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					Estates Strategy

   November 2009

1.     Introduction ............................................................................................... 3

2.     Purpose of the Estate ............................................................................... 4

3.     Management of the Estate ........................................................................ 5

4      Current Position of the Estate ................................................................... 6

     4.4     Areas ................................................................................................. 6
     4.5     Dogs Unit .............................................................................................
     4.6     Custody Suites ....................................................................................
     4.7     Headquarters .......................................................................................
     4.8     Training................................................................................................
     4.9     Examination/Interview Suites ............................................................. 8

5      Achievements in 2008 and 2009 ............................................................... 8

6      Issues and Challenges to the Estate ...................................................... 10

7.     Interim Action Plan to Progress Strategy ....................................................

Appendix A - Property Types and Functions .................................................. 12

Appendix B - Development Control Plan 2009-2011...................................... 14
1.    Introduction

1.1   This interim Estates Strategy is an update of the existing Estates
      Investment Strategy, which was produced in 2006 and covers the
      period 2009 to 2011. Due to the volume of change that the
      Constabulary is currently experiencing the following interim strategy
      has been developed, to overcome these challenges and shape the
      estate for the future. This involves making best use of the existing
      estate given the potential reduction in staff numbers and any new
      developments will be in partnership through co-location.

1.2   The Authority needs to provide facilities for over 3500 individuals
      including police officers, police community support officers, police staff,
      special constables and other volunteers. These members of staff and
      volunteers require fit for purpose facilities from which to receive the
      public and to operate from.

1.3   This strategy sets out how the Estates Department ensure that the
      specialist accommodation that is required to provide effective
      operational policing as well as support functions is achieved in the
      most effective, efficient and economical way possible. This strategy
      supports the Policing Plan and is complemented by the Environmental
      Strategy and Carbon Management Plan.

1.4   The strategy helps to ensure that the Authority’s estate is managed and
      developed in such a way as to support delivery of the policing
      objectives, as detailed below:-

          Increase public confidence in policing
          Respond effectively to the public when in need
          Work in partnerships with others to create strong and vibrant
          Prevent and investigate crime and disorder
          Protect vulnerable people
          Protect the public from serious organised crime and terrorism

1.5   The Constabulary’s values will be applied in everything that we do as
      they fundamentally underpin our approach to policing and the way in
      which we work for the public and each other. Our core values are:

1.6   This strategy will specifically align the services of the Estates
      Department to also achieve the delivery of principles 10, 13 and 14:

      Principle 10 – Area Commanders will ensure that Police Station Help
      Desks or Community Contact Centres are provided at times
      appropriate to the needs of neighborhoods
         Principle 13 – Policing will be undertaken in partnership recognising
         that community safety and crime reduction can only be achieved with
         everyone accepting responsibility. To do this Neighbourhood Policing
         Teams will be grouped into Neighbourhood Policing Units aligned to
         Local Authority Area/neighbourhood working arrangements.

     Principle 14 – Police resources will be aligned to local neighbourhoods
     according to their vulnerability. This will be based on such issues as
     crime, disorder, their geography and centrally funded police resources.

2.   Purpose of the Estate

2.1 The estate exists to support the delivery of the Constabulary’s objectives
    and principles.

2.2 The Estates Strategy aims to provide an estate which will be flexible
    enough to respond to the developing service requirements of the local
    community and to contribute to increasing public confidence in policing.
    It will allow the Constabulary to maintain and improve high quality
    services, to improve efficiency and effectiveness to ensure good value
    for money and an efficient use of resources.

2.3 The objectives of the Estates Department are to:

         Design and locate buildings that are fit purpose and relevant to the
          support of operational policing
         Ensure buildings meet all health and safety requirements and other
          legislative standards, for example Disability Discrimination Act
         Identify and enable actions for co-location opportunities with partners
          and work jointly with partners on estates matters
         Provide buildings that are energy efficient (including utilities and
         Reduce carbon emissions through delivery of the Carbon
          Management Plan.
         Prepare a five year planned maintenance schedule, based on
          condition surveys
         Dispose of police houses and other buildings as they become vacant
          and surplus to requirements
         Implement a corporate brand for police stations
         Standardise fixtures and fittings
         Deliver cost and time efficient maintenance contract arrangements
         Deliver customer focused estates and facilities management services
         Develop a governance framework providing assurance that all
          services are provided in the correct place and in a safe and compliant

2.4 These objectives will help to deliver the following facilities required to
    police Cheshire over the next 3 years.

