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					                       French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization
                          Regional Partnership for Transportation Planning
                Long-Range Transportation Plan Transportation Improvement Program
         Highway Planning Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Transit Planning Air Quality
                                    Public Involvement

                                            TAC MINUTES
                                    January 23, 2009 – 12:10 p.m.

TAC Voting Members: Conrad Burrell, NCDOT-Div. 14; Jan Davis, City of Asheville; Don Farr,
Town of Flat Rock; George Goosman, Town of Biltmore Forest; Charles Grimes, Town of Biltmore
Forest; Eddie Henderson, Town of Fletcher; Holly Jones, Buncombe County Commissioner; Keith
Maddox, Town of Laurel Park; Troy Mann, Town of Canton; Chuck McGrady, Henderson County
Commissioner; Brownie Newman, City of Asheville; Linh Nguyen, TPB, NCDOT; William O’Cain, City
of Hendersonville; Saralyn Price, Town of Maggie Valley; Letta Jean Taylor, Town of Montreat; Jerry
VeHaun, Town of Woodfin

Staff and Agencies: Loretta Barren, FHWA; Bill Crisp, Apple Country Transit; Victor Fahrer, WNC
Regional Air Quality Agency; Yolanda Morris, FHWA; Carrie Runser-Turner, MPO Staff; Jill Stark,
FHWA; Heather Strassberger, MPO Staff; Annie Sarac, MPO Staff; Joel Setzer, NCDOT-Div. 14; Ron
Townley, LOSRC; Mary Leonard White, Flood Damage Reduction

Guest: Greg Stiles, Citizen Volunteer, Swannanoa Greenways

Chairman Chuck McGrady began the meeting and all attendees were introduced. No changes were
made to the Agenda, Jerry VeHaun motioned to approve the Minutes, Keith Maddox seconded the
motion, and the Minutes from November 20, 2008, were unanimously passed.


MPO/RPO Staffing Update
Land-of-Sky Regional Council has completed the hiring process for transportation planners to staff
both the MPO and the Land-of-Sky RPO and has hired two additional planners. Keith Bamberger
will be joining the staff as a full-time Regional Planner beginning on February 2nd. Keith holds a
Master of Public Administration degree from Western Carolina University and has worked for the NC
Division of Air Quality for the past four years. Additionally, Natalie Murdock is joining the staff as
of January 20th in a temporary, 32 hour a week position. Natalie also holds an MPA from Western
Carolina and has completed internships with Advantage West and the City of Asheville.

Long-Range Transportation Plan Update
The MPO’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) must be updated every five years. In order to
meet this requirement, the process of updating the LRTP must begin now. Carrie Runser-Turner
provided an overview of the process and that participation is needed from local governments. Linh
Nguyen described the updating of socioeconomic data for the travel demand model and the role
TCC members will play in that process. MPO Staff will be contacting individual local governments
to schedule meetings about the socioeconomic data update.

21st Century Transportation Committee Update
Chuck McGrady informed the group that the 21st Century Transportation Committee released its
final report to the members of the 2009 North Carolina General Assembly on December 10, 2008.
The menu of policy options includes:

       • Vehicle Miles Traveled {VMT} Fee.
       • Vehicle Registration Fees. The Committee recommends increasing the passenger vehicle
          registration fee (currently $28) by $30 over three years. This would provide additional
          revenues of $195 million annually.
       • Vehicle Registration Fees based on weight. The Committee recommends the General
         Assembly consider charging registration fees based on vehicle weight for passenger
       • Tolls. The Committee recommends increasing the use of toll roads.

The entire 52-page report may be viewed here. Chuck McGrady distributed a handout entitled
“The Perfect Storm.” North Carolina has more miles of state roads than any other state besides
Texas. This document outlines the growing demand vs. declining funding, current sources of
revenue, and a menu of revenue options. He concluded with a list of unresolved issues such as the
statutory formula for road construction. For further information, contact Chuck McCrady.


Administrative Modification to 2009-2015 MTIP
An administrative modification is needed for the 2009-2015 MTIP to reflect Henderson County’s
plans to purchase two replacement buses. The buses will be purchased by Asheville Transit under
a lease agreement with Henderson County.

Eddie Henderson motioned to approve the MTIP administrative modification to the TAC, Bill O’Cain
seconded, and the motion was carried unanimously.

Safe Routes to School Applications
Two municipalities and one school system within the MPO region have informed MPO staff that they
intend to apply for Safe Routes to School Infrastructure or Non-Infrastructure grants. These
applications are due on January 30th. MPO endorsement is required for Infrastructure Grant
applications and recommended for Non-Infrastructure projects. There is no limit on the number of
projects an MPO can endorse as long is there is no more than one infrastructure application per
municipality. Grants will be awarded by NCDOT on a competitive basis. The following entities have
requested the MPO’s endorsement of their applications (note: please click on the name of the
applicant to see the draft resolution of support):

Infrastructure Grants:
City of Hendersonville – The city plans to construct sidewalks and crossing improvements near two
elementary schools and a middle school. City staff are working in conjunction with the Henderson
County Public Schools, who are completing a non-infrastructure application for education and
encouragement programs.
Town of Clyde – The town plans to construct sidewalks connecting a new housing development to
Clyde Elementary School. A map was handed out for review.
Town of Maggie Valley – The town plans to construct sidewalks to improve pedestrian access to
Jonathan Valley Elementary School.

