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    Before you can be matriculated you need to deal with the following

Finding a place to stay should be one of your first priorities. It is only with a
permanent address that you will be able to register and complete all other
necessary paper work. Registration should be completed as soon as possible
after you have found an apartment/room or have moved into a student
dormitory in Berlin. The necessary form „Anmeldung bei der Meldebehörde“
you can find at the following web site:

The addresses and opening hours of the registration offices you can find at:

For a successful registration, the following steps are necessary:
    1. Fill out the form “Anmeldung bei der Meldebehörde”
    2. Please have your land lord sign the form. If you live in a dormitory, the
       local administration office will sign the form. You do not need to present
       your lease.
    3. Take the form to your local registration office (“Bürgeramt”) and get

Staying in Germany/Certificate of Free Movement (Freizügigkeits-

Students from an EU country as well as from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and
Switzerland do not need a visa or a resident permit. As part of the registration
process, anyone in this category will receive a free of charge certificate which
confirms entitlement to freedom of movement. The only requirements are that
the student has sufficient financial resources and appropriate medical insurance
coverage. The so-called Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung you can apply for when
registering at your local registration office. All you need is a valid ID. The
freedom of movement/ residence certificate functions as proof of the right to
reside in Germany.
Swiss citizens may obtain the certificate of residence from the Foreigner’s’
Registration Office (via our “Visa Service”, please see N° 5).
* Date: June 2011. Subject to possible change.                                           1

HU Berlin    Abteilung Internationales      DAAD WS 2011/12
Generally it is up to you which health insurance provider you draw for coverage.
To help you and to answer your questions, representatives of health insurance
providers will be present at the university during the matriculation period. You
will also have the opportunity to arrange the corresponding health insurance with

AOK Nordost                                           TK Berlin
Margareta Barisic – Studentenberaterin                Lutz Matuschke – Studentenberater
Tel.: (+49 [0]800) 265 080-26471                      Tel.: (+49[0]30) 400 44-8660
E-Mail:              E-Mail:

Here are a few preliminary explanations:
A. International students from countries with social security agreements
with Germany
• Students who have proof of health insurance from a country with a social
   security agreement with Germany and who have a valid insurance certificate
   to show that they are covered abroad (for example the European Health
   Insurance Card - EHIC), may register at a German health insurance
   provider of their choice to have their existing insurance recognised.

B. International students with private health insurance
• Students with private health insurance in their home country can obtain
  compulsory insurance with a German health insurance provider of their choice
  or apply for proof of exemption.

C. All other international students
Students without private health insurance and from a country which does not
have a social security agreement with Germany must draw insurance at one of
the German health insurance providers. Due to facilitated handling, we advice
you to arrange a health insurance with a German health insurance provider. In
order to handle your application for a visa, the German embassy often needs
proof of a valid health insurance cover.

The current monthly fee for students is 77.90 EUR* (students older than 23, no
children) at all German non-private health insurance providers. The fee is
composed of a premium for health insurance and a premium for nursing

* Date: June 2011. Subject to possible change.                                          2

HU Berlin    Abteilung Internationales      DAAD WS 2011/12
As a DAAD scholarship holder you do not need to pay the university’s
matriculation fee, but you still need to make a contribution to the semester
ticket, the student services, and to the activities of the student body.
        1. Contribution to Student Union Activities (7 EUR)
        All HU-students are automatically members of the student union
        (Studierendenschaft) and have to make a contribution to the student
        union. Thus all students have the right to vote for a student parliament in
        January. Also, all students may use the great counseling opportunities
        offered by the student union.
        2. Contribution to Student Services Organization(41.20 EUR)
        All students have to make a contribution to the Student Service
        Organization (Studentenwerk). The Student Service Organization is
        responsible for all Berlin universities’ dining halls and cafeterias as well as
        for student dormitories. Moreover, the Student Service Organization offers
        a range of guidance counseling.
        3. Semester Season Ticket (146.50 EUR)
        For several years now, students in Berlin have been able to use a special
        public transport ticket, the semester ticket. All HU-student must purchase
        this ticket. The ticket allows you to travel by U-Bahn, S-Bahn, busses,
        trams and ferries in the Berlin area and Potsdam and it includes taking
        your bike along.
The amount of 194.70 EUR is to be transferred to the Humboldt-Universität
account. The account information for Humboldt-Universität is:
Account number:                              512 6206 04
Berliner Bank, Niederlassung der Deutschen Bank PGK AG
Bank code (BLZ)                              100 708 48
Purpose (Verwendungszweck):                  Imma. WS 2011/12, Einschreib-Nr.: ________

