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									                              THE REDFIELD REVIEW
                                   APRIL 2011

                                 Fundraising Spaghetti Supper
                                     Hosted by WCV After Prom Committee

                                 Saturday, April 9th, 2011 from 5 to 7 pm
                                        At the Redfield Legion Hall

                                Spaghetti, salads and desserts will be served.
                                                 Free Will Donation

                                              Easter Egg Hunt
                            Sponsored by the Redfield Development Committee

                             Starts at 10 am on Saturday, April 23rd, 2011
                                         At the Redfield City Park
                                        For kids up to the age of 13

                    There will be a drawing for one boy and one girl Easter basket.
                 Bring your camera and get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny!

                                We will also have BINGO from 2 to 4 pm.
                      Looking for a Full Time Summer Job????
We are looking for a babysitter/nanny for our 1 ½ year old daughter. Anyone who is
interested must be 16 or older, comfortable with toddlers and pets, have a valid driver's
license and a reliable vehicle, and be able to work Monday through Friday from approximately
7am to 5:30pm (hours will vary) all Summer long. We would prefer a high school or college
student who has CPR/First Aid Certification but willing to work with the right person. Pay is
based on experience and will be discussed before hire. Our home is located within Redfield
City Limits. If you are interested, please email Ashley at with your
name, contact information, and any information you would like to share about your past
experiences with children. I will email you back immediately. Thank you for your interest!
The Redfield Review
April 2011
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                               Redfield Public Library
                                National Library Week is April 10th – 16th.

             The Redfield Public Library is having a Wine Tasting Event, Friday, April 15th
             from 5:00 – 7:00 P.M.

Dexfield Questors #604 purchased the book Classic Toys by Scott Eberle for the library in
memory of Opal Atkins. The book describes toys that have been inducted into the National
Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, N.Y.

New DVD’s at the library:
The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum with Matt Damon
Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts
My Sister’s Keeper with Cameron Diaz and Abigal Breslin
Firehouse Dog
What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford and Michele Pfeiffer
Down with Love with Renee Zellweger
Expecting a Miracle with Teri Polo & Jason Priestly
Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood…………………………………………Submitted by Lori Stonehocker

                            March Blood Drive Nets 30 Units
Thirty-six donors registered to give blood on March 8 at the Conference Center. LifeServe
Blood Center personnel performed 26 whole blood procedures and 2 double red cell
procedures, for a total of 30 units of blood.

Special thanks go to Derry Countryman, whose financial donation provided pulled pork
sandwiches for the canteen and packets of flower seeds for the donor souvenirs. In addition,
Shirley Eklov called to schedule donors and also made cookies and helped in the canteen.
Others who made recruitment calls were Jane Arjes, Rilla Baker, Mickey Hawes and Dave
Lantz. Mike Simpson assisted with publicity and unloading prior to the drive.

Blood drive chairman Becky Simpson also wishes to thank Joe and Nancy Smith for allowing us
to use the building and Russ Horn and Tom Short, who will be sponsoring upcoming drives.

The next blood drive will be on Wednesday (note day change for this drive only), June 29,
from 3-7 p.m. Contact Becky at 833-2991 to schedule an appointment…….Submitted by
Becky Simpson.
The Redfield Review
April 2011
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                                        Redfield Lions Club
Harry Stine of Stine Seed Company was the guest speaker. Mr. Stine gave a fantastic talk
about the making of bio fuel at the old tile plant. One of the facts Mr. Stine stated, that
impress this Lions Member, is that 70% of all soy beans planted in the United States can
genetically be traced back to Dallas County, Iowa and the Stine Seed Company.

Lions Members are working on getting ready for our Yard Sale, putting together our Kids
Earn a Bike Program, & working on other programs.

I would like to thank everyone who has/is donating to the Lions Can/Bottle depot. Don’t forget
all proceeds go to the American Legion Fund………………………………….Submitted by Rick Gienau


                          Redfield Development Committee
We had our monthly meeting on Monday, March 21st. The Development Committee held
elections. The elected officials are as follows:

                Heather Godwin – President                        Cristin Lantz – Secretary
                Jim Eide – Vice President                         Velda Groover - Treasurer

We will continue BINGO in April on Sunday, April 10th and Saturday, April 23rd. The 23rd
will be the last BINGO of the season. Thanks to everyone who played for another great year

The annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, April 23rd. We are still accepting
donations of Easter candy. Please drop off your donations at City Hall by April 20th.

