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Legal Line Numbers Template - Excel by mjb47900


Legal Line Numbers Template document sample

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									               2010/2 School Bus Operator Tender
                              Template 2: Vehicle Information

                           Company Information (Copy from Template 1)
Legal Entity Name (to appear on the Contract)
Trading Name (if different)
Registered Address:
   Address line 1
   Address line 2
   Address line 3
   Address line 4
Contact person (this person must be authorised by
the Tenderer to negotiate on its behalf)
Phone Number of Contact Person
Email Address of Contact Person

                                         Vehicle Information
 Please ensure the lists contain the full fleet in both cases. It is recognised that the list of intended
                       vehicles may duplicate many vehicles in the historic list
Registration numbers of vehicles you have used          Registration numbers of vehicles you intend to
    for school transport in the two years to                     use for school transport from
                  October 2010                                          1 January 2011
                  e.g. ABC123                                             e.g. ABC123

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