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					                               1001 QUESTIONS FOR LAST MOMENT PREPARATION
1.    External credit rating agencies as approved by the RBI: Ans. CRISIL,            33. CIB guidelines about lockers: Ans. Engraving of Banks’ Name & Branch
      ICRA, CARE and FITCH India.                                                         Code on Locker Keys
2.    What is full form of CRISIL: Ans. Credit Rating Information Services of         34. Star series notes: Ans. In Denomination of Rs. 10, 20, 50
      India Limited                                                                   35. Changes regarding Mortgage of IP: Ans. It can be done at places located
3.    Approach has been adopted by PNB for Credit Risk: Ans. Standardized                 in Cantonment Area also at specified places.
      Approach w.e.f. 31.3.08.                                                        36. Post Audit of Term Loans: Ans. – Rs. 1.00 crore and above within one
4.    Risk weight on Regulatory Retail Portfolio: Ans. 75%                                month of disbursement.
5.    Advances have been covered under Thrust Area of Retail segment for              37. Reporting of Frauds in Public Sector Banks in cases of Rs. 1.00 crore and
      2009-10: Ans. Housing Loans, Education Loans, Auto Loans, Loans to                  above upto Rs. 5.00 crore with staff involvement: Ans. CBI (Anti
      Pensioners, Reverse Mortgage Loan Scheme, Loans to Traders                          Corruption Branch)
6.    Retail exposure means: Ans. Maximum aggregated retail exposure to               38. Reporting of Frauds in Public Sector Banks in all cases of Rs. 5.00 crore
      one counterpart should not exceed the threshold limit of Rs.5 crore.                and above: Ans. Banking Security and Fraud Cell which is specialised cell
7.    What is meant by Productive Sector: Ans. Agriculture, export credit,                of the Economic Offences Wing of the CBI.
      SME, Infrastructure, Service sector                                             39. QAB In Saving Bank Accounts of Senior Citizens: Ans. Nil
8.    Benchmark PLR (BPLR) of PNB: Ans. 11.00% w.e.f. 01.05.2009.                     40. Instant Credit for small USD Cheques: Ans. up to USD 500.
9.    The terms Credit Exposures includes: Ans. Funded and non-funded credit          41. Premium CA customers: Ans. Quarterly average balance of Rs 1 Lac and
      limits                                                                              above in the previous quarter.
10.   Single Borrower Exposure limit in case of Oil companies (for 2009-10):          42. Premium SF customers: Ans. Quarterly average balance of Rs 50000/-
      Ans. 25% of the capital funds of the bank.                                          and above in the previous quarter.
11.   What is meant by substantial exposure: Ans. Single borrowers enjoying           43. PNB Prudent Sweep Scheme: Ans. 7 days to 179 days
      credit facilities in excess of a threshold limit of 10% of capital funds of a   44. Sanction of Term Loan in PNB Baghban: Ans. Rs. 15.00 lac for Medical
      Bank                                                                                facilities only.
12.   Unsecured Exposure Ceiling: Ans. Not exceeding 25% of the total                 45. Rate of Interest on PNB Baghban: Ans. 10.5% w.e.f. 1st May 2009.
      outstanding advances.                                                           46. Risk Weight on Education loan: Ans. 75%
13.   Advances to individuals against security of shares and debentures: Ans.         47. Outstation Cheque Collection Charges: Ans. Rs. 50 for instrument upto
      Rs. 10 lakh against physical shares and Rs.20 lakh against dematerialised           Rs. 10000, Rs. 100 for instrument above Rs. 10000 to Rs. 1.00 lac and Rs.
      shares.                                                                             150 for instrument above Rs. 1.00 lac
14.   Credit Scoring Models in retail segment: Ans. PNB Score.                        48. Collateral in Education loan: Ans. In loan amount of Rs.7.51 lac and
15.   Valuation when the property is Rs.50 crore & above: Ans. done from two              above
      valuers on the Bank’s approved panel.                                           49. Personal Loan Scheme for Public: Ans. Minimum Rs. 50,000/ and
16.   Working capital assessment under Nayak Committee: Ans. WC                           maximum Rs. 5.00 lac
      requirements of Rs. 5.00 crore for SME and Rs. 2.00 crore for Traders.          50. PNB Special Housing Loan Scheme For New Accounts Under Fixed
17.   Cash Budget System for MPBF is followed in: Ans. Sugar, Tea, Service                Option: Ans. Limit raised to Rs. 50.00 lac
      Sector, construction activity, Film Production.                                 51. A bank can sell NPA only after: Ans. The account has remained NPA for
18.   Ceiling on Term Loans as per ALM: Ans. Term loans repayable above 5                 24 months.
      years shall not exceed 50% of the term deposits with remaining maturity         52. The purchasing bank/FI can further sell NPA: Ans. After 15 months of the
      period of above 5 years.                                                            purchase.
19.   Vetting of Loan Documents: Ans. Rs. 2 crore & above                             53. Personal Loan Scheme For Pensioners: Ans. Quantum of Finance
20.   Cut off limit for submission of Legal Compliance Certificate: Ans. Rs.10            increased from Rs.1 lac to Rs.1.5 lac.
      lakh & above                                                                    54. Financing Rickshaw Pullers: Ans. TL to the extent of 8500/- to 12000/-.
21.   Preventive Monitoring System (PMS) is applicable on: Ans. Sanctioned            55. Overseas Corporate Bodies: Ans. OCBs are entities established outside
      limits (FB plus NFB) above Rs. 1 crore.                                             India and predominantly owned by NRIs (at least 60% of the paid up
22.   Name of PMS package: Ans. PNB Rakshak.                                              capital).
23.   Stock Audit is done in: Ans. Fund Based working capital limits of Rs.5          56. Advance remittance without bank guarantee for import of goods: Ans.
      crore and above                                                                     USD 5 million
24.   Monitoring of Weak/Irregular Accounts by Head Office: Ans. Above Rs.10          57. Advance remittance for import of services: Ans. USD 500,000
      lac on monthly basis.                                                           58. Limit for direct receipt of import bills: Ans. USD 300,000.
25.   Corporate Debt Restructuring is applicable on: Ans. Accounts with               59. Foreign Direct investments in Nationalised Banks: Ans. 20 per cent of
      exposure of more than Rs. 10 crore from more than one banks                         paid-up capital.
26.   Validity period of Credit Risk Rating: Ans. 12 months from the month of         60. Foreign Direct investments in SSI units: Ans. 24 per cent of paid-up
      confirmation of rating or 18 months from the date of balance sheet,                 capital.
      which ever is earlier.                                                          61. Realisation of Export Proceeds: Ans. 12 months
27.   Updating of Customer Identification Data for Low Risk Customers: Ans.           62. Foreign Currency bill is to be removed from currency position: Ans. After
      once in 5 years                                                                     30 days of expiry of NTP in case of demand bills and after 30 days of due
28.   Updating of Customer Identification Data for Medium & High Risk                     date in case of usance bills
      Customers: Ans. once in 2 years                                                 63. Exchange Control Declaration (GR) Form: Ans. For Exports to all countries
29.   Mobile Banking limit for fund transfer: Ans. Rs. 5000 funds transfer and            made otherwise than by post.
      Rs. 5000 for purchase of goods/services.                                        65. PP Form: Ans. Exports to all countries by parcel post
30.   May I Help You Counter: Ans. Staff strength of 10 or more.                      66. Form A-1: Ans. For Imports exceeding USD 500 or its equivalent
31.   PAN No. Quoting: Ans. For FD above Rs.50000 and for cash deposit Rs.            67. Form A-2: Ans. In respect of remittance applications for miscellaneous
      50000 or more                                                                       non-trade current account transactions of value not exceeding USD
32.   Maximum compensation of fraud due to hacking/phishing through                       5,000
      netbanking: Ans. Rs. 5000/- only.
68. Import of Forex into India- Submission of CDF form: Ans. where the             107. Revenue expenditure: Ans. These are expenses incurred for the normal
     aggregate value of the foreign exchange in the form of currency notes,             running of the Govt. departments, interest charges on debt and
     bank notes or travelers cheques exceeds USD 10,000 or value of                     subsidies.
     Currency Notes exceeds USD 5,000                                              108. Capital expenditure: Ans. It is the expenditure incurred on acquisition of
69. Types of R-Returns: Ans. Two types i.e. R-Return (NOSTRO) and R-Return              assets and investments, loans and advances to State Govts.
     (VOSTRO).                                                                     109. Capital budget: Ans. It consists of capital receipts and payments and also
70. R-Returns should be submitted: Ans. Twice a month as at the close of                incorporates transactions in the Public Account.
     business on 15th and the last day of the month to reach RBI within 7          110. Plan expenditure: Ans. It is the outlay on schemes and programmes
     calendar days from the close of period.                                            formulated by various Ministries under the 5-year plan.
71. Remittances from NRO accounts: Ans. Not exceeding USD 1 million per            111. Non-plan expenditure: Ans. It is the expenditure outside that incurred in
     financial year                                                                     keeping with the programmes formulated under the 5-year plan.
72. PNB Global Credit Card: Ans. Minimum Income Rs. 80000, Maximum Rs.             112. Revenue deficit: Ans. It is the excess of Govt. revenue expenditure over
     2.00 lac for salaried and Rs. 1.40 lac for businessmen                             revenue receipts.
73. Credit Guarantee Fund for SME: Ans. One time guarantee fee of 1.5% of          113. Budgetary deficit: Ans. It is excess of total expenditure (capital and
     the credit facility sanctioned, Annual Service fee of 0.75% of credit              revenue) over total receipts, bridged through borrowings from the
     facility sanctioned.                                                               market and RBI.
74. Appeal against the order of DRT: Ans. Can be filed in DRAT within 45           114. Fiscal deficit: Ans. It is excess of total expenditure over revenue receipts
     days from the date of receipt of order of DRT.                                     and capital receipts after excluding borrowing
75. GDP growth for 2009-10 placed at: Ans. 6.0 per cent.                           115. Gross Domestic Product: Ans. Money value of final goods of services
76. WPI inflation projected at around: Ans. 4.0 per cent by end-March 2010              produced during a year within domestic territory of a country.
77. Money supply (M3) growth for 2009-10 is placed at: Ans. 17.0 per cent.         116. Net Domestic Product: Ans. GDP - Depreciation
78. Deposit Growth projected for 2009-10: Ans. 18.0 per cent.                      117. Gross National Product: Ans. GDP + net factor income from abroad
79. Bank Rate: Ans. Retained at 6.0 per cent.                                      118. Net National Product: Ans. GNP - Depreciation
80. Repo rate: Ans. Reduced by 25 basis points from 5.0 per cent to: Ans.          119. National Income: Ans. Net national product at factor cost, which include
     4.75 per cent                                                                      total of net domestic product at factor cost plus net factor income from
81. Reverse Repo Rate: Ans. Reduced by 25 basis points from 3.5 per cent to             abroad.
     3.25 per cent..                                                               120. NNP at factor cost: Ans. NNP at market price (-) indirect taxes (+)
82. CRR retained at: Ans. 5.0 per cent of NDTL.                                         subsidies
83. Loan against NRE and FCNR (B) deposits: Ans. Limit enhanced from Rs.20         121. Per capital income: Ans. National income / population
     lakh to Rs.1 crore                                                            122. The upgraded LADDER system is called as: Ans. Cris-Mac
84. Service charges levied for transfer of funds under outward RTGS                123. Gilt edged securities refers to : Ans. Govt. Securities.
     transactions: Ans. Rs.25 for transactions of Rs.1 lakh and up to Rs.5 lakh,   124. Increasing CRR by RBI leads to : Ans. Squeeze in liquidity.
     and Rs.50 for transactions of Rs.5 lakh and above.                            125. Market Captialisation means: Ans. Number of shares issued by a
85. Service charges for NEFT transactions: Ans. Rs.5 for transfer of funds up           company multiplied by current market price of the share.
     to Rs.1 lakh and Rs.25 for transactions of Rs.1 lakh and above.               126. Unqualified Report means :         Ans. an Audit Report which contains no
86. The provisioning requirements for all types of standard assets: Ans. 0.40           "Clauses".
     per cent except agricultural and SME sectors with 0.25 per cent               127. "Dividend Stripping" means: Ans. Purchase or Sale of shares by the
87. Risk weights on banks’ exposures to all unrated claims on corporates:               individuals or company prior or subsequent to declaration of dividends.
     Ans. 100 per cent                                                             128. Higher Foreign Exchange Reserves are associated with the risk of: Ans.
88. The ceiling rate on export credit in foreign currency was raised from:              Fluctuation in exchange rates.
     Ans. LIBOR + 100 basis points to LIBOR + 350 basis points.                    129. Collateralised Borrowing and Lending Obligation (CBLO) is a:
89. The period of entitlement of the first slab of post-shipment rupee export           Ans. Money Market Instrument.
     credit extended: Ans. From 90 days to 180 days.                               130. Overhead expenses for Banking Sector compared to Manufacturing
90. Changes in the concept of Priority Sector: Ans. Loans granted by banks to           Sector is : Ans. Low.
     HFCs for on-lending for housing up to Rs.20 lakh per dwelling unit            131. Islamic Banking means :         Ans. banking according to the Principles of
91. Penal Interest to Large Units for delayed payment to SME sector: Ans.               Shariat
     Three times Bank rate presently 18%.                                          132. G8 Countries consist mainly of: Ans. Developed nations.