During the matriculation period it is possible to make the contribution in cash or
to pay for the fee with your EC card. The proper form you can get when

* Date: June 2011. Subject to possible change.                                        3

HU Berlin    Abteilung Internationales      DAAD WS 2011/12
                          4. REGISTRATION / MATRICULATION
Matriculation can only be completed by the International Office of Humboldt-
Universität by presenting all necessary documents.
The following documents are required for matriculation:

• Confirmation of scholarship (Letter of Award)
• Proof of registration at the Local Registration Office (Bürgeramt/Meldestelle)
• Proof of health insurance
• Passport with a valid student visa (excluding EU-countries, Iceland,
  Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, El Salvador, Israel
  Canada, Japan, Corea, New Zealand, and USA – students from these countries
  can enter Germany without a visa)
• Proof of payment of contribution fee to the semester ticket, student services
  and to the activities of the student body
After registering you will receive a temporary certificate of matriculation that can
be used as a temporary student identity card. It can take up to three weeks
before your permanent student ID card, your course transcript books along with
your matriculation certificate are sent to you. With your student ID card you can
register at the University Library, set up an Email account at Humboldt-
Universität. For student discounts you should always present it at museums,
theatres, cinemas, or other places that may offer a reduced fare for students.
The semester ticket allows you to use all public transport in the zones ABC (bike
transport included).
Please note that if you study at Humboldt-Universität for two semesters, you
must, without exception, re-matriculate for the summer semester 2012.
The deadline for re-matriculation is February 15, 2012.

                                     5. RESIDENCE PERMIT
EU citizens, students from Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein do not require a
residence permit. They apply for a so-called Freizügigkeitsbescheingung at
the local registration office (see N° 1)
All other international students must apply for a residence permit. Every
international student is granted a 3-month period to do so after entering
Germany. After the expiration of the period, every student must have obtained a
valid residence permit.
Our International Office has arranged a special service, the student „Visa
Service“, which is open daily during the matriculation period from 10.00-16.00h.
It will help you put together the necessary documents.

* Date: June 2011. Subject to possible change.                                     4

HU Berlin    Abteilung Internationales      DAAD WS 2011/12
To apply for a residence permit you need:

• Valid passport
• 2 current biometric passport photos, please see:

• Proof of registration from the Local Registration Office (legible photocopy)
• Confirmation of matriculation at Humboldt-Universität
• Proof of health insurance (photocopy)
• Proof of financial resources, confirmation of DAAD scholarship in German, if
  applicable (photocopy)
• Application for a Residence Permit, form available from us or at

   Please note: The form is to filled in with a black pen!

During the semester, the “Visa Service” is open on Wednesdays from 1 pm to 5
pm. It is located at our international club “Orbis Humboldtianus”.

* Date: June 2011. Subject to possible change.                                   5

HU Berlin    Abteilung Internationales      DAAD WS 2011/12
                                6. Further helpful information

•   Semester Period:                      01.10.2011 – 31.03.2012
•   Lecture Period:                       17.10.2011 – 18.02.2012

•   Sessions begin on October 17, 2011. However, many faculties already offer
    orientation seminars prior to this date as the semester officially starts on
    October 1. At this point registration for classes may already start. The
    orientation seminar conducted by the International Office will take place on
    Tuesday, October 11 at 1pm in the Audimax (HU main building, Unter den
    Linden 6).

•   If you are trying to find an apartment or room, we recommend the following
    web sites:

•   If you are living in a student dormitory, please note that that you can only
    move into your room from Monday through Thursday from 9am to 2pm and
    on Friday from 9am to 1pm.

•   German language courses are offered by the Humboldt-Universität’s
    language center (Sprachenzentrum) strating each semester. You can register
    online by using your “Einschreib-Nr.” (see
    letter of confirmation).

•   At the beginning of the semester, we offer Intercultural Trainings which
    are designed to give you advice for how to organize yourself and how to
    manage the German studying culture. You can find further information at

•   For information about our Mentoring Programme “Studis4Studis” please

•   The university’s homepage can be found at

•   The current course catalogue can be found at

•   Additional helpful information for international students can be found in our
    “Guide for International Students” at

* Date: June 2011. Subject to possible change.                                   6

HU Berlin    Abteilung Internationales      DAAD WS 2011/12

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