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launch of new qualifications in adult social
care in England
29 September 2010
Strategic vision for the new qualifications
 • History of past qualifications
    –   Quality but not connected
    –   Confusion of specialism and genericism
    –   Confusion over competence and knowledge
    –   Narrow in focus

 • Some strategic principles!
    – The qualification to fit the worker - not the worker to fit the
    – Develop robust yet flexible qualifications
    – Connect as many qualifications as possible
    – Use one unit many times
    – Bridge the knowledge competence gaps
A Simple Architecture
qualification development
Priority qualifications:

• Health and Social Care NVQ at L2 and L3
  – replaced by the HSC Diploma at L2 and L3

• Level 4 NVQ in Health and Social Care
  Leadership and Management in Care Services
   - replaced by the Level 5 Diploma in
     Leadership in Health and Social Care
structure – level 2/3 HSC diploma
Level 2 HSC            Group A                            Level 3 HSC
   Diploma:                                                  Diploma:
                       Mandatory Units
                                                          • Total credits =
•   Total credits =                                          58 credits or
    46 credits or
    more                                                     more
                       Group B
•   Credits from       Specialist (Learning               •   Credits from
    Group A = 24       Disabilities/Dementia)                 Group A = 28
    credits                                                   credits
•   Combined           Generic Pathway Units - Optional   •   Combined
    credits from                                              credits from
    Groups B and
    C must total at                                           Groups B and C
    least 22 credits                                          must total at
                       Group C                                least 30 credits
                       Optional Units
level 2 and 3 HSC diploma
mandatory units
9 mandatory units covering:
   Personal Development
   Communication
   Equality and Inclusion
   Duty of Care
   Role of Health and Social care worker
   Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
   Person-centred Support
   Health and Safety
   Handling information
level 5 diploma in leadership in
health and social care
Why a level 5?
 Comparisons with old framework and new
  – Levels 2 and 3 = new levels 2 and 3
  – Level 4 sits more comfortably at level 5
 Previous HSC level 4 and LMCS quals are still valid
  and do NOT have to be repeated!
 Opportunities for progression from the HSC Senior
  Practitioner to Management role ensuring no
 level 5 diploma in leadership for health and social
 care and children and young people’s services
                           Shared Core & Mandatory
          Adult Pathways                   Children and Young People’s Pathways

Adults’     Adults’        Adults’      Children and      Children and   Children and
Residential Management     Advanced     Young             Young          Young
Management (F)             Practice     People’s          People’s       People’s
(E)                        (G)          Residential       Management     Advanced
                                        Management        (C)            Practice
                                        (B)                              (D)

                         Optional Management Units (H)
                         Optional Units – Knowledge (I)
                               Optional Units (J)
flexibilities of the QCF
 Several other qualifications identified to
  support HSC Diplomas
 Units can be used in 3 different ways:
   – As optional units within the HSC Diplomas
   – Within smaller specialist qualifications
   – CPD to develop learning in bite sized
     chunks and reflect business need
new qualifications
 Certificate in Supporting Individuals with Learning
  Disabilities – level 2 and 3
 Dementia award (knowledge only) – level 2 and 3
 Dementia Certificate – level 2 and 3
 Assisting and moving individuals - level 2 award
 Activities Organiser - level 2 and 3 awards and
 Preparing for work in the care sector - level 2 and 3
 Commissioning, Procurement and Contracting in Care
  Services - level 3, 5 and 7 diploma
learning disability qualifications
Certificates at level 2 and 3
 2 Mandatory units
   – Understand the context of supporting individuals with
     learning disabilities – level 2
   – Support person-centred thinking and planning – level 3
 Optional units - remaining credits to make up
Future of LDQ – will no longer be necessary
 Contextualisation of Common Induction Standards
 LD pathway in diploma
dementia qualifications
Launched in Sept 2010
 Level 2 Award Awareness of Dementia
  (knowledge only)
 Level 2 Certificate in Dementia Care
 Level 3 Award Awareness of Dementia
  (knowledge only)
 Level 3 Certificate in Dementia Care
 level 2 certificate in assisting and
 moving individuals for social care
 Aims to replace current statutory training.
 Level 2 certificate to be launched in Jan
 Further work being undertaken at level 3
  regarding inducting a learner into assisting
  and moving.
activities organiser

 Need for these qualifications identified by
  the sector.
 Level 2 Award in Supporting Activity
  Provision in Social Care available in
  October 2010
 Level 3 Award and Certificate - launch in
  January 2011.
preparing to work in adult social care
 Aimed at learners from 14 years old interested in
  working in adult social care.
 Knowledge only.
 Link to the knowledge elements of the mandatory
  HSC Diploma units allowing for progression and
  removing duplication.
 Can be delivered in school or college.
 To be included in the Apprenticeship Framework
  to meet knowledge requirements.
 Level 2 and Level 3 Certificates to be launched in
  January 2011.
commissioning procurement and
contracting in care services
 Aimed at people working in roles involved in
  commissioning, procurement and
  contracting for Care Services.
 Diplomas at L3, 5 and 7.
 To be launched in January 2011.
 Generic units available that cut across other
  sectors and different qualifications within
  HSC to aid transferability.
where we’re going next…
Just the beginning…
 Ongoing development of new units and
 Need to identify gaps
You can help!
 To provide knowledge and expertise for
  future units and qualifications
Questions from employers at the
        previous forum

  1.   Assessment
  2.   CQC
  3.   Personal Learning Record
  4.   Funding
• Qualifications can be assessed in a variety of
  ways, as with current qualifications.
  Assessment methods are determined by the
  Awarding Organisations. Awarding
  Organisations will be expected to work to the
  assessment principles co-produced by Skills
  for Care and Awarding Organisations.
• Lifelong UK – produced NOS for assessment
Joining up…
 • Skills for Care will ensure that changes within
   qualifications will be reflected across our
   business including NMDS and TSI
 • We will continue to engage external
   organisations to ensure a consistent and
   coherent approach to changes
Personal Learning Record (PLR)
• Awarding Organisations have the responsibility of
  updating the PLR using a Personal Learning
  Number. Learner's will have access to this and can
  show achievements to prospective employers or
  training providers.
• In the current system achievement is through
  certificates and it would be in the learners best
  interests to show achievement through the PLR to
  their prospective employers.
• Start at a year zero approach - Eventually the PLR
  will record achievements for children from school
• Skills Funding Agency will continue to provide
  funding for eligible learners starting NVQ Level 2
  and 3 until it is replaced by the HSC diploma level
  2 & 3 in Jan 2010. The Skills Funding Agency list
  of NVQ qualifications that will not be funded
  beyond 31 July 2010 can be found at
• Skills for Care will continue to support employers
  through the Training Strategy Implementation fund
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