92. Age limit for Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme                 133. Which State took the initiatives for consolidation of Co-operative banks :
     (PMEGP): Ans. 18 years and above.                                                  Ans. Maharashtra
93. Eligibility under PMEGP: Ans. Projects costing upto Rs.10.00 lacs              134. Expand VAT: Ans. Value Added Tax
     (maximum) under business/service sector and Rs.25.00 lacs (maximum)           135. Minimum period for which a Commercial Paper can be issued is:          Ans.
     under manufacturing sector.                                                        7 days
94. Right to Information Act 2005 came to effect w.e.f: Ans. 15.06.05              136. Monetary Museum of India established by RBI is located at:             Ans.
95. JLG group may have: Ans. 4-10 members.                                              Mumbai
96. Limit for Produce (Marketing) Loan Scheme: Ans. Maximum loan upto              137. The country which has banned sale of Tobacco is: Ans. Bhutan
     Rs.10 lakh                                                                    138. Expand SACP: Ans. Special Agriculture Credit Plan .
97. Cherry Picking means: Ans. Investment in Mutual Funds                          139. Expand OSU: Ans. Off Shore Unit
98. Dividend Stripping: Ans. Purchase of shares before declaration of              140. Maximum Forex permissible to a Resident Indian going abroad as tourist:
     dividend and sale after declaring dividend                                         Ans. US $ 10,000 per financial year.
99. Fiscal Deficit: Ans. Capital expenditure minus capital receipts                141. Banks are required to preserve records as per provisions of : Ans. Sec
100. Philips Curve relates to: Ans. Poverty and Unemployment                            45Y, Banking Regulations Act
101. Inequality in income & wealth is shown by: Ans. Lorenz Curve                  142. KYC norms were implemented to: Ans. Prevent Money Laundering.
102. Gresham's Law in Economics: Ans. Bad Money drives out good money              143. A unique example of Co-op bank converting to a private commercial
103. Balance of Trade refers to: Ans. net of value of exports and value of              bank: Ans. Development Credit Bank
     imports (merchandise account).                                                144. Licence for starting a new Commercial bank is given by: Ans. RBI
104. Mezzanine Financing: Ans. A hybrid of debt and equity financing.              145. RBI rediscounts bills of the banks at : Ans. Bank Rate
105. Revenue receipts: Ans. Receipts by way of direct and indirect taxes,          146. Which charge does not require registration in case of limited companies:
     interest, dividends and profits from investments, fees and other receipts          Ans. Pledge
     from services rendered by the Govt. .                                         147. Irrevocable LC denotes that:        Ans. Terms and condition of LC cannot
106. Capital receipts: Ans. Receipts by way of loans raised from the market,            be changed without consent of beneficiary.
     borrowing from RBI, external assistance from foreign Govts, recoveries        148. Chairperson of Committee on Corporate Governance in Banks:             Ans.
     of loans and advances.                                                             A.S. Ganguly
149. Committee associated with funding of Tea industry :      Ans. Madhukar       190. Public holidays are excluded for determining time for presentation or
     Committee.                                                                        acceptance for payment under:             Ans. Section 105 of Negotiable
150. Which committee is associated with Rural Credit System :         Ans. V S         Instruments Act 1881.
     Vyas Committee                                                               191. Sec. 45Z of Banking Regulation Act 1949 deals with:         Ans. Return of
151. Montreal Protocol relates to : Ans. Protection of Ozone Layer                     paid instruments to account holders.
152. Import Licence are issued for : Ans. CIF value                               192. Can Bank exercise right of Set-off in respect of contingent liabilities:
153. The cases referred to Lok Adalats formed by DRT is for :     Ans. above           Ans. No
     Rs. 20 lac.                                                                  193. US $ rate is increased from Rs. 47 to Rs. 49. It will benefit the:      Ans.
154. NK Singh Committee is associated :         Ans. Foreign direct investment         Exporters and will lead to increase in exports.
     (FDI)                                                                        194. Bearer demand draft cannot be issued as per under Section __ RBI Act:
155. NIXI :         Ans. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has              Ans. Sec 31 of RBI Act
     recommended the                                                              195. If a Sole Trustee dies, the Trust will be managed by :          Ans. Court
156. establishment of Internet exchanges : Ans. National lnternet Exchange             appointed Trustee
     of India                                                                     196. Section 22 of the NI Act provides for a grace period 3 days to be added
157. ____ has become the First Public Sector Bank to raise Equity Capital              for arriving at the due date for a: Ans. Usance bill.
     through Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP): Ans. Bank of India          197. Equitable Mortgage was created by deposit of title deeds on 1.6.2008.
158. According to the Global Information Technology Report 2007-08, __ is              Subsequently Registered Mortgage was executed on 2.6.2008 on same
     the Most Networked Economy in the World: Ans. Denmark                             property. Which Mortgage will have priority:              Ans.     Equitable
159. Supreme Court upheld the Law enacted by the Union Government                      Mortgage
     providing ___ % quota for other backward classes in Central educational      198. Mulberry loan is related to: Ans. Sericulture.
     institution such as IIT/ IIM from Academic year 2008-09: Ans. 27%.           199. Pre-paid expenses in the shape of insurance premium are classified in
160. Postal Index Number (PIN) will be changed from: Ans. 6 to 8 digits, to            the Balance Sheet as: Ans. Current asset
     ensure speedier delivery of post.                                            200. The Borrowing of the Board of Directors of the Public Ltd Company
161. ____ is ranked as the World's Most Powerful Brand for the second                  should not exceed: Ans. Paid·up capital and free reserves.
     straight year: Ans. Google                                                   201. Working Capital assessment for SSI units sanctioned Working Capital
162. The US has placed India and 8 other countries on its 'Priority Watch List'        limit upto Rs 5 crore is as per : Ans. Nayak committee.
     for this year for falling to protect __ :    Ans. The Copyrights, Patents    202. State-sponsored Corporation granted loan for on-lending to Weaker
     and Trade Marks of American Producers from Piracy .                               Section is covered by the bank under:            Ans. Indirect advance to
163. In a bid to enhance the insurance cover for exporters, the Govt. has              agriculture.
     decided to pump in Rs. 100 Crore in _ by way of increasing its Equity:       203. Hypothecation has been defined in:           Ans. Section 2 (n) of SARFAESI
     Ans. ECGC.                                                                        Act.
164. Per Capita Income of Indian is estimated at _ at current prices for 2007-    204. In a cheque drawn by the drawer, the name of payee is written in English
     08 as against Rs 16,668 In 2000-01: Ans. Rs. 33,299.                              and the other parts, in vernacular language:       Ans. The cheque will be
165. ___ has the Largest Petroleum Reserves (almost 1/4th of the World's               paid if otherwise in order.
     proven total petroleum reserves) in the World: Ans. Saudi Arabia.            205. Guarantor stepping into the shoes of creditor on discharging the liability
166. China is getting the better of India in Carbon Credits Trading. While the         of the principal borrower: Ans. Right of Subrogation.
     biggest projects in China produces an estimated 11 million Certified         206. In Sec 148 of Indian Contract Act, Bailment refers to: Ans. Delivery of
     Emission Reduction a year, Biggest Prolect in India produces only _:              goods from one person to another person for some purpose and when
     Ans. 4 million a year.                                                            the purpose will be over, goods will be returned or disposed-off as per
167. Loss making banks can make donations totaling Rs ___ lakhs only in a              the direction of the deliverer, i.e. bailor.
     financial year : Ans. Rs.5lac                                                207. Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines:             Ans. Prevent banks from
168. Is Wheat a commercial crop : Ans. No                                              being used unwittingly used by criminal elements for transfer of illegal
169. Largest trading partner country of India : Ans. USA                               funds/ money laundering activities.
170. Maximum cotton yielding country : Ans. India                                 208. Preferential payment to depositors in respect of winding up of a Banking
171. Maximum coffee yield :          Ans. Brazil                                       Company is provided:        Ans. under section 43 A of Banking Regulation
172. Raksha Kawach : Ans. Railway Security                                             Act 1949.
173. Dronacharya award relates to : Ans. Award to Sports Coach                    209. If Operating Cycle is longer:      Ans. This implies that higher amount of
174. Which currency is the costliest in term of Indian Rupee:     Ans. Pound           working capital will be required.
     Sterling                                                                     210. Clayton's Rule applies to: Ans. appropriation of payments.
175. The revised definition of sick SSI unit has been given by :    Ans. Kohli    211. Vostro account means : Ans. Foreign Bank's A/c with us.
     Committee                                                                    212. RFC ale can be opened by: Ans. home returned NRls.
176. Which unit of valuation is known as 'Paper Gold' : Ans. SDR.                 213. Guarantees covering series of transactions :             Ans. Continuing
177. Emission standard given by : Ans. Mashelkar Panel.                                Guarantees.
178. Dialysis is related to: Ans. Kidney patients                                 214. Buyer takes possession of goods and enjoys as Sole Owner of goods
179. Cholesterol is related to: Ans. Heart problems.                                   although price of goods not fully paid : Ans. Hire Purchase.
180. 10th Dec. is observed as: Ans. Human Rights Day.                             215. As per Sec. 26 NI Act, Minor may draw, endorse, deliver, Negotiable
181. Which RBI Committee is studying Lenders liability:         Ans. Dr. N. L.         Instrument so as to bind all parties except himself : Ans. True.
     Mitra.                                                                       216. Mr. A, a current A/c holder executed a power of attorney in favour of
182. Which gas is emitted by motor vehicle: Ans. Carbon mono oxide.                    Mr. B to operate Current Deposit A/c. Mr. A's death notice is served on
183. Name of Special animal protection group:          Ans. PETA (People for           the Banker. A cheque duly signed by Mr. B. is received for payment the
     Ethical Treatment of Animals).                                                    Bank has to: Ans. Dishonour the Cheque.
184. Handloom' is considered as second largest economic activity after:           217. Mr B opened an account on 12.04.09, got issued cheque book on
     Ans. Agriculture in India.                                                        17.04.09. A cheque dated 10.04.09 is presented for payment, what will
185. Documents under LC should be dealt with by the negotiating I issuing              be the fate of the cheque: Ans. The Cheque will be paid if otherwise in
     bank within a time period of not exceeding ___ banking days excluding             order.
     the date of receipt of documents : Ans. 5 banking days                       218. Contract of Insurance is an : Ans. indemnity contract.
186. If the due date of CDs falls on a holiday it should be paid on :     Ans.    219. Bailment is defined in : Ans. Indian Contract Act Sec. 148.
     preceding working day.                                                       220. Cheque may be crossed by drawer, holder, banker : Ans. All (Sec. 125)
187. ____ refers to purchase of book debts I receivables without recourse to      221. Mortgage by Deposit of title of deeds is :       Ans. Equitable Mortgage·
     the sellers: Ans. Factoring                                                       (Transfer of Property Act, Sec. 58F).
188. Maximum housing loans which would be treated as priority sector              222. Mortgage is defined : Ans. Transfer of Property Act Sec. 58(F)
     advance is: Ans. Rs. 20 lacs.                                                223. Minor can be appointed as an Agent :           Ans. Principal is responsibIe
189. Green back currency refers to: Ans. US $.                                         (Sec. 184 of Contract Act).
224. A/c Payee crossing is not recognised by an act:        Ans. Outcome of      269. The Uniform Custom & Practices for Documentary Credits (UCP 600) has
     custom and usuage.                                                               _ as the total number of Articles: Ans. 39
225. Cheque validfiy period has now statutory sanction as per:      Ans. Sec;    270. Agency commission rat~ for governments business receipts is at the rate
     138 of NI Act                                                                    of_ per transaction: Ans. Rs. 45
226. Writing name of bank on face of Cheque with or without two parallel         271. Which sector has become the world's biggest source of employment:
     lines Ans. Special Crossing. .                                                   Ans. Services
227. A/C payee crossing is direction to: Ans. Collecting banker.                 272. Foreign Banks in India and Indian banks having presence outside India
228. In CC a/c Garnishee Order applies to: Ans. Credit Balance in CC                  are to comply with Basel II norms w.e.f.:       Ans. 31st March, 2008
229. Unclaimed Deposit· 10 years and above : Ans. RBI (Sec. 26 of Banking        273. In the total food grain output of India, what is the share of Kharif Crops:
     Regulation Act)                                                                  Ans. 50%
230. Material alteration: Ans. Requires drawers authentication.                  274. The Grameen Bank Model of micro-finance institution was developed
231. Possession & ownership with borrower : Ans. Hypothecation                        originally by: Ans. Bangladesh
232. Safe Custody is covered under which act : Ans. Indian Contract Act          275. Interest on Cash Reserve Ratio eligible balance is paid by RBI on __ basis:
233. Safe Deposit Locker relationship with banker is : Ans. Lessor· Lessee.           Ans. No interest is paid
234. Debt Equity Ratio : Ans. Type of Solvency Ratio                             276. Banks are required to maintain minimum of __ of their CRR requirement
235. Break even paint means : Ans. No profit no loss.                                 on a daily basis: Ans. 70%
236. Target of agriculture finance : Ans. 18% of ANBC or Credit balance of       277. Stamp duty payable on a Promissory Note is governed by :               Ans.
