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					                                                     173 Glid den R      nit
                                                                   oad, U 11, B ram pton, Ontario L6W 3L9
                                                   Order Desk: (905) 453-4111 • Toronto Line: (416) 410-3781
                                                         Watts 1-800-851-7478 • Fax: (905) 453-6442


                                                Credit Form & Guarantee
Legal Company Name
City, Prov                                                                                           Postal Code:
Telephone                                                                       Fax
Own/Rent Building                                           GST No.                                        PST No.
Nature of Business                                                           Date Business Started
 Sole Owner                                Partnership                                 Corporation

1. Name & Title
  Home Address
1. Name & Title
  Home Address
Accts Pay. Contact                                                                                    Credit Req. $

    Contact                                                             Telephone
    Acct No.                                                                    Fax

   Supplier 1
    Contact                                                             Telephone

   Supplier 2
    Contact                                                             Telephone

I, the undersigned, declare that all the information supplied in this credit form is true and accurate, and that I am authorized to
request a charge account from National Exhaust Systems Inc.. Furthermore, by signing below, I agree and consent to authorize
National Exhaust to obtain from any credit reporting agency or any source, such information as National Exhaust may deem
appropriate, at any time in connection with the credit hereby applied for. I acknowledge that the terms of sale are net 30 days
unless otherwise stated on our invoices.

I acknowledge that I am jointly and personally liable for all purchases and services requested from National Exhaust Systems Inc.
under my own name, trade name or corporate name.

          Date                                                            Signature

     Territory                                                          Print Name

                                          173 Glidden R         nit
                                                        oad, U 11, B   rampton, Ontario L6W 3L9
                                        Order Desk: (905) 45 3-41 11 • Toronto Line: (416) 41 0-3781
                                              Watts 1-80 0-85 1-7478 • Fax: (905) 45 3-6442

                                  TERMS AND CONDITIONS
C redit T rms

1)     All p roducts purchased from NATIONAL EXHAU ST are due and p ayabl e i n full by
       the 30th day foll owi ng purchase, unless otherwise st ated.
2)     A prompt payment di scount of 2% may be deducted from the i nv oice subt otal if
       payment is postmarked by t he 10th day of the month following purcha se. This di scount
       is disallowed on purchases ma de on terms, equal payment billing, net inv oices,
       equipment a nd G.S.T. not i ncluded.
3)     Al l overdue accounts will b e subj ect to a service cha rge of 1.25% per month.
4)     NATIONAL EXHAUST reserves the right to suspend or cancel credit priv ileges
       at any time without noti ce if a n a ccount is deemed to be d elinquent or a serious credit risk.
       A coll ecti on fee of 25% of the unpaid bal ance wi ll be charged i f a thi rd pa rty be
       req uired to ob tai n payment of any outsta nding amount.
Fre ight Polic y
1) Local Deliveries: Free l ocal delivery withi n t he Greater T oronto Area. Al so hav e scheduled out
      of town runs, please call for detai ls
   Cardinal Couriers: Cardinal is p repaid wi th a order of $150.00 (customer cost) anywhere i n
      Ontario where they deliver. A $5.00 vault charge will be charged back to the cust omer
      by NATIONAL EXHAUST if the customer does not have a Cardinal vaul t.
   Common Carriers: Due to v arying courier costs, please call for details on del iveries.
2)    All back orders will b e cancelled unless speci fi ed by the customer.
R turned M erchandise Polic y
1)     All goods must be returned frei ght prepaid to our Brampton wa rehouse in resala ble
       condi tion, in original packaging and are subject to inspecti on. Returns withi n 30 days of
       purchase carry no restocki ng charge, returns over the 30 days wit h result i n a 15% restocki ng
       charge. Any sp ecial order product ret urned wil l carry a 15% restocki ng charge.
       Annual returns are al lowed b ut can not exceed 5% of each calend ar years purcha ses
       Pl ease contact your sales representative to receive a RGA No. No prod uct wi ll received
       wit hout a RGA No. A restocking charge of 15% will be charged on all returned product,
       unless there i s an offsetting ord er of equal value. Part s purchased in excess of 12 months
       are non-returnabl e.
2)     All product sol d/shipped by NATIONAL EXHAUST are consi dered in good
       condi tion. For product arriving short or d ama ged, NATIONAL EXHAU ST must be advised
       i n wri ting wi thin seven worki ng days of receipt of goods. Fa ilure to do so within the
       allocat ed time will void NATIONAL EXHAUST of any responsibi lity.

       I, the undersi gned, a gree to all of the abov e terms a nd condi tions

Pri nt Name:____________________________________          Date:__________________________________

Si gnature: _____________________________________

C ompany:_____________________________________

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