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2   Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
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     Natural Awakenings of North Central FL

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Natural Awakenings is your guide to nutrition,

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“green” living, organic food, Buy Local, the
Slow Food and Slow Money movements,
creative expression, wholistic health care,
and products and services that support a
healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.            8      Savoring the Sun
                 Publisher                                  Three ways to preserve summer’s goodness
       Carolyn Rose Blakeslee, Ocala                        by Judith Fertig
               Managing Editor
               Clark Dougherty                       12     A Conversation with Jim Hightower
                     Editors                                Acclaimed columnist, commentator and populist
               Sharon Bruckman                              by Ellen Mahoney
              S. Alison Chabonais
                 Kim Marques                         14     Yin & Tonic ~ Singin’ in the Rain
                 Linda Sechrist                             by Melody Murphy
              Design + Production
             Stephen Gray-Blancett                   16     Healing Ways: Cool Aid
            Carolyn Rose Blakeslee                          Remedies for summer bummers
    Jessi Miller, www.LittleBlackMask.com
                                                            by Maureen Healy
                Contact Us
               352-629-4000                          18     The Beauty of Summer Boredom
             Fax 352-351-5474                               Recapturing the golden days of childhood
     P.O. Box 1140, Anthony, FL 32617                       by Lisa Gromicko
                                                     20     Conscious Eating: Berry Good
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AuGust issue:
back to school
Children’s Health
Green living
                                                                           in Perpetuity
                                                                              by Paul David
                                                                             Bond Pesqueira

                                                              P    aul Bond’s Magic Realism art illuminates a
                                                                   dreamlike world where anything is possible, as
                                                              he deftly juxtaposes and rearranges common ele-
                                                              ments to convey universal spiritual or metaphysi-
                                                              cal ideas. Sometimes, his paintings are simply up-
                                                              lifting illusions, expressing the whimsical, surreal
                                                              and fantastic side of life. They are always soothing,
                                                              visual meditations that delight the imagination and
Advertising & submissions                                     stir the soul.

                                                              Rearranging familiar objects gives Bond the
AdvertisiNG                                                   visual symbols he uses as a language to reflect an
n To advertise with us or request a media kit, please call    emotion or thought he’s entertaining at the mo-
352-629-4000 or email GoNaturalAwakenings@gmail.com.          ment. “Often, a painting is born from something
n Design services are available, FREE (limited time offer).   randomly seen from a car window, or a line in a
n Advertisers are included online FREE and receive other      novel or song,” he explains. “If it stirs my curiosity,
significant benefits including FREE “Calendar of Events”      it finds its way into my work.”
listings (normally $15 each).
editoriAl ANd CAleNdAr submissioNs                            About Happiness in Perpetuity, he says, “We
n For article submission guidelines, please visit             create our experience and physical environment
www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com/services.htm.                     based on our beliefs and thoughts. Those who wait
n Calendar: visit www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com /news.htm.      for outer experiences to make them happy are at
n Email all items to GoNaturalAwakenings@gmail.com.           a disadvantage—happiness is simply a choice,
                                                              based on our desire for it.”
mAteriAls due
n Deadline for all materials is the 15th of the month (i.e.   View the artist’s portfolio at PaulBondArt.com.
July 15th for August issue).

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                           July 2011         5
                                            Raw Green Smoothies Event Is
                                            Filled; Another Event in the Works
                                            O     ur July 21st Raw Green Smoothies evening is full!
                                                  However, another event is already being planned.
                                            Dates and details TBA—watch this space. For more informa-
                                            tion, call Nuris Lemire at the Lemire Clinic, 352-236-2851.

                                            Amrit Yoga Retreat

                                            P   eople from all walks of life are invited to join Yogi Desai,
                                                Chandrakant and staff at the Amrit Yoga Institute for an
                                            overnight program designed to bring ease and well-being
                                            into your life. This rural center is located in the heart of the
                                            Ocala National Forest, on beautiful Lake Kerr. Experience
                                            the transformational practices of the Integrated Amrit Meth-
                                            od with talks, discussions, and practices of yoga nidra, yoga
                                            and meditation. Program from 10 am Saturday, July 30 to 10
                                            am Sunday, July 31. $99 includes classes, overnight lodging,
                                            and three meals. Register at www.amrityoga.org, info@
                                            amrityoga.org, or 352-685-3001.

                                            Rev. Marita Graves in Gainesville

                                            U    nity of Gainesville is hosting Rev. Marita Graves as
                                                 Guest Speaker at the church this year. She is currently
                                            scheduled to speak at the 11 am morning service on the
                                            following Sundays: July 24, August 14, September 11 and
                                            October 9. Following each of those services, she will be
                                            available to provide spiritual guidance by appointment be-
                                            tween 2 and 5 pm. To make an appointment, call

                                            Level I Biosyntonie Workshop in

                                            B   iosyntonie is a natural, harmonizing modality that com-
                                                bines the laws of physics with ancient natural healing
                                            systems. Energy is the primary matrix of the universe and
                                            your body. Man-made energetic and thought pollution is the
                                            primary cause for most of our problems and may be more
                                            serious than chemical pollution. Biosyntonie helps resolve
    * excluding manicures/pedicures         the interference of modern artificial energies, and recon-
                                            nects you with nature and the universal laws of physics,

6                                     Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
where the solutions to all the problems       driveway and a pole barn.” Several Salt      unable to determine how many water-
we have created already exist.                Springs residents have announced that        bottling companies are active in Flori-
     Participants will be able to experi-     they will appeal the project’s approval.     da; we found one article from 2009
ence the therapy and learn to utilize all     Don Holmes, a lawyer in Palatka, will        that cited 22 at the time. We will bring
11 healing modalities taught in the first     handle the case.                             you an update next month.
level Biosyntonie training. They will be           On June 13, Premium Waters, a                For an in-depth look at the bottled
able to use them personally and with          Minneapolis company, appeared be-            water industry, watch the feature film
their family, friends and patients.           fore the SJRWMD seeking permission           “Tapped” online (free of charge): http://
     This two-day workshop, offered           to take 197,000 gallons/day from             topdocumentaryfilms.com/tapped/
July 30-31, is for both professional and      Orange Springs and the aquifer be-                Sources: Public records; Ocala.com.
non-professional participants. For more       neath it. In the Ocala Star-Banner,          —C.B.
information call Dr. Hanoch Talmor,           Ryan Hamm, invasive plant biologist
M.D., at 352-377-0015, or visit www.          with the Florida Fish and Wildlife
betterw.com.                                  Commission, was quoted as saying,
                                              “The water level [of Orange Springs]
                                              has been dropping all spring. It’s get-
                                              ting alarming.”
Two Bottled-Water                                  Premium Waters had been ap-
                                              proved in 1996, but they closed the
Companies Okayed                              facility in March 2008, and since then,
Last Month                                    their original permit expired. Their
                                              plant is on a 14-acre site north of the
                                              fork of County Road 315 and State Rd.
A    fter our June issue came out, two
     bottled-water companies were
given permission to pump 297,000
                                              21 on the Alachua County line. The
                                              company reportedly wants to restart
                                              the operation partly to supply a new
gallons of water/day from north central
                                              venture, a Michigan company produc-
Florida springs and aquifers.
                                              ing water sold in recyclable cardboard
     The first company, run by the
                                              cartons instead of plastic bottles. Pre-
Moody family, plans to install a four-
                                              mium was approved June 14.
inch artesian well on their 12-acre
                                                   The St. Johns WMD governing board
property to capture mineral water that
                                              is based in Palatka. The members of the
empties into Lake George near Salt
                                              board are listed with their email address-
Springs. This company will draw up to
                                              es here: http://www.sjrwmd.com/govern-
100,000 gallons/day that will be
                                              ingboard/boardmembers.html. The South-
trucked to an Ocala bottler.
                                              west Florida WMD governs 16 counties.
     The County Commissioners an-
                                              The members the board are listed here:
nounced approval on May 31. Despite a
long history of opposing in principle
                                              governingboard/. All board members
water-bottling projects, ultimately the
                                              serve uncompensated four-year terms.
Commission has no choice in the matter.
                                                   Before going to press, we were
In a June 12 “Special” to the Ocala
Star-Banner, Mike Amsden, Marion
County commissioner from District 1,
explained that local governments cannot
ban water pumping, as water has been
                                                 Homegrown Organics
considered a state resource since 1972
and has been managed by regional                 Organic buying club.
“districts.” In the central Florida region,      Start eating right today!
the St. Johns River, and the Southwest
                                                 n Fresh organic fruit and veggies
Florida, Water Management Districts are
the entities in charge. Commissioner             n Organic and free-roaming poultry
Kathy Bryant said, “I completely un-             n Grass-feed beef
derstand the concerns about our ...
                                                 Doreen, 352-598-4184
water supply [but] what we’re here to
discuss is a special-use permit for a            HomeGrownOrganics.vpweb.com

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                                   July 2011           7
            SAVORING THE SUN
             Three Ways to Preserve Summer’s Goodness
                                                       by Judith Fertig

            eing a locavore is fabulous          “The jars are like                    and will also taste best when eaten
            if you live somewhere like                                                 within six months.
            California,” says Audra           characters, with story
Wolfe, a co-founder of Canvolution
                                             lines that I remember.”                   Refrigerator Canning
and an expert food preservationist.                                                                       Because most veg-
“But if you live in the Northeast, unless          ~ Eugenia Bone, author of                              etables have low
you learn food preservation, you could            Well-Preserved: Recipes and                             acid content, which
be eating local turnips and kale all            Techniques for Putting Up Small                           can invite bacteria
winter,” she notes with a chuckle.                Batches of Seasonal Foods                               growth, canning
      The mounting desire to eat locally                                                                  them also involves
grown food, know what’s in our food                                                                       pickling—adding a
and reduce our ecological impact, as                                                                      vinegary brine to in-
                                            rings comprise the basic equipment
well as shrinking household budgets,                                                                      crease the acid level.
                                            we need to get started.
are contributing to what The New York                                                  Refrigerator-pickled cucumbers, Swiss
Times recently cited as a renaissance                                                  chard stems, green tomatoes, beets
in home food preservation.                  Freezing
                                                                                       and green beans will keep for up to
      “In a time of high food prices, job                    Freezing can be as
                                                                                       six months if kept covered in pickling
losses and food safety scares, home                          easy as rinsing berries
                                                                                       brine in the refrigerator.
canning is booming,” agrees June Tay-                        in very cold water,
lor, a Berkeley, California, food pres-                      patting them dry, and
ervationist. According to Jarden Home                        then placing them on      Hot Water Bath Canning
Brands, makers of Kerr and Ball brands                       a baking sheet in the                      Traditional hot water
of glass canning jars, sales of canning                      freezer until frozen                       bath canning cre-
equipment were up 30 percent in                              solid. Such quick-fro-                     ates a vacuum within
2009.                                                        zen berries can then                       the jar that works
      The simplest methods for “put-        be placed in freezer storage containers                     to preserve foods.
ting up” food are freezing, refrigerator    and will keep for up to six months.                         Basically, the food is
canning or multi-step water bath can-            Some foods, like vegetables,                           packed into clean,
ning. Pressure canning, dehydrating         need to be blanched first—plunged                           hot jars that are filled
and fermenting require special equip-       into boiling water for a minute or two,                     almost up to the top
ment (pressure cookers, dehydrators         then shocked in an ice water bath—         (the amount of headspace between
and large crocks), as well as more          then allowed to cool before being          the food and the lid is indicated in
advanced knowledge. For most of us, a       placed in freezer storage containers.      the recipe). Then, the filled and sealed
large pot and some pint-size glass can-     Cooked sauces, salsas and chutneys         jars are processed in a hot water bath
ning jars with lids and metal sealing       can simply cool before being frozen        for a specified amount of time. When