     off Balance sheet items, whichever is higher.                                    Indian Stamps Act
237. Current ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities.                       278. Banks can raise up to __ of the total Tier-I capital in the form of
238. Under RTI Act, the person seeking information should have qualifying             perpetual debt:      Ans. 15%
     eligibility of: Ans. Indian Citizenship .                                   279. The rate of commission paid by government for pension payment is :
239. Minimum and maximum maturity period of a Commercial Paper: Ans.                  Ans. . Rs. 60 per transaction
     7 days and 1 year.                                                          280. 'Customer' has been defined in : Ans. KYC Guidelines
240. New name of the Ministry of NRI Affairs :       Ans. Ministry of Overseas   281. What is the cut-off point for reforming fraud cases to CBI : Ans. Rs. 1
     Indian Affairs.                                                                  crore
241. Most popular bench mark rate for Indian money market for one day call       282. RTGS will minimize __ risk: Ans. Settlement risk
     rates is: Ans. MIBOR                                                        283. What are the Indian Depository Receipts:      Ans. Financial Instruments
242. What is the Cash Reserve Ratio that the Overseas Banking units have to           that allow foreign companies to mobilize funds from Indian markets
     maintain while opening the branch in SEZs: Ans. No requirement              284. Which act gives legal guarantee of 100 days employment in rural areas to
243. The country that revalued its currency against the US dollar is:     Ans.        1 person in every household:           Ans. National Rural Employment
     China revaluated Yuan against US dollar.                                         Guarantee Act (NREGA)
244. What is the maximum amount for which the CGTMSE guarantee cover· is         285. Service tax has to be remitted to the Govt. A/c by :      Ans. 5th of the
     available: Ans. Fund & Non Fund based Rs. 1 cr.                                  succeeding month
245. Who has formulated the 'Swaran Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana: Ans.          286. The risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed intemal processes,
     Ministry of Rural Development                                                    people and systems or from external events is : Ans. Operational risk
246. Which bank has started 'Abhay' credit counselling centres in association    287. Which committee had recommended formation of Banking Standards
     with NGO: Ans. Bank of India.                                                    and Codes Board to prescribe guidelines in the banking sector for
247. Concept of Priority Sector came in the year __ : Ans. 1972                       improving customer service: Ans. S.S. Tarapore Committee
248. What is the minimum and maximum number of persons that can form             288. Which state stands first in promoting SHG movement:          Ans. Andhra
     JLG for tenant farmers: Ans. 4 to 10 .                                           Pradesh
249. What is the name of in-built device in a computer where data is stored:     289. ICRA, the rating company has become an associate of : Ans. Moody's
     Ans. Hard Disc                                                                   Investor Service
250. What is the target of correspondence in Hindi from Region C to Region       290. Under what provisions Lok Adalats are set up:         Ans. Legal Services
     C: Ans. 55% of total letter sent                                                 Authority Act, 1987
251. What is Corporate Governance: Ans. Management of an organisation            291. What is MCA-21 :       Ans. It is the e-governance project of Ministry of
     to enhance value for all stakeholders .                                          Corporate affairs
252. Commission of Govt. business other than Pension:        Ans. 9 paisa per    292. The new name of UTI Bank is : Ans. Axis Bank
     Rs. 100 turnover.                                                           293. BPO & KPO stand for :            Ans. Business Process Outsourcing &
253. Expand HTML: Ans. HyperText Marttup Language                                     Knowledge Process Outsourcing
254. Number of alphabets in a PAN Card:         Ans. Total 10, out of which 6    294. International Bank for Dev. & Reconstruction is also known as :        Ans.
     alphabets and 4 Numerals.                                                        World Bank
255. Oldest and largest foreign bank in India:        Ans. Standard Chartered    295. WWW refers to : Ans. World Wide Web
     Bank                                                                        296. The book 'A View from the Outside- Why good Economics works for
256. What is Internet: Ans. Network for Networks                                      every one' is written by : Ans. P.Chidambaram
257. Information Technology Act came in to effect from : Ans. 1.6.2000           297. Ministry of Labour has banned children less than 14 yrs from working as
258. 'Buy now Pay later' is related to: Ans. Credit Card                              domestic help: Ans. With effect from 10th October 2006.
259. Maximum dividend payout ratio for a bank is: Ans. 40%                       298. ICRA,CRISIL,CARE,FITCH India are names of : Ans. RBI approved rating
260. What enables computers to interact with other network through                    agencies In India
     telephone lines: Ans. Modem                                                 299. A Common Goods & Services tax is expected to be implemented from:
261. Extent of Investment fluctuation reserve for banks Minimum 5% of                 Ans. April 2010
     securities classified as held for: Ans. Trading and Available for Sale.     300. 'Pure Banking, Nothing Else' is the signing off statement of _ :       Ans.
262. Smallest part of computer memory is: Ans. Bit .                                  State Bank of India
263. A branch is considered as rural branch if it is located as a place with     301. Finacle, the popular Banking software is a product of : Ans. INFOSYS
     population below: Ans. 10,000. (RBI definition), however for PMEGP it       302. 'Metropolitan' group includes all banked centres with population of and
     is 20000                                                                         above: Ans. 10,00,000
264. Converting physical shares to electronic from is called:             Ans.   303. RBI has allowed NBFCs registered with RBI to issue co-branded credit
     Dematerialization                                                                cards with banks, without risk sharing, with prior RBI approval, for an
265. Official Language Committee Meeting: Ans. Once in a quarter                      initial period of : Ans. Two Years
266. Minimum age of minor for self operated account: Ans. 10 years               304. Under population group of banked centres, 'Semi urban' group includes
267. Vyas committee recommendations relates to: Ans. Agriculture credit               all banked centres with population of 10,000 and above but less than:
268. Committee which recommended about Universal Banking:           Ans. R.H.         Ans. 1,00,000
     Khan                                                                        305. 'Urban' group is that which has a population above 1,00,000 but below:
                                                                                      Ans. 10,00,000
306. Which sector has become the world's biggest source of employment:             342. Which financial institutions converted into a Bank on 01.10.04 :         Ans.
     Ans. Services                                                                      lDBI Ltd.
307. Which is the largest country in the world in terms of land area:       Ans.   343. Fire wall is used for:        Ans. Hardware/software to protect the IT
     Russia                                                                             system/website from unauthorized access.
308. Which State has become the first State in India to launch evening courts:     344. The foreign bank which has its own currency chest in India:              Ans.
     Ans. Gujarat                                                                       Standard Chartered
309. The country which is known as 'Land of Co-operative' is:               Ans.   345. What is Internet: Ans. Network of Networks
     Denmark                                                                       346. Expand INFINET : Ans. Indian financial Network
310. Right to Education to all children between the age of 6 to 14 years is :      347. Deferred payment guarantee is a : Ans. financial guarantee
     Ans. A fundamental right                                                      348. Net Block means: Ans. Fixed Assets minus depreciation
311. The time period of settlement in case of RTGS is : Ans. Two Hour              349. The declared objective of the 11 th Plan is :        Ans. Faster and More
312. Which state has got the maximum agricultural credit from the                       InclusiveGrowth
     nationalized banks :       Ans. Andhra Pradesh                                350. Committee on Financial Inclusion for RRBs __ : Ans. Dr. C Rangarajan.
313. Which state is at the top in agricultural production in India:         Ans.   351. SARFAESI Act has been extended to loans advanced by : Ans. RRBs.
     Punjab                                                                        352. RRBs to accept : Ans. NRE / FCNR deposits.
314. In the total food grain output of India, what is the share of Kharif Crops:   353. National Housing Bank (NHB) to launch _ for senior citizens:             Ans.
     Ans. 50%                                                                           Reverse mortgage
315. Who is the chairperson of the National Commission on Farmers Ans. Dr.         354. ___ , to be the sole identification no. for all participants in the securities
     M.S.Swaminathan                                                                    market with an alpha-numeric prefix or suffix to distinguish a particular
316. What is India's share in world's total exports of milk dairy products:             kind of account: Ans. PAN.
     Ans. 0.5%                                                                     355. Limit of per investor per year with respect to Capital Gains bonds issued
317. A bank's aggregate Capital market exposure shall not exceed __ % of the            by NHAI and REC under section 54EC to continue : Ans. Rs.50 lakh
     net worth of the bank on a solo and consolidated basis: Ans. 40%              356. Risk weight on loans up to Rs.1 lakh against gold and silver ornaments for
318. Service tax recovered by the Bank in a month has to be remitted to the             all categories of banks reduced to: Ans. 50%
     Govt. A/c by: Ans. 5th of the succeeding month                                357. Risk weight on residential housing loans to individuals for loans up to
319. Two currencies which have been included by RBI in the basket of                    Rs.30 lakh has been reduced to % : Ans. 50%
     currencies to which rupee is linked: Ans. Yuan & Hong Kong dollar             358. The requirement of 'no due' certificate to be dispensed with for small
320. What is the maximum limit permitted for investment by FDls in the                  loans up ·to Rs. __ to Small and Marginal Farmers, share-croppers and
     equity capital of ARCs: Ans. 49%                                                   the like and instead, obtain self-declaration from the borrower:         Ans.
321. ICRA, the rating company has become an associate of : Ans. Moody's                 1,00,000.
     Investor Service                                                              359. RRBs can now take up Corporate agency business for distribution of
322. No passport need be presented to money changers for encashment of                  insurance products, including health and animal insurance on basis:
     dollars up to:       Ans. USD500                                                   Ans. Without risk participation.
323. Who is the industry leader in mortgage loan : Ans. HDFC                       360. Under SARFAESI. secured creditor, before taking possession of the
324. What is the ceiling for issue of Innovative perpetual debt instrument by           charged assets, should give notice of _ days to the borrower or his
     banks :      Ans. It should not exceed 15% of total Tier·1 capital of the          authorized agent: Ans. 60
     bank                                                                          361. For getting finance under SJSRY scheme, the max. project cost for
325. Who is the Chairman of the Committee to recommend the frame work                   Individuals: Ans. 50000
     for fuller Capital Account Convertibility:    Ans. S.S. Tarapore, former      362. A company is inviting application for fixed deposits from general public.
     Deputy Governor,                                                                   The FDRs so made by it will be classified under: Ans. Liabilities
326. RBI Interest subsidy on farm credit has to be claimed by banks:        Ans.   363. A bill becoming due for payment within __ shall be treated under current
     on quarterly basis                                                                 liability: Ans. 12 months.
327. Risk weight for investment in RIDF by banks to meet shortfall in              364. Exposure norms for different industries/indivlduals/ groups fixed by the
     agricultural sector is: Ans. 100% .                                                Banks/RBI are part of: Ans. Risk Management
328. Which are the three pillars under Basel II norms : Ans. (a) Regulatory        365. Pre-operative expenses are included in : Ans. Intangible assets
     requirement of capital, b) Supervisory review, c) Market discipline           366. Pre-paid expenses-are classified as : Ans. Current assets
329. Banks have kept Investment Fluctuation Reserves to manage:             Ans.   367. Assets = Liabilities are as per: Ans. Dual aspect concept
     Interest rate risk                                                            368. Normally, Foreign Traveler cheque 'buying rate is better than Foreign
330. Indian bank that has been named in the top 500 list of Fortune Global              currency rates because of : Ans. Holding cost
     500 companies : Ans. State Bank of India                                      369. A bill of USD one lac under Letter of Credit is due for payment after one
331. Opening of branches by Banks is covered under _ of the Banking                     month. There is appreciation is rupee. The importer will: Ans. Gain
     Regulation Act,1949: Ans. Section 23                                          370. Dividend distribution tax is being paid by : Ans. Company
332. Banks have to file with Income Tax Department returns on a __ basis in        371. CBS refers to : Ans. Centralized Banking Solution
     respect of Interest paid to resident depositors not exceeding Rs. 10,000:     372. RBI has now dispensed with restrictive provisions of service area
     Ans. Quarterly                                                                     approach except for: Ans. Loans under Govt Sponsored Programmes
333. RBI's permission to open a bank branch is valid for _ from the date of the    373. In deceased deposit accounts, where nomination has been exercised,
     consolidated authorization letter issued by it: Ans. one year                      banks to inform nominee within ___ months in case of deposit accounts
334. ____ is related to 'Yellow Revolution' : Ans. Oilseeds Production                  'and Within _____ months in case of locker accounts: Ans. 6 : 3
335. Annual growth rate of national income was recorded lowest during:             374. Debtors velocity ratio of a company is very low, it does indicates : Ans.
     Ans. Third Plan                                                                    Debtors collection management of the company is good
336. According to the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, India's every child would be able     375. At what rate, RBI provides advance to Banks against the Govt securities:
     to go to school by: Ans. 2015                                                      Ans. Repo Rate
337. Banks prefer going. to Lok Adalat because:        Ans. No court fees,' no     376. Best explain the term "CBLO' :          Ans. It is type of money market
     appeal and compromise decree.                                                      instrument, which is used to borrow and lend funds against securities
338. NICL is abbreviation of: Ans. National Insurance Company Ltd.                 377. Bill for collection appears in the balance sheet on : Ans. Liability side
339. Who decides the quantum of agricultural finance :           Ans. District     378. Increases in CRR causes :        Ans. Decreases the lendable resources of
     Technical Committee.                                                               the banks
340. The term Insider Trading refers to:     Ans. Sale and Purchase of shares      379. A borrower has been sanctioned working Capital limit of Rs. 3 lacs at
     based on classified information available to those connected with                  margin of 25%. The amount of stock required to avail the sanctioned
     company.                                                                           limit fully : Ans. 4.00 lacs
341. What is meant by Pari-Passu charge:         Ans. Pro-rata in the ratio of     380. The difference between Term loan and Deferred payment guarantee is
     outstanding within the consortium approved limits.                                 the : Ans. Outlay of funds
381. Main advantage of Cheque Truncation is the :           Ans. It decreases the    416. As per RBI directives, the complaints relating to cash not dispensed at
     cost of handling of large paper volume of small vote cheques                         ATMs although deposit account is debited etc. should be disposed of
382. The basic Principal of WC management is :             Ans. Profitability goes        within a period of ___ : Ans. 3 days.
     with liquidity                                                                  417. Which state is at the top of a list of best e-governed 20 states:      Ans.