Non-Infrastructure Grants:
Henderson County Public Schools – The Henderson County Schools, in collaboration with the county
health department, are seeking funding to develop bicycle and pedestrian education programs to
be taught in physical education classes at the city’s elementary schools and middle school, and
create incentives for students to walk and ride their bicycles. They are collaborating with the City
of Hendersonville, which is applying for funds to construct pedestrian facilities around the three

Bill O’Cain motioned to endorse all of the above Safe Routes to School Applications and any new
and pending applications submitted before deadlines. Eddie Henderson seconded the motion and
the motion was carried unanimously.

UPWP (Unified Planning Work Program)
MPO Staff need to submit a draft Unified Planning Work Program for FY 2009-2010 to the NCDOT
Transportation Planning Branch and Public Transportation Division by January 26th, 2009. Linh
Nguyen will need the MPO staff’s input several days prior to that deadline. Staff will circulate an
email to TCC and TAC members after the meeting requesting input on any upcoming projects that
local governments would like the MPO to be involved in during the upcoming fiscal year. A revised
5-year calendar must also be developed. For reference, the FY 2008-2009 (U)PWP narrative may
be viewed here, the FY 2008-2009 (U)PWP funding table may be viewed here, and the previous
draft 5-year planning calendar can be viewed here.                The primary task is the long-range
transportation plan update. Carrie Runser-Turner discussed the congestion management plan and public
participation, and Staff’s future process to come out and meet with all members to capture more of the local
projects. After some discussion regarding funding criteria, timeline and suggested review process, Carrie
Runser-Turner informed the group that she will send more information via email before the February meeting.
She added that there will be web updates, a redesign of the RPO newsletter, and public access to documents
and newsletters.

Letter of Support for Proposed Park and Ride Locations
MPO Staff has been contacted regarding efforts in Haywood County to establish a Park and Ride Lot
in eastern Haywood County on I-40, for commuters traveling the corridor and in anticipation of
future transit service from Haywood into Buncombe Counties. Letters of support for the proposed
lot have been requested of the French Broad River MPO and Land-of-Sky RPO. During its January
16, 2009 meeting, the TCC discussed other potential park and ride lots and agreed that a letter of
support should indicate the MPO’s support for the Haywood County lot, as well as other potential
park and ride locations throughout the region. TCC members indicated other locations for Park and
Ride sites. All members approved the draft letter of support and there were no objections.

Request for Potential Economic Stimulus Projects
MPO staff has received information from NCDOT about the opportunity for MPOs and RPOs to
provide input to NCDOT regarding priority projects for consideration in the anticipated economic
stimulus package. NCDOT has requested that each MPO and RPO submit a prioritized list of
projects by January 27, 2009. Projects included must meet the following criteria:

      Under contract within 180 days
      Cash payout within 24 months
      Federal-aid Category neutral

For more information, please see the cover memo from NCDOT regarding this opportunity, the
project submittal instructions, and the project submittal template. In addition, NCDOT previously
circulated a list of projects developed by the NCDOT for consideration by the Board of
Transportation. That list may be viewed here. MPO reviewed proposed projects received from the
membership thus far and requested additional input from TAC members. Carrie Runser-Turner and
Heather Strassberger displayed and reviewed the project list spreadsheet. Mr. Stiles from the
Swannanoa River Greenway Corridor presented a map and discussed a project proposal supported
by the Buncombe County Greenways Commission. The project outlines that a sidewalk is needed
from Owen Park to Owen Pool to provide safety to residents walking to the neighborhoods on the
other side of Route 70. Discussion followed on projects to include and how to prioritize. Chuck
McGrady said there were two Henderson County projects which may be delayed but still wish to
include on the list. He suggested looking to what was previously done in the past and put new
projects at the bottom of the list. Loretta Barren reported that her department was not relaxing
any of the requirements and standards and would still need certifications. She also stressed to
keep in mind how many jobs a particular project would create. After discussion on which projects
are shovel ready, Chuck McGrady indicated that the group adopt the list and prioritize as on the
PNL and any new projects to leave off any priority numbers.

Jerry VeHaun motioned to approve the FBRMPO potential economic stimulus package projects,
Keith Maddox seconded, and the motion was carried unanimously.

   •   Staff Update: MPO Staff did not have further updates at this time.

   •   NCDOT Division 13 update:

       Alan Thornberg will remain on the Board until his replacement has been named.

   •   NCDOT Division 14 update:

       Joel Setzer indicated that since there was a decline in revenue, non-critical and non-safety
       programs will, unfortunately, be deferred. Critical services will continue as planned.

   •   TDM Program Update: There was no update at this time.


There being no further discussion or announcements, Chuck McGrady adjourned the meeting at
1:45 p.m.


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