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					    .•said City of Oxford, or any conveyance or mortgage thereof,                thereof; to the said Assignee* commenclng-and proiecutinj
     er of anjf part qr.sbacc thereo/ or .interest therein"J €r "afiy            sucu-^tlteVactiuris o^ suitsH]%s, ma,y appear, to .than irecesiary
 ' cli'arge"rpr lien on .'the tame, or respecting any o£'the re'al'dr            for re'c'5t;eili-i;f|r' afty ; debts"or ^ffec5s due,aqd belonging to tU<»
 '. personal' estates o'tV the said Bar|krupts,1i6r;either of them ;             sTiiJ'Bankrrtpt's estate; to their compounding,witb.anyvf-the
     arid also'to assent to or dissent fntnuthe: said-Assignees-Tell-'           debtor*, ami takinar'a reasonable part of x th'efdVbt3idue front
     ing 'or "disposing .of all or any- part oft the said' Balitrup't*'          inch debtors respectively" in discharge of the whole, or tci
     festate a'ad effecti,'::either by. public, auction or'private^tfcin-        theiY giving iime or takinig »,ippur)ties. fojr,t)ne sajd-tlebts,
     tract, or giving up or continuing the occupation of any'favms,
     lands, ortenements, .occupied Jby-tbe" said. -'Bankrupt!, :°or
'. iither of'them, or completing or abandoning any agreement
     for the purchase of any land or tenements entered into by the                                          ha\e'provedtlieii debts "iinder a C
     said Bankrupts, or either of them] and also to jts'seMit to or                   missibii 1 of B a n k r u t a'waiitecl'and
                                                                                                                   '       '
     dissent from the said Assignees employing the said Bank-                    James Rigby, of lCbaring-C!rpss, witlim'.tbejLibsrty. of, $V>sti
     rupts, or either of them, or any other person or persons j' to              minster, i n ^ t h e County'W'MTddjesex,'Clock.$jid Watch-
     aissist in tha making up the accounts of. the said Bankrupts,
     and to collect the outstanding debts due to the said'estate,
     and to allow such Bankrupts, or other-.person or persons,
     such'sum or sums .of money, by way of compensation for lits-
     or -their' trouble'therein, .as the said Assignees shall think             Basingball-Street, iu the City 'of London, to assent :to, pr
     proper; and on other special affairs.                                      dissent from- the said Assignees selling "and dispy»ii>ij of all
                                                                                or any part of the household furniture, fixtures, .stock Ail

