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									                                    RICE SWCD BOARD MEETING
                                    March 22, 2007 – 1:00 PM

Chairman Wagenbach called the meeting to order at 1:10 PM.

PRESENT:       Robert Borchert, Robert Duban, Wally Hildebrandt, Gary Wagenbach, Tom Coffman,
               Steven Pahs, and Debbie Skarupa.

ABSENT:        Dick Huston

MINUTES: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt, second by Bob Duban to accept the February 21, 2007
board minutes with one correction. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt, second by Bob Borchert to approve
the January Program Summary subject to audit. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

BILLS PAYABLE: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt, second by Bob Borchert to approve the Bills
Payable subject to audit. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

CRWP GROUP BUS TOUR: Cannon River Watershed Partnership along with the Ecology Bus
and several other local partners are planning a three-day bus tour June 21-23rd. Gary Wagenbach
had asked the board at the last board meeting to consider sponsoring the event. Someone needs to
receive the money, and it’s not clear yet if Northfield Public Schools will do it. He suggested waiting
to decide on a sponsoring amount until the fiscal agent is decided. Item will be put on the April

RC&D VALUE ADDED CONFERENCE: Wally talked about the RC&D Conference held at
Treasure Island in Red Wing in January. Approximately 260 people attended and it went well. May
do it again next year or consider moving it around to different areas on a four to five year rotation.

JPB LISTING: An updated SE SWCD Technical Support Joint Powers Board committee listing
was mailed to the board.

COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: A revised committee assignment list was mailed to the board.
Bob Duban is on the MASWCD State Resolutions Committee again.

M D & A for ANNUAL REPORT: The Management Discussion and Analysis portion of the
Annual Report was discussed and accepted. Annual Report and Annual Plan were sent in to the state
before the March 15th deadline.

NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST: Personnel Committee unanimously decided to re-
advertise for the position. New application deadline is March 30, 2007.

DAY AT THE CAPITOL: Gary Wagenbach, Bob Duban, and Steve Pahs attended and met with
Senator Dick Day, Representative David Bly, Senator Tom Neuville and Representative Patty Fritz.
Steve Pahs passed around letters that Richard Huston received back from different legislators that
Dick had written to. The Board appreciates Dick’s efforts.
CRWP ETHANOL SUMMIT: Summit has held March 21st at the American Legion in Faribault
with good attendance and speakers. Discussion followed. A table showing gallons of water used to
produce one gallon of ethanol was discussed. Ethanol is considered to be a large user of water.
Different plants use different technology so gallons used can vary from less than one to six gallons.
Also, plants are revising procedures to recover moisture/steam. Gary W. talked on the future legal
mandates to reduce emissions.

CONTRACTOR’S MEETING: A meeting for area contractors was held in Kenyon on March 13th
with 12 staffers and approximately 12 contractors in attendance. Topics covered were; safety,
bidding and estimating, wetlands, and NPDES issues. Tom Coffman thanked the board for their
donation toward the cost of rolls, milk, and coffee. Approximately one-third of the area contractors
showed up.

GREAT PLAINS NO-TILL DRILL: A listing of 2006 users and acres was discussed. Current
surplus from drill is $5995.43. Bob Duban suggested trading in the drill when we have enough funds
in the drill account and before the drill is too run-down. Current fee is $50.00 for delivery and
$10.00 per acre.

SE SWCD TECHNICAL SUPPORT JPB CONTRACT: Motion by Bob Borchert, second by
Bob Duban to approve the sub-recipient contract with SE SWCD Technical Support Joint Powers
Board. Grant is for $110,000 to house a Nutrient Management Specialist through June 30, 2009. All
aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

STEWARDSHIP MATERIALS: Stewardship week is April 29th through May 6th. Inserts had not
been received yet, so will be handed out at the next meeting.

STRATEGIC PLANNING MEETING: The Strategic Planning Meeting will be held at the Rice
County Government Services Building Room 3A on April 3rd from 10:30 – 2:00 PM. Rice County
Commissioners have been invited for a pizza lunch. Suggested topics: Introduce new staff, Revised
feedlot ordinance, How can we help Planning & Zoning, Water Plan which expires in 2008, Informal
Energy discussion, Pictometry Demonstration (3-D), PowerPoint presentation, What hearing from
constituents, Water resource role of MPCA Staffer, “Effective Committees” by Bob Duban and
“How does alternate energy fit with soil & water conservation programs?” by Gary Wagenbach and
Wally Hildebrandt. Gary can’t be here until 12:30. Dick Huston will be absent. Wally can bring
rolls. Pizza to be delivered at 11:30 AM.

