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Excel Format - University of Maine by shuifanglj


									                                      Group Fitness Class Schedule: Summer 2011
                                                                     May 9- August 19
                       Schedule is subject to change; visit Blue classes are ALWAYS free!
               White, fee-based classes are first-come first-served. Please swipe in and pick up your pass at the front desk prior to the class.
                       Red classes are Instructional Programs requiring pre-registration. See our instructional program list for details.
                           Yellow classes are part of the Employee Fit Club. **This Zumba class is open to all Faculty & Staff**
                                                 UMaine Recreation & Fitness Center - Location Key
     P = Pool | TC = Tennis Court | FR = Foster Multipurpose Room | C = Conference Room | MC = Multi-Activity Court | RB1 = Raquetball Court 1
           Monday                              Tuesday                      Wednesday                             Thursday                        Friday
           BOSU Balance &
6:00am                              6:00am-      Cycle X             6:00am-     Fitness Yoga           6:00am-      Zumba             6:00am-     Fitness Yoga
              Strength        FR                                FR                                 FR                             FR                               FR
7:00am                              7:00am      Amy/Abby F.          7:00am      Julie/Abby F.          7:00am        Julie            7:00am      Julie/Abby F.
6:00am -    Water Warrior                                            6:00am-    Water Warrior                                          6:00am-    Water Warrior
                              P                                                                    P                                                               P
 7:00am       Roxane                                                 7:00am       Roxane                                               7:00am         Pat

                                    11:00pm-    Step N Pump          11:00pm-   Butts and Gutts         11:00pm-   Step N Pump         11:00pm-    BOSU Blast
                                                                FR                                 FR                             FR                               FR
                                    12:00pm        Roxane            12:00pm        Roxane              12:00pm       Roxane           12:00pm      Johanna

12:00pm-   Kettlebell Krazy                                          12:00pm-       Cycle X             12:00pm-   Gentle Yoga         12:00pm-     HardCore
                              FR                                                                   FR                             FR                               FR
 1:00pm          Julie                                                1:00pm        Heather              1:00pm       Carol            12:30pm       Johanna

12:00pm-   EFC Pilates/Yoga         12:00pm-                                                            12:00pm-   EFC Outdoor
 1:00pm        Fusion
                                                **F/S Zumba**   FR             EMPLOYEE                  1:00pm    Adult Recess
                                                                                                                                  TC              FIT CLUB
5:30pm-        Cycle X
                                               Bounce "N" Box   MC
                                                                     5:30pm-    Kettlebell Krazy
                                                                                                        5:30pm-    Fitness Yoga
                                                                                                                                         At $35, the Summer
6:30pm          Carol               6:30pm                           6:30pm           Pat               6:30pm         Molly             FitPass pricing is still
5:30pm-                                                              5:30pm-                                                               much lower than
             Warm Yoga        C                                                   Warm Yoga        C
6:45pm                                                               6:45pm                                                                 Academic Year!
6:30pm-    HardCore & More          6:30pm-     Core Pilates         6:30pm-        Zumba
                              FR                                C                                  FR
7:30pm          Blane               7:30pm         Julie             7:30pm          Julie

                                    6:30pm-                                                             6:30pm-
                                                Tae Kwon Do     FR                                                 Tae Kwon Do    FR
                                    7:30pm                                                              7:30pm

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