8                                                       Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
they’re removed from the bath, the
lids will pop into place as they cool
to complete each jar’s vacuum seal.
Food canned this way can be stored on
kitchen shelves for up to one year, ac-
                                                                                                           Gentle Yoga Studio
cording to U.S. Department of Agricul-                   “Like” our Natural
ture guidelines.                                        Awakenings Facebook                                      Gentle Yoga
     Today, with more cooks, garden-                   page for breaking news                                    Chair Yoga
ers and foods lovers collectively com-                 about health, the earth,
mitted to the revival of the lost art of
                                                        and upcoming events.
putting up food, the movement is pick-
ing up steam. Canvolution aficionados                          HEALTHY LIVING
                                                              HEALTHY PLANET

                                                              feel good

say that almost half of U.S. canners are
                                                              live simply
                                                              laugh more

now younger than 40.
                                                            Live Simply
                                                                 & Enjoy
                                                             Relax and Refresh
Judith Fertig is a freelance food writer                     YOGA
                                                             3 Easy Poses

in Overland Park, KS; for more infor-                       BREATHE
mation visit AlfrescoFoodAnd                                INTO BEING
                                                            The Ins & Outs of Better Health

                                                                                                           Claudia Saldarriaga
                                                                                                          Certified Yoga Instructor
                                                         Keywords: Natural                                www.gentleyogabyclaudia.com
                                                        Awakenings Magazine
                                                          Gainesville Ocala                                 352-362-2791
                                                   Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

     County extension agencies within each
    state’s department of agriculture provide
 free information on techniques for preserving
food, together with recipes and recommended
  local ingredients. Helpful online sources also
abound; here are some websites to get started.

      Audra Wolfe at DorisAndJillyCook.com
       Ball Canning at FreshPreserving.com
       Canning Across America at Canning
      Eugenia Bone at blogs.DenverPost.com
       Kerri Conan at DinersJournal.blogs.
      National Center for Food Preservation
                at uga.edu/nchfp
    U.S. Department of Agriculture at usda.gov
     (click on Food and Nutrition, then search
                  Home Canning)

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                                           July 2011         9
                           Locavore Update
                           S    ales of locally grown foods are
                                expected to reach $7 billion this
                           year, up from $4 billion in 2002, ac-
                           cording to the U.S. Dept. of Agricul-
                           ture. One driver is the well-publicized
                           average 1,500 miles it took for 28 fruits
                           and vegetables to reach the Upper
                           Midwest by truck in a 2001-2003 study
                           by Iowa State University’s Leopold
                           Center for Sustainable Agriculture.
                                 “The average distance we calcu-
                           lated was often cited incorrectly as the
                           average distance food traveled in the
                           United States,” explains Rich Pirog,
                           who led the research. “Local food
                           really isn’t about mileage or distance.
                           It’s about the relationships that are
                           built in the food chain. It’s about farm-
                           ers and local communities getting a
                           higher percentage of the food dollar.”
                                 Local food sourcing builds com-
                           munity, poses a smaller risk for food-
                           borne contaminants and tastes better,
                           especially when it’s organic. It doesn’t
                           require the refrigeration needed for
                           long-distance hauling and often comes
                           without wasteful packaging.
                                 A Carnegie Mellon University study
                           further calculated that transportation now
                           accounts for 11 percent of the greenhouse
                           gas emissions associated with fruits and
                           vegetables and only 1 percent for red meat,
                           while how the food is produced contrib-
                           utes 83 percent; so it’s good to be familiar
                           with local providers. The researchers also
                           reported that switching from red meat and
                           dairy products to chicken, fish, eggs or a
                           vegetable-based diet one day a week yields
                           at least the equivalent reduction in green-
                           house gas emissions of buying all locally
                           sourced food.
                           —Source: emagazine.com

10   Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
                                Intuitive Touch Reiki and
                                         Massage Therapy                                                  Mosswood Farm Store
                                                                                                          703 NE Cholokka Blvd
                            Specializing in Therapeutic/medical and                                       Micanopy, FL 32667
                                 relaxation massage, intuitive Reiki
                                    sessions and lymphatic drainage
                                                                                                          (352) 466-5002
                                                1294 SE 24th Road
 Susan Domfort LMT/COTA                             Ocala, Florida     Organic coffee and pastries,
 Licensed Massage Therapist,                        352-804-7617
 Reiki Master Teacher and
                                                                       sustainable living books and
 Certified in Holistic Manual        Now accepting PIP and BC/BS       earth friendly supplies, crafts,
 Lymphatic Drainage                       insurance for medically      soaps, homemade bread, much
 MA #53889 MM #22664                          necessary massage.       more. Open every day 10-6.

                                                                    New Patient Special:
                                                                $25.00 off one-hour massage.

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                                     July 2011         11
A Talk with                                                                                     Agitators created America itself,
                                                                                          first with the Continental Congress,

Jim Hightower                                                                             and then with the American Revolu-
                                                                                          tion. It was agitators who democratized
                                                                                          The Declaration of Independence, the
Acclaimed Columnist,                                                                      Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It also
                                                                                          took agitators to form the suffragist, anti-
Commentator and Populist                                                                  slavery, populist and labor movements—
                                                                                          and later, the civil rights, women’s and
by Ellen Mahoney
                                                                                          environmental movements.
                                                                                                 It takes people willing to stand up
                                                                                          to the establishment and say, “No.”

J                                            How is your work helping
   im Hightower, a syndicated colum-
   nist and national radio commenta-         individuals to swim against                  How can we individually
   tor, is the bestselling author of Swim
Against the Current and Thieves in
                                             the political currents, work                 or collectively work to
High Places. A former Texas agriculture      for the common good and                      improve the world?
commissioner, he’s spent 30 years            make a difference in their                        First of all, assess your own values
fighting for the rights of consumers,        communities?                                 and what matters to you. If something
working families, environmentalists,                                                      strikes you as particularly unfair or not
small businesses and just plain folks. A          Essentially, I consider myself a
                                             modern-day Johnny Appleseed, with a          right or that could be done better, then
favorite saying of his is, “The water                                                     look at that and begin to build on what
won’t clear up until we get the hogs         populist viewpoint. I try to inform peo-
                                             ple, rally them and help them see that       you really care about.
out of the creek.” Hightower is the                                                            Inform yourself and then look
2009 recipient of the prestigious Puffin/    they’re not alone, despite the power of
                                             the establishment trying to teach them       around in your own area. It’s likely
Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship.                                                    there is someone working on the very
                                             that the corporate way is the only way.
                                                                                          issue that bothers you. You’ve got to
Why do you consider populism                                                              reach out to make those connections
                                             Why do you say that
the people’s rebellion against               politics is more about
                                                                                          through places like your church, local
the corporate powers-that-be                                                              groups and independent bookstores.
                                             top versus bottom than
and how do you define it?                    right versus left?                           How do we create a
     Populists have historically under-                                                   government truly of, by
                                                   Right versus left is what we’re told
stood that the real battle in America is
not an ideological fight of conservative
                                             politics is all about—you’re either a con-   and for the people?
                                             servative or you’re a liberal. But those
versus liberal. Rather, the battle is over                                                      Democracy is not a quick fix; it
                                             are tiny little boxes that few Americans
money and power, and populists are                                                        requires a lot of citizen involvement,
                                             fit within, and this ideology is what di-
engaged in a fight against corporatists                                                   and you’ve got to find ways to become
                                             vides us in this country. Most of us are a
to create a democratization of both our                                                   a part of that. You can’t do it alone.
                                             mix of both. The real political spectrum
government and our economy. Too few                                                             I often talk about Harrell’s Hard-
                                             is in fact, top to bottom, because that is
people control the money and power                                                        ware store, in Austin. They’ll loan you
                                             [the paradigm] where most people live;
at the expense of the rest of us.                                                         a tool to take home for a project or sell
                                             most folks know they are way down in
     In this country, populism began                                                      you two nails. Their slogan is, “To-
                                             that top-to-bottom spectrum.
in Texas in 1877, when farmers, who                                                       gether We Can Do It Yourself,” and this
were going broke because of railroad                                                      is exactly the operating principle of a
monopolies, realized they had to do          What do you mean when                        progressive movement. We can’t do it
something about it. What began as            you encourage people to                      ourselves—it takes all of us together,
a farmers’ movement quickly spread           be agitators, much as a                      as like-minded people of goodwill. The
throughout the country. The movement                                                      possibility of self-government comes
                                             washing machine agitates
later evolved into the People’s Party                                                     from this.
and had a powerful impact on wom-            the dirt out?
en’s suffrage, the direct elections of            First of all, the powers-that-be        For more information, visit JimHigh-
senators, wage and hour laws and the         make the term “agitator” seem pejo-          tower.com. Ellen Mahoney teaches
nationalization of railroads and public      rative. But, in fact, agitation is what      writing at the University of Colorado,
resources. It was very progressive.          America is all about.                        Boulder. Email evm@infionline.net.