SWCD NEWSLETTER: SWCD Newsletter was mailed out to approximately 2900 landowners
and producers at a cost of $ 1313.00. Steve was able to get 7 to 9 contractors to sponsor each issue
for $50.00 each and intends to do 3 to 4 newsletters per year. Nice job – Add date to next issue.

MN WATER QUALITY APPLICATIONS: Feedlots were discussed. Motion by Wally
Hildebrandt, second by Bob Borchert to approve the following two State Water Quality Feedlot Grant

Pete Hope – 12135 Kenyon Blvd, Kenyon 55946
Scott Marik – 17691 LeSeuer Ave. Kilkenny, MN 56052 SHV 18 $45,375 (NRCS doing)

All aye - None opposed - Motion carried. Mark Trcka feedlot was discussed.
NACD DUES: NACD dues of $750.00 were approved at the last board meeting, however, amount
was $775.00 when we received the bill. Motion by Bob Borchert, second by Wally Hildebrandt to
approve the NACD annual dues in the amount of $775.00. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

STATE COST-SHARE CONTRACT: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt, second by Bob Duban to
approve the following state cost-share contract:

CS#060808A Harvey Edel 11797 Kasota Trail Kilkenny, MN SHV 3 - 3 sediment basins $6497.06.
Ron Maas was the SWCD authorized technician. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

PRINTER DONATION L.SVIEN: NRCS removed the computer Ron Maas has been using
because he is not a full-time employee and support costs are expensive. Chairman Wagenbach
signed a letter thanking NRCS employee, Laurie Svien, for donating an old printer that he had at

TREE SALES: Sales are down from previous years partly because of fewer CRP signups and direct
seeding. Tree pick up day will be April 20th.

SEMACDE EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR: Tim Labs received the 2006 SEMACDE Employee of
the Year Award at the March 12th meeting. Rice County has a large amount of wetland and
development issues. Chairman Wagenbach to send a letter of commendation to Tim. Wally H.
suggested doing an article on Tim in the next SWCD newsletter.

TRAINING: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt, second by Bob Duban to approve a Fred Pryor
supervisor training session for Steve Pahs. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

SUPERVISOR REPORTS: Native prairie seed sources were discussed. NRCS gives genus species
listing for operators to follow.

D.C. REPORT by Tom Coffman:

   1. Tillage Committee: A meeting is scheduled for April 11th to review conservation tillage
      issues in Rice County. Brad Carlson of Extension and Dave Legvold of CRWP have been
   2. Invasive Species: As an Area 7 Plant Materials Committee effort, an invasive specie
      workshop was put on at Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester by two DNR employees.
      Very good session on identifying and controlling invasive species. Credit goes to Area
      Resource Conservationist Laurie Svien for organizing the workshop.
   3. EQIP 07: Work progresses on approving EQIP applications with 2007 dollars. Looks as if
      this will be the first year where all applications will be approved.

Since the last board meeting, we have been very busy getting ready for the spring workload. I have
been working closely with Samantha and Nicole in their respective roles and each are quickly
learning their new roles. Now that the snow has melted, we can resume construction site inspections.
There continues to be moderate interest in the CREP program. We will be working on getting the last
applicants signed up no later than June to allow enough time to process the easements. Tree sales
have been about normal so far this year. I expect to sell nearly all of our inventory before we hand
out trees in mid-April. Our first very own newsletter was mailed out to about 2800 landowners and
operators in the second week of March. We received 7 donations from contractors to help offset the
cost of the newsletter. Since it was published, I have received two additional requests to sponsor the
newsletter. The cost was about $1300, with current donations totaling $350. I would like to get
enough sponsors to cover half of the cost, so if you want to help find sponsors, let me know.

The Day at the Capitol was a great success! Gary Wagenbach, Robert Duban, and I attended the
legislative briefing on Monday night, and then met with all four of our legislators the following day.
While we were there, we sat in on a hearing for General Services Bill funding. It was very interesting
to listen to and see several MASWCD members testify on the bill.

The personnel committee met on March 6th and interviewed one candidate for the nutrient specialist
position. The committee decided not to offer the individual the job, which means we are now
advertising the position again.

Other meetings/events:
   • Attended Area 7 Employees meeting in Kasson on March 12.
   • Assisted with the Rice/Goodhue County Contractors Meeting on March 13.
   • The office was painted over the weekend of the 17th, which meant we had to move all the
       furniture out of the way and put it back in place on Monday. The walls now look good, but
       we noticed that the carpet is in bad shape in many places.