383. A company sells off part of its assets and make a separate company i.e.,             Goa
     unlock its value. After selling off its assets it continues business with the   418. Surrender value in the context of Life insurance policy means:         Ans.
     remaining assets. This is called : Ans. Spin off                                     Minimum value that is given by an insurance company in the case of
384. Corporate Governance comprises of :                Ans. Board of directors,          foreclosure of the policy
     Company officials & shareholders                                                419. Star series notes means those notes which are placed in replacement of
385. The Ratio is most affected by decrease in current liabilities :          Ans.        defective notes issued in the denomination of :        Ans. Rs10, Rs 20, Rs
     Current Ratio                                                                        50
386. The %age of risk weight on cash balances with RBI is : Ans. 0%.                 420. When RBI sells the securities to banks and gets cash from banks under
387. The %age of risk weight on Central Govt. Guaranteed advances is the :                LAF, RBI pays interest to banks at : Ans. Reverse Repo Rate
     Ans. 0%                                                                         421. Decision given by the Ombudsman has to be implemented by the bank
388. As per RBI Act, the floor limit is __ and ceiling limit of CRR is____ :              within:      Ans. 1 month from the date of receipt of acceptance from
     Ans. Nil and 20%.                                                                    complainant
389. The minimum Floor limit and maximum ceiling limit for SLR is :           Ans.   422. In the context of collection of cheques, conversion means:             Ans.
     Nil and 40%                                                                          Crediting the amount of the cheque to the account of a person who is
390. CRR is maintained as a %age of __ and SLR maintained as a %age. of __:               not entitled to it.
     Ans. NDTL :        DTL .                                                        423. As per Section 19(2) of the Banking Regulation Act, a banking company
391. In Red Clause Letter of credit importer has given which type of banking              shall not hold shares in a company, either as pledge or as owner of an
     facility for the benefit of the exporter :     Ans. Finance for purchase of          amount exceeding _ of the paid up capital of the company or _of its own
     raw material                                                                         paid up capital and reserves whichever is less.
392. In respect of letter of credit business, the term "deferred credit' is used     424. Ans. 30%, 30%
     for : Ans. a type of supplier's credit .                                        425. ______ is part of the larger emission trading which is a method worked
393. complainant is not satisfied with the reply given, within a period of_               out to control pollution by using economic incentives:       Ans. Carbon
     from the date of cause of action arise as per Banking Ombudsman                      Trading
     Scheme: Ans. One year                                                           426. According to Transparency International (TI) corruption index, India has
394. TDS will be deducted if amount of rent exceeds Rs. __ p.a. to single                 ranked: Ans. 72
     payee : Ans. 1.20 lacs                                                          427. ______has agreed to declare all its nuclear programmes and disable its
395. Tax deducted for deposit accounts should be deposited within :           Ans.        main atomic reactor by the end of the year under US supervision: Ans.
     7 days of the following month.                                                       N. Korea
396. A cheque has been issued by Director of the Company is received after           428. For bank the main advantage of referring the matter to Lok Adalats is:
     the death of the director. Whether cheque will be paid:           Ans. Yes,          Ans. It is based on mutual consent hence decision and its execution is
     since cheque has been issued in the representative capacity                          fast.
397. Note printing by RBI results in : Ans. Inflation generally                      429. For which of the Industries Cash budget system for assessment of MPBF
398. Which bank has launched EMI Card: Ans. ICICI Bank.                                   has recently been adopted by the bank:             Ans. Service, Software,
399. Maturity proceeds of FCNR (B) deposits can be remitted: Ans. To the                  Sugar, Tea.
     depositors and to third parties outside India at the request of the             430. Probate is a document issue by Court of law and is the' nature of :
     depositors                                                                           Ans. An official confirmation of the will of the deceased.
400. Which is a derivative instrument in the financial market:        Ans. Credit    431. Currency & Finance is a report being published by: Ans. RBI
     default swap                                                                    432. Twin sisters of Bretton Woods: Ans. World Bank and IMF.
401. Multicity cheque is payable at all ___ branches: Ans. Core banking              433. Which,type of Letter of Credits, pre-shipment credit is offered :      Ans.
402. In the case of a white label credit card the brand of the issuer is:     Ans.        Red-clause letter of credit
     Not mentioned                                                                   434. Explain the term 'Islamic Banking' :        Ans. Banking without the factor
403. ____ is true in respect of issue of duplicate CDs: Ans. It can be issued             like" Interest on money deposited or lent"
     only in physical form                                                           435. In Ombudsman Scheme, Customer Service Committee Report is to be
404. Process of inviting subscriptions to a public issue is through a                     submitted on __ basis : Ans. Quarterly
     tendering process which is known as: Ans. Book building                         436. The risk associated with higher foreign exchange reserves is :         Ans.
405. Bank's direct investment in shares, convertible bonds, debentures, units             Exchange rate movement risk
     of equity oriented mutual funds and all exposures to venture capital            437. What is the maximum discount that a company can offer to retail
     should not exceed___ % of its net worth: Ans. 20                                     investors for their public issues?: Ans. 10%
406. __ ATM eliminates the need for PIN entry and authenticated customer             438. Which country has chosen the face of its motherhood as the first woman
     transactions by thumb impressions: Ans. Biometric                                    to be featured in its banknotes? : Ans. South Korea
407. Provisions made by a bank in excess of the regulatory provisions is             439. India ranks as _ in the list of largest carbon emitters: Ans. Fourth
     known as__ provisions: Ans. Floating                                            440. Who is the head of internal working gap set up by RBI to examine the
408. Innovative perpetual debt instruments are issued only with __ options:               recommendations of the Radhakrishna Export on Agricultural
     Ans. Call                                                                            indebtedness?:         Ans. Mr V.S. Das
409. A company incorporated outside India can issue: Ans. IDR                        441. Account of Bank of America with us will be treated as: Ans. Vostro
410. Who has formed the Rural Credit Bureau: Ans. ICICI, CIBIL, NABARD                    account
411. Which is the widely accepted in the Money Market Operations:             Ans.   442. Explain the term "Foreign exchange transaction": Ans. Any exchange
     Treasury Bills                                                                       transaction done in foreign currency
412. Maximum limit under General Credit Card is Rs._ 100% of the                     443. If a person fails to pay to Central Govt. the tax deducted, he shall be
     oulstandings are treated as __ agricultural advance: Ans. Rs. 25,000 ;               punishable with rigorous Imprisonment maximum upto: Ans.                  7
     Indirect                                                                             years
413. Date of expiry is not mentioned in the LC. Documents are presented for          444. The cut-off limit for taking cognizance of the instances of
     negotiation. In this case:     Ans. Cannot be negotiated as the LC is not            siphoning/diversion of funds by willful defaulters: Ans. 25 lacs .
     valid.                                                                          445. The CDR scheme applies only to finance given under multiple
414. As per recent RBI guidelines Branch level Customer Committee should                  banking/consortium, with outstanding exposure of Rs.___ & above: Ans.
     also include___ as member:         Ans. A customer who should be senior              10 crores
     citizen.                                                                        446. Under SARFAESI act, before making appeal before DRAT against the
415. Working group on procedure and processing of Agricultural loans is                   decision of DRT, a borrower has to deposit at least___% of the amount
     headed by_ :        Ans. C.P. Swarankar
       decreed by the DRT. DRAT, however, may reduce the amount to ___%:             477. A bank has purchased cheque under its instant credit scheme. What is
       Ans.         50%. 25%                                                              the position of a banker: Ans. Holder for value
447.   Under SGSY scheme, the %age of amount financed that should go                 478. When we are in oversold position and currency is appreciating, squaring
       towards women: 40%                                                                 of the position will result in: Ans. Loss
448.   The minimum amount that can be remitted through RTGS: Ans.              Rs.   479. Not Negotiable crossing is a direction of the customer to: Ans.
       1 lacs                                                                             Collecting Banker
449.   Explain the term "Qualified audit report': Ans. A claused report              480. In Ombudsman Scheme, Customer Service Committee Report is to be
       containing certain clauses i.e. qualifications of the auditors                     submitted on __ basis: Ans. Quarterly
450.   Joint Liability Group (JLG) is an informal group consisting of preferably_    481. Study of fund flow statement indicates: Ans.           Sources and Uses of
       individuals coming together and engaged in similar type of economic                funds available with the company.
       activity: Ans. 4 to 10                                                        482. Small and Micro Enterprises (Mfg and Service both) covered are eligible
451.   Minimum and maximum period of Commercial Paper is: Ans.                   7        for guarantee cover of 75% of the default amount under CGTMSE. The
       days and 1 year.                                                                   maximum amount claim is:Rs. 62.50 lacs
452.   Increase in Repo rate is done primarily to: Ans.         Tighten the money    483. Risk associated with frauds by employee of the bank is covered: Ans.
       supply                                                                             Operational Risk
453.   The process being adopted these days to determine the price of shares is      484. w.e.f ___ State Govt guaranteed advances would be subject to same
       called: Ans. Book Building                                                         norms for asset classification as other advances: Ans. 31.03.06
454.   In SGSY scheme, the funding pattern between Central and State Govt. is:       485. Private Retail Traders other than essential commodities are covered
       Ans. 75: 25                                                                        under Priority Sector with credit limit upto Rs __ Ans. 20 Lacs
455.   As per the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Act 2006,            486. Planning Commission of India was established in the year: Ans. 1950
       the definition of Medium Enterprise. Ans. Investment in Plant and             487. Central Bank of the country was established on 1st April 1935 under the
       Machinery above Rs. 5.00 Cr to Rs. 10.00 Cr.                                       Reserve Bank of India Act 1934 on the recommendations of: Ans.
456.   Loans for construction and running of cold storage units are designed to           Hilton - Young Commission (1926)
       store agriculture produce / products situated at____ are classified under     488. 'PIN' in Smart Card is called: Ans. Personal Identification Number
       PS under_ segment Irrespective of location: Ans. Indirect agriculture         489. The rupee exchange rate is currently linked with: Ans.            Basket of
457.   One of your valuable customer has come to you and he wants joint                   currencies
       account with his wife. However, he wants that the account should be           490. To operate in India, Fils are required to apply to: Ans.     SEBI
       available for operation to his wife only after his death. Which type of the   491. As per the Union budget the date for the implementation of a single
       account is best suited. Ans. Former or Survivor                                    goods and services tax, as per the Kelker Committee recommendations:
458.   No Collateral is required for Education loans upto Rs.____ Ans. For loan           Ans. 1st April 2010
       less than Rs. 7.51 lacs.                                                      492. Cash Budget method for working out bank finance was suggested by:
459.   The white plastic cards are: Ans. Duplicate/counterfeit cards                      Ans. Kannan Committee.
460.   Under SGSY scheme, women SHG should have a minimum share %age of:             493. For financing sugar industry method is used: Ans. cash budget.
       50                                                                            494. Maximum project cost under National Equity Fund: Ans. 50 lacs
461.   As per the recent directive of RBI, the method for charging rate of           495. Expand M I C R: Ans.          Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
       interest should be applied to SGSY group Loans: Ans. On individual loan       496. Export refinance is provided by: Ans.        RBI
       sanctioned basis                                                              497. While granting advance against Life Insurance Policy, bank consider: Ans.
462.   The %age or risk weight to be applied to the NPA purchased from other              surrender valu of the policy.
       banks is: Ans. 100%                                                           498. A cheque is dated before the date of presentation is: Ans.            Ante
463.   RBI has permitted banks Door Step banking under: Ans. Banking                      dated cheque
       Regulation Act                                                                499. New name of Vikas Volunteer Programme: Ans. Farmers Club
464.   Explain the term 'Market Capitalization of a Company: Ans. Total equity       500. For availing finance from bank, whether registration as SSI is compulsory:
       shares x current market value per share                                            Ans. No
465.   The Reserve Bank of India Note (Refund) Rules (as amended up to 1980)         501. A Credit Card can be called as: Ans.        Plastic Money
       to be modified in order to make it easier for the public to obtain the        502. The Stamp duty on a demand Bill of exchange of Rs 1000 is: Ans.          Nil
       refund value in respect of _____: Ans.         Mutilated Notes                     as no stamp duty is levied on demand bills
466.   Disclosure of segment reporting under Accounting Standard enhanced            503. Network in same building: Ans. LAN
       to include more categories of Corporate I Wholesale banking, Retail           504. Crossing can be opened by: Ans. Drawer
       banking and other Banking business: Ans. AS 17 ....                           505. Number of categories of Forex offices: Ans. 3 (Category A,B,C)
467.   The Indian Financial Network (INFINET) system to be operationalised as a      506. Signatures or photo taken on a computer for distribution to other
       __network by the Institute for Dev. & Research in Banking Technology:              computers through: Ans. Scanning
       Ans. Multi·Protocol                                                           507. Bills of Exchange without any consideration: Ans. Accommodation Bill
468.   For claims payable by DICGC to depositors, it is proposed to treat Joint      508. Committee on Procedure and Performance Audit - S.S. Tarapore
       deposits held in the names of 'A & B' and 'B & A' to be two separate a/cs     509. Number of Public Sector Banks including SBI & Associates_: Ans.          28
       eligible for maximum claim of Rs. ___ lakh each: Ans. One                          (including lDBI Ltd)
469.   India's rank in Human Development Index in UNDP Report is: Ans.               510. Reason for turnaround of Indian Bank is: Ans.         Customers loyalty.
