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					Initial Preparation Committee of the USTEC
Meeting Minutes 2/2/09
UNCA: Kim Kessaris, Karen Cole, Mark Sidelnick, Brenda Hopper
UNCA candidates: Justin Williams, Ben Floyd
Asheville City Schools: Becca Ireland

1. Two handouts were distributed:
       a. evidence #6 description, 1st draft, professional development standard
                    outlined possible running journal entries from ED310 through ED
                    variety of possible activities / engagement opportunities may
                      overlap with evidence #7, family and community involvement
                    these 2 evidences may be folded into one
                    overall feedback was favorable
       b. course sequence chart for core courses (across K-12 programs)
                    outlined courses from ED 310/311 through ED455
                    included the removal of PSYC 101/102 and PSYC 318; and the
                      dispersal of the content into a new assessment course (ED3XX); to
                      be divided into separate sections K-6, and 7-12.
                    included the removal of ED 396/496 and the dispersal of course
                      content into ED 3XX and a new 3 s.h. student teaching course (ED
                      4XX) tentatively called "Teacher as a 21st century professional"
                    student teaching would still require 5 full weeks within 12 total
                      weeks, within the 15 week UNCA semester; however, there may
                      be an initial partial period of time spent on campus prior to the
                      semester change (pertinent to 9-12, January term), for the new ED
                      4XX course.
                    ED 4XX would also facilitate the creation and posting of the final
                      evidences #6 and #7, as well as oversee differentiation of lessons

2. Discussion:
       a. there are obvious differences in need between K-6 and 6-12 that have to be
       addressed, while still maintaining common touch-points for NCATE.
       b. students related that the current PSYC 318 is a strong and well-liked course; it
       was explained that the removal of the PSYC courses would result in fewer s.h.
       requirements for licensure, while preserving the content in other courses.
       c. it was pointed out that a delayed start to ED 455 for student teaching would
       accommodate the 9-12 students in January, but may not be appropriate for K-6;
       and this may eliminate all students from experiencing the start of school in
       d. MATH 211 and MATH 215 will remain for K-6, as they meet general
       education requirements; however, students can test out of these; students reported
       not being made aware of this - this is an advising issue for all K-6 folks.
       e. students responded favorably to the suggestion of creating a new US/World
       History combined course that directly deals with the NCSCoS.
3. Next steps:
       a. The above proposal for a new model, and discussion points, will be taken to the
       Education Department faculty meeting Tuesday, 2/3/09. At that point, the
       department will vote on moving ahead developing this model.
       b. Karen will be developing a "template" for the "blue print" required by NCDPI
       for each program area; to be distributed to program coordinators and to this
       committee for feedback and suggestions.
       c. The next meeting, to look at the template and further progress on the
       curriculum restructuring, will be Wednesday, March 4th, 4:00 pm, in room 106
       Zageir Hall.

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