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Alcohol Awareness Month sponsored by the National Council on


									                                                      WE ARE REVERSING THE TRENDS!!!
                                                      Locally we have seen a 23% increase in the number
                                                      of 10th graders who have never been around other
                                                      teens using alcohol in the past 11 years!

              April Newsletter                        What else do we know?
                                                       50% percent of our 12th graders and 63%
                    2010                                percent of our 10th graders have not used
                                                        alcohol in the past 30 days.
           Alcohol Awareness                           62% of our area 12th graders and 76% percent of
               Safe Prom                                our 10th graders have reported that they did not
       Young Ambassador Program                         participate in binge drinking (more than 5 drinks
                                                        at one time) in the past 30 days.
         Child Abuse Prevention
                                                       33% of the area 12th graders and 19% of the area
        Sexual Assault Awareness                        10th graders have driven a car after using alcohol
                                                        or other drugs in the past year.
                                                       The survey reports that we have increased the
           WARNING SIGNS OF                             number of 10th graders who have never been
            ALCOHOL ABUSE                               around other teens using alcohol by 29% since
                                                        1999. Currently 45% report never having been
If you answer "yes" to any of the following             around other teens using alcohol.
questions, you may have a problem with alcohol:
   Do you drink alone when you feel angry or sad?    (Results taken from the Siouxland CARES Greater Sioux
   Does your drinking ever make you late for         City Metro Area Youth Survey. In 2009 4,741 students
    work?                                             in grades 6, 8, 10, & 12 from eight area school districts
                                                      participated including Sioux City Public, Bishop Heelan,
   Does your drinking worry your family?             Dakota Valley, South Sioux City, Sergeant Bluff-Luton,
   Do you ever drink after telling yourself you      Lawton-Bronson, River Valley and Woodbury Central)
   Do you ever forget what you did while drinking?
   Do you get headaches or have a hangover after                       THANK YOU
      Source: How to Cut Down on Your Drinking        Special thanks to all of you who purchased tickets
                                                      and assisted with our Reversing the Trends event,
                                                      held on March 17th. We truly appreciate it. Thanks
                                                      to the volunteer committee members Judy Burke,
       WE ARE REVERSING THE                           Laura Schiltz, Kevin Grieme, Sandy Nation, Dennis
             TRENDS!!!                                McGill and Mike McGowan. Special thanks to
                                                      Mary Koster for working nights and weekends to
The percentage of high school seniors who have        make this a success.
used alcohol in the past 30 days has decreased from
58% in 2002 to 47% in 2009. Our 2010 target is        The preliminary report of Town Hall responses by
48% so we have reached that already. That’s an        176 persons states that more than twice as many of
11% decrease in the past 8 years.                     the respondents thought the problem of underage
                                                      drinking was greater for high school students than
WE ARE REVERSING THE TRENDS!!!                        for college students. Many respondents are more
The percentage of high school seniors who have        concerned about high school drinking than college
participated in binge drinking (5 or more drinks at   drinking, even though they believe underage college
one time) has decreased from 44% in 2002 to 36%       drinking behavior is more dangerous. Almost two
in 2009. Our 2010 target is 36% so we have reached    thirds of the respondents would keep the drinking
that already.                                         age at 21.
o 46.3% felt high school drinking is a bigger        them today. Log on to and
  problem than college-age drinking.                 go to the Youth Services section to download an
o 78.9% felt college students binge drink more       application.
  than high school youth.
o 85.5% felt college students had easier access        What is the Young Ambassadors’ Program?
  to alcohol.                                         Recognition program for young people who
o 25% felt the drinking age should be under 21,         display good character.
  65.7% felt 21 is appropriate, and 9.3% felt it      All nominated students will receive a free Young
  should be higher than 21.                             Ambassadors t-shirt, gifts from area businesses,
                                                        and public recognition on October 18, 2010.
          SOURCE: TOWN HALL SURVEY 3/17/10            From the nominations, twelve students will be
                                                        selected to be mentored by members of the
          HAVE A SAFE PROM!                             Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission and
                                                        given additional recognition.
                Prom Dates 2010
                   April 10                                                Eligibility
                Woodbury Central                        Must be in 4th-7th grade during 2009-2010 school
                    April 17                            Must be enrolled in a Sioux City public or
                 Dakota Valley                           parochial school, reside in Sioux City, but attend
       Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto-Mapleton                  a school outside of Sioux City, or be home
                                                         schooled in Sioux City.
                     April 24                           Must be available for the recognition event on
  Bishop Heelan                  Lawton-Bronson          Monday, October 18, 2010.
  Sergeant Bluff-Luton           Westwood-Sloan         Must include with this application form one
  Elk Point- Jefferson           South Sioux City        letter of recommendation explaining why the
                                                         applicant should be a Sioux City Young
                      May 1                              Ambassador. The recommendation may be
                 Sioux City North                        written by a teacher, family member, or anyone
                 Sioux City West                         associated with the child who is aware of the
                    River Valley                         child’s good character and service.

