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									DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY HOUSING AND RESIDENCE LIFE                                                                                                                                                            F2010
Application/Lease Agreement/Residential Dining Plan – Residence Halls
 A $150 nonrefundable application fee is required with this application (check or money order payable to Jacksonville State University) by May 1st (fall semester) or by November 1st (spring semester). Students
 will be eligible for an assignment upon acceptance from the Office of Admissions. The lease agreement is a legally binding document for the full academic year (fall and spring semesters). You
 are financially responsible for all room charges unless an agreement release request is completed and approved. All students applying for housing must be in good judicial standing at JSU. An
 assigned space must be claimed by the second day of move-in or the space will be re-assigned. Lease rates are subject to change pending approval from the Board of Trustees.

                                                                                             STUDENT INFORMATION
 Student #:                                                                            JSU Email Address:                                                          Date:

 Last Name:                                   First Name:                                Middle Name:                                                              Birth Date:                       Gender:

                                                                                                                                                                                                     M         F
 Street Address/P.O. Box:                                                                     City                                          State:                 Zip Code:

 Home Phone:                                      Cell Phone:                                                                                           Alternate Email Address:

 UNIVERSITY STATUS                                APPLICATION PERIOD                                       SPECIAL INTEREST
                                                                                                           Are you participating in any of the following programs?
   Freshman                 Transfer             Fall/Spring (Aug-April)  Summer I
                                                                                                            FYE (First year Experience)              Sorority                        JSU Athletics ___________
   Sophomore                  Senior             Spring Only (Jan-April)  Summer I I                                                                                                             (Sport)
                                                                                                            Leadership House*                        Marching Southerners             ExSel*
   Junior                   Graduate             May                        Other:_______
                                                                                                            Other:_______
                                                                                                           *Additional applications may be required.
                                                                                      HALL PREFERENCE
                                                     *Private Room/Suite. Students must have lived on campus for one semester in order to qualify.

  TRADITIONAL MALE HALLS                                                                                                                                            CO-ED HALLS
                                                                                       TRADITIONAL FEMALE HALLS

  ________ Crow Hall (Freshman)                  ________ Patterson Hall (FYE)**                                                                                     ________ Sparkman Hall (Private Room/Suite) *
                                                                                        _______ Fitzpatrick Hall (Freshman)     ________ Logan Hall (FYE)**

  ________ Daugette Hall (Private Room) *        ________ Dixon Hall (Freshman)                                                                                     ________ International House (Contact Int’l
                                                                                        _______ Curtiss Hall (Freshman)
      **First Year Experience, please visit          **First Year Experience, please visit

                                                                                          ROOMMATE INFORMATION

 If you do not have a roommate preference, leave this section blank. Roommate requests must be mutually requested and must include the correct student number of each roommate. Both roommate
 applications/lease agreements and deposits must be received together by May 1 for the request to be considered. Also, both roommates must select the same living options in the same order of preference. If
 possible, submit applications together.

 Roommate Name:____________________________________________________________                                   Roommate Student Number: ___________________________________________________________

                                                                                           RESIDENTIAL DINING PLAN
 All residents residing in Crow, Curtiss, Daugette, Dixon, Fitzpatrick, Logan, Patterson or Sparkman Halls are required to purchase a Residential Dining Plan. If a plan is not marked, you will automatically be
 assigned Plan C. All changes to the Residential Dining plan must be completed by the last day to register for classes by contacting Sodexho Food Services at (256)782-7242.

                      Plan A                                                Plan B                                                 Plan C                                                  Plan D

     Unlimited Meals and $50.00 flex dollars              14 Meals per week and $125.00 flex dollars          8 Meals per week and $350.00 flex dollars             70 Meals per semester and $600.00 flex

 Any individual seeking accommodations under Section 504/ADA should notify Disability Support Services at (256) 782-8380. Appropriate documents are required. I acknowledge that I have read all terms and
 conditions of the housing application/lease agreement and agree to the conditions stated therein. I further acknowledge I have read and understand the Guide to Residence Living which can be found at and any exhibits as attached thereto as part of my Housing Agreement with JSU. I affirm that all representations made on my University Housing Application are true and correct. Upon
 acceptance by the Department of University Housing and Residence Life, the housing application/lease agreement is legally binding. Please sign and return this application/lease agreement, along with the
 REQUIRED APPLICATION FEE to Jacksonville State University, Department of University Housing and Residence Life, 700 Pelham Road North, Jacksonville, AL 36265. If you have any questions, please
 contact the Department of University Housing and Residence Life at (256) 782-5122.

  Signature:__________________________________________________Parent’s Signature:____________________________________________________Date:_______________________________________

 If the student is under 19, the parent or guardian must cosign. As the cosigner, I agree to assume financial responsibility under this lease agreement if the student whose signature is
 subscribed hereon defaults on this lease agreement.

