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									        City of Bakersfield               Minimum Requirements                               Reserve Officer
    Police Department                                                                      Appointment Process
                                          -   Age – Applicants must be 21 years
      Reserve Unit                            of age.
                                          -   Education – Applicants must               Written Examination (Pass/Fail) – This
                                              possess a high school diploma or          exam measures reading comprehension
The Bakersfield Police Reserve Unit
                                              GED equivalency and must possess          skills, spelling, grammar, punctuation,
was created in 1940 during WWII to
                                              a POST (California Peace Officer          reasoning ability, observation, and
assist local Police in case of attack.
                                              Standards and Training) certificate       memory of candidates.
The commitment later grew into
                                              for level I, II, or III, Reserve Police
assisting the department to fulfill its
                                              academy certificate, or a basic           Physical        Agility      Examination
mission to serve and protect the
                                              POST academy certificate.                 (Pass/Fail) – This exam is designed to
citizens of Bakersfield.
                                          -   License – Applicants must possess         measure       job      related   physical
                                              a valid California Drivers License;       characteristics of strength, agility and
The Bakersfield Police Department         -   Vision – Visual acuity in each eye        stamina as required of a Reserve Police
Reserve Unit is a professional Police         must be not less than 20/50 vision        Officer.
organization which recruits qualified         without correction, or not less than
persons for Reserve Police Officer.           20/100 vision if the applicant wears
Recruitment is done at various times                                                    Oral Appraisal Interview (Weighted
                                              soft contact lenses which correct         100%) – Appraisal will be made of the
throughout the year.                          vision to 20/20. An applicant must        applicant’ s    personal          qualifications,
                                              have normal color vision, and shall       education/training, and experience. A
There are many opportunities available
                                              not have any permanent or                 minimum rating of 70% is required to
to Reserve Officers within the
                                              progressive eye abnormalities;            qualify for the eligibility list.
Department:                               -   Physical Condition – Applicants
                                              must be in good physical condition,       Background Investigation (Pass/Fail)
   Providing Back-up to Patrol Officers
                                              with weight in proportion to his/her      – Prior to appointment, applicants must
   Foot and Bicycle Patrol
                                              height.                                   successfully complete an investigation of
   DUI Checkpoints
   Vice/S.E.U. Operations                                                               their personal history and background to
                                          Immigration Reform and Control Act            determine their suitability for the position.
   Neighborhood Watch Programs
                                          of 1986 makes it illegal for an employer      Any evidence of falsification of facts may
   Sporting Events
                                          to hire unauthorized aliens.            All   be cause for disqualification, or
   Annual S.W.A.T. Championships
                                          individuals hired for appointment to the      discharge from appointment. All new
   D.A.R.E. and P.A.L. Functions
                                          position of Police officer must be U.S.       reserve officers will be fingerprinted.
   National Night Out
                                          citizens.     In conformance with this
                                          legislation, verification of the selected     Psychological / Medical Examinations
Enclosed is information regarding the                 s
                                          candidate’ identity and employment            – Applicants receiving a conditional offer
                                          authorization will be required at the time    of appointment must successfully pass a
position of Reserve Police Officer.
                                          the employment offer is made.                 psychological written and oral exam, and
                                                                                        a complete medical exam which will
                                                                                        include a drug screening.
     City of Bakersfield
Incorporated on January 11, 1898, the
city of Bakersfield is an emerging urban
center encompassing approximately 118
square miles at the southern end of the
San Joaquin Valley.        Bakersfield is
growing at a rate of four percent per year
with a current population of over
280,000, and approximately 410,000 in
the greater metropolitan area.

Bakersfield has a variety of sporting
events for both spectator and participant;
historical sites and cultural opportunities
are available.

Bakersfield is 113 miles north of Los
Angeles and 291 miles south of San
Francisco. There is a fine school system,
including 14 high schools, one junior               P.O.S.T. Reserve
college and one State University.
Reasonably      priced    housing      is
available throughout the City. The City                            s
                                              Kern County Sheriff’ Department
of Bakersfield offers an excellent place      Training Division
to live and work.                             1350 Norris Rd. Bakersfield Ca. 93308
                                              661-391-7744 / 661-391-7776
How to Apply – If you are a POST
certified applicant contact the BPD           Porterville College
Reserve Division at 661-326-3885 and          100 E College Ave Porterville Ca.
you will be placed on an interest list.       93257 / 559-791-2368
You will be notified of the next              Bill Henry
scheduled testing cycle. Applications         e-mail: bhenry@portervillecollege.edu     1601 Truxtun Avenue
are accepted and evaluated without                                                     Bakersfield, California
regard to applicant’ race religious or        College of the Sequoia
political affiliation, national origin,       915 So. Mooney Blvd. Room 737
gender or disability.                         Visalia Ca. 93277 / 559-730-3752            (661) 326-3885
                                              Gary C. Kuncl                           www.bakersfieldcity.us

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