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									                                                                 PGL 2220 - Sample Assignment, page 1

Sample Assignment - Information Letter
The following is a sample assignment, rubric, and student submission. Students
were told to
 Review the sample instructions.
 Review the grading rubric
 Review the format handouts T
 Individually evaluate the attached student submission based on the
  instructions, grading rubric, and format handouts. You can mark on the
  submission and/or the rubric
 Get into small groups
 Pick a “recorder” to take notes
 Pick a “speaker” to present your evaluation to the class later
 As a group, evaluate the student submission and complete the grading rubric.
 We will discuss the groups’ evaluations

   Refer to the text, handouts, and your class notes/outline for information on this legal writing
   You must type the assignment.
   Remember to save your work. You can name the file, 01.InfoLetter. Note that you should
    keep the file saved in two locations (e.g., your home computer and a floppy).
   Follow the proper format outlined in the handouts Format for Correspondence and the
    Format for Informational Letters
   Complete the assignment, Chapter 15, Assignment 9. The original letter will be mailed first
    class mail and a copy will be faxed. You will type and sign the letter. You will not include an
    enclosure. The file name is 01.InfoLetter.
   Evaluate your work by comparing it with the grading rubric. Edit as needed.
   Print two copies of the assignment. On both copies, (1) write your name in the top right
    corner, and (2) write the grade you think you earned below your name.
   Turn in the two copies.

See the next page for the grading rubric.
                                                                          PGL 2220 - Sample Assignment, page 2

Sample Grading Rubric - Information Letter
Assessment Scale:
Expertise = No errors; demonstrates mastery; 100%       Beginning = A few minor errors; developing toward understanding;
Accomplished = No errors; demonstrates proficiency;         75%
    90%                                                 Incomplete = Many errors; attempted task; 60%
Developing = Minor error; demonstrates understanding;   Absent = Did not attempt task; 0%

NAME:                                                                                     SECTION: PGL 2220 (FA 2005)
                                                    Absent   Incomplete   Beginning   Developing   Accomplished   Expertise
OVERALL - 10% (5 points)
Student’s work indicates a clear understanding 0   3.00                     3.75         4.25          4.50         5.00
of the assignment and legal writing topic
MECHANICS & STYLE - 25% + 5% from citations (15 points)
Writing is almost completely free of spelling,
                                               0   3.60                     4.50         5.10          5.40         6.00
grammar, punctuation, and structural errors
Vocabulary is sophisticated and precise        0   1.80                     2.25         2.55          2.70         3.00
Sentences are clear                            0   1.80                     2.25         2.55          2.70         3.00
Paragraphs fully develop one idea per
paragraph; Paragraphs are unified and          0   1.80                     2.25         2.55          2.70         3.00
CITATIONS - 5% not applicable for this assignment
Citations are proper and consistent            --   --                       --           --            --           --
Student name in top right corner               0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
Student grade in top right corner              0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
Two copies of the assignment submitted         0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
Full block format followed                     0   3.00                     3.75         4.25          4.50         5.00
Letterhead proper                              0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
Method of delivery proper                      0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
Delivery address proper                        0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
Subject appropriate                            0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
Salutation proper                              0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
Signature block proper                         0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
Notations, if any are needed, are proper       0   0.60                     0.75         0.85          0.90         1.00
1. Introduction establishes relationship                0      3.00         3.75         4.25          4.50         5.00
2. Student clearly and concisely explains the
                                                        0      3.00         3.75         4.25          4.50         5.00
3. Student includes a proper conclusion                 0      3.00         3.75         4.25          4.50         5.00
Points Student earned out of 50 total points:

                                                                      PGL 2220 - Sample Assignment, page 3

Format for Correspondence
                    LAW OFFICE OF WALTER & MORRIS, P.A.
                                    107 St. Mary’s Avenue                                       Letterhead
                                     La Plata, MD 20646

July 1, 2011                                Date

Original via First Class Mail
                                            Method of Delivery if other than First Class Mail
Copy via Facsimile Transmission
Cecelia A. Able, Esquire
Able, Baker & Carter, LLC
111 Main Street                             Delivery Address
La Plata, MD 20646

RE:    Full Block Letter                    Regarding/Subject
       File Number 03-1000

Dear Ms. Able:                                                                                               Body

This is an example of a business letter using the full block style. A full block letter means that           Intro-
all the lines align on the left margin. Note that there are many other letter styles used by                 duction

The top margin depends on whether you are using letterhead. The date usually begins 2.5 inches
from the top of the paper. If you have letterhead, the date begins about .5 to 1.0 inches from the
last line of the letterhead. The bottom, left and right margins are normally one inch.

