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									                                                   Appendix A               Thursday 15 December 2005
                                   Slinfold Parish Council
                                   PO Box 315, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 9XX
                                   Tel: 01403 785864 Email:clerk@slinfold-pc.gov.uk

                                         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                                           Held on Thursday 31st July 2008
                                            At 7.30pm at the Parish Room
170/08 Attendance and Apologies for Absence

Those present: Councillors A Mawer (Chairman), C Burke, W Coad, M Dunkerton, D Harding, R Hillyard, N
Jefferys, A Skeates, E Sorensen and D White. Also present: M Hodgson (County) and Parish Clerk M Burroughs.

Apologies – Cllr. G Stenton-Chandler, P Rowlinson (District) & R Nye (District).

171/08 Declarations of Interest and Notification of Change to Members’ Interests

There were no declarations of interest or changes notified to Members’ Register of Interests.

172/08 Chairman’s Announcements

       1. HALC – Meeting Monday 22 September 2008 – The Clerk was advised to send the Parish Council’s
          apologies; representatives are unable to attend this meeting.
       2. The Boundary Committee – the draft recommendations were discussed; it was agreed that no further
          feedback would be given.
       3. Recess from Parish Council meetings in August and/or December – it was agreed not to recess in August
          or December but The Clerk was asked to schedule the AGM and the Annual Parish Meeting in 2009
          on the same evening.
       4. Warnham Draft Parish Design Statement – Cllr. Burke will review this and pass on to other Councillors
          who may wish to comment. Comments are due by 31 August 2008 and should be channelled through
          the Clerk.
       5. Taylor Wimpey – an article in connection with ‘debt talks’ from the Telegraph was shared with members
          present; this may impact upon the S106 agreement for Six Acres.
       6. Sussex Rural Affordable Housing Conference, 25th September 2008 – The Clerk was asked to send the
          Parish Council’s apologies, members are unable to attend.

173/08 Approval of the Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 26th June 2008

The draft Minutes, having been circulated, were taken as read and it was agreed that the Minutes be accepted and
signed as a true record.

174/08 Matters arising from 144/08, for information only

i)        The Clerk has responded to the CLC with regard to improved working relationships.
ii)       WSCC, Highways has agreed to meet with The Clerk to inspect the pavements in Streetfield Road and
          Hayes Lane. This meeting will take place on 13th August; Cllr. Harding would like to be present.
iii)      The dog bins have been installed. The bin in Clapgate Lane is crooked, this has been reported and the bin
          will be reinstated. The bin in Hayes Lane has been poorly sited. Cllr. Hillyard agreed to meet with the
          Waste Management and Cleansing Officer, HDC to agree upon a suitable location. The Clerk will
          arrange this meeting.
iv)       DC/08/0170 – Cllrs. Burke and Mawer shared the response from Ray Wright, Head of Development, HDC
          in connection with the Parish Council’s request for an explanation as to why the application had been
          permitted despite the objection raised. Both District Councillors Rawlinson and Nye disagreed with our
          recommendations. Members felt that the District Councillors should have made members aware of their
          decision since it had a direct bearing on the matter being delegated; this restricted the Parish Council from
          making a representation. The matter of attendance at Parish Council meetings was raised. Members
          agreed that the lack of communication between the District and the Parish Council was less than
          satisfactory and that this is an issue that should be addressed. A suggestion was made that this issue be
          raised with the Chairman of the District Council. Cllr. Sorensen suggested that Cllr. Mawer make contact
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       Slinfold Parish Council                                      Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 31st July 2008

          with the District Councillors to advise them of the situation; Cllr. Mawer agreed to talk to both District
          Councillors. Cllr. Skeates suggested that we ask for specific comment on matters prior to the monthly
          meeting; the Clerk will co-ordinate this.

175/08 Matters arising from the Public Session

There were no matters arising.

176/08 Approval of the Minutes and the recommendations made to the full Parish Council of the Recreation
Youth & Environment Committee Meeting held on 22nd July 2008, as previously circulated.