       124 out of 173.                                                               511. Company issuing dividend to large number of shareholders will use
470.   The account which, NRI can open joint account with Resident Indians:               facility of -ECS
       Ans. NRO                                                                      512. In India's GDP, maximum share is contributed by the: Ans.           Service
471.   As per the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Act 2006,                 sector
       the definition of Micro Service Enterprises:            Ans. Investment in    513. In India's GDP, the sector whose share is declining: Ans. Agriculture.
       equipments not exceeding Rs. 10 lacs.                                         514. In which sector, Central Govt. has highest outlay: Ans. Railways
472.   In a Letter of Credit, if nothing is mentioned, whether it is revocable or    515. Maximum amount of FDI in private sector bank: Ans. 74%
       irrevocable, strictly in terms of UCPDCICC - 600, it will it be treated as:   516. Stock exchange with maximum business: Ans. Mumbai
       Ans. Irrevocable                                                              517. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal at Mumbai has been included in: Ans.
473.   Resident Indian, rendering professional services as described under                World Heritage list.
       FEMA in his/her individual capacity can keep upto_____% of their foreign      518. Web site address of a firm is called as: Ans.        URL(Uniform Resource
       exchange earnings in EEFC accounts: Ans. 100%                                      Locator)
474.   In how many number of currencies, FCNR(B) account can be opened - 5           519. Data encryption means: Ans. Converting data into machine language
475.   Which type of Letter of Credits, pre-shipment credit is offered: Ans.         520. The process of reporting by employees of banks to RBI directly any case
       Red-clause letter of credit                                                        of irregularities such as corruption, misuse of office, fraud or failure to
476.   In all a bill exchange, there is no mention about the date of payment. On          comply with RBI rules is called: Ans. Whistle Blowing
       which date, it will be payable: Ans. On demand
521. What is the ceiling for issue of Innovative perpetual debt instrument by         562.   Largest producer of Rubber: Ans. Kerala
     banks: Ans. It should not exceed 15% of total Tier-1 capital of the bank         563.   HOI refers to: Ans.        Human Development Index
522. Who was the Chairman of the Committee to recommend the frame work                564.   Paper Gold refers to_.: Ans.        Special Drawing Rights
     for fuller Capital Account Convertibility: Ans. S.S. Tarapore                    565.   NCDEX is refers to_: Ans.             National Commodity and Derivative
523. The panel for Financial Inclusion is headed by: Ans. Dr. C. Rangarajan                  Exchange.
524. Interest subsidy on farm credit has to be claimed by banks: Ans.          on     566.   Standard and Poor is an _.: Ans.         International rating agency
     quarterly basis                                                                  567.   Blue revolution refers to: Ans.        Fishery
525. Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyut Yojna relates to: Ans.         Electrification of    568.    Full form of SFMS _: Ans.       Structured Financial Messaging System
     rural area                                                                       569.    India's first Offshore Banking Unit (OBU) was set up by SEEPZ in _: Ans.
526. For a VRS Retiree, what i.s the minimum age to invest in Senior Citizen                 SBI, Mumbal
     Scheme 2004: Ans. 55 years                                                       570.   What is the name of new scheme for boosting exports of fruits,
527. OLTAS stands for: Ans. Online Tax Accounting System                                     vegetables, flowers: Ans. Vithesh Krlshi Upaj Yojana ..
528. RIDF is maintained by: Ans.         NABARD                                       571.   Which office will administer the affairs of foreign trade:? DFGT·
529. Committee on Corporate Governance appointed by SEBI: Ans. Kumar                  572.   Who are honoured with 'Pravasi Bhartiya' award: Ans. NRl's I PIO
     Mangalam Birla                                                                   573.   Maximum amount in Senior Citizen Scheme 2004: Ans. Rs 151akhs
530. Tata Group has launched 'Tata Credit Card' in association with: Ans.             574.   'Metropolitan' group includes all banked centres with population of __
     State Bank of India                                                                     and above: Ans. 10,00,000
531. The book 'The Argumentative Indian' has been wntten by: Ans.                     575.   The aggregate Exposure of a bank to capital markets in all forms (fund
     Amartya Sen                                                                             based and nonfund based) should not exceed ___ of its net worth, as on
532. Which state has received the largest number of formal approvals for                     March 31 of previous year: Ans. 40%
     establishing Special Economic Zones (SEZs): Ans.          Maharashtra            576.   Risk weight on Exposure of banks to Commercial Real Estate has been
533. As per the estimates released by CSO per Capita income of average                       reduced to: Ans. 100%
     Indian during 2008-09 is : Ans. Rs 37,490 per annum                              577.   Banks may extend finance to employees (of other Corporates) for
534. Business @ The Speed of Thought has been written by: Ans.                 Bill          purchasing shares of their own companies under ESOP to the extent of
     Gates                                                                                   ___ of the purchase price of the shares or Rs. 20 lakh, whichever is
535. As per CSO data India’s GDP grew at _____% in 2008-09 : Ans. 6.7%                       lower: Ans. 90%
536. As per CSO data India’s Investment as a proportion to GDP grew at                578.   Committee set up for reviewing the provisions of the Armed Forces
     _____% in 2008-09 : Ans. 35.7%.                                                         (special powers) act: Ans. Jeevan Ready Committee
537. All bank Officers of_ and above are subject to CVC junsdiction: Ans.             579.   Which country has demonstrated the military capability of destroying
     Scale V                                                                                 orbiting satellite: Ans. China
538. Banks have to file with Income Tax Department returns on a __ basis in           580.   Which organization has launched project Guardian: Ans. Interpol
     respect of interest paid to resident depositors not exceeding Rs. 10,000:        581.   What is Mure Gen: Ans. Coal fueled zero emissions power plant
     Ans. Quarterly                                                                   582.   Sunita Williams has become the second woman of Indian Origin to
539. RBI's permission to open a bank branch is valid for ____ from the date of               venture into space. The first woman is: Ans.         Kalpana Chawala
     the consolidated authorization letter issued by it: Ans. one year                583.   'Golden Peacock' is associated with: Ans. Cinema
540. Validity of Income Tax refund order is: Ans. 3 month                             584.   Nifty is a value Weighted index composed of how many scripts: Ans.
541. As per World Trade Organization (WTO) farm subsidy is likely to be                      50
     phased out completely by the year: Ans. 2013                                     585.   BSE SENSEX is a value Weighted index composed of how many scripts:
542. The country on whose model Special Economic Zones have been                             Ans. 30
     introduced by India: Ans. China                                                  586.   Which organization has decided to double its lending to India by 2008 in
543. What is R 123 agreement: Ans. R 123 agreement is a part of Indo-US                      the areas of water, transport, energy and urban infrastructure: Ans.
     Nuclear pact.                                                                           Asian Development Bank
544. Which steel company was in news for acquiring 'Corus' a major Steel              587.   India with Bangladesh & Pakistan is set to host the Cricket World Cup
     company in Germany: Ans.              Tata Steel Ltd (Previously known as               final in: Ans. 2011
     TISCO).                                                                          588.   Football World Cup 2010 to be held in: Ans. South Africa
545. What is "Right to Information Act": Ans.        It is a new law which gives      589.   The private lending arm of the World Bank is: Ans.              International
     the Indian citizen aright to seek and know information about public                     Finance Corporation
     institutions.                                                                    590.   Centre has increased the old age pension under the National social
546. The 11th Five year plan penod is: Ans. From 1·04-2007- 2012.                            assistance programme from Rs. 75 to: Ans. Rs. 200 per month
547. What Is National Rural Employment scheme: Ans.                Central Govt.      591.   Anglo-Dutch steel company has been acquired by Tata groups was: Ans.
     scheme where the rural poor are guaranteed with atieast 100 days                        Corus Group
     employment in a year.                                                            592.   The maximum cap on foreign direct investment (FDI) in insurance sector
548. A massive welfare programme announced by Central Government for                         is: Ans.        26%
     building Rural Infrastructure, helping the rural poor: Ans.           Bharat     593.   37th Chief Justice of India: Ans. K.G. Balakrishnan
     Nirman.                                                                          594.   Who became the first bowler to take 700 wickets in his test career: Ans.
549. WTO talks failed due to which topic: Ans.        US Farm Subsidies                      Shane Warne
550. Full form of RBIA: Ans. Risk Based Internal Audit                                595.   In terms of literacy, the State which tops is: Ans. Kerala
551. Computer print out is also referred to as: Ans.        Hard copy                 596.   The Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme is related to the: Ans.
552. Credit Card is known as: Ans.        Plastic money                                      Textile Sector and Jute.
553. Form 15 (G) is applicable for citizens aged below___ years. Ans. 65 years        597.   UN has declared the year 2009 as: Ans. National Fibre Year
554. Value of wear and tear relating to Fixed Assets which is treated as non          598.   Which is the city of Joy: Ans. KoIkatta
     cash expenditure is known as: Ans. Depreciation                                  599.   Where is Nathula Pass: Ans.          Slkklm (Trade route between China &
555. The Interest rate offered by a Debt Instrument such as a bond is known                  India)
     as ____ rate: Ans. Coupon rate                                                   600.   Wal-Mart collaboration with Bharti is related to: : Ans. Retail
556. Method of Financing of Seasonal industries: Ans.               Cash Budget       601.   Hindi Divas is celebrated on: Ans. 14th September
     method                                                                           602.   What is Laksha: : Ans. Pilotless Aircraft
557. Signature stored in computer with the help of: Ans. Scanner                      603.   Reply in RTI Act must be given within: Ans. 30 days
558. India to host 2010 Common Weatth Games in _. New Delhi                           604.   1% concession is given in interest rate in education loan if: Ans.
559. Greenback currency: Ans. US Dollar                                                      interest is paid in moratorium period.
560. CRAR stands for: Ans.       Capital to Rlsk·welghted Assets Ratio I Capital      605.   As per IBA's new model deposit policy the age of minor for opening
     Adequacy                                                                                saving bank account is: Ans. 10 years.
561. Registration of partnership firms is to be done with: Ans.      Registrar of     606.   Keyboard, mouse, touch pad, are: Ans. Input devices of computer.
     firms                                                                            607.    Current ratio of 0.85 implies: Ans. Negative Net Working Capital.
608. Cut-off point for referring Fraud cases to CBI, if the involvement of bank    651. Self-Help Group scheme has been formulated on the basis of: Ans.
     official is not suspected: Ans. Re. 1 crore and above.                             Kalia Committee Recommendation.
609. A depositor who has opened his recurring deposit account on 10 day of a       652. Ghosh Committee recommendation, deals with: Ans. Frauds.
     month can deposit the instalment: Ans.              On any day during the     653. RBI has deregulated interest rates in all alcs except: Ans. SB Account.
     month.                                                                        654. A person appointed by the court for person's estate who died without a
610. The Risk Weight for Housing Loan upto Rs 30 lacs against mortgage:                 will is: : Ans. Administrator.
     Ans. 50%. ( Above Rs 30 lacs is 75%)                                          655. Nomination by an illiterate person is witnessed by: Ans. Two persons
611. Repo transaction refers to: Ans. Injection of the liquidity by RBI under      656. Registration of charge with ROC for hypothecation on movable assets
     liquidity adjustment facility.                                                     has to be done within: Ans. 30 days
612. A 65 years older depositor requests not to deduct TDS at source on Form       657. Objective of CRISIL is rating of: Ans. Debt Instruments of Indian
     to be submitted: Ans. 15 H.                                                        companies.
613. Processing charges levied by RBI on EFT and FCS has been waived till:         658. Debt Equity ratio is a: Ans. Solvency ratio .
     Ans. 31·3-2008.                                                               659. India consumes: Ans. One fifth of world's Gold output.
614. Negative Lien is a: Ans.       declaration given by the company that the      660. Indian Railways: : Ans. largest railway network in the world under
     assets given for creating charge is owned by it and there is no charge of          single management.
     any bank on it.                                                               661. India has: : Ans. 3rd largest army in the world -1.5 million strong.
615. The formula for calculating Break-Even Point in terms of units is = Fixed     662. India has the highest producer and consumer of Tea accounting for: Ans.
     Costs IContribution                                                                30% of global production and 25% of global consumption.
616. SK Tuteja Committee is associated with: Ans. Sugar Industry.                  663. India has more than 70000 bank branches, which is among the: Ans.
617. The ceiling for referring cases for recovery of Lok Adalat is: Ans.     Rs.        'highest in the world.
     20 lacs.                                                                      664. Govt. established Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
618. The maximum amount of credit granted under Laghu Udayami Card                      (PFRDA) which will issue licences: Ans. to Pension Fund Managers.
