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					                             List of Azerbaijani business delegation as of 31.05.2011

 #       Company name                                  Activity area                                               Interests in Slovenia
1.   Azersun Holding    Since the very start of its activities, the company invariably pursued a policy of   Cooperation with our counterparts from
                        corporate social responsibility through a consistent cooperative approach            Slovenia, establishment of new contacts.
                        towards its customers, stakeholders and the Azerbaijani public in general. This      Export of our products to Slovenia
                        also stems from a deeply held vision that the country development extends far
                        beyond the economic dimension into the social and cultural proceeds of the
                        business projects in process.
                        Today the Group operates more than one dozen enterprises engaged in the
                        following areas of industry:
                             Food-processing
                             Farming
                             Trade
                             Packaging and Paper Industry
2.   Gilan Holding      The basic areas of production of the enterprise are as follows:                      Cooperation with our counterparts from
                        Production and packaging of nuts                                                     Slovenia, establishment of new contacts.
                        Production of fruit juices and cans                                                  Implementation of joint projects
                        Production of milk and dairy products
                        Touristic centers and recreation places
                        Restaurants and hotels
                        Production of gypsum-cardboard lists (alchipan)
                        Production of gypsum and gypsum materials under trademark “Pasifik”
                        Production of sandwich panels
                        Production of calicide and various chemical glue materials
                        Construction materials
                        Production of CDs
3.   Gemikaya Holding   Our Food Group proudly enhances and develops its economical progress in the          To export our products and mineral water
                        following production fields:                                                         to Slovenia.
                             Natural Mineral Table Water
                             “Badamli” Fruit Nectars
                             Flour Products
                             Milk Products
                             Meat Products
4.   AS Group       The company provides supply all the necessary construction materials and             To find new partners for realization of
                    equipment.                                                                           new projects.
                    «AS Tikinti» has a strong fleet of vehicles and construction equipment
                    manufactured in Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey and other countries. In 2003-
                    2008 in Baku build 3 concrete plants with total capacity of 410m3 of concrete
                    per hour. Total number of staff of over 1000 people. The number of
                    engineering employees over 90 people. The number of highly skilled workers
                    more than 800 people.
5.   ZQAN Holding   ZQAN Group of Companies works in the following fields: production of                 We are interested in cooperation with our
                    building materials, banking, insurance, telecommunications, hotel & leisure,         Slovenian counterparts and implement
                    civil engineering/construction, transport real estate and property management.       joint projects
                    ZQAN Holding intends to become a Company that "creates value" for
                    Azerbaijan by meeting international standards on corporate management,
                    corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship, customer
                    satisfaction, human resources management and professional development.
6.   AtaHolding     The "AtaHolding" Open Joint Stock Company, which started operating in                To     find      co-investors         for
                    2003, makes investments in different organizations operating in various              implementation of our projects
                    spheres of the economy, manages financial and intellectual resources and
                    carries out corporate management. These resources, a part of which is
                    comprised of foreign capital, are channeled mainly into the financial,
                    industrial, telecommunications and IT, services, tourism, oil & gas, and energy
                    spheres. "AtaHolding", which intends to win international recognition by
                    establishing partnership and joint ventures with international companies, has
                    already opened its representative office in Georgia. It also plans to open offices
                    the United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern
7.   AKKORD         Being one of leaders in civil engineering sector of Azerbaijan, «AKKORD              We are interested in cooperation with our
                    INSHAAT-SANAYE» OJSC has been established in 2005.                                   Slovenian counterparts and implement
                    Bringing its contribution to the development of non-oil sector of Azerbaijan,        joint projects
                    «AKKORD INSHAAT-SANAYE» OJSC has succeeded in setting up new
                    standards in the construction sector. Alongside by construction of living
                    mansions, «AKKORD INSHAAT-SANAYE» OJSC has gained great results in
                    meeting the needs of dynamically growing construction sector of the country in
                    construction materials.
                    «AKKORD INSHAAT-SANAYE» OJSC is the only company in the country
                    which has accepted the Standards of International Project Management
                    Association. Currently, «AKKORD INSHAAT-SANAYE» OJSC has signed
                    the contract with Austrian leading construction company to conduct
                    professional consultations for construction quality of highways, bridges,
                    tunnels and the process of production and civil engineering.
8.   Altes Group    "Altes Group Holding was founded more than 15 years ago (est.1994). Today            We are interested in cooperation with
                    the holding has been successfully working in a number of strategically
                                   important directions.                                                                our counterparts.
                                   The Altes Group unites under its umbrella the largest and fastest growing
                                   pharmaceuticals distributor in Azerbaijan – Altes Pharm (former Nur Pharm);          To attract investors to our projects;
                                   leading     construction     and    architectural-engineering     company Altes      joint implementation of projects
                                   Construction; and regional trading company specialized in construction
                                   equipment and materials Altes Trade.
