stalemate 8.7:1
Shops trading on Monday 8,7:1                                    Press body upholda diatortion charge 27.11:3
N.T.H.C threat of boycotts 9.7:1                                 Doctor geta bond for fraud 2.12:15
Medibank office may stay op>en 9,7:1                             Medibank checka criticised 16,12:1
                                                                 Doctora accused fo cheating Medibank 18.12:8
 Services that will be hit by atrike 9,7:1
                                                                 Medibank gains "in Now Year" 29,12:5
 U.B.F, facing Trade Act summonsea 9,7:6
 Six bakerloa will igrnore atrike 10,7:1
Confuaion on Hedibank (Leader)                 10,7:2            NATIONAL PARKS AND RESERVES
 Nation wide atand atill 12,7:1
 Health achemea trouble U.S, 12,7:2                              Northern group may aid appeal 24.1:29
The ruah to retaliation (Loader) 14,7:2                          Wildlife door appeal 30,1:6
 "Recall Parliament" challenge               14,7:3              Myall Lakea plana out tomorrow 2,2:3
 Medibank atrike aplits nation 14,7:21                           Myall Lakea park to be extended 4,2:7
 Few senior state labor men report for work                      Parka group dlabanda 11,2:12
 14.7:21                                                         Council urgea Myall oppoaition 11,3:HV1
 Aloof to stoppage 14.7:21                                       Miniater to aee Myall Lakea 13,3:3
 50% ol teachers turn up, but few pupils                         Myall plan ahown "after land reaumed" 16,3:3
 14.7:22                                                         Propoaala on lakea criticlaed 18,3:16
 Up t o 7 0 , 0 0 0 i n Newcaatle aupfx>rted p r o t e a t       The Myall folk and "them" 20,3:2
 atoppage          14.7:22                                       Park backera "not radical" 23.3:3
 Hawke hopea for talka           14,7:22                         Myall Lakea park plan "now aalvage operation"
 Modltank atrikera booat ahop sales 14,7:22                      30,3:5
 Industry back in action 14,7:22                                 Wildlife doorknock "permitted" 2.4:5
 Cass aeea colluaion on health inaurance                         Councillor quotea letter on Myall 2.4:5
                                                                 Lakea plan to atay on view 5.4:11
                                                                 Myall Lakea policy claah 6.4:3
 Medibank changes i n f l a t i o n a r y s a y s bank
                                                                 Miniater replies on Myall Lakea 8.4:2
                                                                 Move to set up parka group 8.4:9
 A.L.P. firm over Medibank 19.7:3
                                                                 Lakea plan ataya on dlaplay 13.4:13
 Section ;ian for Medibank 19.7:15
                                                                 Mjall Park extenaion debate 14.4:2
 Shift on Medibank levy likely 20.7:1
                                                                 Overaeas group to aee Myall 15.4:7
 Medibank decision eludes cabinet 21.7:3
                                                                 Tighter controla on uae of atate parka 23.4:7
 Health plan change known texlay 22,7:1
                                                                 National Park In doubt (Hunter) 5.5:19
  Intermediate ward cover 23,7:1
 Hypocrisy on Medibank (Leader)                 26,7:2           Review aought on ranger decialon 18,6:10
 Campaign funda build for Medibank fight                         "Topa" tralla closed 26.6:3
                                                                 Reaerve plan for Liverpool Range 30,6:33
                                                                 Park area closed to campera 5,7:9
 Bad medicine (Leader) 28,7:2
                                                                 Honorary ranger quota defended 14,9:13
 Hedibank private Insurance rates 28,7:10
                                                                 Curb on Myall Park urged 5,10:6
 Doctors may be "cut off" 31.7:3
                                                                 High hopea for new reserve 4,11:LH1
 Medlbank"curb on doctora" 2,8:14
                                                                 Nature reserve to bo dedicated 10,11:7
 Medical cover "to dear" for 14% 4,8:7
                                                                 More funda for Hyall reaerve 22,11:8
  Doctora to conaider fee Index call 9,8:1
  Private funda rate 9,8:1
                                                                 NATIONAL PARTY
 Health fund undercuts Medibank 11,8:3
 Medibank notice ban goes to court 11.8:12
 Hawke predicts confusion in Medibank 12.8:3                     Flrat woman state piolltical boss takes over
 H,C,F, private $1,70 under Medibank 13,8:3                      (S,McKerrow) 5,4:3
  Employees offered subsidy on Medibank 17,8:3                   Seat Warming (Leader) 5.10:2
 Lynch warns Medibank aid could breach
                                                                 NATURAL DISASTERS
 wage guidoa 18,8:5
 "Deatroying reform" 19,8:3
                                                                 Freah look at national achemea 26.4:1
 Wran alma to control H,C,F, 20,8:3
                                                                 Disaster fund study grroup set up 6,5:3
 Unionists appeal billa may be paid 20.8:7
 Medibank chargea may go down 21.8:1
                                                                 NATURAL GAS
 Health fund finlahea aervice 23.8:1
 A fund of argument (Leader) 23.8:2
                                                                 N e w c a s t l e pipiellne a w a i t s approval 1 4 , 1 : 8
 Store fixes lower rates than Medibank
                                                                  P i p e l i n e firm sacks t h e l o t 2 3 , 1 : 1
                                                                 Welders block pip>eline bonua 2 7 , 1 : 7
 Seminar hears cf Medibank options                24.8:19
                                                                 (}as plpie workers d e f i a n t         29.1:1
 H,C,F. resists "takeover" 28,8:1
                                                                 S h i r e wants gas pl[>eline t o bypasa Argenton
 Northern fund cuta health rate 31,8:3
 Doctor puta blame for death on Medibank                          9,2:LH1
 1,9:10                                                          New doubts on gas pipeline 20,2:1
                                                                 Delay adds $90M to gas pipeline 27,2:3
 M,B,F, on three chargea 1,9:18
                                                                 Pipeline men go back 16,3:6
 Patients death sparks inquiry 2,9:6
 A.C,T,U, told to stop Medibank penalties                        Minister sees A,G,L, view on pipeline 17.3:3
 3,9:7                                                           Economies "threat to gas pii»" 18,3:3
 M,B,F, Beta lower fees than Medibank 4,9:3                      Government approves pipeline changes 18,3:LH1
                                                                 Gaa pipeline coat soars 500% 1.4:1
 Medibank may atir unions 7,9:2
 Medibank "not unfair" to funds 8.9:3                            Word on pipeline awaited 2.4:7
 G,P, denies $iH Medibank swindle 8,9:6                          Wran critical of states)14.4:3
 Doctora foea to rise 7i% in January 9,9:1                       Natural gas px>licy                  )
 Medibank Cut off "Callous" 9,9:11                               Clash over natioral gas 1 5 . 4 : 3
 State to control doctora fee increaae 10,9:1                    Equity may be eased for shelf gas field
 Uniona vnnt health levy aubsidy 18,9:1                          1.7:3
 Medibank payment centre"certain" 21.8:3                         H i l l s t h r e a t e n s over gas p i p e l i n e 3 1 . 7 : 5
 Medibank private could get cheaper                  25.9:3      U . S , c o n t r a c t c o u l d open gas f i e l d s 9 . 8 : 1
 Public all clear on Medibank 28.9:3                             B . H . P . , s h e l l merge for gas d e a l 2 1 , 8 : 1
 A.L.P, wanta Modltank review 29,9:7                             N,W. a h e l f n a t u r a l graa w i l l flow by 1983:
 Medibank agency at N.I,B, closes 30,9:1                         Shell          2,11:12
                                                                 Natural gas "held back" 5,11:10
                                             N,M,H, INDEX                                                        58, 1976

NATURAL GAS (C'td)                                     NEW SOUTH WAIVES - PARLIAMENT (C'td)

Cross country gas pipie 8.11:12                        A.M.A, slates breach of medical record
Oil industry attacks trans-Aust. plpjeline             12,11:13
9.11:12                                                Premier defends Day 17,11:11
                                                       Wran rejects limit for interest ratea
NEW SOUTH WALES                                        17,11:11
                                                       Under way at laat (Mra Amelia Rygate) 19,11:1
Port to got $1.3M breakwater 4.3:3                     Discrimination outlawed in new Bill 19.11:1
Dubbo, Western boom town 13,3:2                        Dutiea act changes "fraud" Punch 24,11:3
Crowds flock to Tamworth celebrations 18,3:9           Wran aeeka vote to change Council 26,11:3
Blasts recorded to teat earth'a cruat 13,4:7           Parliament pay rise favoured 26.11:3
                                                       Wran ready for ahowdown 27.11:1
NEW SOUTH WALES - PARLIAMENT                           The right to vote (Leader)   27.11:2
                                                       Oppoaition row on L.C, reform: Wran 29.11:3
Public cyncial - MLA 5,1:8                             Tribunal calla for homoaexual rights 29.11:3
Lewi a favors ticomo tax   7,1:3                       Maitland wants Cabinet 7.12:3
Lewis sp>ells out course to "revive" economy           Libs choose upper Houae policy team 16.12:3
15.1:5                                                 Jenaon deniea quit rumour   22.12:5
State poll fear caused revolt 21.1:1
N.S.W. libs dump Lewis aa leader 21.1:1                NEWCASTLE
Never a winner (Leader) 21,1:2
Morria could regain miniaterial office 3., 1:3         Midnight,and alls quiet as 1975 fades 1,1:1
Lewia fall mo^ts nixed reoeptlon 21,1:3                Resolutions pop up for a bubbly death 1,1:5
Four new Cabinet Ministers likely 22,1:3               Submarine crew for city march 21.1:9
Premier aworn in today; major Cabinet change           Australia Day becomes a family affair
tipped 23,1:3                                          (Dodd family) 22,1:3
Troubles shuffled (Leader) 24,1:2                      U,S, consul to crown Australia Day Queen
Tranaport key to poll, Willia warns 24,1:3             22,1:8
A time for answera (Leader) 3,2:2                      Flood senda founder into reverao grear 27,1:1
Premier accuaed of pact on homea scheme                29th term aa Preaident (J.P.'s)    3.3:7
14,2:3                                                 Reunion for old Forater familiea 10.3:15
Premiers test 24,2:3                                   Founding family gathera (Mra Harriet Newman)
Miniater deniea claah of interests 26,2:3              15.3:3
Labor seeks land plan inquiry 28,2:3                   Now group to help promote the Hill 31,3:8
Wran renews attack over land lease 3.3:3               Altruaa expanda in Newcastle 15,4:8
Speaker rebukes Shortland M.H.R. 18.3:7                N.G. tralneea arrive    21,4:26
Land tribe denied 19.3:3                               Bonsai enthusiasm grows 13.5:11
Wran aeeka leeting on jobleaa 11.5:1                   Lost, mislaid cash cornea back 14.5:1
State Llba keep Willia at helm 12.5:3                  City circle auggeated to booat centre 21,5:3
Joba, rail ayatem Wran prloritiea 13.5:1               Newcastle to greet Olympians 4,8:7
Top Labor joba come out of hat    14.5:1               Battle of big business goes to Watchers
The Cabinet (Leader)    14.5:2                         11,8:12
Double taxation "atill poaslble" with                  Talks onU.S, tour 11.8:16
Labor 15.5:1                                           City's heart ticks stronger (Newcastle's
Press officers under Wran's control 15.5:1             Central Buaineaa District) 12,8:2
The new men (Leader) 15.5:2                            Weekend with E.S.P. and all found 16.8:7
Undemocratic oddity (Leader) 17.5:2                    Newcastle man war victim (Mr Grieraon) 24.8:3
Wran aays no to state tax 18,5:1                       Datex: the fact seekera 16,9:2
Paciullo geta post 18,5:3                              Anti Kerr group forma for Northern proteat
House going Into recess 20,5:3                         8,10:3
Wran may aeek dock loan abroad    24,5:1               Rain keepa carnival attendance down 1,11:6
Police gfiard on H-emier's wife 24,5:3                 Democracy committee meeting in City Hall 4,11:9
Indirect atate taxes may riae 25,5:3                   Money grant for Lambton Hall    4,11:14
Lib, M,L,A, realgns (Mr Ruddock) 26,5:1                Whitlam diamlaaal proteat 11,11:13
Promlaea reality (Leader)    26,5:2                    Civil wedding celebranta aufflclent 19,11:7
Public mialed over funda:Wran 26,5:3                   Improvementa for hall (East Lambton
Oppoaition dropa Lewia from shadow ministry            Community Hall) 22.11:5
29,5:3                                                 It's everyone for tennis at Elkin'a 25,11:15
Newcastle "minister" aought 31,5:5                     City galna 200 booka 30,11:9
State funeral fcr former Minister 1,6:3                E, Timor watch at cenotaph 7,12:11
Ronahaw back i Initial role 8.6:2
                n                                      45 Novocaatriana off for U.S. goodwill
State reaolute in aid plan 8,6:3                       tour    29,12:5
Labor may scrap Parliament building 12.6:1
Willia asked for car    16,6:3                         NEWCASTLE - HISTORY
Upper Hcjuse role poser 18,6:2
Cabinet movea to spjood Torrena Title                  Venturera retrieve relic of old mine
converalon 23,6:24                                     (P,A, Haalam)                21,1:7
Wade for conference 24.6:7                             Newcastle's harsh beginning                             24,1:7
Ronahaw forecasts $1M deficit in budget 2.7:3          Historical group seeks records 21.2:3
Wran uncertain on tax rises 21,7:1                     Rubbish tip find tells Bailors history
P,S, opposea plan to end bank holiday 3,8:3            20.3:7
Minor change for state Cabinet 6,8:1                   The steam p i o n e e r s of N e w c a s t l e 2 7 . 3 : 7
Wran admits miatakes in Cabinet 7,8:1                  Rose C o t t a g e ( N o t e )        12.6-2
40 Company chargea laid 13.8:1                         P r o t e c t i n g N e w c a a t l e ( A u a t r a l i a n Women's
Challenge on "cover up" 14,8:1                         Army S e r v i c e )         18.11:15
Wran marries P.R. executive 21,8:3
Employment "first concern" In new Parliament           NEWCASTLE - VISITING PEBSONALITIES
M.L.A.'s will face disclosure of intereata             Dr and Mrs Ryan 3.1:5
2,9:1                                                  Designers globe trotting career (M. Evans)
Pecuniary Intereata (Leader) 3,9:2                     7.1:17
State Budget expected to help working man              Dick Whlttington In person 8.1:1
29,9:3                                                 American radio preacher to addresa women
State Budget cuta some taxes 30.9:1                    (Barbara cook)           10.1:8
Budget of reatraint (Leader)    30.9:2                 City dwellers find freedom in pnippets and
Lib. M.L.A.'s walk out 1.10:3                          bush (David and Sue Sabben)         17.1:3
Willia critical of budget 7.10:g                       A message in tongues (Mrs Barbara Cook)
Big drop forecaat in N.S.W. welfare                    22.1:10
houalng    13,10:1                                     Premier to viat city 2.2:9
Morris pledges support for sick M.L.A,                 Miaa Aust. to visit N'cle next week (Sharon
 (Mr Noilly) 13,10:3                                   Betty) 4.2:18
Budget hits country: Punch 13,10:6                     "No glamor" for Sharon (S.Betty) 13.2:3
M.L.A. upset by health reports (Mr Neilly)             Out of the box (Belinda Giblln) 13.2:7
14.10:3                                                Meditate and conserve your energy (R. Brown
Premier wants Intereat reduced 23.10:3                 and D. Cooke)           3.3:21
N.S.W. Oovernmant appointa adviser 28.10:10            Auatrallana "support Fretilin" 15.3:7
Motoriata pay $361M to state 3.11:3                    Engliah lawyer in America (Shirley Parker)
Sir Roden's record makea atato history 4.11:1          24.3:20
Wran feara l^as of Investment incentive                Baronet t o v i a i t (Sir Robert Ffolkea) 1.4:10
9.1H3                                                  Power s u r p r i s e a Ombudeman 7.4:9
                                                 N,M,H, INDEX                                     99, 1976


Blame aharod on Timor iaaue: Gietzelt    23,4:5           Geological problema aeen for car park
Uni, lecturer will talk on E ,Timor                       (Pacific Park) 23.1:5
 (Dr Ernst Utrecht) 29,4:7                                Flrat forum night In fortnight 4,2:11
"(Julet man" Olympic runner (J. Kokinai)                  Sporta ground "could bo boat to league"
30.4:9                                                    4.2:11
U.S.S.R. "No selfish interest" (Mr A. Bassov)             Council "overlooked" in committee formation
7.9:9                                                     4,2:11
Melbourne aithor talks on Ruaaia (Ralph                   Diacusalon on caravan parka aoon 5.2:7
Gibson) 12.5:10                                           "Booking" worries alderman 5,2:7
Appeal launch may bring Wran to city 13.5:10              Residents angry over dance hall noise 5,2:7
Miniater makes viait 17.6:1                               Council aeeka fire prevention repsort 5.2:7
Premier,deputy in Northern double date 22.6:1             Ratepayera accept realgnatlon (L. Hetherlngton)
Buay time for Wran 29.6:10                                5.2:16
Wran'a viait criticism "petty" 17.7:3                     Council looka to computera 11.2:10
Wran pledges new city deal 19.7:3                         Nuraing vlalta to homea riae 11.2:11
Disarmament secretary to speak In city                    New pavilion approved for Nobbya 11,2:11
 (Alan Wilka) 23.7:6                                      High leading In pollution teata 11,2:11
Mr Wran'a vlalt (Leader)     28.7:2                       Conaultant services apprcach made 11,2:11
Nuclear arma opponent for meeting (A,Wilka)               Lottery aid sought for arts 11,2:11
28,7:7                                                    $50,000 council atudy in offing 12,2:3
City could lead: .Wran    29.7:1                          Council move to co-ordinate ialand plana
Mr Wran'a meaaage (Leader)     29,7:2                     12.2:7
Judith Wright to apeak in city 29,7;3                     Council wina support for consultant 13.2:3
Better highway promiaed 29,7:6                            Anderson to lead group 13.2:6
Hurford will give A.L.P. viewa 31.7:11                    Newcastle warned on consultant plan 14,2:29
Miniater'a visit (Mr Jonaen) 3.8:13                       Hall dances to continue 18,2:10
Poet'a eye lights on "an ugly city"                       Report on gift list sought 18,2:10
(Judith Wright)    5.8:3                                  More offers for consultant job 18,2:11
Ambaasador due in city (Mr Yoshio Okawara)                Council told of need for social workers
23,8:6                                                    18,2:11
U,S. diplomat will visit Maitland (J, Hargriave)          Sporta grounds in demand 18.2:11
23,8:10                                                   Report to be given on adviser 25.2:9
Uren to talk on living standard 25,8:14                   Advice "not duty of council" 25.2:9
"Doulton" career provides tonic (Janet                    Response on use of grounds "not favourable"
Figurea) 25,8:19                                          25.2:9
Ambaaaador's viait off 26,8:7                             Written cjuerles to beat time 25.2:9
Anthony opena Maitland unlta 28,8:3                       Speed up lighting to be aought 25.2:9
Miniater cannot viait 31,8:7                              "No firm promiae" In Willia viait 25.2:9
Inflation fight "about atandards"                         Council to buy land at Bereafiold 3.3:10
(Mr J, Darling M.L.C.) 14.9:3                             Skating reply "not answer" 3,3:12
Atomic aafety (Dale Brldenbaugh) 16,9:6                   Switch on coat of croaainga 3.3:12
Business "key to Olympica" (Norman May) 16.9:20           Sunday car park aales plan favored 3,3:12
Address on dangers of nuclear power 18.9:11               Contract signed for demolition 3,3:13
N-energy "needed by citiea" 22.9:6                        Plea on Plaza 3,3:13
U.S. will atay In Pacific: envoy (Mr Jamea E,             Insurance "would cover all employeea" 3,3:13
Hargrave) 21.10:3                                         Noise charge "sour grapes" 3.3:13
Willia to viait Newcastle 8.11:12                         Shopping centre proposal backed 3.3:13
Consul confident of British recovery                      Flooding issue raised again 3,3:13
(Mr A. Spire)    10.11:12                                 Newly named streets confuse 10,3:10
Peach autographs for A.B.C. 12,11:3                       Willow to bo removed 10,3:10
Willis hears of city's problems 22,11:5                   Aldermen "not Invited" to receptions 10,3:10
Afternoon tea with the Labour Lord                        Rallies ban on Plaza refused 10,3:11
(Lord Edward Shackleton) 26,11:3                          Birds in the trees bring out lice 10,3:11
Jewish author arrives to promote book                     In a city of few trees (Leader) 11,3:2
(Rabbi Dr Rudolph Brasch) 1,12:16                         Airstrip not grounded (North Wallaend)
Poet will dazzle you with words (William Pell)            17,3:10
1,12:20                                                   Graving dock hop>e "not enough" 17,3:10
                                                          Call for acceas panel 3p)eakers 17,3:10
NEWCASTLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                             Northern suburb move for club 17,3:10
                                                          Boat ramp requeata "knocked" 17.3:10
 Commerce group wanta container ramp                      Propoaal for collector to call 17.3:10
 moved 31,1:5                                             Power plant in theatre favoured 17,3:11
A fair go for the Hunter region 16,2:1                    Coloured lighta "throat to drivers" 17,3:11
 Premiera vlalt "bridgea gap" 19,2:1                      Delay on unit "coat woman double" 17,3:11
A uaeful visit - Premier (Leader) 20,2:2                  J66,000 offer for liquor licence 17,3:11
 City needs to whinge more,chamber told 21.2:3            Town clerk's absence delays discussion
 State aid urged for dock 20.3:3                          17,3:11
Chamber crlticiaea Oickyard uniona 10.4:5                 Council "waatea time of police" 17.3:11
Newcastle may get shipping council 19.5:7                 School croaalng acheme "delayed" 17.3:11
Need seen for city weather station 19.5:10                                  '
                                                          Parking station ( sader) 18.3:2
Chamber seeka to booat port use    2.6:7                  Parking privilege plan for council ataff
Wran to meet chamber 2.6:27                               18.3:3
Chamber tames 15 officials 26,6:11                        Levy refusal seen aa rlak 24,3:10
Backing for Island firm 28.6:6                            Four consultant firms to be Interviewed
Overseas states "met dock burden" 29.6:3                  24,3:11
Newcaatle my renew port battle 1.7:3                      Council told criap factory to close 31,3:1
Port dock Dlan "self-defeating" 2.7:7                     West end market "a throat" to shop workers jobs
Newcastle progrosa "lagging" 9,7:6                        31,3:1
Leadership of a city (Leader) 15.7:2                      Doorknock "made without pjermit" 31,3:10
Chamber will buy building 17.7:8                          Kotara warehouse recommended 31,3:10
Bridge check requested 17.7:31                            Special need of homeless "revealed" 31,3:10
Port inquiry submission 19.7:12                           $1,3M parking unit planned (Wharf Rd) 31,3:11
Greater pxsrt use urged 21,7:7                            Cars left on paths "for safety" 31,3:11
Chamber puts case for container pxjrt in                  Renovation of arts centre proposed 31,3:11
Newcastle 4.8:7                                           Eicpanding market t h r e a t e n s "ruin" for shops
Chamber seeks action on overpass 23,8:6                   1,4:1
Kcx)ragang moves by chamber 18,9:8                        Traffic curbs propoaed 1,4:6
Chamber wants highway talka 18,9:11                       Blind Society denial over doorknock 1,4:7
Highway talks sought 30,9:12                              Wharf Rd parking plan supported        1,4:7
Chamber seeks report on manufacturing 16,10:5             Railway gate "unnecoasary" (Market St) 1,4:7
Chamber plans city future diacuasiona 16,10:32            Median plan approved (Newcastle Rd) 1,4:7
Chamber wanta 4-lane highway 20,11:5                      The market (Leader) 2.4:2
New council team auggeated 20,11:5                        Parking station (Leader)    2,4:2
Chamber backs council on lease 18,12:9                    Newcastle Mayors meet    2.4:3
                                                          Wildlife doorknock "permitted" 2.4:5
NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL                                    City council to honour solicitor (Mr H.L,
                                                          Wheeler) 6.4:8
Council fan's nemory lane    2,1:3                        A.L.P, loss no worry for Lord Mayor 7.4:3
Street namea recognition     6,1:4
                                                                  N.M.H, INDEX                                   60,   1976

NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL ( C ' t d )                                           NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL (C'td)

F l g h f n e o d " t o h o l d M.S,B. s e a t f o r c i t y                 City Hall may adopt new role 3,6:11
7,4:10                                                                       Tougher stand suggested on unapproved
Stockyard plan opposed 7.4:10                                                building work 9,6:1
Reclamation seen as aid for toats 7,4:10                                     Town clerk to attend conference 9,6:7
Mayfield parking survey                   7,4:11                             Wheeler building suggested 9,6:9
Land for touriat body use urged (Sandgate)                                   Itch soothed by scratches on trees 11,6:5
7,4:11                                                                       41st year as secretary to Mayor 11,6:5
Depot plan out (H.D.W.B,)                    7,4:11                          Action urged on converted flat. 16.6:1
Car undergoes divine transformation 7,4:11                                   Convention centre report aought 16.6:16
Residents body attacka car park plan 7,4:11                                  Tributes,presentation for Zell Meehan 16.6:16
Works study on motel development deferred                                    Aid aeeks action oil flat 16,6:17
8,4:7                                                                        Bell wants action 16,6:17
City car plan worries Lord Mayor 13,4:1                                      Pink Elephant work worries aldermen 16,6:17
Council Intereatod In Zaara St                     13.4:7                    Fuel fund reaches $800 23,6:12
Ialand plant inapection planned 14,4:6                                       Pony area cut likely 23,6:15
Clarification of policies sought 14,4:6                                      Tendera aoon for child care unit 23.6:15
Wharf Rd oar park iaaue deferred 14,4:7                                      Compulaory fire insurance bid 23.6:15
Additional lighta at hatha urged 14.4:7                                      Stand timber rotted and ant oaten 23,6:15
Clubhouae moves by guides 14.4:7                                             Council to submit grant plea (Elderly Citizena)
Safety fence bid 14,4:7                                                      24,6:7
Problem aeen in theatre traffic 14,4:7                                       Complainta on R,S.P.C,A, to be checked 30.6:18
Restaurant plan approved 15,4:7                                              Council thanked (Papua-New Guinean trainees)
Shipyard may bo boat alip 15,4:11                                            30.6:18
Gym plan gets approval 15,4:11                                               Move to get land for centre (Adamatown) 30,6:18
N.T.H.C, aeeka parking atation proteata                                      Local Government Act "Poor aecond to crimes Act"
16.4:5                                                                       30,6:18
Motor Inn (Leader) 20,4:2                                                    Renewed bid to drain swamp (Black Hill-Hexham-
Aldermen divided on motel issue 21.4:1                                       Minmi) 30,6:18
Council clamps down on Pink Elephant 21,4:1                                  Camp area to "yeild $8,000 year more" 30,6:19
 Study of car park site approved 21.4:14                                     Send a team,urgea regional aocial grroup 30,6:19
Marked crossing requested 21.4:14                                            Butchera"sitting ducks on fees"     30.6:19
Widening of committee sought (Urban                                          "No early decision" on harbour car park 1,7:7
Tranaport Adviaory Committee) 21,4:14                                        R,S„P.C,A, "unable to accept strays" 2,7:3
 King St "not part of park" land 21,4:15                                     Inquiry on cost of social worker 2,7:5
The Council'a authority (Leader) 22,4:2                                      New proposal for city parking 6.7:1
Morria invites prosecution 23,4:1                                            Scouts want to paint numbers 7,7:20
No preasure for prosecution 24,4:3                                           Committee to check scheme for car park 7,7:20
Novocaatrian Inn producea headache for                                       Acceas to theatre move 7,7:20
council 26.4:2                                                               Coachea for awlm centre named 7,7:20
 Panel againat analgesics 28,4:8                                             Major works proposed for Dixon Park 7.7:20
Curl your tail, sir? 28,4:8                                                  Exchange of land propoaed 7.7:20
Fine risk in doorknocks                    28,4:8                            Meeting called on butcliers fees 7,7:21
 Separate bicycle waya "coatly" 28,4:8                                       Wharf charges urged 7,7:21
 Drive in mart plea fails 28,4:9                                             "Ratbags" near skating rink criticised 7,7:21
 900 aubatancea "druga" 28.4:9                                               Opinion sought on advising buyers 7,7:21
Alderman admita breach 28,4:9                                                Land sale "free" from council 9,7:6
 Discuasion on flooda urged 29,4:13                                          Parking scheme resurrected 12.7:10
Parking area for trucks urged 3,5:10                                         City Hall may be sound proofed 14.7:11
Authority at stake (Leader) 4.5:2                                            Lifesaving gear "In doomed shed" 14.7:11
Manager aeen aa council intermediary 4,5:6                                   Premiers visit to city "not deserved" 14.7:11
Novocaatrian legaliaed 5,5:1                                                 Backing for foundation (.H.V.R.F.) 14.7:12
 Decision on law move not made 5.5:10                                         Invitation for M.S.B. 14.7:12
Factory on island passes 5,5:10                                              Pool to be altered for titles 14.7:12
Royal vlalt poaalble 5.5:10                                                  Council may go into film buainess 14.7:12
Plana for oil tank to go ahead 5,5:10                                        Free theatre seats clause to be altered 14,7:12
Alderman'a sex "no barrier" at talks 5,5:10                                  H.D.W.B. change "not likely thia jear" 14.7:12
Wharf Rd parking "may aid traffic" 6.5:12                                    Tactics (Leader) 15.7:2
Council told to keep city retail sites 6.5:12                                Council fire controls attacked 17.7:1
Novocastrian Motor Inn debate 7.5:3                                          Wran's visit criticism "petty" 17.7:3
Former Lord Mayor criticises inn decision                                    Committee to check beach improvementa 19.7:6
 8,5:5                                                                       The leadership of a city 21.7:2
R e s i d e n t g r o u p p r e s s e s cyery on p a r k i n g 1 2 5 : 8      $1.5M plan for hospital 21.7:20
 Seminar p l a n on e n t e r t a i n m e n t f o r y o u t h                Bond store "could be restored" 21.7:20
 12,5:12                                                                     Cathedral may get $15,000 21.7:21
 Sympathy for Italians 12.5:12                                                Doctor calls R.N.H. monstrosity 21.7:21
Car ciub haa "home" hope                    12,5:12                          Repair of old chambers 21.7:23
Council may buy land back 12.5:12                                            Three children "hit" using crossing 21.7:21
Rugby body may get club 12.5:12                                              Chance for old Tech building 28.7:12
Fiah hawkers may be in the net 12,5:14                                        Sp>eed curb pleas "unreal" 28.7:12
Ratea throat over snales, rats 12,5:14                                        Child centres values to be reassessed 28.7:12
Time to pay policy backed 13.5:10                                             More stop aigns 28.7:12
Newcastle cDuncil facoa new building dilemma                                  Petrol depots "city hazard" 4.8:1
Work on house could stop sale 18,5:1 ^ ' •                                    B'meadow speeding charges 4.8:8
 Decision sought on consultanta 18.5:5                                        Demolition delay recommended 4.8:8
Council plana tour of Pink Elephant site                                      New church planned 4,8:8
 19,5:1                                                                       Tobruk rata visit plan for North 4,8:8
Messages to be sent to Arcadia 19.5:14                                       Amusement centre in King St not favoured 4.8:8
Handbill law change move 19.5:14                                              Impossible to buy half tonne of coal 4.8:12
Work starts on piort 19.5:15                                                  Five year plan for beaches advocated 4.8:12
 Speedier job at ahopa urged 19,5:15                                          "Intersection" found to bo a phantom 4,8:12
 Street "used for truck repairs" 19,5:15                                     Approval for flats 4,8:29
 Discussion sought on ordinance breach 20,5:10                                Alderman quits,calla for overseer 5.8:3
Council aerves ultinatum on Pink Elephant                                     Building deaign competition under way 9,8:6
 ownera 21,5:3                                                                North aeeka money for unemployed 12,8:6
Hamilton man told to alter illegal building '                                 Clear aims aought on development 12,8:7
 26.5:1                                                                       City Hall bargain jeans a council pants
 Houae may become c i t y ' a f i r s t moaque                26.5:13         pain 13,8:1
 $100,000 p l a n for "pink" market 2 6 . 5 : 1 3                             Joy's jeanery (Leader) 14,8:2
No quroum 2 6 . 5 : 1 3                                                       Jeanory has firm legal baae 14.8:3
A.B.C. purchase seen as futile 26,5:13                                        Shelter In Christo Rd apposed 18,8:14
A strategic victory (Leader) 27,5:2                                           Health centre use sought for tests (Beresfield)
 Debate on illegal building changes continues                                 18,8:14
 2,6:1                                                                        Power conditions "could deter industriea" 18.8:14
Changes sought in dection to Hunter Water                                     No decision on cathedral 18,8:16
 Board 2,6:19                                                                 Parking plan oppoaed (Catholic Church,
 Mrs Aldermen change the name game 2.6:20                                     Boreafleld) 18.8:16
Hospital parking land sought 2,6:20                                           College "problema" aeen (Wood St Technical
 Restaurant licence refused 2,6:20                                            College) 18,8:16
 obligation on home renovations 2,6:20
                                                             N,M,H, INDEX                               61, 1976

NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL (C'td)                                          NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL (C'td)

