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									                                                                         GAIN consumer insights

                                                                         RECOGNIZE menu trends

                                                                          IDENTIFY opportunities

                                                                           ASSESS ingredients

                                                                        EXAMINE pricing strategies

                                                                            REFINE marketing

                                                                                           Now includes
                                                                                           two- and four-
                                                                                            year findings

The Pizza Consumer Trend Report
                                                      a t t i t u d e    a n d     u sa g e     s tu d y


        Food industry information you can count on.
                           Introducing the Pizza Consumer Trend Report
                 A must-have resource identifying trends and opportunities in foodservice.

CaPiTalize on The PoPulaRiTy of Pizza To boosT inCRemenTal sales and geneRaTe Revenue…
Limited-service pizza concepts alone are a $30B industry and, according to the National Association of Pizza Operators, Americans eat about 350 slices of
pizza per second. To explore opportunities within the segment, Technomic has developed the Pizza Consumer Trend Report. This report will help operators
and suppliers:
     	 Leverage overwhelming acceptance and identify actionable opportunities: Understand consumer needstates and purchasing decisions
          to influence the behavior of the 93% of consumers who eat pizza at least once a month and the 26% who do so at least once a week.

     	 Support menu and product development: Identify the type of pizza crust, sauce, cheese and toppings consumers prefer and how these
          preferences have changed in the past two years. Additionally, use advanced analytics to prioritize your product mix and create the most
          preferred combinations of pizza ingredients.

     	 Boost incremental sales by appealing to target and niche markets: Discover key differences between Heavy, Moderate and Light Pizza Users
          as well as indulgent and health-conscious consumers to help maintain and broaden your customer base through menu and marketing strategies.

     	 Understand competition from foodservice and retail: Benchmark your operation against nearly 30 key pizza players and learn what is
          driving 85% of consumers to purchase frozen pizza from retail stores.

ComPRehensive CoveRage
    	 The latest consumer research: An exclusive Technomic survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers showcases pizza preferences, attitudes and purchasing
         behaviors. Data collected for 750 Canadian consumers is also available.

    	 Comparative two-year survey findings: Comparison data from Technomic’s 2006 and 2008 Pizza Consumer Trend Reports reveal changes in
         consumer preferences and purchasing behavior.

    	 In-depth coverage and analysis of restaurant menus: Recognize pizza trends at Top 250 chains, emerging chains and leading independents
         through a review of Technomic Information Services’ MenuMonitor. This comprehensive and continually updated online database houses menu
         information for over 1,000 restaurant chains throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

    	 Trends, key findings and actionable opportunities: Gain additional expert insight into the future of pizza and better position your brand and
         your products for success in this increasingly competitive foodservice environment.

eXPanded deliveRables

     	 Comprehensive executive summary including insights, implications and areas of opportunity for operators and manufacturers.

     	 Easy-to-navigate electronic consumer data tables including all consumer interviews tabulated by cluster segments that include gender,
          age, ethnicity, region and household income.

     	 Valuable appendices to the report include detailed profiles of 20 innovative and emerging pizza concepts and comprehensive
          demographic profiles based on consumer patronage at nearly 30 leading pizza chains.

         Report is featured on Technomic Access, our exclusive online tool that allows subscribers to conduct customized searches, download
          specific insights and graphics and create tailored presentations directly from the Pizza Consumer Trend Report.

     	 An in-depth PowerPoint Presentation containing all report exhibits and corresponding key findings is also available.

                                           To obtain your copy of Pizza Consumer Trend Report,
                              or for additional information, please contact Patrick Noone at (312) 506-3852.
                                  Learn what more than 1,500 consumers are saying about pizza…

                                                                      Reasons foR Choosing Pizza
                                                                                  most recent occasion

      Was in the mood for or
                                                                             62%      	 Analysis: Cravings strongly influence consumers to purchase pizza. Sixty-two
               craving pizza
                                                                                         percent of those polled say their most recent away-from-home pizza purchase was
    I didn’t feel like cooking
          and prefer pizza for                         25%                                 driven by a craving. Since flavor and taste seem to be primary pizza drivers, pizza
         carryout or delivery                                                              operators may want to consider how they can differentiate their offerings through
       The price of the pizza                      20%                                     new or unique ingredients or flavors to elicit these consumer cravings.

