2004 Registry of Approved Courses for CEUs by shuifanglj

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									    2004                Location
Course Date          City    State/Province
6-8 Jan       Dickinson            ND
Jan 24-31     Elko                 NV
7-Jan         Red Lodge            MT
21-22 Jan     Casper              WY
16-Jan        Mission              SD
25-30 Jan     Salt Lake City       UT
25-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
28-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
29-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
29-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
29-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
29-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
29-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
28-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
28-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
29-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
29-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
26-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
28-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
29-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
28-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
28-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
28-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
28-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
28-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
27-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
8-Jan         Hot Springs          SD
13-Jan        Apache Gold          AZ
12-Jan        Chickasha            OK
21-Jan        Parker Cnty          TX
5-7 Jan       Kaycee              WY
26-Jan        Salt Lake City       UT
16-Jan        Dickinson            ND
12-15 Jan     Billings             MT
16 Jan        Ashley               ND
Jan 28-30     Ruidoso              NM
13-15 Jan     Albuquerque          NM
9-Jan         Ely                  NV
5-6 Jan       San Joaquin Exp RangeCA
15-Jan      Mineral Wells     TX
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
26-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
26-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
26-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
26-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
26-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
26-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
26-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
25-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
26-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
27-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
8-Jan       Douglas           AZ
15-17 Jan   Albuquerque       NM
13-15 Jan   Fort Collins      CO
6-Jan       Burns             OR
7-Jan       Albuquerque       NM
13-15 Jan   Carrizo Springs   TX
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
29-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
26-Jan      Salt Lake City    UT
8-9 Jan     Dillon            MT
Jan 22-23
                                                              List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEU

                             Title of Course                              CEUs           Submitted by
12 Month Livestock Pasture Forage Mgmt Plng Course                         16     Kevin Sedivec
2004 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering-Ranching the Radical Center           7     Meg Smith
2004 Winter Grazing Seminar                                                 5     Steve Saunders
2004 WY Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification School             10     Phil Gonzales
25th Annual Ranchers Workshop: Building on the Basics                       5     Elton Hawk Wing
57th Annual Mtg of the Society for Range Mgmt-Rangelands in Transition max 16
AM General Registration                                                     4
AM-Animal Nutrition & Ecology                                               3
AM-Application of Geospatial Data for Rangeland Mgmt I                      3
AM-Application of Geospatial Data for Rangeland Mgmt I                      3
AM-Drought Impacts & Mitigation                                             3
AM-Early Detection & Rapid Response for Invasive Plants                     3
AM-Federal Fire Rehabilitation                                              3
AM-Grazing                                                                  3
AM-Hands On Monitoring I                                                    3
AM-High School Youth Forum (also pm session)                                3
AM-Homes on the Range                                                       3
AM-Intermountain Native Plant Summit-Cheatgrass Control                     3
AM-Intermountain Native Plant Summit-Ecoregions & Seed Transfer Zones 3
AM-Partners on the Range                                                    3
AM-Plenary Session                                                          3
AM-Poster Session II                                                        3
AM-Poster Session IIII                                                      3
AM-Range Management School I                                                3
AM-Rangeland Infra in Transition                                            3
AM-Rangelands in Transition: Agency Perspectives                            3
AM-Rangelands of Central Asia Future Challenges I                           3
AM-Riparian Mgmt Hydrology                                                  3
AM-Sagebrush & Pinyon-Juniper Ecosystems                                    3
AM-Successful Grazing Management in the New West                            3
AM-TEAM Leafy Spurge Scientific Wrap-up I                                   3
AM-TEAM Leafy Spurge Scientific Wrap-up III                                 3
AM-The Changing Faces of Rangeland Users                                    3
AM-Undergraduate Student Papers                                             3
AM-Vegetation Management & Restoration I                                    3
Annual Ag Seminar                                                           5     Robert Novotny
AZ Section Winter Mtg-Conservation: From Theory to Practice                 6
Grady County Ag Conference                                                  3     Mark Klimkowski
Grazing & Pesticide Meeting                                                 5     Earl Hogan
Holistic Mgmt in Practice Course                                           16     Allison Engle
Leadership Development Committee Facilitators Workshop                      3
Little Missouri Grasslands CRM Training                                     4     Robert Self
MT Weed Control Association Annual Conf. Local Empowerment in Weed Mgmt    16     Steve Saunders
NDSU Grass & Beef Research Review                                           4     Michael Haupt
NM Agricultural Aviation Assn 29th Annual Conference                        3     Jodie Stockett
NM Section Winter Mtg-Application & Aqcuisition of Rsrch for the Mgmt of Rangelands
NV Section Winter Mtg                                                       7     Charles Saulisberry
Oak-Woodland Ecological Site Description Training                           8     Mel George
Pesticide Workshop                                                      5   Earl Hogan
PM-Application of Behavioral Principles                                 3
PM-Application of Geospacial Data for Rangeland Mgmt II                 3
PM-Assment Monitoring Sampling II                                       3
PM-Hands on Monitoring II                                               3
PM-High Elevation Forb Communities                                      3
PM-High School Youth Forum (also am session)                            3
PM-Impact of 2002 Farm Bill                                             3
PM-Intermountain Native Plant Summit-Rangeland Plant Germplasm Consv    3
PM-Invasive Plants                                                      3
PM-Invasive Species in Riparian Ecosystems                              3
PM-Managing Grazing Behavior                                            3
PM-Managing Landscapes to Meet Wildlife Needs                           3
PM-Natural History of Great Basin Rangelands                            3
PM-NRCS Training                                                        3
PM-Plant Ecology, Soils                                                 3
PM-Plant/Animal Interactions Wildlife                                   3
PM-Poster Session I                                                     3
PM-Poster Session III                                                   3
PM-Ragelands of Central Asia Future Challenges II                       3
PM-Range Management School II                                           3
PM-Rangeland Infra GIS Interface                                        3
PM-RTEC Symposium                                                       3
PM-Social & Economic Aspects of Rangelands                              3
PM-TEAM Leafy Spurge Scientific Wrap-up II                              3
PM-The Big Stuff that Really Matters                                    3
PM-Vegetation Management & Restoration II                               3
PM-Water Quality                                                        3
Malpai Borderlands Group Science Meeting                                5   Richard Kvale
Quivira Coalitions 3rd Annual Conf-Ranching in Natures Image           16
Rangeland Mgmt Workshop                                                16   Van Elsbernd
Rotating Cattle Without Fences                                          1   Nora Taylor
Salt Cedar Task Force                                                   6   Luis Florez
South TX Rangeland Prescribed Burning Wkshp-San Pedro Ranch            16   Wayne Hanselka
TOUR-Antelope Island                                                    3
TOUR-Bear River Bird Refuce                                             3
TOUR-Snow Basin                                                         3
TOUR-Youth Tour                                                         3
Western Ag Conference and Expo-Univ of MT                              12   Robert/Katie Bump
Living with Coal-Bed Methane                                           10   Jodi Hastings
ntinuing Education Units (CEUs)

             submitted Email address for submitter

               9-Jan-04 rnovotny@fs.fed.us


             31-Aug-04 jlstockett@dow.com
             29-Dec-04 chuckjos1@charter.net
             11-Jan-04 mrgeorge@ucdavis.edu