Radio telephone terminal plttna 18,8:13                                kooragang planning: city aeeka more say
Council may step out of city hall Jeans                                12,10:9
19,8:6                                                                 Kooragang (Leader)     13,10:2
Oi>enlng dite s e t fcr $35,000 C i t y Plaza                          Model railway clubhouse (Dora Rd, Adamstown)
19,8:6                                                                 13,10:11
Council «vlng plan 21,8:8                                              Swim centre inapection 13.10:11
Council to consider repaint 21,8:31                                    13 aldermen proaont 13.10:11
Labor aldermen "explode myths" 23,8:12                                 12 youtha in diaturbance 13,10:11
Proteat lodged against city fun parlour                                Sunday aale plan for car 13,10:11
24,8:3                                                                 Stockton trlfxlo boat ramp likely 13,10:11
Curba fcr uae of hall 25,8:10                                          Give way aigna requeatod 13,10:11
Recognition to be sought fcr hero 25,8:10                              Committee aupporta centre (South Wallsend)
Fun centre approved 25,8:10                                            13.10:11
Pools loaa $200,000 a year 25,8:10                                     Regional payment Avoured 20,10:12
 Sewer fund bid 25,8:10                                                Additions to aurf club 20.10:8
Aid for aurf club drive 25,8:11                                        Homeleaa men may get special care 20,10:11
 Progrram for beachoa 25,8:11                                          Chock on mine work "solo task"       20,10:11
 Inquiry en coal haulage 25,8:11                                       Hunter Regional council backed 20,10:11
New Tbch rlak aeen In retention 25,8:11                                Launching ramp for old beat aite        20,10:11
Conaultant iaaue to bo oxpidlted 25,8:11                               Home for children approved 21,10:17
 Parking of lig trucks queried 26,8:7                                  Social body to aid resident groupa 22.10:11
Trucking (Leader) 27,8:2                                               Reaidenta object to T.V, studio expansion
 Plaza (Leader 3 0 , 8 : 2                                             27,10:8
City fun parlour r e c l a a l o n "not on" 1 , 9 : 1                  Child care centre,if cash comea 27,10:8
 Channel 3 plana for a t u d l o grcwth 1 , 9 : 1 3                    Car park plan for warohouae 27,10:8
 Department l e j e c t a s c h o o l s a f e t y prop>oaala           Five councila may share combined computer ser-
 1,9:13                                                                vice     28,10:7
 Delay move on Inapection of hall                    1,9:13            City Council to atudy youth propoaal 28,10:13
Refusal on crossing warning change 1,9:13                              Dual sport facilities approved 28.10:13
 Mater expansion rezoning plea 1,9:14                                  No action on cliff walk      3). 10: 32
 Parking atation to op>en at night 1,9:14                              Developer aeeka advice on pavilion rejection
 Uayfield plan inquiry to be made 1,9:14                               2.11:3
 Subdivialon power "impeded" 1,9:14                                    Bar Beach (Leader)     3.11:2
 Football fana "pay for splinters" 1,9:14                              Education centre wina Dangar 3.11:10
 Maintenance vote recommended 1,9:14                                   Work group conaidera public access tapes
 Beach licenaed leataurant favoured 1,9:14                             3.11:11
 Bar Beach reataurant "good fcr dty" 2,9:3                             Parking plan for trust warehouse 3.11:11
 Committee would cD-ordlnate muaeuma 2.9:7                             Restaurateur tells of lease offer 5,11:1
 Parking atation opien Saturday (Glbaon St)                            Participation (Loader)     8,11:2
 2.9:10                                                                Civic design award winners go on show
 City blda fcr 'paddock" 2,9:17                                        9,11:1
 Fear t h a t dock r e p o r t w i l l be t o o l a t e 8 . 9 : 8      I,A,C. report drawa protest 10,11:16
 Reataurant [ian (feferral t i l l a 8 . 9 : 8                         Debate on T,V, studio plan deadlocked
 $1/4M marked for beach worka                  8.9:8                   10,11:16
 1,900 v l a i t o r a for muaeum 8 , 9 : 8                            Staff officer may manage theatre 10.11:16
 Light atandarda may have t o bo r e p l a c e d                       Alderman aaka for detalla on Cooka Hill
 8,9:9                                                                 fair 11,11:7
 Meters seen aa a i d to jsbleaa 8 . 9 : 9                             City car park aite teat begina 11,11:13
 Polea "Bhould go" 8 , 9 : 9                                           Cooka Hill Fair chief giving council detalla
 Meeting planned on muaeum centre 8 . 9 : 9                            12,11:6
 Beach reataurant plan "ruled o u f ' l a a t                          Civic award for aervice planned 12,11:12
 year        9,9:1                                                     Bar Beach appeal Improper:Morria 13,11:3
 G r i t t y f a r e (Leader)         9,9:2                            Council working party meeta 15,11:8
 Restaurant plana fcr beach"deferred"                      10,9:3      Requeat to leave meeting "correct" 17,11:16
 City p o l i c y on c a f e queried 1 3 , 9 : 3                       Tender for child centre withdrawn 17,11:16
 Reaclaaion mve on beach l e a a e eepected                            Hotlon on tendera defeated 17,11:16
 14,9:3                                                                Manager for Civic to be conaidered 17,11:16
 Burgea wants reataurant advice 15,9:1                                 Amalgamated oommittoes auggeated 17,11:16
 New reataurant bid finda favour 15,9:8                                Hat draw docldea chairman (Library
 Tender aipported for promeiade 15,9:8                                 Committee)     17.11:17
 Kooragang plana asught oi sand aepanse 15.9:8                         Aldermen quash ward reduction idea 17.11:17
 Lambton sign move falla 15,9:8                                        Mutilation of books 17.11:17
 Bua -stop alte alternative suggested                                  Books will honour ethnic grroups 17,11:17
 (Croudace a, Lambton) 15,9:9                                          All clear for Hill fair      19,11:5
 Squaah court plan for {x>ola 15,9:9                                   N,B,N. plans rejected 19,11:5
 M.S.B. "concerned" by refusal to T'enow                               New council team suggested 20,11:5
 club's occupancy 15.9:9                                                Switch in time may save concert nine
Council given Kooragang voice 16,9:1                                   24.11:14
Minister orders urgent pavilion inquiry                                 Insider likely for Civic job 24.11:14
 17,9:1                                                                Pop shows present no problems 24,11:14
 Kooragang committee (Loader) 17,9:2                                   Opinion sought on piano choice 24,11:14
A case for management 22,9:2                                           2 telegrams for Eraser on dock 24,11:14
Minister offers funds for centre 29,9:10                               Advice sought on pavilion letter 24,11:14
 Emergency H.Q. plan for depxst 29,9:10                                One way traffic plan 24,11:14
Motor Inn discussion closed 29,9:10                                    New committee chalrouui 24.11:14
Aid Cuimnings sees council action as slight                             Doorknock limit likely 24,11:14
29,9:11                                                                 Deadlock again on Channel 3       24,11:15
Housing needs repx}rt sought 2 9 . 9 : 1 1                             Ciabtree not drawn on lease opinion 25,11:11
Dispute on p a v i l i o n l e a s e repxirt 2 9 . 9 : 1 1             New ruling on pavilion sought 1,12:1
Kindergarten plans for d i s u s e d church 2 9 . 9 : 1 1              Channel 3 saga takes another step 1,12:14
Surf club wants p a v i l i o n                                         "Family" films for Civic proposed 1.12:19-
RepK>rt made pxiblic             30.9:1                                No extra space for ccibaervatorlun 1.12:15
P r e s e r v i n g inner c i t y ' a character 1 . 1 0 : 2             Mviiion case to Minister next week 2.12:13
Alderman c h a l l e n g e s Bpx}rt embargo 1 . 1 0 : 3                 Piiano purchase to be considered 2,12:16
Plaque aaya thanks (Darwin) 2 . 1 0 : 5                                New borne for S,E,S. likely 8.12:18
The Bar Beach l e t t e r s 4 . 1 0 : 2                                 New piano proposed .8.12:18
Aged c e n t r e f i n a n c e o u g h t (Adamstown)                    Diocesan car park favoured     &12:18
4.10:9                                                                 Coal truck spweds checkp sought 8.12:18
                                                                        Deadlock broken on Channel 3 extensions
F i r s t plans fcr t>each p a v i l i o n "ready t o go"
Bar teach (Leader) 8 , 1 0 : 2                                          Cross at crossing (Beresfield)   8.12:19
Cooks H.11 plEuis oppxised 8.10:3                                       Talks sought on city's homeless 8,12:19
Cummings on new connlttee 8.10:3                                        Aldermen go on the air at access meeting
Miniater investigating lease 9.10:3                                     8.12:19
Residents fear cliff death 9.10:3                                       New tender schane considered 8,12:19
Cara or people? (Leader) 11.10:2                                        12 groupa reply to city studies 14,12:13
Watchdog 0-oup will check 12.10:1 )                                     Counoll case adjourned 19,12:8
Council affairs                                    )                    Aasurjafica given on Jobless 19.12:12
                                        N.M.H. INDEX                                                     62, 1976


New (rand piano for Civic Theatre 19,12:12             City's streets dirtiest   22.9:10
Last meeting for 1976 ,16,12:13                        Fewer attend clinic 29,9:11
 lord Mayor sees clock options 15,12:13                Ratepayer complains of privacy invasion 23,10:1
Once,but no more, NBN 3 told 15.12:35                  LM People told of visit 28,10:13
Cohen building"not suited"as car park 24.12:5          Dogs may be killed after 3 days not 7, 29,10:1
The Ifcll, four years later 28,12:5                    Dust complaint investigation 16,11:3
                                                       Garbage area lane report discussed 8,12:19
                                                       Garbage strike         1^,12:3
Tender accepted for cookers 31,3:11
Abattoir atrike ends 18,6:7                            NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL - MARKETS
Abattoir fee rise "should be dropped" 24,6:13
Name decided for new gallery 22,9:10                   Market rentala to increaae 8,9:B
Consultant job may gp to IJGA 22,9:10                  NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL - PARKS AND
                                                       Rotunda annex classified 4,2:11
$3Million [aid on centre 4,2:10                        App>ointments approved 11,2:11
Centre cost Inquiry refused 11,2:10                    Tree-lover loses fight 26.2:1
Civic centre inquiry sought 7,4:3                      A city of few treea (Leader) 28.2:2
Inspection of city building 20,4:7                     Council asked to indicate attitude to treea
Sir John invited to open centre 5.5:1                  1.3:11
Unwise move (Leader) 6.5:2                             $1,000 grant 17,3:11
No boycott for Sir John 6,5:3                          Plan for oval advertising adopted 14,4:7
Sculpture sought for civic centre building             Advertising on ovals 21,4:14
13,5:1                                                 Berriea "serious problem" 28.4:9
Criticism of Kerr invitation 13,5:10                   Hamilton trees costly 29.4:8
Civic block proteat called 11,6:5                      Trees fate In balance 5.5:10
A long, long veekend (note)   12,6:2                   Two pavilions favoured 12.5:12
Preparing to mve In 23,6:15                            Tree removal opposed 13.5:7
Reaclaaion likely over Kerr invitation 27,7:3          Park drivera may be halted (Waratah Park)
City cancela Sir John Kerr viait 28,7:1                19.5:15
More folly (Leader) 29,7:2                             Footpath treea to be cut 19.5:15
Fight for Newcastle leadership 31,7:1                   Pigeons poae pollution problem 26.5:12
Special report by Town Clerk 7,8:1                     Appointments to committees 30,6:19
Civic block opening by (Jueen aought 9,8:1             Waratah Park toilet grant 5.7:7
A.L.P. hope for admin block looks alim                 Group wanta action on Pacific Park 5.7:9
10,8:1                                                  Park hill climb approval aought 7,7:20
What'a a name? (Leader) 10.8:2                          Smith Park drainage work recommended 7,7:21
Governor choaen to op)en centre 11,8:1                  "Danger"to campers U v e a at Stockton
The beat decialon (Leader)     12,8:2                   10,7:31
"Late" explanation dlaallowod 25.8:1                    Pavilion "outed" 14,7:12
Admin block memo Issue "cloaed" 2,9:7                   Propoaals for pavilions in parka 21.7:20
Royal Invitation "out of crder" 8,12:18                 Blackbutt study    18.8:14
Unnecesaary (Leader)    9,12:2                          Passmore oval may get a toilet block 15.9:8
Humbug, nonsense alleged in civic debate     *          Social welfare merged with health safety
15,12:13                                                15,9:17
                                                        Preaident honoured by tree (Aid J. May)
NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL - ELECTIONS                      25,9:33
                                                        Civic park cut recommended (Includes the
Aid Bell may run for Lord Mayor 24,6:1
                                                        development of a recreational reaerve on
Special meeting to elect Lord Mayor 30,6:18
                                                        the ccalmine aite in Blackbutt Reaerve)
Citizens in mayoral drive 26,7:1
Govt "should pay" for mayoral pjoll 4,8:8
                                                        Blackbutt: a peoplea park 30.9:2
Lord Mayoral race c^iickens 5,8:3
                                                       Civic park c u f ' l u d l c r o u a "   30.9:7
Shoppers back lord Mayor 6,8:3
                                                       New name favoured for ground 13.10:11
The Mayoral electlona (Leader) 9,8:2
                                                       Parka are being degraded     14,10:LH1
Newcastle favours mayoral poll 12,8:7
                                                       Old shed for Port ahlre 20.10:8
Newcastle rallying to lord mayor 14,8:3
                                                       Pigeon club to uae Dangar Park 27.10:8
Contenders confirm civic p)Oll entriea 2.9:3
                                                       $100,000 to fight weeds    3.11:11
Gosper deputy mayor nominee 6,9:1
                                                       Changes to Blackbutt favoured by committee
Mayoral fight hota up 7.9:3
Lord Mayor endorsed 8.9:1
4,000 sign petition for Lord Mayor 10.9:7              Blackbutt (Leader) 25.11:2
                                                       Black butt opinions aought 30.11:3            .
Mayoral electlona (Loader) 13,9:2
Three aeek lord mayoralty 13.9:2                       Animals "safe" in Blackbutt 1,12:14
Independents key to lord mayor election                Park committee appxjintment (H.Nash) 15.12:12
                                                       Blackbutt keepa fauna 15.12:13
Anderson new lord mayor 14.9:1
                                                       NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL - PLANNING
Newcaatle promiaed loader of atyle
(Brian Shepherd) 21,9:1
                                                       Committee aees Cultural centre changres plans
New election niloa to atir council 9,11:2
Lib move in council uilikely2,12:13
                                                       Committee approves subdivialon pxlans 17,3:11
Cummlnga entera lord mayor ballot 23.12:3
                                                       Consent for hoatel recommended 22,3:9
                                                       Control on building heights to save viewa
NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL   HEALTH AND                    2,4:3
GARBAGE                                                Preaerving the view (Leader) 5,4:2
                                                       Schemea begin for city centre future 6,/l:l
City ateps up war on pieats 19,1:6
                                                       Reaidenta may have say in City planning 22.4:7
Dumped fee "challenged" 4,2:11
                                                       Council urged to raze its old buildings
Cost cans garbage recycle plana 5,2:7
108 health breach convictions 11,2:11
                                                       Traffic problems with medical school 26.5:12
Demand fcr dumpa seen 3.2:13
                                                       Solution to East End congeation "fantasy"
$36 rise in pan charges urged 17.3:10
Clamp urged on heaters 3,4:8
                                                       City future outlined in reports 28.9:5
Riders my get new area     28,4:9
                                                       People's voice In city planning 2,10:2
Former garbage area fcr public 5.5:10
                                                       Access to Civic plans may widen    21,10:15
Lack of garbos delays service 5,5:16
Garbage men bite the dust 11,4:6
Curb seen in lorna St area uae 19.5:14                  NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL - RATES AND FINANCE
Publicity aought on asphyxiation 26.5:12
Future of old tip unroaolved 26.5:12                    Residents plead for firm rates 16.1:5
Object lesson (Leader) 28.5:2                           Council raises $iM loan 29,1:6
Pony club will get uae of 12ha     30.6:19              Rate talks tonight 3.2:3
 Flu shortena garbage run 21.7:23                       Rate rise of 26.8% recommended 4.2:1
 Septic tanka the issue 15.9:8                          Group's sole council voice silenced 4.2:1
 Bid to keep city beautiful 15.9:9                      Count the cost (Leader)   5.2:2
 Social welfare merged with health, aafety              Correction; Proceedings of N . C C Finance
 15.9:17                                                Committee (Cont, next page)
                                                  N.M.H, INDEX                                   63. 1976

                                                             New wing for C.A.E. put off 7.1:3
from previous page; 4/2/76, referred                         C.A.E. acting head retires 7,1:10
incorrectly to Aid McGrath. Th^ alderman                     Crago plan makes studonta curloua        9,1:2
concerned waa Aid T,W, McNamara)    11,2:12                  Welcome plana for principal 28,1:6
Citizens group preaaing for low greneral rate                 Encore for art achool 29,1:10
12,2:3                                                        Japaneae look at education 21,2:29
Labor call for 37% limit on rate riae 14,2:1                  Studonta scootered.1,3:7
City rate up 19% after council clash 17,2:1                  Art achool progroaa 20,3:3
Quick complainta on 19% rate jump 18,2:9                     NEAT cuta may force atudenta to quit 1,4:3
Agreement on pool land 18,2:11                               Graphic art dlaplay 13.4:12
City warned on budget apending 3,2:1                         College association a new concept 15,4:8
Labor backa city rate indexation 3,3:16                       Diplomas for 670 at C A . E .   5.5:19
Higher rent for ahop aought 4,3:7                            Bike record broken 8,5:1
Review on aport areas may be made 10,3:10                     Some graduates "disenchanted" 8.5:9
Council feces big deficit 10.3:10                            Conference on learning drawa 170 11.5:6
Decision en doforrment question put off                       Historical literature aought 14,7:27
10.3:10                                                       N,CA.E, aeeka duty lift 26,7:7
$1,35M loan a l l o c a t i o n doea not cover planned        Lecturer appointed C,A,E. deputy (Douglas
abattoir   11.3:7                                             Huxley) 48:3
Plea on rate tax noted 15.3:7                                 College in community     14.8:2
Way to clear up meaay budget 18,3:2                           Proapoctive students get preview       16.8:9
Tax ahare acheme atand decided 24,3:10                        $5.3M listed 21.8:9
Likely grant from atate ;228,000    24,3:11                   $1M works plan for college 24.8:7
Shelving tender accepted 7,4:11                               College organ approved      30.8:9
Cut In leaae fee sought 14,4:7                                Appeala board for students 28,8:31
Boreafleld "getting fair crack of whip"                      Teacher trainees may have to queue 15,9:3
21.4:14                                                      College portrait 22,9:7
Wickham land aold 5,5:7                                       College gains four new staff 25.9:33
Fees could riae by $50,/)00 12,5:14                           Warning on dances at N.A.C.E.       12.10:5
Deficit for city "unlikely" 13.5:3                           Art students prepare exhibition for dlaplay
Report asught before budgret 2,6:19                           30.10:1
Ratepayers grroup to meet 9.6:7                               Education centre wina Dangar       3.11:10
More rates meetings likely 11,6:5                             Examinations fcr 3,000 students 15.11:8
Councll"ln dark" on tax sharing reform 12.6:3                 Changes aought to TEAS      16.11:5
City rates "higher than capitals" 14,6:8                      C.A.E. portrait groea on ahow in tempory home
Rate payment volunteered    19,7:12                          (Mr L Gibba)   14,12:3
Ratea Income up 25% 22,7:6                                   Teaching centre for handicapped needs finance
Council challenged to freeze ratea 23,7:6                    21.12:6
Cuta In council apending tippjed 17.8:7                      College council acta on nationallaatinn call
No work cuta neceaaary 18,8:16                                29,12:3
Group wants moratorium on rates 24,8:7                       N,CA,E. centre set to op>en 27.12:4
City aeeks news on rating 26,8:7                             Now post for lecturer (Trevor Fullerton)
 $1M loan approved 22,9:10                                    28,12:22
Budget aavea Newcastle Council $79,000                       New courses approved for C.A.E. 29.12:16
 2,10:3                                                      Teachers' office to be extended 29.12:16
A,L.P. p r e s e l e c t i o n for council 23,10:10          Art selection body formed       29.12:16
N,Y,S, seeka funda fcr counaellor 27,10:8
Parking feea may r i a e 27,10:8                             NEWCASTLE EAST
$1,2M plan to help cushion r a t e 27,10:8
Car feea riae a t King St, 4.11:21                           East end sign to reassure visitors 11.2:10
$108,000 for 30 new vehlclea 10.11:16                        City power alte can go, but nobody waa told
Wallaend land fund backed 10,11:16                          \20.2:6
87 year cid Telford St tenant wina aupport                   Plea for E aat End green bana to atay 19.3:5
10,11:17                                                     Group in plan on Eaat City 24.3:10
Ratea decided in February 14,12:5                            Newcaatle Eaat motel "option"    30.3:3
                                                             Worka study on motel development deferred
                                                             Power house demolition - End In sight for Zaara
Lake Rd to be renamed 4,2:11
                                                             St.     9.4:1
Merewether rcadwork "not major city link"
                                                             A vision for the city (Leader)    10.4:2
                                                             Council interested in Zaara St.     13.4:7
Row over wire fence across public road (Pitt St)
                                                             East Motel plan upaet reaidenta 13.4:13
                                                             Legal advice aought on motel acheme 19,4:1
Rich cloae too near joke 31.3:11
                                                             Motor Inn (Leader)   20,4:2
New lame for lane (Rowan Lane) 7.4:10
                                                             Aldermen divided on motel issue 21,4:1
Street cloaure for Premier    7,4:10
                                                             The councils authority (Leader)     22,4:2
Plan for land to ectend roads 26,5:13
                                                             Morris Invites prosecution    234:1
Residents cppose road work 10,6:7
                                                             No pressure for prosecution 24,4:3
Road history lesson for Minister 16,6:17
                                                             Novocastrian Inn produces headache for
Part of road may be sold (Moira St) 7,7:20
                                                             council    26,4:2
Aldyth street drivers speak out 18,8:14
                                                             Alderman admits breach 28,4:9
Funds transfer for road 18,8:31
                                                             Authority at stake (Leader) 4.5:2
City's streets "dirtiest" 22.9:10
                                                             Novocastrian legalised 5.5:1
Civic Park cut recommended 29.9:1
                                                             Decision on law move not made 5.5:10
A city is for people (Leader)   29,9:2
                                                             Novocastrian Motor Inn debate 7.5:3
Civic Park cut ludicrous 30,9:7                              Former Lord Mayor criticises inn decision
Part of street may be aold 10,11:16                          8.5:5
Road scoured for aafety (Charleatown Rd)                     Resident group presses query on parking 12.5:8
1,12:15                                                      Solution to East End congestion "fantasy"
NEWCIASTLE CITY COUNCIL       STAFF                          Zaara St power site days numbered 4.6:5
                                                             Vagrants still using hotel    15.6:6
Age note paysllp upsets workers 8.3:6
                                                             Bid to lift East End green bans      16.6:16
Works staff down 10%    21,7:21
                                                             The golden opportunity (Leader)     17.6:2
Holiday for half staff    4,8:8
                                                             Golden Sands sealed again 19,6:3
Picnic day (Nov 26) 1,9:13
                                                             No action end for Golden Sands    22,6:3
15 seek high council pxjst 14.10:7
                                                             City accused of plotting in East End 25,6:3
Cessnock clerk now city aaalstant
                                                             Demolition opposed 29.6:8
(D. Mayton)   4,11:8
                                                             Group wants action on Pacific Park 5.7:9
                                                             Council owned houae "vagrrant haven" (Ocean St)
NEWCASTLE QTY CCXJNCIL - WORKS                               6.8:5
                                                             City motor inn for auction 31.8:12
Club haa plan for foreshore (Hexham
                                                             Eaat end proposal backed 9,9:20
Bowling Club)     4,2:11
                                                             Modified Beaches plan grets support 14.9:1
Advertising for ovals backed 18,2:11
                                                             The Novocastrian papers 15,9:2
Carrington alloa recommended 18,2:11
                                                             Motor Inn discussion closed 29,9:10
$163 ,,000 for each ward 26,8:7
                                                            Novocastrian passed in at $650,000      29,10:3
$250 for fcnce 15,9:9
                                                             Union for East End demolition 6,11:1
                                          N.M.H. INDEX                                 64, 1976

NEWCASTLE EAST (C'td)                               NORTHERN TERRITORY

Early talks on demolitions 8.11:3                   Carwin answers in mini-cyclone 3.1:8
Residents rebuff on grreen bans 9,11:10             Darwin gets safer homes 3.3:7
Residents rebuff B.L.F. on green ban 9.11:10        Extra Darwin relief 8.3:3
Against the unknown (Leader) 10,11:2                Row blows up over cyclone fund project 10.3:5
B,L,F. "not againat East End work" 13,11:3
                                                    "Clobber" risk high in Darwin 16.3:1
N,T,H,C seeks green ban aupport 16,11:3
                                                    $150M cut in N,X. works 16,3:6
Eaat End parking inquiry 30,11:17
                                                    Cyclone relief lind closing 17,3:3
Dibceaan car park favoured 8,12:18
                                                    Darwin work "held up"    3.4:1
Car park"defies inner city plan"    14,12:3
                                                    $40,000 cash missing 3,5:1
                                                    Missing $40,000 found 4,5:10
NEWCASTLE HARBOUR                                   Cattle station leaae forfeited 11.5:7
                                                    Darwin'a new community "example" 17,5:12
Drilling rig for harbour 23,1:6                     Darwin clouta nudlata 29,6:10
Watchmen want overseas ships 5,2:6                  Salvation Army aids Darwin     23,8:6
Dispute stops harbour drilling 4,3:3                Beauty queat queatlona inveatlgated 9,10:3
Shippera.BHP aave $1M 31,3:3                        Cattle shooting inquiry move 18,10:3
Japanese show interest in harbour deepening         New cathedral rising from Darwin rubble
Silt builds up in channel 15,4:7
                                                    Cyclone Tracy blows up book atorm 5.11:7
Harbour work tender held up in channel 15,4:7
                                                    What's In a State name? - plenty 8.11:2
Harbour will be one of the deepest in
                                                    Darwin appeal (Leader)    11,11:1
Australia   5,^:16
                                                    Appeal fund Inquiry sought 11,11:3
Now position on harbour 6,5:6
                                                    $iM for cyclone victims 13.11:3
Work atarts on port 19,5:15
New assistant harbour master (Capt. Brian           Diaaster Inquiry urged 15,11:3
Ramadge)   27,5:7                                   P.M. criticiaes Stretton over commenta 17,11:11
Channel to be dredged 11,6:1                        Darwin Inquiry ordered 18,11:3
Harbour tests please M,S,B,    12,6:31              Stretton reporta "inconsistent" 19,11:7
Artificial port plan alive 22,6:2                   Money wasted: Darwin Mayor 22.11:1
Cost of deeper harbour could reach $100M            Darwin talks on future of cyclone funds
23.6:9                                              22.11:6
New tug works In Newcastle 30.6:7                   Darwin fund meeting 22.11:10
Channel deepened   2.8:8                            Darwin charity bodies deny cheat claim 23.11:1
Tenderers get harbour data 27.8:3                   Minister confirms gag on Stretton 2.12:3
Noisy time ahead: M.S.B, 6.9:2                      Judge rejects $9M compensation claim    10.12:6
Global advertising for harbour work 8,10:3
Green ban holds up harbour project 15,10:2          NUCLEAR POWER
Review of harbour work ban sought 16,10:9
Wharves Ian for talks    30.10:33                   Peacock to oppose atomic ban 9,3:3
Wind gust upaets crane 5,11:5                       Modified pact for non-nuclear zone 10.3:3
Bigger work force sought for p>ort 10,11:15         Nuclear waste peril in U.S, 12.3:2
Ferry wharves demolition ban endorsed 12,11:8       Atomic energy caution pleas    7.4:3
Harbour blasting to last for 3 years 24,11:1        Uranium mining and nuclear power 13.4:2
Harbour noise (Loader)    24,11:2                   Unexpected evil could trigger nuclear bomb
Harbour workforce boost sought 24,11:10             19,5:2
New tug on the harbour (Wyambl) 11.12:9             Resign call to atomic chief (Prof, D. George)
New V.I.P. launch OD harbour (Port Hunter)          9,7:3
                                                    N-power use discounted 18,9:5
                                                    Nuclear plans "unsafe" 21.9:3
City gives support to harbour deepening
                                                    Nuclear waste threat seen 25.9:2
                                                    Australia should be a nuclear waste dump
Arrival of bunch delayed 15,12:27
Harbourmaster pleaaed with new launch 16,12:7       4,10:3
                                                    Woman plan N-protest 5,10:21
NEWCASTLE TRADES HALL C(XJNCIL                      Caution call on N-power 9,10:1
                                                    Professor defends nuclear safety 9,10:3
Vote for I T,H.C. posts 6,1:4
          D                                         Nuclear industry "near collapse" 26,10:1
Evacuate Timor call 9.1:4                           Hancock urges building with A-bombs 9.11:10
New leader for hfewcastle T.H.C. (J. Kidd)          Dumping of waste resumed 17,11:7
23.1:5                                              Killen orders Inquiry into waste buried at
Trades Hall backs achool bus proteat 6.2:6          atom site 10.12:1
Unions speak out against violence 20.3:31
N.T.H.C. goes for Anthony on Uranium 2,4:6          NUCLEAR TESTS
N.T.H.C. seelc parking station protests 16,4:5
Newcastle Unions challenge A.C.T.U. 30.4:6          France attacked over explosion 5,4:8          <
Union fund launched 24.5:11                         Precedent to proteat (Leader) 6,4:2
E.T.U. affirms breakaway bid 2.6:12                 Australia "should not go nuclear" 1,10:3
Recorded music disturbs N.T.H.C 2,7:7
Living standard talks after budget 9,7:7            NUDISM
N.T,H,C, to hold Medibank job talks 6,8:11
Printers quit N.T,H,C. 2.9:16                       Two females streak, Chappell follows on 17.1:1
N.T.H.C. protests at loss of free drugs 3.9:15      Cabinet ahiea off (Leader)    6,3:2
Centre to help workless 10.9:8                      Softer line on nude bathing 6.3:3
N.T.H.C to help striking workers 30,10:9            No nudist beach 20.3:3
Ferry wharves demolition ban endorsed 12,11:8       Nude beach will be on trial 22.7:3
Northern unions condemn Vic, Bill 26.11:5           Nude bathing beach plan rejected    28,7:15
Trades Hall seeka talk with Bishop 10.12:15         Nudists left out in the cold (Branxton)
The right to criticise (Leader)    11.12:2          13,10:1
T,H,C replies to Bishop Shevill 28,12:12            Naked bathing restricted to Sydney 21,10:3
        (Correction 5/1/77)                         Nude beach tourist magnet: Wyong councillor
NOISE                                               Shivering nudists meet protestors 1,11:3
                                                    Police nab "nude" nine    15,12:1
Mine noises worry Teralba residents 22.1:LH1        More nudists uae Dudley Beach 29,12:1
Res id aits angry over dance hall noise 5.2:7       Northern nudists "will get beach" 30,12:1
Noise charge "sour grapes"     3.3:13               "Bare beach" Inspjection for Dudley 31,12:3
Barking is nothing to crow about 3.4:1
Brisbane noise fines planned 13,4:12                NURSING HOMES
Noise getting louder, hurta more 29,5:2
Campaign on nolae revealed 21,6:7                   Nuraing home propoaal 1,4:HV1
Cockatoos' cry nuisance:SM     8,7:5                Home loaes matron (Matron Agland) 22,4:14
N.E.F, system: a guide for developera 11,11:10      Bricks for geriatric project (Maitland)
Confiscation in Noise Bill 26,11:3                  3,6:11
                                                    Nursing homes face crisis 9,6:3
NORFOLK ISLAND                                      $560,000 nursing home for retirement centre
                                                    (Bateau Bay) 5.8:LH4
Norfolk policy statement urged 17,11:11             Nursing home,hostel plana approved 13.9:7
Norfolk Island ataya Auatralian 18.12:3             Nuraing home problema reviewed 12.10:5
                                                    $1M to help aged (Weacott Home) 9.11:3
                                                             N.M.H. INDEX                                     65. 1976

NURSING HOMES (C'td)                                                 OBITUARIES (C'tS)

