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									  Oregon Department of Transportation

                                          SAO The EDGE
                                        RFID Asset Locator
                                         By Ben Berry, CIO
March 21, 2006                                                              Page 1
                                         RFID Scope

                                         ODOT is exploring the ability to
      RFID Asset                         eliminate physical inventories of IT
                                         assets by placing RFID tags on
        Locator                          PCs, laptops and printers. Once
                                         tagged, the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
       Overview                          will transmit the physical GPS
                                         location of each device.

Organizational Controls                  The Goal
• There are products available in the
  market that provide asset visibility
                                         • Simplify logistics processes and
  and solutions using standard Wi-Fi       bring transparency to asset base.
  wireless networks as an                • Operation characteristics are -
  infrastructure.                           Frequency Details:
• Technologies to use the wireless          Reader to tag – 433 MHz
                                            Tag to reader – 916 MHz
  infrastructure 802.11g to locate any
                                            Reader to host – 2.4 GHz
  device tagged with RFID and               Read range (Tag – Reader) – 30 meters
  immediately identify the assets &         Multi-tag read – yes
  equipment.                                Read / write capabilities - yes
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                                                                 ODOT IT Infrastructure and Support

            Flexibility to make changes as the business changes.
      Servers                               Networks                        Desktops                             Support Ops

                                       Network &
                                        Internet                                                                 CUSTOMER SUPPORT DESK

- Unix Servers             (46)   - Network Nodes/                     - Desktops/Lap. (5,809)      - Help Desk Calls Mo. (2,791)
- Win NT/2000/2003                     IP Addresses class B (16,000)   - PC Images            (1)   - Avg. Hold Time      (20 sec)
    Servers              (272)    - Cisco Switches & Routers (660)     - Laptop Images       ( 1)   - Call Abandon Rate (6.4%)
- Storage Area                    - Network Data Circuits      (251)   - Printers        (2,127)    - Trouble Tickets Mo. (2,511)
    Network SAN (50TB)            - Telecom Voice Circuits (5,300)     - ODOT Employ.(4,536)        - 1st Tier Resolution (84.8%)
- Business Applications             Telephone Instruments (5,000)                                   - User Security
                                                                       - Firewalls          (10)
    TAD – Transportation (221)    - Integrated Voice Response (2)                                   - Access Accounts (15,500)
    DMV –                 ( 33)     Telecom Switches PBX/KEY (7)
                                                                       - Virus Hits per Mo.
                                                                                                      # of Unique Logins (8,500)
    MC – Motor Carrier ( 26)                                                            (40,185)
                                  - Telecom EPN’s                (6)   - Email msgs. per day
                                                                                                          Includes 3,500 external
- Interface Prog’s          (5)   - Internet Hits /Mo. (1.8 million)
- Client/Server Databases         - Intranet Hits /Mo.     (125,702)         (95,000 – 100,000)
     Oracle                 (4)                                        - Email attachments
     SQL Server          (146)                                               per day (4.5 GB’s)
     Other                 (28)
 Technology Mgt.                    IT Communications                      Tech Support                        Support Services
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         The Typical RFID Label
                 (Sample Only)

                   ODOT Region #2         Hewlett-Packard
                   555 NE 13 St.
                   Salem, OR 97301-1466
                                          Laptop Division

    Bar Codes

Embedded Chip
 and Antennae
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              Types of RF Tags
    Type         Data          Write/Read       Program by         Application
    EAS            1 bit        read-only           user           Retail Security

    SAW        4 to 16 bits     read-only       manufacturer        Proprietary

 Inductive    2 to 32 bytes     read-only       manufacturer       License Plate
                                                                    Ignition Key

Modulated     32 to 2K bytes    write/read            user         Portable Data
Backscatter                                    (tag ID may be by        File
  Active/     32 to 2K bytes    write/read            user         Portable Data
Modulated                                     (tag ID may be by         File
              2K bytes to
              2K bytes to       write/read           user          Dynamic Data
    Active     16 Mbytes
              16 Mbytes        interrogate/   (tag ID may be by        File
                               modify/read      manufacturer)

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Intelligent Labels

       Embedded Chip and Antennae

                                    Page 6
       Requirements for Intelligent Long Range RFID

• Provide for Intelligent Long Range (ILR) active RFID System to
  identify, locate and track assets at a distance of up to
  100m (300ft) to deliver superior real-time visibility in dynamic,
  demanding environments.

• Long-range (100m) RFID tag not only has a read/write capability, but
  360 degree visibility of wireless Wi-Fi - regardless of tag

• Proof of Concept 1st Phase. Used to streamline IT Asset
  Physical Inventory operations (PCs, laptops & printers,).
• 2nd Phase. Examine applicability for ODOT physical assets such
  as trackers, trucks, cars, etc. while delivering a return on investment

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         RFID Asset Locator Data Connectivity

•   RFID readers will connect to
    the existing Wireless LAN
    network using its Wireless
    LAN access point ports.
•   RFID data uses wireless Wi-
    Fi LAN network to connect
    to the Remedy database.
•   System design to include
    -Sensor location layout map
    -Planned number of readers
    & access point antennas
    -Placement of active RFID
    Tags on the assets.
•   User interface screen
    displays IT assets
    geographically distributed
    via GPS coordinates.

                                                Page 8
          Typical Deployment Scenario

          Reader-Access Point                          Tag-Reader
           Communications                            Communications


                            Wireless LAN Access Port 802.11

                                RFID Reader                   RFID Tag (Active)

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                    RFID Pilot Criteria

• Determine if RFID meets the need and if
   implementation is economically viable
  Can it help improve efficiency
  Can it help improve productivity
  Can it reduce operating costs
  Can it reduce labor costs
  What is the infrastructure installation cost
  What are the recurring costs associated with the solution
  Do the investment and variable costs of the solution meet
    the customer’s business model
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Simplify Logistics Inventory: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

                                  Ben Berry, CIO
                                  Oregon Department of Transportation
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