Winter 2011 Group Fitness Classes by xiuliliaofz


									    Winter 2011
    Group Fitness Classes
    **No classes Monday February 21 & Friday April 22
       Time         Monday           Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday        Friday       Saturday
      7:00 am                     Indoor Cycling                     Indoor Cycling

      9:00 am                       9:05 Keep                          9:05 Keep                    9:05 Keep
                                     Moving!                            Moving!                      Moving!
      9:30 am                                                                                      Total Body
     10:00 am                                                                                     Indoor Cycling

     11:00 am      Beach Body     Cycle and Core        Butts and       Yoga          Yoga Flow    Cardio Spice
                      Burn                               Bellies     Foundations
                   Gentle Yoga                                                                      Raja Yoga
       Noon       12:05 Fifty-     12:05 Fifty-     12:10 Forty-      Beach Body      Chiseled     Kick Boxing
                 Minute Fitness   Minute Fitness   Minute Fitness     Boot Camp
                     Zumba         12:05 Indoor    Pilates Level 2   12:05 Indoor     Yoga Flow
                                      Cycling                           Cycling
                   Hatha Yoga       Yoga Flow                        Yoga/Pilates
      1:00 pm                                      Pilates Level 1

      3:30 pm                                                          Yoga Flow

      4:00 pm                       Yoga Flow      Peaceful Yoga       4:30 Kick
                                    4:05 Keep                          4:05 Keep
                                     Moving!                            Moving!
      4:45 pm        Tai Chi       4:45 Indoor
      5:00 pm      Beach Body       5:05 Keep           Butts and      5:05 Keep
                   Boot Camp         Moving!             Bellies        Moving!
                  Cardio Spice       Zumba         Cycle and Core

                    Chiseled          Yoga              Raja Yoga
      5:30 pm      Yoga Flow

      6:00 pm       Butts and      Beach Body       CORE-umba         Kickboxing
                     Bellies       Boot Camp
                   Kardio Kick                      Pilates Level
                 Indoor Cycling

      7:00 pm     7:15 Cardio        Athletic      Cardio Mix &        Athletic
                 Mix & Chiseled    Conditioning      Chiseled        Conditioning
                                   Kick Boxing           Zumba

                                    Kickboxing     Pilates Level 1    Kickboxing
                                      Level II                          Level II

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Athletic Conditioning                                          Butts and Bellies                                             Cardio Spice
Join our high-energy instructors in these challenging          Do you want stronger abs and a shapelier derriere?            Spice up your fitness routine in this fun and flirtatious
athletic conditioning programs designed to increase            This 55-minute functional fitness workout is designed         fitness class that combines the basics of striptease
speed, build muscle strength and cardiovascular                to strengthen your core while sculpting your legs             movements with body awareness and sculpting
endurance using athletic movements and drills. New             and butt. The focus will be on proper form and                elements. A confidence-building, low impact workout
workouts are continuously introduced to keep it fresh          safely pushing your personal limits followed by key           that conditions and strengthens the body, targeting
and motivating!                                                stretching.                                                   the hips, thighs and abdominals.
Tue          7:00pm-8:15pm              Jan 11-Mar 8           Mon          6:00pm-6:55pm              Jan 17-Apr 4          Mon           5:00pm-5:55pm               Jan 17-Feb 14
Thu          7:00pm-8:15pm             Jan 13-Mar 10           Wed          11:00am-11:55am            Jan 19-Apr 6                                                             $60
                                                      $80      Wed          5:00pm-5:55pm              Jan 19-Apr 6          Sat           11:00am-11:55am          Jan 22-March 12
                                                                                                                   $110                                                         $80
Beach Body Boot Camp
Guys and gals…..interested in getting that beach               Kardio Kick                                                   Chiseled
body “buffed” for spring and summer? This higher               A cardio workout with martial arts flare, designed to keep    Build your strength, endurance and definition using
intensity 6 week course will kick your butt into shape         your heart rate in the aerobic training zone for maximum      bars, plates and free weights in this effective group
just in time! Using a variety of athletic drills, skills and   fat burning and cardio pulmonary effect. Provides all         weight training program. The weight room comes
strength training our certified instructors can help you       round muscle toning via kicking and punching, while           into the studio to transform your body using all major
achieve or maintain your fitness goals. *A moderate            emphasizing safety and correct execution of technique.        muscle groups. Focus is on technique, precision and
level of fitness is recommended for this class.                Mon           6:00pm6:55pm                  Jan 17-Apr 11     getting you results!
Mon            5:00pm-5:55pm                Feb 28-Apr 4       *no class Jan.31                                   $110       Mon           5:00pm-5:55pm              Jan 17-Apr 4
Tue            6:00pm-6:55pm               Jan 18-Feb 22                                                                     Fri           12:00pm-12:55pm            Jan 21-Apr 8
Tue            6:00pm-6:55pm                 Mar 1-Apr 5       Cardio Mix & Chiseled                                                                                           $110
Thu            12:05pm-12:55pm             Jan 20-Feb 24       Strengthen your heart and your muscles! You’ll enjoy a
Thu            12:05pm-12:55pm               Mar 3-Apr 7       variety of cardio exercises including step, hi/lo, athletic   CORE-umba
                                                      $60      drills and an extended chiseled component where               Ay carumba! (WOW!). Join our high energy Latin
                                                               you’ll use bars and plates to build strength, endurance       instructor in this dynamic fusion of zumba-inspired
Beach Body Burn                                                and muscle definition.                                        fitness and challenging core conditioning for a total
Burn through those New Year’s resolutions in this total        Mon            7:15pm-8:15pm                Jan 17-Apr 4      body workout that, best of all, is FUN!!
body makeover. Shed the winter calories and unleash a          Wed            7:00pm-7:55pm                Jan 19-Apr 6      Wed           6:00pm-6:55pm              Jan 19-Apr 6
new, fit physique ready for the beach or outdoor spring                                                            $160
activities. This progressive program of cardio and                                                                           Cycle and Core
strength intervals emphasizes muscle endurance and             Total Body Conditioning                                       Combine the power and energy of indoor cycling with
conditioning with maximum aerobic output.
                                                               Join our high-energy instructor in this total body            an inner focus on core stability. After a challenging
Mon           11:00am-11:55am             Jan 17-Apr 4         conditioning program designed to increase muscle              40 minute ride, a core conditioning component will
                                                    $110       strength and cardiovascular endurance using athletic          improve posture, balance and stability.
                                                               movements and drills. New workouts are continuously           Tue          11:00pm-11:55pm             Jan 18-Apr 5
                                                               introduced to keep it fresh and motivating. For all           Wed          5:00pm-5:55pm                 Jan 19-Apr
                                                               fitness levels.                                                                                                 $110
                                                               Sat             9:30am-10:55am         Jan 22-Apr 9