Nursing home benefit raised by $14   22,11:3
                                                                     Great loss (James Phillip HcAuley) (Leader)
Nursing home tenefit cp J 6,12;19        ^
Unveiling marks start of hostel (Wescott
                                                                     Leading poet dies at 59 (James Phillip
Nursing home) 20,12:8
                                                                     McAuley) 16.10:3
                                                                     Identity In Northern mining dies (Mr John
                                                                     Bowdler) 25,10:13
                                                                     Mining hero dies at 90 (William Gallagher)
 Shipping firms founder dies (John Reid)
                                                                     A i r l i n e innovator d i e s aged 72 (Mr, D. Shand)
 War Crimea judge diea (Michael Deamond
 Healy) 5,1:12
                                                                     Death of Mr W.H. Boll 10.11:14
 Death of Dr S Hollowell 5.1:12                                      Veteran dies (Mr Albert John (Paddy) Burch)
 Death of medical pioneer (Dr Kent Hughea)                           18.11:U13
 7,1:15                                                              City Council worker dies (Miss N, Walker)
 Death of director, A,L,P, man (Erneat Smith)                        29,11:10
 12.1:8                                                              Mr Russell Hughea diea at 57 2,12:10
 Top pathologiat diea, sged 67. (Dr Steele                           B.H.P. nominee for top poet dies (Mr J.F,
 Douglas) 15,1.6                                                     Rich) 17,12:4
 "Wonan cf the year" diea (Daphne Laughlin)                          B.H.P. man had atrong Newcastle link 18.12:3
 15.1:LH2                                                            Maitland tradora funeral today 23,12:5
 Former North Identity dlea (Joan Ford)                              Youngest of famoua art family dies
 16.1:5                                                              (Sir Daryl Lindsay)            27.12:3
 F l r a t a p p r e n t i c e a t B.H.P, d i e a , 7 4 , ( A .
 Hinder)         23,1:5                                              OIL
 Death of Mr W.A. Daviee 24,1:5
 Death of noted aaccer player (David                                 Keroaene causes concern    5,2:HV2
 Williams) 24,1:30                                                   Oil signs In Ampol well 19.2:12
 Death of dairy chief (K, Humphriea) 30,1:6                          Pipeline problema (Leader)    23,2:2
 Death of Mr Harold Alder 3,2:7                                      Settlement enda threat to gaa,oil auppliea
 Our Glad dlea at 83 9,2:1                                           25,2:3
 Death of Mr Eric Tandy 9.2:6                                        Price rise Bought for crude oil 27,2:6
 End of era in mualcal comedy (Gladya                                Government approvea pipeline changrea 18,3:LH1
 Moncrleff) 9,2:8                                                    Canberra acrapa oil fleet plan 20,3:3
 Death of Mr K,K. Tullock 13,2:3                                     Oil output increaaea 24,3:7
 Death of aport Identity (0. Buah) 27,2:12                           Plana for oil tank to go ahead 5.5:10
 Mulbring identity,79, diea (T, Clifton)                             Sydney-Nowcaatle pipeline delay 23.6:3
 8,3:8                                                               Big barge to load Bass oil platform 23,6:24
 Pioneer had varied life (T.Clifton) 11,3:LH2                               i
                                                                     Ampol E c seeks riae in crude oil price 14,7:29
 500 attend funeral (S,Mauger) 16.3:3                                Petrol dopota "city hazard" 4,8:1
 Death of top R.L. Identity (H, Worthingrton)                        More oil importa tipped 6,8:1
 24,3:30                                                             Petrol depots fire fears 7.8:2
 Montgomery leapt to fame after Alameen 25,3:6                       Uglier than over (Leader) 7.8:2
 Academic dlea aged 82 27.3:7                                        Petrol depot fire at Tigha Hijl alarms
 Veteran rider diea in the aaddle (Horbie                            residonta 18,8:7
 Fiaher) 31,3:3                                                      Crude oil riae to world parity "expensive"
 Life apent in charity work (Grace Jackaon)                          29,9:1
 1,4:LH4                                                             Tanker to relieve ship fuel shortage 2,11:6
 Founder of Ampol dlea aged 79 (Sir                                  Arab oil man expects rise 10,11:22
 William Walkloy) 13.4:12
 William Walkley (Leader) 16.4:2                                     OIL REFINERIES
 Aboriginal artist diea (Girawala) 19,4:3
 Death of Mr T,S,Crawford 21,4:1                                     Coats dash refinery hopea 17,7:9
 Leading figurea mourn Sir William Walkley                           Oil men aaked to put off atrike 10,8:3
 21.4:6                                                              Strike threat to p)otrol 21.9:3
 Newaman diea auddenly at 63 (Colin Bednall)                         Oil atrike ahuta three N.S.W. planta 22,9:3
 27.4:9                                                              Fuel oil supply for eaaential aervicea
 Death of barrister Mr B.J .Braun 28,4:16                            25,9:3
 Death of club manager (T,Hartman) 30.4:8                            Prolonged petrol ahortage tipped for N.S,W,
Lament for Mr Arch Miller 5.5:3                                      28,9:1
 Death cf Mr J. Higgins 18.5:5                                       Petrol talka fail to end diapute 29,9:1
Aborigine tenor dies in Melbourne (Harold                            Hilla hita at piotrol non unioniat application
Blair) 22,5:3                                                        1,10:3
 Death of Colonel Rodd 26,5:10                                       Ration plana for petrol 2,10:1
Centenarian dies 2 montha from 101st                                 Court move today in oil atrike 5,10:3        ,
 birthday 27.5:LH5                                                   Strikea stall oil induatry 26.10:3
 Death of Mr A,W, Barker 1,6:8                                       Oil hearing expedited 26,10:6
Legacy veteran dies in Canberra (Eric                                Oil men accept offer 27,10:11
Barrett Hill) 3,6:11                                                 New throat to pjetrol auppliea 28,10:3
 Death of Mr, L Handa 3.6:11                                         Oil unlonB accept now agreement 28,10:11
Air firm founder dies (Keith Hilder) 4,6:3                           High court reaervea oil award decialon 2,11:6
Dame Sybil Thorndyke diea 10,6:1
                                                                     Fuel workers refuse to lift bans 11,11:3
 "Great Stateaman" mourned (Lord Caaey) 18,6:1                       Now law to counter oil bans 12,11:3
Lord Caaey - (note)                       19,6:2                     Little prospect for early oil relief    13,11:3
An e x c e p t l o i a l A u a t r a l i a n   19,6:2                Wran seeks A.C.T.U, help on oil, shipa 15.11:1
 Death of Dr T,R, Reese                      23,6:24                 Oil diapute draga on deapite talks 16,11:1
Boolaroo i d e n t i t y d i e s (Laurie Needa)                      Four state oil crisea meetings today 17,11:1
8,7:LH4                                                              Task force wanta refinery plan revived
Preaident of ahire diea (Cr Hunter Pierce                            17.11:15
McLoughlln) 10,7:9
                                                                     Workera at oil plants end bans 18,11:3
Death ofjouth director (Pastor G, Miller)                            N.S.W. may get now refinery 27,11:10
                                                                     "No petrol"signB appear in North 30,11:3
Mr, R,J..McDonald dies aged 78                        28.7:6
Death of Dr W. Gunthor 28.7:6                                        OIL SEARCH
Birds lose loyal friend (Peter Gri'vaa) 29.7:1
Moore brothers die 31.7:32
                                                                     Oil shale discovery "energy asset" 28,9:3
Cessnock identity dlea (Ken Oliver) 31.7:32                          Oil riggera aeek more time off 13.10:8
Death of Mr W. Mulr 18.8:12
Death of Mr L Harrlaon 20.8:5                                        OLD SYDNEY TOWN
Woman helped hoapital (Roae Allan) 2.9:19
Northern woman diea at 99 (Roaetta
                                                                     Old Sydney Town's future in doubt 31,7:32
Mclntyre) 18,9:3
                                                                     State to control Sydney Town 1,12:7
Funeral of bowla club stalwart (John Lowe)
                                                                     OLYMPIC GAMES
Well known Maitland Marist dies (Brother
Raphael Quinlan)                  9,10:3
                                                                     Lawn tennis to join Olympic queue 14,1:23
Prominent Glouceater citizen dies
                                                                     Olympics propoaala for N,S,W, "nadneas"
(Norman Hepplewhite) 11,10:9
M.P.'a pay tribute to Sen, Greenwood 14,10:7
                                                                     Commitment sought on Olympics 17.1:8
                                         N.M.H, INDEX                                   66, 1976

OLYMPIC GAMES   (C'td)                                  OLYMPIC GAMES (C'td)

Cohen urgea modified dlspiersal of games                Medal, record for Gayle (G, Nicholson) 6,8:14
27,1:7                                                  Olympic four look ahead    6,8:14
Olympic boy in birth bind (P, Nash) 2.3:1               2nd gold medal to C^ayle 9,8:16
Sonya, Pater off to Olympics 2,3:16                     Australia in the games top 10, 12,8:16
Olympic selection can bo costly 3,3:32                  Politics 83ur gold medal girl (Gayle
Nash eligible for Montreal 3.3:32                       Nicholson) 21,8:1
Water polo team for Montreal 4.3:20 .                   Disabled Olympians welcomed home 21,8:31
Not imich money,but rich in ideals 8,3:19               Olympian honoured (Gayle Nicholson) 2.9:LH1
No mistaking which country 10,3:1                       Olympic Games day of glory 26,11:16
Togged cjut (Leader)   10,3:2
Athletes bid for Montreal 18,3:20                       OMBUDSMAN
Sprinter youngrest in (lympic aide 23.3:16
Sprinter boost to team for Montreal 6.4:18              Senior ombudsman job for Wyong man
P.M, backs Matilda for Montreal 5,5:1                   (K, Fltzpatriok)   2,1:1
"Matilda" likely victory song 6,5:3                     Elllcot introduces bill to establish
Olympic pair start trek to Montreal 14,5:14             ombudsman 5,6:1
Olympic fund atill abort 17,5:3                         Listening to complaints 2,9:19
McElwaine Montreal bound 17,5:22                        Canberra seeking Ombudsman candidate 16,12:3
Brother and Sister Olympic athletea bound
for Montreal 12,6:31                                    RVCKAGING
How an Olympic.dream began 18.6:16
Olympic aecurlty chief "optimistic but not          State acts on big packets,small contents
naive"    21,6;5                                    22.10:1
Babaahoff cleana up at triala 22,6:14               Limit set for free space in packets 17.11:20
Protest by Olympic official 29,6:18
Security at games city rigid 2,7:1                      PARKS AND PLAYGROUNDS
 Sonya Gray "fit and stronger" 2,7:14
Auatrallana train at airport - arrive fit            Dedication of Lake Liddell Park "held uP"
 6,7:14                                              5.1:12
No aolution In Gamea crisis 12.7:1                   Gloucester shows its history (St Clement's
Rosemary looms as new Olympic hope 12.7:20           Historic Park) 15.1:HV2
Holland sees no risk in march 14,7:38                Getting It all together in a backyard park
Taiwan withdraws from Olympics 15,7:1                18,11:LH2
Auatralia picka Raelene Boyle to carry flag          Asaurancea given on playground 21,1:8
16,7:1                                               Loan fund atarts park plan (Karoola
 Swlmmera will feel preaaure 16.7:16                 Parkland) 10,5:12
No Olympica (N.S.W.) 16.7:16                         Park name approved (Tunkuwallln) 3,6:LH2
North may mias T,V. OLympics 17.7:1                  Council will replace hall 3.6:LH2
Holland looms aa dual medal hop)e 17,7:34            $80,000 park development (Blrralee Park,
Gamea anub threatena break up 19.7:1                 Kurri) 29,9:14
Hope for T.V. Gamea cover 19,7:1                     Park plan for old school aite (Bunnan
Black ban on gumea 19.7:2                            public school) 18,10:11
Tenaion eaaed at epenlng of Gamea 19.7:18           "Best in the world" aim for parks 11,11:LH1
Team uniforma bright and colourful 19.7:18           Car use of park land opposed 1,12:7
Backatrokera gain heat placinga 19.7:20              Scone seeks $55,000 for tourist parks 27,12:4
Auatralia falla to make glamour event 20,7:1
Cold water war heats up 20,7:14                         PENSIONS AND PENSIONERS
Rumanian gymiast Olympic favourite 20,7:14
"Ugly duckling" haa the gold (Mike Bruner)              C,P,I, stays guide for p)enslona 19,2:1
 20,7:14                                                Pension rise delay slated 19,2:8
A aad champ may never know (John Walker)20,7:14         Mineworkers proteat at penalon rise delays
 Records to tumble 20.7:16                              4.3:HV1
 Rowing eight holda aocret 20.7:16                      Pensioners get gaa concession 9.3:3
Aust and the world eyes Holland 21,7:38                 Pension travel benefits sought 9.3:9
Miased lunge red light to plunge 21,7:40                P e n a i o n a up 6,470 i n May 9.3:9
Swlmmera In the apotlight 22.7:1                        Penaionera warned of cuta 10,3:5
T.V. Olympica aafe "for few days" 22,7:1                Now hope on pjensionor rate cuts ll,ai,Hl
Tactics change by yachtaman     22,7:22                 Pensioners plan protest lobby 12.3:3
Two nation tattle In awlmiliing 22.7:24                 Pensioners to face politicians 8.4:15
Bortrand buck in aaillng contention 23.7:14             Penalons means teat to atay 15.4:6
Wagataff bowa out of diving 23.7:14                     Car relief bid by penaionera 22.4:16
Hockey side heading for gold 23,7:14                    Penaiona lobby in Canberra 24.4:31
Benko foiled In medal attempt 23.7:14                   Libs revolt on funeral benefita 28,4:1
Nadla "Queen of the Games" 23.7:14                      Rebela win and bill paaaea 29,4:1
Gymnast chasea four more grold 23.7:16                  Beneficial (Leader) 1,5:2
North's Olymplana still to come of age 23.7:16          Penaionera get fuel, but,,. 13,5:LH1
Fall from horae stuns Olympic Princess 26.7:1           Canberra penalon action auppor.led 19,5:12
West Indian halts U.S. grip on sprint 26,7:16           Winter fuel appeal for elderly opjens 27,5:7
"Big 3" continue to domirate games 28,7:18              Pension power rebates sought 28.5:5
Wilkle breaka U,S, run c wlm modala 26,7:18             Inquiry ordered into aged care 7,6:3
Auatralia nile againat Japan 26,7:18                    Pensioners aasured on Paradise 7,6:3
Swim coach calla for inquest     27,7:14                Pension power relate aought 7,6:12
Top day of gimes aa timea tumble 27,7:16                Lady Kerr to launch Senior Citizen of the
Raelene upset by dope test 27,7:16                      year quest 16.6:20
Haas proteata In yachting 27,7:16                       Rent and friendahip "join penBionors"22,6:6
Gamea crltlca "Whining" 28,7:3                          T.P.I, wanta dignity of home 1.7:1
Vlren In lino for two more medals 28,7:32               Telephone ringa but penaionor still alone
Victory hopea In Finn class 28,7:32                     2.7:3
Medal chances loft to Athletica team 28,7:34            Over $1,000 for fuel 2.7:5
Raelene'a final chance 20.7:20                          Penaionera want say on housing rentals 5,7:10
Jumpiora can do better 29.7:20                          Penaionera aeek voice on panel 5,7:12
Eight titles to be decided 29.7:22                      Fuel appeal at $1,099 15,7:10
Yachtaman happy with roaults 29.7:22                    Pensioners to discuss amalgamation 21,7:7
Raelene to start in relay 30,7:14                       More cash needed for fuel 22.7:10
Yachting chief calla for revision 30.7:14               Pensioner groupa vote for merger 22.7:13
East Germans two short of Munich tally 30,7:16          Mine pension could riae 30,7:3
Hockey team clutching for a gold 30,7:16                500 penaionera get liol 4,8:8
Olynplcs were winner for Munich people 31,7:32          Harraaament claim at Ira pensioners 7,8:5
Games events winding up 31.7:34                         Pensioners put power rebate case 9,8:9
East Germany scoops pool    2.8:16                      Pensioners form branch 17,8:8
Runners,boxer in Games highlight 2.8:18        ,        Holiday cabins for penaionera (Tanilba Bay)
Montreal asks: were the Games worth it? 3.8:6           28,8:8
France takes last gold 3.8:15                           New pension plan likely 2,9:LH1
Games over but future on line 3.8:16                    Pensioners annual rally 8,9:27
Australia headed for road back 3.8:16                   $7,50 rise In miners penaiona 18,9:9
Klllanln warns on 1980 games 4.8:38                     Pension rebates easier (H.D.W.B.) 25.9:9
Games again In political turmoil 5.8:20                 Penaionera rally today 11,10:9
warm leloone for 4 Olympians 6,8:1                      Penaionera demand bread price control 12,10:6
                                                                      N,M,H, INDEX                                67, 1976
                                                                              PETROL   (C'tdi
                                                                              Caution on petrol consumption claims 24,2:3
Pensions means teat planned: H,H,R. 18,10:6                                   Strike cuts petrol for N.S.W.       24.2:3
30,000 eligible for penaiona 19.10:7                                         ' "No breach"in petrol station delivery bans
Mlneworkera' penalons (Leader) 21.10:2                                        24,2:8
Aged plan to aee miniater 21.10:17                                            Canberra to curb union sales tan 25,2:1
Penaionera proteat at registration coats                                      Ban shuts discovint petrol station 26,2:3
6.11:5                                                                        Proasures of changre (Leader) 27,2:2
Means teat end cost $280U                    8.12:24                          No oil for cut price petrol 27.2:3
Penaiona rises for widows of miners sought                                    Another cut price petrol atation forced
14.12:6                                                                       to cloae 27.2:3
Now y e a r hope f o r ninor penaiona 1 5 . 1 2 : 2 8                         A.CT.U. aolo lodge writ       28,2:1
W h i t l a n c h a r g e s aged worse off        18,12:5                     Garagea "aold to escape tax"       2,3:3
Mine pjenalon I n c r e a a e d        18.12:8                                Tanker drivers on indefinite strike 6,3:8
Minos l e n a i o n s c h e q u e s 2 4 . 1 2 : 4                             State aeeka petrol aellera aid 9.3:3
                                                                              State help in gurage crisis 10.3:10
PERSONALITIES                                                                 Petrol diapute hopes rise 13.3:1
                                                                              High court diamlaaea aolo pjetrol claim 16.3:6
C^rrlngrton l o a e a i t s o n l y c h e m l a t ( F , C a l l e n )         State enda pjetrol tax     17.3:1
1.1:3                                                                         Capped off (Leader)     17.3:2
Plenty t o t a l k about a t reunion(E.Rawling)                               Petrol stocks"for two weeks"      25,3:7
8.1:LH3                                                                       "Drop piotrol prico"order 25,3:20
Morpeth c o u p l e p l a n h o l i d a y I n b r i g h t y e l l o w         Lead risk In patrol shown 30.3:3
bua 8,1:HV2                                                                   Discount pietrol bana lifted 13.4:1
The buay Auchmutya 15.1:10                                                    Petrol dlacount war tipped for North 14.4:1
Melbourne Oip In Mexican atyle (V, Adams)                                     All pjetrol up today 16,4:1
15,1:11                                                                       Labor "to check" oil price 19,4:3
Cake decorator named among famous (J,Mackay)                                  Petrol riae halt urged 24,4:3
21,1:19                                                                       Metric pjetrol pjricea catch aome drivera 29.4:1
S h o r t l a n d r a n , b r o t h e r meet a f t e r 47 y e a r a           Service atation ownera warned on pricea 30.4:1
(A, S i n c l a i r ) 2 6 , 1 : 8                                             Petrol prices (Leader)       1.5:2
Making the beat of wood (Jack Murray) 28,1:12                                 Tax anomalies hit aervice atationa 1.5:3
Off to Antarctica the tong way round (Jean                                    Petrol supply threat oases 8,5:9
Bailey) 28,1:13                                                               High tax plan for saving petrol 19.5:1
Belinda Green i home to worka                          29,1:11                A selfish minority      (Leader) 19.5:2
Dvnamlc worker leaves her mark in Canberra                                    Industry forecasts dearer pjetrol 20.5:1
(J. Hayes)             5.2:11                                                 Diminishing reaervea (Leader) 20.5:2
F l o r e n c e flowers a t 92 ( F , B-ice) 1 2 . 2 : 7                       Petrol atation man quita in price war 29.6:1
. , , a n d t h e odd dram of rum (Nehemiah                                   Petrol discounters quit 30.6:3
Jackson)          21.2:1                                                      Petrol war reaumea 7.7:11
Couple 5)ond h o l i d a y on 92 km Kokoda walk                               Hawke se«ka petrol outlet 15.7:3
11,3:13                                                                       Petrol depxjts "city hazard" 4,8:1
Couple toast 64 year bond (Mr and Mra McClure)                                Petrol depots fire feara 7,8:2
24.3:8                                                                        Uglier than ever (Leader) 7.8:2
3 octogrenarlana a t a l a t e r s 9 0 t h (Mra F , Lewia)                    Shell atationa may sell other brands 14,8:3
3.5:8                                                                         Petrol depot fire at Tigha Hill alarms
Man.90, car,50, atill In running order                                         residents 18.8:7
(Frederick Wlllmott)                     19,5:3                               Petrol sales challenge by B.P. 20,8:7
Woman finda China faaclnatlng 19,5:18                                         Tanker drivers vote against A.C.T.U. - SOLO
(Madelalne Mitchell)                                                          24.8:7
From Older the bridge to Nuremburg triala                                     The Store enters petrol price war 1.9:1
(Sacheverall(Chev) Mola)                      8,7:LH2                         Oil unions back A.CT.U. - aolo 3.9:3
Old a)ldier looka back In peace (Jack George)                                 Another Solo diacounter In North 8,9:14
10.7:7                                                                        Solo oil name "juat coincidence" 9.9:3
L u c y , t h e u i b o a t a b l e (Lucy Malone) 2 1 , 7 : 2 6               Strike threat to petrol 21,9:3
C i t i z e n a l e c o g n l s e 50 y e a r a s e r v i c e (Cr Dorsman)     Oil strike shuts three N.S.W. plants 22.9:3
30.8:9                                                                        City "well off" for petrol 23.9:6
20 years and still popping (Oren Harvey) 7.9:3                                Motorists queu for petrol 24.9:9
Former alderman wins aged citizen title                                       Fuel oil supply for essential services 25.9:3
(N, Bassan)              10,9:15                                              Prolonged petrol shortagre tippjod for N.S.W.
PESTS AND PEST ERADICATION                                                    Petrol talka fail to end dispute 29.9:1
                                                                              Hills hits at petrol non unionist application
City atepa ip war on pests    19,1:6                                          1.10:3
Battle to leep planta down (Maitland) 22,1:HV2                                Ration plans for pjotrol 2.10:1
"Minimal" plague locuat activity at Scone                                     Petrol rise opposed 4,10:1                    <
26,1:7                                                                        Discount petrol "is coating joba" 4.10:7
Workera teated for pjesticide pxDlsoning 28,1:8                               A difficult aelling job (Leader) 5.10:2
Canberra to fight fruit fly    2,1:3                                          I,A,C, aeeka new petrol pricea 7.10:3
Rabbit trouble for board 29,1:HV4                                             Petrol sellers prepare case 15.10:7
Grin and bear It 12,2:HV1                                                     15^00 jobs hinge on petrol report 20.10:9
Fiah acoops pool in moaqulto plague 13,2:1                                    Petrol sellers may lock pumps"       26,10:8
Board wanta action on rabbit clearing 23,2:11                                 New throat to petrol supplies 28.10:3
Dingo bountlea? 26,2:HV2                                                      Petrol sellers forced out by rent riae
Pest control conspiracy alleged 29,4:1                                        30,10:33
Radar enters fruit fly war 6.5:8                                              Cut price petrol problems ahead 2,11:1
Dingo menace worsens In Topa area 10.5:15                                     City i>etrol supply assured 5,11:6
New hope In mosquito control 4.6:7                                            Eaao rentala close another piunp 5.11:10
Wran atopa dingo bait drop    25.6:3                                          Violence feared in petrol war 6,11:3
Concern over polaon piolicy 21.7:7                                            Service statlona: a cut for survival 6,11:9
Peat controllera on fraud charge 27.7:1                                       Petrol from coal "not significant" 6,11:9
Former exterminators aont fcr trial 28.7:8                                    Petrol meeting closes stations 8,11:3
Ban on weedkiller 30.8:1                                                      Enougli petrol for two weeks if panic controlled
Singleton ready for fruit fly 22.11:10                                        9.11:3
Wild pigs wreak deatiMctlon &12:1                                             City petrol suppliers seek lower prices 9,11:5
Locuat plague in S.A, 21,12:7                                                 No real pjetrol crisis: Caltex 10,11:3
                                                                              Fuel workers refuse to lift bans 11,11:3
PETROL                                                                        New law to counter oil bans 12,11:3
                                                                              Petrol rise looms 12,11:8
Cut [rice fuel "threatened" 3,1:21                                            Wran seeks A.CT.U, help on oil, ahlpa 15.11:1
Price rise aought for pjetrol 5,1:8                                           Oil diapute drags on despite talka       16.11:1
Fuel ahortage aqueezes XL    8,1:3                                            Four atate oil criais meetinga today 16.11:1
Big c^rgo will top up tanka 9,1:1                                             Esao dealera want renta inveatigation 17.11:7
Big [Etrol cargo due 12,1:1                                                   Workera at oil plants end bans 18.11:3
Fuel price riae expected thia week 28,1:3                                     "No potrol"signs appjear In North 30.11:3
N.R.M.A. call for fuel aid 2,2:7                                              Petrol for city but Sydney abort 1.12:3
Petrol up again in N.S.W. 7.2:3                                               New petrol ahare pxlan 2.12:1
Petrol tax could be scrapped - Willis 17,2:5                                  Newcaatle petrol abort until new year 7.12:3
Newfoundland petrol In Newcaatle 19.2:3                                       Big petrol flow expected aoon 10.12:7
Ampol to seek price rise 19.2:12                                              Tanker to help city pjetrol flow 11.12:5
Petrol rise sought 24.2:1
                                                                    N.M.H, INDEX                                  68,   1976

HTTROL     (C'td)                                                             POLICE

S t a t i o n s w a i t on p e t r o l d e l i v e r i e s 1 3 , 1 2 : 3      Transfer for constable (N. Carmody) 5.1:12
P o l i c e s e t up h o l i d a y - l i o l a d v i c e s e r v i c e        Liked by all (Dot Sgt Wilson) 10.1:4
16,12:1                                                                       New police launch ready soon 13.1:6
Petrol boost expected 16,12:11                                                Wallsend detective farewelled (Sgt Wilson)
Petrol action: two ships, one petition 17.12:9                                15.1:6
0,P,E,C, raises oil prices; petrol dearer                                     No lights for Tarro      15.1:HV1
18,12:1                                                                       Modern station for police (Beresfield) 15.1:HV1
Petrol drought ends 18.12:3                                                   Police staffing ^'run down" 26.1:8
Tourist hit by petrol shortage ,20,12:6                                       Detectives critical of police chief 27,1:3
Rise in petrol price "dlsgruatlng" 21,12:12                                   Bribery and framing alleged at inquiry 28.1:8
Group topjea to cut pjotrol by 7c a gallon                                    Police ahy of shorts 2,2:3
Fuel criaia apreads to weat                        30,12:3                    Smile away the blueys 5,2:1
                                                                              Top police officer farewelled (Supt K. Moore)
They call her "Mum" at thia workahop (Meg                                     Vic, pjolice Inquiry In final months 19,2:6
Bemder) 4.2:20                                                                Police matea reunite after 37 yeara 19,2:8
S o c i e t y changea name ( A d u l t cfeaf and dumb                         Police "miss recriuting chance" 25,2:23
aociety)            12,2:13                                                   No half day for bombera 27,2:1
Transport need aurveyed                   19,2:LH1                            Longland of the law looma 2,3:3
Ampjuteea fight a lone battle (M, Delprat)                                    Queenaland'a graft inquiry deferred 9,3:3
24,2:2                                                                        U.S. viaitor viewa police methods 12.3:7
Handicapped face toaa of joba 25.2:8                                           Whitlam fears police state 15,3:1
New wheel chair climba stairs 27,2:5                                          Complainta on police "problem" 16.3:6
Struggle to leep jobs for handicapped 3,3:21                                  Council "waatea time of police" 17,3:11
Ampjuteea form aelf help group 5,3:12                                         Ceaanock loaea detective (Dot,Sen. Const
Handicapped benefit from thia unusual cricket                                 Des Riach) 25.3:HV1
match 10,3:14                                                                 Detectivea for trial 27.3:31
Port Stephens helpa training plan 11,3:HV3                                    Police ataff "inadequate" 29,3:6
$1M grant for handicappjed 15,3:3                                             Gosford police station plea 29,3:9
Parenta who face Ufe with handicapped                                         $430,000 for police buildings 8,4:9
child (S, Rye) 20,3:7                                                         Induatrial tribunala for P.S., police
Therapy u n i t fcr b r a i n damaged ( C e s s n o c k )                     teachera 8,4:10
1,4:HV2                                                                       "My death planned", Wainer claims 15,4:6
Life with a landlcapped child 10,4:7                                          Police warn reckless drivers 15,4:7
This happens oily to ether people 10,4:7                                      Day of black policemen damned      20,4:2
Newa seemed worae than death aentence 10,4:7                                  "Frame up" questioning refused 29.4:3
We conquer today and be Joyful 10,4:7                                         Inquiry Into police "soon" 29,4:6
Diaabled aeok funds 29,4:17                                                   Minister to opjon police station (Beresfield)
Jobs Bought by vorkahop 30,4:7                                                29.4:7
Liona give bua to diaabled 5,5:10                                             $400,000 police station for Maitland      4,5:9
Cluba provide bus 6,5:LH6                                                     Start on pjolico station tippjed (Newcaatle)
Helping the landlcapped 8,5:7                                                 5,5:18
Walkera to help NADOW appeal 19.5:10                                          National policy likely on police, aborigines
Long trek to aid diaabled 2..5:9                                              6.5:9
Crossroada celebratea 15th year 24,5:7                                        Police out of pants 7.5:5
Charity plea rejected 25,5:7                                                  Water police get two new launches 20.5:7
Helping families to cope with the handicapped                                 Police heads meet at Darwin 8.6:6
child 27,5:14                                                                 3 N.S.W. policemen auapended, charged 17,6:3
Handicapped play centre requested 10,6:12                                     Inquiries on police criticised 23.6:8
Boolaroo girl off to games for disabled                                       Brown bombers go grey 29.6:3
(Gayle Nicholaon) 30,7:16                                                     Police on "go slow" 1.7:6
It is easier with his eyes Siut (Karl Allen)                                  Move to avert police strike in Queensland 2.7:3
2.9:1                                                                         Principles out (Leader) 11.8:2
Hands use time to achool aightlesa children                                   Bjelke replaces his police Miniater 11.8:3
2.9:1                                                                         Tribunal on police "essential"; Judge 23.9:3
"10c a week" appeal to aid hostel project                                     South Africa trip "private" 1.10:3
2,9:10                                                                        Queens award for policeman (Const. Lindsay
Concert for b l i n d g i r l s 8,9:18                                        Baslle)    2.10:3
New e n s e a holpjed b l i n d woman ( A d e l a i d e )                     Police building for Wangi 5,10:10
5,10:3                                                                        A keen eye for an enemy (D. Butler) 7.10:2
Amputees' group g e t s $1,026 boost                     14.10:6              50 police to be charged (Victoria) 13.10:1
C o u r a g e , and a s m i l e ( S h a r o n Ruse)         14,10:LH1         Polices head should quit: Wainer 14.10:7
Handicappjed t o g e t t r e a t m e n t t o y a 3 0 , 1 0 : 3 2              "Dim" city won policeman over 14,10:12
H a n d i c a p overcome            4,11:18                                   Miniater urges police not to go slow 16,10:3.
G r a n t made t o handicappjed 4 , 1 1 :LH6                                  Talks may avert Vic police strike 18,10:5
Toya t o h e l p d i a a b l e d 1 8 . 1 1 : 1 0                              Vic police impose regulation strike 19.10:1
Walkathon a s a i a t s p a r a p l e g i c a    18.11:14                     Hamer to meet police today 20,10:1
E x t e n s i o n s t o h e a t e d pool f o r d i s a b l e d                Police end strilc , gain demands 21.10:3
2.12:LH4                                                                      Victorian lawyera criticise police attack
Receaaion hits landlcapped 14,12:2                                            on inquiry    22.10:1
                                                                              Lawyera aeek corruption evidence 28.10:7
PLANNING                                                                      Church attacka state police Integrrity 28.10:8
                                                                              31 Vic police to face chargrea 6.11:3
Hextam-Sandgato facea new life 3,2:2                                          Be on guard, police union urgea 9.11:1
A fair go for the Hunter region 1                     ^      16,2:2           Police Inquiry repjort call 9.11:3
A fair go for the Hunter region 2                     ^      17.2:2           Out-anooplng radar     9.11:7
A fair go for the Hunter region 3                     ^      18,2:2           Police accuaed of giving drug (Brislane)
A fair go for the Hunter region 4                            19.2:2           10.11:17
$5, 000 town atudy grrant (Clarence Town)                                     Police deny "blind eye" allegationa 12,11:6
19.2:16                                                                       Law inatitute undecided on police inquiry
P r e m i e r d e n i e s my N e w c a s t l e r e g l e c t 2 0 . 2 : 6      12,11:13
$3/4M p e n i n s u l a p l a n 2 4 . 3 : 8                                   Bjelke orders police review 16,11:1
Involving people in c i t y planning 15.4:9                                   Police head resigned after
Nosca t o s e e k say i n p l a n n i n g 8 . 5 : 3 0                         surprise promotion list (Mr, R,W, Whitrod)
N e w c a s t l e viewa sought on c i t y p l a n n i n g                     17.11:3
11.5:1                                                                        Resignation (Leader)
The planners (Leader) 20.5:2                                                  Inquiry soon     18.11:3
Briton appointed regional planner (Colin Lee)                                 New Charlestown police HQ 18.11:10
20.5:7                                                                        Qld police tribunal 19.11:1
State firm on growth centre 17.6:3                                            20,000 Beach papers pulped 20.11:1
Planning group meets (Gwandalan Summerland)                                   Report leak scrutiny 22,11:3
8,7:LH1                                                                       Qld leaders want closed police inquiry 22,11:3
Cessnock planning study for exhibition 25,9:8                                 Rapid rise for Inspjoctor     23,11:1
Wangi scheme goes on display 14.10;LH3                                        Beach Q . C "finds againat police     23,11:3
Parks apace talka 17.11:15                                                    Victoria begina inquiry into leaked report
Open apace planning 18.11:12                                                  23,11:10
Landa urges better flat planning 1.12:20                                      Chargea from Beach inquiry opjon 25.11:10
                                                                              Retiring Whitrod warna Qld of "rat Pack"
                                                                            HM,H, INDEX                                         69, 1976