The draft Minutes, having been circulated, were taken as read and it was agreed that the Minutes be accepted and
signed as a true record. Cllr. White signed the minutes.

i)        It was RESOLVED to approve the cost of a planning application to be submitted by the Parish Council
          for the MUGA for KGV field up to a maximum of £167.50.
ii)       It was RESOLVED to trial R Pope as Handy Man subject to references and confirmation of Public
          Liability Insurance. Cllr. Hillyard and the Clerk will arrange to meet with R Pope to discuss the
          role. It was also RESOLVED that the Parish Council would be prepared to make a one-off payment of
          £50 towards the cost of insurance.
iii)      It was RESOLVED to approve the change in instruction to Kent County Council for KGV field i.e. to use
          the saving of £194 on wet pour to purchase a wooden self-closing gate for the Greenfield entrance at a cost
          of £186.
iv)       It was RESOLVED to approve the cost of new protective work wear shoes for the Litter Warden of

177/08 Planning Report

Cllr. Burke presented the Planning Report to the Parish Council.

New and amended planning applications:

The following applications were received in the month and reviewed by the Planning Advisory Group. HDC has
been advised of the Parish Council’s recommendations as follows: DC/08/1618-20 had only been received
recently and are currently being reviewed by the Advisory Group.
  HDC                                                                                                        Feedback to HDC
            Date received    Address & Post Code of                                   Name Applicant or
Application                                               Nature of application                             Planning Committee
              by HDC              application                                              Agent
 number                                                                                                            (Date)
                                                      Conversion of redundant stable
                                                       block (building 11) to provide
                              Gaskyns Lyons Road
                                                           indoor swimming pool,
DC/08/1620     28-Jul-08     Slinfold Horsham West                                       Mr Eric Mariani   Feedback Outstanding
                                                           associated facilities and
                                Sussex RH13 0QT
                                                       conservatory (Listed Building
                                                      Conversion of redundant stable
                              Gaskyns Lyons Road       block (building 11) to provide
DC/08/1619     25-Jul-08     Slinfold Horsham West         indoor swimming pool,         Mr Eric Mariani   Feedback Outstanding
                                Sussex RH13 0QT            associated facilities and
                                                        conservatory (Full Planning)
                                                      Demolition of existing building
                                                      (number 22) currently used as a
                                                          workshop and storage in
                              Gaskyns Lyons Road conjunction with stables and stud
DC/08/1618     25-Jul-08     Slinfold Horsham West farm and erection of replacement      Mr Eric Mariani   Feedback Outstanding
                                Sussex RH13 0QT        building for use to stables and
                                                      stud farm mainly as tack room,
                                                     rug room, feed room, workshop
                                                                 and storage
                                Nutwood Cottage
                            Guildford Road Clemsfold
DC/08/1580     22-Jul-08                             Erection of cattery boarding pens Mr Robert Skinner    No Objection (U5/5)
                              Horsham West Sussex
                                   RH12 3PW
                            Slinfold Manor Five Oaks
                                                      Internal and external alterations Mr And Mrs David
DC/08/1559     21-Jul-08     Road Slinfold Horsham                                                          No Objection (U 5/5)
                                                          (Listed Building Consent           Lewis
                             West Sussex RH13 0SX

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      Slinfold Parish Council                                         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 31st July 2008