                                   Due to the experience and prestige gained during the decade of successful
                                   development, Altes Group realizes projects of high degree of complexity
                                   within and outside Azerbaijan
9.    Nurgun Holding               NURGUN GROUP" holding company is a distributor of branded consumer                   We are interested in cooperation with
                                   goods, foodstuff and automobiles in Azerbaijan.                                      our counterparts.
                                         NURGUN GROUP" holding company is a distributor of branded
                                            consumer goods, foodstuff and automobiles in Azerbaijan                     To attract investors to our projects;
                                         “Bullur” factory is considered one of the main production units               joint implementation of projects
                                            included to Nurgun Group. This enterprise launched its activity in
                                            2005. Presently all kinds of domestic detergents are being produced in
                                            the enterprise.
                                         Mission of the "NBC Bank" is to improve customer relations, to assist
                                            in the development of small and middle ownership activity, to offer
                                            consumer credits meeting the demands of the population, to provide
                                            the economy with qualitative banking goods and services and to
                                            preserve human resources.
                                   “Nurgun Construction” company acting since 1994 and included to “Nurgun”
                                   Group of Companies is one of the first private construction companies founded
                                   in the republic.
10.   Capital Resources Advisors   Capital Resources Advisors manages portfolio of privately owned businesses           Meeting with our counterparts
                                   ranging from companies operating in telecoms, oil & gas to those in
                                   construction or mining industries. All of the asset companies are based in
11.   Improtex Group               Improtex Group is one of the leading private companies in Azerbaijan,                Meeting with companies working in the
                                   established in 1991. It is a multi-profile corporation with its head office in       sphere of travel and tourism, airlines,
                                   Baku, Azerbaijan and representative office in the UAE. The activities of the         logistics, plastic door production, and
                                   company are diverse and include passenger and cargo transportation,                  retailing
                                   manufacturing, travel, airlines, logistics, plastic door production, and retailing
                                   amongst other things.
12.   Karat Holding                It is the largest and most modern macaroni plant of Caucasus located in              To export our products to Slovenia.
                                   Azerbaijan. Besides, flour and goods for poultry farming industry are produced
                                   and sold under the brand of “Karmen”.
                                   Power line reaches more than 80 tons per day. The product range consists of 14
                                   species. Pasta made from pasta cereals exclusively of durum wheat has
                                   implemented the latest technology.
                                         Products:
                                     Pasta (pens, ring, tube king, tubes, spiral springs, horns, scallops,
                                     clams, manta rays, khingal, vermicelli)
                                  Pasta
                                     Poultry (eggs).
13.   Veyseloglu Group of   Veyseloglu Trade and distributing company was founded in 1994. First times        To export our chocolate products and
      Companies             company imported grocery products from Turkey, but now has partnership            mineral water to Slovenia, as well as
                            relations with Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland,           finding a partner who will be able to
                            Hungary, Denmark, Italy, Korea and others. Our aim is providing all sales         organize the sales of those products in
                            centers, which is acting in Azerbaijan Republic, by high-qualified trade          Slovenian market. meeting with our
                            service.                                                                          counterparts
                            Ulduz chocolate fabric was established in 2001.Fabric has 178 workers. In
                            addition to fixing its own positions on national market, Company has earning
                            its own customers in foreign markets too. Different kinds of Ulduz chocolates
                            have a great demand in CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan and etc.), Georgia and other
14.   Cahan Holding         Group of companies consist of companies like "Cahan Pen", "Cahan Tobacco",        We are interested in cooperation with our
                            "Cahan Tea", "Cahan Motors", "Cahan Red", "Cahan Commerce", "Cahan                Slovenian counterparts and implement
                            General Trading", "Cahan Building" and "Cahan Industry Complex". "Cahan           joint projects. Export of our products to
                            Holding" carries out activities in different spheres for more than 15 years.      Slovenia. Look for investor for realization
                            "Cahan Commerce" trade centre is considered to be the largest service centre.     of “Tile production factory” project
                            It consists of 248 shops and 240 green-grocers.
                            “Cahan Building” LLC is busy with making facade works, covering, repairing
                            infrastructure of the buildings.
                            "Cahan Tobacco" LLC produces high quality tobacco products in Nakhchivan
                            A.R. It is equipped with machinery purchased from the leading companies of
                            the world and is worth of international standards.
                            "Cahan Tea" LLC is busy with packing of herbal tea growing in the highland
                            territory of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and also Ceylon Tea in 4
                            One of the most widely carrying out activity companies of the "Cahan
                            Holding" is “Cahan Pen” Plastic factory. Production capacity of factory is 8-10
                            tons of plastic profiles per day produces 67 kinds at present.