   T        HE Creditors who have proved their Debts under a Com- trade and other the personal estate' and effects, of. {he Bank-
            mission of Bankrupt awarded and issued 'forth against rupt, either by public auction or private contract, at a valua-
 ' Charles Theedosius'Healb, of No. 6, Seymour-Place, Euston- tion, or otherwise for the -best price or prices that -can be
     Square, in- the Bounty of Middlesex, Engraver, Dealer and reasonably obtained for the same, either, to the Paakrupt, or
     Chapman, arfr'requested to meet the Assignees of the said to any person or persons whomsoever as^they shall think 6t>
     Bankrupt's -estate' aiid effects, on Thursday the 18th day of and to give such time, and take such personal security for , the
     May instant'; at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon! precisely, at thr payment of the said household furniture, fixtures, stook in
     Court 3 6f'Commissioners of Bankrupts, in Basinghall-Street, trade and other the personal estate and effects, all or any
   ' lin'-thejCiVjrbT London, to assent to or dissent from the said pait thereof, as the case may be, cither by piomissory. notes-
     A8»ignee» ? d'efeliding certain proceedings now pending in the bills of exchange or otherwise howsoever; and also that tb*
     High Cdurt'of C-Hiaiicery', to restrain them from proceeding to said Assignees may sell and dispose of the lease of theBauk-
      the 84le .of'-teei'taiiv'of 'the engravings of (he said Charles ru|>t'» pi.emiscs, at Charing"-. Cross, either by public auction or
      Theod<»iu9 Htatli, or to their compromising the same, or in private contract, or by a valuation, either to tlio Hankiupt,
     atvy mariner arraiigih? to try the question in dispute, as t* or any person or persons whomsoever; and also to their CUBJ-
     tbeTight' j of the strid'englavings in any other form; and on pnuuding, settling by arbitration, or otherwise, all accounts
     other s^eifal affair^. * "                                                 between the said Bankrupt and any other person, and allow-
        >.l:nio>V- •-"•-'*& •>" '- '       •                                    ing such time for payment of any. of the 'debts due to the
  ' 'injiiEiGrieditbfs.who hare proved (heir-Debts under a Com- Bankrupt's estate, and either with or without security as they' •
       -|Liiin>issionio6.Bankrupt awaided and issued forth against shall think fit ; and nlso to assent to or dissent from the said
     Rowland*Hastings,'of Great Sulton-Streut, CIcrkenwcil, in, Assignees commencing, prosecuting, .or- defending, any suit
     thei.G^ounty.iofiMiddlesexi Silversmith, Dealer and Chapman, or suits at law or in equity, for the' 'recovery or protection' of
     ;are>r;equesteditq meet -the Assignees of the estate and effects all or any part .of the said Bunlirujit's estate and effects j'auti
" -of, thViiS_aid. B.anltruptj on Saturday the 3d day of .June next, onotlier special afikiiiS, •                  • • . . ' . - ' '••'-'•' ' •
' at ;ijijnjo'Clock..iin"'tbe Forenoon precisely, at the Court of
     Camuiissipners of -bankrupts, in Basinghall-Street, in the r | MIK. Creditors who have proved their Debts hndti a Cotu- '
' •City^qf dbua.donv- to*assent 'to or dissent from the said As-- •a. mission of'Baiiknipt awanjed and issued forth iagtuust
      sigiieyejoSellingi or disposing of the whole or 'any part of John Bramall, of Asbton-uiidtr-Lylnt, Ln the County 6f,Lan^
' thftrMobtain trade, household furniture, book debts, and all caster, Inulieeper, .Dealer a n d , Chapman, -are reqJesieJ
' other*U.W *s'ate artd-'eftects of the said Bankrupt, by public to meet the Assignees uf the estate -and eiFectV of <tl>e" sard "
     .•Baleji.pBdprivateicontract, and in one or inure lot or lots, as Uunkrupt, on the '25l1i day ( of Alay instant, atuTwo:
      shaibftye'cjudged pVojaer; an'' a'*° to assent to or dissent in the Afternoini, at ,the Globe Tavetr,n, iri Ashton-mider- 5
     fropii the .Assignees'effecting any ariangement with Mr. Old.-. Line aforesaid, to assent to or disse^t./rom the said^A'ssfe-'11-
      ioyd, (prpjtbe liquidation of u debt due from him, by allowing, nees selling and disposing of all. or a^ny part .of the houstfliofd''
' liiiucfcc Stain fixtures^in-a house situate in ihe'Old Bailey, the. turnitur'e, /fixtures, 'stock-, in trade a n d o.ther th« '
                                                                                                                            .               .    -
' property,*juf the Bankrupt, or to mithe any other arrange- eslattt'of'the said Bankrupt, by public auction or private coii-i
      nieutsitlieymayjthink advisable and for the interests of the tract, at -a Valuation 'or otherwise, 'and to their giviug such. '
      Unnkrupt's -estate'; and also to assent to or dissent from the
      saicl Assignee5 ;P*)'ing:ce^la'" costs, cliyrges and expeuces
      inciirred by the .Creditors previous' to the Banlirupicy, in
       cmjiloying a. Solicitor; also to assent to or dissent from, have made relating to the same premises awd estate. . ,,'t
' the>said Assignees' paying the arj-ettrs of" rent.due from the
      *aid Bankrupt, and to paying : the servantsfl,ndworkmen their
       wages;.>iirifut'» •or-'dtbe'rwisei-as they shall think proper; and            j mission b                     Slid isW
       also to ^assent .tp or 'dissent froin'tlie said .Assignees com- .William Pearson, -William Henr               arson a'n
                                                                                        lown ana .voniny-oi
       mencing, jirusecutin'g'i-' «r- defending 'any' suit or suits in. of the Town and:Coanty'of Mewc^sjtle^fipon-Jlj.uj^^iid ,fthc, '
    - -equity, or any action or actions at law, for the recovering, City of London, Iron' Plate WorkVfSj ChairfrMftnufaciur^rs^
      getting in, defending »r projecting any part of the said Bank- 'Ifon.-Al«ngers,.Dealers and 'Cbalpiiiep, anJ^art'aBj8i'are,,|r}^t',
       rupt's estate artd elftec'ts;' 'tor' l^pj.tbe.compounding, »ubmittin§
       to Arbitration, br";btherivUe 'agre€ii)g",Hny i muiter er thiug
       relating theretb'i'1 -and oil other"specialAffairs. .         e  ,-,*• i
     f B^HEiGreditors wlib-have prored their dtbts under a.Cpm-
       Mj1 mission of .Bahkrupt awarded and issued forth against
     WilliamiCnissJ ofI'JJirm'iu'ghiimi'in- Hie County of .W.arwjck,
     Dealer ^in Hides'^ ;Dcal€f:-and CLapmap^ are .Bequestcil.,.to
     meit'tlie-AssigneesCef t-lie said BahkruiJt's^e'state aqd e^lsf
 ' on the 5th dajiof.Jlinb n«it, at Twelve o'C)ock ^at .N^iip,, at
   ' the Stork TiiKeruj irt.ahl-Square, iir^Birmingliam aforesaid,                     -   -            -                       '.   k   ,   ,   ,   i

     to 'assent to oridi's&eitt^-frbui the said Assignees cpmiuenciiig             iJyai?n either oLtu,en>, or.any pa.'t'-b'r'paris ^
     and?prosecutiug auy^aFfion'or •a*c'tio'ns,.'S1:dit' ptssju'its a^()aw,.or             either .by (public^ auctioh 6V; privafe contract.; ai.d
     in equity, against certain persons who'will 'be named ^at such                        I'-^ •the.said'A'Ssi^nees'itiaW'tWni • p r o p e r ' i t b iu/e.rt
     meeting, lor'the recovery:'-<jf': lutfh'ies and g»oas/!1;lie                                                                                     '
     of the said Bankrupt, impropeily;^pplYed^ pild^br                                                   -thtteofi withou
                  to the _3atd .Couiioi«siwu> aud                                                                           lorutlie">a'id, Ajsi|n'ee»

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