 1-Mar-04 fntaylor@centurytel.net

     2004                      Location
  Course Date             City         State/Province
19-Feb          Farmington                   NM
Feb 10-11       Denver                       CO
Feb 10-11       Columbia                     SC
Feb 26-29       Oklahoma City                OK
Feb 27-28       Austin                       TX
Feb 19-20       Mitchell                     SD
Feb 22-24       Lexington                    KY
Feb 12-13       College Station              TX
Feb 1-5         Big Island                   HI
4-Feb           Chaparral Wildlife Mgmt AreaTX
21-Feb          Amarillo                     TX
Feb 19-21       Sonora                       TX
Feb 24-27       Corpus Christi               TX
Feb 25-Mar 3    Tucson                       AZ
Feb 16-20       Philadelphia                 PA
Feb 27-28       Binghamton                   NY
Feb 23-27       Fort Richardson              AK
Feb 23-26       St. Louis                   MO
26-Feb          Bishop                       CA
Feb 23-25       Delta                        CO
Feb 2-5         Billings                     MT
10-Feb          Idaho Falls                  ID
12-Feb          Rapid City                   SD
21-Feb          Provo                        UT
12-Feb          Eureka                       CA
Feb. 19-21      Kerrville                    TX
Feb 17-18       Breckenridge                 TX
                                             List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                               Title of Course                            CEU's
12th Annual Four Corners Weed Mgmt Symposium                                 5
2004 Great Plains Stewardship Conference                                    12
2004 SC Ag Expo                                                              8
2004 Spring Mtg of the Southern Div of the American Fisheries Society       16
2004 Statewide Land Trust Conf-Common Ground Gaining Ground                 12
2004 Weed & Pest Conference                                                  7
27th Annual SE Deer Study Group Meeting                                     16
41st Annual Soil Survey & Land Resource Wksp-TAMU                           10
58th Annual Mtg of the Natl Assn of Conservation Dists                      16
6th Annual Prescribed Burning Seminar                                        5
89th Panhandle Livestock Assn Winter Convention                              4
Academy for Ranch Mgmt Prescribed Fire School                               16
ASAE & SWCS Joint Mtg-TX Coastal Ecosystems Consv Now & the Future           8
Fire in Ecosystem Management                                                16
International Erosion Control Association 2004 Annual Conference            16
NE Grasstravaganza 2004                                                     12
NEPA Training-How to Manage the NEPA Process                                16
NRCS Natl Conf for the Plant Mtrls Prog & Grazing Land Spclsts              16
Pesticide Safety Education Seminar A-427-04                                  7
Rangeland Infra                                                              9
Rangeland Infra                                                              9
Rangeland Infra                                                              9
Rodent & Bird Control Recertifacation Training                               3
Sheep Day                                                                    6
Spring Development & Water Facilities Workshop                               6
TX Chapter The Wildlife Society 39th Annual Meeting                         10
TX Farm, Ranch, Wildlife Mgmt Expo                                          14
ontinuing Education Units (CEUs)

                Submitted by        submitted    Email address for submitter
                  Pete Lefebvre       4-Feb-04
                     Robert Self    11-Dec-04
                    Michael Hall    10-Jan-05
                     Mike Porter    30-Mar-05
                   Steve Bonner     17-Feb-04
                  Craig Beckner     20-Jan-04    cbeckner@fs.fed.us
                     Mike Porter    30-Mar-05
                  Richard Jones     18-Feb-04
                 Deborah Smith        7-Jan-04
                   Chip Ruthven     21-Nov-03    cwma@granderiver.net
                  Jodie Stockett    31-Aug-04    jlstockett@dow.com
                     Nick Garza     30-Aug-04    nickg@sonoratx.net
                   Diane Arnold     23-Feb-04
                   Terry Bidwell    19-Aug-04    tgb@mail.pss.okstate.edu
                   David Walker      25-Oct-04   drdavidwalker@shaw.ca
                  Karen Sullivan    12-Dec-03    karen.sullivan@ny.usda.gov
                Gregory Kennett     11-Mar-04    gkennett@ecosytemrg.com
                    Rick Delmas     19-Dec-05
                  Susan Preece      13-May-04
                  Susan Preece      13-May-04
                  Susan Preece      13-May-04
                 Robert Novotny     12-Feb-04
                   Roger Banner     26-Feb-04
                Gary Markegard      10-Nov-05    ggmarkegard@ucdavis.edu
                Dr. Joe Schuster    29-Mar-04
                     Tyler Yeates   26-Feb-04
516574e1-51e0-4bee-8e32-0a575211abe4.xls                         7/1/2011

                                                                                                            List of Approved Courses for Continuing Educatio
2004                                     State
Course Date                  City       Province                                      Title of Course
Mar 3-4          Fort Collins             CO 16th High Altitude Revegetation Workshop
9-Mar            Preston                   ID    2004 Southeast ID Forage School
Mar 24-27        Davis                    CA     27th Annual Society of Ethnobiology Conference
Mar 4-6          Sonora                    TX    Academy for Ranch Mgmt Prescribed Fire School
Mar 2-3          Leduc                     AB    AESA 2004 Conference-Value of Biodiversity in Agriculture
Mar 8-18         Phoenix                   AZ    BLM Course 1730-15 Leadership, Communication Coordination
18-Mar           Pt. Reyes                CA     Comparing Mgt. and Restoration Techniques in CA Coastal Prairie Field Trip
Mar 4            Wray                     CO Drought Impacts on Livestock & Range Mgmt
Mar 2-3          Phoenix                   AZ    Grazing Mgmt for Riparian-Wetland Areas-Train the Trainers
Mar 9-10         Rosenberg                 TX    Hydrogeomorphic Classification & Assessment Workshop
10-Mar           Elkhorn Slough           CA     Management & Restoration of CA Coastal Prairie
Mar 23-26        Fort Worth                TX    NRCS Course Rangeland Ecology II-A New Paradigm for Evaluating Veg Change on Rangelands
Mar 5-6          Winnemucca               NV     NV Sage Grouse Conservation-Putting Plan into Action
Various          Various                  CA     Oak-Woodland Ecological Site Description Training-Vegetation Survey
Mar 30-Apr 1     Ardmore                  OK OK Ag Business Mgmt Program In-Service
25-Mar           Plainview                 TX    Pest Mgmt for Rangeland & Pastureland
Mar 1-4          Portland                 OR Policy & Legal Aspects of Endandered Species Mgmt
Mar 1-5          SW Rsrch Station          AZ    Practical Remote Sensing Methods for Conservation Biologists
March 29-30      Brownwood                 TX    Prescribed Burning Assn workshop
March 4-6        Sonora research Stn       TX    Prescribed Burning training
March 16-18      Albuquerque              NM Prescribed Burning Workshop
Mar 8-9          Richfield                UT     Rangeland Infra
Mar 23-25        Bismark                  SD     Rangeland Infra
Mar 3-5          Elko                     NV     Rangeland Infra
Mar 6-7          Austin                    TX    School For Successful Ranching-TX Southwestern Cattleraisers Assn
Mar 18-19        Pierre                   SD     Sediment & Erosion Control Requirements & Techniques for Construction Projects
Mar 8, 11 & 12   Burns                    OR Seminar for Restoration Ecologists-Eastern OR Ag Rsrch Station
2-Mar            Kindersley                SK    SK Forage Council Forage Update
Mar 31-Apr 2     Albuquerque              NM Team Tamarisk: Cooperating for Results
Mar 24-25        Irvine                   CA     Techniques & Strategies for Using Native Grasses & Graminoids in Revegetation & Restoration
Mar 9-11         Baker City               OR Tri-State Range Short Course-Grazing Animal Behavior
18-Mar           Sacramento               CA     USFS PNW Forest Inventory and Analysis meeting
Mar 9-11         Colorado Springs         CO Western Society of Weed Science 57th Annual Mtg
            516574e1-51e0-4bee-8e32-0a575211abe4.xls                                    7/1/2011

d Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                Approved                                Date
                 CEU's         Submitted by          submitted    Email address for submitter
                   16             Karmen King        13-Feb-04    kking@coloradomnt.com
                    3             Lori Ann Lau       17-Mar-05
                   12               Jeff Creque       13-Apr-04   jacreque@aol.com
                   16               Nick Garza       30-Aug-04    nickg@sonoratx.net
                    8       Michael Willoughby       17-Dec-04    mike.willoughby@gov.ab.ca
                   16              Kelly Sparks       26-Apr-04
                    1               Jeff Creque        3-Apr-04   jacreque@aol.com
                    4                Julie Elliott   28-May-04
                   11          Sandra Wyman          27-Feb-04    sandra_wyman@or.blm.gov
                   13         Wesley Newman          16-Aug-04    katyprairie@ev1.net
                    4               Jeff Creque        3-Apr-04   jacreque@aol.com
                   16         George Peacock         18-Feb-04    pea01@msn.com
                    7       Charles Saulisberry      23-Feb-04    chuckjos1@charter.net
                    5              Mel George         21-Apr-04   mrgeorge@ucdavis.edu
                   10               Mike Porter      30-Mar-05
                    5              Tony Garcia       16-Mar-04    tony.garcia@tx.usda.gov
                   16             Clare Hydock       16-Aug-04    chydock@fs.fed.us
                   16              David Kuntz       16-Aug-04    dkuntz@amnh.org
                    6           Mort Kothmann         12-Apr-04
                   16           Mort Kothmann         12-Apr-04
                   16          George Chavez           9-Feb-04   george.chavez@nm.usda.gov
                    9            Susan Preece        13-May-04
                    9            Susan Preece        13-May-04
                    9            Susan Preece        13-May-04
                    8              Mark Perrier      18-Jan-04
                   10         Dwayne Stenlund        27-Feb-04    dwayne.stenlund@dod.state.mn.us
                    5       James E. Campbell        15-Mar-04
                    5          Michel Tremblay        26-Apr-04
                    8                Luis Florez     20-Sep-04    luis_florez@nps.gov
                   16          Richard Nichols         5-Mar-04   nicholsr@edaw.com
                   16             Mike Borman          6-Dec-03   michael.borman@oregonstate.edu
                    6           Gene Hickman         29-Mar-04
                    8                                  8-Mar-04
      2004                      Location
Date of Course           City              State/Province
Apr 27-29        Sparks                          NV
Apr 14-15        Milan                          NM
21-Apr           Patterson                       CA
1-Apr            St Johns                        AZ
Apr 27-29        Lander                         WY
29-Apr           San Angelo                      TX
April 5-9        Lakewood                        CO
April 26-30      Denver                          CO
April 6-8        Fort Collins                    CO
April 2-3        Berkeley                        CA
22-Apr           Modesto                         CA
Apr 26-28        Edmonton                        AB
28-Apr           East Bay Grasslands             CA
13-Apr           McLean                          TX
1-Apr            Hettinger                       ND
Apr 13-15        North Platte                    NE
16-Apr           Ardmore                         OK
April 26-29      Pray                            MT
Apr 1-2          Graham/Throckmorton             TX
15-Apr           Etna                            CA
19-Apr           Calgary                         AB
Apr 19-21        Missoula                        MT
Apr 21-22        Burns                           OR
30-Apr           Tonto Basin RD                  AZ
15-Apr           Brown's Valley                  CA
               List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                                                                    Approved        Submitted
                           Title of Course                           CEU's             by
2004 Great Basin/Northern Rockies Fire Prevention Wkshp                 6
2004/2005 Public Applicator Certification/Re-Certification              5       Ruben Leal
21st Annual Westside Ranchers Mtg - Stanislaus Co RCD                   5       Larry Ford
A Workshop & Update on Rangeland Monitoring in AZ                       5       Kim McReynolds
BEHAVE training - Dr. Provenza - Red Cyn Ranch                         16       Blaine Horn
Behind the Dozer-TAMU                                                   7       Darrell Ueckert
BLM Course 9000-01 Integrated Pest Mgmt & Application Cert             16       Kelly Sparks
Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Training                         16       Steve Hannan
CWMA Basic School                                                      16       Mark Tucker
Ecology & Mgmt of CA Grassland Conf                                    12       Jeff Creque
Erosion Control Using Native Grasses & Graminoids                       4       Richard Nichols
Forest Land-Fish Conference II                                         11       Mike Willoughby
Grasslands Field Trip                                                   2       Ray Budzinski
Lesser Prairie Chicken Field Day                                        3       Terry Bidwell
Livestock Behavior Workshop                                             3       Jeff Printz
NEDC Prescribed Burn Course                                            16       Pat Shaver
Noble Foundation 2004 Field Day                                         4       Trina Johansen Mattox
Noxious Weed Mgt Short Course                                          16       Tom Thompson
Rangeland Mgmt for Cattle, Wildlife & Rec Field Day-T&SCRA & TWA        7       Mark Perrier
Scott River Watershed Council Riparian update                           5       Sharon Larivee
Sustaining the Grassland Ecosystem: Pronghorn as a System Indicator     7       David Walker
The LANDFIRE Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC) Workshop               16       Don Bedunah
The Medusahead Challenge Workshop                                       7       Gordy Schumacher
Tonto Basin Watershed Workshop                                          5       Jeff Schalau
UC Beef and Range Field Day                                             4       Mike Connor
             Submitted      Email address for submitter
              29-Mar-04     kimm@ag.arizona.edu
              15-Mar-04     bhorn@uwyo.edu
              10-Mar-04     d-uechert@tamu.edu
              20-Sep-04     mtucker@fs.fed.us
                3-Apr-04    jacreque@aol.com
              19-Feb-04     nicholsr@edaw.com
              27-Dec-04     mike.willoughby@gov.ab.ca
              19-Aug-04     tgb@mail.pss.okstate.edu
                3-Mar-04    christoper.schauer@ndsu.nodak.edu
hansen Mattox
              20-Jan-04     mperrier@texascattleraisers.org
               25-Oct-04    drdavidwalker@shaw.ca
               13-Apr-05    bedunah@forestry.umt.edu

                                                                                                                 List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education

    2004                      Location
 Course Date             City         State/Province                                       Title of Course
May 3-6        Washington                   DC         2004 Leadership Development Program
May 25-27      Fort Worth                   TX         2004 NRI Rangeland Field Study Training
May 20         Jacksboro                    TX         2004 Rangeland Health Field Day
May 12-13      Idaho Falls                  ID         Basic Project Planning & NEPA Analysis Traing for Range Management
May 17-18      Reno                         NV         Basic Project Planning & NEPA Analysis Traing for Range Management
May 20-21      Salt Lake City               UT         Basic Project Planning & NEPA Analysis Traing for Range Management
May 14-15      Pueblo                       CO         Colorado Section SRM/SWCS Joint Tour & Meeting - Chico Basin Ranch
May 11-15      Tucson                       AZ         Connecting Mountain Islands & Desert Seas-Biodiversity & Mgmt of the Marean Archipelago II & 5th Conf on Rs
May 18-20      Richland                    WA          Conservation Buffers Course
May 24-27      Shephardstown               WV          Conservation in Action Summit-National Wildlife Refuge System
May 26         Idalia                       CO         Drought Impacts on Livestock & Range Mgmt
May 10         Steamboat Springs            CO         Forum to Discuss Utilization of Wood Products
25-May         N Sonoma/S Mendocino Coast   CA         Grasslands Field Day
May 25         Childress                    TX         Grazing for Dollars-Improving Quail habitat with Grazing
May 20-21      Kerrville                    TX         Managing Genetics in Deer-7th Annl W TX Deer Study Grp
May 26-27      Vernon                       TX         Mesquite Suppression Research & Application
May 17-20      McKenzie County              ND         Natl Grasslands Managers Mtg-50th Anniv. Of the Natl Grasslands
10-May         Prescott                     AZ         Noxious Weed Workshop
May 26-28                                   KS         NRCS NRI Range Training
May 15         Chewelah                    WA          Pasture Mgmt & High Tension Electric Fencing Workshop
May 18-20      Albuquerque                 NM          Rangeland Infra
May 24-28      Elko                         NV         Riparian Proper Functioning Condition (PFC) Workshop
May 19         Brooksville                  FL         USDA-ARS STARS Forage & Beef Field Day
May 9-21       Fort Worth                   TX         Working Effectively with Livestock Producers (NRCS)