15.   Synergy Group OJSC    Synergy Group OJSC is a new holding company managing multi-million assets         We are interested in cooperation with our
                            in the different sectors of Azerbaijan economy.                                   Slovenian counterparts and implement
                            Synergy Group is proud to have a Western management with a diverse team of        joint projects
                            young but ambitious employees. By combining its professional as well as
                            internationally experienced team and the strong financial background, Synergy
                            is the perfect partner for the future oriented investments projects in the
                            Caucasus Region. To ensure a sustainable future for future generations,
                            Synergy Group focuses on cooperation with the world market leaders for future
                            oriented business opportunities, inside and outside of Azerbaijan
                                                        Agriculture / Food Processing
16.   European Tobacco-Baku   The enterprise produces in general up to 30 titles of different marks of             We would like to meet with real
      ASC                     cigarettes. The enterprise sales its products generally in Azerbaijan market and     customers of cigarettes, wine, cognac
                              also exports to 14 countries of the world                                            and subtropical cultures
17.   MKT                      The Company cooperates with the farmers on raw cotton growing contracts,            We are interested in cooperation with our
                               organizes cotton planting, provides raw cotton delivery, realizes it’s processing   Slovenian counterparts and implement
                               in cotton-cleaning enterprises and organizes sale of finished products. The         joint projects. Look for partners for
                               "MKT Istehsalat-Kommersiya" Ltd exports 90% of own products to various              production of cotton yarn and fabric by
                               countries of the world. The Company is able to produce for export 2000 tons         ring method
                               of each type of cotton wastes per annum.
                               The main type of activity of the Company is purchase, processing and sale of
                               raw-cotton, production and sale of cotton oil of cotton seeds as well as
                               production of cotton yarn of various numbers able to be offered for sale to
                               The "MKT Istehsalat-Kommersiya" Ltd acts on base of bilateral processing
                               agreements concluded with cotton processing plants acting as Joint-Stock
18.   Azertokhum              Company is engaged with the cultivation and sells of seeds of wheat, barley,         Meeting with seeds producers.
                              corn, sunflower, soya bean. Production of agricultural products and feed
                              implemented with the use of the U.S.A, Germany, Turkish and Denmark
19.   “ELFEM”                 “ELFEM” Ltd is an enterprise for processing of agriculture products, including   Export of our products to Slovenia. Look
                              hazelnut products, hazelnut chocolate oil.                                       for foreign partners to expand our
                                                                                                               production capacity
20.   AQUA VITA - ТАC         “AQUA VITA - ТАC" is the pioneer company in Azerbaijan for supplying Export of our products to Slovenia.
                              potable water. Our company was founded in 1997 as a private enterprise. Transfer of new technology
                              The company offers consumers a wide range of products in P.E.T. bottles.
                              Spring water is available in non-carbonated and carbonated species. Among
                              with spring water there is carbonated water with the addition of natural flavors
                              of lemon, raspberry and orange. Lemonade Gulistan enjoyed great demand
                              among our customers. High consuming features of "AQUA VITA" are
                              approved by the special laboratory researches in workshops and awarded with
                              certificates of the official sanitary epidemiology bodies of Azerbaijan as well
                              as of international SOEX certificates.
21.   A&H Alliance            Company A&H Alliance is engaged in imports of sea products, tinned fish, Export of our products to Slovenia.
                              fish from Latvia, as well as imports of tinned vegetables and potato chips.      Transfer of new technology
22.   Ganja Gannadi           The Ganja confectionery factory was built and delivered to usage at 1973th Export of our products to Slovenia. Look
                              year. The annual volume of capacity of the company makes 36000 tons with for foreign partners for production of the
                              manufacture of 200-250 kinds of confectionery products.                          confectionery products “New Chinar”
                              Equipped in shops on the newest technologies of the equipment allow to make
                              confectionery products in wide assortment: pomade sweets, wafer sweets,
                              biscuit sweets of type "Snickers", chocolates, wafers, cookies, fruit candy,
                             caramel, a dragee and east sweets, chocolate, halvah; in shop of half-finished
                             products processing of cocoa-beans in cocoa-powder and cocoa-oil is possible.
                             Depending on a season, at the company work 150 - 200 workers.
23.   Caspian Fish           Company has been established in 2001. There are no analogues similar to this         Export of our products to Slovenia.
                             combine on Caspian sea able to processing capacities of hundred tons of fish
                             daily. "Caspian Fish Co. Azerbaijan" is the private enterprise, with 56 millions
                             USD investments.
                             The industrial complex of corporation consists from fish processing section,
                             fish flour and cod-liver processing workshop and caviar section. Sturgeon
                             breeds black caviar became a pride of Azerbaijan export. "Caspian Fish Co.
                             Azerbaijan" has created the specialized science centre for co-ordination with
                             the state enterprises of Azerbaijan. Overall objective of this centre is
                             monitoring fish industry and control of observance of the ecological
                             requirements. Centre also co-ordinates opportunities of international
                             cooperation to maintain the due standards of education and fish industry
24.   Nur Gida LLC           Since 2004, “Nur Gida” LLC carries       out     activity     in     Nakhchivan      Export of our products to Slovenia. Look
                             Autonomous Republic on importing and whole selling of food and daily                 for foreign partners to expand our
                             necessities. We especially import meat, milk, electricity, cleaning                  production capacity
                             products and cosmetics produced in countries such as Turkey, Russia and
                             Germany. The company has a wide sales network. In the company operate
                             more than 150 employees.
