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					         Municipal Police Agreement (MPA) Billing Procedures
    1.      Police Agreements
            Upon receipt of the Municipal Police Agreement from the New Jersey Department of
            Transportation, the Financial Officer of the Municipality will ensure that they have:
               a. A fully executed Police Agreement for the specific project
               b. A copy of signed and dated “Statement of Cost” (a cost breakdown of allowable charges)
               c. A verification memo from the Project Manager that an account has been established in
                  the NJDOT FMIS system
               d. The project description, Project UPC number, and ‘Contract ID’ number
               e. A copy of Municipal Resolution of authorized signatory for processing invoices
               f. Municipal Police Agreement Billing Procedures package (also available on NJDOT
                  Internet web site.)
    2.      Police Preconstruction Meeting
            The project’s Resident Engineer will schedule a Municipal Police preconstruction meeting to be
            attended by the Coordinating/Scheduling Police Officer; Municipal Financial Officer responsible
            for billing; Project Field Manager; Project Manager, and Regional Coordinator, if requested. The
            meeting is to be held prior to the use of Police and may be held prior to or at the conclusion of
            the Project Pre-Construction meeting. The meeting is to review the project’s Traffic Control Plan
            (TCP) and Safety requirements; billing procedure requirements; and the planned use of local
            police officers.
    3.      Police Billing Procedures / Form and Documentation
            The Municipal Financial Officer will verify that the Municipal Police and or Accounting office has
            received and understood this procedures package. The person in-charge of the billing may seek
            guidance from the Project Manager or Regional Coordinator to ensure they submit correct and
            complete invoice billing with each submission for it to be processed without delay. The main
            elements of the invoice billing include the following:

                •   Invoice submission is prepared using a current State of New Jersey MPA – Form
                    PV-(C) Payment Voucher (Invoice) (see attachment “A” and attachment “B”).
                •   Billing is according to the current agreed Statement of Cost attached to and made part of
                    the Police Agreement for actual hourly wage rate, vehicle rate, and overhead.
                •   Without exception, a summary of costs on Original Municipal letter head is included and
                    attached along with all supporting certified Payroll showing the necessary itemization and
                    breakdown for labor, material, overhead, etc. Certified Payroll are the documents that list
                    the dates, time, and hours worked, vehicle usage hours, officer’s names, and their actual
                    hourly rate as stated in the Statement of Cost for each item to the invoice. The Municipal
                    Financial Officer can certify the accuracy of the information submitted. These items must
                    be addressed to the NJDOT Regional Construction Engineer, not the State’s contractor.
                •   Assure the appropriate authorized signatory(s) (as listed on the Municipal Resolution for
                    the project) has signed the voucher in block ‘F’, “Payee Declaration”, and the signatory
                    has dated, printed his/her name and authorized title.
                •   Invoice is submitted in a timely manner and only one invoice submission per month from
                    the Municipality is allowed by terms of the Municipal Police agreement. (Multiple months
                    can be billed on one invoice voucher).
                •   The Voucher must be in accordance with the current Municipal Police Agreement, within
                    budget, filled out correctly, and contain all required information.
                •   Signed Checklist indicating the invoice is completed as required.

         Incomplete and or incorrectly billed Vouchers will be returned without process, which will delay the
         payment to the Municipality.

Procedures are subject to change without notice. Check the Capital Project Delivery website to ensure this is the current
version. Last Update: 02/04/2009.
        Municipal Police Agreement (MPA) Billing Procedures

        The Municipality shall check for the following on the PV-(C) form and that all required fields of the
        voucher are complete and contains, but is not limited to, the following information: (letters below, ‘A’
        through ‘I’, correspond to the Payment Voucher PV-(C) and sample invoice – Attachment “B”).

          (A) Vendor Identification Number ID – Complete the payee identification field with the federal employer
              identification number assigned to the Municipality. NOTE: The Municipality must be registered with
              the State of New Jersey Department of Treasury in order to receive payment.
          (B) Contract Information - Contract Agreement date (date on 1 line of agreement), Agreement Number
              assigned to contract (upper right corner, page 1 of agreement, PA-) and Contract I.D. # provided by
              Project Manager are filled in.

          (C) Total Amount – Enter the total amount for this payment voucher not the running total to date.

          (D) Payee Name and Address – The name of the Municipality to whose name the check shall be drawn
              and the complete address where the check shall be mailed. Name and address must agree with
              Municipality name registered with the New Jersey Treasury as well as the executed Police
              Agreement. Include a contact individual with their phone number.

          (E) Send Completed Form/Voucher to - Forward 1 signed original of the invoice with appropriate
              backup for construction work to the appropriate Regional Construction Engineer responsible
              for the construction project. Please contact Project Manager or Regional Coordinator for the

          (F)   Payee Declarations – Invoice is to be signed only by individual(s) authorized to do so.
                Unauthorized signatory invoices will be returned without process. Payee must sign the declaration;
                date the payment voucher; and clearly print their name and title so it is legible.