POLICE ( C ' t d )                                                                 Unsoaworthy ship may be towed 20,2:6
                                                                                   Show day diapute stops ships 27,2:1
S,M, c l e a r a c h a r g e pjoilce (Melb) 2 7 , 1 1 : 9                          Slight shift for ro-ro ramp                   27,2:5
Whitrod l i g h t s * o w fusea               30,11:1                              Port delegate up to state 27,2:5
A c c u s e r of p o l i c e c a l l e d f a n a t i c (Melbourne)                 Inquiry cool on container 4.3:3
30,11:12                                                                           Shipper wary of Newcastle 5.3:5
Police state (Leader) 1,12:2                                                       Tug strike ties up harbour shipping 11,3:11
Miniater doatroyed reports 1,12:3                                                                    r
                                                                                   Tug crews g o back 12,3:7
Beach wants lawa to protect public 1,12:16                                         Stoppage by linesmen ties up 11 ships 18,3:8
Oovernment to investigate Beach report 2,12:10                                     Newcastle linesmen go back 19,3:6
Police to improve watch on town (Weston)                                           Newcastle tuga may go back tomorrow 26,3:3
11,12:10                                                                           Shipping in port near normal 29,3:3
Police popjer "forgeriea" 14.12:1                                                  Container viait "just a lot-out" 30.3:5
Independent team for police complaints                                             Contained (Leader) 31.3:2
14,12:3                                                                            Induatriea asked to plan region export group
Qld police Inquiry told of assaulta 15,12:35                                       31.3:7
New chief of julice wanta quality                        15,12:35                  Fight "need to hold M.S.B. seat for city"
Inquiry told pjollce victimlaed children                                           7.4:10
18,12:3                                                                            Rough weather stops ships 9.4:6
New p o l i c e lawa propoaed               18.12:31                               Sweet change In ship exporta 1,5:9
T r a f f i c pjollce ie<tdy f o r h o l i d a y b l i t z                         Tug strike atarta Monday 1,5:9
23.12:3                                                                            Ambulance for port 11.5:7
                                                                                   A.W.U, strike atopa grain loading 28,5:7
POLICE BOYS' CLUB                                                                  Arbitration plea In alio pay diapute 1.6:10
Man vho built boys' club transferred                                               Tangled towllne delaya new ship (Pacific
(Sgt. Qjl. Hjward) 13.2:5                                                          Master) 1.6:10
Egyptian a - t i f a c t s d i s p l a y  25.3:15                                  Chamber aeeka to boost port use 2,6:7
G l r l a a d m i t t e d to boya c l u b   14.6:15                                Terminal work return sought 2,6:12
B u i l d i n g cracks l e a v e pjollce toys h o m e l e s s                      A.W.U. in bid to end grain dispute 3.6:7
(Maitland)             30.10:3                                                     New tug showa ita fire power 10.6:6
F a l l and r i s e fcr M a i t l a n d c u l b  2.11:3                            Port project alteration welcomed 24.6:13
POLITICS                                                                           Waterside leader aees port slump 30.6:3
                                                                                   The future of the port (Leader) 1,7:2
New p a r t y l a u n c h e d ( N a t i o n a l P e o p l e s P a r t v )          Newcastle may renew port battle 1,7:3
Back i n f i e l d           30.1:1                                                Greater pjort use urged 21.7:7
                                                                                   Big ship diverted to North (Jervis Bay)
POLLUTION                                                                          26,7:8
                                                                                   Port watchmen to end atop 27.7:7
Pollution fine for A,I,S.                 10,1:26                                  Time and tide wait for no contalnera 28.7:10
Authority may atop brickyard smoke (Wallaend                                       Carrier biggeat to enter port (Alnwick Caatle)
Brlckworka)             15.1:LH3                                                   4.8:3
High reading In pollution teata 11,2:11                                            Ctamber puta caae for container port in
Smog may lead to ban en motoriata 18,2:3                                           Newcaatle               4.8:7
Proteat over Wangi power ash 19,2:LH1                                              watchmen lasuo settled 10.8:8
Brickworks changes                6,3:9                                            Computera mainstay on new ship (Toral Maru)
A,I,S, told to control cyanide 17,3:3                                              11,8:9
A,I,S. fined over pollution 22,4:3                                                 No work for $600,000 ramp 20,8:1
Lower pjllution in Newcastle area 9,6:8                                            Roll on wharf rolled over (Leader)                     21.8:2
Coke ovens repairs to cut pollution 9,6:9                                          Ship ban threat over employment complaint
Valley compaign on visual pollution 10.6:14                                        26.8:1
Air pollution (note)                12.6:2                                         Freighter diverted (Anatoby Lunacharakiy)
Pollution body to go 21,6:3                                                        27.8:5
S.M. told crew awam In oil                  iick 22.7:6                            "Quick" ship on coal run (New Apollo)
Pollution coata $300 (Wallaend Brick and                                           31,8:1
Tile Co Pty Ltd) 24,8:10                                                           German ahlp haa ladder trouble 1,9:8
B,H,P, f i n e d $ 1 , 0 0 0 f o r cake oven f c l l u t i o n                     Unloniata stop ship sailing (Klshu Maru)
8,9:10                                                                             16,9:3
Sydney p o l l u t i o n f i ght promiaed         29,9:3                           Ships leave port after delaya                   17.9:5
O i l 5 J 1 1 1 s t o p s p o r t work ( P o r t Ifembla)                          Shortage of crew keeps ship in port
14,10:20                                                                            (Silverhawk) 21.9:7
$ i chock on colliery pollution 9,12:7                                             Port task force call 22.9:7
                                                                                   Port export committee move falls 23,9:6
POLULATION                                                                         Pickets delay ship again 4,10:1
                                                                                   Japanese boycott threat 5,10:3
C a n b e r r a p l a n a cheaper cenaua             17.2:6                        Chinese ship in port (Hualhai) 7,10:6
Cenaua neoda 2 5 , 0 0 0 s t a f f 1 9 , 2 : 1 6                                   Comfort demand delays tanker (Georgios V) «
S i g n i f i c a n t c h a n g e s i n growth p r e d i c t e d                   13,10:8
13,3:3                                                                             Delayed tanker sails 14,10:12
Population advlaera meet 10,5:15                                                   Greek ship banned after crew complaints
Birthrate aa zero population pointer 11,5:3                                        16,10:3
Population report aought 11,5:3                                                    Ban on ship may be lifted today 18.10:5
More people in \ailoy 10,7:11                                                      Ship still In port over pay diapute 19.10:7
Induatrial polluters face tig fines 7,8:5                                          More problema delay ship (Argo Pollux)
Population growth "on decline" 13,9:3                                              20.10:9
Lake seen as top In growth potential 12,10:5                                       Bulk carrier row echo In Italy 21.10:1
Fewer living in city census shows 2,12:1                                           Argo Pollux told to move 22.10:5
Region g-ows city loaea 8,12:2                                                     Carrier sails after wages payment 23.10:9
Newcaatle Sare of popjulation dropa 23,12:11                                       Port almost empty for day 29,10:6
Central coaat growth falla                    23,12:LH1                            Port's labour force down by 10% 3.11:9
                                                                                   Ship bans lifted 5.11:10
PORT KEMBLA                                                                        Union ban tiea up carrier (Tlmur Endurance)
Port fiah killa cat 30,1:1                                                         Men meet, today on port atoppagre 10,11:15
Kembla neara Hiuiter trade 17.8:8                                                  Lineamen's atrike contlnuea, 16 ships held
                                                                                   up in port 11,11:6
PORT OF NEWCASTLE                                                                  Port strike "threaf'to general cargo 12.11:3
                                                                                   Ships move aa harbour strike ends 13,11:8
Port work quota "may delay ahips" 8.1:7                                            Threat to delay ship (Iron Wyndham) 19,11:1
Cyclone disrupta port shipping 20.1:3                                              Unions lift ship ban 19,11:5
Willia invited to diacuss pjort problems                                           Port wins job over Sydney 24,11:7
23.1:5                                                                             Japaneae ahlp cancela charter (Tenkai Maru)
Big demand on purts *oat and coal plant 3.2:5                                      25,11:12
Direct cargo to Israel loaded again 11,2:5                                         N e w c a s t l e a t e e l cargroes d r o p 50% 2 8 , 1 2 : 8
Ship stuck In port - The Shelley    17,2:1
7,6% drop In port trade 17,2:6                                                     PORT STEPHENS
Ship's fate hanga on marine report 18,2:9
Oil wharf xheme In limbo 19,2:2                                                    Water festival on Sunday 15.1:HVl
"Declared" ship problem to owners 19,2:9                                           Raymond Terrace plana festival 27.2:7
Newcastle left without voice on harbour body                                       Furniture burning claims denied 3.3:10
20,2:3                                                                             Light comes from a bucket (Carl Allen) 8.4:1
                                                                                   Ghost city plan for archives 1.10:5
                                                       N,M.H. INDEX                                           70. 1976

                                                               POSTAL (C'td>

Costume plan for 179th year 19,5:12                            Telecom fulfils private deal 30,7:7
A lame for Raymond Terrace 30,6:1                              Beresfield to got $210„000 post office 1.9:6
Freedom of shire for R,A,A,F, men 30,7:12                      Telegram rates up 2.9:1
Invaders welcome 2.9:14                                        Mail strike ends 10,9:3
Raymond Terrace larks back to 1801 founding                    Postmaster at Muswellbrook (R,Mathews) 14,9:5
6.9:6                                                          Pupils design stamps 29,9:12
The aty that never was (Pindomar) 5,10:2                       Bans disrupt mail service 15,10:13                       _ ,. „
                                                               Postal dispute prompts plea to hold mail 16,10.9
Tahleo Jumps gun 13,10:1
                                                               Overtime ban delays mail 18,10:3
Tahlee remembers its heritage .16.10:7
                                                               Hope seen for mail bans end 19,10:3
Tahleo celebrates 190 years 18,10:5
                                                               Mail bans eaaed, but not over 20,10:3
                                                               Expand postal role: chairman 3,11:1
                                                               Extantfions to priority mail services 17,11.16
Terrace may get extra fire unit 21,1:11                        Advicse on post 18,11:18
Councillors look lor caravan site 28,1:10                      Mail work s p r e a d s 1 8 , 1 1 : 1 9
                                                               A u s t r a l i a n s t a m p s i n demand 3 1 , 1 2 : 7
Port atos rise 20% 29,1 :HV1
$68,577 read grant recommended 4,2:10
Semiiar to be financed 11.2:8                                  POVERTY
Car park to be discusaed 12.2:HV1
                                                               Poverty a two edged misery  6,3:7
Aged get land at "Bay" i2,2:HV4
                                                               Toughs "Worry poverty areas" 31,5:3
19% increase in rates 18,2:10
                                                               Poverty report seeking $302M annually 4,6:3
President uses casting vote for fire report
                                                               The Battlers 1, (Paul Rea)  12,6:7
                                                               The Battlers 2_ (Paul Rea)  14,6:2
Builders must seek approval 3,3:10
                                                               The Battlers 3, (Paul Rea)  15,6:2
Report urges apjending limits 10,3:8
                                                               The Battlera ~ Aid offers come to Herald
Caravan park inapection over garbage 17,3:13
Caravan parka allowed to clear garbage                         18.6:10
                                                               "Taate" of dole urged 19,6:1
                                                               Education falla to help poor: inquiry 10,12:1
Theatre car park plan sparks row    7,4:9
                                                               Rural poverty aurvey "alarming" 17,12:5
Party of three to Investigate mosquito control
in Brisbane 14,4:6
                                                               PREMIERS CONFERENCE
Fingal Bay aewer plan supported 21.4:14
Flngal Bay to be sewered on rate levy 28,4:14
                                                               States given right to tax pay 5,2:1
State plans houses for forces 5,5:14
                                                               Premiera to hear new deal today 9,4:1
 Stores deficit accepted 12.5:8
                                                               The Premiers conference (Leader) 9.4:2
Advice sought on land deal 19,5:12
                                                               Statea to set own taxes 10,4:1
Swimming pool code adopted 26,5:10
                                                               Supjorficially s a t i s f a c t o r y (Leader) 12.4:2
Loan urged fcr centre facility 2.6:14
R.A.A.F's contribution to area rewarded                        Premiers to meet 28.5:9
                                                               Back for more (Loader) 10.6:2
                                                               Big clash looms at States talks               10,6:3
General lind"has surplus of $140,000." 16.6:11
Loan switched from caravana to aports 23.6:12                  Premiers tip Jobless rise 11,6:1
                                                               P,M, outlines estimates 11,6:1
Bigger boat ramp plan "in hand" 7.7:18
 Shire walkers win 7,7:18                                      Motion on Kerr dropped 11,6:1
                                                               Consuls to got more in tax sharing forms
Land buying policy reverts to V.G.
aasesmont     15.7:7                                           11,6:1
Correction 16.7:3                                              People "scarlliced" 11,6:1
                                                               A sobering conference (Leader) 11,6:2
Hall monopoly recommended 21.7:19
Council tip uaed aa playground 22.7:6                           P,M. raps States critics 14,6:3
Nude bathing leach plan rejected 28.7:15
Firm aeeka approval for $1.5M plant 4.8:19                      PRESS AND JOURNAI.ISM
 Drainage loan for Tanilba 11.8:14
 Pool land to be aurveyed 18.8:18                               Minister apologises over brutality claim 3,1:8
No lease, but rent still due 25.8:12
                                                                Press council pact reached 19,1:3
 $10,000 to Terrace sporting area 8.9:9
                                                                Journalists end strike 24,1:29
 Shire to leet commiasion 8.9:27
                                                                End of a "Century" 29,1:1
 E'reeman elected for fourth term 16.9:11
                                                                Third world pjuta clamp on press 31.1:2
 Silica sand mining application approved
                                                                Printers "firm" on now machinea 21.2:3
                                                                Ethica code "neceasary" for media 24,2:3
 Fire caution appeal 29,9:14
                                                                "Kangaroo court" expulalon alleged 25,2:8
Board may atudy Tanilba renaming 7.10:14
                                                                P,K,I,U, man "treated unfairly" 26,2:6
 $5,000 grrantod for tennia courts 13,10:10
                                                                Expulsion from union ruled invalid 27,2:5
 Old Sied fcr Port ahlre 20.10:8
                                                                "Herald" man named years top
 L,G, aasistance fund opens 20,10:14
                                                                Pop Journalist (N, Jameson)                    4,3:1     ^
 $1/4M flood bill for Port Shire 22.10:3
                                                                N.T,H,C backs press bans 5,3:3
 Port road grant cut by $100,000 25.10:6
                                                                Journalists to use electronics 6,3:9
Land rezoning application rejected 27.10:18
                                                                Ban on press could grrow 10,3:7
 $60,000 road grrant brings protest 3.11:10
                                                                McClelland calls for "Independent" newspapers
 Concerned expresaed on bua faro increaaes
                                                                New sports editor (S.Roach) 13.3:32
A rocket for the council (Leader)     15,11:2
                                                                Photo row threatens ban 17,3:3
 Road grant for Port Stephens 16,11:12
                                                                 Photographers banned 19,3:3
 Sump as flooding barrier 17,11:16
                                                                The press (Leader)               20,3:2
 Public protest kills plans for van parks
                                                                Man ends 60 years on the run (C,Richards)
 Support sought for Hunter Water plan 24,11:16
                                                                 Imports "threat" to printing industry
 Support for private road loan 8,12:20
 General rates rise 5,5470 15,12:18
                                                                 Printers union aeeks atop to Induatrial
 Engineer to retire 16,12:6
                                                                 Court case 31,3:6
                                                                Apology e n d s d e f a m a t i o n a c t i o n (Mr Evan
                                                                 Willaims)    6.4:3
                                                                 Laat issue of Hunter Valley Herald Supplement)
Break in cable pjuzzles linemen 8,1:1
Post uniorLnan retires (D,Cassldy) 19,1:10
                                                                A weekly paper (Northern Constitution) 8,4:HV1
Postal work bans may end today 18,2:3
                                                                 The Herald reaches its century 17,4:7
Union lifts tan on business phones 24.2:3
                                                                 High court judge sues paper for defamation
Strike to disrupt telephones 28,2:3
Eiechange ban threatens S,T,D, 1,3:3
                                                                 Injunction move on Fairfax rejected 29,4:6
N.Z, postage 5tops delivery 7,4:3
                                                                 Herald appoints advertising manager 27,5:16
Stamp week atarta in September 8,4:HV1
                                                                 Journalists move on new technology 3.6:3
Dispjute holds up mail 21,4:18
                                                                 Forum on press, politics 17.6:7
Olympic stamps to be iasued 31,5:5
                                                                 Subsidised Press"a posaibility" 19.6;3
Poatal profit pit at $14M 4,6:3
                                                                 A.B.C techniciana doing work of journalists:
Letters post stamps I8c this year 5.6:3
                                                                 A.J.A. 6.7:6
Post lans may stop services 29,6:7
                                                                 Journaliats in call for talka 7.7:14
S Africa mail banned 30,6:1
                                                                 Two women on proas council 20.7:3
Olympic Games *amps popjular buy              15,7:1             Plaques for familiea of dead newsmen 20.7:8
P o s t a l u n i o n stops m i l 1 7 , 7 : 3                    Preaa council alma to keep character 21.7:3
Gosford P.O, planned             29,7:LH1
                                           N.M.H,   INDEX                                     71. 1976

PRESS AND JOURNALISM   (C'td)                          PRESS AND JOURNALISM    (C'td)

Lillee sues over article 22,7;6                        Herald writer named journalist of year
Press council niles out old complaints 23.7:6          (Denis Butler)   15.12:1
Complaints for Press Council 27,7:3                    Award for a man of conscience 16.12:2
Newsboy exploitation alleged l union 25.8:7            Fairfax strikers to meet 16.12:3
Press Council aiggests code of ethics 26.8:3           The press and its duty 16.12:15
Printers quit N.T.H.C 2.9tl6                           Fairfax strike settled 17,12:1
No more newa on Saturday (Adelaide) 7.9:3              Back to work at Fairfax plant 21,12:12
Papers print during strike (Sydney) 15.9^3
Australian link helped on China trip                   PRICES AND PRICE CONTROL
(Lisa ttJbbs) 15.9:20
Printers "withdraw goodwill" 17.9:3                    Retailers to delay price Increases 14,2:5
Printers asked to hold back 23.9:3                     Talks on haircut fee rose 3.3:16
Complaints against [apers upheld 24.9:3                Barbers' club puts charge up to $3. 4.3:3
Proposal to break printing "Impasse" 25.9:1            Debate expected on tribunal 23,3:7
Retirement ends 50 years in newspapers                 Cabinet to decide on P,J.T,, tax      13.4:3
(Frank Clarke) 25.9:8                                  P.J.T. future in doubt    14,4:1
Printers lift ban 28,9:1                               Wran plans clamp on food prices 2.6:3
Newspaper automation 12.10:3                           State plans brake on prices 3.6:16
Newspaper workers strike (Syd) }.4.10:3                Food prices in ^^ay go up .5%     19,6:3
Newspapers not published 15.10:1                       Tribunal puts own case on coppjor 19.6:10
Unions warned on strikes at John Fairfax               Price war looms in Northern stores 4.8:1
15,10:3                                                Price freeze (Leader)    5.8:2
Two papers shul by printing strike 16.10:3             Savemores freeze grocery prices 24.8:3
Journalism awards 18,10:1                              Government cuts P.J.T. powers 17.9:1
No issue (Sydney Dally Telegraph and                   P.J.T. report kept secret 22.10:11
Australian) 18.10:1                                    Companies liable to fines on prices 5.11:3
News Ltd. printers stay out 19.10:3                    Buyers told to complain    8.12:1
Fairfax men strike 20.10:3
No Australian today 21.10:16                           PRIMARY INDUSTRY
Fairfax nen strike again 22.10:3
Reporter wins $1,000 award (Peter Game)                Sinclair, rural heads meet 15.1:6
22.10:5                                                Insemination service ends 4.3:HV2
Killen issues wits alleging defamation                 $25 for farmers' diseased cattle 11.3:6
23.10:3                                                Peasant farmers caught In rut (W.A.) 14.4:2
Printers launch wage campaign 23.10:3                  Farmers In line for workless benefit 11.5:3
Strike In fifth day 26.10:3                            Back money for farmers 19.5:3
Judge appeals to printers union 26.10:8                Help for farmers denied 8.6:3
Qld printers told to end atrike 27.10:3                Farmers "may die out"   31.7:3
Printers burn papers,clash with police                 Rural solutions "not easy"     3.8:13
28,10:3                                                Punch puts plea for farmers 26.8:3
Fairfax chief steps down 28.10:18                      More aid for farmers 8.9:3
S.M.H, strilers jeer newsagents 29.10:3                Drought aid actenslon sought 9.9:3
Six printers remanded 29.10:5                          Graziers not happy with coalition 15.10:3
John Fairfax acts against strilers 30.10:3             N.S.W. graziers oppose stock agent fee rise
Fairfax seeks order 2.11:8                             18,11:18
Cons. Press to launch new magazines 2.11:12            Farmers never so poor:Labour M.H.R.   9.12:12
S.M.H. unions asked to return 3.11:7                   States grants Bill passed unchanged 11.12:10
Journalists stand on automation 4.11:3                 Drought grass may aid graziers 13.12:11
Disputes on Press settled 4.11:17                      Rural poverty survey "alarming" 17.12:5
Fairfax mail ban still on 5.11:3                       New rules on T.B. area cattle 21.12:12
Strikers set fire to newspapers 6.11:3                 Plan to balance farmers tax 24.12:3
Profit drop (Newcastle Morning Herald) 6,11:9
Fairfax dispute will go back to court 8,11:3            PRISONS
Union, company talks fail to resolve Fairfax
dispute 9,11:3                                          Jail bomb blast injures prisoner (Pentridge)
Q.C. takes out writ ail:6                               7.1:25
Fairfax decision reserved 10,11:6                       Women prisoners for Cessnock Centre 9.1:1
Arrest after jostle at Fairfax plant 11,11:3            Prison bomb feud theory    9.1:4
Fairfax postal men warned 12,11:1                       Man held at Roma extradited 9.1:4
7 arrested in Fairfax strike row 13,11:.3               Jail staff accept plan for women 12,1:3
Fairfax row: 10 postmen suspended 15,11:1               Jail strike likely over Cessnock reappointment
Postal unions lift Fairfax ban 16,11:3                  16,1:3
Judge seeks defamation verdict 'Mr Justice              Waddy denies jail reprisals    16.1:5
Murphy) 17,11:8                                         "Drunk" In cells died from brain damage     ;
Press pickets create din 17,11:16                       20,1:9
Reporter refuses to disclose sources 17.11:17
Judge wins defamation actions 18.11;6
Journalist fined for contempt 18.11:4
                                                        3 Maitland rioters get extra terms 24.1:3
                                                        Jal manning dispute for hearing 28.1:8
                                                        Jail hearing adjourned 29.1:7
Printers given financial support 18.11:8                Prisoners sit on jail tower      3.2:3
Fined (Leader)   19.11:2                                Prisoner moved closer to freedom (W.O'Meally)
Pickets pit aside megaphones 19.11:7                    4.2:14
5 arrests at Fairfax plant    20.11:3                   2 prisoners net gain 5.2:3
Further moves in Fairfax strike 23.11:3                 Man charged with escape 6.2:6
Fairfax strikers reject return to work                  Riot prisoners asked for T.V. sets - police Y '
24.11:10                                                11.2:5
 Fairfax seeks halt to N.S.W. unions wage flow-         Maitland office for probation service 11.2:5
 on 26.11:3                                             Prison rioter gets two years 19.2:6
 Complaint on Mirror report dismissed 26.11.7           Honeymoon over for escapee 20.2:5
Liberal admits to press attack 26.11:9                  M.L.A, seeks inquiry on Maitland jail riots       \
Fairfax seeks P.K.I.U. dereglstratlon 27,11:3           20.2:6
Press body upholds distortion charge 27,11 3            Warders call for apology on charges 24.2:1
The Press (Leader)    30.11:2                           Inquiry on N.S.W. jail system ordered 25.2:1
Fairfax pickets go ahead 1,12:7                         Inquiry on prisons 25,2:2
Journalists accept newspjaper offer 2,12:10             Warders drop job resistance 25.2:7
Fairfax wins action for telex maintenance               Cessnock inmate fails to return 1.3:3
2,12:12                                                 Warders will send Wran transcript 2.3:7
Qantas chief wins claim for damages 2,12:14             Prisoners let out for pop concert 3.3:9
Herald printers return 7,12:1                           "star treatment" of killers questioned
Unions, Fairfax agree on terms 7,12:11                  10.3:6
Journalists end strike (Illawarra Mercury)              4 more Bathurst Inmates convicted 12.3:7
8,12:9                                                  Women in weekend detention scheme 16.3:7
Fairfax atrito future for decision today 8.12:9         Four on parole killed seven 18.3:6
Fairfax to renew dereglstratlon bid 9,12:6              Coleman defends N.S.W. parole system 19.3:3
Top print unit In Fairfax system    9,12:6              No bail for prisoner 23.3:3
Newspaper strike continues 9.12:6                       Prisoners in court after jail riot 27.3:5
Renewal of action to deregister P.K,I„U.                Maitland Jail allegations retracted 30.3:3     ,\
10,12:7                                                 Flying object hit warder, court told
Fairfax Ian prompts Inquiry 11.12:3                     30.3:3
                                                          N.M.H. INDEX                                         72. 1976

PRISONS     (C'td)                                                  PRISONS   (C'td)

Prisoners added terms 31.3:6                                       Escapee remanded   25.9:9
Three prisoners get extra term 1.4:6                               Cessnock escapees captured 25,9:11
Accused remains handcuffed     1,4:6                               Maitland prisoners on arson charges    28.9:6
Criminologist to assist 5.4:7                                      Chicken man in jail riot 29.9:8
4 sentenced over Bathurst riot 9.4:3                               Judge, jury visit Maitland Jail    29.9:16
Prisoner in court over riot 10.4:9                                 Oil-soated packing "found in jail" 30.9:6
Prisoner being treated like an animal 13,4:8                       Warder aimed rifle 1,10:7
Prisoners will be told of inquiry 15,4:7                           Interview "different" 7,10:10
Jail escapee ordered of plane     17,4:3                           Former Maitland prisoner aays he broke locks
Helicopter used in hunt for escapee 20.4:9                         8.10:9
Escapee would be burglar 21.4:12                                   Jailed mother allowed to take son (Adelaide)
Prison dispute (Pentridge)     22,4:21                             8,10:9
Prison inquiry begins 28,4:13                                      Two found g u i l t y of arson 12,10:7
Guilty plea to jail riot charge 29,4:7                             Priso.iers j a i l e d on arson charges 13.10:14
Weekend "jail" gets first inmate     30.4:3                        j a i l a s s a u l t alleged a t Grafton 19,10:10
Prisons inquiry decision    30.4:6                                 Deadline on j a i l evidence ( B a t h u r s t )
Offence aid correction (Leader) 1.5:2                              27.10:7
Not In touch 8,5:30                                                Police man prison (Brisbane) 27.10:7
Prisons now "mixed" 15,5:3                                         Force used after Bathurst riot 28.10:3
Breakfast in bed for prisoners 21,5:3                              Judge wants jail assaults denied 29,10:3
Inmates art for Lions 22,5:1                                       30 blows to prisoner in jail riot: doctor
Maitland prison, of fleers strike 12.6:3                           2.11:6
Jail warders end strike 14.6:3                                     Jail authority under summons threat 3.11:6
Inmates boost their ratings 30,6:13                                Bathurst jail chief called incoropetant 4,11:12
Two face escape count 1.7:6                                        Former inmate sets up shop in Cessnock 5.11:3
The prisons inquiry (Leader) 7,7:2                                 Inmates flogged after Jail riot aays Q.C.
Weekend jail terms for women 10,7•!                                5,11:6
Court closed in riot case 10.7:5                                   Six prisoners transferred (Pentridge) 9,11:1
Nun fights escapee (Adelaide)     14.7:3                           Two escapees still at large 9,11:3
Prison staff "put off reforms" 14,7:6                              Prisoners "bitter at their isolation" 9,11:6
$104 a day to keep some prisoners 14.7:6                           Legal aid after jail riot cost $300,000
"crowding" in N.S.W, jails 15,7:3                                  10,11:3
Wran refuses to pay Q.C's       16,7:3                             Prisons inquiry Barrister quits    11.11:3
Escape bid thwarted as hacksaw found                               New Q.C. for jail inquiry   12,11:6
In flour    17,7:3                                                 Jail inquiry could lapse, judge warns 30.11:9
Q,C. to speak for prison officers 19.7:3                           Prisoner challenges states rig'ht to detain
Prison's head disciplined 20. 7'3                                  him (W.A.)   7.12:1
Murderer paroled for third time 20,7:5                             Country jail reports "unreliable" 7,12:3
Jails would "horrify" public, inquiry told                         Commissioner defends use of batons In riot
21.7 :3                                                            8.12:6
Murderer escapes   22,7:6                                          3 Cessnock prisoners escape 13.11:7
Commissioner denies obsession 22,7:6                               Mod cons on remand (Melbourne) 16.12:10
Prisons Chief defends c e l l s for t e r r o r i s t s            Inquiry into prison "attack" 17.12:1
23.7 :5                                                            Tough jail security "upset prisoners" 17.12:3
Labour farm escapee held 26.7:1                                    Warders to meet Minister on injury    18.12:9
Suicide ilrs prisoners (Long Bay)     27,7:1                       Varley loses second death case appeal
Prison officers "misunderstood" 27,7:7                             18.12:31
Routine check nabs Sydney escapee    27,7:3                        Escapee arrested but two more flee 24,12:3
Jail sex visit "possible"   28,7:7                                 Escapees drive away from jail in Mini
Tired McGeechan steps down 29.7:3                                  27,12:1
Hostage hazard part of job   30.7:12                               Dangerous prisoners still at large 28.12:3
Jail permits girlie books 4.8:3                                    Delayed trial for Stojiccriticised    30.12:3
Intractable prinoners "not baton-whipped"                          Prison fire study begins (Boggo Road Jail)
5.8:6                                                              30.12:3
Boys share jail with lifers   6.8:3                                84 N.S.W. jail escapees still at large 31.12:3
Prisoners keep in touch with families 10.8:1                       Changes seen in ball law   31,12:3
Early warning on jail riots 10,8:8
Fitting the Crime (Leader)   11.8:2                                PUBLIC SERVICE - FEDERAL
Prison chief tells of visit Ian on
clergyman   11,8:11                                                Union chief defends P.S. on "rudeness"
Brain airgeons "keen" to operate in j a i l s                      24.1:5
12.8:3                                                             Government freeze on benefit fund 3.2:3
Prison complaint prompts inquiry     12.8:13                       Canberra sacks first workers 18.2:3
Mulock condemns prison sections     13.8:3                         Squeeze on Public Service    21.2:2             •
Prison's plan to equip inmates for society                         Union will act on staff cuts 26.2:3
 13.8:11                                                           Fraser acts to avoid sackings 2.3:1
Watchtowers unmanned 14.8:5                                        Staff cuts met early 29.4:1
Major riot could alter Cessnock discipline                         Department staff aize "inadequate"    10.5:3
17.8:7                                                             Fraser plans staff cuts 3,6:1
Prisoners escape "to gain term in jail"                            P.S. staff reduced again    15.6 3
18,8:3                                                             Treasury public service criticised 2.8:3
Remand cen stay in open, rain or shine                             A public service (Leader)    3.8:2
20.8:3                                                             Proposed Federal changes under review 3,8:13
Man awarded $10,000 over sexual assault,                           Public Service appointment questioned 2,9:13
bashing   21,8:3                                                   Fraser shuffles P.S, chiefs    17,9:1
Kidnapper escapes 24,8:3                                           Early retirement (Leader)    29.10:2
Kidnap heroine on run from escapee      25.8:9                     Nigerian rent bill $25,000 10.11:3
Escapees head for Melbourne 26.8:1                                 New rules for political jobs    19.11:3
Manhunt for escapees steps up 27.8:1                               Inefficient P.S. staff to go    1.12:10
Escapees rounded up 28.8:1                                         $43,000 overtime for two P.M. aides     7.12:1
Crime veterans "tended to be the heavies"                          Efficiency review for P.S.B. audits     7.12:14
31,8:7                                                             Holiday bonus challenge fails 21.12:8
Giving prisoners a break    1.9:2
Bathurst jailers shot at him, witness                              PUBLIC SERVICE - STATE
asserts 1,9:6
Hands use time to school sightless children                        Public service low on service    23.1:7
2,9:1                                                              Industrial tribunal for P.S,, police,
Police seek absconder 2,9:11                                       teachers   8,4:10
"Do not fear reprisals" says judge 2.9:13
                                                                   Better deal promised for public servants 12.4:3
Former prisoner denies he faked "bashing"
                                                                   Minister defends Public Service    26.8:3
                                                                   N.S.W. to index retirement pensions 15.10:1
Warders on charge over escape    4,9:1
                                                                   State to consider retiring public servants
Prisoner denies rioters had victory      7.9:3
                                                                   at 55    28,10:3
Man points out his "attacker"     8.9:6
                                                                   Criminal records check   25,11:3
Two prisoners appeal on damage count
Miscarriage of justice: Judge    24,9:1
Escapees threat potential In dispute 24.9:5                        Oles over the border 7.1:5
                                            N.M.H. INDEX                                    73. 1976
 QUEENSLAND (C'td)                                    RADIO   (C'td)