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    Group Fitness Classes
    Fifty-Minute Fitness                                         Kick Boxing
    Get your fifty-minute fitness fix! You’ll get an effective   Get practical self defence moves and a great cardio
    full-body workout including a variety of cardio              workout with the help of our high-energy, dynamic
    followed by resistance/core training and a relaxing          instructor. You’ll develop skills through targeted drills
    stretch. Perfect for those on a tight schedule who           done on your own and with other participants in a
    want to squeeze in fitness over the lunch hour.              safe, non-competitive environment. All levels are
    Mon           12:05pm-12:55pm               Jan 5-Apr 25     welcome.
    Tue           12:05pm-12:55pm              Jan 11-Apr 26     Tue           7:00pm-8:15pm                Jan 18-Apr 5
                                                      $110       Thu           4:30pm-5:45pm                Jan 20-Apr 7
                                                                 Thu           6:00pm-7:15pm                Jan 20-Apr 7
    Forty-Minute Fitness                                                                                           $130
    Enjoy a more relaxed fitness class that provides lots of     Sat           12:00pm-1:30pm                Jan 22-Apr 9
    variety and most importantly, fun! You’ll get a perfect                                                        $175
    combination of cardio, strength and flexibility … and
    have time for lunch too!                                     Kickboxing Level II
    Wed          12:10pm-12:50pm            Jan 19-Apr 27v       Loved Kickboxing Level I and hope to further your
                                                      $100       skills? You’ll get an additional hour to learn more skills
                                                                 and refine your technique. Prerequisite: Must have
    Indoor Cycling                                               completed Kickboxing Level I here at U. of C.
    Challenge the 620+ muscles in your body in this              Tue             7:00pm-9:00pm               Jan 18-Apr 5
    ultimate cardio workout! You’ll put your cycling skills,                                                       $175
    endurance, aerobic capacity and ability focus to the
    test in this fun, social class. All levels are welcome to    Zumba
    join and work at their own pace.                             Join the increasingly popular, world wide craze of
    Mon            6:00pm-6:55pm                  Jan 17-Apr 4   ZUMBA which fuses Latin rhythms with easy to follow
    Tue            7:00am-7:50am                  Jan 18-Apr 5   dance moves to create a dynamic fitness program. The
    Tue            12:05pm-12:55pm                Jan 18-Apr 5   routines feature interval cardio respiratory training
    Tue            4:45pm-5:45pm                  Jan 18-Apr 5   sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance
    Thu            07:00am-07:55am                Jan 20-Apr 7   training are combined to tone and sculpt your body
    Thu            12:05pm-12:55pm                Jan 20-Apr 7   while burning fat. No dance experience required.
    Sat            10:00am -10:55am               Jan 9-Apr 10   Mon           12:00pm-12:55pm            Jan 17-Apr 4
                                                       $110      Tue           5:00pm-5:55pm            Jan 18-Mar 29
                                                                 Wed           7:00pm-7:55 pm             Jan 19-Apr 6
    Keep Moving!                                                                                                   $110
    Enjoy this lower intensity, traditional fitness class that
    combines cardio and simple low-impact movements
    including strength, core conditioning and flexibility. A
    full-body workout that will keep you moving in a non-
    intimidating environment. For all fitness levels.
    Tue & Thu 9:05am-9:55am                     Jan 4-Apr 28
    Tue & Thu 4:05pm-4:55pm                     Jan 4-Apr 28
    Tue & Thu 5:05pm-5:55pm                     Jan 4-Apr 28
    Sat           9:05am-9:55am                 Jan 8-Apr 30