 OFFICE USE ONLY:                                 Hall:                                Room#:                               $                                 Per Semester         $                           Per Term

 Staff Signature:                   Date:         Director of University Housing and Residence Life:                                                    Term/Lease Agreement Year:

                                                                                                     Please see back
                                                                      Jacksonville State University
                                                       DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY HOUSING AND RESIDENCE LIFE

1. Considerations and Period of the Agreement: The student or prospective student               8. Miscellaneous:
and (if required) student’s parent, guardian, or other guarantor, is/are hereafter referred     A. Invalid Provision: If any part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, the
to collectively as student. The student will pay Jacksonville State University (JSU)            remaining parts shall continue in full force and effect.
housing fees and costs for occupancy of an assigned space in JSU housing for the                B. Representations: Neither JSU nor agents or employees of JSU have made any
academic year beginning fall semester and ending at the conclusion of spring semester           representations or promises with respect to this agreement or the assigned space other
or the remaining portion thereof, as well as summer terms if applicable. The student will       than as set forth herein.
pay at the rate established by the JSU Board of Trustees. JSU reserves the right to             C. No Waiver: The failure of JSU to insist, in any instance, upon the strict observance
change the housing fees, charges, and application fees upon 30 days published notice.           of any of the terms of this agreement shall not be considered as a waiver or
Special attention is called to the fact that JSU does not remain open between semesters         relinquishment of such terms in any other instance, but the agreement shall continue in
or during Christmas and spring break. Thus, housing is not available at those times.            full force effect. JSU reserves the right to make such other rules as may be deemed
Refer to the Guide to Residence Living (Guide) for opening and closing dates.                   appropriate or necessary for the safety, care, protection and cleanliness of JSU, its
2. Eligibility: Access to student housing is limited to students who are admitted and in        students and property, and for securing the comfort and convenience of all residents.
good standing with JSU (e.g., students on academic or disciplinary suspension are not in        D. Attorneys Fees: The student agrees to pay JSU reasonable attorney’s fees and other
good standing). Further, as an additional eligibility requirement, undergraduate and            costs incurred in connection with any action or proceeding to enforce this agreement.
graduate students must be enrolled.                                                             E. Release of Liability: JSU is hereby absolutely released by the student from any and
3. Utilities and Service: JSU will furnish water, gas, and electric utilities in university     all liability, losses, claims, demands, actions, debts, and expenses of every name and
housing.                                                                                        nature for injury to property or person (including any incident resulting in death) or for
4. Use of Space:                                                                                damages sustained by any person(s) from whatever cause. The student further agrees to
A. Use: The student shall use and occupy the licensed space exclusively as student              indemnify JSU against and covenants not to sue JSU for any and all such claims of
housing and for no other purposes except as may be permitted by JSU. The student                liability, losses, claims, demands, actions, debts, and expenses. The provisions shall
agrees to exercise due care in use of the assigned space, its appliances, furnishings, and      operate and be applied for the benefit of the JSU Board of Trustees and its officers,
other JSU property. At the end of occupancy, the student must vacate and return the             employees and agents.
space to JSU in the same condition, including cleanliness, as it was at the beginning of        F. Cumulative Rights: JSU’s rights and remedies under this agreement shall be
the term of occupancy.                                                                          cumulative. None shall exclude any other or similar right or remedy, which the law
B. Student/ Maintenance-Cooperation: The student shall assist and cooperate with                confers upon JSU.
JSU in the care and maintenance of the assigned space, university buildings, and                G. Sole Agreement: This agreement constitutes the sole agreement between the parties
grounds, and shall promptly report to Physical Plant any damages to, or need for repairs        with regard to the Department of University Housing and Residence Life and Physical
of, the assigned space, building facilities, or equipment therein. The student should not       Plant and replaces any prior oral and written understandings and representations. No
tamper with or alter any mechanical or electrical equipment.                                    amendment or other modification of the terms of this agreement shall be effective unless
C. Alterations: The student shall not make or permit any alterations, additions, repairs        it is in writing and is signed by both parties. JSU reserves the right to modify any
to, remodeling, or painting of the assigned space without prior written consent of JSU.         provision of this agreement that it deems necessary or appropriate.
Only appliances designated by JSU as being safe will be allowed in university-owned
facilities. See the Guide for allowed appliances.
D. Law and Regulations: Duty to Comply: In the use of the assigned space, the student           9. Sodexo Residential Dining Plan:
will be required to strictly comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations of                A. The JSU student ID card shall be used as the student’s meal card. The student
government and JSU authority. The student shall comply with the rules, regulations, and         shall present the student ID card at every meal that is attended with no exceptions
procedures outlined in the current edition of the Guide, JSU Student Handbook, and any          whether using meals or flex dollars to purchase a meal.