Depending on the weather, the Depot will open Saturday, April 30th, for the season.

The Redfield Farmers Market is set to begin Thursday, May 5th in the City Park. We are
looking for food vendors, craft vendors and musical entertainment. Some picnic tables are
available, but you may need to supply your own table and tent. Any questions, contact Ruth
Cave, 833-2470………………………………………………………………………..……Submitted by Kathy Yori
The Redfield Review
April 2011
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                               The American Legion
Legion Community Building Committee
March 19, 2011

Jim Eide called the meeting to order at 9:38 am. 12 members were in attendance. Rick
Gienau read the minutes of the last meeting-approved as read. Julie Bailey gave out financial
report- Jack Soulis 1st motion, 2nd by Frank Wagers-motion carried.

Old Business
      Brick sales will close without penalty on April 2, 2011.
      Julie Bailey handed out detailed accounting on building project and landscaping budget.
      Contacted the building contractor about a few problems with the doors (they will get
       fixed) and about the gutters and they should be installed shortly.
      The Legion Auxiliary will be buying and installing mini blinds in all the windows. Great
       idea Auxiliary!
      Dustin Lantz and Kim Hill installed trim around the kitchen serving window and order
      Landscaping and streetscaping was discussed.
      Bike rack was discussed. Will chat with the bikers next week about the best type of
       bike rack to get.

New Business
      Discussion was held on putting up shelves in the back room over the flag storage
       cabinet, other options were discussed. Main purpose is to keep floor area open for
       when all the tables and chairs have to be put away.

Meeting Adjourned 11:06……………………………………………………………..Submitted by Rick Gienau

American Legion Auxiliary

The Redfield American Legion Auxiliary honored the American Legion Post 261 on Tuesday,
March 15th, with a potluck supper for their birthday. A bountiful meal was enjoyed by 30
guests. After singing Happy Birthday, a beautifully decorated cake with a surprise candle was
served. Several old scrapbooks of the Auxiliary were displayed for reminiscing and refreshing
memories of past history.

A short business meeting was conducted by President Christie Dwyer. The Auxiliary voted to
purchase new shades for the Legion Hall. Some discussion was shared about the upcoming
Garage Sale…………………………………………………………………..Submitted by Darlene Pitzenbarger
The Redfield Review
April 2011
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The Redfield Review
April 2011
Page 6
                             Lesson’s From a Building
       There is an old John Prine song where the singer tells of all those things that robbed
him of his childhood souvenirs. His list didn’t mention a vacant block, void of its buildings, at
the four corners in the middle of the town that he grew up in. The block that used to be the
home of grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, apartments, among the other things that
shape a youth’s mind growing up in a rural Midwest town, with the loss of each building on
that block, it made a bigger and bigger void, and another part of my childhood souvenirs were
voided along with it.

        But out of this very same ground we have seen the rise, a re-birth if you will, of a new
building, built on the foundation of the men and women of the legion and what they stand for,
especially those that worked all those breakfasts, those that are still present with us, as well
as those that have passed from us, somehow when I gaze at the new building I still see their
faces and feel their presence. In its short life the building has already served as a meeting
place for friends and family at the breakfast served there, memorial dinners shared there, and
the fund raisers that have benefited community and school district, bringing a new life and
spirit to our town, trust me I have see it in the faces of all who speak of it. We have much
more to look forward to as the spring and the summer unfold, as and this new life and spirit
are nurtured, growing into special memories for our youth and even us old folk too.

       As a Christian I feel especially blessed that I live in the northern hemisphere where the
miracle of Resurrection (Easter) Morning coincides with the rebirth of landscape that presently
seems void to us. Spring bird’s singing brings to witness this new birth, trees re-leafing,
spring flowers giving to us their beauty somehow calling forth the warmth of the spring sun,
and the fields that are now void will soon be planted with the seeds of the promise fall

        As we experience the new life taking place all around us, the voids we witness being
filled with a life that comes from the death of a city block or even a landscape, I would like to
encourage you to look at your own life, is there a void that you haven’t been able to fill? The
void you may be experiencing could be the absence of God in your life, a void that He filled
with the death of His son Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, and out of the tomb He has
been raised, giving forth His Spirit, that is our foundation of new life in Him, a life that is
abundant “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10 NIV) A
live that is eternal “so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him
may have eternal life.” (John 3:14a-15 NIV) And this for all who have faith in him “For God so
loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not
perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 NIV)