oved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

               Approved                                     Date
                CEU's            Submitted by            submitted    Email address for submitter       Web site
                  13                    Alvaro Vela       26-Apr-05   sonny.vela@ts.usda.gov
                  14               Ken Lackmann          20-May-04
                   6              Donald Ruthven           6-Aug-04   donald.ruthven@tpwd.state.tx.us
                  12                   John Speck        26-May-04
                  12                   John Speck        26-May-04
                  12                   John Speck        26-May-04
                   6                 Ben Berlinger         4-Apr-04   ben.berlinger@co.usda.gov
                  16                Jennifer Ruyle       25-May-04
                  16                  Bob Gillaspy         5-Jun-04   bob.gillaspy@wa.usda.gov
                  10                  Terry Bidwell      19-Aug-04    tgb@mail.pss.okstate.edu
                   4                     Julie Elliott   28-May-04
                   2              James R. Webb           28-Jul-04   jkwebb@vcn.com
                   2                 Ray Budzinski       20-May-04
                   4              Donald Ruthven           6-Aug-04   donald.ruthven@tpwd.state.tx.us
                   9                Donald Q. Cox        19-Jun-04
                   8                JF Cadenhead         25-May-04
                  13                 Van Elsbernd        13-Jun-04
                   4                  Jeff Schalau       10-May-04
                   6                    David Kraft      28-May-04
                   4                  Bob Gillaspy         5-Jun-04   bob.gillaspy@wa.usda.gov
                   9                 Susan Preece          1-Jun-04
                  16               Sandra Wyman           16-Jul-04
                   4               Ken Lackmann          20-May-04
                  16                   Kristin Miller    28-May-04    kristin.miller@ne.usda.gov
       2004                       Location
   Course Date               City       State/Province
June 2-6             Keystone                 CO
June 27-29           Orlando                  FL
June 6-9             Midland                  SD
Jun 2-25             Chadron                  NE
June 14-24           Logan                    UT
June 1-4             Sturgis                  SD
June 20-25           Junction                 TX
June 20-25           Half Moon Bay            CA
June 11-16           Arcata                   CA
June 21-24           Sacramento               CA
Jun 3-4              Alturas                  CA
30-Jun               Wheatland               WY
June 22-24           Buffalo                 WY
Jun 4-5              Maxwell                  CA
June 6-9             Fort Collins             CO
June 24-25           Arcola                   SK
Jun 7-9              Austin                   TX
June 25-26           Owyhee Cnty              ID
June 22-25           Ely                      NV
Jun 3-4              Auburn                   KS
June 28-30           West Yellowstone         MT
            24-Jun   Streeter                 ND
12-Jun                                        OR
Jun 14-18            Fort Worth               TX
29-Jun               Riley                    OR
Jun 14-17            Bismark                  ND
Jun 16-18            Merritt                  BC
24-Jun               El Dorado                TX
June 7-9             Fort Collins             CO
Jun 23-24            Clayton                 NM
22-Jun               Beach                    ND
Jun 9-10             Provo                    UT
June 21-25           Reno                     NV
16-Jun               Sheridan                WY
                                        List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                                          Title of Course                                  CEUs
10th International Symposium on Society & Resource Mgmt                                      16
1st World Congress of Agroforestry                                                           16
2004 Ag Lenders Range Camp                                                                   10
2004 NE Range Shortcourse                                                                    16
2004 NRCS Plant-Herbivore Short Course                                                       16
2004 SD Youth Range Camp                                                                     16
2004 Youth Range Workshop (50 Anniversary)                                                   16
20th Annual CA Range & Natural Resources Camp                                                16
American Society of Mammalogists 84th Annual Mtg                                             16
Bringing Diversity to Nation's Conservation Needs (NOPHNRCSE)                                14
CalPac 2004 Spring Meeting & Tour                                                     4-mtg, 2-tour, 7 ttl
Cheatgrass-What You Can Do About It                                                           4
Conservation Buffers Course                                                                  16
Constructing & Maintaining Ranch & Rural Roads                                               11
CRP Planting for the Future                                                                  16
Discovering the Moose Mountains - Native Prairie week (NGP Section Summer Range Tour)        10
Holistic Resource Management                                                                  8
Idaho Section Summer Tour                                                                     5
Interpreting & Measuring Indicators of Rangeland Health                                      16
KS Section & MO Chpt-SO Section Summer Meeting                                                5
Monitoring Whitebark Pine for Blister Rust: A Methods Workshop                                8
NDSU CGREC 23rd Annual Field Tour                                                             2
NPSO-Crooked River Natl Grasslands Restoration Proj                                           3
NRCS Short Course-Rangeland Ecology I; Principles & Applications                             16
Oregon State University's Range Field Day 2004                                                7
Plains & Prairie Forestry Assn-The Forest of Lewis & Clark-Then & Now                         6
PNW 2004 Summer Mtg & Field Trip                                                             14
Prescribed Burn School                                                                        5
Range Conservation Training                                                                  16
Rangeland Health & Pasture Condition Scoring Conservation Security Program                    7
Stockmanship Clinic-Low Stress Handling Techniques                                            3
Utah Section Summer Tour-BYU                                                                  4
Wild Horse & Burro Herd Mgmt                                                                  8
WY Rangeland Mgmt School 101                                                                  5
nits (CEUs)

                  Submitted by     submitted       Email address for submitter
     Maria Fernandez-Gimenez          14-Oct-04    gimenez@cnr.colostate.edu
                    Sid Brantly       15-Oct-04    sid.brantly@ky.usda.gov
             Kent Baumberger          21-Apr-04    kent.baumberger@sd.usda.gov
                  Lowell Moser       23-Feb-04
                 Roger Banner         21-Apr-04    roger.banner@usu.edu
                 Rick Peterson       10-Aug-04     rick.peterson@sd.usda.gov
            Hoyt Seidensticker         20-Jul-04   hoyt@hctc.net
                   Mike Stroud         1-Apr-05    mstroud@cnlm.org
                  Kent Reeves        10-Jun-04     kreeves@ebmud.com
                   Ron Hilliard        6-Aug-04    ron.hilliard@wi.usda.gov
              Henricus Jansen        23-Mar-04     hjansen@scuchico.edu
                Everet Bainter       25-May-04
                 Phil Gonzales         28-Jul-04
               Craig Thomsen         17-Dec-04
                  Terry Bidwell      19-Aug-04     tgb@mail.pss.okstate.edu
              Ross Macdonald         27-Feb-04
               Donald Ruthven          6-Aug-04    donald.ruthven@tpwd.state.tx.us
                  John Tanaka         20-Apr-04
                 David Walker         25-Oct-04    drdavidwalker@shaw.ca
              Carol Blocksome        26-May-04
              Jeff DiBenedetto        25-Oct-04    jdibenedetto@cablemt.net
                    Paul Nyren         8-Jan-05
                Gene Hickman          16-Apr-04
              George Peacock         18-Feb-04     pea01@msn.com
                Angela Round         26-May-04     angela.round@oregonstate.edu
                     Jeff Printz     12-Mar-04     jeff_printz@nd.usda.gov
                Darren Bruhjell       13-Apr-04    darren.bruhjell@gems6.gov.bc.ca
                   Carol Green         1-Oct-04    carrol.green@tx.usda.gov
                   Tony Garcia          2-Jul-04   tony.garcia@tx.usda.gov
                    Cheryl Doll        4-Oct-04    cheryl.doll@nd.usda.gov
                Ron Torgerson        16-Jun-04
                Kirsten Pasero       11-May-04     kirsten_pasero@ca.blm.gov
                     Joe Hicks       24-Jun-04
                                                                            List of Approved Courses for Continuing Educatio