12                                                        Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
                              Buy into the
                              … Support our advertisers

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                     July 2011   13
                                                 Singin’ in
                                                 the Rain                                                 by

“In the midst of a gentle rain ... I was       anyone to organize my rainy-day activi-        thunder ... music to my soul. On hot
suddenly sensible of such sweet and            ties, and I certainly wasn’t depressed by      summer nights, stunning streaks of
beneficent society in nature, in the very      the rain. I was delighted.                     pink and lavender heat lightning are as
pattering of the drops, and in every sound           As a child, I could stand forever at     good as fireworks to me.
and sight around my house, an infinite         my bedroom window and watch the rain                 A hot bath on a cold and rainy
and unaccountable friendliness all at once     pouring in rivulets off the broad leaves of    night is incomparable bliss. So is sitting
like an atmosphere sustaining me.”             elephant ears. I pretended it was a jungle     by the fire in said weather. Firelight,
—Henry David Thoreau, Walden                   in India during monsoon season. Beyond         candlelight, lamplight ... all are a love-
                                               the plum trees, where water was fast           lier, warmer shade of gold on gloomy

   have never understood people who            filling the ditch by the road—well, that       evenings. Falling asleep to the sound of
   don’t like rainy days. Rainy days de-       was a canal in Venice. My house, natu-         rain on the roof is sublime—and extra
   press some people, but I have always        rally, was a country estate in England.        points if it’s a tin roof. Whether it’s a
loved them, from earliest childhood. They      There was a whole world that only              rainy-day nap or the ubiquitous dark
have always put me in a good mood the          existed when it rained. The rain brought       and stormy night, nothing lulls you to
way blue skies do for others. My heart         out my imagination, and still does.            sleep quite like the sound of rain.
sings at the sight of a cloudy grey sky. The         I still find plenty of pleasant things         On rainy days at home, I often put
darker the skies, the brighter my spirits.     to do when it rains. Almost everything is      on some classical piano music, which
Rain suits me like a tonic and lifts my        better on a rainy day, especially if you’re    is even more beautiful with an under-
spirits like sunshine. My dad used to call     at home. There’s something so cozy             score of raindrops and thunder. Cho-
me on a rainy day and say, “I’ll bet you’re    about cooking or baking on a rainy day.        pin was made for rainy days. Then I
in a good mood today, aren’t you?” The         And reading is wonderful on a rainy day,       open my windows and listen to the
answer was always a cheerful yes.              whether you’re in your favorite armchair       rain and my music. I like to sit on my
     As a child, I loved the rain because,     or propped up comfortably in bed with          porch with a cup of hot tea when it’s
growing up in southern Florida, it was         a good book and a cup of coffee.               raining—and if a little cool mist blows
the only diversion from hot, sunny                   Writing on rainy days is enjoyable,      in through the screen, all the better.
weather. It was different and exciting,        too. The sound creates a cocoon of                   Rainy days are good for sociability,
and blessedly cooler, which was always         creativity inside which words flow as          too. Chats are more intimate when
a welcome change. “Rain, rain, go              easily as rainwater off a downspout.           having coffee with a friend in a cafe on
away”? Whatever. Bring it. As soon as I        Rain makes me more productive, wheth-          a rainy afternoon. Dinner parties on a
could walk, my greatest joy was to find        er the exertion is mental or physical. I       stormy night seem to have a uniquely
puddles to splash in. I would find ways        often get in the mood to clean house on        convivial spirit of warmth and familiar-
to go out in the rain, rather than staying     rainy days. A thunderstorm is positively       ity. There’s something cozy about being
in. But staying in was excellent, too. I       invigorating. Perhaps the ions in the          warm and dry together with good food
was endlessly entertained.                     atmosphere are charged differently;            and drink; it makes people open up
     I had a Little Golden Book called         perhaps my energy levels are suscep-           like the clouds overhead, and good
The Rainy Day Play Book that had been          tible to barometric pressure. Either way,      conversation flows in equal torrent.
my mother’s when she was little. It was        I get a lot done when it rains.                      I also like to go for long walks in
about children who were disconsolate                 I do enjoy a good storm. I find it       the rain. I don’t mean just a gentle
because they had to stay in on a rainy         exhilarating. Thunder and lightning do         rain; I mean a good, hard, steady rain,
day, and their mother had to find ways         not scare me. I find them oddly sooth-         a rain that means business. And not
to amuse them. I loved, but never fully        ing and exciting at the same time. The         with an umbrella or a raincoat, either.
understood, that book. I didn’t require        crash of lightning, the rumble of              No, if I’m going for a stroll in the rain,

14                                                          Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
I want to come home good and                    understanding the same way the earth             We should be blessed if we lived in the
drenched. There is something glori-             is by summer rain, and we thirst for it          present always, and took advantage of
ously satisfying about the rain blowing         the same way the grass does.                     every accident that befell us, like the
in one’s face and streaming through                  Thoreau, who spent many of his              grass which confesses the influence of
one’s hair. It is absolutely cleansing.         “pleasantest hours” confined to his house        the slightest dew that falls on it.”
     Then again, there’s something              in the woods during long rainstorms, said             Here’s to gentle rain, brighter
awfully fun about having an umbrella            it best in this passage from Walden:             prospects, and better thoughts.
to twirl, as Gene Kelly showed us.                   “A single gentle rain makes the grass
Rainy days make me feel like that               many shades greener. So our prospects            Melody Murphy can be contacted at
classic sequence in Singin’ in the Rain:        brighten on the influx of better thoughts.       yinandtonic12@yahoo.com.
like splashing in puddles and swinging
on lamp-posts, tap-dancing and twirl-
ing an umbrella, waltzing and whis-
tling through a downpour, as cheerful            Reeser’s Nutrition Center, Inc. / ReesersNutritionCenter.com
as a bright yellow rain slicker.                  Do you suffer from any of                        Free Initial Consultation
     The color yellow seems to go along           the following symptoms?                          with CNHP. Offering:
with rainy days. Maybe it’s the above             l A.D.D.          l Cirrhosis of the Liver       l   Nutritional Analysis   l   Enzyme Therapy
movie and the Morton Salt girl in my              l Parasites       l Immune Disorder              l Adrenal/Thyroid          l Blood Analysis
                                                  l Sinusitis       l Impotence/Prostrate              Metabolic DHEA         l Alkaline Water
subconscious, but it’s a clear association.                                                        l
                                                  l Candidiasis     l Chronic Fatigue Syndrome     l REAMS Analysis           l Hair Analysis
When I was a little girl, I asked for a           l Crohn’s Disease l Osteoporosis/Arthristis      l Oral Chelation           l Weight Loss
yellow umbrella for my birthday. I don’t          l Substance Abuse l Menopausal Syndrome          l Gluten Free Foods        l Homeopathic
know why—maybe I read about one in a              l Insomnia        l Multiple Sclerosis           l Hormone Testing          l Saliva Test
                                                  l Fibromyalgia    l High Blood Pressure          l Detoxification           l Drug Tests
book somewhere. I got it and carried it
                                                  l Shingles        l Irritable Bowel Syndrome     l Vitamins / Herbals       l BMI Analysis
proudly for years, then lost it. As an adult,
I found another one, sunshiny yellow            10% Every Day Discounts on Vitamin Supplements (Restrictions Apply)
with a duck’s head handle. I carried it for        3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala / 352-732-0718 / 352-351-1298
years, too, and then somehow last sum-
mer it went missing. (I seem to have a
habit of losing umbrellas.) Now I’m on
the hunt for a new yellow umbrella. Let’s
hope I can hang onto this one.
     I love how the world is a brighter
green after a good rain. Going for a walk
just after it rains is lovely, too. Raindrops
on roses are indeed one of my favorite
things, as well as the emerald hue of damp
grass. And what is more beautiful than a
rainbow arching across silvery skies?
     My yard, sadly, has been parched
and brown for some time in this
drought. We had a wonderful rain one
evening last week, and when I got up
in the morning, I saw that sprigs of
green had already begun to poke
through the dry grass. Just that fast.
Overnight. One good rain is all it took.
     I thought how nice it would be if
humans recovered as quickly from a
figurative drought as grass does from a
literal one. We all go through spells of
mental, emotional, spiritual drought.
How wonderful if we could respond as
swiftly to whatever replenishing influ-
ences come to us—and if we could be
the gentle rain other people’s parched
souls need. We are all watered by
kindness, encouragement, and
www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                                               July 2011                15
HealingWays                                                                                      Bonus: Rose water smells terrific
                                                                                            and also makes a great facial toner.
                                                                                                 How to use: Put a few drops of
                                                                                            organic, food grade rose water into a

                                                                                            cup of water and drink it; or add rose
                                                                                            water to a spray bottle filled with regu-
                                                                                            lar water and spritz yourself as often as
                                                                                            you like. You can also use rose water
 Remedies for Summer Bummers                                                                to create a cold compress—douse a
                                                                                            washcloth and put it in the refrigerator
                                                                                            for a few minutes to make it cool to
                                 by Maureen Healy
                                                                                            the touch—and apply it to the back of
                                                                                            the neck or wrists.
Don’t let potential summer ailments sideline the fun.                                       Summer bummer: Poison ivy
Be prepared with this all-natural first-aid kit.                                            To the rescue: Homeopathic
                                                                                            Rhus tox
                                                                                                 Urushiol—the oily sap produced
Summer bummer: Dehydration                  water and eating a banana. Note: This
                                                                                            by poison ivy and its cousins, poison
To the rescue: Coconut water                isn’t a substitute for drinking enough
                                                                                            oak and poison sumac—triggers con-
                                            H2O. “The key to staying hydrated is
      When feeling the heat, reach for                                                      tact dermatitis, an itchy and oozy rash.
                                            water, water, water,” says Zand. “And
a tropical treat. “Pure coconut water                                                       Topical treatments can actually spread
                                            don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink it.”
is like natural Gatorade,” says Janet                                                       the noxious oil around; so instead,
Zand, an Oriental medicine doctor,                                                          heal the rash from within. “Homeopa-
certified acupuncturist and co-author
                                            Summer bummer: Overheating                      thy works on the principle that like-
of Smart Medicine for Healthier Living.     To the rescue: Rose water                       cures-like,” explains Zand. “Rhus tox is
“It provides plenty of electrolytes and           Made by steam-distilling flowers,         homeopathic poison ivy.”
minerals that regulate body systems         rose water is the go-to remedy when                  How to use: Allow two to three
and help keep fluid levels in balance.”     you’re feeling overheated, says Margi           tablets to dissolve in your mouth every
      Bonus: This natural, low-calorie      Flint, a professional member of the             two hours until symptoms are relieved.
beverage hydrates you without the           American Herbalist Guild, founder of
sweeteners, preservatives and artificial    EarthSong Herbals, in Marblehead,               Summer bummer: Indigestion
flavors found in most sports drinks—        Massachusetts, and adjunct professor            To the rescue: Nux vomica
making it a great post-workout thirst       at Tufts University School of Medicine.
quencher.                                                                                        If you overindulged at a sum-
                                            “Herbs have energetic properties;
      How to use: Drink 11 ounces of                                                        mertime shindig, you might turn to the
                                            some are heating, some are
coconut water as soon as you begin                                                          classic homeopathic cure for gluttony.
                                            cooling and some are neu-
to feel parched; it will offer the same                                                     “Nux vomica is good if you’ve eaten
                                            tral,” she explains. “Rose
short-term benefit as drinking a liter of                                                   too many fatty foods or had too much
                                            water is very cooling.”
                                                                                            alcohol and the result is nausea or
                                                                                            gas,” says Zand.
                                                                                                 How to use: Dissolve five pellets
                                                                                            in your mouth 20 minutes after eating
                                                                                            and drinking, then repeat two to three
                                                                                            times until symptoms are resolved.