     Scheme is: Ans. Rs. 10 lacs.                                                  665. Who publishes FDI statistics in India - RBI and CSO
619. Under Rain Water Harvesting Scheme for SC/ST farmers, the subsidy             666. Scheme meant for food to families that fall in the limits of below poverty
     component is: Ans. 50%.                                                            – Antyodaya Anna Yojana
620. CDR is applicable in case of borrowers having multiple banking exposure       667. Maru Gochar Yojana has been introduced in: : Ans. Rajasthan
     of: Ans. Rs. 10 crore and above.                                              668. Scheme which aims at elementary education: : Ans.            Sarva Shiksha
621. Service Area Approach is applicable to: Ans.               Govt. Sponsored         Abhiyan.
     Scheme.                                                                       669. User participation in various watershed conservation projects : : Ans.
622. High Value Export refers to: Ans.        Export amounting to Rs. 100 crore         Hariyalli.
     and above during last 1 year.                                                 670. 'SARAS' the first indigenously designed civilian aircraft light multi-role
623. The rate at which currency is purchased is called: Ans. Bid rate                   transport plane is developed by: Ans. National aerospace Laboratories,
624. When RBI increases SLR: Ans.             It leads to decrease in loanable          Bangalore.
     resources of balance.                                                         671. National Train Enquiry System (NTES): Ans. Railway passengers can
625. In the Joint Account, with operational mandate of 'either or survivor'             check the status of their trains on the Internet.
     income tax attachment order will apply to the balance to the extent of:       672. USAID to aid IRDA in: Ans. health regulation.
     Ans.         50%                                                              673. Project Varuna: Ans. cloud seeding operation to bring artificial rains.
626. Liquid surplus implies: Ans. Excess of Current Assets over the Current        674. New name for Bombay Stock Exchange - BSE Ltd
     Liabilities.                                                                  675. Nodal agency which is to look into corporate, stock, bank and tax frauds
627. Capitalization of Reserves implies: Ans. Using of reserves to issue                and related economic offices - Serious Frauds Investigation Office (SFIO)
     bonus shares.                                                                 676. World's largest provider of financial information - Reuter Group.
628. Balance of Trade refers to: Ans. net of value of exports and value of         677. Operation flood relates to: : Ans. Milk production
     imports (merchandise account).                                                678. Cash crops group: : Ans. Cotton, Oil seeds, Ground·nut and Pulses
629. Income tax refund order is valid: : Ans. 3 months.                            679. V.B. Reddy committee: : Ans. Small Savings
630. Head quarters of SWIFT is at: : Ans. Brussels.                                680. Committee that has looked into ways to reduce costs of demat
631. _____ refers to conversion of money derived from illegal activities into           operations· C.B. Bhave Committee
     assets that appear to have accrued from legitimate source: Ans. Money         681. SPV (Special purpose Vehicle) mechanism is suggested for divestment of
     Laundering.                                                                        Govt.'s stake in Public Sector Unit
632. Certificate of Origin issued by: : Ans. Chamber of Commerce.                  682. Take Out finance relates to: : Ans. Infrastructure loans
633. Revaluation reserve is not a part: Ans. of free reserves.                     683. INFINET is: : Ans. RBI's VSAT based communications system
634. Depreciation @ of 33.33% on straight line method has to be charged on:        684. JPC Committee relates to: : Ans. Ketan Parekh Scam
     Ans. computer.                                                                685. In Camel's Rating 'E' stands for: : Ans. Earnings
635. Contribution refers to Sales minus: Ans. Variable cost.                       686. Advance for Pisciculture is granted under segment: : Ans. Agriculture
636. TDR is not a: Ans. Negotiable instrument.                                     687. Which country is the world's largest producer of sugarcane: : Ans.
637. Standard and Poor is an: Ans. International rating agency.                         Brazil
638. Blue revolution refers to: Ans. Fishery.                                      688. Country which hosted Olympics 2008: : Ans. China
639. 45-ZA to ZE of the Banking Regulation Act deals with: Ans. Nomination.        689. The office of USA defence services is in: : Ans. Pentagon
640. ADR stands for: Ans. American Depository Receipt.                             690. Which country has the largest insurance market: : Ans. USA
641. Value Dating in Foreign Exchange refers to : Ans. Date of Credit of           691. State / Union Territory Level banker's Committee (SLBC / UTLBC)
     proceeds to correspondentaccount/Nostro.                                           convener banks in all States / Union Territories have been advised to
642. Bankers Lien is a general lien is an: Ans. Implied Pledge                          identify at least one suitable district in each state / U.T for achieving
643. Under SARAFESI Act, banks are required to serve a notice to defaulting             100% 'financial inclusion' by providing? Ans. No frills Account, General
     borrower ___days before taking possession of the assets: Ans. 60                   purpose credit cards.
644. LFAR means: Ans. Long Form Audit Report.                                      692. Under KYC guidelines the account of introducer should be atleast how
645. Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is calculated to: Ans. assess the               many month old? Ans. 6 months old.
     surplus generation capacity of the unit so as to fix the repayment            693. From which date BASEL II is to be implemented. And what are the pillars?
     schedule.                                                                          Ans. Date 31 March 2008, Pillars are Minimum Capital requirement,
646. SFMS stands for: Ans. Structured Financial Messaging System.                       Supervisory Review and Market discipline.
647. Goodwill I Patent I Trademark: Ans. are intangible assets.                    694. What is the rate of TDS on rent more than rupees 1,20,000/- for
648. Yuan is the Currency of: : Ans. China.                                             individuals? Ans. 15.3%
649. DCB stands for: Ans. Demand Collection and Balance register.                  695. Repatriation allowed from NRO account on account of proceed of
650. Extemal Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) are part of: Ans.              Capital        immoveable property upto the maximum amount of? Ans. USD 1
     Account transaction.                                                               million
696. Maximum time period available to the banker for the scrutiny of LC              738. Who can stop payment the draft? Ans. No one, it is the value paid
     documents is?Ans. Five working days.                                                 instrument.
697. How many permitted currencies are there in FCNR accounts?Ans. 5                 739. Where the registration of modgage is done? Ans. The property is
     currencies (latest Addition CAD, AUD) Rests are USD, Pound, Euro.                    located.
698. XOS relates to?Ans. Overdue export bill statement.                              740. A & B having account appoints X as agent. Be dies next day, cheque
699. For how long the NPA should be there in the books of the selling bank?               signed by X is presented in clearings? Ans. Cheque will be returned.
     Ans. 24 months.                                                                 741. What is the minimum and maximum SLR? Ans. 0% & no limit
700. Period for reply to customer's objections under SARFAESI? Ans. 7 days.          742. Foreign bank having rupee account in India - for the Indian bank this
701. Minimum time period of notice required for the sale of immoveable                    account is? Ans. Vostro account
     property under SARFAESI? Ans. 30 days.                                          743. Under which charge the position and owner ship remains with
702. What is Firewall? Ans. Protection from intrusion by hackers.                         hypothecator? Ans. Hypothecation.
703. Define cheque Truncation? Ans. Replacing physical cheque with                   744. Who decides the exchange rates in India? Ans. Demand & Supply.
     electronic image.                                                               745. The pensioner is required to submit life certificate every year in the
704. Under RTGS in how many days customer gets credit? Ans. Same day.                     month of? Ans. November.
705. Under KYC guidelines reporting/monitoring is compulsory for the                 746. As per RBI, which is, miss match bank note? Ans. Joining of two
     transaction of Rs .? Ans. 10 lacs & more.                                            different notes.
706. What is the penalty for the violation of Section 269 under IT Act 1961          747. Maximum amount for Lok Adalat? Ans. Rs. 20 lacs.
     (Cash payment of term deposit of more than Rs 20,000/-? Ans. Penalty            748. Minimum Notice Period for possession under SARFAESI Act? Ans. 60
     equivalent to amount of default and/or imprisonment of one year.                     Days.
707. What is the Cut of limit where banks can give differential rate of              749. What is the minimum age of minor for opening the Self Operated SB
     interest? Ans. Rs. 15,00,000/-.                                                      account? Ans. 10 years.
708. Exposure norms for single borrower without taking to the extra 5% for           750. CDR - What is the amount of eligible loan? Ans. Rs. 10 crores & more.
     infrastructure? Ans. 15%                                                        751. To Ombudsman - Complaint can be made from date of cause of action
709. Exposure norms for group borrower without taking to the extra 5%?                    upto the maximum period of? Ans. One year.
     Ans. 40%                                                                        752. What is the paid up capital of ARC? Ans. Min. of Rs. 100 crore or 15% of
710. What is the penalty in right to information Act? Ans. Rs. 250/- per day              assets acquired which ever is more.
     maximum 25,000/-.                                                               753. Is right of set off is available between 2 banks? Ans. No, with in the
711. Medium Enterprise? Ans. Investment in plant and machinery above 5                    bank of at all branches, no other banks.
     crore to 10 crore.                                                              754. In case of pledge, the bailer is called - pawner and the bailee is called?
712. Payee of the cheque refuses to sign at the bank of the cheque, what will             Ans. Pawnee
     you do? Ans. Takes stamped receipt.                                             755. SB interest rate is fix by whom? Ans. RBI
713. Hypothecation is defined in which Act? Ans. SARFAESI Act (Section 2-9)          756. Fixed deposit rates are decided by whom? Ans. By banks themselves.
714. TDS on deposit is to be remitted latest by? Ans. 7th of next month.             757. What is the minimum and maximum time period for term deposits? Ans.
715. BCTT to be remitted latest by? Ans. 15th of next month.                              7 days to 10 years.(Normally)
716. In which account more than one nomination can be accepted? Ans. In              758. For appeal against DRT decision to DRAT, how much amount to be
     locker accounts under joint operation.                                               deposited? Ans. 50 % of outstanding.
717. How much amount of foreign currency one is permitted to keep? Ans.              759. If a charge is not filed by a company within 30 days from the date of
     USD 2000.                                                                            execution of documents. Can it be filed or not? Ans. It can be filed with
718. For tourism/private visit to foreign country. What is the maximum                    the consent of ROC for the next 30 days.
     amount permitted? Ans. USD 10,000.                                              760. As per present norms frauds are to be reported to RBI within? Ans.
719. Under Liberalized Remittance Scheme what is the maximum amount                       Three weeks from the date of detection.
     permitted per calendar year? Ans. USD 50,000 . per financial year               761. What is present repo rate and reverse repo rate? Ans. 4.75% and 3.25%
720. Upto, which account form A2, is not required? Ans. USD 5,000.                        (RBI annual policy dated 21.04.09).
721. Under SARFAESI, the minimum-qualifying amount is? Ans. Rs. 1 lac.               762. What kind of charges is not required to be registered under Section 125
722. Crystallization of Export bill is done after how many days of notional               of companies Act? Ans. Pledge and lien.
     transit period? Ans. 30 Days.                                                   763. What is the target fixed by RBI for advances to women? Ans. 5% of their
723. What shall be the applicable rate, while crystallizing the export bill? Ans.         net bank credit.
     T.T. buying rate.                                                               764. What is the maximum amount of deposit under Senior Citizens deposit
724. Perpetual Bond is considered to be part of Tier I, Why? Ans. Because it              scheme? Ans. Rs. 15 lacs.
     has no maturity date and in the form of equity.                                 765. SLR is defined under which Act. Ans. Section 24 of BR Act.
725. When Hindi Divas is celebrated? Ans. 14th September                             766. Who issues garnishee order? Ans. Civil court.
726. Safe deposit of Articles is defined under which Act? Ans. Indian Contract       767. Certificated of deposit & Commercial Papers can be issued minimum for
     Act.                                                                                 how many days. Ans. 7 days.
727. What is the minimum and maximum time period of FCNR deposits? Ans.              768. Stamp duty of Rs. 1 on cash receipt is to be paid if the amount is. Ans.
     Minimum one-year maximum five years.                                                 More than Rs.5, 000/-.
728. Service Tax is to be deposited latest by? Ans. 5th of next month.               769. PAN has how many digits. Ans. 10
729. Director of company dies cheque signed by him is presented in clearing?         770. What is the maximum period upto which the consumer can approach
     Ans. Cheque will be passed.                                                          consumer court. Ans. Maximum 2 years from the date of cause of
730. Base currency is appreciating and bank is in over sold position. What is             action.
     the effect on the profitability on the bank? Ans. Bank will incur loss.         771. Banks under which Act maintain CRR. Ans. RBI act Section 42 and
731. Forged notes tendered by customers. What the bank should do? Ans.                    section 18 of BR Act (for non-schedule commercial Banks).
     Impound the note after giving receipt.                                          772. In which crossing the transferee does not get better title? Ans. Not
732. When RBI applies reverse Repo Operations? Ans. To bring down the                     Negotiable.
     liquidity in the system.                                                        773. What is meant by leverage ratio? Ans. Capacity to borrow on the basis
733. The base currency is depreciating and the banker is in over bought                   of owned funds.
     position. What will be the effect on profitability? Ans. Bank insures loss.     774. Nomination facility is not available in which type of joints accounts? Ans.
734. Under which Act Lok Adalat is formed? Ans. Legal Services Authority Act              Safe custody.
     1987.                                                                           775. What is the minimum time period for opening NRE term deposit
735. An NRI can open a joint account with resident individual in which                    account? Ans. 1 year.
     account? Ans. NRO account.                                                      776. Upto what population a place will be categorized rural area? Ans. Less
736. Frauds are to be reported to the Police if it is less then? Ans. Rs. 1 crore.        than 10,000/-
737. Validity of the cheque is six months. It is defined under which Act? Ans.       777. Amounts in words and figures differ which is to be paid and under which
     It's not defined under any Act.                                                      section? Ans. Amount in words to be paid under section 18 of NI Act.
