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									                    Business Initiative - Executive Summary

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                    Business Initiative - Executive Summary

Business Concept: Ensure accurate and non-redundant identification
and access of common DHS person data across division and system
Problem & Opportunity: The divisions of DHS have various systems
for collecting person data. Clients typically receive services from
multiple divisions. The inability to identify a client as the same person
causes dual and inconsistent data entry and multiple eligibility issues.
DHS has the opportunity to resolve multiple business and system
issues by chartering a project to coordinate, develop, and implement a
single information repository for generic person-related information
This opportunity pilots the concept of how the organization can integrate
divisional business and systems in support of service integration.
Primary Objectives and Benefits:
Provide DHS data consistency by defining the common “type” of
sharable person data and assuring individual confidentiality security.

Reduce multiple systems maintenance, processing, administration, and
storage costs.

Assure unique identification of DHS clients to reduce inconsistent and
redundant data entry, time-consuming resolutions of client eligibility,
prime numbers issues, and client tracking efforts.

Coordinate or eliminate other division specific initiatives looking at
coordinating or sharing common client data.

Rough-Order-of-Magnitude Estimate Targets:
Cost                     Completion            Cost Reduction/Avoidance
$.650–1.5 Million        Jan-Jun, 2003         30% above project cost
Anticipated Decision Consequences:
Consequence of “No” Decision – continued business and system
issues, divisions likely to independently and inconsistently resolve.
Consequence of “Yes” Decision – Next Steps: Identification of project
manager, Designation of project directing authority(s), Decision on
funding sources, scope a 1st release, project plan, and approval to start.

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