                                                                                            Summer bummer: Sunburn
                                                                                            To the rescue: Lavender oil
                                                                                                 “Lavender essential oil is the best
                                                                                            thing to apply right after a sunburn,”
                                                                                            says Margo Marrone, author of The Or-
                                                                                            ganic Pharmacy. “It contains linalool,
                                                                                            a natural antiseptic that helps keep
                                                                                            burns infection-free; and esters, which
                                                                                            reduce pain and promote cell regen-

16                                                        Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
     How to use: Mix 10 drops of lav-
ender essential oil with pure aloe vera
gel (or a favorite fragrance-free lotion)
and apply it to affected skin as soon as
you notice the burn.

Summer bummer: Muscle strains
To the rescue: Arnica
      Arnica works for strains, sprains,
bruises and superficial scrapes. Most
people use it topically, but you can get
faster results if you also ingest tablets,
Zand explains.
      How to use: Take three tablets
orally three to five times a day for the
first 24 to 48 hours; apply topically
throughout the day. Note: Never apply
arnica to an open wound.

Summer bummers: Bites,
stings and cuts
To the rescue: Hydrogen
peroxide, yarrow tincture
and latex-free bandages
      “First, clean the bite, sting or cut
with hydrogen peroxide,” advises Flint.
“Then follow with a few drops of yar-
row tincture, which acts as an astrin-
gent to pull the tissue together. It’s safe
to use on open wounds.”
      How to use: Douse the affected
areas with peroxide, then apply six to
12 drops of yarrow tincture.
      Homeopathic Apis is also good
for stings.

Summer bummer: Athlete’s foot
To the rescue: Grapefruit seed
     “Compounds found in the inner
rind and seeds of grapefruits have
shown potent anti-fungal activity,”
notes Marrone. “They attack the cell
wall of fungi and prevent replication
when applied topically.”
     How to use: Add 10-15 drops of
organic grapefruit seed extract to a
tablespoon of water; apply with a cot-
ton swab to affected areas twice daily.

Maureen Healy writes on natural
health topics.

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                   July 2011   17
                                                                      The Beauty of
                                                                       the Golden Days of Childhood
                                                                                           by Lisa Gromicko

       emember those endless hours of imaginative play dur-                 Overscheduling often substitutes stimulation for expe-
       ing your youth? Tree climbing, making mud pies, flying         riencing self-discoveries that unlock the tremendous stored
       kites, fishing, building forts/tree houses/lemonade            potential of a child’s inner resources and imagination.
stands, swimming, watching clouds, playground swinging,               Remarks Payne, “A child who doesn’t experience leisure—
tea parties, making and launching sailboats in the creek,             or better yet, boredom—will always be looking for external
catching fireflies/butterflies/frogs, playing jacks and pickup        stimulation, activity or entertainment … [and] a culture of
sticks, jumping rope, hopscotch, rolling down hills, daisy            compulsion and instant gratification. What also grows in
chains, skipping rocks, backyard camping, neighborhood                such a culture? Addictive behaviors.”
baseball games, hide ‘n’ seek and flashlight tag?                           So, how do we find our way back to those simpler days?
     The summers of childhood are potent, enabling chil-              Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, says, “The
dren to find their personal bliss and cultivate interests and         dugout in the weeds or leaves beneath a backyard willow,
memories that can last a lifetime. The gifts of less-structured       the rivulet of a seasonal creek, even the ditch between a front
summer days are precious, allowing time and space for the             yard and the road—all of these places are entire universes to
possibility of magical activities. Both children and parents          a young child. Expeditions to the mountains or national parks
benefit from unscheduled breathing room to revisit the                often pale, in a child’s eyes, in comparison with the mysteries
forces of creativity and restore resiliency.                          of the ravine at the end of the cul-de-sac.” He recommends
     Yet, according to a University of Michigan study, to-            allowing children the time to be in nature to take walks,
day’s children have as much as 12 hours less free time per            listen, play and learn. Time in nature allows the senses to
week than 30 years ago. Kim John Payne, author of Simplic-            become enlivened again.
ity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise               Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood and 21st Cen-
Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids, urges parents to               tury Boys, observes, “The loss of outdoor play and everyday
simplify their children’s schedules, to establish for them            adventures is particularly significant for children who have
“… islands of being, in the torrent of constant doing.”               a tendency to be easily distracted or impulsive.”
     We all require down time to function well. Payne main-                 One of the biggest benefits of a slow summer, for
tains, “Rest nurtures creativity, which nurtures activity. Activ-     everyone, is “play” itself. There is compelling evidence of
ity nurtures rest, which sustains creativity. Each draws from         the essential need for this age-old childhood pastime.
and contributes to the other.”                                              So, encourage children to engage in the simple plea-
     More, boredom is a gift for children, “… a rare fuel to          sures that will potentially create and strengthen the most
propel them forward,” writes Nancy Blakey, a columnist for            glorious, blissful and “boring” memories of their child-
Seattle’s Child magazine.                                             hood summers—and we’ll likely rekindle our own.
     Bonnie Harris, author of Confident Parents, Remarkable
Kids, cites a lack of boredom in children today as the reason         Lisa Gromicko has been a Waldorf early childhood educa-
many graduates flounder in the “real” world. Boredom works to         tor for 16 years and has enjoyed spending many long sum-
spark the discovery of one’s own passions, inner resources, inge-     mers with her sons, now 21 and 18; she looks forward to
nuity and ability to be self-directed—all critical lifetime skills.   many more. Connect at LisaGromicko@mac.com.

18                                                          Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com   July 2011   19
ConsciousEating                                                                      CHERRIES: Sour cherries ripen in early
                                                                                     summer, while sweet cherries reach
                                                                                     their peak later in summer. Both types
                                                                                     help reduce inflammation, especially
                                                                                     in occurrences associated with gout.

                                                                                     GRAPES: Dark purple Concord grapes,
                                                                                     often found in home gardens or at
                                                                                     farmers’ markets, ripen in the fall.
                                                                                     Their resveratrol content is a key help
                                                                                     in combating the effects of aging.

                                                                                     STRAWBERRIES: These delicious favor-
                                                                                     ites ripen throughout the year in vari-

                                                                                     ous parts of the country. Strawberries
                                                                                     help fight breast and cervical cancers.

                                                                                           Home gardeners who grow ber-
                                                                                     ries know exactly what fertilizers and
Reap Big Benefits from Summer’s Tiny Gems                                            natural pesticides have been put into
                                                                                     or upon them.
                                                                                           Buying organic berries at the
                                                                                     local farmers’ market or the grocery
                                                                                     store ensures that the health benefits
                                                                                     of fresh berries are not undercut by
                                                                                     infiltrated pesticides or anti-fungal
                                                                                     chemicals used by agribusiness, both
                                                                                     here and abroad.
                                                                                           Right before serving, berries may
                                                                                     be gently rinsed, and then patted
                                                                                     completely dry; they will keep well in
                                                                                     the refrigerator as long as they are not
                                                                                     crowded together.
                                   by Judith Fertig                                        Summer berries can star in cool
                                                                                     treats throughout the day. At breakfast,

     resh berries, nature’s little gems,     BLACK RASPBERRIES: The dark purple      they’re a welcome wake-up flavor for
     full of flavor and flavonoids, reach    member of the raspberry family grows    cereal or yogurt. As a snack, they’re
     their peak during the warmer            on low shrubs and ripens in summer.     perfect whether eaten by the handful
months. Each berry’s burst of juicy          This member of the berry corps helps    or turned into frozen yogurt pops.
deliciousness carries antioxidants,          fight oral, esophageal and colon can-         Seasonal berries can be combined
vitamins C and E, riboflavin and fiber       cers.                                   with quinoa or couscous for easy sum-
that work to fight obesity, protect brain                                            mer salads. They also add a special
function and promote urinary health.         BLACKBERRIES AND MARION-                note when friends and family toast
The red, blue and purple pigments            BERRIES: Members of the rose fam-       the end of the day with an iced tea,
in berries, known as anthocyanins,           ily, these berries grow on shrubs and   enhanced with fresh blackberries and
also help our bodies detoxify, repair        ripen in mid- to late summer. Both      mint.
damaged DNA, fight cancer and help           help digestion and prevent salmonella         Pairing berries with low-fat ingre-
lower LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.             growth.                                 dients, whole grains, fresh produce
      The Dept. of Food Science and                                                  and natural sweeteners makes for fast,
Technology at Oregon State University        BLUEBERRIES: Powerhouse blueber-        fresh and fabulous summer dishes that
cites scores of studies that point to the    ries also grow on low shrubs and        keep us cool all summer long.
many health benefits from consuming          generally ripen in early summer. This
a variety of fresh berries. Each berry of-   renowned berry offers whole-body        Judith Fertig is a freelance writer in
fers not only a unique flavor and color,     protection against many diseases and    Overland Park, KS; see AlfrescoFood
but also a particular health protection.     aging.                                  AndLifestyle.blogspot.com.

20                                                       Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
 Berries May Lower the                     Berries Help Fight Pain
 Risk of Parkinson’s                       and Heart Disease
 A recent study by researchers at the      A natural form of aspirin—salicylic
 Harvard School of Public Health, in       acid—has been found in berries that
 Boston, that followed 125,000 sub-        grow on canes, such as blackberries,
 jects for 20 to 22 years, confirms that   blueberries and raspberries. The Or-
 eating berries can lower the risk of      egon State University’s Dept. of Food
 Parkinson’s disease. The participants     Science and Technology reports that
 who consumed the most flavonoids,         the salicylic acid in these caneberries
 especially the anthocyanins found         could be similar to aspirin in protect-
 mostly in berries, had a much lower       ing against heart disease. A 100-gram
 risk of developing the disease than       serving (about ¾ cup) of red raspber-
 those whose diet contained less or        ries, for example, contains about 5
 different classes of flavonoids.          mg. of salicylic acid.