   Upcoming is the strategic planning meeting on April 3rd. April 6th the office will be closed in
   observance of Good Friday.

       Five Observation Well Readings were taken.

           In field on two windbreak requests.

           Review of our state cost share program. All available funds are now encumbered.

           Meetings and Training Sessions Attended:
             RIM/WRP Workshop
             Area 7 Employee Meeting
             Contractor’s Meeting in Kenyon
             Invasive Species Workshop in Rochester
             WCA Training in Owatonna
             CRWP Summit

           Finalized the Ag BMP Loan Agreement for 2007. Rice SWCD will receive $145,000 for
           low interest loans. Less money was allocated statewide for the program this year. The
           SWCD may have to prioritize applicants to approve.

           Wetland Conservation Act:

               A Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) meeting was held to review the Willinger’s
               wetland replacement application on a housing development on the golf course. The
               application was denied at this time due to the panel thinking that one of the wetland

              impacts could maybe be avoided with a different plan to rearrange the proposed road
              and houses. The applicant will respond to this and another meeting may be held.

              An exemption application was sent out for the comment period on the Cliff Schmidke
              property in Section 17 of Morristown Twp. to excavate a Type 2 wetland and use the
              excavated soil for a dike.

              Attended a meeting at Planning and Zoning on the Sakatah Shores Housing
              Development in Lower Sakatah Lake with the developer, engineer, township,
              Commissioner Plaisance and concerned neighbors. The issue is that when the road
              was built to the housing development, a culvert was installed that was to flood a Type
              2 wetland with a couple feet of water. The problem is that the developer’s engineer
              apparently did not survey to determine where the water would go and it has put water
              on two neighboring properties without their permission.

   • Worked with FSA (Rice and Goodhue) staff to determine landowner eligibility for CREP or

   •   Prepared 25 filter strip estimates (CREP) for Roger Wilkowske to promote within the county.

   •   Prepared and finished CREP II applications, where eligibility had been previously
           o New applications sent to BWSR for approval include:
                      Leonard Schulz (13.4 ac)

          o Pending applications (BWSR) include:
                  Elfering (32.8 ac.)
                  Covert (25.5ac)
                  Helgeson (4.5 ac.)
                  Hachfeld (6.2 ac.)
                  Stolee (3.6 ac. 0
                  Ness (3.2 ac.)
                  Schlossin (1.7 ac.)
                  Olson (6.7 ac.)

   •   Worked with NRCS staff to prepare conservation plans and contracts using ArcGIS and

   •   Achieving a greater understanding of my role with the NRCS, BWSR and FSA, as well as
       basic operations with the SWCD.

   •   Attended an all day Engineering Training Session in Rochester on 2/20/07 and 2/22/07, where
       I learned how to design grassed waterways.

   •   Attended the Basin Alliance for the Lower Mississippi in Minnesota (BALMM) meeting in
       Rochester on 2/21/07.

   •   Worked with new landowners who have expressed interest to enroll in CREP II:
         o Paul Ramig
         o Steve Matejcek
         o Joan Jandro
         o Therese Lewis

   •   Measured the following practice boundaries with FSA:
                     Elaine Kubal (4.0 ac)
                     Kenard Schmidtke (29.1 ac)

STORMWATER TECH’S REPORT by Samantha Wangsgard:
Since last report, I have been busy getting ready for the field season to begin!

Accomplishments include:
   • Attending the annual Minnesota Erosion Control Associations Conference in Minneapolis
   • Meeting with my MPCA contacts both regionally and statewide
   • Meeting with other JPA partners to discuss the program
   • Attending Planning and Zoning meetings & hearings
   • Going onsite to inspect construction activities and meet with permit contacts
   • Organizing all of the case files for the program
   • Fielding calls from Contractors/Owners/Site Contacts regarding their construction site
   • Completing an ArcMap database of all construction sites listed on the MPCA JPA database

RC&D SM. FEEDLOT FIX APPLICATION: Motion by Bob Borchert, second by Wally
Hildebrandt to approve a RC&D Small Feedlot Fix grant application for:

Cheryl Olson - 26856 Halstad Avenue – Morristown, MN 55052

All aye - None opposed - Motion carried. Landowner must match 100%.

OTHER CORRESPONDENCE: Carbon sequestering was discussed. See

ADJOURN: Motion by Bob Borchert, second by Dick Huston to adjourn. All aye - None opposed -
Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by:                                   _____________________________
                                                             Debbie Skarupa – District Secretary

                                                              Robert Borchert – Board Secretary


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