 $3M storm damage in battered Qld city                Broadcast report to be tabled 4.11:3
 12.1:1                                               Big radio, T.V. shake-up 5,11:1
 $5M bill in storm damage 13,1:3                      Broadcasting control (leader)   6,11:2
 Toowoomba seeks help   15,1:1                        Radio station "not for sale" (Macquarie
 Pressmen ban Premier of Qld 31.1:3                   Broadcasting Holdings Ltd,)   6,11:9
 Bjelke-Peteraen ban stays    4,2:3                   P.M. "aeeks control" of broadcasting 8.11:3
 Police defend Bjelke aid 23.2:3                      3km convoy backs citizen band radio 22,11:7
 Members to gret rise  13,3:3                         2JJ broadcast called filthy   2,12:7
 "Smears" by Bjelke unfounded    19.3:1               Broadcast Act changes to stay 7,12:14
 Queensland "before China"    26.3:1                  Shake-up on radio, T,V. leases urged 21,12:1
 Narrow win to Labor Party in Brisbane                $1M aside for bus radio links 22,12:3
 29,3:3                                               Tribunal looks to Sydney 28.12:6
 New leader for Brisbane (Aid Frank Sleeman)          Hoax radio calls "not work of amateurs"
 8,4:3                                                30.12:5
 Qld Government "bitterly divided" 19.4:3
 High level of D.D.T, poison in Qld 4.5:9             RAILWAYS
 Tense bomb experts take time out 26.5:8
 Daughter found after 21 years 1.6:9                  Transport uniona slate fare rises       5.1:4
 Australla-P.N.G. border deal...Bjelke 7,6:1          Passengers swelter 5.1:10
 Tension in Qld continues 26.6:1                      Rail freight costs rise 5.1:12
 Politics over the border 26.6:2                       Protest at rail plan (Cockle Creek) 15.1:LH3
 Concrete casts shadow over Brisbane street            Indian Pacific for North     19.1:8
 8.7:1                                                Singleton man hits coal rail proposal
 Australia No. 1: Bjelke    26.7:3                    22.1:HV1
 "Bring out the army": Bjelke 33.7:12                  Port Waratah rail change on schedule 23.1:7
 Miners tax help hint 31.7:1                           Ejthaust fumes halt train journey (Sydney)
 Police inquiry rejected by Qld Cabinet               29.1:3
 4.8:29                                               Machines sought to clean trains 4.2:6
 Egerton loses Queensland T.L.C. position             Willis view sought on transport workshops
 5.8:1                                                4,2:9
 Bjelke row, Minister stays    5.8:3                  Salaried rail officers stop       9.2:3
 Bjelke praises Egerton ec8:3                         No guarantee on rail service       16.2:1
 Power strife in two states 28.8:3                    The line to Gosford 16.2:2
 Bomb threat    8,9:1                                 What the union believes      16.2;2
 Bjelke drops "racist" body    17.9:3                 Trains run,some late     17.2:6
 Qld out of council plan 25.9:1                       Rail union claim rejected 17.2:6
 Anthony "steers clear" 16.10:3                       Transport workers fear move      24.2:1
 Liberals hold seat 18.10:1                           76 year family link with railways ends (G.
 Fascism looms in Qld: Senator    19,10:1             Maher)     25.2:3
 Bjelke offers dock jobs if - 26.10:3                 P.T.C sets out workshop plans        25.2:7
 Qld queries constitution 23,11:1                     Metford gates open In March      26.2:HV4
 Qld "will guard democracy"    25.11:1                Rail freight disrupted 27.2:5
 Thoughts of Premier Joh    25,11:2                   Rail loop open Monday ?7.2:5
 Hannah term refusal insult: Bjelke    7.12:3         Rail loop line boosts loader throughput
 Sir Colin to step down as Governor    8.12:1         2.3:7
 The banana colony (Leader)    9.12:2                 "Put it in writing" - unions       5.3:12
 M.P, warns of opal - cutting fraud 10.12:9           Toronto railway land release soon 11.3:LH1
 Gulf alert tor cyclone   18.12:3                     Call for rail safety Inquiry 16.3:3
 Disaster as cyclone rips gulf island     33.12:1     Figures "refute railway claims" 17.3:13
 Libs oppose boundary changes 20.12:8                 No flyers to run today 18.3:3
 Air drop assists victima of cyclone 21.12:3          Rail strike stops Newcastle Flyers       19.3:3
 Qld Libs accused of betrayal 21.12:3                 Goninan wins big rail order      19.3:7
 Poor planning blamed for storm devastation           Inter city train service resumes 20.3:5
 22,12:1                                              Workshops group meets 23,3:8
 Cyclone damage higher 23.12:5                        More money pledged for railways 23.3:8
 Cyclone cost estimated at $5 million 28.12:6         Unionist cites "unsafe" track (Sydney and
                                                      Brisbane)     23.3:11
 RACISM                                               Union call for second rail strike 25.3:1
                                                      Railmen's "rights invaded"      25.3:11
 Legislation will hit all forms of prejudice          Commission to view rail issue 26.3:7
 22,9:3                                               Railway strike ends 26.3:7
 School racism at Moree alleged   12.10:3             Sydney trains near halt 29.3:3
 Club faces racism charge (Melb) 28,12:6              Strike halts three main Northern trains
                                                      today     30.3:6
RADIO                                                Four hour railway stoppage Monday 1.4:6            '
                                                     Railway gate "unnecessary" (Market St) 1.4:7
  Ethnic radio "the tops" to migrants 12.2:2         Rail spur contract soon (Warkworth) 1.4:HV2
 Commercial radio stations face technicians          Few delays from 4 hour rail strike 5.4:3
 ban 12.3:7                                          Rail problems passed on 5.4:11
 Radio cuts on Friday 17.3:8                         Rolling rail strike weekly 6.4:6
 2JJ "threat to radio"    18.3:7                      $2,8 contract let for rail link       8,4:9
 Ethnic radio    22,3:7                              Unions accept P.T.C pledges 8.4:10
 Move for radio, T,V, inquiry    24.3:3               State-wide train strike possible on Monday
 Broadcasting inquiry (Leader)    7,4:2              8,4:10
 Cabinet to consider T.V., radio inquiry             Railway atrike threat ends 10.4:11
 7.4:3                                               State lets $14,2M rail carriage contract 10.4:11
 C:ablnet orders radio, T.V. inquiry 14.4:1          $2M swindle on railways      21.4:32
 Praise for media section 14.4:3                     No date for railway land 22.4:LH1
 Secret Inquiry (Leader) 21.4:2                      Candidate criticises railways 29,4:6
 F.M. station approved 13.5:3                        Grain hopper delivered 5,5:7
 U.S. radio man to speak (G, Wilson) 28.6:6          Work begins on coal rail loop 14,5:3
American gives Newcastle radio the news              Railway talks break down      22.5:3
 29.6:1                                              Qld accused of provocative act        24,5:1
Radio girl reaches out to her listeners              Egerton attacks Mary Kathleen railway ban
 (Libby Sanders) 1.8:12                              25.5:1
2NX man for Sydney (G. Rutherford) 8,7:7             Bus and rail fares down from July 1.         2.6:7
Newcastle radio programs hit 21.7:3                  Spur line tenders call       3.6:3
New chief for radio stations (John McGahen)          Railway land delays threaten titles 3.6:LH1
6.9:6                                                Toronto land telegrams get quick reply
Radio man returns (Mike Webb)     13.9:9             17.6:20
Unions buy into radio 23.9:1                         Tuesday vote on railway future 23.6:3
Groups want Q-een report released 2.10:5             Bus,rail fare fall surprisea 29,6:3
2NX rated on top     2.10:8                          Talks called on coal spur line 29,6:7
Truckers radio protest 12.10:3                       Inquiry on Bondl rail line fate 30,6:3
Politics, drama could send radio broke               Workshop talks with Cox expected        1.7:10
says director     20,10:7                            Canberra closes Darwin rail link 1.7:10
Truck drivers rally at court 26.10:6                 Coal trucks to by pass Singleton soon 2.7:3
                                                     Unions will put transport case 8.7:6
                                                 n N.M.H. INDEX                                 74.   1976

RAILWAYS (C'td)                                              REAL ESTATE (C'td)

Railway land complaint to Minister 8.7:LH5                   $16,100 paid for block (Waratah)   18.5:1
C.P, leader fears rail rate rise 16,7:7                      New valuations worry stores 20.5:11
Main railmen fight dismissal    19.7:3                       Crown land auction ends 21.5:1
Loop line men aeek allowance 19,7:9                          Controversial land fails to reach reserve
Council still waiting (Railway land at                       12.7:6
Toronto) 22.7:LH6                                            Real estate agents warned 20.7:3
Firm seeka rail order 23.7:1                                  State acts on land costs 20.7:3
No Flyer today as trouble spreads 23,7:3                      40 land blocka in North ballot 21,7:12
Shunters will defy layoff    26,7:9                          Crown land sites in review 3,8:7
Sacked shunters stay out 27,7:1                              Valuer goes Into private practice (Trevor
Men prevented from working 28,7:8                            Hudson) a 8:12
Richmond railmen go back 29,7:7                              Amendment will simplify land valuation
A.R.U.guards want coal line retained 5.8:7                   appeals 16,8:8
Hooliganism on trains down by 75% 9.8:3                      Terms set for Singleton land 23-8:8
P.M. accuaed of trying to welch on rail                      Trade Act bid to cover land buyers 30.8:3
deal 11,8:3                                                  Council releases home sites 30,8:9
Railways transfer "assured" 12,8:3                           Ballot nears for 57 home sites 1.9:12
$1M job will help rail line 21,8:31                          Mayfield plan Inquiry to be made    1.9:14
Veterans keep their steam up     27.8:2                      Land ballot applications open soon 8,9:27
Rail order for most new mines 27,8:7                         Singleton buying industrial area 10.9:7
Coal transport proposal goes on display                      Jubilee for valuers     23.9:10
31,8:7                                                       Passed in (Electricity building at 384
Smoking out on train    1,9:18                               Hunter St)    28.9:5
Railways men elect new head (J. Walshe)                      Legislation to control land prices 30.9:3
2,9:16                                                       Shire places building lots on market (Alroy
Long b a t t l e for Ibronto r a i l land over               Estate, Singleton)    5.10:21
2,9:LH1                                                      |27M scheme atarts (Eleebana Heights) 7.10:1
No shut down of parcel traffic 14,9:7                        New land ballot criticised 8.10:3
Hallway finances out of control: Fraser                      57 home sites for ballot 9,10:9
25,9:3                                                       School site for auction (Carrabella Public
Model railway clubhouse (Dora Rd, Adamatown)                 School) 12,10:8
13.10:11                                                     Land ballot attracts interest 16.10:5
Crossing women "virtual slaves"   16.10:3                    Plebiscite threat to Upper House    18.10:1
Hall closure reports alarm M.P.'s    25.10:1                 Upper House faces challenge 19.10:3
Displaced railmen to be retained     25.10:8                 Parliament to check land deals    21.10:10
Freight rise stays 4.11:3                                    Muswellbrook land sale 22,10:11
Fare cut gets mixed response In North                        Owners can fight land resumptions 26.10:8
10.11:15                                                     "Semis" fetch $34,100 27,10:5
Goninan gain access to best in rail car                      Novocastrian passed in at $650,000
design 12.11:8                                               29.10:3
Workshop plana drawn up 1.12:13                              Council land from $7,000 (Singleton) 1.11:6
Theatre group may use railway station                        Land owners, R.A.A.F. face range headache
18.12:3                                                      11.11:1
Morisset upset by train aiswer 23.12:LH1                     87 apply for home blocks 12.11:7
Parks for rail and road open 28,12:6                         A racket for the council (Leader)    15,11:2
                                                             Crown homesites balloted    30.11:9
RAILWAYS - ACCIDENTS AND FATALITIES                          Values soar in M'brook 2.12:12
                                                             Fee rise sought by estate agents (Qld)
lOOKMH train strikea woman (Tuggerah) 10.1'.3                27.12:4
Train kills 2 (Adelaide)   14,1:3                            Industrial land block auction 28.12:8
Train ploughs into truck (South Aust.) 15.1:3                State to auction blocks (Carringi;on) 28.12:13
All Northern lines blocked (Derailment of a                  Tenants to get bond money interest 30.12:5
freight train at Sandgate)    16.1:1
Railway traffic restored 17.1:3                              RECREATION
Big rail disaster coming: unionist 19.1:1
Rail chief hints at crash sabotage 20,1:3                    §25,000 grant approved 24.4:9
Sydney goods train derailed 21,1:14                          Holiday camp grants 30,4:6
Rolling bucket crushes men (Melb) 30,1:1                     Funds for scholl holidays 5,5:16
3 crew blown from engine (Aberdare) 3,2:1                    Children !»ke their own fun 13,5:3
21 hurt In S.A. rail crash 19.3:3                            $2M plan for leisure area in North 10,8:1
Derailment follows derailment    14,4:7                      Major plan to develop lake (LateIllawarra)
Girl hit by express (Muswellbrook)    15,5:1                 1,9:9
Train crushes boy lying on tracks (Sydney)                   Grants   22,9:28
21.5:3                                                       Rural retreat for Ourimbah 14,10:LH3
Ganger killed at Ourimbah (Colin McLennan)                   Leisure time use "major challenge"   18,10:6
1.6:3                                                        Sydney trophy for Liddell 4.11:13
Gelignite fell from railway van 19.6:3
Death plunge - third body (Canberra) 12.7:3                  RED CROSS
One dies in Victorian rail smash, 24 hurt
12.7:3                                                      Red Cross out of aid group    10,1:3
Dangerous short cut (G. Simon) 15.7:11                      Click-click has gone but Belmont Red Cross
Nor+^'ern ail line blocked after fire                       knits on 12.2:LH5
11,10:11                                                    Red Cross needs help   22.3:6
Train victim identified (Francis White)                     Subdivision plans in Denman Shire 1.4:HV3
22,10:3                                                     Red Cross "a lifeline to those in need"
Derailment cfelays t r a i n s 23.10:10                     1.7:LH2
Train h i t s ambulance a t crossing 26.10:8                Red Cross work raises $9,722      30.9:6
Daughter r e t a i n s veterans photos ( f a t a l          Red Cross awards   3.11:9
crash, Aberdeen, June 10, 1926) 18.11:20
Man f a l l a rnder t r a i n (John Wallach) 16.12:12       REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT
Rail worker makes f a t a l jump (Ross Andrewa)
21.12:7                                                     Newcastle seeks region plan talks   23.7:7
                                                            Development corporation (Leader) 2.8:2
RAILWAYS - ELECTRIFIC:ATION                                 Regional corporation plans kept secret
Electric rail wont wait 20.2:6
Electric rail to Newcaatle 'Vjosalble" 14.7:3               RETAIL TRADE
Electric rail "long way off" 14,10:6
                                                            New shop centre for Hamilton 9.1:4
REAL ESTATE                                                 March atart likely - $1M Edgeworth shopping
                                                            centre   15.1:LH1
Real eatate agents deny boom claim 1.1:7                    Officer, arrest that trolley;   1(12 :3
Real eatate goea metric 5.1:8                               Shopping centre proposal backed 3.3:13
29 Crown tiocks sold (Tuncurry) 20.10:1                     Retailing grows stronger 10.3:3
Motel bidders fall short (Scenic Motel)                     Shopping patterns change 16.3:2
9.2:10                                                      Store in $20M half-year sales bonanza
Dunstan in luck over land   9.4:2                           19.3:1
P.M..says no to road land sales 13.4:3                      West End market " a threat" to ahop
Poor response to land auction     14.4:LH1                  workers' jobs   1,3:1
                                                                 N.M.H. INDEX                                                  75 .976

REH'AIL TRADE(C'td)                                                         ROAD HHULAGE
Appeal on l i q u o r s a l e s f a l l s        31.3:6
                                                                            T r a n s p o r t f i r m In s w i t c h t o a a l e s
Expanding market t h r e a t e n s " r u i n " f o r
                                                                            (A.D. S t l c p e w i c h Pty L t d ) 1 . 7 : 1 5
ahops ( P i n k E l e p h a n t Market) 1 , 4 : 1
                                                                            Bulk r e a d h a u l a g e f o r s t u d y       10.7:11
Market t h r e a t t o b u s i n e s s 1 . 4 : 3
                                                                            Doctor p i n s c r a s h blame on d r u g s            23.7:3
Shop s e a r c h r i g h t s examined          1,4:11
                                                                            P a r k i n g of b i g t r u c k s q u e r i e d   26.8:7
The market ( L e a d e r )        2,4:2
                                                                            Trucking (Leader)                27.8:2
Council clamps down on Pink Elephant 21.4:1
                                                                            Parking of trucka for review 28.8:5
New slant on shoplifting                 28,4:20
                                                                            M.P.'s hit the road with "truckles" 3.9:9
Council plans tour of Pink Elephant marltt
                                                                            Road transport Review'76 Supplement 30.11:Sup.
site       19,5:1
Council serves ultimatum on Pink Elephant
                                                                            ROAD SAFETY
owners       21,5:3
$100,000 plan for "pink" market 26,5;13                                     Cross.'ng request rejected 20.1:7
Pink Elephant plan gains support                     9,6:8                  Breath test loopholes may apply In N.S.W.
Retail credit boost in April 19,6:10                                        21.1:14
21 out of 22 shops fail health test 14,7:8                                  Intersection improvements suggested 29.1:LH5
Retail sales decline 3.8:13                                                 Overdue (Leader) 7.2:2
Price war looms in Northern stores 4.8:1                                    Colliery trucks to give way (New England Highway)
Wholesale firm tans union 5.8:1                                             9.2:6
Price freeze (Leader)                5.8^2                                  Renewed bid for crossing after 3 hurt
Retailers concerned at Maitland Market 7,8:1                                (Gateshead) 24.2:3
Orange market approved, subject to conditions                               Unbroken lines at bend urged (Stannett St
11.8:14                                                                     Waratah) 26.2:13
Hawker refuses to quit 20,8:1                                               Wrong-way traffic threat to people (Spears
$20M retail plan may be revived (Charlestown)                               Point) &.4:LH2
24.8:1                                                                      Stop signs cause delays (Shelley Beach)
"Orange" market geta three-month extenaion                                  8.4:LH5
25.8:12                                                                     N.R.M.A. call to treat drinking driver
Economy role for city stores 26.8:6                                         15*5:7
$1M surplus for t'fewcastle Co-op                   13.9:7                  Canberra "careless of road safety 27.5:5
Store dividend down 20% 16.9:3                                              Breath test safeguards 31.5:3
Pink Elephant car sales under fire 16.9:20                                  Driving law changes 2.6:27
Chain to close groceries outlet 22.9:6                                      Drink drivers may flee coop     4.6:1
Barred bit business as usual 24.9;7                                         Call for uniform road signs 28.6:7
Small firms seminar 11.10:7                                                 Road survival    14.7:22
Committee sjpports centre (South Wallsend)                                  Lectures aira to cut road accidents 20.7:8
13,10:11                                                                    Signals for Sydney St     5.8:LH2
Jury finds In favour of store 16,10:5                                       Seatbelts law saves many Australians 30.8:8
Retail chief elected (R,Kelly) 27.10:18                                     No break seen in drink-drive problem 31,8:7
$1,6M plan for Maitland centre 28.10:1                                      Department rejects school safety proposals
M.L.A, urges fflslng of shop hours 28J.0:16                                 (Croudace St Lambton) 1,9:13
Depoalt plan opposed 19.11:13                                               Refusal on crossing warning change 1.9:13
Wlnns chief resigns 22,11:8                                                 Road protests fall 9.9;LH3
2 sackings cost firm $400 26.11:9                                           Lambton sign move fails 15.9:8
Christmas weekend shop hours opposed 11.12:5                                Unauthorised child aeats "dangerous" 29,9:3
$1M weekly bill for shoplifting 11.12:33                                    Cox warns of child seat danger 13.10:29
Store seeks new mnager 13,12:1                                              Charlestown stop signs 16B.11:LH2
Shopping hours dilemma 15.12:2                                              Lion's clubs to promote road safety in
Saturday shops face union action 15.12:3                                    schools 19.11:9
Newcastle ^opllfting highest in state                                       No-drink pledge for safety week     22.11:1
16.12:7                                                                     Laws on children in vehlclea 22.11:10
Holiday aales record tipped 21.12:1                                         Dry Lions (Leader) 25.11:2
Hairdresser continues stand (Mr Reg. Andrews)                                M P. hita at attitude of drinking drivera
27.12:3                                                                     25.11:10
                                                                            Signals for Doyalson    7.12:15
RETURNED SERVICEMEN'S ORGANISATIONS                                         Charlestown traffic lights 23.12:LH3
                                                                            Car safety for child 30.12:12
 Sub-branch s t i l l a c t i v e ( G r e t a ) 8,1:HV4
 R , S . L . h i t s a t t a c k on b e n e f i t s 3 0 . 1 : 7             ROAD TOLL
 S e n i o r c i t i z e n s may g e t h a l l ( G l o u c e s t e r )
 5.2:HV3                                                                    1976 Road toll mounts fast 2.1:1
 R.S.L, chief faces busy visit 14,2:8                                       Two killed on N.S.W. roads 5.1:10
 R.S.L. has "role to play" 17,2:5                                           February road toll 244 10.3:5
 March date eventful for digger (B.Jeffries)                                State road deaths continue to fall 16.4:5 ;
 29.3:6                                                                     42 die on nations roads 19.4:1
Rats of Tobruk service 10.4:11                                              48 die on roads 20.4:3
War veterans honour Rats of Tobruk 12,4:8                                   13 killed on N.S.W. roads 22.11:3
Anzac Day marches, services                        21.4:16                  Christmas road death toll 5S 29.12:3
Anzacs'ranks thinning                   22.4:12
Combined dawn service at Belmont for Aizac                                  ROADS AND HIGHWAYS
 Day        22.4:LH2
Navy in Anzac march (H.M.A.S. Otway) 23.4:5                                 Charlestown signal system planned                    5,1:10
 Schools join for Anzac service 24,4:3                                      Traffic hazards disappear (Muswellbrook)
Visitors welcomed at Taree Anzac Day 24.4:31                                5.1:12
Thousands march in Sydney                       26,4:1                      On a c l e a r d a y , you can s e e f o r e v e r . . ( R o a d
Fewer veterans in .Anzac parade                        26.4:1               from Mt S u g a r l o a f t o Waltfleld)         8,1:L112
Field Anbulance groups had few survivors                                    Highway works s t a r t s .Monday 1 5 . 1 : H \ ' l
26.4:1                                                                      ( N e w c a s t l e and M a i t l a n d )
Vietnam L e g i o n i n f i r s t Anzac Day a p p e a r a n c e             $9.7M r u r a l r o a d s program         16.1:5
26.4:5                                                                      Highway work b e g i n s (New England Highway)
Girl jains Anzac ranks                     26.4:5                           20.1:9
Gallipoll Club "a perpetual memorial" 26.4:5                                Freeway plans on show 22.1:LH3
Centre popa ita seams (The Entrance) 13,5:LH2                               Newcastle gets $41,200 for roads 24,1:8
R.S,L. cluba &clng financial ajueeze                                        Main roads grant inadequate 29,1 :LH1
14.5:7                                                                      Wyong expressway may atart this year 13,2:3
Viewa d i f f e r on R . S . L . w i d e n i n g oembership                 Hunter appeals again for tourist road 16,2:6
27.5:6                                                                      Roada and traffic 17.2:2
R.S.L. stays fast on members 28.5:5                                         Landslides and flood cuts road 21.2:29
Newcaatle girl haa top snaps 1.6:10                                         Flyover plan "devaatating" (Blackamiths)
Club fails in licence bid 3.6:6                                             23,2:6
Tobruk Rats visit for North 4,8:S                                           Station road to be retained 4.3:LH5
R.S.L. head finds Ivan not so terrible                                      Wyong Shire gets $47,000 for roads 4.3:LH6
26.10:3                                                                     $70,000 for road works 6.3:8
Veterans recall unit's war record 3.11:14                                   Granta for flood road repairs 17.3:7
Ebc-Infantrymen united 8.11:10                                              Merewether road work "not major city link"
Traditional services mark Remembrance Day                                   18,3:7
12,11:7                                                                     Damage to roads heavy (Wyong Shire) 18.3:LH3
Tank men r e c a l l Cambral Day                   22.11:6
                                            N.M.H, INDEX                             76. 1976

ROADS AND HIGHWAYS (C'td)                           ROADS AND HIGHWAYS   (C'td)

Fourlane road to singleton warranted 19,3:6         Highways (Leader)   22,11:2
Row over wire fence across public road              N.S.W. gets $51M In road grants 29.11:3
(Pitt St) 24.3:7                                    Merriwa road program 29.11:11
Highway creasing fears (New England Highway)        Bypass plan "before grant" (Maitland) 2.12:3
25,3:HV4                                            $4.6M extra for Biral roads 7.12:12
104 years on - and potholes still there             $123,000 grant for Paterson roads 13.12:8
(Kemp St, Wallaend)     29.3:9                      Federal road granta for Hunter 17.12:13
Repaira close tunnel (Cox'a Gap) 29.11:3            N.S.W. will receive $15,4M for roads 21.12:8
"No additional road grants" 3.4:3                   $53M for national highways 23.12:5
Action g-oup to diacuss rcadworks 6,4:6             $4.6M for rural roads 31.12:7
Scone-GlOucester link urged 8.4;HV2                 $500,000 for area roads 31.12:7
$400M for Sydney urban road program 17.4:1
Restrictions on Charlestown roads 22.4:LH2          ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY
Future c road group in doubt (Goulbourn,
          f                                         TO ANIMALS
Muswellbrook Rd, Committee) 24,4:31
Committee seeks straight road (Skye Point Rd. )     Complaints on R.S.P.CA. to be checked
 29,4:LH1                                           30.6:18
Wyong road repairs money approved 29.4:LH1          R.S.P.CA. "unable to accept strays" 2.7:3
Poor signs bring road fire risk 5.5:11              Dogs may be killed after 3 days, not 7.
Right hand turns torbidden (Glebe Rd)
5,5:20                                              29.10:1
Road signs inquiry after girl dies (Sydney)
8.5:9                                               ROYAL VISITS
Road body abolition questioned 10.5:10
No plans by pass (Muswellbrook) 27.5:12             Snowdon ahows his work 26.3:1
Road is now"light" (Thompaon Rd, Speers Point)      Queen to visit in March   7.4:1
27.5:LH1                                            Royal visit possible 5.5:10
Highway route report "ready and waiting"            The Qucien's visit (Leader) 16.6:2
28.5:5                                              Letter sent to Queen 27.7:3
Cessnock fails to get road funds 29.5:32            $400,000 for Royal visit 20.8:5
Goulburn road group may get reprieve                Queen to meet Newcastle people 25,11:3
29.5:33                                             Queen's visit (Leader) 26.11:2
Highway on west of Lake for $40M 3.6:1              Britannia docks on March 11th    18.12:5
Highway route (note)     4.6:2                      Tight security pla nned for Royal couple
Agreement on highway     4.6:3                      27,12:5
Parliament gets road report 5.6:3                   RUGBY LEAGUE
"Way clear" for motorway plan      10,6:6
Residents oppose road works 10.6:7                 Composite side only way to national league
Denman tries fcr road fund 26.6:11                 22.1:20
Grant tor flood damaged roads 5.7:7                League change looming 28.1:24
Conservation worry stops forest road               League may enter under 23 side in Amco Cup
5.7:10                                              3.2:14
 $45,000 road gravel work approved by              Young veteran signs up again    17.2:1
council 8.7:LH4                                     It plays to advertise   18.2:1
Highway "death stretch" studied (Hume              Howlett back from stint in England 15.3:16
Highway) 27,7:3                                    Cootes back with Lakes     16.3:16
Rural road grants total $636,987 31.7:8            Four gain first representative league
Minister will inspect by-pass route 31.7:32        jersey 25.3:24
 Dangerous bypass causes concern (Splitters        Carlson was trumps when the chips were down
Creek Bridge) 3.8:13                               26,3:14
 Secrecy alleged on state road grants 4.8:9        Newcastle trails in Manleys wake 1.4:20
Priority road urgent: N.R.M.A, 4.8:29              Kurri Kurri league feature 1.4:HV4-5
 Shire roads grant approved 9.8:11                 Pope was one of the "pumpkin pickers "
Roads, bridges to cost $900,000 9.8:11             2.4:14
 Shire's $91,669 road grants 16.8:7                Six dropped from Newcastle side 5.4:16
Former highway section named (Brougham             Day eager to show paces with South 7.4:30
Drive)      16,8:13                                Officials to examine poor league form 13.4:24
Talks on Maitland by-pass plan "imperative"        Football club query on     sponsorship 21.4:16
 16,8:13                                           League club gets go-ahead on ads 28.4:14
Cox to inspect highway 17.8:7                      When the sports ground clock applauded
 D.M.R. propoaea $13M highway to Swansea            (Mo Wilson)   14.5:14
 23.8:1                                            Committee cites R. L. coach 8.6:24
Chamber seeks actionoon overpass       23.8:6      Auckland sure of Amce success 16.6:30
Rural road fund "diverted"      23.8:8             League affirms vldeotaoe ban 22.6:14
Road '\vorks" In progress (Leader) 24.8 :2         He was a steel of top quality (Lea Steel) '
Highway scheme backed 24.8:3                       16.7:16
Highway ideas wanted     24.8:7                    Central faces another year In doldrums
Coal road opening 10. 9:15                         23,7:16
 Singleton ty-pjass open to traffic 15.9:7           Anderson notches 100 games 23,7:16
Road funds 17,9:3                                  Burke becomes a byword in rugby 6,8:14
Chamber wants highway talks 18.9:11                Prisoners will referee league finals 21.8:1
Charlestown gets more lights      18.9:29          Kurri out to end league hoodoo 21.8:34
New road cuts coal noise 25,9:32                   R.L. club seeks licensed roof      2.9:LH4
Objection to Denman Street name      25.9:33       Dismissal ends R.L. career (Allan Thomson)
Highway talks sought 30.9:12                       6,9:1
More road work urged 11.10:8                       Thomson era In sour end 6.9:18
Council control of reads "in jeopardy"             League players fined $ 100 (P.Howlett,
 12.10:6                                           A.Thomaon, G.Huggins)    8.9:1
Residents criticise work on roadway                Veteran Terry leads L ions to honours 13.9:1
 (McCulleys Gap Rd ) 19,10:8                       League fans Injured (Maryborough)     13.9:3
 $1,7M for road, bridge work 20.10:16              Move to modify Import rule 28.9:16
Roadworks for Sandy Hollow 22,10:11                Cootes moving to Manly 16.10:36
 Port road grant cut by $100,000 25.10:6           Mills signs with Lakes as coach 19.10:20
M.L.A. says expressway funds diverted              League moves for fresh image 26.10:18
27.10:1                                            Offer of league sponsor    30.11:22
 $2M for work on Paterson highway 27.10:11
Route of national highway cri tical to              RUGBY UNION
Coalfields 11.10.11
 Freeway funds not cut 29,10:1                     Speed strength for Wallabies 2.1:12
 Improvement plan for highway 4.11;LH1             Wallabies humbled by England   5,1:18
Trust seeks grant to seal Sugarloaf road           Wright worth re-assessment 6,1:14
 6,11:12                                           Fitzgerald stuck with bad luck 7,1:28
 Road grant for Port Stephens 16.11:12             Hipwell's cartilage removed 8.1:20
 Minister wants Swansea to Doyalson Road           Test berth up for grabs 9,1:12
 upgraded 17.11:12                                 Wallabies face tough match 10,1:28
 Opposition to wider highway 18.11:7               wallabies show top form 12,1:14
 Cox awaits reply on Lake route 19,11:5            Grey union replacement 12.1:14
 Chamber wants 4-lane highway 20,11:5              Wallabies take no chances 13.1:14
                                                   Wallabies given compliment 14.1:26
                                                                 N.M.H. INDEX                                     77.   19T6

RUGBY     UNION           (C'td)                                            SANDMINING         (C'td)