778. What is the periodicity of payment of interest on saving bank account?            819. Where rate of interest is not mentioned in bill of exchange? Than what
     Ans. Half yearly.                                                                      will be the rate of interest? Ans. 18%
779. What is the maximum amount for which Form 15H can be taken? Ans.                  820. A cheque bears special crossing in favour of two banks how such a
     Rs. 1,95,000/-                                                                         cheque can be paid?           Ans. Only if one bank is acting as agent of
780. What is the rate of stamp duty payment on usance bill of exchange?                     the other bank.
     Ans. Ad-Val Orem - according to usance period and amount.                         821. What is the maximum penalty to be imposed under NI Act for bouncing
781. BCTT not applicable on which accounts? Ans. Saving bank accounts.                      of cheques?       Ans. Two years and/or double the amount of cheque
782. What is the age of Senior Citizen as per IBA? Ans. 60 years and above.                 under section 138 of NI Act
783. Relationship of banker and customer in case of locker is? Ans. Landlord           822. Customer is defined under which act? Ans. under KYC norms.
     - Tenant.                                                                         823. Garnishee order is received in the name of one of the joint account
784. Discounting of Export bill by a banker results in inflow or out flow of                holders. What will you do as a banker? Ans. It will not apply to the joint
     foreign exchange? Ans. Inflow of foreign exchange.                                     account.
785. Maximum amount for Arbitration by Ombudsman? Ans. Rs. 10 lacs.                    824. In which of the account no nomination is permitted?             Ans. Joint
786. Where the customer is defined? Ans. Under KYC guidelines of RBI.                       safe custody.
787. Customer day is observed in branches on which date? Ans. 15th of each             825. Photographs in the account should be replaced after how many years?
     month.                                                                                 Ans. 3 years.
788. R Returns sent by banks to RBI relates to? Ans. Transaction in foreign            826. Can bank exercise right to setoff after the receipt of garnishee order?
     exchange.                                                                              Ans. Yes it can exercise for existing debts before acting on the orders.
789. Borrowing by RBI under liquidity adjustment is defined as? Ans. Reverse           827. After the death of a Karta in HUF there are two minor sons and mother.
     Repo - Sale of securities.                                                             Who will the next Karta? Ans. Mother, on behalf of minor sons
790. If there is a shortage of cash to be closed, which account to be debited?         828. Trust is formulated under which Act? Ans. Indian Trust Act 1882.
     Ans. Protested account.                                                           829. What are demand deposits?                Ans.       Saving Fund, Current
791. Validity of gold card for exporters is? Ans. 3 years.                                  Account & overdue term deposits.
792. What is the validity of import license and who is the issuing authority?          830. What are time deposits?       Ans. Term deposits and recurring deposits?
     Ans. 18 months & DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade).                        831. What is the penalty for pre-mature cancellation of term deposit?
793. Which type of crossing is not defined under any act?                Ans.   A/c         Ans. 2% for maturity of < 5 years, 1% for > 5 years.
     Payee crossing.                                                                   832. What is the objective of Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002?
794. Which types of customers cannot open current account?               Ans.               Ans. To check the proceeds of crimes are converted into white money
     Illiterate & minor.                                                                    thorough a series of financial transactions.
795. Who is the governor of RBI?                 Ans. Dr D Subba Rao                   833. Under KYC norms, what is the maximum periods upto, which the records
796. Who is the Chairman of 12th Finance Commission?                     Ans. Dr. C.        are to be preserved?          Ans. 20 years
     Rangrajan                                                                         834. What is the periodicity of reporting of cash transactions of Rs. 10 lac and
797. What can be maximum number of partners in a firm other than banking                    more to controlling office? Ans. Fortnightly basis.
     business?          Ans. 20                                                        835. What are the charges for RTGS for Rs. 1.00 lac to Rs. 5.00 lac         Ans.
798. CRR is to be maintained by banks on which factors?                  Ans.   Net         Rs. 25
     demand and time liabilities.                                                      836. What are the charges for non-maintenace of QAB in PNB Smart Roamer
799. Indian Stamp Act and limitation Act is applicable to which states of India?            Account           Ans. Rs. 825/- per quarter
             Ans. Whole of India accept J&K.                                           837. What is the minimum and maximum amount under multi-benefit-deposit
800. May I help you? Enquiry counter should be established in branches.                     scheme?           Ans. Rs. 1,000/- and no limit.
     What should be the minimum staff strength?              Ans. 25                   838. What is the minimum amount under flexi-fixed deposit scheme?
801. High value clearing is called for which amount? Ans.             Rs. 1 lac and         Ans. Rs. 1 lac
     more.                                                                             839. What is the minimum and maximum period of deposit under flexi-fixed
802. Bridge loan is sanctioned for a maximum period of?                  Ans.    12         deposit scheme?               Ans. 3 years & 10 years.
     months.                                                                           840. What is the minimum amount of monthly installment under Recurring
803. Raj Bhasha Divas is celebrated on ?         Ans. 14 September                          Deposit Scheme?               Ans. Rs. 100 & more in multiples thereof.
804. Exposure norms for groups, other than infrastructure projects as defined          841. What is the minimum & maximum periods under Recurring Deposit
     by RBI is?         Ans. 40%                                                            Scheme?           Ans. 6 months to 120 months in multiples of 3 months.
805. For vetting of documents the threshold limit of credit facility is?               842. What is the minimum & maximum amount under the scheme Flexi RD
     Ans. Rs. 2 crores                                                                      Scheme?           Ans. Rs. 100 or 10 times of core amount.
806. Cash budget system is applicable to which crops? Ans. Sugar, Tea, Film            843. What is amount upto which a Demand Draft is signed with single
     & Services                                                                             signature.        Ans. Less than Rs. 25,000/-
807. Under CDR system the minimum outstanding of credit facilities from all            844. What are the charges for NEFT upto Rs. 1.00 lac Ans.           Rs. 5/- per
     the banks should be?           Ans. 10 crores                                          transaction
808. Cut of limit for definition of will full defaulter as per RBI is? Ans.      25    845. What is the amount above which is transferred into FD account?
     lacs                                                                                   Ans. 50,000/-
809. What is the cap in investment on foreign direct investment in Private             846. What is the minimum and maximum maturity period of such FD?
     Sector Banks in India?         Ans. 74%                                                Ans. 7 Days to 45 Days.
810. What is the maximum amount a foreign bank can invest in the capital of            847. What is the balance in SF account beyond which the amount is to be
     Banking Subsidiary in India?                Ans. 100%                                  transferred to FD?            Ans. Rs. 25,000/- (with a minimum sweep
811. What is the minimum bid size for entering Repo / reverse Repo?                         out/sweep in of Rs. 5,000/- and in multiples of Rs. 5,000/-)
     Ans. Rs. 5 crore & in multiple of 5 cores                                         848. What is the period of such FD?           Ans. Either 7 days t0 179 days.
812. What are MSS (Money Settlement System) instruments?                 Ans. The      849. Who are premium saving Fund account customers?                  Ans.
     Treasury and Securities.                                                               Customer who maintained minimum QAB of Rs. 50,000/- at CBS
813. RBI has constituted and Advisory Committee on flow of credit to                        branches.
     Agriculture is headed by? Ans. Prof. V.S. Vyas.                                   850. What is the maximum numbers of withdrawals permitted in SB
814. Public Holidays under NI are declared under which Saction? Ans.                        accounts?         Ans. 50 withdrawals every half-year.
     Section 25 of NI Act.                                                             851. What is the maximum number of operations in a locker is allowed in a
815. Protesting is associated with?              Ans. Bill of exchange.                     year? Ans. 24 operations in a year.
816. What is the due date of bill following due on a holiday?            Ans. Next     852. What are the charges if number of operations in locker exceeds 24 in a
     preceding day.                                                                         year? Ans. Rs. 35 per operation exceeding 24.
817. Inchoate Instruments means an instrument, which is?                 Ans.          853. What is the amount of overdraft in Total Freedom Salary Account?
     Incomplete                                                                             Ans. Rs. 30000/- or the last salary credited whichever is lower.
818. What is the time available for acceptance of bill? Ans. 48 hours
854. What is the minimum balance required to open the account under                      than 90 days, it would be 2% above FD rate and in case of bills it is 2%
     Saving Fund Salary Account?                 Ans. 0                                  above SF rates.
855. What is the minimum number of accounts of the strength of the                883.   What is the validity of credit risk rating?           Ans. 18 months from
     employer to open the account under this scheme?                 Ans. The            the date of balance sheet or 15 months from the last day of month in
     minimum number of account should be 10 or 75 % of the strength of the               which rating was approved.
     permanent employees of the corporate.                                        884.   Define special mention asset?              Ans. Where the installment is
856. What is the minimum amount required to open Student Saving Fund                     overdue for more than 30 days.
     Account?            Ans. 0                                                   885.   Risk weight on bank exposure on real estate is       : Ans. . 100 %
857. What is the amount of overdraft facility given to students under the said    886.   The main enentity of SFMS system is Ans. Hub & gateway & branch
     scheme?             Ans. Maximum Rs. 5,000/-, can be enhanced to Rs.                servers
     10,000/- in second year provided OD facility should be into credit once in   887.   SFMS is a system used in a bank for which purpose                 Ans.
     three months.                                                                       Electronics data interchange
858. What is the minimum amount required to open the account under Auto           888.   In SFMS copies of sent and received massage are stored at Ans.           Off
     - Sweep Account for Govt. Deposits? Ans. Rs. 1 lac                                  line servers
859. What is the cut off amount over which the interest will be given?            889.   Full form of TCP is            Ans. Transmission control protocol
     Ans. Rs. 5 lacs                                                              890.   What is the full form of IP Ans. Internet protocol
860. Simultaneous sale & purchase of currency at two different places. What       891.   The unrecognized inter branch entry which are six month old bank has to
     is the name of this term? Ans. Swap                                                 make how much provision Ans. 100 %
861. Define Arbitrage?              Ans. To take the advantage of quoting of      892.   Bank cash transaction tax payable by a partnership firm on cash
     different rates in different markets.                                               withdrawl from bank a/c, except SB A/c, the limit of withdrawal is
862. An NRI is defined as a person who is not residing in India for more than            Ans. More than Rs one lac.
     how many days during the course of preceding financial year?                 893.   Digital signature means        Ans. Encrypted signature of sender
     Ans. 182 Days                                                                894.   In fraud cases where Banks do not report to RBI, they can be penalized
863. Define Overseas Corporate Bodies?           Ans.    Companies and other             by RBI under which act         Ans. Sec. 47 of BR act
     corporate bodies which are owned to the extent of at least 60% by            895.   The foreign born spouse of a NRI will be given which status as per FEMA
     individuals of Indian Nationality.                                                  Ans. PIO
864. When Fema (Foreign Exchange Management Act) came into effect?                896.   If USD is being quoted at a discount for one month future transaction,
     Ans. 1st June, 2000                                                                 how will this effect on importer?          Ans. Importer will be benefited
865. Non Resident Indian is defined under which Act? Ans.          Not defined    897.   Under UCPDC, if Quantity is mentioned as app., a tolerance lavel is
     anywhere.                                                                           allowed up to? Ans. 5 %
866. Unused foreign currency & traveler's cheques are to be surrendered           898.   National knowledge commission is headed by whom                   Ans.   Mr.
     within how many days of return?             Ans. Currency notes within 90           Same Pitroda
     days and TC's within 180 days of return.                                     899.   The committee appointed by RBI for examining whether rupee can be
867. A dealer has over sold position of USD. In the mean time INR has become             made fully convertible is headed by        Ans. S.S.Tarapore
     stronger in relation to USD. What will be the impact on Dealer?              900.   What is the maximum cap on FCNR-B interest rates                  Ans. The
     Ans. Gainer                                                                         interest rate should not exceed LIBOR/SWAP plus 100 basis points.
868. What is the status of the students went abroad for studies? Ans. Non         901.   Can a minor be admitted as a partner in partnership firm          Ans.
     Resident Indian                                                                     Minor can admitted only for the benefits of the firm .His liability is
869. The maximum percentage of foreign exchange, which can be retained in                limited to his share in the firm
     EEFC account? Ans. 100%                                                      902.   Should minor sign in the a/c opening form of parternership firm in which
870. The expiry date of an LC falls on 26th Jan a public holiday. Its due date           he is a parter? Ans. No, Minor or his guardian need not signed AOF
     will be?            Ans. 25th January                                        903.   In case of dissolution of a firm what should a banker do when a/c is in
871. Under UCPDC a norm the maximum variation in amount & quantity is                    debit?             Ans. Bank should stop operations to avoid application
     allowed is?         Ans. 10% of amount & 5% of quantity.                            of rule in claytons case
872. An LC has been received in favor of exporter, which allows exporter          904.   Pvt. Ltd. Co. is not having certificate of commencement of business. How
     advance at reshipment stage and also for warehouse facility. What is the            the a/c can be opened.         Ans.      Certificate of commencement of
     classification of this LC?     Ans. Green clause letter of credit                   business is not required in case of joint stock Co.
873. Transferable LC can be transferred how many times?              Ans. Once    905.   What is the document required to opened the a/c of joint stock co.
     only                                                                                Ans.      Copy of memorandum of association, articles of association,
874. Exporter can realize exports proceeds within a maximum period of?                   certificate of incorporation and resolution from board of director.