25.   Delta Group (Bismak)   Total area of BisMak Food Industry Complex is 81600 m2. It includes three-           Export of our foodstuffs to Slovenia. To
                             storied office building constructed in a modern style, Biscuit factory having 6      find partners to implement our project on
                             production lines, Macaroni factory having 3 production lines, modern Mill            construction of caramel and flour
                             Complex and Chocolate Factory that will be brought into use soon.                    production factory.
                             Approximately 350 workers are working at the complex.
                             At the present the Company tries to increase sorts of food for to realize the idea
                             of “To present products of high quality to consumers” which is the main
                             principle of the Company.
26.   Ganja Sharab-2         Open Joint Stock Company Ganja Sharab-2 is one of large wine producing               Export of our wines to Slovenia. Transfer
                             enterprises of Azerbaijan. It has been established in 1998. During the activity      of new wine production technology
                             the company cooperates with leading firms of Russia, Ukraine, Germany,
                             Poland, France, Italy and Georgia. Cooperation of the company Ganja Sharab-
                             2 with partners is based on mutual benefit, correctness, long term and always
                             gives a new push for expansion and development of mutual profitability in the
27.   Tovuz-Baltia LTD       Tovuz-Baltia LTD, a subsidiary of the Naig K° corporation, was founded in            Export of our products to Slovenia.
                             December 1989. Our company operates mainly in Agrarian sector, viniculture,          Transfer of new technology
                             manufacturing of mineral water. Our sphere of activity focuses primarily on
                             the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine, cognac and juices. At the
                             moment, Tovuz-Baltia LTD has a brandy alcohol production capacity of more
                         than 1000d/L per day and 65 ha of grape plantation (where such special sorts
                         are grown for production of cognac alcohol and wine material. Another new
                         sphere of activity is tourism. We offer wide range of services in tourism sector.
28.   Sherg Ulduzu LLC   Sherg Ulduzu,LLC was founded in 2002 in Shamkir region. Key activities –            Export of our wines to Slovenia. Transfer
                         grape cultivation (110 hectares) and production of dry wines. Grown grape           of new wine production technology
                         varieties - Bayanshira, Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz,
                         Cabernet Sauvignon. Venture equipped with the latest production equipment
                         from Germany, France, Italy and Israel. Along with the production company
                         also produces cognac which has been laid on aging in oak barrels.
29.   Vinagro LLC         Vinagro LLC was legally registered in 2006 and one of its subdivisions             Export of our wines to Slovenia. Transfer
                          became Goygol Wine Plant that is winemaking industrial combining primary           of new wine production technology
                          and                 secondary                production                sectors.
                          Now Goygol Wine Plant has 525 hectares of the vineyards transplanted in
                          2006-2008 where grow native and European high-quality selection variety of
                          grapes. Transplants of European grapes grafted on phylloxera steady stocks
                          SO4 and 5ВВ, were received. At the present time the red grapes are raising
                          on vineyards belonging the factory: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sira, Pino-
                          Naur, Prima, Saperavi, Mattress, Shirvanshahi; white grapes: Chaurdenе,
                          Sauvignon, Rkasiteli, Uni-Blan, Grenash white, the Bayan-Shirey, Sultani.
                          Goygol Wine Plant is a modern industrial enterprise basing on the newest
                          equipment and classic technologies. Industrial premises, the basic and non-
                          productive departments are completely reconstructed and reconditioned.
30.   Elba                Elba ltd. was founded in 1999. The enterprise engages in producing and selling     Export of our products to Slovenia.
                          meat and milk products.                                                            Transfer of new technology. Cooperation
                          At the present time more than 40 sorts of meat-products are manufactured           with our counterparts
                          here. The enterprise has got a new specialized laboratory which carries out all
                          sanitary norms, and got an accreditation which gives an opportunity to produce
                          choice and fresh sausages, canned meat and meat products with a great
31.   Shurabad Poultry   Our company represents innovations and leadership in poultry industry of            Look for foreign partners to expand our
                         Azerbaijan, agriculture and engineering.                                            production capacity. Transfer of new
                         Our core competency is in the production of chicken eggs and poultry. In our        technology.
                         activities as poultry suppliers we are committed to providing you with the
                         highest quality poultry at the greatest value. In order to best serve your needs,
                         we have gathered an experienced team of high integrity, intelligent people who
                         are the best in the breeding and hatching industries.
32.   NAA Agrotara       Located in Ganja, NAA Agrotara is one of the largest cold-storage facilities in     Look for foreign partners to expand our
                         Azerbaijan. It offers cold-storage services to local farmers and traders with a     production capacity. Transfer of new
                         capacity of up to 20,000 tons of fruits and vegetables. The facility has 10         technology.
                         controlled atmosphere rooms and as well as freezer rooms for meat and fish
                         products. In 2010, the company started fruits and vegetables dehydration
                         facility built with European equipments. It has a capacity to produce 400 tons
                        of dried fruits and vegetables annually. Currently the facility is producing
                        apple chips with its “Meyvita” brand.