         Area and Neighbourhood Policing Unit facilities for the delivery of
          local police services
        Convenient local public interface points
        Specialist facilities for operational support
        Custody facilities
        Training facilities
        Support facilities, such as office accommodation, laboratories and
        Telecommunication sites (masts and buildings) to support operational

     Appendix A details the types of site, location and minimum requirements
     required to police Cheshire over the next 3 years.

3    Management of the Estate

3.1 Qualified professional staff are employed within the Estates Department,
    to provide advice to the Police Authority on all strategic and operational
    matters in relation to the estate. The main areas of advice are outlined

        Estate management
        Asset management
        Energy management
        Environmental management
        Green travel planning
        Facilities management
        Operational estate management
        Estate Health and Safety
        Capital developments and project management

3.2 The Estates Department works closely with staff at Area level to ensure
    that the needs of local operational departments are considered when
    planned and reactive maintenance works take place, whilst ensuring that
    a corporate approach is taken to managing the estate.

3.3 All bids for improvement works or building changes are managed
    through the Estates Infrastructure Group, which is chaired by the
    Director of Performance Development and has representation from each
    Area, Force Operations, Estates, Finance and Information Technology
    Services. The Terms of Reference are as follows:-

        To ensure that best use of the estate is achieved
        To ensure that estates capital and revenue monies are allocated
         appropriately in line with operational, risk reduction and maintenance
        To arbitrate on the use of the estate
        To monitor the estates programme of works, in terms of progress and
        To monitor progress against the Estates Strategy Action Plan
        To monitor compliance with statutory duty
        To identify and approve co-location opportunities with partners
3.4 The Constabulary participates in the annual Police Property Services
    Managers benchmarking activity, as a method to measure performance
    and value for money.

3.5 Service Level Agreements for delivery of services by the Estates
    Department were put in place in 2009.

3.6 Condition Surveys are carried out every 5 years and on each building
    owned by the Police Authority in order to establish the condition of the
    estate and inform the planned maintenance programme.

4     Current Position of the Estate

4.1 The Authority estate consists of 59 properties.       A summary of sites by
    use can be seen below:

        Use                                        No. of Sites
        Western Area                               13
        Eastern Area                               15
        Northern Area                              9
        Dog Unit                                   1
        Custody suites                             3
        HQ                                         1
        Police Houses                              11
        Telecommunications site (old Pale)         1
        Motorway posts                             2
        Training (Probationer & Public Order)      2
        Air Support Unit                           1

4.2 Of the sites occupied by the Authority, 6 are leased. Three further sites
    are used as interview and examination suites, but are owned by Social
    Services. The value of the estate at April 2009 was £55million.

4.3 The Development Control plan attached at Appendix B, details each site
    by Area, shows positive and negative points, and details the proposed
    plans for each site.


4.4     The estate within Areas is varied in terms of age and condition of
        buildings. Discussions with Area Commanders has highlighted the
        following issues and challenges over the next 3 years:

Eastern Area

        4.4.1Crewe Police station is considered to be full to capacity, due to the
        number of staff based there, a total of 303 in September 2009. The
        third floor is occupied by the Crown Prosecution Service, Witness Care
        Unit and Criminal Justice Unit, from whom no rental income is received.

        4.4.2 Poynton Police Station is overcrowded housing 12 staff. Located
        on the same site as the police station, is a disused police house that
       requires alteration and planning consent to change its use, should this
       become an option to increase capacity.

       4.4.3 There are currently two tutor units within the Eastern Area, one at
       Crewe and one at Macclesfield. The Area Commander would prefer to
       merge into one, if appropriate accommodation can be found.

       4.4.4 Congleton Police Station houses seven staff from Cheshire East
       Council Domestic Violence Unit , nine Force Major Investigation Team
       staff and the central tape and video library. Talks are currently under
       way with Central and Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust and
       Cheshire East Council in relation to a joint venture of developing a
       single site for all services at the Congleton Police Station site, and
       relocation of policing facilities.

Northern Area

       4.4.5 Northern Area - Charles Stewart House is a leased building that
       houses a variety of functions, including Criminal Justice, Crown
       Prosecution Service lawyers, various policing services and also acts as
       the disaster recovery centre for Call Management. The lease cost for
       this site is considered to be high and the building is open plan, causing
       confidentiality issues for some units when dealing with sensitive issues.
       There are issues with the ventilation and heating at this site, which
       require investment.

       4.4.6 Arpley Street is considered to be over capacity. Staffing levels
       have increased since the introduction of the Town Centre
       Neighbourhood Policing Team.