                                                                                                                   Planning Advisory
                                                                                                                 Committee - OBJECT
                                                                                                                    given the lack of
                                                      Continued use of barn for 6                              information upon which to
                            Rowarts Five Oaks Road
                                                   stables, tack room and feedstore                             make a decision. Require
DC/08/1506     11-Jul-08    Slinfold Horsham West                                           Mr T Holden
                                                   and retention of sandschool and                              an explanation as to why
                               Sussex RH13 0RL
                                                              horsewalker                                            this is needed.
                                                                                                               Confirmation of temporary
                                                                                                               usage and detailed location
                                                                                                               drawings are also required.
                              1 Collyers The Street                                                             Feedback Outstanding,
                                                        Fell a Robinia tree (Works to
DC/08/1463      3-Jul-08     Slinfold Horsham West                                          Mr A Haines         awaiting results of site
                                                        Trees in a Conservation Area)
                                Sussex RH13 0RR                                                                visit by HDC, Will Jones.
                              New Rapkyns Cottage
                                Guildford Road
DC/08/1454      3-Jul-08       Broadbridge Heath           Single-storey extension         Ms L.Humphries      No Objection (U 4/4), 15/7
                              Horsham West Sussex
                                   RH12 3PQ
                                                     Re-batten and re-tile roof to main
                                                     house and two-storey extension,
                            Ye Olde House Pinkhurst                                                            No Objection (U 4/4), 15/7
                                                      replace existing guttering and      Mr R And Mrs M
DC/08/1432      1-Jul-08     Lane Slinfold Horsham                                                              subject to simultaneous
                                                      replace hanging tiles to North           Bruce
                            West Sussex RH13 0QR                                                                   approval by HDC
                                                        gable end (Listed Building
                               Doomsday Cottage        Replacement of existing roof
                                                                                                               No Objection (U 4/4), 15/7
                             Pinkhurst Lane Slinfold drainage system (guttering and
DC/08/1413     30-Jun-08                                                                   Mr N Hearsum         subject to simultaneous
                              Horsham West Sussex      down-pipes) and re-tile roof
                                                                                                                   approval by HDC
                                   RH13 0QR             (Listed Building Consent)
                                                                                                               7/7 No Objection provided
                              Warwick Lodge Stane
                                                           Conversion of existing                              that this does not become a
DC/08/1152     21-May-08     Street Slinfold Horsham                                      Mrs Patricia Lewis
                                                       outbuilding to a granny annexe                            separate dwelling in the
                             West Sussex RH13 0QX
                             Huntingrove Barn Park
                                                                                                               No Objection (S 4/5), 15/7
                              Street Lane Slinfold     Erection of 3 stables, tack room
DC/08/0804     3-Apr-08                                                                   Mr David Woodley     subject to adequate waste
                             Horsham West Sussex                and hay store
                                  RH13 0RB

Planning applications pending consideration or decision by HDC:
The Parish Council received a report on all previous applications currently pending consideration or a decision by

Applications permitted, refused and withdrawn:

The following applications have been processed by HDC and the results follow:
   HDC         Date                                                           Name                        Feedback to HDC
                        Address & Post Code of
 Applicationreceived by                           Nature of application    Applicant or    Status       Planning Committee
  number       HDC                                                            Agent                             (Date)
                           The Coach House
                                                                                                         17/6 No Objection
                          Rookery Wood Five
                                                Retention of stable block                Application provided for own use (U
 DC/08/1249 03/06/2008 Oaks Road Slinfold                                  Mr Ross Scott
                                                     and hardstanding                     Permitted      4/4) and ratified PC
                         Horsham West Sussex
                                                                                                             meeting 26/6
                               RH13 0RQ
                                                   Partial conversion of
                                               garage to create 1 x 1-bed
                                                                                                       17/6 No Objection but
                                                   self-contained living
                                                                                                     HDC Legal should ensure
                          Slinfold Manor Five       accommodation for
                                                                                                       that deed of obligation
                          Oaks Road Slinfold occupation by staff and/or Mr And Mrs Application
 DC/08/1211 28-May-08                                                                               ensures that this cannot be
                         Horsham West Sussex co-habitees, spouses and        D Lewis      Permitted
                                                                                                          used as a separate
                               RH13 0SX         relatives of staff working
                                                                                                       dwelling in the future.
                                                  at Slinfold Manor and
                                                                                                          Ratified PC 26/6
                                                    small single storey
                                                                                                         4/6 - The Planning
                                                                                                       Advisory Committee in
                                                                                                    principal has No Objection
                                                                                                     to this application but has
                                                    Refurbishment and
                                                                                                        asked HDC for more
                        Black Barn Stane Street conversion of existing
                                                                                         Application information to confirm
 DC/08/1121 16-May-08 Slinfold Horsham West        outbuilding to studio   Mrs C Habib
                                                                                          Permitted that this will only be used
                           Sussex RH13 0RE       ancillary to Black Barn
                                                                                                       for ancillary purposes.
                                                   and porch extension
                                                                                                        26/6 The PC awaits a
                                                                                                      response from HDC. 9/7
                                                                                                    HDC confirmed condition
                                                                                                        for ancillary use only