The font size is normally 11 or 12 point. Most typists prefer the font “Times Roman” because it
is easier to read.

Type the date. Leave three blank lines before typing the inside address.

After the inside address, type the reason for the letter and the salutation. Leave one blank line
between each entry.

The body of the letter is normally single-spaced. Again, leave one blank line between each
                                                                          PGL 2220 - Sample Assignment, page 4

Ms. Able
July 5, 2004          Header
Page 2

If a second page is used, type a heading including (1) the name of the addressee, (2) the date, and
(3) the page number. Leave between two and three blank lines, and type the remainder of the
letter. If you use the headings format in Word or WordPerfect, you may have to add two or three
blank lines to the header area (by pressing the enter key).

Do not divide the last word between page one and page two. Do not divide a paragraph between
two pages without including at least two lines of text on each of the two pages. You can set
Word or WordPerfect to check for these problems by turning on the “widow and orphan”
controls. You can also adjust your bottom margins and fonts so that the entire last paragraph
appears on page one or page two.

Type your closing with a comma. Leave three blank lines, and type the sender’s name. Directly
underneath the sender’s name, type the sender’s title. The sender will sign his or her name in
this blank space. Note that some firms include a line above the typed name so the sender can
sign on the line.

Include the sender’s initials and the typist’s initials only if someone other than the sender typed
the letter. Leave one blank line between the sender’s title and the initials. Type the sender’s
initials in uppercase, and type the typist’s initials in lowercase.

Type “enclosure” if you are enclosing a document with the letter. If you are sending a copy of
the letter to another person, type “copy,” “cc,” or “c.”

Some writers also include the file name in the letter. The file name allows writers to find a                    Request
document quickly if it needs revisions. If you include the file name, I suggest you format it so
that is two or three points smaller than the other text.

Very truly yours,


Daphne A. Morris, Esq.                       Name
Owner                                        Title


                                             Enclosure Notation, if enclosures

cc:     Mr. Smith (with enclosure)
                                             Copies to, if copies sent
C:\Documents and Settings\Daphne A. Morris\My Documents\COURSE - 05_FA\PGL 2220\Content\02.Info      Optional
Letters\Format.Correspondence.doc                                                                    File Name
                                                                         PGL 2220 - Sample Assignment, page 5

Format for Informational Letters
                      LAW OFFICE OF WALTER & MORRIS, P.A.
                                        107 St. Mary’s Avenue
                                         La Plata, MD 20646

July 1, 2011

Jane Healy
483 Moore Street
La Plata, MD 20646

RE:     File Name, File Number
        Description of Letter

Dear Ms. Healy:

In the introductory paragraph, you should establish the appropriate relationship with the reader
and define the issue or goal of your letter.

In the next paragraph or paragraphs, give the information. You may confirm an appointment,
inform the client of the status of the case, give the results of an investigation, or present an
invoice. In an information letter, the writer does not give a legal opinion or provide legal advice.
However, you may present general legal information or background on a legal issue.

If the information is detailed, you can give a summary or conclusion in the last paragraph. You
should also set out what you want the reader to do in the last paragraph. Include any contact

Very truly yours,

Sarah L. Buckler
Sarah L. Buckler
Legal Assistant

C:\Documents and Settings\Daphne A. Morris\My Documents\COURSE - 05_FA\PGL 2220\Content\02.Info
                                                                  PGL 2220 - Sample Assignment, page 6


                             Law Offices of Alice Black
                                    2100 Main Street
                            Friendly, New Washington, 00065
                  (200) 267-7000 • FAX 267-7001 •

August 20, 2005

David Key
761 South Vine Street
Sunnydale NW 00066

Re:    Removal of director from corporate board

Dear David Keys,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the results of our research in regard to what is
required to remove a member like a director of the board of directors of a corporation.

  The state statute that governs the removal of directors is New Washington Statutes Annotated
Section 77-11-22. The statute said that at a meeting called expressly for the purpose of removing
directors any director may be removed by a majority vote of the shares eligible to vote at an
election of directors. The statute also talks about that a director may be removed with or without
cause. There does not have to be a reason to remove a director. In summary they may be
removed with or without any stated reason by majority vote of the eligible shareholders from the
corporation. I hope this letter answers any question you may have regarding this matter. If you
need me call me


Tom Taylor


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