       4.4.7 Sankey Police Station is considered to be over capacity, and
       difficulties are experienced at booking on times and shift overlaps.

       4.4.8 Widnes Police Station houses Force Major Investigation Team
       staff and the cells are used for storage of evidence. The site has large
       backlog maintenance requirements. Halton Borough Council has
       expressed an interest in acquiring this site.

Western Area

       4.4.9 Western Area - Chester Inner Neighbourhood Policing Team
       has a base at Chester Town Hall, which is considered not large enough
       for the requirements of the team. Work is in progress with Cheshire
       West and Chester Council to seek alternative accommodation, the unit
       has moved out during the current refurbishment works at the Town

Dogs Unit

4.5.1 The dogs unit located at the rear of the headquarters site is a new
      purposed built facility consisting of a ‘Soft Training House’, which is the
         old farm house, dog kennels and 4 exercise yards. Based within the
         training house is a training room and office facilities.

Custody Suites

4.6 There are 3 Custody Suites, based at Middlewich, serving the Eastern
    Area and Northwich, Runcorn, serving the Northern Area and Blacon,
    Chester, serving the Western Area. The number of cells within each
    custody suite is 36, 36 and 34 respectively. The Custody facilities are 4
    years old and do not currently hold any significant maintenance issues.
    Wilmslow custody facilities have recently been reinstated to act as a
    business continuity facility.


4.7 The Headquarters building was opened in 2004 and was procured under
    the private finance initiative. It was planned that 900 staff would be
    based at the site, as an administrative, communication and training
    centre, together with specialist support units. Current occupation figures
    show that over 1400 staff are now based at headquarters, presenting
    capacity and car parking issues.


4.8 Off site training is delivered from the Padgate Campus of Warrington
    University which is a rent-free collaboration with the University and public
    order training from leased premises in Winsford. The Tactical Training
    Centre based at the headquarters site will house public order and
    firearms training when it opens in April 2010, when the leased premises
    will no longer be used.

Examination/Interview Suites

4.9 Five examination and interview suites are in use across the County. The
    Safe Place, to be built at the Leighton Hospital site at Crewe, is planned
    to open in October 2010, containing video interview facilities, which will
    remove the requirement to use the existing suites.

5 Achievements in 2008 and 2009

5.1 The following initiatives and projects have been delivered in 2008 and

          Successful bid to Cheshire and Warrington Improvement and
           Efficiency Partnership for funds to enable research work for co-
           location of partners. Information has been gathered from 11 partners
           and the properties mapped;
          Development of relationships with partner organisations, resulting in
           agreement to develop a joint Estates Strategy with Warrington
           Borough Council and sharing of knowledge, information and best
           practice with Fire, Health and Local Authorities;
   Production of an Environmental Management Strategy and action
    plan and appointment of Environment Officer;
   Acceptance on to Local Authority Carbon Management Programme.
    One of only three police forces to be accepted on to this programme,
    run by the Carbon Trust. Through the Programme, the Constabulary
    will    receive,    free    of    charge,     technical    and     change
    management guidance and mentoring from the Carbon Trust that
    helps to identify practical carbon and cost saving opportunities. Only
    organisations that show a true commitment to reducing carbon
    emissions are accepted on to this programme. The primary focus of
    the work is to reduce emissions which in turn reduces costs;
   A review of waste management practices and waste procedures
    implemented, resulting in full compliance with legislation across the
   Professional advice to Tactical Training Centre and Safe Centre
    projects through secondment of a member of the Estates team and
    membership of Estates and Facilities professionals on the Tactical
    Training Centre User Group;
   Project management of improvement and refurbishment schemes
    including Sandbach Police Station, Middlewich Police Station,
    relocation of Dogs Unit (including sale of previous site),
    refurbishment of staff toilet facilities across the estate and alterations
    to Northwich Neighbourhood Policing Team facilities and property
   Review of provision of police houses resulting in agreement to
    dispose of properties as they become vacant. Two premises have
    since been marketed and sold;
   Review of Green Travel Plan for Headquarters site, including
    production of Action Plan to reduce single vehicle occupancy
    journeys to site, through promotion of ‘Liftshare’ Scheme, improved
    car share parking facilities, development of cycle routes and regular
    staff travel surveys. Approval of Green Travel Plan was received in
    November 2009;
   Establishment of Estates Infrastructure Group, enabling informed
    decisions relating to improvements and adaptations to the estate to
    be made collaboratively with Area representatives;
   Implementation of Service Level Agreements, detailing services
    delivered, response times and customer service standards.
    Monitored by quarterly performance reports sent to Area
   Implementation of robust, compliant estates out of hours on call
   Estates maintenance contract strategy agreed through Before Action
    Review methodology involving stakeholders and implementation
   Response to 1400 ad hoc maintenance requests per year;
   Contribution to Confidence Programme through review of corporate
    signage and co-location work
   Disability Discrimination audits completed;
   Implementation of cleaning plus contract;
             Management and delivery of estates and facilities management
              services was smoothly bought back in house from the Custody PFI;
             Facilities Management service delivery has been aligned with Areas,
              rather than contracts, ensuring a more customer focused approach.

