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									                                                         ModSpace WorkOrder Inspection Checklist
UNIT#: 087771                                                               INSPECTION#: 5651876
DOORS                                                                       WORKORDER
Hinges tight and operational, threshold intact                              No Defects
Deadbolt, Locksets, and keys all functioning                                No Defects
Door closure and chain are intact and functioning                           No Defects
Weather seal and caulking is intact                                         No Defects
Drip edge over opening is intact                                            No Defects
Door trim is intact                                                         No Defects
Door Security Bar                                                           N/A
WINDOWS                                                                     WORKORDER
Windows caulked to prevent water flow                                       No Defects
Windows are operable, screens free of rips/tears                            No Defects
Window sills show no signs of rot                                           No Defects
Checked Windows with moisture probe                                         No Defects
Window pane is not broken or cracked                                        No Defects
PLUMBING                                                                    WORKORDER
Water Heater, Toilets, Sinks all secure/operable                            N/A
ELECTRICAL                                                                  WORKORDER
Switches, outlets, breakers, lights all functional                          No Defects
Cover panel is on "J" box                                                   No Defects
No bare or exposed wires                                                    No Defects
ROOF                                                                        WORKORDER
Roof inspected, no damage or signs of leaks                                 No Defects
Roof material extends over the side where applicable                        No Defects
J rail in place                                                             No Defects
HVAC                                                                        WORKORDER
Filters clean                                                               Dirty
Grills, Ducting, Vents, Returns, Coils clean                                No Defects
Thermostat tested and in working order                                      No Defects
HVAC, Baseboard heaters all tested and working                              No Defects
RUNNING GEAR                                                                WORKORDER
Tires in good condition - no flats/Lug nuts tight                           No Defects
Brakes/Lines are operational and checked to be working                      No Defects
EXTERIOR                                                                    WORKORDER
Siding is not rotted / damaged / warped                                     No Defects
Mansard and trim is secure and sealed                                       No Defects
Belly board intact, no sagging or water accumulation                        Broken
Window Bars/Security Screens                                                N/A
Steps                                                                       N/A
Ramps                                                                       N/A
Decals                                                                      No Defects
INTERIOR                                                                    WORKORDER
No noticeable leaks or soft spots                                           No Defects
Wall covering secure, no stains or discolor                                 No Defects
Walls inspected on a 4' x 4' grid with moisture probe                       No Defects
Floor Tile clean, no broken/warped tiles                                    Dirty
Ceiling tile/T-grid intact and in No Defects condition                      No Defects
Carpet clean, no tears/rips                                                 N/A
No odors or visible growth                                                  No Defects
Built-in Desk w/file cabinet                                                Dirty
Built-in Plan Table                                                         No Defects
Built-in Overhead Shelves                                                   N/A
INSPECTED BY: James Wendell
INSPECTION COMMENTS: Tape marks on interior paneling , belly board ripped

                                                 Repair List
Item   Qty                         Description                Charge      Charge    EST Parts      EST Labor      Rebilled
                                                               Type         To
 1     1     CLEANING STANDARD CLEAN                  Fleet            PITTSBURGH          15.00          50.00              No

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