Wallabies given compliment                    14.1:26                      Fight to preserve peninsular rewarded
More setbacks for Wallabies 15.1:18                                        21,5:9
waaabies show what could have been 19.1:16                                 Sandmining:    Wyong loses the battle but
Another two wallabies injured 20.1:16                                      wins the war 3,6:LH2
Tough time for Graham 21.1:29                                              Sand raining move accepted 17.6:LH1
Wallabies looking for polnta record 22.1:20                                Firm seeks approval for $1,5M plant (London
Loane adds to rugby reputation 23.1:14                                     Brick Co.)     4.8:19
Wallabies satisfied with tour efforts                                      Report on beach mining (North entrance
24.1:32                                                                    Peninsular) 5.8:LH1
"Fltzy's" future hangs on injury (Mick                                     Minister upset at mining leases 23.8:1
Fitzgerald) 4.2:32                                                         Sandmine pledge "was not made" 24.8:3
F o o t b a l l c l u b l i f e meimber t u r n s 90 (H. M u l l e r )     Glassworks says aan d essential for production
18.3:LH2                                                                   5.10:15
Langlands to retire 28,4:32                                                "Sympathy" on raining ban 26.10:1
Test hopes high for R,U. centre 16,6:29                                    Report aeeks end to Fraser Island aand
Test axings defended 17.6:24                                               Mining 26.10:12
R.U. team suffers anotlier setback 17.6:24                                 Clear answer (Leader)    28.10:2
 6 changes for test                18.6:18                                 Dudlev sandmining report sought 28.10:LH1
Fiji halves plan u pset 19.6:30                                            Decision on Myall lease after inspection
 Player suapended until September (Lea                                     29.10:5
 Felghan)            27.7:1                                                Canberra bans island mining 11.11:3
                                                                           Fraser Island miners aware of risks:P.M.
RYLANDS                                                                    12.11:3
                                                                           Fraser calls for joint effort on Qld jobs
Bonus issue at Rylands, Titan 29.1:7                                       15.11:8
Ironworkers stay out 31.1:5                                                Fraser Island reprieve call 13,11:3
Resumption at Inlands 3.2:7                                                Island tent embassy    16,11:1
Rylands men plan return 17.11:15                                           No change 18.11 :1
Men strike over bonus at Rylands 23.11:8                                   Proteat on sand mining 19,11:1
                                                                           Sandmining "created jobs in country" 20.11:11
 SAILING                                                                   Rutile workers face job loss 25.11:12
                                                                           Queensland challenge to mining bans 27,11:11
 Speers Point skipper's VJ title 6.1:14                                    Sandmining Inspection to decide leases 16.12:12
 Terakl takes diamond heat 6.1:14                                          Sandmining action set for January 17.12:13
 Collision upaets Belmont skiffs 8.1:20                                    $10M Federal aid for Fraser Island jobleas
 McKellar giving away start 22,1:20                                        21,12:1
 Brunlges outclasses skiff fleet 27,1:14
 Garry, the crackerjack, skipper of high                                   SANDY     HOLLOW   RAILWAY
 regard 28,1:24
 World 5-0-5 sailing series a prestige event                               Railway line "is       not feasible"   11,10:6
 Land sought for «lllng titles      3.2:7                                  SCHOOL BUILDINGS
 Windbag bouyant    16.2:13
 Kyrwoods tuilding world 505 fleet 21,2:29                                 Teachers want school moved (Segenhoe)
 Water spectacular planned for Belmont                                     4.3:HV1
 4.3:20                                                                    $30M for N.S.W. school buildings     11.3:3
 Sailing title to Moore 16.3:15                                            $1.4M school additions 10.4:33
 Top skiff man beats open fleet for title                                  School at Jewell's next y ear    17.6:12
  (G, Brunlges)    5,4:1                                                   Minister told of threat to school program
 A.J, Is North's "Mr Sailing" (A.J. Beecham)                               17.6:1-3
 16.4:10                                                                   A Qualified advance (Leader)   18.6:2
 Railway land delays threaten titles 3.6:LH1                               Schools to get $20M 21.10:10
 World sailing title 8.7:LH6                                               $600,000 for schools    25.10:11
 Interdomlnlon sailing at Belmont 21.7:40                                  State aid for city schools 28.10:10
 Sailing history repeated at Toronto 30.7:16                               Grants to three north schools 3.11:14
 Cardiff teacher sails for lifelong dream                                  Funds approved for school rebuilding 10.12:3
 (J. Merrlngton) 31.7:1
 Belmont promotes new 16' venture 12.8:20                                  SCHOOLS       CHURCH
 Couple adopt sailing club as "hobby"
 (Mr and Mrs Field) 26.8:LH4                                               Grammar school may change hands 27.5:1
 Sailing club given use of parkland (Croudace                              Girls' Grammar (Leader) 29.5:2
 Bay) 30,9:6                                                               C. of E. Grammar to be leased 31.5:7
 Wind again behind sailing at Toronto 8,10:18                              New name for Grammar 23.6:3
 Four South Africans refused visas 30,10:1                                 Tender hands tend native trees 16.8:8
 Sailing on despite Govt, visa clamp 30.10:36                              Catholic parents unite 23.8:3
 Yachtsmen meet on S.Africans' rebuff 13.11:1                              Religion integral to education: Bishop
 Kyrwood has lead In 5 OS's 13.11:36                                       21.10:15
 Colclough set to take 505 title 15.11:14                                  Dominican nuns bowing out 13.11:9
 S.African ban threatens future sail titles                                Farewell to M arist head (Brother Christopher)
 16.11:1                                                                   26.11:7
 Squall flattens 505 fleet but calm cancels                                A loss for Marist High (Brother Christopher)
 race    16.11:18                                                          30.11:3
 Kyrwood's late bid for unique sailing treble                              Pens bow out to tools (Maitland Marist) 6.12:6
 17.11:32                                                                  Farewell for teachers. (Marlat Brothers
 Champagne finish to 50f) title 18.11:30                                   Boys' High School) 9.12:20
 Humphries boys ruled the waves     19.11:16
 The Battle of Belmont-or the night that the                               SCHOOLS- PRE SCHOOL
 505 sailors celebrated     27.11:1
 Skiffles stick to guns 30.11:1                                            Kiddies love sparkling new kindergarten
 Sailing title on lake (Dec,27)      9,12:12                               (Killarney Vale) 5.2:LH2
                                                                           From the 1955 floods to a 300 waiting list
 SAND MINING                                                               (East Maitland) 11,3:HV2
                                                                           Pre-school klndy in September (Windale)
Red gum legal battle nears end 4.3:3                                       11,3:LH3
A tangled forest (Leader) 5.3:2                                            Kindergarten proposed (Lambton) 23.3:11
Wyong fights on for its red gums 11.3:2                                    New kindergarten will house 80 (Kindlhan,
Sandminer fights peninsula curbs 16.3:3                                    E,Maitland) 10,5:9
200 years for led gums to regrow 17.3:3                                    Many uses for Merriwa kinder 29,5:32
29 conditions on sandminer 18.3:3                                          Pre schooling units planned for North 12.8:7
Restoration c dines "artificial" 19.3:6                                    Pre-school centre for Stockton 22.9:6
Bitou bush "major pest" after mining 23.3:3                                Kindergarten for Aberdeen 22,9:16
Sandmine appeal nears end 2.4:5                                            I.Q. rises from earlier study 24.9:7
Tribunal on second trip to mine site 3.4:5                                 Kindergarten plans for disused church 29.9:11
Sandminer cuts proposal for Wyong area                                     New Merriwa kindergarten 2.10:5
9.4:5                                                                      Kinder staff get 20% pay rise      8,10:7
Sandmine co. may make appeal 22.4:LH                                       Kindergarten told to fix pipe or close
Sandmining limit plan for Itedhead 15.5:5                                  (Nelaon Bay) 16.10:8
Control sought on Sandmlners 19.5:13                                       Kinder opena (Windale)    4.11:LH1
40 conditions laid on Sandmlners 20,5:7
                                                                N.M.H.   INDEX                                       78,   1976

SCHOOLS       - PRE SCHOOLS (C'td)                                         SCHOOLS      REMEDIAL AND    SPECIAL

Pre school contract let, (Mayfield West)                                    Dora St group hopes for government   help
8.12:24                                                                   • 17,3:19
Pre-school dream now a reality (Blackalls                                   Solving learning problems 3.4:2
Park)   16,12:LH2                                                           Remedial teacher in Scone request 5.4:11
Pre-school tenders let   24.12:5                                            Maitland school "victim of b roken promises"
Minister will open pre-school (Merriwa)                                     22,4:1
27,12:4                                                                    Withdrawal of Mai-Wel grant "shock": Morris
SCHOOLS         PRIMARY                                                    Course for parents of slow learners 1.7:13
                                                                           Learning difficulties need understanding
Blackalla school campaign to continue                                       23,8:12
 8.1:LH1                                                                    Problem of autism highlighted 1.9:22
New head for public school (Mr P. Skinner,                                  Special cars aid for mobility (Waratah
 S t i h Muswellbrook) 2C.2:HV2                                            Orthopaedic Hospital school)       9.9:15
 Scone parents in school proteat 11,3:HV1                                   Early state takeover of Mai-Wel suggested
Condition of achool "scandalous" (The                                       21.10:10
 Entrance)              18.3:LH3                                            $20,000 for pool enclosure 2.11:7
Belmont teachers protest at overcrowding                                   State control for Mai-Wel 13.11:5
 25,3:LH1                                                                   State funds schools for handicapped
Teachers sacrifice pay for pupils 30.3:3                                   children 8.12:11
 Belmont North pjarents demand immediate a                                 School block for semi-blind (Jesmond High
 achool action 31.3:3                                                      School) 14.12:13
 Infants go swamp-conscious and battle tip                                 Unknowns become spirits of Christmas
 (Telarah)              12.4:3                                             15,12:1
 P u p i l s w a l l away t h e h o u r s (Dudley) 14,4:LH1                Teaching centre for handicapped needs
Charlestown extensions 28.4:3
                                                                           finance    21,12:6
 J e w e l l s c l a s s r o o m s " o n l y t aDporary" 2 1 . 5 : 5
N.T.H,C             s t i r s school ( C a r r i n t o n )   8.7:1
                                                                           SCHOOLS   - SECONDARY
 I n f a n t s t a k e t o French (Waratah West)
                                                                           Housewives excel in H.S.C     passes 6.1:1
 Politician in the classroom 8,7:LH5
Waratah West trek still on                       21.7:14                   Father, daughter ahare academic light
 Mothers mount guard on crossing                           22.7:1           (A.Stuckey)   7.1:1
 Belmont school "no cost" proposal 22.7:LH4                                "Temporary" claasroom worries Toronto
 School carpjark will not be built (Merewether                             parents 8.1:LH1
Heights Public School) 11,8:12                                             Russell tops In H.S.C. (Russell Patrick)
Miniater to vlalt Belmont School 12.8:LH1                                  9.1:3
"No poinf'ln aihool talks (Tighs Hill)                                     $1,7M contract for Waratah High 16,1:5
25.8:8                                                                     Further step for inner schools plan 22.1:8
 Extensions to primary school (New Lambton)                                Man breaks girl achool tradition 28.1:6
                                                                           Additional classes promised (Jesmond) 2,2:9
                                                                           New school opens in temporary buildings
Students to clean up (The Entrance) 9.9:LH1
                                                                           (Gorokan High School) 5,2:LH2
Award for New lambton school (New Lambton)
                                                                           Gateshead school seeks inspection 12.2:LH5
                                                                           Scholarships at record number 19.2:LH3
School building funds delayed 23.9:6
                                                                           Art ahow at high school - The Entrance
Tenders called fcr achool (Wallsend Primary)
25.9:32                                                                    Broadmeadow High "normal" 8.3:10
Hillsborough P.S, gets booat 29.9:6                                        School aids disabled Olympian (Gayle
Pupils "taught i staff room" (Arcadia Vale)                                Nicholson) 18.3:LH4
11.10:9                                                                    No photo, no higher exam 19,3:3
Gateshead school status concern 14.10:LH1                                  $1,400 given for school equipment 8.4:LH5
 Islington school job delayed 28.10:22                                     Grant aids school's computer trainees
More funds for s:hool (Mayfield West                                       13,4:5
Public School) 30.10:32                                                    Students will get buried in work (Cessnock
Meeting to discuss needs of 8 school.s                                     High School) 14,4:13
30.10:32                                                                   90 year-old map given to school (Morisset)
School "should t saved" (Wyong Primary                                     29,4:LH1
school)            H.11:LH1                                               Quote call for co-ed school (N'cle Tech. High)
Tenambit school expands 13.11-3                                            21.5:5
New facilities for school (Boolaroo public                                Auditorium nears corapletlon    (The E n t r a n c e )
school)            18.11:LH4                                               27,5:LH5
Bedford ihool visit expected 2.12:7                                        School tenders close June 21 (Merewether)
Mlllfield has a vintage year 7.12:3                                        29,5:33
Work begina on school site (Singleton)                                    Groups tackle school merger task 1,6:1
8.12:13                                                                   Newcastle High teachers plan stoppage
T e n t w i l l Slow classroom p l i g h t ( B e r k e l e y               3,6:1
Vale)          10.12:3                                                    Minister told of threat to schools program
Funds ^proved for school r ebullding                                       17,6:1-3
10.12:3                                                                   A qualified advance (Leader)      18.6:2
Action follows school t e n t protest (Berkeley                           North schools in law plan 26.6:31
Vale) 11,12:3                                                             School plans tree garden (Kotara) 7.7:11
E x t r a rooms fcr s c h o o l a p p r o v e d ( B a r n e s l e y )     August d ate for school tenders (N'cle High
15.12:9                                                                   achool) 30.7:6
More school rooms for Hillsborough 21.12:25                               Lake teachers back union on tests 3,8:10
Tenders soon for Islington 29.12:13                                       Teachers prepjare petition 9,8:9
                                                                          School tender accepted for Merewether 10,8:8
SCHOOLS      - PRIVATE                                                    History test criticised 13.8:3
                                                                          Council puts limit on spending 19.8:LH1
More money for schools 30.4:8                                             History paper loses marks 25,8:2
North may get new indepjendent school 1,6:11                              Impounded school caae "held pupils lunch"
Cheap school gear widens 26,6:3                                           (Gateshead Weat) 25,8:14
North achool in rich class (England Grammar                               History test unites teachers 26,8:11
School)           20,7:8                                                  School survey queries 8 ,000 on movements
N.G.S. t o take boarders                  5.11:7                          31.8:12
$ 3 3 5 , 0 0 0 t o a i d SCEGGS           13,11:5                        Units for partly sighted students (Jesmond
B i s h o p t o be p a t r o n of Grammar 2 7 . 1 1 : 8                   High school)      3.9:9
Grammar s c h o o l head a p p o i n t e d       9.12:12                  Morpeth history camp for students 3.9:15
New b o y s ' s c h o o l p o s s i b l e      17,12:5                    Geology talks down under     9.9:LH2
Whitlairfs s i s t e r t a l k s     31,12:1                              High school contract let. 21.9:6
                                                                          $1,4M contract for combining schools          23,9 ;1
SCHOOLS         REMEDIAL AND SPECIAL                                      School plans welcomed (Singleton)        25,9:32
                                                                          $1M change for Valley school (Cessnock)
Minister keen        to restart dyslexia study                            30,9:12
2,1:6                                                                     Boys' High students bomb out 1.10:3
A new view on        dyslexia 10,3:2                                      Wickham school "farewell"        13.10:15
The old tried        and true methods 10.3:2                              Propaganda in school exam denied 15.10:3
Most dyalexia        cases "just bad reading"                             Last speech day for school (Cooks Hill Girls
11,3:18                                                                   High school)    16.10:33
                                                        N.M.H.   INDEX                                                  79.     1976

SCHOOLS - SECONDARY          (C'td)                                SCOUTS AND GUIDES          (C'td)

Centre plan for Toronto H.S. 21.10:LH1                             Redhead scout going to antarctic 8,10:1
Mirror story on school criticised (Sydney)                         Radios give scouts link to world     12,10:8
30,10:3                                                            Radio links scouts the world over 18.10:3
School to say farewell (Wickham) 2.11:7                            Scouts in litter clean up 18.11:24
English paper starts H.S.C                examination              Long service honours given 25.11:LH1
3.11:7                                                             Glendale scouts hall 9.12:LH3
Contract let for $1M school at Singleton                           Service to scouts honoured (Mrs Reed) 23.12:LH3
3.11:14                                                            Two w eeks among the penguins (Neville
H.S.C paper testing but fair: teacher                              Beston)   24.12:3
4,11:13                                                            Hundreds farewell scouts 30,12:5
Reactions mixed on maths 5.11:5
Physics too easy: teacher 9.11:5                                   SEAMEN
Chemistry paper "thorough" 10,11:21
Biology paper "unsatisfactory" 11,11:7                             "Atrocious freighter"stranded in harbor
Geography paper considered fair 12,11:6                            6.1:6
Good choice i H.S.C, economics 16.11:8                             Second F i l i p i n o crew i n pay d i s p u t e            7 J:3
History paper "a fair test"                17,11:16                N e w - r i c h seamen s t a r t s p e n d i n g       8,1:3
Old girls and boys recall ihool days                               Owners c a b l e $45,000 back pay f o r crew
 (Wickham) 16.11:12                                                9.1:3
High school film aiccess (Gateshead) 16,11:12                      Seamen hit happy notes 10.1:3
H.S.C French paper "fair" 18.11:13                                 Fijian w ants to come back legally (John
German test "pleaslngr'' 19.11:9                                   Slhlef)           20.1:3
H.S.C exam ends                20,11:8                             Seaman's body s e n t t o Japan                     3.2:5
The pains of amalgamation 23.11:2                                  F r e i g h t e r d e l a y e d over pay d i s p u t e (Moresby
Students "blackmailed" 25.11:1                                     expreas)               7.2:5
Certificate "Blackmail" denied 26.11:5                             Unions lift ban on ship (Moreaby express)
Exam decision likely in year 27,11:5                               11.2:5
End of teacher's term (Miss Ruth torkey)                           Minor disputes annoy seamen 2.4:7
8.12:8                                                             Seaman found dead on ship 29.4:8
Funds approved for achool rebuilding 10.12:3                       Ship leavea after agreement on pay 28.6:6
Presentation day marks retirement (Maitland                        Japanese coal carrier banned 22.7:1
Girls' High school) 15,12:27                                       Four Chinese hurt in lifeboat fall 14.9:3
Amalgamation plan dominated year 15,12:27                          Hurt sailor 15.9:3
School magazine's last issue (Wickham                              Hurt seaman replaced 16.9:7
Girls' High s chool) 15,12:27                                      Sick sailor picked up (R.A.N. Submarine
High school certificate "valued less"                              Otway)           11.10:1
16,12:6                                                            Union demands wage lift for Japanese
Morisset High additions               16,12*LH1                    (Tenkai Maru) 4.11:7
A Goodbye to traditions (Cooks Hill Girls'                         Threat to delay ship (Iron Wyndham) 19,11:1
High school) 21.12:2                                               Seamen allow ship to .sail                 20.11:11
School mlssea centenary (Wickham Glrla'                            Union ban delays B.H.P. ship
High school) 23,12:2                                               Seamen's Union lifts ban on carrier
School Job t o c o s t $107,000 (Cooks H i l l                     16.12:13
G i r l s ' High S c h o o l )   29.12:8
                                                                   SHARKS     AND SHARK ATTACKS
                                                                   Shark at Stockton acatters surfers 12.1:3
Influx for science talks 10.5:7                                    7 hour battle to catch shark 1,3:3
Birthrate as zero population pointer 11.5:3                        Big shark takes 3^ hours to land 15,3:1
ANZAAS conference    12.5:5                                        Record claim for shark 3,4:1
ANZAAS conference    13.5:3                                        Lark at dark gets a shark (Valentine) 16,11:1
ANZAAS conference    14.5:3                                        Shark haul for game fish club 22,11:1
ANZAAS conference    14.5:11                                       Sonic repellent for sharks  20.12:8
ANZAAS conference    15.5:3                                        Three shark sightings at Redhead 28.12:1
Science "heading for new era"   9.8:3
                                                                   "Namesake" tugs for launching (Coraalr and
 Scout leaders honoured 23.2; 3                                    Pirate)    12.2:7
 Scout Hall, courtesy of captive supporters                        Dock organisea deputation on work future
 26.2:HV1                                                          12.2:7
 Venturer scouts m n with Igloo 26.2:LH2                           Shipbuilders seek aid     13.2:6
 Williamtown Guide first fcr honor (S.Johnston)                    Shipyards sinking in promises 8.3:2
 11,3:HV4                                                          No quick decision likely on shipping 25.3:3
 Q u e e n ' s badges t o s c o u t s , g u i d e     11.3:LH5     Slipway stop astoiishes manager 1.4:6
 Queen's scouts 18.3:LH4                                           Slipway men end strike     3.4:9
 New company- new guides (1st Rutherford)                          Canberra blamed for slipway jobs 8.4:1
 1,4:HV1                                                           200 men laid off from four plants 15.4:1
 New N.S.W. scout chief named (Ronald Pate)                        Shipyard policy mid June 6,5:7
 24.4:5                                                            Slipway gets big order 7.4:6
 500 will attend scout camp 5,1:10                                 Carringrton Slipways launches tug (Campbell
 Scout group given sword 8.1:16                                    Cove)    11,5:7
 500 scouts for Nords Wharf camp                       8.1:LH1     North's shipbuilders under scrutiny 18,5:1
 Scout camp gets bank 15.1:7                                       A,CT.U. urged to call shipbuilding strike
 Scouts win top award                 15.1:HV1                     27.5:3
 Scouts may get home 12.2:HV2                                      P.M. gives unions challenge on shipbuilding
Special tasks for Guides 19.2:LH4                                  3.6:1
Clubhouse Hjve by guides (Lambton) 14,4:7                          Labor costs burden on shipbuilding: Fraser
Scout Groups bid for hall 3,5:8                                    4.6:6
Belmont guide gets badge 6.5:LH3                                   Shipbuilding reform move    7.6:6
Venturer scouts get awards                    13.5:LH3             Meeting's aira to save ship industry     14.6:1
Scouts set up area link 20.5:6                                     Carrington Slipway on naval list     18.6:3
Better year for area a;outs 27,5:11                                Shipwrights take day off to discuss merger
Extra levy a burden to guides 31.5:8                               23.6:5
Inmates toast of Kurri 26.6:3                                      Big Australian built ships ruled out 23.6:10
200 attend opening of Kurri hall 28.6:6                            Ship industry"in mess"       3.7:3
Patrol leader receives badge tonight                               "Information" snag on ship policy 23.7:7
1.7:LH3                                                            Supply ship biggest built in Australia
Scouts want to paint numbers 7.7:20                                31.7:5
Scouta ally forth              10.7:31                             Protection for shipyards pie a     2.8:1
Scouts hope to earn $500,000                      22.7:7           Union link "will cut disputes" 2.8:6
Girl joins scotMng honour ranks (Joy                               New-class supply ship launched today
McDonald) 27.7:3                                                   (Lady Ann)      7.8:5
Wanted: a woman with a kind heart and time                         Northern docks look at naval tender 11.8:9
to spare 19,8:12                                                   Federal policy expected on Dockyard 12.8:16
Ranger show activities                 7.9:10                      Bitter day for North (Leader)      14.8:1
Bravery award for scout (Mr Harry Harcus)                          Dockyard rebuffs threaten future     1 4.8:1
16.9:20                                                            2,000 jobs on line: Wran 14.8:1
                                                  N.M.H,   INDEX                                      80.   1976

SHIPBUILDING   (C'td)                                         SHIPPING

State may buy $18M dock     16.8:1                            Girls on ftie bridge give seamanship new
Options for the dock (Leader) 16.8:2                          meaning (P. and O. Strathmay) 25.5:3
Shipyard to 1 aunch dredge (April Hamer)                      Payments to ship unions "improper" 26.5:3
19.8:7                                                        Tug crews get up to $18 pay increase 26.5:8
Mra Hamer launches $3M dredge 20.8:3                          Sygna helpa P.W.D. study 27.5:3
Precipitate (Leader)    21.8:2                                Payments to maritime unions "not policy"
Strike call over shipping pjolicy 21,8;3                      27.5:3
Another ship order goes overseas 25.8:3                       Orontes model berths at M.S.B. 27.5:6
Carringrton slipways bid 25.8:3                               Ships inquiry ineffectual, say seamen
Deal hitch delays $40M ship order 26.8:1                        29.5:5
S.A, plan to save Slip Industry 1.9:1                         New ship for Aust run 9.6:29
Shipping solution auggeated 3.9:9                             Union steam lifts freight rates 12.6:10
Carrington tenders for Reef ship 7.9:8                        Cruise bottle returns with friend 19.6:1
Fear that dock report will be too late                        T.N.T, now in container leasing 22,6:8
8.9:8                                                         Union tells shipowners to buy T,V. 23.6:9
Shipbuilding reacue backed 6.9:12                             New ore carrier for Auatralia 24,6:10
Japan's shipyard crisis 9.9:2                                 Williamtown port study continues 30,6:12
Unions ship plan could cost jobs 9.9:3                        Henderson for MSB post 1.7:18
Committee waits for shipbuilding report                       Schooner takes another tack 14.7:1
10,9:3                                                        Ship freights to Europe raised 14.7:28
Japaneae shipyards face massive outback                       Port Inquiry submission 19.7:12
13,9:1                                                        Ship agents in appeal on fees decision
Job variety keepa big ahipyard going 15.9:1                   31.7:32
Container ship for service (Columbus                          Dredge sails for N.Z. (W H. Resolution)
Victoria) 16.9:20                                             7,8:5
Japan rejects cuts in shipbuilding      18.9:9                Shipping chief ends 43 year stint (Ron
Japan gambles on shipping 21.9:1                              Bovis)    27.8:5
A major advance (Leader)     21.9:2                           N.Z, fights nuclear visit strike 1,9:3
I.A.C. tolls knell of shipbuilding 2"".9:1                    Port strike attack on ANZUS: Fraser 3.9:1
Shipping future decided "in few weeks 23.9:1                  The nuclear blow-up (Leader) 4.9:2
Bleak but not hopeless (Leader)     23.9:2                    Truxton strike threat "may need troops"
Job for life in Apan 24.9:1                                   4.9:3
Carrington to build $8M bulk carrier 24.9:3                   Truxton strike divides A.C.T.U. 6.9:3
Shipyards plea needs "substance" 25.9:1                       Truxton into port: strike called 8.9:1
Lesser ships caught   in Mitsubishi net                       Rest port wanted for N-shlp crewa 14.9:5
1.10:1                                                        Two vessels again up for tender 16.9:10
Dockyard future hinges on promise 2.10:3                      Hobart to welcome N-ships 18.9:1
Dock men p l a n tent p r o t e s t 8.10:1                    B.H.P. c hlef Indicts maritime industry
An offensive judgement (Leader) 8.10:2                        28.9:3
Woman to launch two tugs (Wyambl and Wyong)                   New attack on shipping industry 29,9:3
11,10:8                                                       Wartime sinking recalled (Captain Brady)
New dredge to start sea trials 12,10:5                        2.10:1
Trial of $3M dredge pleases shipping                          $626,725 for chairman 15,10:1
officials 20.10:9                                             Submarine meeting denied 15,10:3
Young slates "failure" to s ave shipyards                     Wage cost blamed for price 20.10:14
21.10:1                                                       Botany port death threats 22.10:3
Two tugs launched today 23,10:9                               43 year career ends (Mr Alan Beck) 22.10:5
Sticks and carrots (Leader) 25,10:2
                                                              Closer guard for Botany Bay activities
Slipways Invest $750,000 28,10:7
41% aay ship aid too low 30,10:1
                                                              Diver wins Island contract 30.10:33
Talks on ship Industry to continue 2,11:1
                                                              Sweeping changes for A.N.L. urged 3,11:1
Canberra "committed" to shipbuilding 2.11:3
                                                              New owner for ship (Iron Wyndham) 18.11:14
Decision on dockyard urgent:Wran   3,11:1                     Call for tighter shipping control 23.11:3
Policies for change (Leader) 3.11:2                           W'ldors to take a dive    24.11:3
Cabinet divided over future of shipbuilding                    Shipping section closes (Howard Smith) 30.11:16
4,11:9                                                        Bay port aid to Sydney      2.12:6
Two tugs planned "on spec" to save Jobs 9,11:1                Container firms attacked on charges 9.12:14
On qjec, (Leader)   10.11:2                                   Aborigines report strange submarines 30,12:3
New ship firat for Australia (Union Rotati)
10.11:15                                                      SHIPPING - ACCIDENTS AND WRECKS
Election of shipbuilding delegates 11.11:13
Fraser takes a U.S, line 17.11:2                              Sygna ready for tow    10,1:3
Shipbuilding delegates 17.11:7                                Sygna section will arrive in one piece
Slipways to launch two tugs 30.11:12                          14.1:5
P.M. denies deal on Whyalla shipyard 2.12:3                   Sudden death of tug cook delays last
Japan trip a mystery (Mr Kidd) 7.12:1                         Sygna tow 15,1:6
Qld Ministers wife to launch tug (Broadsound)                 Police end tug cook death inquiry 16,1:5
7,12:9                                                        Sygna bow ready for long tow   17,1:3
Japanese unions back dock cause 9,12:3                        Navy finds no trace of missing ore ship
Tomago shipyard ha s busy work day 15.12:9                    17,1:3
A dubious "first" (Leader)   27.12:2                          Cyclone delays Sygna    19,1:3
                                                              Sygna bow on its way 22.1:1
SHIPPING                                                      A reminder (Leader)   22.1:2
                                                              Helicopter plan in Sygna      salvage    12.2:7
Wheel turns Into history   7.1:17                             Heart ailment killed cook 27.2:3
Lifeboat stuck with rust - solicitor 14,1:4                   $80,000 damage in ship crash (Iron Dampier
Watt St loses shipping firms (Union                           and Novikov Priboy)     6.3:3
Bulkshlps Pty Ltd) 10,2:7                                     Waves push Sygna deeper into sand 11.3:3
Copter helps ship   a t sea (Iron tfideavour t)               Man claims rights to old Dutch wreck
11.2:7                                                        (Gilt Dragon)    24.3:6
Whyalla job for idle dredge    13.3:9                         Engine failure blamed for harbour mishap
Faithful harbour dredge for sale 18.3:9                       (Sydney)   13.4:3
Sydney, Kembla strikes hold up 57 ships                       Runaway ship makes an Instant Pisa    23.6:1
24.3:13                                                       Japanese freighter, Melbourne collide 26,7:3
Tug row stops ah ipping 25.3:1                                Fourth group to tackle Sygna  2,9:16
Petrol stocks "for two weeks" 23.3:7                          Oyster Bank victims (P,Attaslam)   4,9:7
Newcastle tugs may go back tomorrow 26.3:3                    Sub salvage to go ahead (Darwin) 18.9:3
Shipping cargo service planned 26.3:5                         Petrol tanker holed; area cleared (Tas)
Shipping policy details sought 30.4:3                         20.12:1
Tug-of-war (Leader)    5.5:2
Tugboat men end strike, but dispute not over                   SHORTLAND COUNTY   COUNCIL
Tug men resume atrike 6.5:3                                   Nesca running own workers' insurance plan
Striking tug men to meet 7.5:5                                16,1-5
Petrol supply threat eases 8.5:9                              48 years of work to end (R.Abbott) 19.1:6
Timor bound ship to visit Newcastle 14.5:5                    Prams step behind   19.1:10
Newcastle may get shipping council 19.5:7                     Power policy may change 6.2:6
Tankers lejectad   25.5:3                                     Nesca plugs power charges loophole 6.2:6
                                                            N.M.H.   INDEX                                                    81.     1976

SHORTLAND COUNTY COUNCIL           (C'td)                              SHOWS      (C'td)

Nesca Inspectors plan "disruption" 25.2:8                              $100,000 facelift for(Singleton) 22.3:10
S . C C warns children   1.3:7                                         Kerrigan resigns after one show as
Electricity costs soar as ban continues                                secretary        23.3:1
3.3:16                                                                 Show secretary "had 43 bosses" (R.Kerrigan)
Hutnanlty, economics in aaving gulls 5.3:3                             27.3:3
lron"blew up" after 3 months     5,3:3                                 Gloucester Show boosted 1.4:HV1
S.CC. plans $4M work program        5.3:5                              Muswellbrook show prices unchanged 1.4:HV1
Repair waived 5.3:5                                                    Lands Minister to open show 2.4:7
Scoreboard nil; club $150      5.3:3                                   Show steward retires after 56 years
Council crew gives treea "grim Trim" 19.3:6                            Reg. Bray MBE)        22.4:11
Counselling for S.CC. workers 2.4:5                                    Show day switch likely            9.6:9
County warns of sub-statinn dangers 30.4:8                             Flyli'tj farmer gets show job (Hugh Colllts)
Nesca to seek say in planning 8.5:30                                   20.7:3
County "not at fault"     19.5:15                                      C o s t s h i t Hunter show 2 1 . 8 : 3 1
Pension power rebates sought 28,5:5                                    Ex-raayor t o opjen show a t M a i t l a n d   11.10:9
Nesca link operates 24 hours a day 28.5:9                              Dungog show r e c e i p t s down 1 5 . 1 1 : 6
Nesca work delayed over pay dispute 3.6:7                              $30,000 f o r s howground         23.12:5
 Dispute hearing a>ught 4.6:7
Nesca "delays"     5.6:5                                               SKATEBOARDS
 $100,000 loan accepted     2.7:5
 Building society lo an for S . C C    16.7:8                          Helmet f o r r i d e r a s u g g e s t e d 1 5 . 1 : 1 5
 Swansea sub-station work to start 22.7:LH3                            S k a t e b o a r d n u i s a n c e : p o l i c e can a c t    1.3:12
 C.S.B. lends $iM to council 30.7:12                                   S k a t i n g r e p l y " n o t aiswer" 3 . 3 : 1 2
 Insurance men get awards    3,8:10                                    S k a t e b o a r d s banned a t velodrome                 17.5:8
 Local tenders favoured by council 6.8:5                               S k a t e b o a r d o p i n i o n s sought        30,6:10
 Power conditlons"could deter Industries"                              Qld c a l l         for s k a t e b o a r d c o n t r o l s   19.11:13
Sub-division power "Impeded"            1.9:14                         SOCCER
Light atandards may have to             be replaced
8.9:9                                                                  Spectators' brawls cut match short
Poles "should go" 8,9:9                                                (Melbourne)    2.2:3
Kite filers beware   16,9:17                                           Curran may return to Rosebuds 12.2:24
Trust wants S.CC. off mountain top 22.9:6                              Government cut back raakes junior soccer
Major consumers use more electricity                                   goal harder 12.2:24
8.10:3                                                                 Trip was rewarded for Senkalski 9.3:13
Engineers restoring Wlnns power   22.10:5                              McNabb waa top goalkeep<=r 19.3:16
County elects 1977 officers 4.11:7                                     Date was the greatest (Reg Date)     9.4:14
Power rate Increase ahead 5.11:5                                         Life award for man on the ball (B.Bromley)
Elections   5.11:5                                                     14.4:LH4
S.CC. spends thousands en computer 9.11:8                              Selection quandary for soccer coach 24.4:34
Power rate to rise 20.11:6                                             Soccer official may resign 29.4:26
Power bills rise 12% in January 26.11:1                                Recognition for a true soccer man
Wires over launching ramps to be moved                                 (Sid Grant) 7.5:14
2.12:7                                                                 It's the mind that raatters 10.5:3
Defrosting warning shock to public 16.12:7                             Spurs slara North 5-1     13.5:20
Shortland raeter rate Increase   31.12:7                               Garae "topped when fans slash player 17.5:3
                                                                       Johnston gets second chance in England
SHOOTING                                                               20.5:22
                                                                       Board gives ground to junior soccer
Brook hopes for "jackpot" 6,1:14                                       27.5:LH6
Lake team wins titles 22,1:LH1                                         Soccer club finds field rent hurdle 1.6:10
Riflemen earn Queen's award 17.3:30                                    Hardes heading for Scotland 9.6:38
Shooter claima raedal hopes are bright                                 Strikers bid tor place 9.6:38
(Don Brook) 1.7:22                                                     Larab out of soccer pjast    16.6:30
Lake a i r r i f l e club on target with new                           Soccer to pick chief 17.6:24
range 5.8:LH6                                                          "Alfred the Great" atood tall In code
Air rifle interest growing 14.10:LH3                                   (Artie Quill) 20.8:14
Rifle range opens (Germania Club, warnera                              Wallsend on top again in soccer 19.7:20
Bay)        29.11:8                                                    Not doing a Melba, aays Lamb      22.7:24
S i g h t s s e t on e x p a n d i n g s p o r t 2.12:LH4              Roaebuda rising 88, in full bloom 3.9:18
                                                                       Loan query sent to cluba (Muswellbrook)
 SHOWS                                                                 6.9:10
                                                                       Australian captain never played for his     ;
New schedules for ahow at Morisset 8.1:LH3                             state (Clarrie Coults) 22.10:14
Admission fees up for show 21.1:9                                      Soccer po sltlons to be filled 9,11:18
Show charge Increased (Maitland) 2.2:7                                 Sullivan elected aoccer secretary 10.11:32
Increased entries for Morisset show 5.2:LH1                            Newcastle United must push for premier
Show goea on in rain, mud (Morisset) 9.2:8                             soccer league berth 26.11:16
No entry f ee for show girl contest 11.2:7                              Senkalski heads for Sydney   30.11:22
Entrance price up for show 12.2:HV1                                    Goalkeepers sights on 36th season (Ron
Rodeo events for show   16.2:8                                         Parr)    24.12:12
Weather harapers show - Morisset 19.2:LH3
Show gets more horse entries 20,2:3                                    SOCIAL SECURITY
$160,000 boost fo r show    21.2:5
Wide range of events at diow        23.2:6                             Village forms club (Hawkins Masonic Village)
Show art "improving" 25,2:12                                           1.1:7
Uni students ahow high-wire skills 26.2:17                             Service centre answers many queries 3.1:LH4
Sideshow alley "at best"   26.2:17                                     25,000 Deals delivered 6.1:HV3
Attendance down but takings increase 26.2:18                           Family Act "further threat" 14.1:15
Maitland ahow in rain cover gamble 26.2:HV1                            Life Line goes to Toronto 22.1:LH1
Free child admiaaion a "success" 27.2:11                               Trying to cut spending in Social Security
Show gate takings increase   28.2:9                                    4.2:2
Show cay riddle for Maitland shoppers 1.3:3                            Social planner hopjeful for Hunter Council
Fewer at show, takings up 1.3:12                                       4.2:15
Rain dims Maitland show hope 3.3:3                                     An open door for people with pressing
Show judges praiae standards    4.3:10                                 problems 5.2:LH2
Rain dampens shows opening (Maitland)                                  Work starts on village centre (Hawkins
4.3:HV1                                                                Masonic Village)    6.2:3
Cessnock prices increase 40c. 4.3:HV1                                  "Army" to aid of homeless family 10.2:1
$5,000 for Dungog pavilion        4.3:HV4                              Norhtern women to head new council (Cr
Maitland show r e s u l t s   6.3:8                                    Butler and E. Hicks) 11.2:11
Cessnock show "best ever" 11.3:HVl                                     Distraught wives lose child case 12.2:1
Maitland show may never be the same 11.3:HV1                           Man first to call on new crisis centre
15th Royal for Dungog man (K.Mackay) 11.3:HV1                          12,2:LH1
Early rain hampers C essnock show 13.3:3                               .sympathy. Justice (Leader)   13.2:2
10,000 brave r a i n , mud for Cfessnock 15.3:9                        Family finds home at Kilaben Bay
Gresford show p r i c e s up, but public grains                        (Mr and Mrs W. Simpson) 13,2:6
                                                     N.M.H. INDEX                                    82,    1976