  6 Issues and Challenges to the Estate

  6.1 A summary of the current issues and challenges to the estate are:-

             Engaging and working with partners to identify and deliver co-location
             Impact of the estate on public confidence
             Organisational and government drivers to reduce spending
             Increasing energy costs
             Capacity at some sites on Areas
             Ownership of property not supporting operational needs (police
             Increased number of staff based at headquarters since build with
              shortage of car parking
             Impact of corporately commissioned programs-Transforming
              Business Services, Middle Office Review and Area review.
             Force Major Investigation Team currently located in various police
              buildings across the Force Area as not enough suitable
              accommodation at headquarters, economies of scale achievable if
              they were housed in one location.
             Covert Policing Unit facilities at headquarters not fit for purpose
             Completion of Tactical Training Centre and Safe Centre on time and
              to budget
             Requirement for change in Air Support Unit base location for

  7.        Interim Action Plan to Progress Strategy

  7.1       The table below lists the actions that are being taken to respond to the
            issues and challenges to the estate. This interim strategy will be
            reviewed in November 2010 when the outcome of the ongoing internal
            reviews will be known and the work with partners will have progressed.

Reference Issue/Challenge                  Action
ES 1      Engaging and working             Initial project to map all partner premises
          with partners to identify        funded by Cheshire Warrington Improvement
          and deliver co-location          and Efficiency Partnership complete. Regular
          opportunities.                   meetings with partners, Area Commanders
                                           and Estates department established. Meetings
                                           are to take place in relation to the sale of the
                                           Widnes site to the council and relocation of
                                           policing facilities.

ES 2           Impact of     estate   on Confidence project has completed first mystery
               confidence                shopper exercise for police stations regarding
Reference Issue/Challenge            Action
                                     access, condition and corporacy of building
                                     and service. Corporate brand designed for
                                     outside and inside police stations and action
                                     plan in place.

ES 3      Requirement to reduce Development of efficiency plan in Business
          spending              Services Support.

          Increasing energy costs.  Implementation of energy efficiency schemes
                                    as detailed in Carbon Management Plan.
ES4       Overcrowding of police Awaiting outcome of Transforming Business
          stations.                 Services and Middle Office programmes which
                                    will free up space in Area buildings;
                                    Work to identify co-location opportunities with
ES 5      Police Houses             Existing policy to dispose of these properties
                                    as they become vacant will be enforced-final
                                    disposal 2024.
ES 6      Capacity issues at HQ     Awaiting outcome of Transforming Business
          Accommodation         for Services and Middle office programmes.
          Covert Policing Unit      Feasibility study by BAM re conversion of
                                    garage and accommodation block at

          Parking Spaces at HQ       Implementation of Green Travel Plan.

ES 7      Impact    of    efficiency Regular liaison between Estates and Facilities
          programmes                 management and Programme teams.
ES 8      FMIT accommodation         Business case developed for centralised
                                     accommodation, to be considered as part of
                                     review of accommodation following back office
                                     and middle office reviews.
ES 9      Delivery    of    Tactical Project management in place with regular
          training Centre and Safe reports to Authority on progress.
          Centre against project
          plan and to budget.
ES 10     Change in Air Support Business case being prepared by Force
          Unit requirements to operations for consideration by Chief Officers.
          accommodate helicopter.
Appendix A - Property Types and Functions