                                                                                      	 Analysis: A quarter of respondents (25%) ordered pizza on this occasion because
               I had a coupon                     19%                                    they did not feel like cooking and prefer pizza for takeout or delivery. Pizza is likely
                                                                                           the go-to solution for consumers who don’t feel like or have time to cook, and pizza
  There was a pizza special
                                                 18%                                       concepts may want to tout this as part of their marketing message.
              or promotion

      Convenient location of                                                          	 Analysis: About a fifth of those polled also indicate that a strong value proposition can
                                                17%                                      encourage them to order pizza, saying their most recent order was influenced by price
             the restaurant
                                                                                           (20%), coupons (19%) or promotions (18%).
                   Base: 1,500 consumers aged 18+
                   *Respondents chose up to three reasons

        Please indiCaTe The imPoRTanCe of neW oR innovaTive Pizza ToPPings in CReaTing a good Pizza
                                                                   by year and gender, top two box = 5 and 6

                                                                                      	 Analysis: Overall, today’s consumers are placing just slightly more importance on
                                                                                         the use of new or unique pizza ingredients. About a third of respondents polled in
                                                              29%                          2010 (36%) and in 2008 (34%) said that new or innovative toppings are important
                           Male                                                            factors in creating a good pizza.
                                                                                      	 Analysis: Some interesting differences were found by gender. Fewer males polled in
                                                                                         2010 (29%) than in 2008 (33%) indicate interest in new or unique toppings. However,
                                                                                           interest in these innovative pizza ingredients has significantly increased among
                                                                                           females. More than two out of five women surveyed in 2010 (41%) compared to a
                                                                                           third of women asked in 2008 (34%) indicate interest in such options.
                                                                 34%                  	 Analysis: This data has implications for how operators and suppliers determine
                                                                                         their product mix and align their pizza offerings to meet the needs and
                                                                                           preferences of their customer base. For instance, they may want to market
                                                                                           traditional, well-established ingredients and pizza builds to males and tailor
                                     2010            2008                                  innovative toppings or unique specialty pizzas to females.

    Respondents indicated their opinion on a scale of 1–6 where 6 = very important 1 = not important at all
    Base: 1,500 (2010) and 1,503 (2008) consumers aged 18+

                                                   emeRging & innovaTive Pizza ConCePTs PRofiled
                                                                                        in alpha order

arizona Pizza Company          garlic Jim’s famous gourmet Pizza              The loop Pizza grill            Pizza fusion                          sammy’s Wood-fired Pizza
breadeaux Pizza                great lake                                     motorino                        Redbrick Pizza                        Westshore Pizza & Cheesesteaks
brixx Wood-fired Pizza         homemade Pizza Co.                             naked Pizza                     The Rock Wood-fired Pizza & spirits   zPizza
extreme Pizza                  izzy’s Pizza bar & grill                       Pizza Cottage                   Rocky Rococo Pizza & Pasta            zucca bar & Pizzeria
Additional Reports Available
With 1,000–2,000 survey respondents per study, our Consumer Trend Reports provide in-depth data and analysis on
consumer attitudes toward, and usage of, foodservice products, amenities and brands. Menu analysis and pricing information
highlight industry trends and help facilitate benchmarking initiatives, while detailed company profiles and menus offer a
thorough overview of dozens of leading chains. At a fraction of the cost of conducting this research on a proprietary basis, our
comprehensive Consumer Trend Reports offer valuable insights and recommendations. Study titles include:

     Foodservice Categories                                    Dining Occasions

            •   adult beverage                                         •   breakfast
            •   appetizer                                              •   dinner: Routine, late night & special occasion
            •   bakery Café                                            •   family dining: The next generation
            •   beef & Pork                                            •   Retailer meal solutions
            •   beverage                                               •   snacking
            •   burger                                                 •   Takeout
            •   dessert
            •   Pizza                                          Market Trends
            •   Poultry                                             • College & university
            •   salad                                               • flavor: sauces, dips and Condiments
            •   sandwich                                            • future of fried foods
            •   soup                                                • generational shifts series
                                                                        - Millennial, Generation-X and Baby Boomer reports can also be
Note: several Canadian Consumer Trend Report                              purchased individually.
study titles are also available. Call to inquire.                   • healthy-by-design foods
                                                                    • The hispanic Consumer
                                                                    • hotel f&b: on-Premise, Catering and Room service
                                                                    • Kids & moms
                                                                    • Pricing strategies
                                                                    • status and future of fast foods

For ordering information, please contact Patrick Noone at 312-506-3852 or

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