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                          July 2011   21

                                                                                                                                                                                         Courtesy of Driscoll’s ©2010; all rights reserved.
                                           Courtesy of Driscoll’s ©2010; all rights reserved.

                                                                                                Blueberry Couscous Salad                    Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
                                                                                                with Mango, Onion, and
                                                                                                Lemon Dressing                              This blend, made even more delicious
                                                                                                                                            with a natural sweetener, is a sum-
                                                                                                This cool summer salad, with its fresh      mertime variation of homemade yogurt
                                                                                                flavors, is easy to make and a pleasure     with fruit. If desired, freeze the mixture
                                                                                                to eat.                                     in a frozen pop mold to make indi-
                                                                                                                                            vidual frozen treats.
                                                                                                Serves 4
                                                                                                                                            Serves 6
Blackberry Mint Iced Tea
                                                                                                ½ cup orange juice
                                                                                                /3 cup water
                                                                                                1                                           3 cups organic strawberries, hulled
Served over ice, this flavorful beverage
                                                                                                ½ tsp natural salt, divided                 1¾ cups plain yogurt
is a great way to quench thirst on the
                                                                                                ¾ cup whole wheat couscous                  2 Tbsp liquid honey
hottest days of summer.
                                                                                                6-8 oz. organic blueberries                    or 4 tsp agave syrup
Serves 8 (about 2 quarts)                                                                       1 cup fresh mango cubes                     Additional strawberries
                                                                                                /3 cup chopped red onion
                                                                                                1                                           Untreated rose petals
5 organic black tea bags                                                                        2 Tbsp chopped fresh mint
¼ cup mint leaves, crushed; reserve                                                                                                         In a blender, purée strawberries un-
                                                                                                2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
   one leaf per serving for garnish                                                                                                         til smooth. Add yogurt and a natural
                                                                                                2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
4 cups boiling water                                                                                                                        sweetener of choice; pulse until evenly
                                                                                                /8 tsp black pepper

½ cup natural sugar (or use honey                                                                                                           blended. Pour into a shallow, freezer-
   to taste)                                                                                    Combine orange juice, water and ¼           safe container and freeze, uncovered,
16-18 oz. organic blackberries; reserve                                                         tsp of the salt in a small saucepan.        for 40 minutes. Using a fork, break up
   two to three per serving for garnish                                                         Bring to a boil. Stir in couscous; cover,   ice crystals and return to the freezer for
                                                                                                remove from heat and let                                    1 hour or until firm. (Or,
Place tea bags and mint in a heatproof                                                          stand 5 minutes. Transfer                                   use an ice cream maker.)
pitcher. Add boiling water; steep at                                                            couscous to a bowl and                                      Transfer to the refrig-
least 10 minutes. Strain into another                                                           fluff with a fork; cool 10                                  erator 15 minutes before
pitcher. Discard mint and tea bags.                                                             minutes. Stir in remain-                                    serving. Serve in glass
Stir in sugar. Purée blackberries in a                                                          ing ¼ tsp salt, blueber-                                    sundae dishes, garnished
blender or food processor, then strain                                                          ries, mango, onion, mint,                                   with strawberries and
though a fine sieve. Discard pulp and                                                           lemon juice, olive oil and                                  rose petals.
seeds. Stir blackberry purée into tea.                                                          pepper; mix well. Serve
Taste and adjust sugar as desired.                                                                                                                         Source: 175 Natural
                                                                                                immediately or refrigerate
Chill. Serve over ice garnished with                                                                                                                       Sugar Desserts, by
                                                                                                until serving.
mint leaf and three blackberries.                                                                                                                          Angela and Ari Dayan,
                                                                                                Source: Recipes.Driscolls.                                 ©2007 Robert Rose
Source: Recipes.Driscolls.com                                                                   com recipe library.                                        Inc.

22                                                                                                           Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Chess Cake
by Clark Dougherty

       fter recipes based on Irish, French, Mexican and Thai
       dishes in months past, it’s time to go All-American
       for the Fourth of July. This is a recipe from the 1800s
that has been modernized to use self-rising flour and                 Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt butter; set aside. Beat
other modern ingredients. It is revolutionarily easy and             egg; set aside. Combine clarified butter and flour; add
independently wonderful with many variations available.              beaten eggs, vanilla, and brown and white sugars. Add nuts
Here are the basics:                                                 to batter, then pour into a 9x9 pan and bake at 350 degrees
                                                                     for 30 minutes. Let the cake cool for a half hour. Dust the
2 sticks (16 tablespoons) unsalted butter                            top with XXX sugar.
4 large eggs                                                              Other ideas to customize ye olde Chess Cake: When
2 cups self-rising flour                                              10 minutes remain in the baking process, stud the top with
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract                                    whole pecans or walnuts. Or, with 10 minutes left, drizzle
2 cups light brown sugar                                             with a simple caramel sauce, or a fudge sauce—or press
1 cup turbinado or white sugar                                       dollops of marzipan into the top, or press several slices of
½ cup finely chopped pecans (or walnuts or hazelnuts)                 pear or apple into the top. Display your independence and
¼ cup XXX confectioner’s sugar                                       be creative—but please enjoy.

                                  Clark                   D o u g h e rt y
                    therapeutic Massage Clinic                                                                                 MM 9718

                                               Relieve tension headaches and eye strain.

         Did you know?                         Relax spasmodic muscles and prevent atrophy due to illness or injury.
                                               Increase joint flexibility and/or range of motion.
                                               Improve circulation, cleansing the body.
                         therapeutic           Improve posture by stretching chronically tight muscles.
                         massage can:          Promote deep relaxation and stress reduction.
                                               Provide healthier and better nourished skin.

                                  for pre-purchase five or more sessions
                                   PIP, WorkComp, Group and Private Insurance* accepted
                                        Physician and Chiropractor referrals accepted

                             850 NE 36th Terrace, Suite A, Ocala FL 34470 www.ClarkDougherty.com
                                              352-694-7255 By Appointment Only
                                                        *Group/Private Insurance policies that cover massage therapy

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                                            July 2011         23
                                            Voice Mapping
                                            A Tool for Clearing Blocks to Achievement
                                                                    by Dr. Paula Koger, DOM

                                            and allows us to record the voice, ana-   tion with it. When a follow-up voice
                                            lyze it, and return the frequencies to    map is recorded, progress can be seen
                                            the body through a hand-held synthe-      clearly on the new screen image.
                                            sizer which provides the frequencies           Many “success stories” say they
                                            necessary to balance and release the      would not undertake anything big in
                                            blocks it has identified. It offers you   their lives without first clearing all

            e human beings usually          insight and guidance to deal with any     obstacles to success which they are
            know what is in our con-        area of your life in which you wish to    unknowingly holding in their uncon-
            scious mind. However, we        grow. This includes improvement of        scious. After all, what shows up on the
are not always aware of what may be         your golf game, the ability to allow      outside is simply a mirror of what is
cloaking our success or achievement         money and other resources, or releas-     inside of us. They say, “Practice makes
of health, relationship, or career goals.   ing the blocks to finding, becoming       perfect.” It may take years longer than
Most of the material that controls or       and attracting a partner to love, enjoy   going directly to the cause of the im-
blocks achievement is in the subcon-        and prosper with.                         perfection. We can cleat it, move on,
scious and comes from past stored                Once the issue is identified and a   and make way for our success or heal-
information, experiences, traumas,          picture of the blockage is displayed on   ing to come easily.
or even generations. Many different         the screen showing your own unique
figures have been stated, but most esti-    pattern, the issue is cleared using       Dr. Koger can be reached at Rainbow
mates agree that the unconscious mind       music and the energy synthesizer. Bio-    Natural Medicine in Dunnellon and
has thousands of times more influence       feedback, color therapy, and/or acu-      Sarasota at 941-539-4232. Visit www.
than the conscious mind does. Further-      puncture can also be used in conjunc-     wealthofhealthcenter.com.
more, the information in
the subconscious is usu-
ally inadvertently stored
in the memory cells.
     This unknown infor-
mation is largely what
influences our choices
and is influencing what
we attract to, or block
from, ourselves. By ac-
cessing and identifying
these unknown and un-
resolved patterns, pro-
grams and blocks, we
can release and resolve
     NASA developed
the voice mapping
technology to help as-
tronauts achieve space
readiness mentally and
physically. This same
technology is used today

24                                                      Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Inspiration                                                                                  found, “All we have to do is listen.
                                                                                             Silence is the think tank of the soul.”
                                                                                             Sounds, more than sight, connect us,
                                                                                             he observes. In learning to listen to
                                                                                             nature’s nuances, we also learn how
                                                                                             to listen to one another. His favorite
                                                                                             time of day for listening to nature is
                                                                                             30 minutes before sunrise. When the
                                                                                             atmosphere is still, “It is not unusual to

                                                                                             hear many square miles at once.”
                                                                                                  Astonishment and gratitude illumi-
                                                                                             nate our being when light breezes play
   SOUNDSCAPES OF AMERICA’S QUIET PLACES                                                     across leaves and set them in motion,
                                                                                             chirruping night insects wind down
                                       by Susie Ruth                                         and the birds’ dawn chorus begins.
                                                                                             When our moving a stone in a creek

            ilence is like scouring sand,”            Hempton defines silence not as         bed alters the water music, it is we who
            says Gordon Hempton, an             noiselessness, but “the complete ab-         are moved. No one knows why natural
            award-winning acoustic ecol-        sence of all audible mechanical vibra-       sounds speak so directly to the human
ogist. “When you are quiet, the silence         tions, leaving only the sounds of nature     spirit, but we all acknowledge, in silent
blows against your mind and etches              at her most natural. Silence is the pres-    thanksgiving, that they do.
away everything soft and unimportant.           ence of everything, undisturbed.”
What is left is what is real: pure aware-             Silence, he would concur, is not       Gordon Hempton, of Port Angeles, WA,
ness and the very hardest questions.”           the absence of sound, but a way of liv-      is an acoustic ecologist whose award-
      It isn’t easy to find silence, which is   ing—an intention to make of one’s own        winning recordings of America’s vanishing
facing extinction in the modern world.          ears, one’s own body, a sounding board       natural soundscapes support his campaign
      One square inch in the Hoh Rain           that resonates with the vibrations of the    to protect the silence of our national parks
Forest at Olympic National Park is now          world. Silence creates an opening, an        (SoundTracker.com). Over the past 25
officially recognized as the quietest           absence of self, which allows the larger     years, he has circled the globe three times
place in the United States (OneSquare-          world to enter into our awareness. It        in pursuit of environmental sound por-
Inch.org). In defending this exemplary          brings us into contact with what is          traits. Read One Square Inch of Silence:
spot of silence, Hempton is effectively         beyond us, its beauty and mystery.           One Man’s Search for Natural Silence in a
protecting the soundscape of about                    Hempton encourages us all to join      Noisy World and voice support at One
1,000 square miles of surrounding land.         in the self-discovery of nature. He’s        SquareInch.org/links.