     2004                    Location
 Course Date          City        State/Province                           Title of Course
July 15, 2004   Las Cruces             NM          14th Annual Jornada Symposium
July 25-29      St. Louis              MO          2004 Joint Meeting of ADSA ASAS & PSA
Jul 16-17                               CA         BIO 28: Plant Communities of Northern CA & Southern OR
20-Jul          Washington              DC         Ecosite presentation by Dr. Jeff Herrick
July 14, 2004   Alice                   TX         Food Safety & Estate Planning Workshop
July 19-21      Sioux City              IA         Great Plains Regional Fire Learning Network Workshop I
July 19-23      Ely                     NV         Humboldt Toiyabe NF Monitoring Wkshp: Aspen Ecology & Mgmt
July 22-25      Peace Parkland          AB         Intermountain Section SRM Summer Tour
July 14, 2004   Yuma Cnty               CO         Irrigated Pasture Tour
July 12-13      Dickinson               ND         Little MO Range Field Workshop
July 16, 2004   Halsey                  NE         NE SRM Summer Tour
July 22-23      Los Alamos             NM          NM Section Summer Meeting & Tour
July 12-16      Beltsville             MD          NRCS Boot Camp for NRCS Employees -Range
July 7-9        Akron                   CO         NRCS NRI Training
July 26-30      McCall/New Meadows ID              NRCS Steam Planning & Assessment Training
July 9-10                             NV/CA        NV Section Summer Meeting & Tour
July 12-13      Quincy                  CA         Plumas NF Aspen Field Seminar
July 26-29      Jasper Natl Park        AB         PNPDC Sedge Identification Workshop
July 12-16      Pierre                  SD         Rangeland Ecology I: Principles & Applications
July 27, 2004   Rapid City              SD         Salt Cedar Mgmt Planning Mtg
July 20-21      Rapid City              SD         SD Grasslands Bus Tour
July 20-22      Farmington             NM          Southwest Noxious/Invasive Weed Short Course
13-Jul          Stillwater Cnty         MT         Stillwater County Weed Tour
July 26-30      McCall                  ID         Stream Planning & Assessment Training
July 24-28      St Paul                MN          SWCS 59th Annual Conference-Headwaters of Conservation
July 20-23      Edmonton                AB         The Science of Changing Climates
July 5-7        Austin                  TX         Uplands Division Training-General Land Office
es for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

             Approved                           Date
               CEUs      Submitted by        submitted      Email address for submitter
                 6                          18-May-2004     jornadasymp@jornada.nmsu.edu
                16      Ed Frederickson 20-Oct-2004         efredrick@nmsu.edu
                 6       Sharon Larivee 15-Apr-2005
                 1           Ron Hilliard 6-Aug-2004        ron.hilliard@wi.usda.gov
                 5           Bruce Healy 19-Jul-2004        bruce.healy@tx.usda.gov
                 8            Robert Self 11-Dec-2004
                16           John Speck 28-Jul-2004         kochab@aol.com
                12        Louis Hagener 4-Aug-2004          louis_hagener@blm.gov
                 2            Julie Elliott 30-Jul-2004     julie.elliott@co.usda.gov
                12             Jeff Printz 29-Jul-2004      jeff.printz@nd.usda.gov
                 1           Kristin Miller 21-Jul-2004     kristin.miller@ne.usda.gov
                 8        Rich LaCasse         8-Jul-2004   rich_lacasse@blm.gov
                 8         Wayne Seipp 21-Oct-2004          wayne.seipp@tx.usda.gov
                16      James R. Webb 28-Jul-2004           jkwebb@vcn.com
                16             Ron Blake 2-Aug-2004         ron.blake@id.usda.gov
                 4     Charles Saulisberry 26-Jul-2004      chuckjos1@charter.net
                 3         Theresa Frolli 6-Jan-2005        tmfrolli@fs.fed. Us
                16       Darlene Moisey 19-Oct-2004         darlene.moisey@gov.ab.ca
                16      Lealand Schoon 22-Jul-2004          lealand.schoon@sd.usda.gov
                 2       Robert Novotny 30-Jul-2004         rnovotny@fs.fed.us
                 6          Dave Steffen 18-Jul-2004        dsteffeb@gwtc.net
                12        Pete Lefebvre 1-Jan-2005          pete_lefebvre@blm.gov
                 3           Nora Taylor 8-Oct-2004         nora-taylor@mt.blm.gov
                16              Dan Ogle 6-Dec-2004         dan.ogle@id.usda.gov
                16           Ron Hilliard 6-Aug-2004        ron.hilliard@wi.usda.gov
                16    Mike Schellenberg 6-Aug-2004          schellenberg@agr.gc.ca
                 8              Ned Polk      4-Oct-2004    ned.polk@glo.state.tx.us
     2004               Location
 Course Date        City State/Province
Aug 10-12      Lubbock           TX
Aug 9-13       Denver            CO
Aug 5-6        Vernal            UT
Aug 10-11      Kearney           NE
Aug 5-6        Woodward          OK
Aug 19-20                        OR
6-Aug          Tucson            AZ
Aug 23-25      Phoenix           AZ
Aug 19-20      Phoenix           AZ
19-Aug         Chico             CA
Aug 12-13      Whichita Falls    TX
Aug 1-6        Portland          OR
Aug 24-26      Rochester         MN
3-Aug          Hayti             SD
Aug 3-5        Twin Falls        ID
Aug 25-26      College Station TX
26-Aug         St. George        UT
2-Aug          Dickens           NE
26-Aug         Knox City         TX
Aug 16-20      Beltsville        MD
Aug 13-14      Oklahoma City OK
14-Aug                            R&E
               UC Sierra FoothillCA Ctr
Aug 25-27      Scott City        KS
Aiug 17-19     Council Grove KS
26-Aug         Prescott          AZ
27-Aug         Globe             AZ
Aug 10-11      Marshall          MN
26-Aug         Torrington        WY
                                                  List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                               Title of Course                                    CEUs
13th Wildand Shrub Symposium                                                        16
2004 Cattle Industry Summer Conference (NCBA)                                        4
2004 High Altitude Revegetation Summer Field Tour                                    5
2004 NE Grazing Conference                                                      10 (5/day)
4th Bollenbach Quail Symposium                                                       8
7 site tour                                                                          8
8th Annual Women in Agriculture Conference                                           6
AZ Assoc of Conservation Dist (AACD) Annual Summer Meeting                          10
AZ Section Summer Meeting-Borderlands: Implications to Natural Resource Mgmt         7
Designing & Maintaining a Water Quality Monitoring Program                           7
Dove Symposium                                                                       9
Grazing Specialists Workshop                                                        16
Grazing Specialists Workshop                                                        16
Hamlin Cnty Summer Grazing Tour on Wheels                                            2
Harnessing Animal Behavior for Vegetation Mgmt                                      16
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS)                              8
Invasive Weed Control - AZ strip & Southern Utah                                     7
Irrigated Pasture Field Day                                                          3
Knox City PMC Field Day-Celebrating 40 Years                                         4
NRCS Boot Camp for NRCS Employees -Range                                             8
OK Grazing Lands Conservation Assoc Conference                                      12
Practical Methods for Yellow Starthistle Mgmt                                        3
Range Management Advanced School-2004                                               16
Range Management School 2004                                                        16
Rangeland Monitoring Program                                                         5
Rangeland Monitoring Program                                                         5
Wetland Plant Identification Workshop                                                5
WY Pest Detection Program                                                            4
ntinuing Education Units (CEUs)