          (G) Payee Reference Number – Payee must show its own unique invoice or billing number as an
              identification for reference purposes. This information is recorded on the check stub and aids the
              payee to identify the invoices which have been paid. Do not use more than 30 characters and use
              only one unique number for each invoice. Examples are INV # 1, #2; or INV #3 FINAL when
              submitting the last invoice for payment.

          (H)   Cost Incurred Dates and Contract Description - Cost incurred dates and description of work
                performed, including Modification number or extra work modification number, UPC Code if available.
                Dates here would be the month of, etc. Multiple Cost Incurred Dates are to be shown in an attached
                summary and found in attached documentation. In Description Field: Include in this field – DOT
                Project with UPC number; Contract Ceiling amount (if applicable); Previously Billed to Date amount;
                and Billed this Invoice amount. Each of these is required information.

          (I)   Amount – In this column include cost for this invoice (not running total). For filling out the attached
                form electronically, right click the mouse over the cell and choose “update field” to update the amount.


     Back-up Documentation - Attachment of Internal Invoices may be referenced under one billing
     invoice number. Internal Invoice numbers are shown on a Municipal letter head summary sheet
     which will show a detail of billing and individual invoice totals.

   NOTE: If any of the above information is missing the invoice will be rejected and returned. Please ensure a
         billing contact Name & Phone Number is included in submission - Usually on Cover Letter but preferred
         on the face of voucher and usually underneath PAYEE Address (D)
         Only ONE (1) invoice per month is permitted.

Procedures are subject to change without notice. Check the Capital Project Delivery website to ensure this is the current
version. Last Update: 02/04/2009.
         Municipal Police Agreement (MPA) Billing Procedures

    4.      Changes in the Contract Rate and/or Agreement Ceiling

            If the “Statement of cost” needs to be adjusted allowed only once a year, the municipality will
            contact the agreement Project Manager in a timely manner. Requests sent to the Resident
            Engineer will not be entertained and will not be considered valid. Submission of the
            request to the Project Manager is not considered valid until an Agreement Modification is fully
            executed. The municipality will provide necessary documents as requested by the Project
            Manager to evaluate the need for modification in coordination with the Resident Engineer. Also,
            the Resident Engineer may request to increase the contract ceiling as per the project
            requirements. If the modification is justified, the Project Manager will start the process using
            appropriate NJDOT forms (DC-45 P). In no case the Resident Engineer is authorized to change
            any terms of the Police Agreement. Only authority to change the terms of the Police Agreement
            resides with the Project Manager. It takes about 30 to 90 business days to process these
            modifications. The new rate of billing will apply only to the hours worked on or after the date of
            full execution of the Agreement Modification or as stated in the executed Agreement

            Municipality must pass another resolution in the event of any of the following:
              a) There is a change in authorized signatory(s)
              b) The municipality wants to designate other individual(s) as authorized signatory(s)
              c) The municipality wants to change the rates appearing on the “Statement of Cost” (also
                   requires submittal of a revised Statement of Cost)
              d) The individual whose signature appears on the original Statement of Cost and/or
                   Agreement is no longer employed by the municipality or is no longer in that capacity (also
                   requires submittal of a revised Statement of Cost)

            Statement of Cost that is manually edited except for the rate filled in will not be considered valid
            and will be rejected by the Project Manager. If the municipality has any concern, it must resolve
            it prior to full execution of the Statement of Cost and the Police Agreement/ Modification.

    5.      Project Completion

            If the project work is nearing completion and the services of the Municipal Police will no longer
            be required, the Resident Engineer will issue a ‘Final Invoice Request Notification’ to the
            municipality (see Attachment “C” for sample request notification). The municipality will have 30
            days to respond to the Resident Engineer.

            The municipality will submit the final invoice within 30 days of the request. The final invoice shall
            be prepared in the same manner as other invoices except the word “FINAL” shall be included in
            the block (G) of the Payment Voucher PV-(C). In cases where there are no outstanding charges
            left to be billed, the municipality can either prepare an invoice with zero dollar with the release
            clause or send a letter on the original municipal letterhead with the release clause and indicating
            that there are no outstanding charges left to be billed for the project. Upon approval and
            processing of the Final Invoice, the Resident Engineer will notify the Project Manager that the
            Agreement for the Municipal Police can now be closed out. The Project Manager will initiate the
            Agreement close out. No additional billing will be processed after the project Agreement is
            closed out.

         Attachments: Click the hyperlink to see the documents

            A.   MPA - Form PV (C) – Payment Voucher (Invoice) – Blank form
            B.   MPA - Form PV (C) – Payment Voucher (Invoice) – Sample filled in
            C.   Final Invoice Notification Letter – Sample
            D.   Invoice Backup - Sample

Procedures are subject to change without notice. Check the Capital Project Delivery website to ensure this is the current
version. Last Update: 02/04/2009.

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