No   Facility                         Function                           Location                            Minimal Desired Features
1    Police HQ , Clemonds Hey ,       To provide accommodation for       Oakmere Road, Winsford              Cellular offices, open plan offices, conference rooms, call
     Winsford                         support functions, call                                                handling centre, major incident facility, armoury, training rooms,
                                      management, vehicle                                                    vehicle maintenance unit, accommodation, parking and
                                      maintenance and training                                               restaurant.
2    Area bases                       To provide accommodation for       Three in north, 2 in East and 2     Open plan non-specialist building where possible. Offices, Silver
                                      area command teams and             in West.                            Command, conference rooms, incident rooms, interview rooms,
                                      supporting functions and                                               supporting facilities and parking. Area set aside for eating and
                                      policing units best delivered at                                       relaxation.
                                      Area level.
3    Neighbourhood         Policing   To provide accommodation for       In local police stations where      Open plan non-specialist building where possible, with
     Teams bases                      the larger Neighbourhood           best placed to control              appropriate offices and parking facilities. Area set aside for staff
                                      Policing Teams.                    Neighbourhood policing area.        eating and relaxation. Reception facilities should be bright and
                                                                         Based in each Area:                 friendly while sufficiently robust to withstand damage and provide
                                                                         13 in West, 15 in East and 9 in     protection to staff. Must meet legislation requirements for people
                                                                         Northern Area.                      with disabilities.
4    Public Reception Facilities      To provide friendly, convenient    In town centres and other           Reception facilities should be bright and friendly while sufficiently
     'One Stop Shops'                 places for the public to conduct   locations convenient for the        robust to withstand damage and provide protection to staff. Must
                                      business with Cheshire Police.     public. Where possible,             meet legislation requirements for people with disabilities.
                                                                         reception facilities should be
                                                                         co-located with other
                                                                         partnership facilities and / or
                                                                         authorities to provide resilience
                                                                         and efficient building use.
5    Major Incident Rooms (MIR)       To provide specialist suites       Four MIR's to cover Cheshire        At least one major incident room with supporting facilities and
                                      from which to control major        Police area, at HQ and in           parking at each location. .
                                      incidents and investigations.      north, east and west,
                                                                         conveniently located for major
6    Investigation Facilities         To provide facilities which        No formal location exists.          Space remains variable dependant upon need. Demand is
                                      enable the secure storage of       Occupation has been on an 'ad       therefore for open plan space capable of some secure division.
                                      volumes of data during             hoc' basis.
                                      investigations in operation
                                      together with general office
7    Witness     Suites    inc   Safe   To provide secure                   Witness Suites historically      Interview rooms. Doctor's surgery/room. Comfortable domestic
     centre                             accommodation for vulnerable        located around Cheshire.         style facilities for witnesses.
                                        witnesses and in terms of
                                        sexual assault, meeting latest
                                        Home Office guidance.
8    Motorway Policing Bases            To provide base from which          Convenient locations adjacent    Offices and parking with some storage and temporary parking for
                                        the motorway policing function      to the motorway network.         large commercial vehicles. Area set aside for staff changing,
                                        can operate effectively.                                             eating and relaxation.
9    Custody Suites                     To provide for detainee             Middlewich, Blacon and           Specialist centres to meet statutory requirements.
                                        management and custody              Runcorn.
10   Criminal Justice                   To provide combined Criminal        Currently located in Chester.    Open plan office and supporting facilities. Co-located with other
                                        Justice Department and Crown        Crewe and Warrington.            functions where possible.
                                        Prosecution Service offices in
                                        accordance with Glidewell
11   Departmental Offices               To provide offices and facilities   Some departments need to be      Open plan office and supporting facilities. Co-located with other
                                        to allow departments to             at headquarters. Some            functions where possible.
                                        operate effectively                 specialist security elements
                                                                            required within HQ facilities.
12   Mast Sites                         To support police radio             Strategic hill top sites and     As required.
                                        communications                      other locations throughout
13   Training Facilities                Residential training and            Clemonds Hey and Padgate         Meeting rooms and class rooms for conference and training
                                        conference centre based             Campus.                          purposes. Supporting facilities, accommodation and restaurant.
14   Tactical Training Centre           Provision of firearms and           Clemonds Hey                     Firing Range, public order arena
                                        public order training
16   Dogs Unit                          Dogs Unit and training              Clemonds Hey                     Offices, veterinary facility, kenneling and training area.

