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BY Brian Cook
  March 31,2009
Introductory Paragraph
 My family and I visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina a lot.
When I was five years old my mom and dad took me to the Wright
Brother’s Museum in a town called Kitty Hawk. At the museum you
can see an actual model of the first airplane the Wright Brothers
flew. On the outside of the museum you can walk on the runway
they used when they flew their first plane. This is why I am writing
my report about the Wright Brothers.
Wilbur is the oldest of the two Wright Brothers. He was born in
1867 in Millville, Indiana. Orville was born in Dayton, Ohio in the
year 1871. They were both born on a farm. Their parents names
were Susan and Milton. They had six other brothers and sisters. In
elementary school Orville got into trouble and got expelled once.
When Wilbur was in high school he got hit in the face with a hockey
stick.They both went to high school but did not graduate. Wilbur
dropped out of high school. Both of them did not go to college.
 Wilbur and Orville Wright did a lot of things. When they were
kids they made and sold kites. In 1890, the Wright Brothers had a
printing business called The West Side News. In 1894, they started
their own bike shop called Wright Cycling. They still were thinking
of flying airplanes. They started watching birds and that is how
they got the idea of a glider. The Brothers went to North Carolina
to test fly the glider on a hill in Kitty Hawk. After many more trips
to Kitty Hawk in 1902 they made the perfect glider. One year later,
they put a motor on a glider, they named it the Flyer. The Flyer
was the first successful plane in the world! It made history!
 These are some interesting facts about the Wright Brothers.
Their first glider was used for firewood because it wouldn’t fly high
or far! The only time the brothers flew together was in 1910. They
promised their dad they would never fly together, but got
permission this one time. In 1912, Wilbur died of typhoid fever at
45 years old. In 1948, Orville died of a heart attack. They are
both buried with their parents in Dayton, Ohio.
Concluding Paragraph

  My report was about the life of Wilbur and Orville Wright. I
learned they became famous Ohioans because they lived in Dayton,
Ohio and because they flew the first airplane. They made history!
If you ever go to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina you should visit the
Wright Museum.

Take Me Out to the Airfield by Robert Quackenbush