     Ans. 180 days                                                                906.   Garnishee order is not applicable in which cases Ans.          Cheques sent
875. There is an outflow of foreign currency & the nostro account of the bank            for collection /uncleared effect, amount deposed after the order is
     is debited. Will it be a purchase or sale transaction?          Ans. Sale           received, debt due or accruing due (FD), items in safe custody
     transaction                                                                  907.   How many No. of sections are there in NI ACT          Ans. 147
876. An importer approaches the bank to retire an import bill. What rates will    908.    Can minor draw, endorse or negotiate a negotiable instrument.
     be applied?         Ans. Bill selling rates.                                        Ans. Yes, so as to bind all parties except him self.
877. Within how many days of shipment, bill of lading should be submitted?        909.   Income tax attachment orders for Rs. 10000/- is received on the a/c the
     Ans. 21 days                                                                        balance of which is Rs 5000/-. Subsequently Rs. 20000 /-is deposited.
878. Every banking company to create reserve fund and 20% of its profits                 How much amt. is available for attachment.            Ans. Rs.25000/-
     should be transferred to this fund before any dividend is declared? This     910.   In case of death of Muslim customer, claim will be settled under which
     is defining under which Act?                Ans. Section 17 (1) of Banking          acts. Ans. Personal law
     Regulation Act                                                               911.   Up to which amt. succession certificate is not to be insisted upon.
879. An endorser of a negotiable instrument by express words excludes his                Ans. Succession certificate required only if, dispute among the legal
     liability. Which type of endorsement of this?        Ans. Sans Recourse             heirs
     Endorsement                                                                  912.   Is the authorized person allowed to operate the locker after the death of
880. Appeal against the judgment by the Banking ombudsman can be made                    the hirer?         Ans. No.
     within how many days of the receipt of the award?               Ans.    45   913.   The locker is hired in the names of two persons, operated jointly. How
     Days                                                                                many max. No. of Nominees can be there.               Ans. Two
881. Draft payable imperest entries should not outstand for how many days?        914.   Preservation of bank records is governed under which Act? Ans.
             Ans. 30 Days                                                                Section 45 -Y-BR Act.
882. What is the rate of interest for payment of interest of delayed collection   915.   In the joint a/c under E/S, income tax attachment order will apply to the
     of cheques/bills?              Ans.       In loan accounts BPLR, in other           balance up to which extent ?               Ans. 50 percent
     accounts FD rate applicable to the delayed period in case delay in more      916.   Book debts are charged by way of ?         Ans. Assignment
917. The registration of partnership firm is to be done with ?       Ans.          950. What is the maximum period upto, which Treasury Bills can be issued?
     Registrar of firms                                                                 Ans. 364 days
918. What is the periodicity of submission of R returns ?            Ans.          951. By adding a confirmation, the confirming bank undertakes the liability
     Fortnightly basis                                                                  similar to the? Ans. Issuing Bank
919. What is the man objective of KYC norms?             Ans. To ensure that       952. Eligible Interest rate on CRR balance is?           Ans. No interest paid
     banking channel is not used for conversion of illegal funds into legal        953. What is the validity period of traveler's cheques? Ans.     No limit until
     funds.                                                                             the payment is made.
920. One of the trustees of a Trust maintaining an account with our bank is        954. Under the roadmap for presence of foreign banks in India, the aggregate
     adjudged as insolvent .A cheque signed by him was presented through                foreign Investment from all sources has been allowed upto a maximum
     clearing after you received the notice of insolvency of the trustee. What          of _____% of the paid up capital while the resident Indian holding of
     will you do?        Ans. The cheque will be paid.                                  capital has to be at least ____%.         Ans. 74, 26
921. Documents of title to goods are transferable by which way? Ans.               955. Articles left in safe custody can be delivered on the basis of succession
     Endorsement and delivery                                                           certificate or not?            Ans. Not
922. In a foreign exchange transaction a right but not the obligation to buy or    956. Whether loan can be given to a power of attorney holder in case of NRE
     sell is called?     Ans. Option.                                                   deposits?           Ans. Yes
923. Mr. tejpal singh a sole proprietor of M/s impex pvt. Ltd. an exporter he      957. Which entities are not eligible under KYC norms? Ans.       PARTNERSHIP,
     seeks guidance as to which type of LC he should insist which will assure           PVT LTD, HUF, JOINT VENTURE
     him that some preshipment advance is made available at the instance of        958. Diamond dollar account (DDA) scheme is available for companies dealing
     importer?           Ans. Red clause LC.                                            in purchase & sale of rough / cut diamond. What is the criteria?
924. Not -Negotiable crossing is a caution to whom? Ans. Endorsee                       Ans. Company should have good track record of ateast 3 years in
925. Deposit accounts which have not been operated for more than 10 year                business of diamonds and annual turnover of atleast Rs. 5 Crores &
     are called which type of a/c's           Ans. Unclaimed deposits                   above in preceding three licensing year.
926. Return of unclaimed deposits is required to be submitted to RBI under         959. DICGC deposit cover max. amount of? Ans. Rs. 1 lac
     which act:?         Ans. Sec. 26 of Banking Regulation act.                   960. 1 Kilobytes is equal to how many bytes?             Ans. 1024 bytes
927. Rohit and Mohit are two minors and want to open self operated joint           961. What is the validity of Income Tax refund order? Ans. I.T. Order is valid
     accounts and both have completed the age of 10 years and are literate?             for 3 months.
     Ans. Yes, Account can be opened with joint operation.                         962. How many witnesses are required for nomination by an illiterate person?
928. A state bill of lading is one- Ans. Which is overdue for more than 180                    Ans. 2 persons
     days.                                                                         963. Mulberry loan is given to? Ans. Sericulture
929. What is Banker's lien?         Ans. An implied pledge                         964. Silviculture relates to?       Ans. Trees
930. For importer, a contract of insurance is a contract of?         Ans.          965. After joining 10 new members in the EURO, what is the total number of
     Indemnity,                                                                         members in the EURO?           Ans. 25 members
931. Import license indicates:      Ans. CIF value of imports                      966. Paper Gold relates to?         Ans. Special Drawing Rights
932. What is the "Foreclosure"? Ans.        To stop the borrower to sell the       967. DCB register is prepared on?              Ans. 30th June
     mortgaged properly.                                                           968. Pensions Accounts can be opened in Joint names or not?        Ans. Yes,
933. Stamp duty on which document does not vary from state to state?                    they can be opened in the Joint names of the pensioner and his/her
     Ans. Bills of Exchange                                                             spouse.
934. An NRI approaches your branch to open public provident fund account           969. Cash in currency chest is held by the bank in what capacity? Ans. As an
     (PPF) you will ? Ans. PPF account cannot be opened in the name of                  agent
     NRI                                                                           970. KYC Norms are not applicable to account of?         Ans. Companies
935. What is the minimum and maximum amt. of dep. in PPF a/c per annum             971. Transaction in a newly operated accounts are to be kept under close
     Ans. Rs500, Rs 70000                                                               watch at least for a period of?           Ans. 3 months
936. If guarantor adjusts the loan in full and final. The right of the guarantor   972. What will be the status of the nominee after the death of depositor?
     to step in the shoes of creditor upon full payment of debt is called the           Ans. Turstee for legal heirs
     right of?           Ans. Subrogation                                          973. What is the periodicity of holding the official language committee
937. Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) mechanism is suggested in the budget for             meating?            Ans. Quaterly
     development of?                Ans. Infrastructure                            974. Frauds of Rs. 1 lac & above should be reported to RBI within 3 weeks
938. Banking services delivered to a customer by means of a computer                    from the date of detection of Fraud. What is the Form for reporting?
     control system that does not directly involve usual banks branch is                Ans. FMR 1
     called?             Ans. Virtual Banking                                      975. One of the partners stops payment of a cheque, can other partner
939. For banks to undertake Insurance business, what should be the networth             revoke the stop payment? Ans. No, Signatures of all partners will be
     of the bank?        Ans. Rs. 300 crores                                            required to revoke stop payment.
940. As per Goiporia committee, dishonored cheque should be returned to            976. What is the time limit for customer related transactions in RTGS?
     the party with in how much time?         Ans. 24 hours                             Ans. Upto 4.30 p.m.
941. Time limit for Interbank Forex market has been extended recently up to?       977. Is Airway bill a title of goods?          Ans. No
             Ans. 5 p.m.                                                           978. What is the New name of Vikas Voluntary Vahini? Ans. Farmers Club
942. The aggregate Capital market exposure of banks should not exceed.             979. What is the maximum interest payable on FCNR(B) accounts?
     What percentage of their network?        Ans. 40 %                                 Ans. Same as LIBOR / SWAP of corresponding maturity+ 100 basis
943. The maximum extent of FDI permissible in public sector bank is?                    points.
     Ans. 26%                                                                      980. What is the maximum interest payable on NRE (SF) and NRE (Term
944. Equitable mortgage was created by deposit of title deeds on 01.06.2                Deposit) accounts?             Ans. Same as applicable to domestic saving
     Subsequently Registered Mortgage was executed on 02.06.2 Which                     accounts & LIBOR / SWAP + 175 basis points.
     mortgage will have priority?             Ans. Equitable Mortgage              981. After how many years articles found in the locker room should be
945. Clean Note Policy is governed under which Act? Ans. BR Act (Section                handed over the Police, if owner does not turnup?             Ans.       3
     35A)                                                                               years
946. Who governs Letter of Credit?            Ans. International Chamber of        982. Who is the Chairman of the IBA?           Ans. Dr K.C.Chakraborthy, CMD
     Commerce (Paris)                                                                   PNB (nominated on 01.06.2009 for 2009-10)
947. What is the minimum period of Recurring Account?                Ans.      6   983. Foreign tourist on temparary visit in India can open which type of
     months.                                                                            account?            Ans. NRO Account
948. In FCNR A/c, the exchange risk is borne by whom?                Ans.     By   984. What is the maximum amount of cash that can be remitted on foot?
     depositor himself.                                                                 Ans. Rs. 1 lac if distance is short.
949. An export bill has been sent in collection in which a/c the proceeds can      985. A promissory note executed out of India and stamped at the time of
     be placed by an exporter after realization?         Ans. EEFC                      execution with the proper Indian stamps is subsequently brought to
                                                                                    You are just a USER ID and Password
                                                                                                 Away From
     India first holder will have to be stamped again within?      Ans.        3
986. What is the maximum period for issue of notice by the payee to the
     drawer for bouncing of cheque under NI, Act?        Ans. 30 days
987. Whether cheque can be issued to an illiterate and blind customers?              Bank Promotion Special online
     Ans. Yes, cheque book can be issued.
988. What is the TDS rate applicable to interest on NRO account? Ans.                     Ready Recknor for
989. Exporter who wants to avail export credit, the quantum of credit will be       Bank Promotion Tests             to be held in   2009
     determined on the basis of?              Ans. FOB value
990. ABC Bank has its Head Office in Delhi. It has branches in India. Srilanka
     and Dubai. For the purpose of application of UCPDC 500, the branches in                      Have access to
     different countries shall deemed to be?             Ans.     Branches of
     banks in different countries are considered another bank.                      The Question Bank containing
991. Power of attorney or mandate in favour of Minor for locker operation is
     permited or not?               Ans. Permitted
992. Which bank is celebrating 75 years of his excellence?
                                                                                   More than 3000 Multiple Choice
                                                                                    Ans. Reserve Bank
993. Among all nationalised banks, which bank has topped in Global Deposit?
994. What is Bandwidth? Ans. The rated throughput capacity of a given
                                                                                   questions from Last exams and
                                                                                    Ans. PNB

     network protocol or medium.
995. What is byte? Ans. A set of bits (usually 8 bits) that Operate as a unit to
                                                                                     New Concepts in Banking &
     signify a character.
996. What is BIT? Ans. Stands for Binary digit. Smallest unit of information
                                                                                     Study Material updated upto
     recognised by a computer. All digital information is composed of bits.
997. What is FTP? Ans. A protocol that provides for the Transfer of files                             June 2009
     between two systems. FTP is part of the TCP/IP Protocol suite.
998. Define Gateway? Ans. A hardware or software solution that enables                 covering Promotion Tests
     communications between two dissimilar networking Systems or
     protocols. A gateway can operate at any layer of the OSI Model.                                   Syllabus
999. What is Binary Code? Ans. A method of representing information the
     code defines that the electrical impulses that become computer
     information (data and programmes) exist in either one of two states. It is      (System Requirement: PC/Laptop with
     either "on" or "off". The "on" state can be represented by a mark or a
     "1". The "off" state can be represented by a "space" or a "O"(Zero).
                                                                                             internet connection)
1000.                                                                               The Study Material and Mock tests are available on CDs
     Explain Buffer? Ans.         A storage area in RAM where a computer                                    also
     temporarily places data that is being transferred from one device to
     another (usually during input / output operation).The plan used to
     ensure proper functioning or contiuity of business of a branch in case of     Questions Asked in Last Exams also
     failures is Business Continuity Plan. Failures can be Hardware failure,
     Software Failure, Link failure etc.                                                  covered prominently.
1001.                                                                                 D
     Define Business Continuity Plan? Ans. The plan used to ensure proper            (Latest Banking Scenario, RBI Policy, Entire routine,
     functioning or continuity of business of a branch in case of failures is      Forex, Credit, Management, Economics and other topics as
     Business Continuity Plan. Failures can be Hardware failure, Software
     Failure, Link failure etc.
                                                                                       prescribed for Promotion Tests to be held in 2009)

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