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GreenLiving                                                                                all those windows facing south in the
                                                                                           summer are going to cook the inside of
                                                                                           the house,” says Amiran.
                                                                                                 Daniel Aiello, chair of the nonprofit
                                                                                           Arizona Solar Center and a principal of Ja-
                                                                                           nus II Environmental Architects & Planners,
                                                                                           helps homeowners create vertical shading
                                                                                           on east and west exposures with manmade
                                                                                           screens or shrubs, trellises and vines,

                    ST Y
                                                                                           which have the added benefit of letting
                                                                                           light and heat in during the winter, if they
                                                                                           are deciduous. “Each side of the building is

                                                                                           going to look different,” notes Aiello, who
                                                                                           uses overhangs or awnings over south-
                                                                                           facing windows in warm climates.
                                                                                                 Aiello also points out that on a home’s
                                                                                           exterior, light-colored surfaces reflect more
                                                                                           heat than dark ones. He adds that textured
                                                                                           surfaces stay cooler than flat ones, due to
                                                                                           small-scale shading and the breakup of the
                                                                                           interface between warm air and the surface.
                                                                                           Inset windows are cooler, too.
                                                                                                 It’s all important, because 35 percent
                                                                                           of a building’s heat gain stems from the
                                                                                           direct action of solar rays striking surfaces,
  How to Pay Less for AC                                                                   according to Aiello. Incorporating passive
                                                                                           solar design elements into buildings can
                               by Brian Clark Howard                                       reduce heating bills by as much as 50 per-
                                                                                           cent, according to the U.S. Dept. of Energy.
                                                                                                 Another passive technique is to

R                          Remember: The higher the
      ecord sum-                                                    bills, according       use cross ventilation by opening oppos-
      mer heat                                                      to the American        ing windows. Take this a step further by
      waves are           EER (Energy-Efficiency Ratio) Council for an                      installing vents to allow hot air to escape
already occurring         and SEER (Seasonal Energy- Energy-Efficient                       from high spaces and cool air to enter at
more often and                                                      Economy.               lower ones. Make sure walls and windows
will be even hotter        Efficiency Ratio), the more                                      are well insulated against outdoor air.
and more frequent        efficient the appliance. Always Passive                            Inside, shutters, light-colored blinds and
during the next 30                                                  Cooling                curtains can also make a big difference.
years, according to       look for Energy Star models.                    There is a             Also consider glass with low-emit-
a study by Stanford                                                 better way to stay     tance (low-E) coating, which reduces
University scientists who have run cli-    comfortable using both active and pas-          heat transfer. The position of light-col-
mate simulations of temperatures across    sive strategies. The first requires special-     ored gravel, pools and other reflective
                                           ized equipment, while the second uses           surfaces are important because they
the United States. The study comes on
                                           the windows, walls, floors and roof to           can bounce heat; consider putting up a
the heels of a NASA report concluding
                                           collect, store and distribute natural heat      screen to block the energy.
that 2000 through 2009 was the warmest
                                           from the local environment.
post-industrial decade on record.
     The hotter it gets, the more people
                                                  The basic principles of passive solar    Effective Active Cooling
                                           design have been understood for millennia.            Alex Wilson, editor of Environmen-
run their conventional electric air condi-
                                           From Mexico to the Middle East, people          tal Building News and author of Your
tioners (AC), releasing even more global-
                                           have built homes with thick walls to slow       Green Home, says the easiest and most
warming gas emissions from power           heat transfer, says Doron Amiran, former        efficient option is to use portable floor
plants into the atmosphere. Cooling        development director of the Solar Living In-    fans or install ceiling fans, which use 90
accounts for nearly half the energy used   stitute. The Pueblo Indians constructed their   percent less energy than air condition-
by the average home during the summer,     cities to maximize solar warming in winter      ing. Fans can cool a room by a perceived
reports the Environmental Protection       and screen the strongest rays in summer.        seven to 10 degrees simply by moving
Agency’s Energy Star program. More than           Many of these ancient techniques         air, which effects greater evaporation of
two-thirds of U.S. households have air     were abandoned in the age of cheap fos-         perspiration.
conditioners, which set us back more       sil fuels. “We build our houses for curb              The next step in terms of low price
than $10 billion each year in electricity  appeal or for the view, not thinking that       and high efficiency is to use a whole-house

26                                                         Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
attic fan, which blows hot air from inside             When you have your standard air         compact fluorescent and LED lighting in-
the entire structure outside. However, Wil-     conditioner serviced, watch to make sure       stead of heat-emitting incandescent bulbs;
son points out that such devices are only       that the coils are cleaned and that mold       these last longer and save energy.
able to provide substantial heat relief under   and dirt is cleaned from the outside of
certain conditions—usually at night and         the condenser. Your condenser will work        Brian Clark Howard is a New York City-
when the humidity isn’t too high.               more effectively if it is in the shade and     based multimedia journalist and the
      A less comprehensive solution is sim-     if there is air movement around it. Keep       co-author of Green Lighting and Geo-
ply to push hot air out of the attic, which     leaves and other debris from piling up         thermal HVAC. Build Your Own Wind
will also help cool the house. According        around the edges. Take advantage of pro-       Power System will be released in 2011.
to the utility Austin Energy, reducing the      grams to check for leaky ducts that send       Visit BrianClarkHoward.com.
attic temperature by 10 degrees or more         expensive cooled air into the attic; often,
saves up to 10 percent on AC costs; solar-      utilities will provide rebates for making
powered attic fans are available.               these repairs.
      One energy-efficient but initially               Duct-cleaning services often cause         Florida-Specific Suggestions
expensive way to cool your home and             duct leaks, which can lead to mold                           by Mary Alford
heat it in the winter is with a geother-        growing in and around your ducts.
                                                                                                n Double-hung windows let heat out of
mal heat pump that takes advantage of           (Mold grows where cool, dry air meets
                                                                                                the top and allow cooler air to enter at
the Earth’s subterranean heat gradient.         humid, hot air.) So, if you use a duct-
                                                                                                the bottom.
Although they have a hefty upfront instal-      cleaning service, follow it up with a
                                                                                                n Clerestory windows are above a
lation cost, operating costs can be much        duct-testing and sealing service. And be
                                                                                                roofline and often installed for light. In
less than conventional AC. Be sure to use       sure to change or clean your filters often.
                                                                                                Florida, historically they have also been
a qualified and experienced contractor.                Finally, don’t set the home’s thermo-
                                                                                                used to let hot air escape from the top of
      Some people can reduce their HVAC         stat below 78 degrees F.; install a program-
                                                                                                a building.
costs by 50% with installation of the new       mable model so you can customize settings
                                                                                                n In addition to Low-E windows, look
ducted mini-split-type air conditioners.        based on your schedule. Utilize dehumidi-
                                                                                                for windows with a low SHGC (Solar
These can be competitively priced and,          fiers (or the dehumidification setting on
                                                                                                Heat Gain Coefficient). Look for win-
because they can be configured to run at        your HVAC system) to maintain a humid-
                                                                                                dows with a SHGC of less than 0.35,
a low speed all the time, provide good          ity of 50%, use bathroom fans to remove
                                                                                                especially for windows that receive sun.
dehumidification, which helps people feel       moisture during showering, and use heat-
more comfortable at a higher temperature.       producing appliances sparingly. Switch to

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                                       July 2011             27
                                         Blocks to Healing
                                                   The Problem of the
                                               Chronic Dominant Focus/Foci
                                                                 by Dr. Michael Badanek, DC, BS,
                                                                  CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, DM(P)

W       hat Is a Dominant Focus?              holistic doctors and practitioners do not    focal infection will often be utilized.
          A dominant focus is an area         know how to accurately diagnose and               Further, when describing scar tissue
of chronic disturbance in the body that       treat chronic foci.                          (externally or internally) that is blocking
frequently goes undiagnosed because                Like the term “miasm” (in home-         normal nerve and energy flow, the term
it typically causes no obvious localized      opathy, a supposed predisposition to a       interference field may be used. These
symptoms. The most common dominant            particular disease), the word “foci”         two major types of foci/chronic interfer-
foci are the teeth, tonsils and scars.        (the plural of “focus”) is not really so     ence fields and chronic focal infections
     What makes foci so insidious             obscure—it’s just been forgotten. The        are described in more detail below.
and difficult to detect is that although       prominent place this term once played
they are usually asymptomatic locally,        in medical diagnosis is well evidenced       Scar Interference Fields
they can cause pain or dysfunction in         by the apt definition of a focus from a           Scars, both external and internal,
other seemingly unrelated areas of the        recent edition of Dorland’s Medical          are often completely asymptomatic.
body—often quite distant from the fo-         Dictionary: “A focus is … the starting       However, surgical scars from appen-
cal site. The areas that are secondarily      point of a disease process.” Even Web-       dectomies, tonsillectomies, hysterec-
affected by a focus are referred to as        ster’s Dictionary describes a focus as       tomies, episiotomies and so forth are
“disturbed fields.”                            “a part of the body where a disease          commonly diagnosed as chronic inter-
     For example, a woman may be              process, as an infection, tumor, etc.        ference fields. Further, irritating scars
prescribed a whole host of palliative         … is localized or most active.”              from surgeries to repair traumatized
anti-inflammatory drugs for her ar-                                                         tissue such as torn ligaments in the
thritic and painful joints (the disturbed     Focus = Interference Field                   knee, compound fractures, and stitches
fields), but the true cause of her chron-           This silent “irritating thorn” that     for deep cuts are also typical interfer-
ic pain—a tonsil focus—usually goes           causes disturbance elsewhere is re-          ence fields.
undetected for years, or even decades.        ferred to as a focus or focal infection in        Non-surgical scars that do not heal
Or a man may become desperate                 America, and as an interference field         well can also become chronic interfer-
enough to submit to prostate surgery to       by most Europeans. The word “focus”          ence fields over time, such as cuts and
alleviate difficult urination symptoms,        is descriptive of the fact that a specific    tears (without stitches), severe bruises,
when the primary cause of his prostate        and localized area such as a knee sur-       major wounds (puncture, crushing,
disturbed field is actually a failed root      gery scar or a single tooth can be the       etc.), and even scars formed from past
canal tooth.                                  primary focal or starting point of the       skin infections (cystic acne, boils,
     Thus, modern medicine often              problem, whereas “interference field”         abscesses, etc.), especially when they
misses the mark by concentrating on           characterizes the obstruction to normal      were highly charged emotionally, such
relieving the symptoms of a disturbed         nerve conductivity that these scars and      as with acne.
field, rather than treating the true cause     chronic subclinical infections cause.             The internal scarring to organs,
of the problem—the dominant focus.            The term “foci” or “dominant focus”          bones and tissues from surgery, trau-
     Most modern-day conventional             will be the most commonly employed           ma, or chronic infection can also act
medical doctors have never heard of the       term to describe all types of foci. How-     as chronic interference fields. Blows to
terms “dominant focus” or “interference       ever, when referring to a focal region       the head are common interference
field,” or of the therapies that are primar-   that is chronically infected, such as the    fields as well.
ily employed to treat them. In fact, many     teeth or tonsils, the more specific term           Thus, whether scar interference

