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									                                      PMO Assessment/Recommendation Content

The team-based PMO project should identify where on the PMO Competency Continuum the company PM
activities currently reside. Your assessment should assess of the readiness for the organization for advancing
their existing PMO along the PMO Competency Continuum. Your analysis of that assessment should
determine the readiness of the company for advancing along the continuum with a detailed report of what you
recommend they do to progress towards that objective. Your recommendation should include a plan to take the
company towards that objective.

General Assessment Criteria: Competency, Capability, and Maturity.

 Assessment Criteria Categories Adapted from The Complete Project Management Office Handbook by Gerard M. Hill
Practice Management Infrastructure Management Resource Integration                 Technical Support      Business Alignment
PM Methodology           Project Governance            Resource Mgt                Mentoring              Project Portfolio Mgt

 Assess basis for PM     Assess preparation and       Assess project             Assess PM             Assess project
  methodology              maintain PMO charter          resources Acquisition       mentoring program      portfolio management
 Assess current          Assess PM policies           Assess project resource    Assess PM             Assess project
  practices               Assess project                assignment                  mentors                selection
 Assess project life      classification guidance      Assess project resource     engagement            Assess integration of
  cycle                   Assess project manager        deployment                 Assess actual PM       projects in the
 Assess PM                authority                    Assess resource             mentoring              portfolio
  methodology             Assess executive control      performance                Assess mentoring      Assess project and
  implementation           board                         management                  program evaluation     portfolio reviews
 Assess PM               Assess business and          Assess project resource                           Assess portfolio
  methodology              technical committees          assignment close-out                               attrition management
  maturity management

PM Tools                 Assessment                    Training & Education        Planning Support       Customer Relationship

 Assess project tools    Assess competency              Assess training          Assess project    Assess customer
 Assess project tools     assessments                     programs                  planning support   relationship
  implementation          Assess capability              Assess training          Assess adjunct     management
 Assess project tools     assessments                     program Management        planning support  Assess customer
  evaluation              Assess maturity assessments    Assess training                              contract management
                                                           program evaluation                          Assess customer

Standards & Metrics      Organization & Structure      Career Development          Project Auditing       V/C Relationships

 Assess PM standards  Assess PMO structure            Assess PM career path      Assess project         Assess relationships
  implementation         Assess PM structure           Assess PM career            auditing capability     with vendor/contractor
 Assess project metric  Assess stakeholder project     planning                   Assess actual          Assess acquisition of
  requirements            participation                 Assess professional         project auditing        vendor/contractor
  determination                                          certification support      Assess project         Assess management
 Assess introduction                                                                auditing result         of vendor/contractor
  and use of metrics                                                                 management              performance
 Assessment Criteria Categories Adapted from The Complete Project Management Office Handbook by Gerard M. Hill
Practice Management Infrastructure Management Resource Integration               Technical Support     Business Alignment
Project Knowledge       Facilities & Equipment        Team Development           Project Recovery      Business Performance
Management              Support
                                                       Assess cohesive team      Assess recovery        Assess integrated
 Assess knowledge   Assess project team               formation facilitation     assessment process      business solutions
  management          requirements                     Assess virtual team       Assess planning         development
  framework          Assess project facilities         setup facilitation         and conducting         Assess business
 Assess knowledge    management                       Assess project team        project recovery        collaboration
  management system  Assess project equipment          development               Assess capturing of     management
  introduction        management                        enablement                 recovery lessons       Assess PMO business
 Assess knowledge                                     Assess project team        learned                 fulfillment
  management system                                     performance                                        management
  implementation                                        monitoring

The PMO assessment should use the categories in the Assessment Criteria Categories Table to assess how the performance of the
company with regard to their PMO office oversight activities. The recommendation should provide concrete ways that the oversight
of the PMO can be better facilitated with a specific plan on how to progress towards that objective.

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