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									                         Safety Device Coding and Enacted Laws
                             in Police Accident Report Forms
  Authors: Karen Brock, MPH; Garry Lapidus, PA-C, MPH
  Injury Prevention Center, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford, CT; University of Connecticut School of Medicine

  Background:                                                             Results:
  Traffic safety advocates use data from police accident report forms
  to promote public awareness and enforcement campaigns to
  increase motor vehicle safety device use.

  Describe safety device coding on state police accident report forms
  and compare them to provisions in the state’s traffic safety laws.

  State police accident report forms were obtained directly from states
  or from NHTSA. Laws were obtained from the Insurance Institute for
  Highway Safety. Forms were examined for the presence and coding
  scheme of occupant safety features.

   Example of Police Accident Report Form         Discussion:
                                                   A majority of state police accident report forms include a seat belt use variable but many do not
                                                    contain a variable to code for booster seats and bicycle helmet use.
                                                   The Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria Guidelines (MMUCC) provides recommendations for
                                                    police accident report form variables and coding schemes.
                                                   MMUCC guidelines are voluntary; the      2 nd   edition of MMUCC from 2003 is not scheduled for review
                                                    until 2008.
                                                   The procedures and process of revising the police accident report forms vary from state to state.
                                                   NHTSA recommends that each state undergo an assessment of their traffic records program at least
                                                    every five years.

                                                  Police accident report forms do not reflect current traffic safety laws in the majority of states coding and
                                                  hampers our ability to evaluate the impact of these laws. Updating the police accident report forms to
                                                  adequately reflect the laws of the state should be a top priority and occur when the law changes.

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