17   Police Houses                      Residential accommodation for       Various forcewide                This section of the estate being reduced.
                                        police officers

                                                                                                                                    Proposals for
                                                                                                         Proposals for
                                                    Positives                   Negatives                                           Alternative
                                                    Modern purpose built
                                                                                Affordability may be
                                                    facility. Flexibility and                            PFI provided facility -
Headquarters, Clemonds Hey, Winsford                                            an issue for future                                 None
                                                    expandability built                                  retain
                                                                                major change.
                                                    into original design.
                                                                                Some further
                                                    Modern facilities,          investment required
Police Dog Unit, Headquarters                       located adjacent to         to correct 'snags'       Retain                     None
                                                    HQ                          (included in estates
                                                                                budget 2009/10).
                                                    Convenient                  Not ideal location for   Feasibility of creating
Air Support Unit, Hawarden                          certificated airport        helicopter-fuel          base at HQ being           Rear of HQ site
                                                    with most facilities.       consumption etc          examined
                                                    Modern purpose built        One of Authority’s
Area HQ, Blacon, Chester                            premises completed          least energy efficient   Retain.                    None
                                                    in August 2004.             buildings

                                                                                Building image is not
                                                    Large building                                       Retain in short term but
Area support and Northwich Neighbourhood Policing                               particularly good
                                                    recently partly                                      sale is medium - long      None
Team, Northwich                                                                 either in condition or
                                                    modernised.                                          term aim.
                                                                                                           Retain and consider
                                                       Fairly recent purpose                               possibility of some
                                                       built police station on   Already showing           extension on to land at
                                                       large (1 acre site).      signs of age in           the rear to
Police Station, Collingham Way, Winsford                                                                                               None
                                                       Design is traditionally   design. Too celluar       accommodate NPU
                                                       styled and quite          for latest needs.         needs. Alternatively sell
                                                       pleasing.                                           the surplus land to
                                                                                                           Cheshire Fire.
                                                                                                                                       Long term options
                                                                                                                                       to redevelop, co-
                                                                                                                                       locate with Vale
                                                       Freehold owned small      Ageing facility with      Retain for period but
Police Station, Ship Street, Frodsham                                                                                                  Royal at Castle
                                                       unit                      poor image.               consider alternatives
                                                                                                                                       Park or purchase
                                                                                                                                       adjacent Fire
                                                                                                           Retain only if no
                                                                                 Inappropriate                                         Use Area HQ or
Blacon Neighbourhood Policing Team Police Station, 2   Location good for                                   alternative or use of
                                                                                 residential                                           other purpose built
Cairns Crescent, Blacon                                NPT                                                 Area HQ impossible to
                                                                                 conversion.                                           facility.
                                                                                                           Retain only if no
                                                                                                                                       Use Area HQ or
                                                                                 Inappropriate             alternative or use of
Police Offices, Cairns Crescent, Blacon                Location                                                                        other purpose built
                                                                                 residential extension.    Area HQ impossible to
                                                                                 Inappropriate                                         Safe Centre,
                                                                                                           Sell when Safe Centre
Rape suite, 18 Melbourne Road, Blacon                  Location                  residential                                           Leighton Hospital
                                                                                 conversion.                                           Site
                                                                                 Leasehold building
                                                                                                           Retain as part of CJS
                                                       Modern office             thus restricted. Cost
Criminal Justice Offices, Windsor House, Pepper                                                            linkage but remain
                                                       accommodation. Co-        of rental and capital                                 None
Street, Chester                                                                                            responsive to change
                                                       location with CPS.        expenditure at end of
                                                                                                           from end users.
                                                                                 term for dilapidations.

                                                       Central location          Leasehold building
                                                       alongside other Local     thus use and change
Chester Inner Neighbourhood Policing Team - Police
                                                       Authority services.       restricted. NPT           Retain                      None
Station – Chester Town Hall
                                                       Image reflects nature     expanding, creating
                                                       of historic city.         space problems.
                                                    Reasonably good
                                                                             Cellular in nature and
                                                    quality building. Well
Police Station, 4 Stanney Lane, Ellesmere Port                               inefficient in space     Retain                   None
                                                    located on edge of
                                                                             use terms.
                                                    town centre.
                                                    Well located in centre
                                                    of Chester Rural
Dragon Hall, Whitchurch Road, Chowley, Tattenhall   NPU. Recent              Leased building          Retain                   None
                                                    conversion of
                                                    agricultural building.
                                                                             residential conversion
                                                                                                      Retain or dispose if a
                                                    Reasonably effective     with very limited
Police Offices, 4 School Lane, Mickle Trafford                                                        new Western Rural        None
                                                    location.                alternative
                                                                                                      base is considered.
                                                    Recent building
                                                    conversion, purpose
                                                    built space to police
                                                                             First floor
                                                    requirements in 2004.
                                                                             accommodation does
Neston Town Hall                                    In middle of large                                Retain                   None
                                                                             not make the building
                                                    rural community area
                                                                             100% satisfactory.
                                                    in Cheshire and
                                                    shares use with other
                                                    local services.
                                                    Modern purpose built
Custody Suite Blacon Avenue, Chester                                                                  Retain                   None
, Tarvin                                                                                              Sale-2024
, Ellesmere Port                                                                                      Currently for sale
, Hartford                                                                                            Sale-2018
, Barnton                                                                                             Sale-2010
, Tattenhall                                                                                          Sale-2017
, Upton, Chester                                                                                      Sale-2013