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        Slinfold Parish Council                                      Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 31st July 2008

                           Blacklands House
                            Guildford Road                                                             27/5 - No objection (U
                                                                              Mr And Mrs Application
 DC/08/1091     13-May-08  Broadbridge Heath        2 Storey rear extension                             4/4). Ratified at PC
                                                                               R Weekes Permitted
                          Horsham West Sussex                                                           meeting 29/5/2008.
                               RH12 3PG
                                                                                                       27/5 - No objection
                                                   Change of use of two
                                                                                                    provided structure sound
                            Rowarts Five Oaks timber framed barns to B1
                                                                                      Application       and complies with
 DC/08/1013     1-May-08 Road Slinfold Horsham light industrial use and Mr M Beasley
                                                                                        Refused        building regulations.
                          West Sussex RH13 0RL formation of an earth
                                                                                                      Ratified at PC meeting
                                                                                                        On 08/05/2008 the
                                                                                                        Planning Advisory
                                                                                                   Committee advised HDC
                                                                                                         that they had NO
                                                                                                    OBJECTION to a stable
                                                                                                  block but asked for further
                                                 Erection of stable block                           information on the plans
                              Land Opposite
                                                comprising 3 stables and a                          for the barn and the sight
                            Holmbush Cottages                              Mr Graham Application
 DC/08/0960     25-Apr-08                       tack/feed room and access                          line to the north. On 29/5
                           Hayes Lane Slinfold                              Burman     Permitted
                                                  track and hardstanding                                 the PC voted No
                               West Sussex
                                                  area (Beulah Meadow)                               Objection (7 No Obj, 2
                                                                                                      abstained) to the stable
                                                                                                  block but agreed that HDC
                                                                                                     should enter into a legal
                                                                                                    agreement to ensure that
                                                                                                  the barn is kept for storage
                                                  Demolition of existing
                                                  outside wc, lean to and
                            1 Railway Cottages    corridor and erection of
                                                                                                  8/5 - No objection (U 3/4).
                           Spring Lane Slinfold       single storey rear   Mrs Fiona Application
 DC/08/0946     23-Apr-08                                                                              Ratified PC meeting
                          Horsham West Sussex          extension with       Jobling     Refused
                                RH13 0RT            conservatory, single
                                                 storey extension to front
                                                 and first floor extension
                                                 Change of use of unused
                            16 Greenfield Road                                                     29/5/2008 - OBJECT 6/3
                                                  granny annexe to 1 x 1-             Application
 DC/08/0941     22-Apr-08 Slinfold Horsham West                            Mr S Pinch              over development/change
                                                bed attached dwelling and               Refused
                             Sussex RH13 0SF                                                                   of use
                                                     internal alterations

DC/08/0492 – Fox Ways, Pinkhurst Lane – Replacement 5 bedroom dwelling; the Parish Council had ‘No
              Objection’ to this application.

