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					                                                      Susquehanna League Template
                                                     Tryouts for ages 11 – 13, An “A , B & C” teams will be chosen. Pitchers must pitch from the stretch, base runners may take a
                                                     lead and batters may run to first on a dropped third strike. Teams will play similar type teams in York County. Win/Loss record
League Description                                   is kept by league. Competitive.
Age                                                  11, 12 & 13 yr olds
Player selection                                     Skills Assessment / Tryout followed by selection
Maximum assemblies (practices and games)             4 / week
Games Per Season                                     Approximately 17-20
Games Per Week                                       One - Three (average 2)
Post Season Play                                     Susquehanna League run end-of-year Tournament/Playoffs
Base Path / Pitcher Mound Distance                   Base Path 75 ft / Pitcher's Mound 50 ft

                                                         The purpose of the Susquehanna League is to provide 11, 12 and 13 year-olds the opportunity to continue to develop the
                                                         skills necessary for the game of baseball. The Susquehanna league is selected by tryout only and is the targeted league
                                                         for the better skilled baseball players. The competition level in the Susquehanna League is the best in the are for this age
Purpose and Principal Goals                              group. Standings and scores are kept by the league. Teams play against other similar tryout teams in York County.
                                                         Principal goals of this league include:
                                                         * Continue to emphasize teamwork, respect for the other players, coaches and umpires and good sportsmanship.
                                                         * Continue to enhance the Baseball skills already developed.
                                                         * Develop more advanced fielding, batting and game sense in order to move effectively compete in this travel league.
                                                         * General fielding knowledge – know most positions, know what to do with the ball when you get it ( i.e. don't throw behind
                                                         the runner, hit the cut off man, back up positions).
                                                         * Teach pitchers and catchers how to call a game.
                                                         * Practice "what if" game-scenarios to help the player understand what they are suppose to do, where they are suppose to
                                                         be, and what do they do next on the ball field.
Defensive Goals
                                                         * Know where to play, ready position and creep step.
                                                         * Continue to emphasize cut off man and proper way to make a relay throws.
                                                         * Introduce double play techniques and positioning.
                                                         * Teach different defenses for the bunt (rotation play etc.) .
                                                         * Teach infielder & pitchers how to hold runners on.
                                                         Alertness, attentiveness, respect, teamwork & positive attitude. Respect for team mates, opponents, coaches, fans and
Behavior Goals
                                                     * Continue to emphasize proper batting techniques.
                                                     * Learn more advanced offensive situations, hit-and-run, double-steal, advancing base runners.
                                                     * Teach batters and baserunners the situation and the strike zone.
Offensive Goals                                      * Base Running: Go first to third on a base hit to outfield, tag on a fly ball, bust up a double play, run throughout the bag at
                                                     first, and advance when the ball is hit on the ground behind you or past the catcher.
                                                     * Continue work on sacrifice bunt and teach bunting for a base hit.
                                                     * Optimize lead and learn to be an aggressive baserunner.
                                                     Teach pitcher to place pitches. Continue to develop off-speed pitch. Work on holding runners on base with a pick off move
Pitching Goals
                                                     and to pitch from the stretch. Understand that strikes are a pitcher's best friend.
                                                     Continue to develop Field Generals. Develop blocking skills, different stance depending on steal threat. Work on quick
Catching Goals
                                                     release. Learn how to call a game.
                                                     Goal is to have 2-3 teams in any of the A, B, and C Susquehanna league levels. Number of teams determined by the amount
Number of Teams
                                                     of players capable on playing at this level.
Number of Players Per Team                           minimum 11 , maximum of 16 (average 12)
Trophies / Awards                                    Susquehanna League provides trophies for top teams.
                                                     To be coordinated with Team Parent and Manager as to whether or not snacks or treats are provided for the players. If
Snacks                                               snacks and treats are provided, they must be given out after the game. And any food allergies or food restrictions must be
                                                     considered so as not to alienate anyone.
Rules                                                Susquehanna League provided rulebook
Coach Selection
                                                      Baseball Development Committee / Gm's / Final Approval by Board of Directors pending outcome of the background check.
                                                      Attendance at practices and games is mandatory. This is competitive league and should be the top priority for players in the
Player Commitment                                     league. 100% participation in game and practices makes it possible to create a good team chemistry and this allows the
                                                      players the best possibility to learn the game of baseball.
The MTAA League templates are reviewed annually by the Player Development committee. The purpose of the template is to provided a common framework of expectations for
each division of MTAA Baseball for Players, Parents, and Managers/Coaches. The MTAA board of directors will make every effort possible to ensure that facilities are available to
meet the guidelines and League General Managers are tasked to ensure these guidelines are met. All MTAA Managers/Coaches are required to read, understand and follow the
guidelines presented in the templates. Any questions or comments on league templates should be made through the League General Manager or via email at mtaa@suscom.net.


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