                                                                             Building is Grade 2*
                                                                             listed property,
                                                                             cellular in internal                                  Sale to Local
                                                                             design with elements       Sale for alternative use   Authority and
                                                   Central location, large
Area HQ, Arpley Street, Warrington                                           of buildings dating        e.g. hotel, conferencing   relocate to new
                                                   site and building.
                                                                             from numerous              or residential.            Northern Area
                                                                             periods. NPU teams                                    base.
                                                                             have grown, creating
                                                                             issues with space

                                                                             Leasehold building
                                                   Separate premises
                                                                             thus restricted. Cost
                                                   providing a location
                                                                             of rental and capital
                                                   for critical back up of
                                                                             expenditure at end of
                                                   call handling facility                                                          Consider relocation
                                                                             term for dilapidations.
                                                   and as Northern area                                                            of facility to any
Charles Stewart House, Museum Street, Warrington                             Open plan building         Retain
                                                   silver command. Also                                                            new Area base set
                                                   houses Criminal                                                                 up.
                                                                             confidentiality issues.
                                                   Justice Unit and
                                                                             Issues with heating
                                                   Crown Prosecution
                                                                             and ventilation of this
                                                   Service lawyers.
                                                                             1970's concrete
                                                                                                                                   Consider co-
Area support and police station, Shopping City,                              building lacking
                                                   Town centre location                                 Retain medium term         location options
Runcorn                                                                      image and significant
                                                                                                                                   with local authority.
                                                                             maintenance issues
                                                   Urban centre location
                                                                             Ageing building with
                                                   adjoining recent
                                                                             some elements
                                                   major retail
                                                                             (fenestration) already                                Pursue option with
                                                   development. Prime                                   Halton Council have
                                                                             beginning to fail. High                               Council and
Police Station, Milton Road, Widnes                location direct onto                                 expressed an interest to
                                                                             degree of cellular                                    consider co-location
                                                   major road network.                                  purchase this site.
                                                                             accommodation                                         options
                                                   Large amounts of
                                                                             which does not lend
                                                   space in buildings on
                                                                             itself to efficient use.
                                                                                                        Retain unless adjoining
                                                                                                        premises reach suitable
                                                                              conversion in leased
Risley Police Station, 4 Delenty Drive, Warrington   Location                                           development value and      Review alternatives
                                                                              property thus
                                                                                                        relocate. Possibility of
                                                                                                        buy out.
                                                                              Old building,
                                                                                                        Consider sale and          opportunities for co-
Sankey Police Station, 382 Liverpool Road, Sankey    Location                 residential in style.
                                                                                                        relocation                 location with local
                                                                              Over capacity.
                                                                              Old listed building
                                                     Community based          (Grade 2*), highly
                                                                                                        Consider sale and          opportunities for co-
Police Station, 1 Grappenhall Road, Stockton Heath   facility in reasonable   cellular in nature and
                                                                                                        relocation.                location with local
                                                     condition for age.       with potential long
                                                                              term repaire liability.
                                                                              Inappropriate             Consider sale and          opportunities for co-
Police Station, Danebank Road, Lymm                  Location
                                                                              residential conversion    relocation.                location with local
                                                     Location, large site     Inappropriate
                                                                                                                                   Safe Centre,
Police Offices, 320-324 Manchester Road, Woolston,   with potential for       residential conversion    Sell when Safe Centre
                                                                                                                                   Leighton Hospital
rape suite                                           redevelopment as         and inefficient use of    opens.
                                                     larger NPT base.         site area
                                                                              Premises are past
                                                                              their design life and
Police Post, M62 Motorway, Burtonwood                Location and site.                                 Retain                     None
                                                                              building is now of
                                                                              poor quality.
                                                     Modern purpose built
Custody Suite, Manor Park, Runcorn                                                                      Retain                     None

, Lymm                                                                                                  Sale-2024
, Widnes