28                                                         Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
fields are visible on the external skin
or invisible in the deeper tissues, they
can both act as interference fields and
chronically, yet silently, disturb the
body. In contrast to focal infections,
however, scars are not areas of active
and chronic infection.

Focal Infections
     A dominant focus can also gener-
ate bacteria and other microbes that
continuously spread, or metastasize,
throughout the body, chiefly via blood
and lymphatic channels, as well as
along nerve fibers. Teeth and tonsils
are the most typical areas where focal
infections are found. Other sites in-
clude the sinuses, appendix, and geni-
tal organs, primarily the cervix and the
     For example, let’s take a look at
the effect a root canal (dead tooth)
has on the immune system. A dead
tooth no longer has a blood supply or
a nerve supply. It does with Mother              The term “significant focus” de-        Conclusion
Nature does to all dead things—it           scribes a focus that is less of an issue,         If you or a loved one is experiencing
begins to decompose. When this hap-         or has been mitigated through treat-         chronic, long-term conditions with little
pens, bacteria swoop in and stay to         ment. An example would be a former           or no relief, consider being evaluated
“clean up.” The trouble is, they eat the    dominant tonsil focus, later referred        for these underlying chronic dominant
decomposing tissue and “poop” strong        to as a “significant focus” after several    foci. Going to a trained, skilled, licensed
toxins. These toxins shut down vital        treatments.                                  healthcare provider is critical in the
enzymatic activities and cause you to                                                    evaluation, diagnosis and care of these
feel sluggish, tired and forgetful.         An Appendix Focus Example                    unknown underlying problems which
     Further, over time, the chronic             For further clarification, let’s take   are directly related to many of the long-
inflammation and infection occurring        an example of a classic dominant fo-         term conditions patients experience.
in a focal infection degenerates tissue     cus: an appendix scar. Most people
and creates scar formation. This scar       experience no pain or other symptoms         Dr. Michael Badanek has been serving
tissue does not show on the skin, but       from an appendix scar; however, ap-          the Central Florida, Marion County,
its presence in the underlying deeper       pendix scars are notorious among             region for more than 30 years in ac-
tissues is just as damaging to the body     practitioners who commonly treat foci        tive clinical practice. Dr. Badanek is a
as a whole. Therefore, teeth, tonsils,      for causing right hip and low back           licensed Chiropractic physician with
sinuses, prostate, uterine and other        pain (the disturbed fields). These inter-    extensive continued training in Alterna-
focal infections eventually also act as     ference fields also typically irritate the   tive Complementary Medicine includ-
scar interference fields.                   intestine, inducing irritable bowel-like     ing nutrition, acupuncture, homeopa-
                                            symptoms such as gas, bloating, and          thy, applied kinesiology, functional
Dominant Vs. Significant Foci               alternating diarrhea and constipation.       and traditional medicine, and electro-
     In the German electroacupunc-               Further, appendix scars, as well as     dermal screening, with three board
ture (EAV) testing methods, the term        other foci, also cause disturbance in        certifications. His real love and zeal in
“dominant” has classically been used        areas quite remote from their focal site     healthcare is treating patients with all
to describe a focus that is a major dis-    of origin. For example, even though          types of conditions with alternative/
turbance in the body. This most often       the appendix is in the lower right ab-       functional medicine, especially people
includes abscessed teeth (which most        dominal region, the brain is a common        with a problem or ailment which has
of the time are relatively pain-free),      appendix scar-induced disturbed field,       not responded to traditional or alterna-
infected tonsils, and large and/or (un-     triggering such symptoms as chronic          tive treatments. Dr. Badanek’s website
consciously) emotionally upsetting          insomnia, headaches, or intermittent         is www.alternativewholistichealth.com.
scars from surgeries or serious injuries.   depression.                                  For a consultation, call 352-622-1151.

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Acupuncture                                          Fitness                                                James E. Lemire, M.D., FAAFP
                                                                                                            Nuris Lemire, MS, OTR/L, NC
Dr. Paula Koger, DOM, BS Nursing, MA Counseling      Hip Moves Fitness Studio                               The Lemire Clinic
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                success with people who are          www.hipmoves.com / 352-692-0132                                      Dr. Lemire has been in practice for
                receptive to multiple ancient                      An intimate fitness studio focus-                      32 years. He follows a Functional
                and high-tech healing tech-                        ing on creativity and holistic                         Medicine approach, utilizing up-to-
                niques. 20 years’ experience                       health. Classes and private les-                       date techniques such as: Chelation,
                including Professor and school                                                                            Detoxification, natural hormone
                                                                   sons in Belly Dance, Yoga,
                                                                                                                          replacement, nutrition, Prolo/Bio-
health nurse; more than 17 years in Alternative                    Pilates, and Personal Training.
                                                                                                                          puncture, acupuncture, anti-aging,
healing practices with training from experts                       Rental space available.                  among others. Dr. Lemire along with his staff are
worldwide.                                                                                                  dedicated to a joint partnership with their pa-
                                                                                                            tients—a partnership that seeks to maximize the
Biologic Dentistry                                   Gluten Intolerance                                     God-given life potential of each individual. We
                                                                                                            believe that true wellness for the whole person
                                                     Gluten Intolerance Group / Gainesville                 includes a healthy body (physical self), a healthy
Dr. Cornelius A. Link, DDS
                                                     352-215-1078 / GIGgainesville@gmail.com                mind (emotions and intellect), and a spiritual
352-629-0700 / Ocala / www.drlinkdds.com
                                                     www.glutenintolerancegroupgainesville.blogspot.com     peace. For this life-changing goal, Lemire Clinic
There must be a biologic balance in the mouth as
                                                                        The Gluten Intolerance              commits their energy, their compassion and their
             part of total body health. This means
                                                                        Group of North America              skills.
             being concerned about infections in
                                                                        proudly announces a new
             the teeth and gums, the relationship
                                                                        branch in Gainesville. Please       Hanoch Talmor, M.D.
             of the teeth to the jaws, the teeth
                                                                        call or email for information       Gainesville Holistic Center
             to each other, saliva pH and metal
                                                                        about our monthly meetings.         352-377-0015
             toxicity. As a member of the Interna-
                                                     Share your stories, or give/get support! Gluten        www.betterw.com
tional Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicolo-
                                                     intolerance is more common, and more seri-                         We support all health challenges
gy, we follow a recommended safety protocol for
                                                     ous, than most people know.                                        and the unlimited healing poten-
removal of amalgam fillings, if necessary. Dental
materials compatibility testing available.                                                                              tial of God’s miracle: your body.
                                                                                                                        Chelation, Nutrition, Cleansing,
                                                     Holistic Medicine                                                  Homeopathy, Natural Energy
Colonics                                                                                                                Healing, Detoxification, Wellness
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               The therapists at Gentle Waters                    More than 20 years in the General
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               Healing Center will assist each                    Practice of medicine, with a focus
               individual with detoxing using                     on allergies, and treatments using
                                                                                                                            30+ years in clinical practice with
               colon hydrotherapy, Far Infrared                   environmental bio-nutrition and
                                                                                                                            alternative wholistic complemen-
               Sauna, and/or Aqua Chi Lymphat-                    other natural methods includ-
                                                                                                                            tary health services. Treating the
               ic Drainage. We also carry pro-                    ing N.A.E.T. and acupuncture.
                                                                                                                            body to support all health chal-
biotics, digestive enzymes, and other products       Providing detox therapies including chela-
                                                                                                                            lenges with Wholistic Integrative
for overall health. Proud sponsors of Barley         tion, anti-aging treatments, natural hormone
                                                                                                                            Medicine. Treatments include Au-
Life Nutritional Products. Call Dawn Brower          replacement, and alternative testing.
                                                                                                            toimmune disorders, Lyme disease, Autism, ADD/
for more information or visit www.gentlewater-
                                                                                                            ADHD, Musculoskeletal conditions, Heavy metal
shealing.com. MA41024, MM15426.                      Nelson Kraucak, M.D., ABCMT, ACAM                      toxicity, Cardiovascular and endocrine conditions,
                                                     Life Family Practice Center                            Nutritional deficiencies/testing.
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                    535 NE 36th Avenue,              352-750-4333 / www.LifeFamilyPractice.com
                    Ocala, FL                                       For 15 years in The Villages, Dr.       Holistic Psychotherapy
                    A Wellness Center for                           Kraucak has been committed to
                    10+ years conducive to                          bridging the gap between clinical       Diane Alther, LCSW, RN, CHt
                    healing the whole person.                       medicine and complementary ther-        Traditional and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
Educating and empowering a healthy lifestyle                        apies to promote the body’s natural     Ocala and Dunnellon locations / 352-425-1992
through detoxification. Offering “State of                          healing mechanisms. Embracing a         www.emdrtherapistnetwork.com
the Art” FDA registered colonic equipment,           medical approach to alternative treatment and by                     Combining conventional
Farinfrared sauna, Aqua-Chi ionic cleanse,           using cutting-edge technologies, he is able to treat                 counseling with body, mind,
lymphatic drainage. Pain relief and relax-           chronic auto-immune and degenerative disorders.                      energy therapies including
ation massage. Automobile insurance and              Providing treatments such as Immune Biomodula-                       EMDR, EFT, hypnosis, full
Workers Comp. Gift certificates. Call our            tion, Chelation, Bio-Identical Hormone Replace-                      wave breathwork, meditation
happy staff for more information. MA28872,           ment, PRP, Prolozone and much more.                                  and Reiki to facilitate change
NCTMB156725, MM11062.                                                                                       and mental and emotional balance.