33.   IKAR-S            IKAR-S has been operating in Agricultural sector since 2001 year and Transfer of new technology. Cooperation
                        nowadays is one of the leading companies in this field in Azerbaijan.          with Slovenian agricultural companies
                        IKAR-S company operating in fields of horticulture, vegetable growing, wheat
                        growing, bee-keeping, decorative tree growing and cattle breeding in different
                        areas of country. For development all of this directions our company
                        cooperating with companies and institutions of developed countries. New
                        technologies in Agriculture importing from countries like Germany,
                        Netherland, Italy, Israel, Japan, China and adopting on the advices of
                        specialists from this countries.
34.   Baku White City   Baku White City is a project, oriented toward both local and foreign                  Looking for partners/investors         for
                        investment, offering a wide range of residential and commercial buildings of          realization of this projects
                        various sizes in Baku – capital of Azerbaijan. Investors will be able to select
                        suitable units for investment and construction, from small villas to large-scale
                        urban projects.
                        Baku White City will be one of the largest modern projects in the world, built
                        entirely on ecologically reclaimed industrial zone. Baku White City will
                        encompass 244 ha, making it largest development in Caucasus region.
                        Project includes:
                             50 000 residents
                             When completed BWC will be able to accommodate the population of
                                 Principality of Andorra
                             39 ha landscape
                             1/3 size of the Hyde Park - one of the largest parks in London.
35.   Caspian Service   The main part of Caspian Service activity is erection of the architectural houses     Attract of investment to Azerbaijan and
                        concentrating a line of artificial features, keeping elements of a national -         Joint production of construction material.
                        romantic direction of the Azerbaijan and classical architecture.                      Looking for partners for realization of
                        More than two tens constructed and built apartment houses and complexes in
                                                                                                              “Gasr” resort and “Construction and
                        different areas of Baku city and in regions of republic are in active of our
                        company. Except that Caspian Service has going out on a foreign market -              development of the Naftalan Health and
                        raises buildings in Kazakhstan (Astana, Aktau) and Russia (Stavropol). We             recreation centre” projects
                        discuss our projects in Georgia, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Hungary.
                        Besides it, town-planners of the company attach great importance to the
                        advanced infrastructure - to an accomplishment of court yard, underground and
                        ground autoparkings, sports and children's playgrounds, in some cases in a
                        construction of pools, tennis courts, and the fitness - centers. There is trade and
                        consumer services objects in all houses on a ground floor.
36.   Matanat A         “Matanat A” company is the biggest and most innovative building materials             Joint production of building materials.
                        manufacturing company of Azerbaijan and the region. Currently the company             Cooperation with Slovenian companies
                        operates in 3 systems and 20 groups of products and has more than 50 brands
                              and 1000 assortments. The products the company manufactures include:
                              The production of Matanat A:
                              different types Tile adhesives, Epoxide based tile adhesive, Grouts joint
                              fillings, decorative slabs, anchoring mortars, Repair mortar, Repair Mounting
                              mortar, Surface Finishing and Filling Mortar Under Paintings, Repair mortar
                              for restorating and repairing of dry concrete, Cement-based construction-repair
37.   Kartash Ltd (Mr. fix)   Kartash Ltd (Mr. fix) company was established in 2003 and is one of the first     Joint production of building materials.
                              companies of the sector involved in producing and realization of glue on          Cooperation with Slovenian companies
                              cement and epoxy basis, insulating materials on cement basis, renovation and
                              montage materials on cement and epoxy basis, concrete crudes and heat-
                              insulating materials under Mr. Fix® brand.
                              Mr. Fix will continue offering the high quality production to its clients.
38.   “AKA” Company           “AKA” Company was founded in 1998.The principal activity of the company           Look for new partners in construction
                              in the construction work and production of building materials.                    sector
                               “AKA” Company has own “Production of Concret factory”, “Production of
                              metal, wood and plastic construction workshop” and has machine-mechanical f
                              and automotive engineering for construction works.
39.   “Avromed "LLC           “Avromed "LLC is one of the largest distributors of pharmaceutical products in    Meeting with Slovenian pharmaceutical
                              Azerbaijan with the widest range of high quality products from the world          (medicine production) companies.
                              leading international manufactures.
                              "Avromed "LLC was founded in October 2001 and within 1 year it became the
                              distributor of more than 20 leading European Pharmaceutical Companies, such
                              as GlaxoSmithKline, Les laboratories Servier, Solvay Pharma, Pfizer H.C.P.
                              Corporation in Azerbaijan.
40.   “Folium-Farm” LLC       “Folium-Farm” LLC was founded in May 2008. “Folium-Farm” is one of the            Meeting with Slovenian pharmaceutical
                              most perspective and developing companies in Azerbaijan in the sphere of          (medicine production) companies.
                              pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and consumables. The company supplies
                              medical products, medical equipment and consumables.
                              “Folium-Farm” has its own network of regional offices in Azerbaijan.