                      May 8                          Please send this application form and a letter of
                  Sioux City East                    recommendation describing how the child
                                                     demonstrates one of the six pillars of character
                                                     (respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness,
 MAKE MEMORIES…NOT HEADLINES…                        caring, citizenship) to: Sioux City Young
        Celebrate Drug-Free!!                        Ambassadors c/o Sioux City Mayor’s Youth
                                                     Commission, P.O. Box 3763, Sioux City, Iowa
                                                     51102, by May 1, 2010.
 COMMISSION RESURRECTS THE                                     Trustworthiness: Think it. Be it.
                                                                   Respect: Give it. Get it.
YOUNG AMBASSADORS’ PROGRAM                                     Responsibility: Take it. Teach It.
                                                                 Fairness: Share it. Practice it.
The Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission will                      Caring: Show it. Receive it.
now coordinate the Young Ambassadors’ program,                  Citizenship: Have it. Honor it.
in cooperation with Siouxland CARES. Do you
know of a young person in grades 4-7 that has good     or
character and should be recognized? Nominate         
   APRIL IS SEXUAL ASSAULT AND                           Monday, April 12, Mayor’s Youth Commission 8th
       AWARENESS MONTH                                   Grade Leadership Forum, Long Lines Family Rec
                                                         Center, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
      Every 90 seconds someone is being sexually        April 18, National Council on Youth
        assaulted in America                             Leadership, Siouxland Chapter, Youth Salute,
      One in four girls and one in seven boys are       for selected high school Juniors at Morningside
        sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday    College.
      One in four college girls and one in three
        women are sexually assaulted in their            Monday, April 19, Sioux City Mayor’s Youth
        lifetime                                         Commission meeting, 7 p.m., City Hall Council
      7-10% of adult rape victims are male              Chambers, 405 6th Street, Sioux City.
      Anyone can become a victim
                                                         Tuesday, April 20, Teen Court Training, 101
For more information, call the Council on Sexual         Pierce Street, Sioux City, IA. Applications available
Assault and Domestic Violence, 712-258-7233 or go        at

                                                                      Parents can help.
Friday, April 9, Protecting Families Conference,             Ask: Who? What? Where? When?
8:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Sioux City Convention              Remember: It’s not pestering. It’s parenting.
Center.                                                       (National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign)

Course Description: This conference is designed
to provide information about compliant child
victims and the dynamics of the acquaintance child              START TALKING BEFORE
molester and prevention of child abuse.                         THEY START DRINKING!!!
                                                                  Start the conversation any way you can.
Guest Faculty: Kenneth V. Lanning, consultant
in the area of crimes against children, FBI Special
Agent for more than 30 years specializing in the                 The information in this newsletter
study of sexual victimization of children. He is                           is compiled by
currently a consultant on cases involving deviant           Siouxland CARES About Substance Abuse,
sexual behavior, the sexual victimization of children,        101 Pierce Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51101,
missing and exploited children and the use of              (712) 255-3188; Email:;
computers and the internet to facilitate the sexual              Website:
exploitation of Children.

Noon Speaker: Karen Taylor Good, motivational              Funding made possible through a Drug Free
speaker, songwriter, author, and inspirational               Communities Support Program grant to
speaker who has motivated encouraged and                 Siouxland CARES from SAMHSA and ONDCP.
entertained thousands with her unique presentation,
which blends music and humor.
                                                                Siouxland CARES is a United Way
Questions Contact: Mercy Medical Center -                               affiliated agency.
Educational Services Department, 801 5th Street,
Sioux City, IA 51101 (712) 279-2507.

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