                                                 Large space volumes
                                                 available in
                                                 reasonably modern
                                                 framed building on
                                                 large, well located
                                                 town centre site.                                                          Consider co-
                                                                          Building is full to
Area HQ, Civic Centre, Crewe                     Possibility of town                                  Retain                location
                                                 centre being                                                               opportunities.
                                                 developed in next 5 -
                                                 10 years but
                                                 uncertainty in respect
                                                 of effect on police
                                                 station site.
                                                 Large space volumes
                                                 available in
                                                 reasonably modern        Complicated building
                                                                                                                            Consider co-
                                                 framed building on       on small, sloping site.
Police Station, Brunswick Street, Macclesfield                                                        Retain                location
                                                 large, well located      Building is highly
                                                 town centre site.        cellular in nature.
                                                 Recent improvements
                                                 and extension.
                                                 Purpose built police     Already showing
                                                                                                      Retain and consider
                                                 station on restricted    signs of age in
                                                                                                      possibility of some
Police Station, Hawthorn Road, Wilmslow          site. Design is          construction and                                  None required
                                                                                                      refurbishment to
                                                 traditionally styled     design. Too cellular
                                                 and quite pleasing.      for latest needs.

                                                 Reasonably large         Old building, highly
                                                 property located on      cellular in nature and
Police Station, Toft Road, Knutsford                                                                  Retain.               None
                                                 central site adjoining   with potential long
                                                 court premises.          term repairing liability.
                                                                                                   Joint development
                                              Large space volumes       Building is reaching
                                                                                                   package with Primary
                                              available in              point at which
                                                                                                   Care Trust and Council    Explore joint
                                              reasonably modern         services and systems
                                                                                                   being discussed.          development
Police Station, Congleton                     framed building on        as well as elements
                                                                                                   Relocate NPU to           options with
                                              large, well located       of building fabric
                                                                                                   appropriate premises in   partners.
                                              town centre site. Also    reach the end of their
                                                                                                   town centre and back
                                              houses tape library.      operational life.
                                                                                                   office elsewhere.

                                                                        Poor image as old                                    Safe Centre,
                                                                                                   Sell when Safe Centre
Police Station, 33 Crewe Road, Alsager        Location                  building and                                         Leighton Hospital
                                                                        residential in nature.                               Site.

                                              Location. Former                                     Retain but consider
                                              police house and                                     sale and move to more
                                                                        Does not reflect
Police Offices, Chester Road, Holmes Chapel   office with spare land                               appropriate premises -    None
                                                                        positive image.
                                              capable of                                           releasing reasonable
                                              development.                                         site.

                                              Reasonably modern
Police Station, Middlewich Road, Sandbach     police station,           Very cellular in layout.   Retain                    None
                                              recently refurbished.

                                              Purpose built single
                                              story police station on   Repairing liability of
Police Station, Queen Street, Middlewich                                                           Retain                    None
                                              large site. Recently      flat roof.
                                             Small urban station,
                                             limited in size and
                                                                     Ageing property with    Retain but with
                                             portrays a reasonable
Police Station, Beam Street, Nantwich                                limitations on          refurbishment /            None
                                             image of force.
                                                                     expansion.              extension if possible.
                                             Adjacent large public
                                             car park.
                                                                                                                        Investigate co-
                                             Location appropriate                                                       location
Police Station, London Road North, Poynton                           conversion.             Possible sale
                                             to use.                                                                    opportunities with
                                                                     housing NPU staff.
                                             Location appropriate
Police Offices, Oak Road, Chelford                                   residential             Retain                     None
                                             to use.

                                             Location and size
                                             appropriate to use.
Police Offices, 46 Eastern Road, Willaston                           residential             Retain                     None
                                             Houses effective
                                             Partnerships Unit.

                                                                     Premises are past
                                                                     their design life and   Demolish and
Police Post, M6 Motorway Post                Location and site                                                          None
                                                                     building is now of      reconstruct
                                                                     poor quality.
                                                                                                                        None, unless Area
                                                                     Portacabin offering
                                                                                             Retain - licenced          Health Authority
                                             Ideally located for     limited amendment.
Police Offices, West End, Crewe                                                              building only via Health   offers more
                                             purpose.                On license from Area
                                                                                             Authority.                 permanent
                                                                     Health Authority.
                                             Modern purpose built
Custody Suite Middlewich                                                                     Retain                     None

, Macclesfield                                                                               Sale-2011
, Prestbury                                                                                  Sale-2011
                                                                                             Sale-currently used as
, Poynton
, Worleston                                                                                  Sale-2014

Description: Police Brand Strategy document sample