other JSU rules, regulations, or procedures which may be posted or distributed from             B. A lost or stolen card should be reported to the JSU ID office so that the card can be
time to time. By signing this agreement, the student agrees to comply with all JSU and          invalidated until found or replaced.
Department of University Housing and Residence Life policies and to obtain, review              C. There shall be a replacement fee for a lost, misplaced or stolen card at a cost to be
and maintain a copy of the current Guide and the JSU Student Handbook, which are                determined by the university.
made a part of this agreement by reference.                                                     D. There shall be a $20 fine if the student’s card is used by anyone other than the
E. Notice of Entry: JSU, its officers, employees, and agents have the right to enter the        validated recipient.
assigned room at reasonable times for the purpose of inspection and repair, preservation        E. The student shall use the meal card only one time during a meal period. A second
of health, safety, noise, recovery of university owned property, and for suspected policy       entry will require the use of flex dollars. A meal period is considered one breakfast, one
violations. JSU reserves the right to reenter the premises without prior notice when JSU        lunch and one dinner per day.
determines it necessary for health and safety reasons or to insure compliance with the          F. The student shall be allowed to make changes to the meal plan through the last day to
provisions in this agreement or other university policy.                                        register for the semester as stated on the academic calendar. Once the student has
5. Responsibility of Others: The student will be held responsible for the conduct of            chosen the meal plan, the student shall use this meal plan throughout the current
guests or persons student permits to come into assigned space or facility. Any violation        semester. The next opportunity to make changes to the meal plan shall be the following
of the provisions of this agreement by such a person(s) will be grounds for termination.        semester.
6. Cancellation:                                                                                G. There will be limited carry-out service available through Jack Hopper Dining Hall.
A. Termination by JSU: JSU may terminate the student’s occupancy upon 24 hours                  It is preferred that the student dine in the dining hall.
written notice at the discretion of JSU upon the following conditions (this list of             H. The meal plans shall be designed so the meal plan holder should receive meals on a
conditions is not all-inclusive). Student will not receive a refund of deposit.                 weekly basis throughout the semester. Every Monday morning the account is reloaded
1. Student defaults in the payment of housing fees or other JSU fees or charges.                with a new set of meals to use for the upcoming Monday through Sunday period.
2. Student violates the terms of this agreement.                                                I. Meals on a traditional plan shall not carry-over week to week. The student shall lose
3. Student misrepresents any material facts submitted to JSU.                                   any uneaten meals when the computer resets on Monday morning.
4. Student ceases to be eligible for university housing.                                        J. The student shall use the flex dollars within the semester purchased as the student
5. Student’s behavior, or the behavior of student’s visitors, is such that, in the opinion of   shall not be refunded unused dollars. There will be several retail outlets to use flex
JSU, it infringes upon the rights of others to peaceably enjoy the use of university            dollars in addition to Jack Hopper Dining Hall.
housing.                                                                                        K. There shall be no refunds on unused meals or flex dollars.
6. JSU determines that the student’s continued residency poses a threat to the health and       L. The student’s meal plan shall not be valid to anyone other than the student. The JSU
safety of the student, others, or would endanger JSU property. JSU shall have the right         student ID card shall have the student’s picture on it for security purposes and should
to terminate the student’s occupancy immediately and to enter the premises to remove            prevent the student ID card from being used by others. The plan shall be non-
the student’s property.                                                                         transferable.
B. Termination by Student: Students wishing to terminate their agreements must                  M. Meals shall not carry over from week to week and the student cannot borrow meals
comply with the provisions outlined in the Guide. Requests that include refunds must be         from one week to the next.
made in writing to the Housing Appeals Board.                                                   N. Monday breakfast shall be the first meal of the week and Sunday dinner shall be the
7. Vacating the Assigned Space/Breach of Agreement: Upon expiration, cancellation               last meal of the week.
or termination of this housing agreement the student must quietly and peaceably remove          O. The seventy meals shall be used within the semester purchased. The student should
property from the assigned space and surrender possession thereof to JSU. Failure to            not have to use a set number of meals each week, but the student should use all seventy
vacate on or before the date specified in the cancellation notice will constitute holding       meals within the semester. There shall be no carry-over meals to the next semester and
over. A student holding over beyond the termination date shall be charged $50.00 per            the student shall not be refunded any unused meals.
day (up to a maximum of the applicable charges for the semester/term and any other              P. Dining services shall be available with the exception of major holidays. Generally, if
semesters/terms) and shall be liable to JSU for all costs, including attorney’s fees,           there are no classes for the day, the dining hall shall be closed for that day. The dining
incurred by JSU in regaining possession of the premises. Failure to comply with the             hall shall provide three meals a day, Monday through Friday, with two meals a day on
provisions of this agreement entitles the university to pursue any appropriate action,          Saturday and Sunday.
including but not limited to: termination of this agreement, removal from university
housing, registration hold, and/or a hold on transcripts, diploma, or other records in its

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