Prosecuting Attorney Worksheet for Tituba's Trial by shuifanglj


									                          Prosecuting Attorney Worksheet for Tituba’s Trial


Name of team member:__________________________________________________________________


Goal: To prove that Tituba is guilty of first degree murder, second degree murder, and/or conspiring to
commit murder, or an accessory to murder, or witchcraft. You may choose to charge her with other crimes.

Brainstorm: What do you want to prove? How will you do it? Think about the testimony you need to
help convince the jury of Tituba’s guilt.

Witness Questions:
Come up with a series of questions for your witnesses. Remember, you CANNOT coach them in their
responses, but you can “pre-ask” questions to see how your witnesses will respond.
Ruth Putnam:

Ann Putnam:

Abigail Williams:

Opening Statement: One of the prosecuting attorneys will create an opening statement in which you
outline exactly what the prosecution intends to prove. Many opening remarks start off something like this:
                  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the state of Massachusetts will prove beyond a
reasonable doubt that Tituba is guilty of the crime of___________. The state (or prosecution) will further
prove that she knowingly committed….

Closing Statement: One of you will have to prepare closing remarks. Closing remarks should remind the
jurors of the testimony that your witnesses have proven on behalf of the prosecution. You need to
summarize what has been proven to help you win your case.

Reminders: Don’t badger witnesses, but be clever and confident. Get the testimony you are looking for,
BUT if it is taking too long and your witness doesn’t know the answer, drop it. Don’t prolong a bad

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