                              Company has its own pharmacies functioning in Baku and regions. “Folium-
                              Farm” truly desires to expand its activities throughout Asia, Europe and
                              America. We already have representative offices in USA, Germany and
                              Partners of “Folium Farm” are:
                              “Novartis”, “Bayer”, “Alcon”, “Abbott”, “Janssen”, “Servier”, “Pliva”,
                              “Nycomed”, “Heumann”, “Phizer”, “Brupharmexport”, “Berlin-Chemie
                              MENARINI”, “Docpharm”, “Sorin Group”, “Farmaprim”, “Polpharma”,
                              “IVAX        Pharmaceuticals”,      “Microgen”,      “Irbit”,    “Sopharma”,
                              “Tachtimpharmpreparati”, “Altayvitamins”, “NZPM”, “Biosynthesis”,
                              “Grindex”, “Farmak”, “Sanovel”, “Astellas”, “Actavis”.
41.   “Epidbiomed” LLC         “Epidbiomed” LLC was established in January 2005.                             Meeting with Slovenian pharmaceutical
                               At present, 25 qualified specialists work at our company. “Epidbiomed” LLC (medicine production) companies.
                               is involved in pharmaceutical activity and cooperates with local and foreign
                               “Epidbiomed” LLC is the official distributor of the Sanofi Paster Company
                               (France), Serum Institute of India (India), Baxter (Austria), Russian Academy
                               of Medical Sciences named after Chumakov, CC (Moscow), Novopharma
42.   Azerbaijani Investment   State-owned joint-stock company established by the Presidential Decree of 30th     We are interested in cooperation with
      Company JSC              March 2006 with charter capital of AZN 160,000,000. The main objective of          Slovenian companies in the sphere of co-
                               the AIC is to implement fixed-term equity investments in the private sector and    financing of business projects in non-oil
                               to assist FDI in the non oil sector in Azerbaijan.                                 sector in Azerbaijan; investments to
                                                                                                                  Azerbaijan-Slovenia JVs.
43.   AzInsurance              Our professionals are highly knowledgeable and committed to providing you To establish contacts and relations,
                               excellent customer service and quality insurance services. We offer a wide meeting Slovenian insurance companies
                               range of services in nearly every industry to satisfy all of your needs. We invite
                               you to learn more about how our services can benefit you and your business.
44.   “AZERIGAZBANK            “AZERIGAZBANK” JSC offers wide spectrum of modern bank services on To establish contacts and relations with
                               the most remunerative conditions. Bank attracts individual funds for deposits banking institutions.
                               on different periods. All accounts are opened free of charge.
45.   Bank of Baku             Earlier this year our Bank celebrated its 14- th anniversary. Our achievements To establish contacts and relations with
                               attained during the past time and our current standing in the banking sector of banking institutions.
                               the country, and, what is more important, the level of satisfaction of our clients
                               with various banking products and services provided by our Bank, makes it
                               possible to say that we are on the correct path. Another piece of news which
                               makes it possible to look into the future with optimism is the merger in 2004
                               with «İlkbank»Commercial Bank and subsequent formal expression by the
                               European Bank for Reconstruction and Development of their interest in
                               subscription to the shares of the Bank formed following the merger.
46.   Rabitabank               Rabitabank was established in 1993 under the umbrella of the Ministry of To establish contacts and relations with
                               Telecommunication of Azerbaijan to serve companies and organizations of this banking institutions..
                               sector. Soon after the start the bank expanded its operations into new areas of
                               the economy serving as a universal bank. Today the bank has got diversified
                               client base from trade, production, construction, rural, transport,
                               communication and other areas. The bank, also, renders full range of financial
                               services to individual clients.
47.   Turan Commercial Bank    Turan Commercial Bank was founded in 1992 and now is one of successful To establish contacts and relations with
                               banks of Caucausus region. The strategic vision of the Shareholders of banking institutions.
                               Turanbank OSJC is to see itself as universal bank with a foreign investment,
                               providing all type of banking product and services to the customers
                               (individuals, Smal and Medium Entrepreneurs) throughout the wide network
                                 situated both in Baku and regional centers, to make bank most competitive,
                                 well capitalised institution, holding at least 5% market share by the volume of
                                 its assets, deposits and credit portfolios.
48.   Pasha Bank                 “PASHA Bank” OJSC is part of “PASHA” group of companies.                          To establish contacts and relations with
                                 The Bank’s official auditor Ernst & Young and tax consultant                      banking institutions.
                                 PriceWaterhouseCoopers are international audit companies.
                                 “PASHA Bank” OJSC has membership with the Deposits Insurance Fund,
                                 Azerbaijan Banker’s Association, Baku Inter-bank Stock Exchange (Certificate
                                 NoFX-96, 27 June 2008), AMCHAM, the National Entrepreneurship Support
                                 Fund of Azerbaijan Republic and Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund.
                                 The Bank has joined the local payment systems AZIPS and XÖHKS and the
                                 international payment system SWIFT.
49.   The    Azerbaijan    Banks The Azerbaijan Banks Association (ABA) was created by 10 private banks and        To establish    contacts with banking
      Association (ABA)          registered in 1990 under the name of “Association of Commercial and               institutions.
