Exercise 17b by shuifanglj


									        Exercise 17b

Using the irregular verbs volo
velle, nolo nolle, fero ferre and
eo ire.
          Exercise 17b
1. In fossam descendere nolo.
1. I do not wish to descend into the
          Exercise 17b
2. Plaustrum onus fert.
2. The wagon is carrying a load.
         Exercise 17b
3. Cornelii et Eucleides ad cauponam
3. The Corneilius Family and Eucleides
are going to an inn.
          Exercise 17b
4. Syrus raedam e fossã extrahere vult.
4. Syrus wishes to pull the carriage out
of the ditch.
          Exercise 17b
5. Cistas ad raedam ferimus.
5. We are carrying the trunks to the
          Exercise 17b
6. Cum amicîs Romam eo.
6. I am going to Rome with friends.
          Exercise 17b
7. Aurelia in cauponã pernoctare non
7. Aurelia does not wish to spend the
night in the inn.
          Exercise 17b
8. I, fatue!
8. I am stupid!
8. Go, stupid!
          Exercise 17b
9. Servi cistas ferunt.
9. The slaves are carrying the trunks.
         Exercise 17b
10. Ubi pernoctare vis, domine?
10. Where do you wish to spend the
night, master?
          Exercise 17b
11. Noli in cauponam ire, Cornelia!
11. Don’t go into the inn, Cornelia!
          Exercise 17b
12. Fer aquam, serve!
12. Bring water, slave!

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