                  Submitted by       submitted      Email address for submitter
                Ron Sosebee            13-Dec-03
                 Leonard Jolley        12-Aug-04          ljolley@rangelands.org
                      Gary Thor                    garythor@lamar.colostate.edu
                  Dana Larsen           10-Jul-04      dana.larsen@ne.usda.gov
                  Terry Bidwell        19-Aug-04       tgb@mail.pss.okstate.edu
                       Fred Hall       19-Dec-05   fred_c_hall@plantecolnw.com
                     Deb Smith         16-Aug-04        debsmith@direcway.com
                     Deb Smith          4-Aug-04        debsmith@direcway.com
                       Dan Bell          8-Jul-04
                    Dennis Nay          7-Nov-05      dennis.nay@ca.usda.gov
                    Mike Porter        30-Mar-05
                 Leonard Jolley        12-Aug-04          ljolley@rangelands.org
                   Lance Smith          2-Sep-04    lance.smith@mn.usda.gov
                     John Lentz         26-Jul-04       john.lentz@sd.usda.gov
                  Ken Sanders          21-Jun-04
                Amy Snellgrove         14-Sep-04
                   Lee Hughes          30-Aug-04
                     Julie Elliotr     29-Sep-04        julie.elliott@co.usda.gov
                Homer Sanchez           5-Oct-04 homer.sanchez@tx.usda.gov
                  Wayne Seipp        21-Oct-2004 wayne.seipp@tx.usda.gov
                    Dan Caudle         29-Jun-04
                  Mike Connor          16-Aug-04         jmconnor@ucdavis.edu
                   Bruce Wells         14-Jun-04
                    David Kraft         1-Sep-04       david.kraft@kc.usda.gov
                   Jeff Schalau        23-Aug-04      jschalau@ag.arizona.edu
                   Jeff Schalau        23-Aug-04      jschalau@ag.arizona.edu
                  Krecia Leddy         16-Aug-04   krecia.leddy@mn.usda.gov
                   Mike Phillips        2-Nov-04          mike_phillips@blm.gov
                                                                   List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units

     2004                     Location                                                            Approved
  Course Date            City        State/Province   Title of Course                               CEUs
Sept 23-25      Artesia Wells              TX         15th Annual Wildlife Mgt Symposium - Chaparral4Wildlife Mgmt Area
Sept 19-22      Anchorage                  AK         2004 NACD Western States Conference             8
Sept 27-28      Albuquerque                NM         2004 New Mexico Drought Summit                  8
Sept 29-30      Pawhuska                   OK                                                         9
                                                      2004 OK Section Annual Meeting-Managing for Diversity with Fire & G
Sept 8-9        Lansing                    MI         2004 Professional Liquid Fertilizer Program     2
29-Sep          Deuel County               SD         2004 SDSU Extension Service Grazing Tour        2
2-Sep           San Angelo                 TX         31st Annual Sheep & Goat Field Day              5
Sept 7-8        Clinton                   MO          Annual Sericea Lespedeza Work Group Mtg         4
Sept 12-15      St Paul                    MN                                                        16
                                                      ASAE Self-Sustaining Solutions for Streams Wetlands & Watersheds
Sept 15-18      Tucson                     AZ         AZ Hydrological Society 17th Annual Symposium  16
Sept 28-30      NV Cnty/SFREC              CA                                                        16
                                                      BEHAVE Training - Plant-Herbivore Intereactions Workshop
Sept 27-28      Santa Cruz Cnty            CA                                                         9
                                                      CNPS Vegetation & Habitat Rapid Assessment Public Workshop
Sept 27-30      Pocatello                  ID         Comprehensive Nutrient Mgmt Plan (CNMP) Training8
Sept 22-23      Muenster                   TX         Dow/Estes Range & Pasture Training Session 7
2-Sep           Blackville                 SC         Edisto Fall Field Day                           3
10-Sep          Fort Worth/Cresson/Bowie TX           GLCI Grazing Land Mgmt Tour                     6
Sep 14-15       Sheridan                   MT         Grazing Management for Riparian-Wedland Areas  14
Sept 14-15      Sheridan                   MT         Grazing Mgmt for Riparian-Wetland Areas        14
1-Sep           Redding                    CA         Improving Oak Tree Conservation                 3
Sept 28-Oct 1   Las Vegas                  NM                                                        16
                                                      Interpreting & Measuring Indicators of Rangeland Health/Intro to Moni
Sept 13-16      Salmon                     ID         Lost River Grazing Academy                     16
Sept. 20-24     Denver                     CO         Monitoring Science and Technology Symposium16
Sept 27-Oct 1   Chicago                     IL                                                        of
                                                      Negotiation & Decision Making Strategies - Univ 8 Chicago
27-Sep          Washington                 DC         Partnering for Enhanced Research                7
1-Sep           El Dorado Lake            MO          Sericea Lespedeza Identification & Control      1
Sept 23-25      Hastings                   NE                                                         9
                                                      The Wildlife Society-NE Chapter Annual Mtg & Student/Professional W
25-Sep          Ada                        OK         White-tailed Deer Seminar                       5
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                Submitted by          submitted   Email address for submitter
                  Stanley Reinke       30-Sep-04 stanley.reinke@tx.usda.gov
                       Deb Smith       30-Nov-05
                      Barry Imler       19-Oct-04

                 Mark Klimkowski       17-Dec-04      mklimkowski@estesinc.com
                       John Lentz      30-Sep-04    john.lentz@sd.usda.gov
                      Don Q. Cox       18-Sep-04    dcox@utsystem.edu
                    Jeff Davidson       6-Nov-04    jdavidso@oznet.ksu.edu
                 Dwayne Stenlund       16-Sep-04
                         Joe Hiller    29-Mar-05    jghiller@ag.arizona.edu
                     Mike Connor       29-Sep-04    jmconnor@ucdavis.edu
                     Kent Reeves       12-Oct-04    kreeves@ebmud.com
                   Denise Adkins        8-Oct-04
                 Mark Klimkowski       27-Sep-04    mklimkowski@estesinc.com
                     Michael Hall      10-Jan-05
                   Kent Ferguson        5-Oct-04    kent.ferguson@tx.usda.gov
                      Bob Leinard      12-Jan-07            rangeland@sofast.net
                  Sandra Wyman          1-Oct-04    swyman@or.blm.gov
                     Larry Forerp       1-Oct-04    lcforero@ucdavis.edu
                  Jason Mietchen       24-Aug-04
                     Brad Schultz      22-Nov-04    schultzb@unce.unr.edu
                   Carolyn Grygiel      7-Oct-04    carolyn.grygiel@ndsu.nodak.edu
                         Deen Boe      30-Dec-04    walnutsp@cfw.com
                     Jeff Davidson      6-Nov-04    jdavidso@oznet.ksu.edu
                Arnold Mendenhall        8-Jul-04
                       Mike Porter     30-Mar-05
                                                                                    List of Approved Courses for Continui