 SOCIAL SECURITY (C'td)                                       SOCIAL SEICURITY (C'td)

Whitlam to ojjen home - St Vincent de Paul                    |1M to help aged (Wescott Home) 9.11:3
18,2:5                                                        •$14,000 boost from art union (Hawkin Masonic
Repjatriation must stay: report 26,2:3                        Village, Edgeworth)    11,11:LH1
Priest looks at mental health 4,3:12                          Long Jetty centre to open 16,11:15
|aiwelfare proposal supported 5,3:3                           Two more aenior citizen centres planned
Group seta u p information aervice 11,3:7                     20,11:35
Clinic forma groupa for parenta 11,3:LH5                      $iM aged units at Scone 27.11:5
Day care centre opens in Raymond Terrace                      Maimed and forgotten of industry 29,11:2
16,3:HV1                                                      Hunt opjens Scone aged unlta 29.11:11
Hoatel for Aged almoat ready     29,3:8                       Father holds family together (Mr Harry
Special need of hjmeleas "revealed" 31,3:10                   Scarfe) 30.11:1
Social welfare pian"not being axed"     3,4:5                 Helping communities help themselves 2,12:LH3
65 programa could suffer 3.4:5                                Welfare need high In city 7.12:1
The empty neat ayndrome (M,Delprat) 3,4:7                     Newcastle ranked 17th o n social disadvantage
Lone mothers m ost needy of welfare 8,4:1                     map    7,12:16
Family cluater idea gaining aupport 8,4:17                    Report shows "state need" 8,12:1
Mental aickneas high in North 10,4:1                          Talks sought on city's homeless 8,12:19
Government tipped to keep welfare plan                        Long Jetty centre for aged 9,12:LH5
13,4:7                                                        Helping the needy (Leader) 10,12:2
Some aged people destitute 15,4:3                             Support for social report 15,12:11
Homes for aged may get loaa    21,4:6                         Personal problems aid (Newcastle City
Decade of aervice for life lino 21.4:23                       Mission)    16,12:16
Servlcea to aged to be co-ordinated                           Senator hits social security "error"
(Muswellbrook) 22.4:12                                        20,12:12
Council may r a i a e loan for   tostel   (Denman)            Aid for lone fathera wanted    22.12:11
22,4:13                                                       Ex-servicemen's centre to admit women
Young help old in letirement 5,5:29                           23.12:LH3
A cheerful home for homeless girls 6,5:13                     Groups asked to apply for aid 31.12:4
Aged centre goes ahead (Morisset) 6,5:LH5
Life lino now in 12 countries 12,5:18                         SOLAR ENERGY
New family planning clinics 20,5:13
Work on centre delayed (Long Jetty Senior                     Scope widens for suns energy   30.3:2
Citizen's) 20,5:LH1                                           Solar heaters (Leader)     27.11:2
Kahibah centre for aged to open 20.5:LH3
Group to give information 27,5{14                             SOUTH     AUSTRALIA
P,M, and social welfare 3.6:2
P.W.P. helps battlers 11.6:1                                  Adelaide chews its nails 1,1:3
Centr-al coast gets final aocial grant                        Dunstan scoffa at tidal wavea 12.1:1
17,6:LH1                                                      Panic spreads at snail pace    17,1:1
More ervlces for the Hind - R,B,S. 23,6:20                    Adelaide la aerene - seer unseen 19.1:3
Check on Social spending urged 23,6:24                        Adelaide awinga for Doomaday 20,1:1
Minister to visit welfare projects 28,6:6                     Snail, frog diet for lost man 27,1:6
Graziera will aid charity 29,6:3                              S.A, premier snubs Kerr     17,3:13
Move to get land for centre 30,6:18                           A rare mind    (Leader)    6.5:2
Send a team, urgea regional aocial group                      S.A, Governor switches off 6.5:3
1,7:19                                                        Police raid anger 8.5:1
Inquiry on coat of aocial worker 2.7:5                        Judge a "brisk mover" 13.5:1
Refuge committee needs aite 5.7:9                             Aborigine offered leading post (Sir
Citizens' centre site chosen (Glouceater)                     Douglas Nlcholls) 14.5:1
6,7:6                                                         Sir Douglas "waiting" 15,5:3
Girl lecturer finda inner motivation 7.7:24                   Sir Mark falls silent for a little while
Visit to discuas needs of aged 8,7:LH1                        21,5:15
Salvationists give centre priority 9.7:7                      Sir Douglas orders T.V. man out 26,5:1
Cook artefacts in new units for aged 14.7:9                   Black Governor (Leader)   26,5:2
Wickham "in backwater" 15.7:10                                Appology appeases Sir Douglaa 27,5:1
Social development council to icet 15.7:LH1                   Party funds inquiry 15.6:3
2 stagre plan for senior citizens' centre                     Leader landa behind bars 27,7:3
opposed 17.7:31                                               A Gerrymander revised 18 ,8:2
Belmont to get $2.7M hostel for aged                          Drought enda   4,10:1
29,7:7                                                        Swearing in Dec 1, (Sir Douglas Nichols)
$225M for aged statement revives Budget leak                  4.11:8
row,     30,7:3                                               U.K. court may judge S.A. laws      5.11:6
Valley t alka on social pjolicy 30,7:7                        Liberals have P.S. spies: Dunstan 20,11:35
Regional councila liture "uncertain" 2,8:7                    Oliphant supports Kerr on dismissal 22,11:3
Bateau Bay aged homea approved 2,8:10                         S.A. creates history: Sir Douglas aworn in
Central ccaat social granta allocated                         2,12:1
2,8:10                                                        Bill not for de facto wivea    2.12:10
Grants to homes for aged approved 3,8:7                       Dunstan weds ataff member 23.12:1
Projects for aged granted $1,84M   4,8:15
Changes In social security 4,8:29                             SPACE EXPLORATION
"listening post" helps with problems
5.8:LH2                                                       Australia involved in space investigation
Welfare a "combined effort" 9.8:6                             16,4:5
Protest on changrea for subaidy 1 2 , 8 : 6                   Space debris fire doubted 2.6:27
Meditation aa anawer to atroaa li;.8:LH2                      Viking gives new views of Mars 23,6:7
Self-help acheme "endangered" 16,8:8                          Mars takes limelight   1,7:2
Miniater denies offices to close 21,8;31
Group has use for junk    23.8:6                              SPASTIC CENTRE
Branxton - Greta to get "Meals" soon 23.8:10
Next meals service (Cardiff) 24,8:3                           Spastic centre gets $2,500 1,7:LH3
Minister defends welfare services    28,8:3                   Spastic centre preaident (K,Gordon) 13.9:9
Anthony opens Maitland units 28,8:3                           Spastic centre job starts ea rly 1977
Belmont needs discussed 2,9:LH1                               27,11:9
Valley units for aged cost $iM       6,9:11
Yachtsman will opjen village (Jim Hardy)                      Delays     trouble spastic centre   15,12:7
Getting off the atreeta 18,9:7                                SPECIAL    ARTICLES
Aged centre finance aought 4,10:9
Cardiff meals centre to open tonight 14,10:LH3                Working in Paradise 1,1:2
On the trek to oblivion 18,10:1                               Detente first front in aecond cold war 2.1:2
Lifeline wants more interpreters 18,10:9                      Mystery of the atray egg (Athel D'Ombrain)
Plan to care for "homeless men" 19,10:1                       3,1:7
Homeless men (Leader) 19.10:2                                 Touch of Australia in Scotland 3,1:7
Homeless men may get special care 20.10:11                    Communist with grace of a mandarin
Social body to aid resident groups 22.10:11                   (ChCJw En Lai) 10,1:2
Support for lone parents sought 27.10:16                      Why cannot Asia feed itaelf? 10,1:2
Welfare group chooses first projects 2,11:3                   Watergate stumpa Latin expjert 10,1:2
Granta to lone parenta criticised 3,11:19                     Cricket watching Gulls are usurpers
                                                              (Athel D'Ombrain)     10.1:7
                                                              Back to pedal power 10.1:7
                                                       N.M.H,    INDEX                                 83    1976
                            (C'td)                                  SPECIAL ARTICLES ( C ' t d )

 She's a speedway swlr)ger! 10,1:7                                  Kerra career dissected 6.4:2
 Luxury along the lazy river (A,Watkins)                            'Callaghan a safety leader      7,4:2
 10,1:7                                                             Hughes, the phantom recluse 7,4:2
 Russia pjuts maritime clock back 50 years                          Webs catch small birds (AD'Ombrain) 17,4:6
 12,1:2                                                             The scapegoats of C}allipoli (J,Comorford)
 What the Angola c r i s i s i s a l l about 1 3 . 1 : 2            24,4:7
 L a t e s t weapon: Fcjod pjower 1 3 . 1 : 2                       Penny brochure tells the Anzac Story (P,Haalam)
 When a p j o l i t i c l a n s thoughts turn to k i a a i n g      24,4:7
 babiea       14.1:2                                                The myatery of the "debil-debil" ahcjoa
 Welfare state does not conform to party                             (Athel D'Ombrain)    24.4:7
 line 14.1:2                                                        How will they atop Carter 27.4:2
 Rod menace looms again - Who could replace                         Harah verdict on Monty 30,4:2
 Tun Razak as a symbol of unity?               15,1:2               Tailor made man a atep nearer         1,5:7
 Brain drain saps the Third World 15.1:2                            Flappers idol looks back on his starry
 "Ferrybridge six" fight closed ahop 17,1:2                         days (Aubrey Kollner) 1,5:7
 Deaerting church to save tax 17,1:2                                Tap dancers ol the insect world (Athol
 River Kwai apologry 17,1:2                                         D'Ombrain)     1,5:7
 You can choose your own sweet dreams                               Wlreleaa aystem helps save India'a tigora
 17,1:7                                                              3.5:2
 Mowing stops while willloa raiae a family                          Monatora to minlaturea come to Lake       8,5:7
  (A,D'Ombrain)             17,1:7                                  Cambodia changed Into one big agrarian
 Russia flexes sea muacle 19,1:2                                     labour camp     10,5:2
 Dlvora throw doubt on U.S. hiatory 19.1:2                          No stopping the diasadonts 11,5:2
 New sights on long, cold train ride 19.1:2                         Odd talea of a aplder and a currawong
 Survival ark - and na ture doea it all                              (Athel D'Ombrain) 15,5:7
 19.1:3                                                              Dr. K. everyone'a fall guy (Dr Klaainger)
 Long road to prealdency               20.1:2                        21.5:2
 Rhodeala peace bid draga               on 20,1:2                   The mixed up mallards from Lower Belford
 Killing out cf proportion 20.1:2                                    (Athel D'Ombrain) 22.5:7
 Hanoi calla forcea to combat readineas                              Britain's new headaches 27.5:2
 21.1:2                                                             A city of beauty and terror        27.5:2
  Eluaive outlaw'a dream atirs (Chin Peng)                          Ogre faced spider Is night time net caster
 21,1:2                                                              (Athel D'Ombrain)      29,5:7
 Concorde Day 21.1:2                                                 Guerilla war sapping Burma's already feeble
 Case of Dr. X,               22,1:2                                 economy   31,5:2
  Israel turns to aun for pjow or 23,1:2                             No nicotioa for auper paaaengora (R,Lurie)
 Careless Identification of sharks (Athol                            5,6:7
 D'Ombrain) 24,1:7                                                  A week to remember (N, Barney)        5,6:7
 Wounded knee troubles U.S.               26.1:2                     Sad end for big fiah (A.D'Ombrain) 5.6:7
 Mrs Gandhi tightens clamp on critics 27,1:2                         The loat Utopia (W, Roderick) 19,6:7
 Snowman has no righta 27,1:2                                        The day of the dancing dolphins (A,D'Ombrain)
 Dr Waldhelm playa It cold 27,1:2                                    Job depression (Paul Rea) 12,6:7         (19,6:7)
 U,S. and Soviet apy aet-upa look alike                              Stay-at-home swallows (A,D'Ombrain) 12,6:7
 28,1:2                                                              Its fun pjuttlng on dog (M, Delprat)
  Italian envoy la so British 28,1:2                                 24,6:14
 A day in the life of a traveller 29,1:2                             Between Ockers and Ponimles (M, Delprat)
 Helium horaea may be back 29,1:2                                    24,6:15
 Singapore loaing touch of colour 29,1:2                             Her fate: to become a leper 26,6:7
 Blow to South African detente                30,1:2                 Bottle Idea such a corker (T, Barraaa)
  Jawa! They're least of the worrlea                                 26,6:7
  (T, Barraaa) 1,1:7                                                 Feather fixing moana life or death to
 The mixed up mud crab (A,D'Ombrain) 31,1:7                          ducks (A. D'Ombrain)      26,6:7
 P-N,G. battlea for ialand 2.2:2                                     Lonely Ducheas neara Llfe'a aid 30.6:25
 Medical exponaea haunt America 2,2:2                                Doga might enjoy thoao loud banga
 British ahun univeraltlea                 5,2:2                     (A,D'Ombrain) 3,7:7
 Vatican aex lulea cauae rift 7,2:2                                  Hoapital roae from compaaalon (Mrs Marie
 Self-determination for East Timor                7,2:2              Ellla, founder of Weatern auburba
 The gossamer glory on Greenwattle Rd,                               hoapital and the R.S.P.CA.) 3.7:7
  (A,D'Ombrain)             7,2:7                                    Inaect flaahea out love calla (Athel
 Nightmare for diaaadent in mental hospital                          D'Ombrain)      10.7:7
 9,2:2                                                              A alap in the face from a apinning ahark
 Long list complied of those still held                              (A.D'Ombrain) 17.7:7
 9,2:2                                                               The tree aklnk that took the wrong turning
 Cancer doctor awaits "cure" ruling               10,2:2             (A.D'Ombrain) 31.7:7
 What mkea Bobby Bugden tick? (T,Barraaa)                            The beautlea of Antarctica (Jean Bailey)
 14,2:7                                                              31.7:7
 A flightleaa chicken (A,D'Ombrain)               14,2:7             Pacific apjecka a worry (Gilbert Islands)
 Taming the N.G. wilda 19,2:10                                       5.8:2
 Pacal left nothing to chance (S, and S,                             Yabbies by any other name (A.D'Ombrain)
 McClung)        21,2:7                                              7.8:7
 The fork tailed cata are on the move 21,2:7                         Web spinners unlimited decorate my garden
 N.Z, awitches direction 27,2:2                                      (A.D'Ombrain) 14.8:7
 John Ccjotea - man of many parta (D,Knox)                           The pastor with winga (Paator Len Barnard)
 28,2:7                                                              14.8:7
 The atrange mannerisms of motha (A,D'Ombrain)                       Little boy loat comes of age (Stephen Walls)
 28,2:7                                                              21,8:7
 Budget alaahed to the bone 4,3:2                                    Odd changes happen in an animals diet
Animal'a walkabout trlcka (A,D'Ombrain) 6,3:6                        (Athel D'Ombrain)     28,8:7
The dollar bird from Dora Creek (A,D'Ombrain)                        A voice from the sleazy aluma (C.J. Dennia)
 13,3:7                                                              28,8:7
American anger might cloae Panama artery                             All that wriglea ia not a anake (Athel
 15,3:2                                                              D'Ombrain)    4.9:7
Router - the colourful atory behind the name                         Mao'a riae to power 10.9:2
 15,3:2                                                              Valley'a myatery animal appjears again
 State tax aid likely for U.K. political                              (Athel D'Ombrain) 18.9:7
partiea          18.3:2                                              Shark ray a long way from home 25.9:7
U.S. unemployment breeds problems 19,3:2                             The wondora of modern train travel
Bee hawke, queen of the motha (A,D'Ombrain)                          (K, Longworth) 2.10:7
20,3:7                                                               Stunned darter becomea a hissing patient
Living on edge of terror - Farmhouse in                              (Athel D'Ombrain)      2.10:7
Rhodesia's front lino                 23,3:2                         Cattle ogrrets become tractor followers
Giant herrlnga in Lake Mtcquarie 27,3:7                              (Athel D'Ombrain)    9.10:7
Jimmy'a world crashed (J. Meikle) 27,3:7                             Feathered frivolity on hay shed roof
Fleet street'a aickneas 1.4:2                                        (Athel D'Ombrain)       16,10:7
Busy bees thrive on cotoneaster (A,D'Ombrain)                        Strange bird and animal tragedies (Athel
3,4:7                                                                D'Ombrain)    23,10:7
A matter of style for party 1 oader (Britain)                       Put a wonder-wheel in your cupboard 30,10:7
5,4:2                                                               The Philippines back in favour (Allan
                                                                    watkins) 30,10:7
                                                    N,M,H,   INDEX                                    84   1976

 SPECIAL ARTICXES (C'td)                                       SPORTING FACILI'I'IES   (C'td)

 Sea eagles fly in for a varied diet                          Singleton sports appeal funds 25,3:HV4
 (Athel D'Ombrain)   30.10:7                                  Progress on sport centre (Singleton) 5,4:11
 The hump back whales put on a show                           Singleton appeal growing 8,4:HV4
 (Athel D'Ombrain) 6,11:7                                     M^H,R, to opjen centre (Singleton) 15,4:7
 English history as it was told (P,A. Haslam)                 Beard aids sport appjeal 19,4:9
 6.11:7                                                       Singleton stadium opened 3,5:13
 The underwater invasion off our coast                        Lake Munmorah plans sport development
 (Athel D'Ombrain) 13,11:7                                    6,5:LH1
 Vampire of sandpit to gauzy winged fly                       Mannerlng Park plan for sport 6,5:LH1
 (Athel D'Ombrain)   20,11:7                                  President defends sports Ground 7,5:14
 The beloved of a-ench cops - and robbers                     Maitland complex under review 13.5:20
(Eric Wiseman) 25.11:13                                       Sports centre discussion 13,5:LH4
A "thousand legged worm" with no bite                         Sportsgrround inproved 13.5 :LH4
 (Athel D'Ombrain)   27,11:7                                  No money to develop sport complex 14,5:14
 S,S, a car lor cads (E, Wiseman) 8,12:25                     Stand timber "rotted and eaten" 23.6:15
 Some birds fly Into wrong places                             Sports groups seek finance 29.7:LH1
 (A,D'Ombrain)   11,12:7                                      $300,000 call for sports centre 5,8:LH3
 Rescue of a topknot pigeon (Athel D'Ombrain)                 Football fans pay for splinters 1,9:14
 27,12:6                                                      $10,000 to Terrace spxjrting area    8,9:9
                                                              $20,000 for Toronto Amenities      1,10:3
 Water     speed record set (K,   Warby)   15.3:1
                                                              Heather McKay   sportswonan extroardinary
 SPORT                                                        26,2:18
                                                              Life membership for Neil Green 16,4:8
  A year of success for Wyoming sportgirl                     Squash court plan for pjools 15,9:9
  (L.Callaghan)   8,1:LH6
  Al still fighting for charity (Al Burke)                    STATE    DOCKYARD
  Jesse Owens to present awards 9,2:3                         Dock organises deputation on work future
  Sporting move on aid chop   14 ,2:32                        12,2:7
  Dedication pays off for diver (S, Garvey)                   One for the book (Leader)    16,2:2
  4,3:20                                                      Dockyard statement may take month 17.2:3
  Long distance rider shows the way (S, Mavin)                Mountain ranges are ship-shaped 25.2:7
  4,3:LH6                                                     Dock work panel to see Punch 2.3:7
  Sport tours to South Africa gain approval                   Plumbers to meet over dispute 2.3:8
  5,3:1                                                       Dockyard's future under threat 9,3:2
  Loss of leg did not affect sporting life                    Dockyard plea to ministers 18,3:3
  (A, Connor) 5.3:14                                          F.I,A. condemns Canberra on dockyard
  Pegging team brings back world title                        19,3:6
  29,3:7                                                      Dockyard to make tanker seaworthy 20.3:9
  Marathon walker in North (H, Willmore) 7,4:7                M.L.A, fails in dockyard urgency• move
  Brothera in atate aide (Robert and Clary                     26,3:3
 Haberl) 7.4:30                                               ACTU group to visit dockyard 26,3:3
  Steel shod walk across country 8.4:3                         Strikes suicide for dock 27.3:1
 Walker keeps going despite accident                           Dockyard aeeking $750,000 order 31.3:7
  (H. Willmore) 9.4:1                                         Dockyard grroup to petition Fraser 2,4:6
  Distance walker back on the road 10,4:11                    Shelley aet to aail today      6,4:6
 Three students seek record on motor bike                     Troubled ahlp needs more repairs (Shelley)
 20.4:3                                                       7,4:8
 Mock battles of old for "tattoo"      20 ,4:6                70 Dockyard ahlpwrlghta on atrike 8,4:10
 Following Cook in power boats 20,4:12                        Chamber crlticiaea Dockyard uniona 10,4:5
 Highland games crowd down 3,5:7                              Delay may cost dockyard ship contract
 Young rider topa endurance race (Campbell                    16,4:1
 Wood) 8,7:LH6                                                20,000 sign plea for ship order 5,5:3
 Throwing contest thia week    21,7:36                        Wran dock move 14,5:1
 Brick champion doea It again 26,7:3                          Dockyard petition trip 15,5:3
 A aporting chance (Leader)     27,7:2                        North's shipbulldera under acrutlny 18.5:1
 Hang gilder filers await safety la ws 30,7:2                 Wran will seek dockyard action 19,5:3
 Footballer geta banned for 10 years 3,8:1                    Dockyard mans outburat in House 21.5:1
 N,R,U. susfjends two more 3,8:16                             New ship but declining need (Baas Trader)
 Black sport talent stifled    26,8:2                         25.5:7
 Grants     22,9:28                                           Ship order needed to aave 600 dock jobs
 Multi racial sport welcomed    25,9:1                        26,5:1
 Blacks in sport "gradual move"     4,10:3                    A,N,L. may order 4 ahips from Japan
 Rodeo titles lost on cattle      5,10:1                      26,5:1
 State grants fcr sports    5.10:8                           A,C,T,U, urged to call shipbuilding atrike
Arnold Glass for classic 9,10:30                              27,5:3
Ocean race *andoned after first leg 11,10:7                   Dockyard fate known soon 28,5:1
 Sportsman of year avard 13.10:29                             Dockyard lobby pressure grown 29.5:3
Board rider wins top award (Mark Richards)                   Unions hint at strike on dock 6.       4.6:6
20,10:32                                                     Dockyard puts flexible one union system to
Sport groups face Hason fee 28,10:LH1                         tradesmen 9.6:21
Family enriched North's sport lore 29,10:14                   Premier seeka talka on Dock      10,6:3
Lakeside aoftball grroup planned 18,11 :LH6                  The price of succeas (Leader) 15,6:2
S,A. multiracial sport conundrum 25,11:23                    Talks on dock proposals 16,6:11
Sport grant query for Minister 25.11:LH5                     State Dock "could be competitive" 17,6:11
Sport came first at the Hills home 17.12:16                  Dock talks agree changea needed 18,6:7
Indonesians Join akydivera 29,12:3                           Terma of directora extended 18,6:7
Lottery to aid qxjrt proposed 31,12:4                        Delay for ahlp'a handover 18,6:7
Not our best year but future bright 31,12:12                 Dockyard uniona confer 23,6:7
                                                             Dockyard chief on study tour       25,6:5
SPORTING    FACILITIES                                       Dock workera want changes 25,6:7
                                                             Dockyard to launch ship next month (Flinders
The Bitrance Surf club work almost                           Range)    28.6:6
completed 22,1:LH2
                                                             Dockyard silent on ahlp call 30,6:7
Sporta Ground stands a s hirden 31.1:32                      Dockyard pledge on strike action 30,6:12
Sports ground "could te host to league"                      Ship repairers seek $15M floating dock for
4,2:11                                                       North 1,7:3
Athletics stadium project in Speers Point
                                                             Dockyard awarded $iM repjair Job        8,7:7
plans    5,2:LH4
                                                             Dockyard investigates collapsed crane 17,7:9
$10,000 sports centre appeal at Singleton
                                                             Shipyards look at bleak future"       27,7:3
                                                             Dockyard wina ahlp repair contract 29,7:7
Spjorts centre appeal totals $1,000, 8,3:14
                                                             Launching vantage points (Flindera range)
Singleton appjeal picks up    11,3:HV4
Muswellbrook makes pjool decisions   18,3:HV4
Dungogs first pool manager retires
                                                             Dockyard plans cut cost o i l c a r r i e r
(Mr McKenny)     18,3:HV4                                    ( F l i n d e r s Range) 2,8:1
                                                                N,M,H,       INDEX                                   85,   1976

STATE DOCKYARD           (C'td)                                                  STATE DOCKYARD   (C'td)

Protection for shipyards plea 2.8:1                                              Fraaer asked dockyard for more d e t a i l s
Dockyard undercurrents                    3.8:2                                  17.11:3
Giant ore-carrier in [>ort -(Alnwick Castle)                                     Shipbuilding delegatea 17.11:7
9.8:10                                                                           Uniona ban Japanese carrier 18.11:8
Northern dejcks look at naval tender 11.8:9                                      Dock men meet Wran today 18.11:8
Bitter day for North (Laador)                        14.8:1                      Dockyard future hingea on talks 19.11:3
Dockyard rebuffs threaten future 14.8:1                                          Two ship deal ptuna dock uniona 20.11:1
2,000 Jobs on line: Wran 14,8:1                                                  Still no anawers (Leader) 20.11:2
State may buy |18M dock 16,8:1                                                   Dock aurvival up to unions, Nixon says
Options for the dock (Leader) 16,8:2                                             22.11:1
Wran wants $30M for state dock                              17,8:1               Workera may seek A.C.T.U. action 22.11:1
Union chief answers ninlster on dockyard                                         Dockmen to aee Premier, then Hawke 23.11:1
18,8:3                                                                           Dock conflict no answer (Leader) 24.11:2
A,N,L, shops               ki Japan - t i m e t a b l e s e t for dcjck          Clash on dock statement 24.11:3
yard sackings               19.8:1                                               2 telegrams for Fraaer on dock 24.11:14
"Calloiis politics" attacked 19.8:LH1                                            Hawke aeea hope for dock talks 25,11:1
Ships from Japan face A.C.T.U. ban 20.8:1                                        Correction to article of 24.11.76 -
Finality for dockyard (Leader)                            20.8:2                 Mr Wran will not viait Newcaatle 2'i.ll:3
 Strikes sejught on dock dismissals 20.8:7                                       Hawke to hear argumonta for retaining
 Strike call over shipping pjolicy 21.8:3                                        dockyarda 26.11:3
Walkers walk off ti protest 24,8:1                                               Hawke attempta deal on dock ponallea 27.11:1
Betallatlon (Leader)                  24,8:2                                     Fraaer firm on dock atand 29.11:3
 Dockyard strike unwise                   24,8:2                                 Dockyard conflict on devaluation effect
 Deal hitch delays $40M ahlp order 26,8:1                                        30,11:3
 Dockyard "can be better" 27.8:3                                                 Hawke to tell A.C.T.U. of city talka on
Harah Stcts c life (Loader)
                         f                          30,8:1                       dockyard 30,11:12
Wran offera $7M to save Jobs 30,8:1                                              More support for dockyard men 1.12:16
The Baser plan (Leader) 28.8:2                                                   P.M, denies deal on Whyalla shipyard
 P.M, will delay ship action 3 weeks 31,8:1                                      2.12:3
 No time to [lay (Leader)                   31,8:2                               Unions back dockmen's plan 2.12:12
 Employers dockyard p l e a 3 1 , 8 : 2                                          "Save the dockyard" meeting cancelled 8.12:3
 S t a t e c a l l s for temporary a i d                 31,8:2                  Japanese unions "back dock cause" 9,12:3
 Blow to cfefence i f dockyard c l o s e d 1 , 9 : 3                             Wran tells P,M, of main dock hurdles
 Japan's s h i p s i n l i n e a s t a r g e t s 2 , 9 : 1                       10,12:3
 P o l i t i c s and ttie dock (Leader)                2.9:2                     Wran looks at P,M.'8 rebuff on dock 11.12:3
 Dockyard g e t s tug Job (Waratah) 2 , 9 : 1 0                                  Wharfalde proteat cut abort 11,12:9
 P r o t e s t d e l a y s Japanese s h i p 3 , 9 : 1                            Wran aurprlaed at P,M,'8 stand on dock
 I n d u s t r i a l hannony aplauded 4 , 9 : 9                                   13,12:1
 Leaders i n i t o i n rffort t o eive dockyard                                  Deadline (Leader)      14,12:2
 8,9:7                                                                           Dockyard groupa aoek meeting aupport 14.12:3
 Fear t h a t dock leport w i l l bo too l a t e                                  Dockyard workera back A.C.T.U. plan 15.12:7
 8,9:8                                                                           Lord mayor aeea dock optiona 15.12:13
 Dock meeting c a l l s f o r hatter d e a l                    9,9:1             P.M. offera new deadline on dockyard 17.12:1
 Turning pjoint f o r dock (Leader) 9 , 9 : 2                                    Fraaer axea ahipbuilding 18.12:1
 A , C T , U . men t o report on dock                    10,9:8                   Short aigrhted and atupid (Leader) 18.12:2
 Dock nen support pjorposal 1 3 , 9 : 7                                           State bid for aid on fleating dock 20.12:1
 Power s h a r i n g challenge 1 4 , 9 : 2                                       Civic plea for dockyard time 21.12:1
 B i g orowd tippjed f o r dock meeting 1 5 , 9 : 3                              Compenaatlon (Leader) 22.12:2
 Dockyard " c l o s u r e " a d i s a s t e r          16.9:1                     Ferry plana not scrapped: Cox 22.12:3
                                                                                  Dock joba go; 60 out in 1977 24.12:4
 Dockyard unions lake pact 1 8 , 9 : 1
 Sweden can aipply new f l o a t i n g dock                    18.9:29           Unions put ban on shipa 27.12:1
                                                                                  Ferry plan for dock 28.12:1
 A major advance (Leader)                   21.9:2
                                                                                 Tlje losers (Leader) 28.12:2
 I . A . C . t o l l s k n e l l of s h i p b u i l d i n g 2 2 , 9 : 1
 Shipping l i t u r e d e c i d e d In few weeks                  23,9:1          Ship sails after protest delay 28.12:13
 Bleak hit rot h o p e l e s s (Leader)                    23.9:2                 Director, premier differ on docks future
 Close dockyard: I . A . C              23,9:2                                    29.12:1
 Dock men want s e n i o r s t o told .^bs 2 8 , 9 : 1                            Dock ferry ordera go ahead 30.12:1
 A.C.T.U, ENterlng dock Job t a l k s 2 9 , 9 : 1                                No time for poaturea (Leader) 30.12:2
 Dock men win j o b s t a y for 3 7 4 ,                    30,9:1                 Dock talka held in aocret 31.12:1
 Dock j o b s (Leader)             30,9:2
 Hawke hopeful on dockyard 3 0 , 9 : 1 0                                         STATE ELECTRICITY COMMISSION
 Dcjckyard's o p e r a t i n g p r o f i t $1M                1,10:1
                                                                                 $1M contracta let 14.1:16
 Dockmen " w i l l s t a y " i f Jobs go                 2,10:3
                                                                                 Blackouta if union acta 10.3:1              "
 Japanese query dockyard l i n k b e n e f i t s                    5,10:1
                                                                                 Strikera at Liddell offered buaes 11.3:1
 More than two diips sought                   5,10:1
                                                                                 Generating trcjuble (Leader) 12,3:2
 Japanese b o y c o t t t h r e a t 5 , 1 0 : 3
                                                                                 Slight increase In N.S.W. pcjwor output
 Japan « n t s s h i p a c t i o n      7,10:1
 Dock men plan t e n t p r o t e s t 8 , 1 0 : 1
                                                                                 Liddell claim changed 16.3:6
 Dockyard s a c k i n g s p r o t e s t backed             9,10:3
                                                                                 Liddell workers may lift bans 18,3:8
 Envoy n o t e s dockyard problems (Mr, G, Okawara)
                                                                                 Biggest power loan 28.5:8
                                                                                 Zaara St power site days numbered 4.6:5
A r a t i o n a l a t t i t u d e (Leader) 1 3 , 1 0 : 2
                                                                                 Mines Minister as trouble shooter 1.7:1
 217 dock men ifecing j o b l o s s t o r e s i g n
                                                                                 Hills agrees to 37i hour week 11,11:1
                                                                                 Lightning causes Lake blackout    16.11:5
 Dockyard may get ferry contract 14.10:3
                                                                                 Opposition tips power cost rises 22.11:7
Dockyard "embassy"to stay 15,10:13
Separate report on ship repair 16,10:1
                                                                                 STATE EMERGENCY SERVICES
Two dockers go on H unger strike in
Canberra             19,10:1
                                                                                 Rescue men in display 26.2:LH1
Dockyard hunger s t r i k e p r o t e s t e r s c o n t i n u e
                                                                                 Wyong disaster team to the rescue 11.3:LH2
                                                                                 City to shake off the tremors 19.3:6
Dock men win meeting with Fraser 21,10:3
                                                                                 They wouldn't lie down and die   22.3:3
Fraser softens ship contract rewards 22,lo:l
Request to P.M, expected for dock meetings                                       S.E.S. win by Port Stephens team 22.3:6
                                                                                 Its an ill wlnd», .   25.3:LH1
                                                                                 S.E.S. to discuss new developments 1.4:7
Sticks and carrots (loader)                      25.10:2
                                                                                 Emergency head resigns (L. Craig) 1.4:HV1
Concern on dock team work "lack" 26.10:3
Newcastle unable to luild dock 27,10:1                                           Integration gets S.E.S. backing 5.4:8
Campaign against Japanese ships on again                                         S.E.S. Chairman visits town 13,4:12
 29,10:1                                                                         N,D.O. director visits North 18.5:7
Decision on dockyard urgent: Wran                            3,11:1              Disaster chief wary of quakes 19,5:7
                                                                                 Northern 8 best in rescues 24,5:10
Cabinet divided over future of shipbuilding '
                                                                                 S.E.S. exercise held on lake 26,5:14
Wran to ask for dockyard decision                            5,11:3              Mock air crash at Scone 29,6:10
Election of shipbuilding delegates 11.11:13                                      S,E.S. man praisea leveea in Hunter 10,7:5
Dockyard offer puts onus en tfran 13.11:1                                        Emergency controller for Oxley 19,8:7
Superficial decision (Leader) 13,11:2
                                                                                 Rescue van booata S.E.S. 8.9:7
DcJck men oool on contract p e n a l t i e s                   16,11:3
                                                           N.M.H, INDEX                                    86, 1976

