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                                                                                  Office of Faculty Affairs

Date:             July 1, 2011

To:               College Deans

From:             Penelope Jennings
                  Associate Vice President, Faculty Affairs

Subject:          Moving and Relocation Expense Reimbursement for New Faculty

The purpose of this memo is to provide information about the procedures to follow when Colleges are
providing reimbursement for the moving and relocation expenses of new faculty. It will also address
issues concerning the assistance the campus can provide even though no dollar reimbursement is to be

1.      No mention of any moving expenses should be cited in the appointment letter. If the College is
        willing to provide funds for moving and relocation expenses, the Dean should so indicate to the
        faculty member in a separate communication. It is recommended that the Dean point out that CSU
        regulations require the repayment of moving expenses on a sliding scale if the faculty member
        voluntarily leaves the employment of the University within two years. A full explanation of this
        requirement can be found on the Chancellor’s website at http://www.calstate.edu/ under travel

2.      The “Authorization for Moving and Relocation Expense Reimbursement” form (OHRS 20-58 - see
        copy attached) should be completed by the Dean. This form can be found on the Human Resources
        website at: http://www-admn.csun.edu/hrs/forms/atozformindex.html. State the maximum amount
        to be provided in the appropriate space, as well as the categories of expenses being approved for

        The approving administrator may authorize transportation and lodging expenses incurred by the
        spouse as well as the appointee. If expenses for a spouse are to be reimbursed, check the
        appropriate spaces. The policy permits transportation and lodging expense for domestic partners as
        well, with appropriate documentation (recorded Declaration of Domestic Partnership form).

3.      In some special instances, the Office of the Provost may commit funds to augment those provided
        by the College. The authorization form provides a place to show a split of reimbursement money
        between the College and the Office of the Provost.

4.      The form should then be sent to the Office of Faculty Affairs. After it has been approved by the
        Provost, it will be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources.


      Campus Extension: 2962                                       Internet: penelope.jennings@csun.edu
College Deans
March 20, 2007
Page 2

5.      Upon receipt of the completed form, the Office of Human Resources will prepare a
        written communication to the faculty member (see sample attached). In those rare instances when
        the moving authorization is $10,000 or over, estimates are encouraged. Ms. Ellen Steinberg
        in Purchasing and Contract Administration can provide the new faculty member with a list of
        vendors previously used by the university. Ms. Steinberg may be reached at (818) 677-5916 or
        (818) 677-2301. In this process, arrangements can be made for the University to pay the moving
        company directly up to the amount authorized.

6.      In cases where arrangements have been made with Ms. Steinberg to pay the moving company
        directly, the appropriate Dean’s office will be asked to prepare a requisition to cover its
        commitment toward the moving and relocation expenses. In those rare cases where the Provost’s
        office is augmenting funds provided by the College, account information and a signature will also
        be required. Ms. Steinberg will inform the moving company of the balance, if any, that must be
        billed directly to the faculty member.

7.      Moving expenses paid directly by the faculty member which are to be reimbursed should be
        processed through Accounts Payable. Procedures for submission and payment of claims can be
        found at http://www-admn.csun.edu/travel/. Completed Travel Expense Claim Forms and all
        documentation/receipts should be submitted to the appropriate Administrator for approval and to
        Accounts Payable for reimbursement.

8.      Reimbursements involving mileage, per diem, and/or other travel costs (e.g., air fare) should be
        processed in accordance with University travel expense claim procedures. Ms. Phyllis Delgado,
        Travel Coordinator in Accounts Payable, may be contacted regarding these requirements.

The requisition for faculty appointments includes a space in Section III to indicate whether partial moving
expenses are being provided by the College.

If you have further questions, please contact me on Ext. 2962.



cc:      Harry Hellenbrand
         Robert Foldesi
         Judy Reyes
         Phyllis Delgado
         Ellen Steinberg
         Diane Stephens

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