                                 Cooperative Banks of Azerbaijan”; and in 1999 this name was changed to the
                                 present one: “Azerbaijan Banks Association”.
                                 ABA is a non-profit nongovernmental organization that unites banks and non-
                                 bank credit institutions with activities in the Republic of Azerbaijan. As many
                                 as 142 members have been admitted throughout the period of its existence. Due
                                 to mergers and liquidations, the ABA now joins 45 banks and 5 non-bank
                                                                Industry / Engineering
50.   "Garadagh Cement" OJSC       "Garadagh Cement" OJSC is the only cement and clinker manufacturing Cooperation with Slovenian companies
                                   company in Azerbaijan. The company provides the majority of domestic in mentioned sphere. Strengthening
                                   demand with its high-quality products, which meet both local and international business ties with Slovenian companies
                                   Launched in 1999 by Swiss Holcim Group on the basis of Garadagh Cement
                                   Plant, the company has made outstanding accomplishments and achieved
                                   strong market presence in Azerbaijan.
51.   AZENCO                       Azenco is the largest energy construction, design and engineering               Cooperation with Slovenian companies
                                   company in the Caucasus with a net worth of about USD 500 million.              in mentioned sphere. To find new
                                   Azenco has two areas of business activities:                                    partners.
                                        Construction, repair, testing and erection services in the power industry
                                        Manufacturing of various industrial products
52.   “Gok-Nur Baki LTD”           “Gok-Nur Baki LTD” was established in 2003. It produces various and on a Cooperation with Slovenian companies
                                   different scale goods - 450/750V PVC isolated erection cables, 450/750V PVC in mentioned sphere. Realization of our
                                   isolated flexible cables, 300/500V PVC isolated erection cables, 300/500V products in Slovenia. To find new
                                   PVC isolated flexible cables with copper conductor, 0.6/1kv isolated low partners.
                                   voltage, and PVC cables channels and started production of the cables of 6/10
                                   kilovolt, 8.7/15 kilovolt, 12/20 kilovolt, 20.3/35 kilovolt of medium voltage
                                   from late 2008.
                                   The plant was provided with the modern equipment produced in Germany,
                               Turkey, and Finland. Monthly prodiction of the plant was 2000 ton cables.
                               Raw materials are purchased in Iran, Russian Federation and Turkey.
                               Installation and safety of the cables presented to the purchasers with proper
                               prices also guaranteed.
                               Gok-Nur Baki LTD exports the goods not only to the internal market, but also
                               to Georgia, Afganistan and Kazakhstan.
53.   Semsan                   The main activity of company is production of brass ingots, rod, flats, bronze      Cooperation with Slovenian companies
                               ingots and bronze bushing. PPR Pipies & fittings.                                   in mentioned sphere. Realization of our
                                                                                                                   products in Slovenia. To find new
54.   BAMAG GROUP              BAMAG is an engineering company operating internationally in the fields of          Rendering engineering services to
                               water and wastewater purification and sludge treatment and incineration, as         Slovenian        companies.        Joint
                               well as other firm, liquid, pasty and gas forming hazardous waste substance re-     implementation of project
                               Our service portfolio includes:
                                     Feasibility studies
                                     Project management
                                     Process and plant design
                                     Procurement and supply
                                     Research and development
                                     Construction and commissioning
                                     Project development and -financing
                                     After-sales service
55.   RJ Enterprises LLC       Exclusive & Authorized Distributor of Electrolux Professional SpA (Italy),          Meeting with     household   appliances
                               Electrolux Laundry Systems (Sweden), Misa Sud Refrigerazione S.r.L. (Italy),        producers
                               AGMA SrL (Italy), Hobart (Germany), Hamilton Beach (USA), Alfred
                               KARCHER GmbH (Germany), Bravilor-Bonamat (The Netherlands), Cimbali
                               (Italy), Hoshizaki (Japan), Robot Coupe (France), Brema (Italy), BOWE
                               (Germany), De Buyer (France), Industrie IFI (Italy), Sambonet Paderno (Italy)
                               and many other World’s Leading Manufacturers for the Commercial Food
                               Service, Baking, Refrigeration, Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Cleaning
                               Equipment. “RJ Enterprises LLC” is responsible with its services and is
                               responsible for the areas of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkmenistan.
56.   “Inshaat-Commerce” LLC   “Inshaat-Commerce” LLC has realized a number of big projects on the steel-          Meeting    with   our counterparts.
                               structures construction and conduction of civil activities and finishing works at   Implementation of joint projects.
                               the enterprises on the Domestic Gas manufacturing. “Inshaat-Commerce” LLC           Knowledge exchange
                               also has executed a wide spectrum of activities connected with civil
                               construction activities, steel structures assembling and erection and
                               maintenance services.
57.   Baku Steel Company LLC   “Baku Steel Company” LLC is the first private owned metallurgical plant in          Export of our products to Slovenia.
