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					                  Notice of Funding Availability & Request for Proposals
                                        FY 2011

The Cobb County CDBG Program Office is accepting applications for funding under the FY
2011 Community Services Block Grant [CSBG] Program, authorized under Public Law 97-35
[Section 675(c) and (4)], as amended, and offered through the Georgia Department of Human
Services (DHS). CSBG program funds are available to political subdivisions and private non-
profit community-based organizations operating within Cobb County to ameliorate the
conditions of poverty. Services funded with FY 2011 CSBG funds may be provided only to
eligible residents of Cobb County (families and individuals with household incomes that do not
exceed 125% of the federal poverty level) during the period October 1, 2010 through
September 30, 2011.

Funding Available:
For planning purposes, Cobb County will use DHS’s estimated FY 2011 CSBG funding amount
as the presumed funding available for programs in Cobb County. Based on this figure, DHR has
tentatively authorized an allocation of $661,337 to Cobb County. This funding allocation is
based on anticipated Federal appropriations and on poverty and population statistics for Cobb

Cobb County will use approximately $66,000 of its CSBG allocation to coordinate and oversee
the CSBG program. Therefore, we expect that about $595,337 will be available for service
delivery by applicant agencies. Agencies and organizations will have until September 30, 2011
to expend these funds.

To make the most effective use of these funds, Cobb County encourages organizations to work
together cooperatively in meeting the community’s needs, including interagency referrals or
agreements to assure that the population most in need is served efficiently. Consultation
among applicant agencies in preparing proposals is strongly encouraged. Collaborative, multi-
agency applications that draw on the resources of multiple organizations to holistically meet
community needs are encouraged as well.

Funds will be available on a monthly reimbursement basis. No advance payments will be made.
Funded organizations must have the capacity to furnish accurate monthly reports and requests
for reimbursement. Such reports and requests will be due at the CDBG Office by the 10th of
the month following the month being reported on.
Client Records:
Agencies awarded funds will be required to maintain detailed client records. Currently, DHS
requires the use of computerized software called “EasyTrak”. Effective use of this software will
necessitate that funded entities install various server and/or client applications onto their own
servers and systems. Cobb County, through the CSBG program, provides funded entities with
an EasyTrak software license, but does not provide computer hardware, installation assistance,
or software management services related to EasyTrak. Applicants should have sufficient
expertise in information technology or the ability to retain the assistance of a knowledgeable
third-party. Use of other data management systems (such as Pathways) does not substitute for
the requirement that CSBG-funded entities use EasyTrak. Applicants should understand that
this may constitute a new layer of data management in addition to other systems which may
already be in use.

Eligible Applicants For Funding:
Applicants must be public agencies or non-profit organizations currently providing services for
homeless or disadvantaged families and individuals in Cobb County, or have a history of
providing similar services. Non-profit organizations must be duly incorporated under Georgia
law and possess a current 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service. All
grantees must conduct an annual or program specific audit prepared in compliance with Federal
audit requirements.

Eligible Clients:
Eligible clients are families and/or individuals, including homeless persons, who have a projected
annual household income that will not exceed 125% of the federal poverty level, and who are
residents of Cobb County. In addition, to receive services provided with CSBG funds, clients
must be United States citizens or legal residents of the United States. DHS indicates that it will
strictly enforce this requirement in FY 2011.

Eligible CSBG Services:
Services that may be provided using CSBG funds are those services listed below. Specific
subcategories of services approved by the State are shown in the “Proposed Services Form,” to
be submitted with the application:

       1.   Self Sufficiency                                8. Health
       2.   Employment                                      9. Emergency Assistance
       3.   Economic Development                            10. Energy Assistance (Non-LIHEAP)
       4.   Education                                       11. Youth & Family Development
       5.   Income Management                               12. Resident Participation
       6.   Housing Assistance                              13. Linkages
       7.   Nutrition                                       14. Other Negotiated Services
Application Materials:
Applications are available in electronic format on the CDBG Program Office’s website:


The required application forms may have changed from those used in previous years. Please be
sure to download the appropriate forms and do not use forms saved from prior years.
Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. Contact the CDBG Program Office
prior to application submission if you have any questions about the application or if you have
difficulty downloading the documents.

Application Submission:
Interested organizations should complete and submit the signed original and three copies [four
total] of the completed application as requested below. Applications should be bound by paper
clips, binder clips or some other means, but please do not staple any pages in your application.

Applications are due by 5:00 PM on Friday, July 30, 2010.

Applications must be received, not postmarked, at the following address by this time:

                             Cobb County CDBG Program Office
                                127 Church Street, Suite 270
                                    Marietta, GA 30060
                               ATTN: CSBG 2011 Applications

Note: “Received” is defined as: Applications physically delivered, or mailed
sufficiently early to be physically received, at the CDBG Program Office by the
application deadline of 5:00 P.M., July 30, 2010.

Questions or requests for additional information may be addressed to the above office or by
calling the Cobb County CDBG Program Office at (770) 528-4600 x 222.

IMPORTANT - Please Note:
Some aspects of this allocation have not yet been finalized by DHS and changes may occur to
substantial provisions of this RFP such as the total amount of funding available. Local funding
available under the CSBG Program is ultimately dependent upon the action of the U.S.
Congress, which has not yet appropriated FY 2011 CSBG funding. Congress could alter the
appropriation level, restructure the program, or eliminate the program altogether. Final budget
figures may not be available until after the budget year begins on October 1, 2010. However,
DHS and Cobb County are proceeding with the application and planning process in order to be
prepared to implement the program under the assumption that funding will be available.

                                      -END OF NOTICE-

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