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Present: Cllr D Stretton (Chairman)
Cllrs Nelson and Parker
 Ms H Munro (Clerk)

1. Planning ApplicationsThere were no planning applications to discuss.
2. Apologies recorded and declarations of interest madeApologies were
received from Cllrs Dyer, Rothschild and Innes, County Cllr Hohler and
Borough Cllr Balfour and Kemp. There were no declarations of interest.
3. Minutes of 3 July 2007 to be approved and signedThe minutes of the
meeting held on 3 July would be approved and signed at the next Parish
Council meeting in October as no one present was at the meeting on 3 July.
4. Action Points
i) Youth Group – Cllr Nelson agreed to invite Matthew Unter to the next Parish
Council meeting in October in order to discuss developing facilities for the
youth in the village. PN
ii) Teston Road Car Park - a quote for work to the boundary had not been
obtained but would be presented at the next months meeting. CI
iii) Highways – the Clerk was asked to report the following items to KCC
Highways:· Pothole immediately opposite Westmount, Comp Lane· Potholes
in driveway to March Cottage and Comp Farm, Comp Lane· Potholes about
halfway between junction with Seven Mile Lane and Mid Comp Cottages,
Comp Lane· Pothole in field entrance adjacent to Mid Comp
Cottages· Potholes in driveways of Mid Comp Cottages, Comp LaneIt was
agreed that all Cllrs should email their list of highway problems to the Clerk
each month before that months’ Parish Council meeting. ClerkAll
iv) Work to the Pound – The Clerk was asked to contact the contractor, Mr
Gilbert to update him with current progress with the grant application. Clerk
v) Cricket Club – the lease had not been signed and our solicitors had
reported that the Cricket Club are concerned that we will store equipment in
the Machinery Park. The Clerk agreed to discuss this with Cllr Innes and the
Cricket Club. Clerk
vi) Trees – The report had been submitted. Cllrs Stretton and Nelson agreed
to review by the end of the year. The Clerk was asked to email the tree report
to them. Clerk
vii) Legal – No further progress had been made. Cllr Stretton agreed to speak
to Mr Geoff Castle regarding payment for his work to date. DS
viii) Grant – The Clerk reported that the Offham Network grant from KCC for
£1,000 had been approved and receipt of the funds was imminent.
ix) Playground – The Clerk reported that no progress had been made with the
weeds growing through the tarmac. A meeting is to be arranged between Cllr
Innes and the tarmac contractor. The Clerk reported that the annual
playground inspection from RoSPA had been received and would be
circulated to Cllrs Rothschild and Robertson.The Clerk reported that a
replacement handrail and floor panel had been ordered from Playdale. It was
agreed that Playdale should install the items. The Clerk was asked to check
the insurance excess and check if doing the work ourselves or using another
contractor would invalidate our insurance cover and Playdale’s warranty.The
Clerk agreed to ask Playdale if they have approved contractors in the area for
future reference.The Clerk was asked to put up a sign to ensure people are
aware of the damage and that they use the equipment at their own
risk. CIClerkClerkClerkClerkClerk
x) Handyman – The Clerk reported that there had been no response to the
adverts placed in the KM Roundabout column and from the Offham School
Newsletter. Cllr Stretton suggested using a contractor, such as Malcolm
Gilbert, for more skilled work. Cllr Stretton agreed to talk to Clive Turpie and
Ron Marchant to ask them if they would be interested in helping out with other
matters within the village. DS
xi) Speedwatch – The Clerk was asked to ascertain if Cllr Dyer still the co-
ordinator or whether she had found a replacement and let Keith Bullard, of
West Malling, Parish Council know who is the co-ordinator. Clerk
5. External ReportsThere were no external reports.
6. Action planUnallocated projects were agreed as follows:· Village shop – Cllr
Stretton· Local guide to recycling – Cllr Parker · Footpaths & Bridleways – Cllr
Nelson. The Clerk agreed to send a copy of the definitive maps to
him. DSCPPN/Clerk
7. Reports from other meetings· Joint Parishes Traffic Committee – minutes
from the last meeting were circulated. A questionnaire from MAP (Malling
Action Partnership was circulated and completed. The Clerk was asked to
email the completed questionnaire to Keith Bullard.· Parish Partnership
meeting – 13th September – the Clerk agreed to email details to Cllr
Parker· Landfill Liaison meeting – 11th September – the Clerk was asked to
check if Cllr Innes could attend ClerkClerkClerk
8. Adoption of New Code of Conduct – It was resolved that the new code as
attached to these minutes (appendix 1) be approved and notices served in the
public notice section of the Kent Messenger. Clerk
9. Village Hall Update – Cllr Nelson reported that St Mary’s Platt is holding a
public meeting regarding the refurbishment of their hall. Cllr Nelson agreed to
suggest to the Offham Village Hall Management Committee that they attend in
order to ascertain if anything could be used in Offham. PN
10. Financial MattersCheques to be signed:- The Chairman and Cllr Nelson
signed the following cheques:-
· 705 Clare Innes Expenses re Maps £81.52
· 712 Helen Munro Expenses £148.82
· 713 Inland Revenue PAYE & NIC £62.96
· 714 Viking Stationery & Computer supplies £270.33
· 715 Clare Innes Expenses re Maps £58.48
· 716 Playsafety RoSPA Inspection £77.55
· 717 Offham Toddlers Donation £35.00
· 718 Darby & Joan Donation £35.00
· 719 Age Concern Donation £35.00
· 720 Citizens Advice Bureau Donation £35.00
· 721 WRVS Lunch Club Donation £35.00
· 722 1st West Malling Scouts Donation £35.00
· 723 Neighbourhood Watch Donation £35.00
· 724 Cancelled Cancelled cheque £0.00
· 725 KAPC Councillors training day £193.86
 Special works projects and TMBC Grant to Voluntary & Community groups –
The Clerk agreed to ask local community groups if there was anything that
they needed funding for. Cllr Nelson agreed to speak to Matthew Unter
regarding any requirements for the Youth Group. ClerkPN
12. Correspondence Received
· KCC – Countryside Access improvement plan – invitation to comment on
the plan by 1st October.
· Arriva – changes to the bus service 71, 72 & 76
· Kent Police – Sgt Jonathan Thomas – New Neighbourhood Police
· KCC – Road Closure on Teston Road
· TMBC – green lidded bin information pack
· KAPC – Parish News August
· Here & Now – Aug/Sept issue
· TMBC – details of Complaints under the Code of Conduct
· TMBC – review of polling stations
· Action with Communities in Rural Kent – Rural News July 07
· TMBC leaflet – Heritage Open Days – 8 & 9 September
· Tonbridge & Malling Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership Newsletter
· Policing Kent newsletter
· KCC annual plan 2007/08
· Explore Kent issue 14
· Medway Valley Countryside Partnership Annual Report 2006/07
· Fieldwork – newsletter September 2007

13. Other Business

 The Clerk was asked to write to the new residents of Meadowbank, Church
Road, Mr & Mrs Evans, about their hedge, which is the boundary between
Meadowbank and Cosgrave Field. This hedge is on Parish Council land and
the Parish Council retains the right to request that they restore the boundary
to its original position at their expense. Clerk
 The Clerk was asked to contact WRG as the hedge on the verge by the
Landfill site needs cutting. Clerk
14. Agenda items for the next meetingYouthAction plansFunding

The Meeting concluded at 9.45 pm

Date of next meeting:
Tuesday 18 September 7.30pm Planning Sub-Committee
Tuesday 2 October 7.30pm Parish Council
Helen Munro
5 September 2007

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