      2004                   Location
 Date of Course         City     State/Province                           Title of Course
Oct 7-8           Aspermont            TX       1st Annual TX Quail Study Group
Oct 6-8           Hot Springs          SD       2004 Joint Annual Mtg-SD & WY Sections with SDGC & WY GLCI
8-Oct             Hettinger            ND       2004 ND Chapter Meeting & Tour
Oct 6-8           Ainsworth            NE       2004 NE Chapter Meeting & Tour
Oct 13-15         Kerrville            TX       2004 TX Section Annual Meeting-Building on the Basics
Oct 4-6           Sacramento           CA       3rd Biennial CALFED Bay-Delta Program Science Conference
Oct 3-6           Lexington            KY       4th Eastern Native Grass Symposium
Oct 15-16         Alpine               TX       6th Symposium on the Natural Resources of the Chihuahuan Desert
Oct 24-28         Fayetteville         AR       Applied Fluvial Geomorphology Course
Oct 15-16         Kings Beach          CA       CA Society for Ecological Restoration-SERCALs 11th Annual Conf
Oct 5-7           Sebring              FL       FL Dry Prairie Conference
22-Oct            Bend                 OR       Forest Health Protection Weed Meeting
29-Oct            Bismark              ND       Grazing Land Inventory Process
Oct 18-21         Ardmore              OK       Grazing School
30-Oct            Craig                CO       Informational Workshop on Adaptive Mgmt
Oct 4-5           Pocatello            ID       Integration of Geo-spatial & Range Sciences Conference
Oct 26-27         Prineville           OR       Intro to Prescribed Burning Workshop
Oct 8-9           Midland              TX       Introduction to ArcGIS I (ERSI)
12-Oct            Jack Cnty            TX       Jack County Range Tour
Oct 7-8           Kingsville           TX       King Ranch Inst of Ranch Mgmt Symposium
Oct 6-8           Ashland              KS       KS GLC & KS AWS Tamarisk Workshop & Tour
Oct 7-8           Woodward             OK       KS Section Fall Mtg-with OK & KS Chpts of The Wildlife Society
Oct 12-13                              OR       NEPA Evaluation on Livestock Grazing-Ochoco NF Maury Mnt & Lookout Mnt R
26-Oct                                 OR       NEPA Evaluation on Livestock Grazing-Ochoco Paulina RD Ochoco NF
Oct 4-8           Beltsville          MD        NRCS Boot Camp for NRCS Employees -Range
Oct 16-18         Euphrata            WA        NRCS In-service Training
Oct 13-14         Las Vegas            NV       NV Weed Mgmt Assn 9th Annual Conference
29-Oct            Broadcast           WA        Organic Livestock: Principles Pactices & Prospects
Oct 19-21         El Dorado            KS       Plant-Herbivore Interactions Workshop
Oct 21-23         Ontario              OR       PNW Section Fall Meeting & Tour-Train Wrecks & Tall Grass
5-Oct             Refugio county       TX       Prescribed Burn Workshop
15-Oct            Katy                 TX       Quail Workshop
5-Oct             Tee Knox Ranch       TX       Range Tour & Livestock Field Day
Oct 26-28         San Angelo           TX       Riparian-Wetland Mgmt PFC & Grazing Mgmt Training
Oct 11-13         San Antonio          TX       TVMA 13th Annual Conference
20-Oct            Rancho Blanco        TX       TX SWCD Annual Meeting Tour
29-Oct            Premont              TX       White Tailed Deer Mgmt Clinic
Oct               Emporia              KS       Wildland Fire Training S130-S190
Oct 13-15         Estes Park           CO       Wildlife & Riparian Areas
Oct 4-6           Sacramento
oved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                  Approved                               Date
                    CEUs             Submitted by      submitted    Email address for submitter
                      10                 Dwayne Day     12-Oct-04      dwayne.day@tx.usda.gov
                      16                                25-Aug-04
                       2                 Nickole Dahl   22-Sep-04                 ndahl@fs.fed.us
                6 (5-TH/1-F)                Al Stueter   3-Sep-04                asteuter@tnc.org
            12 (W-3, Th-6, F-3) Charles R. Anderson      3-Aug-04charles.anderson@tx.usda.gov
                      16                 Kent Reeves    12-Oct-04          kreeves@ebmud.com
                      16                   Sid Brantly  15-Oct-04       sid.brantly@ky.usda.gov
                      12               Ed Fredrickson   20-Oct-04             efredric@nmsu.edu
                      16               Rudi Reinecke     4-Oct-04
                      12              Craig Thomsen     17-Dec-04
                       4                   Janet Valle  27-Nov-04                 jvalle@fs.fed.us
                       5                   Cheryl Doll  29-Oct-04       cheryl.doll@nd.usda.gov
                      16                  Mike Porter   30-Mar-05
                       6    Maria Fernandez-Gimenez     15-Oct-04 gimenez@cnr.colostate.edu
                      10                Denise Adkins    8-Oct-04
                      16                   Pat Shaver    1-Nov-04     pat.shaver@one.usda.gov
                      14                     Don Cox    29-Oct-04            dcox@utsystem.edu
                       3                   Tony Dean    25-Oct-04        tony.dean@tx.usda.gov
                       8                                 4-Oct-04
                       2                Jeff Davidson    6-Nov-04       jdavidso@oznet.ksu.edu
                       8                  Craig Davis    1-Oct-04           craigda@okstate.edu
                       8                     Fred Hall  19-Dec-05 fred_c_hall@plantecolnw.com
                       8                     Fred Hall  19-Dec-05 fred_c_hall@plantecolnw.com
                       8                 Wayne Seipp 21-Oct-2004 wayne.seipp@tx.usda.gov
                      16              Courtney Smith    22-Apr-05 courtney.smith@wa.usda.gov
                       8                   Janet Valle  27-Nov-04                 jvalle@fs.fed.us
                       2 Barbara Landgraff Gibbons       9-Nov-04barbara.gibbons@mt.usda.gov
                      16                Jeff Davidson    6-Nov-04       jdavidso@oznet.ksu.edu
                 5 (tour = 3)            Ed Petersen    17-Sep-04      ed.petersen@or.usda.gov
                       3                  Stan Reinke   30-Sep-04    stanley.reinke@tx.usda.gov
                       7             Wesley Newman      16-Aug-04            katyprairie@ev1.net
                       5                     Don Cox     9-Oct-04            dcox@utsystem.edu
                       6              John R. Brooks     7-Dec-04             jrbrooks@dow.com
                       1                   Tony Dean    25-Oct-04        tony.dean@tx.usda.gov
                       3                  Bruce Healy   24-Sep-04      bruce.healy@tx.usda.gov
                      16                   David Kraft  19-Nov-04       david.kraft@ks.usda.gov
                       9                 John Fusaro    18-Oct-04
    2004                        Location
 Course Date             City          State/Province
13-Nov         Tucson                        AZ
Nov 15-16      Paso Robles                   CA
Nov 30-Dec 2   Longmont                      CO
Nov 4-5        Richfield                     UT
Nov 17-18      Bismark/Mandan                ND
Nov 3-4        Phoenix                       AZ
Nov 10-12      Kailua-Kona                   HI
15-Nov         San Andreas                   CA
Nov 17-19      Colorado Springs              CO
Nov 17-18      Ashland                       NE
9-Nov          Norman                        OK
Nov 18-20      Sydney                        NE
Nov 4-7        Tucson                        AZ
Nov 3-5        Boise                         ID
30-Nov         Safford                       AZ
Nov 29-Dec 2   Globe                         AZ
Nov 8-10       McCook                        NE
Novr 17-19     Albuquerque                  NM
Nov 2-4        Elko                          NV
Nov 16-18      San Angelo                    TX
16-Nov         Quincy                        CA
Nov 8-10       Fort Collins                  CO
Nov 15-19      Missoula                      MT
Nov 30-Dec 1   Redding                       CA
Nov 30-Dec 2   Albuquerque                  NM
3-Nov          Hollister/San Juan Bautista CA
Nov 2-4        Richfield                     UT
Nov 15-19      San Diego                     CA
Nov 8-12       Cody                         WY
                                               List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