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Mind & Body
Yoga/Pilates Fusion                                           Raja Yoga                                                   Pilates (Mat Classes)
Combine the principles and movements of Pilates               Raja Yoga can be practiced by anyone and it leads to        Strengthen, lengthen and tone by focusing on deep,
and yoga in a practice designed to develop the core,          improved physical health and mental clarity while           inner core and postural muscles in this fun Pilates
postural muscles, strength and body awareness.                heightening your senses of perception. Referred to as       mat class. You’ll increase stability and mobility in your
Thursday 12:00pm-12:50pm               Jan 20-Apr 7           the Royal Path of Yoga, the essence of Raja Yoga is the     spine, shoulders and hips while enhancing your body
                                                              integration of mind, body and spirit. Practices include     awareness and improving your postural alignment.
Gentle Yoga Flow                                              yoga poses, self-awareness and meditation.
Awaken your body and mind in an early morning                 Raja yoga leads to a greater enjoyment of life and          Pilates Level 1 (Beginner)
practice designed to energize and inspire you. This           equips students to deal with the conflicts and              Wed           1:00pm-1:55pm                Jan 19-Apr 6
more dynamic strengthening and stretching class               frustrations common to modern living.                       Wed           7:00pm-7:55pm                Jan 19-Apr 6
incorporates traditional Ashtanga asanas but in a             Wed           5:00pm-5:55pm               Jan 19-Apr 6                                                       $110
gentle flow with a slower tempo allowing you to                                                                $110
explore and enjoy the alignment of each pose. Perfect                                                                     Pilates Level 1/2
                                                              Sat             11:00am-12:30pm            Jan 15-Apr 9
for all levels or for those with no yoga experience                                                                       (Beginner to Intermediate)
                                                              *no class March 19                               $160
at all.                                                                                                                   Building on from the beginner level
Monday        11:00am-11:55am           Jan 17-Apr 4          Yoga Foundations                                            Prerequisite: experience strongly recommended but
                                                              Each week, explore a different theme based around           not required
Hatha Yoga                                                    foundational structural forms in yoga including             Wed           6:00pm-6:55pm            Jan 19-Apr 6
This class gives you the time, support and instruction        forward bends, backbends, twists, lateral extension,                                                         $110
to truly understand your body and how it works. You           arm balances and inversions. With a focus each class,
will learn proper alignment of yoga Asana’s (postures)        you will develop a deeper understanding of a specific       Pilates Level 2
and breathing technique. Begin your yoga journey or           spinal shape or pose in relationship to your breath and     (Beginner – Intermediate)
take a refresher in this class as you build confidence,       spine.                                                      Prerequisite: Pilates Level I
strength and focus.                                           Tue          5:00pm-5:55pm                Jan 18-Apr 5      Wed           12:00pm-12:55pm              Jan 19-Apr 6
Mon           12:00pm-12:55pm             Jan 17-Apr 4        Thur         11:00am-11:50am              Jan 20-Apr 7                                                       $110
Peaceful Yoga                                                                                                             Tai Chi
Try this new tranquility inducing yoga class for              Yoga Flow                                                   Learn and develop the art of well-being through
all levels of ability. Take an hour from your hectic          This dynamic strengthening and stretching class             the meditative and graceful movements of Tai Chi.
schedule to restore your inner self by stretching             incorporates traditional Ashtanga poses while               Through this ancient practice, you will discover the joy
and releasing muscles made tense by anxiety with              allowing for more varied practice. You’ll focus on          of being in the present moment, as well as improved
gentle yoga practices. Yogic breathing will focus the mind,   breath, building full body strength, core stability,        sleep, healing of injuries and increased energy and
bringing a sense of calm to overworked minds. A guided        flexibility, and proper body alignment. Options will be     vitality.
meditation will cleanse and revitalize the self, preparing    given for all levels, from beginners to those looking for   Mon           4:45pm-5:55pm                Jan 17-Apr 4
you to return to your studies peacefully aware.               more challenge.                                                                                              $150
Wed            4:00pm-4:55pm                  Jan 19-Apr 6    Tue             12:00pm-12:55pm            Jan 18-Apr 5
                                                   $110       Tue             4:00pm-4:55pm              Jan 18-Apr 5
                                                              Thu             3:30pm-4:30pm              Jan 20-Apr 7
                                                              Fri             11:00am-11:55am            Jan 21-Apr 8
                                                              Fri             12:00pm-12:55pm            Jan 21-Apr 9
                                                              Mon             5:30pm-6:55pm              Jan 17-Apr 4

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