STATE EMERGENCY SERVICES                                           STRIKES AND DISi JTES

                                                                   1976 "Second wc•at for induatrial diaputes"
Rescue team to demonstrate equipment
9.9:LH4                                                            17,11:10
Emergency H.Q, plan for depot 29.9:10                              Strike holda up Christmas cargro 24.11:14
S,E,S. takes over old theatre 14,10:IJI3                           Strikers vote to stay out (Steel Tank and
Rescue teams' disaster trials 23.10:3                              Pipe Consolidated Pty Ltd) 25.11:12
Port Stephens crow wins rescue award 25.10:8                       Ironworkers strike (Fabricated Pipe and
Emergency group in weekend displays 30.10:32                       Installation Pty Ltd) 25,11:12
                                                                   Striking metal'men return 7.12:11
Service awards given 18.11;LH3
                                                                   A.W.I, stand downs 14.12:6             (23.12^:5)
New home for S.E.S. likely 8.12:18
                                                                   Protest over tool uae (A. Goninan and Co Ltd)
                                                                   Restrlctiona on atrikea aought 30,12:7

"Deficiencies" in atatiatlcs 22,6:8                                SUGAR INDUSTRY
Australian malea die young 3,8:3
                                                                   Sugar ban endangera 6,000 Jobs 11. 3:11
                                                                   Dearer sugar "unfair" 17.5:12
                                                                   Sugar crop in jeopardy 5.7:7
                                                                   Sugar price booated 12%   13,8:3
Newcastle s t e e l at B r i t i s h e x h i b i t i o n
                                                                   SULPHIDE CORPORATION
Japan's steel worries 27,11:2
Sea answer to Japan cargo movement 7,12:9
                                                                   Hard year: Sulphide 1.1:6
                                                                   Sulphide plant back in operation 11.2:7
                                                                   Top changea at Sulphide 8,6:19
                                                                   Sulphide atrike on pay riae diapute 26.6:5
Patrick partners caae opens 26.2:3
                                                                   Electriclana atrike at Sulphide plant 3,9:8
Patrick partners may avoid bankruptcy 27.2:3
                                                                    Sulphide electriclana going back 28.9:5
Patrick plan accepted 28.2:1
Trading offences to carry steep fines 1.3:8                        Sulphide atrike back on: 30,9:12
Injunction against Patrick P, falls 20.3:3                         E.T.U. men continue Sulphide atrike 2.10:5
Stock exchangea to get federal watchdog                            Striking Sulphide workers meet 25,10:13
                                                                   Sulphide diapute continuea 26,10:10
An mhappy hybrid (Leader)    8,7:2                                 Electriclana atay out 3.11:10
Scheme to regulate companiea 25,9:3                                Black bana threat at Sulphide 2311:8
                                                                   Sulphide "in web of uncertainty" 24.12:6
Union calla cff Mayfield strike action 3,2:7
 Ironworkers support steel strike 4,2:9                            Freah look at national schemes 26.4:1
Tyre action men strike 17,2:5                                      Board's lending"lost millions"  3.6:3
 Strikers support the boas (Bris)    12,3:1                        Levy plan for super fund 3.6:3
Top boss forced to quit (Brisbane) 13.3:9
Top boss wants workers to end atrike 15.3:3                        SURFING
 Sick of uniona, strikers wife strikes 20.3:1
 Sydney, Kembla strikes hold up 57 ships                           Beardrider left mark on U.S. circuit
 24.3:13                                                           (Mark Richards) 20,1:16
 Strike will not stop lifesaving dinigs 25.3:11                    Branch title compenstaion for Nunn 2.2:16
 Strikes Jit five Industries 27.3:3                                Top surfer stillon the crest (M.Richards)
Future c three major strikes cfecided today
          f                                                        9.2:7
   30.3:1                                                          Loci aurf ridera must qualify 10.2:16
 Beer and airlines back to normal 31.3:3                           Newcastle pair for surf tour 9.3:13
 Dock stop In 9th week 21,4:18                                     Surfer's decision vindicated 17.3:30
Tug strike threat to vool ecports 4,5:3                            Richarda reaches $15,000 with surfabout win
 Dockers not for State stoppage 11,5:11                            17.5:19
 Brisbane sextons extend strike 11,5:11                            Lifesaving standards "never higher" 17,5:LH4
 Settlement of Navy dock row likely 22,5:3                         4 officials for N.Z. surf tour 6.7:14
Terminal work return sought 2,6:12                                 Government aid to surf clubs 15.7:22
Grain men face stand ebwn 5.6:5                                    "Tot" Young: a lifetime In the water 13.8:20
Metal men decide to stay out 5.6:5                                 Aid for surf club 25,8:11
Grain terminal court tearing adjcjurned 8,6:10                     Open boat test for circumnavigation 27.8:5
 Strikers to hear report (N'cle Steel) 8.6:10                      Redhead club extensions 5.10:17
Tradesmen to end strike (N'cle Steel) 9.6:15                       $100 gift for surf club 11.10:6
Ore Slips bank up off Port Hedland 14,6:3                          Surf champ when only a "Nipper" (Jim Cook)
Non strike uilon formed 16.6:3                                     10.12:17
Wire men end strike 29.6:7                                         Beard riders, body surfers may be split     .
To.-miial idle again 29.6:8                                        14,1*18
 Kernel (Leader) 30.6:2
Strike as threat to wheat exports 30.6:33                          SWIMMING
Motor registry men return 3.7:5
Strike end expected 3,7:5                                           Sonya, Annette win titles 5,1:18
Dispjute strikes Pender Bros. 5.7:15                               Annette's 3rd swim title 6,1:14
Maitland strikers stay out 7.7:14                                  Training continues for swim pair 7,1:28
Concrete latchers to stop 7.7:14                                   Olympic hope at 11 (V. Boyd) 13.1:1
Fine tor union aought 28.7:23                                      Handicapped girl may be swim star 15.1:18
Diverted container ahlp hit ly atrike                              Water baby thrives on competition (Jamie
29.7:3                                                             Robson) 15.1:LH1
Bench walta for strike to end 31.7:9                                Sonya tas new rival 16.1:12
Container diapute erupts 4.8:3                                     Mixed fortunes at titles (M. Scully) and
Clerks may end Slip ban 6,8:5                                       (Sonya Gray)    17,1:30
120 stop over job-share plan 11,8:7                                Boy star In long swim 19,1:3
Goninan men resume pending inspection 12.8:6                       Sonya unplaced In swim sprint 19.1:15
45 Titan men stay on strike 13.8:11                                Sonya Gray beaten by new swimming star 19.1:15
Furniture sits on dock for 2 montha 24.8:3                          Squads break on Montreal Games rivals 21.1:30
280 atrike over reinstatement refusal                              Annette star of country swim titlea 27.1:14
(Commonwealth Steel Co. Ltd) 1,9:3                                 Sonya adda 800M to liat of eventa 10.2:16
Port strike attack on ANZUS: Fraser 3,9:1                          Teenagera revive Olympic hopea 1.3:18
Container union will recommend return 30,9:3                       Sonya awlma back Into calculation 1.3:18
Furniture container ban lifted 3,9:15                              Bob Newbiggen waa aurf untouchable 28.5:16
A.C.T.U. calla "peace" meeting 4,9:3                               Swlmathon should enaure Gamea trip (Gayle
Reputation "damaged" 8,9:1                                         Nicholaon) 1.6:20
Meeting may end cargo diapute 8.9:1                                Club may fold for lack ol aupport 2 9 . 7 ; L H 6
Cargo diapute talka break down 9.9:3                               Money worrlea hinder swim coaching 4.8:19
Container row settlement likely 10.9:3                              Swim centre inspection 13,10:11
Now cargo dispute in Sydney 15.9:14                                Life aiving aociety preaident retires
Strike curb 18,9:1                                                 •IT, G , Duncan)       10.11:7
Rowa threaten fcJod aipplies 14,10:12                              N ' c l e t o benefit from b i g grant 12.11:14
$48,6M lost »i July strikes 19,10:7                                Grandad Des gears for 160km swim 2411:1
Picnic pickets skip      cream 10.11:3                             Surf a t a r a h a t t e r s Lake awlm record (Mark
Industrial disputes (Leader) 16.11:2                               Scully) 20.12:1
                                                                   Swimming for Bill still a joy at 83 (Bill
                                                                   Harris)   24.12:12
                                                                 N.M.H. INDEX                                                       87. 1976

SWIMMING        (C'td)                                                       TAXATION (C'td)

Swimming for Bill still a Joy at 83                                          ,Wran queatlona tax cut motives 30.3:3
(Bill Harris) 24.12:12                                                       Ratea could be cut, aaya Premier 31.3:3
                                                                              Thouaanda loae mortgage tax allowance 2.4:1
SWIMMING POOLS                                                                S.M. says island "like tax haven" (Norfolk
                                                                              Island) 6.4:6
Pool danger warning 4,2:10                                                    States to set cjwn taxes 10.4:1
Engineer urges *art on pool (East Matland)                                    Superficially satisfactory (Leader) 12.4:2
5,2:HVl                                                                       Wran warns on tax deal 12.4:3
Belmont toddler dies in backyard pool 10,2:1                                  Cabinet to decide on P.J.T. tax 13.4:3
Charleatown Olympic pool neara completion                                     Former rules star sued for tax (Ron Barasai)
1.4:LH6                                                                       13.4:9
  Boy w i n a G g h t f o r f l r a t       tlrthday 23,4:1                   Tax Indexing this year 24.4:1
P o o l work c o n t l n u e a ( C h a r l e a t o w n )  6,5:LH6             State tax article challenged 24.4:3
Pool committee loaes r i g h t a                   27,5:LH6                   New tax plan attacked 29.4:3
P o o l c o m m i t t e e h a n d s a/er $ 8 5 , 0 0 0    7,7;3               Utah paya massive tax bill 1.5:1
Pool t o be a l t e r e d for t i t l e a             14,7:12                 Public may pay 3% less tax 5.5:3
Bulahdelah pool plan adopted                        15,7:10                   Rewrite order on tax scales 12.5:1
P o o l a kjas " 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 a year"             25,8:10                    3 fined under new tax regulations 13.5:7
P o o l s and l a t h s open tomorrow 2 7 . 8 : 7                             Ministers settle tax Index plans 17.5:1
Deep w a t e r f o r pools ( L e a d e r )            30.8:2                  Pay rise tax to be cut 18.5:1
Dawn F r a s e r may o p e n C h a r l e s t o w n p o o l . 2 , 9 : L H 1    Wran saya no to state tax     18.5:1
C h e c k on pool ' a i r v e y       22.9:7                                  "Most taxpayera" to aave on Indejeation
3 swimming pcjols l o s e $ 8 7 , 5 1 9 i n s e a s o n         25.9:11       19.5:6
P o o l p r o j e c t g e t a $ 2 0 , 0 0 0 grrant (Mai-Wel S c h o o l )     Simpler tax form for majority 16.6:6
H e a t e d p o o l p l a n (Wyong)          21,10:LH1         (5,10:6)       Business goes in for a chop 7,7:2
$ 2 0 , 0 0 0 f o r p o o l a i c l o s u r e (Mai-Wel Schcjol)               Fraser bowa to atatea on tax 15.7:1
2.11:7                                                                        Tax aid to companiea proposed 15.7:3
A f t e r 15 y e a r s a swimming p o o l ( C h a r l e s t o w n )           Wran uncertain of tax rises 21.7:1
4.11:LH6                                                                      Lines set for Industry tax Indexing 22.7:3
Pcjol h e a d c h o s e n ( R . D e a n )        4.11:LH6                     Move to cloae tax law loophole 20.8:3
E v e r y b o d y I n t o t h e pcJOl 2 5 , 1 1 : L H 4                       Fraser's tax promise 30,8:3
Dawn H - a s e r o p e n s p o o l ( C h a r l e s t o w n ) 29,11:9          Wran gives word to hold taxes 31.8:3
E b c t e n s l o n s to h e a t e d pool     fcr   daabled                   Australians "overtaxed" 6.9:3
2,12:LH4                                                                      Csedei fined $200 over tax 5,11:6
Swimming p o o l t a k e s Siape ( E a s t M a i t l a n d )                  Hawke puts tax trade-off to P.M. 14,12:1
7.12:8                                                                         Something to talk about (Leader) 14.12:2
                                                                              Tax on unemployment benefita      24.12:3
150,000 celebrate Australia Day 27.1:3
Residents ban use c kidney machine in flat                                      Taxi atand for Dudley Rd  1.4:LH1
13.2:1                                                                          "Premature" taxi aupported 29.7:LH1
Queen's Uncle v i a i t a         Sydney       23.2:3
                                                                                Teachera seek visa ban 8.1:1
Work o n      Cpera House p i t        to absorb       $1/4M                    Education moves In Valley 15.1:HV2
21.4:6                                                                          U.S. teachers spark row 16.1:5
                                                                                Unemployed N.S.W. teachers travel-shy aaya
TAB                                                                             Willis    17.1:8
                                                                                Teachers for ;the year 2000 30.1:2
$317M bets on TAB In 6 months 10.1:3                                            Schcjol bans backing 9.2:8
Bushwacking time for TAB punters 26.6:3                                         School deputy leaves (Mr Kelaher) 12.2:LH3
TAB agency for Mt Button 8.7:LH3                                                Strike alks by teachers 16.2:7
Less out of TAB 5.8:20                                                          Singleton school teachers to protest 23.2:3
Punters Invest $629M on TAB 16.11:18                                            Teachers' strike serious,saya judge    26.2:6
Clubs to aoek more TAB   20.11:38                                               Scone teachera seek building 27.2:5
New home fcr Cardiff TAB 22.11:3                                                Sydney achool back atrikera 28.2:3
TAB warns clubs of falling revenue 30.11:22                                     Roof leak leada to achool ban 28.2:5
Access to TAB list tightened 7.12:3                                             Staff room dispute stops a:hool classes 2.3:8
                                                                                Teachers walk out of conference on dispute
TARIFFS                                                                         4.3:7
                                                                                Technical atrike off 6.3:3
Flake bounty end announced 10,7:11                                              Centre "aid to teachera"(Adamatown) 13.3:3
Fraser rejects full tariff cut 7,12:14                                          Teachera conaider atriking 15.3:3
Tariffs cut as dollar revalued 8.12:1                                           Teachera to meet on atrike 16.3:6
Policy of ro Know 8.12:1                                                        Sparkling French at Newcaatle High (E. Lannon)
Ad hocery rampant (Leader)   8,12:2                                             24.3:19
Tariff cut 'price counter"   8.12:17                                            Teachera to meet on atate atrike 2.4;6
                                                                                Teachera to conaider atrike 5,4:3
TASMANIA                                                                        New Job after 22 yeara (John Burke) 5,4:7
                                                                                Teachera hold strike talka 6,4:6
Whitlaa apologises for outburst 23.8:1                                          Teachera in favour of atrike 7.4:7
Tasmania to et 63 aa retiring age 27.10:3                                       Induatrial tribunala for P.S., pjolice, teachers
Increaae prcJduction: Fraser 28.10:3                                            8.4:10
Tas. Premier tipa poll thia year 10.11:14                                       Fashion teacher chosen (J. Hunter) 8,4:HV1
Taamania sets election date 18.11:6                                             Teachers put strike off 12.4:3
Labor resurgent in Tas. 22.11:2                                                 Teachers cancel strike                  28.4:16
Tasmania A.L.P. election vin predicted 11,12:1                                  S.A. teachers worst off 5.5:3
Tasmania win rebuff for Fraser: Labor 13,12:1                                   Booragal principal retires ( C Silllvan)
Police plague for toy, 14, 17.12:6                                              6.5:LHl
Tas. labor -vote cut 20.12:3                                                    Teachers Kek ban 19.5:3
Tasmania in balance 22/12:5                                                     Employ N.S.W. teachers first, Vic students
TAXATION                                                                        Teaching tonda may be dropped 4,6:5
                                                                                Teachera to dlacuaa half day atoppage proposal
Chalk blasts state tax plan 15.1:1                                              9,6:15
Not before time (Leader) 15.1:2                                                 Teachera cancel stoppage 12,6:3
Work can te taxing 22.1:11                                                      C a l l tor t e a c h e r s walk o u t today 1 6 , 6 : 1
Threat to tax indexation 3.2:1                                                  T e a c h e r tond t o go " s o o n "          26,6:3
A.L.P. wary of taxes 6.2:1                                                      C l a s s s i z e s d ^ i l l t o o l a r g e , say t e a c h e r s
More flats needed (Leader) 6.2:2                                                30.6:12
Assurance on tax indejeation 9.2:1                                              Like father, like son, etc 1,7:LH1
Hunter attacka N.S.W. taxea 4.3:LH5                                             "Too many teachers" in training 7.7:3
$75M Federal tyre tax plan 10.3:3                                               "No case" for additional teacher (Hamilton
Taxpayera irged to protest 11.3:LH5                                             North Public School) 23.7:6
State levy on income oppoaed 18.3:7                                                             f
                                                                                Surplus c teachers looming: Minister 28.7:7
Watch cbuble tax, warna Wran 29.3:1                                             Work for jobless teachers 4.8:35
                                                                N.M.H. INDEX                              88, 1976

TEACHERS       (C'td)                                                     TELEVISION

Teacher surpjlus l e s s In N.S.W.              26.8:11                   T.V. boats claaaroom in total time ratings
Teachers president geta guard 3.9:15                                     .9,1:3
Sacked teachers "will not be re-employed"                                 Report hits T.V. stations on program level
4,9:3                                                                     10,1:8
Teachers to discuss strike 8.10:3                                         More Australian content for T,V, 2,2:6
Strike threatened over claaa size promise                                 New T,V. movies for motel 2,2:7
9,11:8                                                                    T,V. licences criticised 9.2:3
Snake chaaing waa firat duty (Mr David                                    No T.V, licence's   11,2:1
Daviea) 2,12:1111                                                         Gunstan strikes gold at Logic awards 13.3:1
End of teachera term (Miss Ruth Markey)                                   Move for radio, T.V. inquiry 24.3:3
8.12:8                                                                    Broadcasting inquiry (Leader) 7,4:2
Teachera atrike In aupport of caaual 9,12:1                               Survey shows 59% are dissatisfied with T,V,
TECHNICAL EDUCATION                                                       Cabinet orders radio. T.V. inquiry 14,4:1
                                                                          Praise for media section 14,4:3
Technical college ejcamination resulta 6,1:5                              Secret inquiry (Leader)    21.4:2
Tech college results 7.1:7,8,10                                           Cut in T.V. stations urgred 28,4:13
Tech college results 8.1:7                                                Coimnercial T.V. opposea licence cuta 29.4:3
Now type course at tech this year 12.1:8                                  N.B.N, chief againat aecond atation 11.5:7
200 tech couraea 13.1:6                                                   T.V, "exploiting" chilren 2.6:3
Tech College contract let 15,1:6                                          T,V, violence "may affect children" 14.6:8
New couraea on liquor trades 24.1:5                                       (junatan comea home 30,6:7
Course planned'in bookeeping 9.2:6                                        New T.V. authority aought 6.7:3
Technical deferred results 9,2:8                                          N.B.N, plans to extend hours 21.7:14
Biologry course at Tech, 19,3:3                                           Parenta aeek restraints on children's T.V.
Maitland Tech,"saturated" 24,4:9                                          2.8:1
Maitland Tech, atudent to get bronze medal                                Advertiaing ban for children rejected 3,8:3
27,4:9                                                                    What effect has T.V. on children 18.8:12
 Spjendlng on t e c h n i c a l education c r i t i c i s e d             T.V. atationa to pay more 20.8:3
 29,4:7                                                                   Channell 3 plans for studio growth 1.9:13
Technical College proposed (Maitland) 30,4:7                              Consumers given "no choice" on T.V.   6.9:6
Bumper year for Belmont Tech. enrolments                                  Politics in T.V. criticised 30,9:10
6,5:LH3                                                                   Groups want green report released 2.10:5
Shortage cf mine deputies eased 8.5:8                                     T.V, chief gazes into crystal screen 5.10:14
Technical colleges may teach first aid                                    Nude film bringa complaints 7.10:7
27,5:LH4                                                                  Top honours to Caddie and Gunatan 8,10:1
Kurri pair's hobby teaching hobbles 1,6:9                                 Uni debate on N.B.N, nuditv 8.10:3
Courses at Tfech, 7,6:15                                                  Norman lapa up the praise 15,10:3
Education course for nuraes rated top 15,7:3                              Rebate idea for Auatralian T.V, 26.10:3
Trust holda key to Techs fate 23,7:2                                      Realdents object to T.V. studio expansion
Chance for old Tech building 28,7:12                                      27,10:8
College cost doubles to $10M 3,8:3                                        Broadcast report to be tabled 4.11:3
Building may get reprieve 5,8:7                                           Big radio, T.V. shake-up 5.11:1
College problem seen (Wood St Technical                                   Broadcasting control (Leader) 6.11:2
College) 18,8:16                                                          Rush atar collecta aecond T.V.award 8.11:1
New Tech risk seen in retention 25,6:11                                   P.M. "seeka control" of broadcasting 8,11:3
Tech college nay be reprieved 2,9:3                                       Debate on T.V. studio plan deadlocked 10.11:16
New chief of further education (M,A. Watson)                              N.B.N, plans rejected 19.11:5
1,10:5                                                                    Deadlock again on channel 3    24,11:15
Tech couraea at Maitland 10.11:20                                         T.V. cuts "not done by censor" 25.11:3
New Tech award 25,11:12                                                   Channel 3 saga takes another step 1,12:14
Classification threatens $10M tech plan                                   Broadcast act changes to stay 7,12:14
16,12:11                                                                  Deadlock broken on Channel 3 extensions
Tech college project for approval 17.12:13                                8,12:19
                                                                          Inquirer into T.V. effect on children 9.12:1
TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                                        Once, but no more, N.B.N. 3 told 15.12:35
                                                                          Christmas T.V. sport threat 21.12:1
Diapjutea cut inatallation, phone repairs                                 Shake up on radio, T.V. leases urged 21.12:1
29.1:3                                                                    Off and on with Telecom 23.12:3
Phonea staff to be cut by 1,250 18.2:3                                    Tribunal looka to Sydney 28,12:6
O.T.C achieves $22M profit for year 26.2:7
Exchange almost ready (Valentine) 26.2:LH2                               TENNIS
Direct dialling overseas for Australia. 10.3:3
Exchange name to be changed (Morisset) 18.3:LH3                          All-Auatralian tennia final 1,1:12           >
Phone priority sought for councils 18,3:LH3                              Rosewall confirms he is master 2.1:12
Telegrams to be cheaper by phone 23.3:3                                  Evonne atrolla into final 3.1:24
Telecom la driving him up the pole (N, Meyer)                            Gosford'a Mark haa last laugh 5.1:1
5,4:9                                                                    Edmondson "cleana up" Newcombe 5.1:18
S,T.D. for two public phonea 13,4:8                                      Three atraight to Evonne 5,1:18
Firat atoamer choaen for phone directory                                 Open win builds up bank account 6.1:12
(William IV) 29,4:9                                                      Indonesia aet for cup play 7.1:28
Changea to telephone exchangea 10,5:6                                    Indoneaiana on budget 8.1:20
North subscribers ruah 10c S,T,D. 14.7:3                                 Cup draw suita Indoneaia 9.1:12
$40,000 a day telephone party continues                                  Auat. untroubled for early lead 10,1:28
15,7:11                                                                  Cup cleansweep by Auatralia 12,1:14
Cut rate calls continue 16.7:3                                           Home town'a homage bringa teara to"Mr. Cool"
4,000 phone subscribers face cut-oft 23.7:1                              (Hark Edmondaon) 22.1:20
Phone work ban may be lifted 26.7:3                                      Edmondaon top aeed over Rosewall 28,1:24
Telephone repair ban ends: so do 10c calls                               Jan O'Neill holda form for tennis series
27,7:1                                                                   3,2:14
Telegram, phone rates up 12,8:3                                          Miss Evert leads In polnta race 4.2:32
Birdsville line 13.8:5                                                   Major upset in women's tennia 4.2:32
Radio telephone terminal plans 18.8:13                                   Teenagera proapects in tennis (K. Hallam)
Telecom to build more exchanges 26,8:6
A l l - n i g h t cable jab   23,9:6
                                                                         Case down after 4i hour battle 28.2:32
Tarro phones progressing 25,9:33
                                                                         Davis Cup Zone final delayed 1.3:18
Veteran telegraph officer retires (Samuel
                                                                         Australia'a 2-1 lead in Cup 2,3:16
Nixon) 4,10:8
                                                                         Davia Cup play abandoned 3,3:32
Global calls for Newcastle in 1977 28.10:10
                                                                         Singleton tennis players to meet 22.3:10
Camberwell phone switch 1,11:6
                                                                         Australian upaet Chris Evert 25.3:24
4 billion phone calls recorded 5,11:8
                                                                         Clubhouse groal $1,000 nearer (Caves Beach)
Telecom profit $150M but charges *ay 11.11:7
Telex service to North Korea 2.12:15
                                                                         New premises opened (Redhead) 3.6:LH4
Telephone induatry "deproased" 13.12:11
                                                                         Newcombe clinches Cup Zone final 21.6:16
Bans off phones 24.12:4
                                                                         Americana favoured in tennis 22.6:14
                                                                         Evert in second Wimbledon crown 3.7:30
                                                                         Holmeaville Tennia Club opened 22.7:LH4
                                       N.M.H. INDEX                                                       89. 1976

TENNIS    (C'td)                                      THEATRE       (C'td)

Tennia honour long service of officiala               Newcaatle drama company faces financial crisis
(Monty Chatliold and Ron Grenell) 22.9:30             5,8:1
Young tennia atar headed f6r top (Chriatine           Theatre for the Hunter (Leader) 6.8:2
O'Neil)   13.10:32                                    Does Newcaatle want theatre? 6.8:2
                                                      Comedy and tragedy of infidelity (Bedfellowa)
TEXTILE INDUSTRY                                      7.8:3
                                                      Expoaure In play "not obacene" 11.8:11
Clothing factory planned (Ceaanock) 8.1:HV1           J.C.W. dlcldes to ring down curtain 17,8:3
380 loae joba at Courtaulds 14.2:1                    Theatre (Leader)               21.8:2
Chapter ends (Note) 14.2:2                            French, English and funny (Boeing, Boeing)
Street peasimiatlc en Courtaulda aid 19.2:3           21.8:3
Import ban plea to aave Ccjurtaulda plant             Future in doubt for theatre 23.8:1
19.2:9                                                Valley's theatre asks for $6,000 25.8:14
Courtaulda uniona aeek import ban 24.2:6              Lunch hour play entertains 31.8:14
Courtaulda ataff to alow work rate 25.2:1             Call to back theatre company 3,9:15
Tomage plant workera face sack 26.2;3                 Pay prompt from the winga 4,9:3
Top level talk on Courtaulda today 27.2:5             Show will atill go on (A happy and holy
Courtaulda car plant rumour quaahed 4.3:7             occasion) 18,9:3
Talka planned on Courtaulda cloaure 6.3:8             Ocker character played for a giggle (The
Severence pay offer accepted 10.3:7                   Slaughter of St Teresa'a Day) 30.9:3
Threat to rag trade 18.3:8                            Heaven and hell In wartime Mayfield West
Bradmlll maked big profit recovery 3.4:3              (A happy and holy occasion) 4.10:3
200 men laid off from four planta 15.4:1              Student revue mixed bag 15.10:7
The gate clanged ahut and Courtaulds died             Newcastle receives arts aid finance 15.10:7
16,4:1                                                Chairman of H.V.T.C. retires (B.W. Hartnell)
Living proof of doing well by doing good              23,10:8
4.5:10                                                Scouta ahlne through In revue 23.10:10
Closure of Tomago "could benefit" Courtaulda          Emery charma "live" audience 25.10:3
13.5:12                                               Actress defeats bad luck (Jacquelene Simon)
Courtaulda plant for auction 16.6:11                  27.10:16
Economy "healthier than people think" 8.7:13          Manager of the Civic quits on policy 4.11:1
Courtaulds auction prices disappoint 14.7:17          Council accused of apathy over civic 5.11:7
Courtaulds auction sale toca $300,000 15.7:3          Theatre man gets city job 8.11:3
Auatralian textile Industry "sick" 23.7:3             Staff officer may manage theatre 10.11:16
Courtaulds equipment on sale 23.8:6                   Shadow play Impresses 10,11:21
Courtaulds auction "hard" 25.8:7                      H,V.T.C. loses 4 residents 13.11:1
Auction crowd expected (Courtaulds) 26.8:3            Manager for Civic to be considered 17.11:16
Employees adopt short week to keep jobs               Group doea justice to funny play 18.11:3
 (Oatl) 5.11:1                                        Humour, zest end H.V.T.C. year 22.11:3
 200 atrike at textile mill 20.11:11                  $241,000 costs for H.V.T.C                        22.11:8
 (Bradmlll Industriea Limited)                        Switch In time may save concert time 24.11:14
Bradmlll workers resume 23.11:8                       Insider likely for Civic job 24.11:14
                                                      Pop shows present no problema 24.11:14
THEATRE                                               Opinion sought on piano choice 24.11:14
                                                      $22,000 for theatre grroup 26.11:3
H.V. theatre group gets art director 1.1:3            "Family" films for Civic proposed 1.12:15
 New theatre company seeka home 8.1:16                Piano purchase to be considered 2.12:16
 Theatrical job reaponae surprises head               New piano proposed 8.12:18
 14.1:7                                               Black humour with demons, Leonardo 9.12:3
 Warm-hearted puppets of old enchant the young        Latest Newcaatle play applauded (Only an
 in heart   21.1:8                                    orphan girl) 14.12:3
 Darcy show row over   21.1:8                         $20,000 g r a n t for H . V . T . C              15.12:1
 A challenge in theatre boom (B. Knappett)            New grand p i a n o for C i v i c t h e a t r e           15.12:12
 13,2:2                                               H.V. t h e a t r e f u t u r e " a s s u r e d "    16.12:3
Theatre company's first production 16.2:6             T h e a t