New enforcement issues
                      Date received      Address & Post Code of
HDC Enforcement No                                                            Brief details               Status
                        by HDC                application
                                      Land rear of Holmbush Manor
       EN/08/0383      17/06/2008                                             Untidy site         Pending Consideration
                                         Cottages, Hayes Lane

178/08 Report from County Councillor

Cllr. Hodgson provided an update on the following matters:

i)         The Boundary Committee’s recommendations to lose Broadbridge Heath and gain Rudgwick. Ashington
           will be making representation with regard to the proposal of being moved from Storrington to
ii)        Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) – two traffic related matters (A29 and A281) are third and sixth on a
           list of 60 prioritised TRO’s suggesting that improvements could be made within the next 12 – 24 months
           to these stretches of roads around the village. Members were very pleased and encouraged by these
           developments; the Clerk was requested to convey the same to Neil Smith, WSCC.
iii)       West of Horsham Development – at a meeting between District, County and Consultants on 24th July
           discussions took place on traffic options to include improved weaving distances to the north and
           southbound slips on the A24.
iv)        An unwelcome arrival of travellers on The Common at Broadbridge Heath. Cllr. White asked about
           progress on permanent sites; Cllr. Hodgson advised that options were still being considered and that there
           may be a statutory document by 2010.

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       Slinfold Parish Council                                      Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 31st July 2008

179/08 Report from District Councillors

Cllrs. Rowlinson and Nye were not present at the meeting. The Clerk received a report from Councillor Nye to
pass on to the members present in connection with the West Of Horsham Development and side loading collection
vehicles. This report was duly read to the members present.

180/08 Highway Matters

     i)            The Youth Offending Team have agreed to clear overgrown vegetation on the Downs Link section
                   between Hayes Lane and Spring Lane mid-August following the meeting with Cllr. Skeates in May
                   2008. This team will be in touch with the Clerk when they are due to start.
     ii)           The Clerk provided an update on S106 agreements from WSCC with regard to ‘Transport
                   Contributions’. The cost of the School Safety Zone had been allocated by the CLC from S106 funds,
                   however as the likely cost is only to be around £400, WSCC has asked that this be funded from other
                   sources. There is £27,200 in S106 funds. The Clerk has been requested to pursue the resurfacing
                   of the school car park and re-grading and resurfacing of the Downs Link between Hayes Lane
                   and Spring Lane.
     iii)          The Clerk received a call from the Village Store to advise that the oak tree in front of the shop is
                   dying. The Tree Warden has inspected this tree and advised that the tree is unlikely to survive without
                   constant watering and that it should never have been planted in this location given the surrounding
                   competing trees. The Village Store has been advised of the Tree Wardens comments.
     iv)           The question of parked cars in The Street, particularly around the school, was raised. Cllr. Coad
                   advised that she had to reverse past 30 or so cars to allow a bus to pass and asked whether there was
                   anything that could be done to improve safety in this area. Cllr. White felt that the Parish Council
                   should seek professional advice; Cllrs. Mawer and Hillyard advised that this had been done on two
                   occasions in the past and that the advice received was that parked cars are the best traffic calming
                   measure in this area.
     v)            Cllr. Hillyard advised that the ‘No Road Markings’ signs are still in Lyons Road. The Clerk has asked
                   WSCC, Highways to collect these signs.
     vi)           Cllr. White advised that Slinfold Golf Club were going ahead with their redevelopment plans.
     vii)          Cllr. Skeates has received a quote for £11,198 to re-grade and re-surface the Downs Link (see ii

181/08 Finance

             i)         A list of accounts to be paid in the sum of £2,050.06 was distributed to all Councillors present.
                        The list was reviewed and duly agreed. Details of The Clerk and Litter Warden’s salaries are
                        available upon request.

    Payments for July 2008                Cheq/DD                        Payee                      £
      Saxon (Garage Hire)                     DD                    Saxon Weald                  £35.66
                   Dog Bins                  2233                          HDC                   £20.80
                  Streetlights               2234                 SOUTHERN ELECTRIC              £233.46
            CLERKS SALARY                    2235                 MRS M BURROUGHS
           CLERKS EXPENSES                   2236                 MRS M BURROUGHS                £86.82
     LW SALARY & EXPENSES                    2237                     MR A BAKER
PO Box Annual Fee and Delivery to
        Home Address
                                             2238                 Royal Mail Group Ltd           £120.35
            ROSPA Inspections                2239                    Playsafety Ltd              £141.00
              Parish Reports                 2240                          HDC                   £61.20
              PC Assistance                  2241                       N Glover                 £60.00
           Six Acres - Play Area             2242                  Enterprise Services           £58.16
          Grounds Maintenance                2243            Garden Care (Southern Ltd)          £351.33
                  Hall Rental                2244                  Slinfold Village Hall         £99.00
                                                                         TOTAL                  2,050.06