Wishing you a Happy Easter and a profitable spring from the Soup Club (Redfield Christian
The Redfield Review
April 2011
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                                             Who Ya Gonna Call?
Alliant Energy                     800-822-4348             Mangano Electric                        515-993-4244
American Legion                    515-833-2070             McCoy Sanitation                        800-961-4011
Awesome Windshield Repair          515-554-1173             Mediacom Cable                          800-432-9213
Backroads Recordkeeping                                     MidAmerican Energy                      888-427-5632
          Pam Paardekooper         515-833-2485             National Investors                      515-833-2999
Baker Heating & Cooling            515-559-6778             Off Sides Pizza & Pub                   515-833-2900
Carol’s Cakes                      515-205-1605             Okoboji Pallet                          515-833-2412
Casey’s Pizza                      515-833-2983             The Queen’s Cakery                      816-341-2298
Casey’s Store                      515-833-2577             Post Office                             515-833-2741
City Hall                          515-833-2512             Raccoon River Retreats                  515-833-2636
City Public Works                  515-833-2600             Redfield Christian Church               515-833-2785
Clothesline Laundromat             515-249-3206             Redfield Feed & Supply                  515-833-2280
Dairy Shoppe                       515-833-2815             Redfield Locker                         515-833-2920
DC Conservation Hanging Rock       515-465-3577             Redfield Medical Clinic                 515-833-2301
Dexfield Diner                     515-833-2927             Redfield Public Library                 515-833-2200
First State Bank                   515-833-2303             Redtown Tires                           515-833-2400
Glen-Gery Brick                    515-833-2828             Shorts Lawncare                         515-480-7801
Hair Junction                      515-833-2323             South Dallas Head Start (Adel)          515-993-1190
Heartland Co-op                    515-833-2253             T K’s Auto                              515-833-2377
Hy-Vac Laboratory                  515-833-2322             Thomas Street Tap                       515-833-2379
Iowa State Patrol                  800-525-5555             Tony’s Chop Shop                        515-240-7459
Iowa Realty – Janell Ketelson      515-453-5833             The Twisted Meatball                    515-833-2381
Kate’s Salon & Spa                 515-789-4100             United Methodist Church                 515-833-2946
Jehovah’s Witness                  515-833-2806             West Central Valley Schools
Kuhn Funeral Home                  515-789-4621                       Dexter                        515-789-4480
Life Investors                     515-833-2616                       Redfield                      515-833-2331
Light Brothers Trucking            515-833-2365                       Stuart                        515-523-1313
Lions Club Sign (Chuck Arnburg)    515-833-2471             Windstream                              800-347-1991

            ATTENTION: 2 jackets were left at Off Sides Pizza & Pub on St. Patricks Day.
                          Please come in to claim them and enjoy some pizza!

                                  The Stuart Fremont Theatre
                                           124 N Fremont St
                                          Stuart, Iowa 50250

                                      Become a friend on Facebook

       First Run Movies
       Dolby Digital Sound
       Stadium Seating
       High back rocking chairs

                        Call or check the website for Movies and show times.
                                                           APRIL 2011
     SUNDAY             MONDAY               TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY               THURSDAY       FRIDAY       SATURDAY
                                                                                                   1                2

3                   4                    5                      6                       7          8                9
                         5 pm Library                               11:30 am Bridge
                        Board Meeting                                          Club
                                                                                                                    5-7 pm Spaghetti
                          7 pm Legion    7 pm City Council                                                                   Supper
10                  11                   12                     13                      14         15               16
     2-4 pm BINGO   11:30 am Bridge                                                                                        9 am Legion
                               Club                                                                                       Building Mtg.

                       6:30 pm Lions                                7 pm Old Settlers              5-7 pm Library
                    Club Dinner Mtg.                                        Meeting                  Wine Tasting
17                  18                   19                     20                      21         22               23
                                                                    11:30 am Bridge                                       10 am Easter
                                7 pm          7 pm Women’s                     Club                                           Egg Hunt
                         Development         Legion Auxiliary
                                 Mtg.                  Mtg.                                                              2-4 pm BINGO
24                  25                   26                     27                      28         29               30
                    11:30 am Bridge
                                                                       2 pm United                                      Depot Opening
                         6:30 pm Lions                                  Methodist’s
                         Club Business                              Womens Meeting

                    Please send Review submissions to me by the 25th of each month. Thank you!
                                       Cristin Lantz, Redfield Review Editor

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