                                   Title of Course                               CEUs
1st Annual Research Insights in Semiarid Ecosystems (RISE) Symposium               6
2004 Central California Agriculture Symposium                                     10
2004 CO Section Annual Meeting                                                     9
2004 UT Section Annual Meeting                                                     9
Advanced Training in Sustainable Prod Systs in the NGP Session I                  14
Arizona Noxious Weed / Invasive Plant Summit                                       8
CalPac Section AM-Agriculture & Natural Resource Tourism                           8
Central Sierra Partnership Against Weed-Noxious Weeds Workshop                     4
CO Cattlemans/CattleWomen Mid-Winter Conference                                    4
Conservation of Western Prairie Fringed Orchid                                    12
Crossroads of America Cow-calf Conference                                          6
Feeding & Balancing the Soil                                                       8
FRCC Train the Trainers Workshop                                                   8
Intermountain Native Plant Summit III                                             16
Livestock Nutrition Workshop                                                       6
MLRA 38 Workshop on Ecological Sites & State and Transitory Theory                16
NE-KS Range Forum 2004                                                            12
NM Vegetation Mgmt Association Meeting                                      8 (w-1/th-6/f-1)
Plant-Herbivore Interactions Workshop                                             16
Plant-Herbivore Interactions Workshop                                             16
Riparian Habitat Conservation Area Sttrategy Development Mtg/Wkshp                 5
Rocky Mountain Centennial Forum                                                   16
Statistics & Sample Design Training (for Inventories & Monitoring)                16
Stewardship Watershed Mgmt                                                         8
SW Regional Rangeland Mgmt-Annual Staff Officers Mtg                               8
Using Planned Grazing in the Mgmt of Native Grasslands                             6
UT State Range Workshop (NRCS)                                                     7
Watershed Mgmt Council 10th Biennial Conference                                   12
WY Weed & Pest 60th Annual Conference & Business Mtg                              16
ontinuing Education Units (CEUs)

                Submitted by     Date submitted Email address for submitter
                 Mitch McClaran      22-Sep-04 mcclaran@email.arizona.edu
                  Jon Gustafson        1-Oct-04
             Robert Alexander          6-Oct-04 ralexander@co.boulder.co.us
                 Ron Torgerson         1-Oct-04       rontorgerson@utah.gov
                    Roger Gates      16-Nov-04      roger_gates@sdstate.edu
               Francis Northam       28-Sep-04           fnortham@msn.com
                   William Frost      6-Aug-04          wefrost@ucdavis.edu
               Susan A. Forbes       19-Nov-04             sforbes@fs.fed.us

                     Robert Self      11-Dec-04
                Mark Klimkowski       17-Dec-04
                Jeff DiBenedetto      25-Oct-04    jdibenedetto@cablemt.net
                      Tom Jones        5-Oct-04        tomjones@cc.usu.edu
                     Jeff Schalau      9-Nov-04      sprinkle@ag.arizona.edu
                 Daniel Robinett       4-Oct-04 daniel.robinett@az.usda.gov
                    Dana Larsen        1-Nov-04    dana.larsen@ne.usda.gov
                      Luis Florez     25-Aug-06 luisflorez@pvtnetworks.net
               Angela Mushrush                angela.mushrush@nv.usda.gov
                Homer Sanchez          1-Nov-04 homer.sanchez@tx.usds.gov
                   Theresa Frolli     12-Jan-05               tmfrolli@fs.fed.us
                      CO Section       1-Nov-04            cssrm@yahoo,com
                Jeff DiBenedetto      23-Dec-04    jdibenedetto@cablemt.net
                 Craig Thomsen        30-Dec-04     cdthomsen@ucdavis.edu
                    Judith Dyess      20-Jan-05                jdyess@fs.fed.us
                    Kent Reeves       12-Oct-04         kreeves@ebmud.com
                   Shane Green        18-Oct-04 shane.green@ut.usda.gov
                      Liz Kellogg      14-Jul-06            liz@tierradata.com
                      Janet Valle     27-Nov-04                  jvalle@fs.fed.us
    2004                            Location                                                            Approved
Course Date        City      State/Province                         Title of Course                       CEUs
7-Dec         Beatrice             NE          1st Annual Tallgrass Prairie Mgmt Wkshp                       6
Dec 1-2       Longmont             CO          2004 CO Section Annual Mtg-The Health of CO's Rangelands9
Dec 7-8       Grand Junction       CO          2004 CWMA Annual Coference & Trade Show                      10
9-Dec         Montpelier           ID                                                                        3
                                               2004 Pesticide Apllicator Recertification Seminar-Montpelier Seminar
Dec 13-17     Grand Junction       CO          Collaborative Resource Mgmt in Western CO                    16
2-Dec         Riverside            CA          Conservation Planning for California's Oak Woodlands          6
15-Dec        Oacoma               SD          Generating New Wealth with Grass & Cattle                     7
Dec 9-11      Davis                CA          Guidlines for Planned Herbivory in Vegetation Mgmt           16
1-Dec         Tucson               AZ          Livestock Nutrition Workshop                                  6
2-Dec         Camp Verde           AZ          Livestock Nutrition Workshop                                  6
3-Dec         St Johns             AZ          Livestock Nutrition Workshop                                  6
Dec 1-2       Marshall             MN          MN NRCS Grazing Specialist Meeting                           11
Dec 7-9       Missoula             MT          Native Plant Materials Program-Coordination Mtg              12
Dec 7-8       Bismark              ND          ND All-bird Workshop                                          5
Dec 8-10      Globe                AZ                                                                  16 (7,7&2)
                                               Plant-Herbivore Interactions - Restocking Central AZ Ranges
Dec 13-16     Phoenix              AZ          Restoration of Sagebrush Ecosystems BLM-NTC                  16
15-Dec        Pierre               SD          USDA State Tech Com EQIP & Tribal Advis Sub-Com & BLM 3       Mtg-Land Trust Iss
Dec 6-10      Chico                CA          Vegetation Restoration: Planning & Managing for Success 16
Dec 8-10      Edmonton             AB          Western Canadian Grazing Conf                                12
List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

   Submitted by       Date submitted    Email address for submitter
  Arnold Mendenhall       16-Dec-04
Robert Alexander            6-Oct-04 ralexander@co.boulder.co.us
       Marlin Jenson      15-Dec-04 mhjenson@fs.fed.us
       Lori Anne Lau      17-Mar-05
             Jim Free     14-Feb-05
Doug McCreary             12-Oct-04 mccreary@nature.berkeley.edu
        Paul Bultsma      23-Dec-04 pbultsma@ducks.org
     Craig Thomsen        17-Dec-04
         Jeff Schalau      9-Nov-04 sprinkle@ag.arizona.edu
         Jeff Schalau      9-Nov-04 sprinkle@ag.arizona.edu
         Jeff Schalau      9-Nov-04 sprinkle@ag.arizona.edu
        Lance Smith       17-Dec-04 lance.smith@mn.usda.gov
Nora Taylor                 8-Oct-04 nora_taylor@mt.blm.gov
       Michael Haupt      10-Dec-04 mhaupt@state.nd.us
        Jim Maynard        8-Dec-04 swrc-llc@zianet.com
       Pete Lefebvre      18-Nov-04 pete_levebvre@nm.blm.gov
       Eddie Farmer        7-Mar-05
          Dennis Nay       7-Nov-05 dennis.nay@ca.usda.gov
Grant Lastiwka              4-Oct-04 grant.lastiwka@gov.ab.ca

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