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           Slinfold Parish Council                                Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 31st July 2008

             ii)      The Bank reconciliation for the current account to the cashbook was circulated and approved.
                      The Chairman signed off the reconciliation.
             iii)     Nat West has sent statements to advise that they are debiting our current accounts with bank
                      charges. The Clerk was instructed to challenge Nat West on this issue and pursue possible
                      alternative banking arrangements with either First Direct or the Co-operative Bank.
             iv)      It was RESOLVED to close the Slinfold Parish Council Village Hall Deposit Account and the
                      transfer of the balance of £100.15 to the Village Hall Current Account. The Clerk will prepare
                      the instruction for signing.
             v)       It was RESOLVED to approve the cost of £100 to install hardware to speed up access and
                      provide additional back up/security capability for the Parish Council computer.

182/08 Clerk’s Announcements & Correspondence Received


i)           Police Matters – The Clerk provided an update on matters reported to/by PCSO Sylfan Hammond during
             the month.
ii)          SALC – details were provided of Councillor training in September & October 2008.
iii)         Hire Charges – the Village Hall has notified the Parish Council of small increases in their hire charges.

Correspondence Received:

The following correspondence was made available for Councillors to review:

            HDC – Cash Boost for warmer homes
            Southern Water - Roadshow
            AirS – Business Plan
            NHS West Sussex Primary Care – Press Release
            Horsham District Housing Strategy Consultation – web site link
            Local Council Review – July 2008
            Water Resources Update – Spring 2008
            AirS – July 2008
            Partnership News – July 2008
            HACVS – June 2008
            Local Council Update – July 2008.
            Slinfold Village Hall – 21 July 2008
            HDC Standards Committee – 16 July 2008
            HDC – Scrutiny & Overview – 16th June

183/08 Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies

            Cllr. Dunkerton attended the Village Shop Association Meeting – Slinfest has been a great success, the 49
             Club will start shortly and a Barn Dance is scheduled for 15th November 2008.
            Cllr. Dunkerton attended the Village Hall Trustees Meeting – topics discussed included a loft type ladder
             to the mezzanine floor, oil tank protection and files in storage.
            Cllr. White provided an update from the Minerals and Waste Forum and the feedback from the Help
             Conference that he had attended back in March 2008.

184/08 Members’ Questions and Comments

            Cllr. Dunkerton advised that volunteers are required in the Village Shop. The shop will be closing
             Mondays and Tuesdays from 3pm.
            Cllr. White advised that he was reviewing options with regard to insuring the Youth Club assets.
            Cllr. Coad reported barbed wire on bridleways/footpaths around the village. Cllr. Skeates agreed to
             report this matter to the Access Ranger.
            Cllrs. Burke and Jefferys were thanked for the support they gave to the Clerk with archiving.

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         Slinfold Parish Council                                  Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 31st July 2008

          Cllrs. Hillyard and Dunkerton have reviewed the Parish Plan and provided feedback on outstanding
           matters. It was agreed that it was not necessary to update the plan (last published in 2003) but to seek the
           views of residents at the next Annual Parish Meeting.
          Cllr. Hillyard advised that smoking litter was a problem outside the Red Lyon. The Clerk was asked to
           instruct the Litter Warden to attend to this as part of his duties.
          Cllr. Mawer advised that he would be resigning after the next meeting on 28th August 2008.

185/08 Items for the Parish Magazine

Keep pavements clear – Hedge and tree trimming.

186/08 Next Meeting(s)

     Parish Council – 28 August 2008, 7.30pm Parish Room

Meeting closed at 9.40pm.

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