                               the Caucasus region created by use of direct foreign investment in the steel        Transfer of technology. Implementation
                               sector since independence of Azerbaijan Republic.                                   of joint projects. Knowledge exchange
                           Production of angle bars, channels, double-T iron, wire rod, wire and hardware
                           shall be commenced in the near future. $4 million will be spent for production
                           of angle bars, channels and double-T iron, $2 million will be spent for
                           arrangement of mill rolls production and $8 million will be spent for
                           installation of other production equipment and new rolling mill train.
58.   Caspian Technology   Caspian Technology Company has the aim to develop, erect, and run wind           Realization of joint projects in the sphere
      Company              parks in cooperation with German experienced companies in Azerbaijan. Pilot      of alternative energy. Meeting with our
                           Project in Yeni Yashma, the first project of the company, consists of 2 Vestas   counterparts. Knowledge exchange with
                           V52 wind turbines. The project is implemented under State Programs and           Slovenian companies
                           Laws of the Azerbaijan Republic on renewable energy.
                           It’s planned to accomplish Shurabad Project in the beginning of second quarter
                           of 2010, as well as to start local production by middle of the next year.
                           Furthermore, Caspian Technology Company plans the realization of Solar
                                                            IT & Logistics
59.   ”Formag Baku”        ”Formag Baku” Co enters into GTI (Global Transport Investments) group of         We are looking for well reliable partners
                           companies representing wide range transportation and freight forwarding          in freight forwarding and very interested
                           services all over the world.                                                     in meeting with that kind of logistical
                           GTI group has special agency agreement on the territory of CIS with such         companies.
                           shipping lines like: China Shipping Line, K-line, NYK line, United Arab
                           Shipping Line, Wan Hai Line. GTI clients are worldwide known companies
                           such like: P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever, Kraft, ExxonMobil, Daewoo,
                           Coca-Cola, Toyota…
                           “Formag Baku” was founded in Baku, Azerbaijan on 1 June 2004.
                           The main goal of company is to provide our customers with logistics and
                           transportation process by implementing highly personalized, innovative and
                           cost-effective solutions. The company possesses with extensive network of
                           offices in CIS, number of Europe and Asian countries with highly trained well-
                           motivated individuals. Company runs into tightly collaborating with agents and
                           partners at all industrial regions and ports of the world.
60.   ULTRA                ULTRA Company (established in 1999), one of the Azerbaijan leading IT            Sale of our computers. Meeting with our
                           companies, is the distributor of Intel® Corporation in Azerbaijan (“Intel®       counterparts. Knowledge exchange
                           Premier Provider”), which has the authorized Intel® products stock. The
                           Company extends its activities by producing notebooks, personal computers,
                           monitors, projectors, LCD/LED TVs under national NEXUS® trademark and
                           pursues active economic policy for wide distribution of the national trademark
                           in foreign countries. ULTRA is Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Oracle, Canon,
                           Sony, Toshiba, Tripp-Lite, Genius, Lynksys, Apacer and other international
                           companies’ Official Partner in Azerbaijan
                                                            Light industry
61.   Embawood             Established in 1996 Embawood has become a leader in the furniture business Sale of furniture in Slovenia. Finding new
                           of the South Caucasus Region during the past years with huge capital partners.
                    investment and successful sales strategy. Our products are in line with the
                    international standards and therefore demanded in Azerbaijan, Georgia,
                    Kazakhstan,        Kirgizia,      Turkmenistan,      Iran      and   Russia.
                    Our factories are equipped with the highest technology which complies with
                    the world standards. We use high quality raw materials supplied by the most
                    advanced       foreign       companies     in    the      furniture  business.
                    At the present time our factories produce all kinds of home and office
                    furniture, including upholster items. Furthermore, we produce melamine faced
                    desk, MDF profile, coated and PVC fasade semi-fabricates.
62.   “Gazelli”     “Gazelli” is first national company on production of high quality perfume        Export of our cosmetics to Slovenia.
                    products and cosmetic stuff on the basis of natural bioactive substances. The    Finding new partners. Realization of joint
                    assortiment of products produced by our company more than 60. It includes        projects
                    shampoo, balsam, lotion, face pack, gel, etc.
                    The brand “Gazelli” is known not only in Azerbaijan but also in Russia,
                    Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria.
                    “Gazelli” also produces more than 100 kinds of vegetable extracts such as
                    extracts of pomegranate, persimmon, quince, feijoa, estragon, henna, saffron,
                    pomegranate flowers, cactus, biwa and black and red caviar.
63.   Maxi Dizayn   Maxi Dizayn has accumulated vast experience and developed its own unique         Meeting with furniture sellers.
                    traditions. The company is well known for its high quality furniture and
                    beautifully designed door products, marble stairs and windowsills. Maxi
                    Dizayn produces living room furniture sets for both spacious and modestly
                    proportioned rooms as well as custom-designed, multi-purpose furniture for
                    theaters, restaurants, bars and community halls.
                    Maxi Dizayn is a distributor of Ingritit company (USA), producing artificial
                    ornamental stone.

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