30                                                                   Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
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              The powerful process of Hyp-                            free technique with over 90%           Lexington, KY; Louisville, KY Manhattan,
              notherapy guides you naturally                          success rate. See Website for free     NY; North Central, FL; Tulsa, OK; North-
              and easily to the life you truly           consultations in Ocala. Phone sessions also         east PA, and Southwest VA. Call for
              deserve. Free consultation:                available.                                          details 239-530-1377.
www.onestepdeeper.com and 352-339-6078.

                                                         Rolfing                                             Professional Advanced
Life Coaches                                                                                                 Continuing Education
                                                         Carol L. Short / Certified Advanced Rolfer™,
Cynthia Christianson, M.A., CCC                                                                              Treating Respiratory Conditions with
                                                         Craniosacral Therapist, Gainesville and North
ThetaHealing™ Advanced Practitioner                                                                          Massage Therapy. 15 CE hours, July 30-
                                                         Central FL / 352-318-0509
352-374-7982 or 352-284-1107                                                                                 31. $165 pre-registration. Ocala Inner
                                                                    Rolfing® is a system of body restruc-
www.thetahealingworks.net                                                                                    Center, 205 E. Magnolia Ave., Ocala.
                                                                    turing through systematic manipula-
                ThetaHealing™ coaching is us-                                                                Meeting all of your Massage educational
                                                                    tion of muscle and fascial tissues. It
                ing the Belief and Feeling Work                                                              needs: Private classes available. FL
                                                                    promotes the release and realignment
                to empower people with the                                                                   #50-1551. National Provider #450863.
                                                                    of long standing patterns of tension
                ability to remove and replace                                                                Contact Linda Wilson, 352-625-1665,
                                                                    and dysfunction, bringing the body
                negative emotions, feelings                                                                  wildseed@embarqmail.com.
                                                         to greater balance, mobility, vitality, and ease.
                and thoughts with positive,              A holistic approach to mobility, vitality and
beneficial ones. Change your negative beliefs            balance. MA16337/MM18921.
and you will heal on the physical, emotional,
                                                                                                             Natural Skin Care
mental and spiritual levels thus really seeing                                                               Saundra’s Soaps and Natural Treasures.
this relief show up in your life.                        Veterinary Care                                     Natural and organic skin care: Lotions,
                                                                                                             oils, soaps in many popular scents.
                                                         Medicine Wheel Veterinary Services                  Arthritis rubs, burn-relief salves also
                                                                                                             available. Visit the store at Silver Springs
Massage                                                  Shauna Cantwell DVM, Ocala, FL
                                                                                                             Plaza, 5300 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Suite
                                                         www.shaunacantwell.com / 352-538-3021
                                                                          Holistic veterinary medicine       A, Ocala, open Wed.-Sat., 10-4. www.
Tiara L. Catey, LMT
                                                                          for small animals and horses.      HumbleSkinCare.com, 352-236-2185.
Center for Balance
1705 N.W. 6th St., Gainesville                                            Preventative health, arthritis,
352-642-4545 / www.tiaracatey.com                                         neurologic and hormonal            Ads: Per-issue cost is $25/up to 30
               Relieve pain, manage stress and                            dysfunction, skin, aller-          words, $1/each additional. Fax ad with
               cultivate joyful relaxation and                            gies, cancer, pain, immune
                                                                                                             credit/debit card info to 352-351-5474,
               balance by including massage              and chronic disease, more. Certified Veteri-
                                                                                                             or email to GoNaturalAwakenings@
               as an essential part of your              nary Acupuncture, certified cAVCA animal
                                                         chiropractic, herbal therapy, tui na medical
               self-care practices. Therapeutic
               massage, relaxation massage               massage, functional neurology, postural re-
and lomilomi. Includes aromatherapy. Holistic            habilitation, ozone therapy, homotoxicology,
approach. Some insurance accepted. Visa/MC.              nutrition. Available for workshops.
See www.tiaracatey.com for details. MA41831.

Clark Dougherty Therapeutic Massage Clinic
850 N.E. 36th Terr., Ocala
352-694-7255 / www.ClarkDougherty.com
               Offering a variety of therapeutic
               massage techniques for pain relief,
               improved flexibility, and other won-
               derful benefits. PIP and WorkComp
               always accepted, also group/private
               insurance in some instances. All
credit cards accepted. Gift certificates are available
now for Mother’s Day and birthdays with 25% dis-
count on a second session. MA27082, MM9718.

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                                                     July 2011               31
CalendarofEvents                                                                     system, weight loss, anti-aging nutri-
                                                                                     tion, protocol for radiation detoxifica-
                                                                                     tion. FREE consultation; call for ap-
Saturday, July 2                                                                     pointment. Reesers Nutrition Center,
    Chakra Balancing and Energy            July 12 Intro, July 23 Workshop           3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala,
Clearing on the Earthkeeper Lemurian           Divine Channel, Vehicle and           352-732-0718, 351-1298, www.
Healing Table with Sharron Britton.        Servant. Removes physical, emotion-       ReesersNutritionCenter.com.
12-5:30pm, $10. High Springs Empo-         al, mental, spiritual, financial and           Community HU Song followed by
rium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd., High          relationship blockages with Divine        refreshments and conversation,
Springs, 386-454-8657, www.high-           Love and Light. Master Allan Chuck,       6pm, Millhopper Branch Library, 3145
springsemporium.net.                       a powerful world-renowned master,         NW 43rd St., Gainesville. Everyone
                                           healer and teacher, teaches you how       welcome. Eckankar in Gainesville:
Wednesday, July 6                          to reach soul enlightenment, how to       352-378-3504.
     Community HU Song followed by         heal your soul, mind and body and
refreshments and conversation, 6pm,        how to clear your karma. Receive          Saturday, July 23
Books Inc., 505 NW 13th St., Gaines-       soul healing blessings for many con-           Readings for Pets and People with
ville. Everyone welcome! Eckankar in       ditions. Bless Your Spiritual Journey     Melodye Gaskin, PhD. Bring a photo
Gainesville: 352-378-3504                  Workshop, Saturday, July 23, 3-6pm,       of your pet. 1-5:30pm, $20 per read-
     HGC weight loss: safe homeo-          $32 before July 10, $36 after July 10.    ing. Call to sign up. High Springs
pathic solution. Detox coaching and        Introductory Workshop Tuesday, July       Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd.,
support. FREE consultation; call for       12, 6-9pm, $10 before July 5, $15         High Springs, 386-454-8657, www.
appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center,     after July 5. Unitarian Universalist of   highspringsemporium.net.
3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala,       Gainesville, 4225 NW 34th St.,
352-732-0718, 351-1298, www.               Gainesville. To register call 386-341-    Wednesday, July 27
ReesersNutritionCenter.com.                6260, www.BeHealedWithin.com.                  Biological Dentistry: Root cause of
                                                                                     many diseases. Guest speakers Drs.
Saturday, July 9                          Wednesday, July 13                         George and David Edwards, DDS,
     Introduction to The Work of Byron       Metabolic balance. All natural          with Dr. Michael Badanek, DC.
Katie: A Radically Simple Way to          weight loss. FREE consultation; call for   3-6pm, free. Reservations: 352-622-
Reduce Stress in Your Life with Celia     appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center,     1151. Belleview Public Library, 131 SE
Chapman, Certified Facilitor of The       3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala,       Highway 44, Belleview, FL.
Work. 1:30-3:30pm, $20. Call to sign      352-732-0718, 351-1298, www.                    Wellness Consultation on Irritable
up. High Springs Emporium, 660 NW         ReesersNutritionCenter.com.                Bowel Syndrome. FREE consultation;
Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs, 386-454-                                                call for appointment. Reesers Nutrition
8657, www.highspringsemporium.net.        July 15-16                                 Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd.,
     Psychic/Mediumship Spiritual              Initiation Healing® Meditation:       Ocala, 352-732-0718, www.Reesers-
Development Class, 2-4:30pm. Medi-        Awakening to Soul Workshop with            NutritionCenter.com.
tation, lesson, hands-on practice to      author Ojela Frank, Ocala Inner Cen-
develop your personal skills. $5. Unity   ter, Friday 6-10pm, Saturday 10am-         Saturday, July 30
of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Ave.         6pm, $95 pre-register or $125 at class,         Rocks for Kids II: How to Make a
Sponsored by International Foundation     352-239-9272, www.initiationhealing.       Sphere with Travis Hetsler. Free rocks
for Spiritual Knowledge. New attend-      com.                                       for participating children, sphere-mak-
ees please arrive @1:45. www.ifsk.org                                                ing demonstration, geode slicing.
407-673-9776.                             Saturday, July 16                          1-3pm, $20. Call to sign up. High
                                              Connecting Your Intuition to the       Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe
Tuesday, July 12                          Earth: Crystal Pendulums Workshop          Blvd., High Springs, www.highsprings-
    Autoimmune Disease: The Evalua-       with Sharron Britton. Learn how to         emporium.net.
tion, Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment    balance chakras, dowse, divine.                 Signs and Symptoms Analysis. Any
with Alternative Complementary Medi-      1-3pm, $20. High Springs Emporium,         time any of the organs/systems of the
cine. 5-8pm, free, presented by Dr.       660 NW Santa Fe Blvd., High Springs,       body are out of balance, there are
Michael Badanek, DC. Reservations:        386-454-8657, www.highspringsem-           signs and symptoms. FREE. Call for
352-622-1151. Villages Public Library,    porium.net.                                appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center,
Pinellas Plaza, 7375 Powell Road,                                                    3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala,
Wildwood, FL.                             Wednesday, July 20                         352-732-0718, www.ReesersNutrition-
                                              Cleanse your body of toxic build-      Center.com.
                                          up, repair G.I. tract, support immune

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www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com   July 2011   33
CalendarofEvents                                                                     Wednesdays and Fridays
                                                                                         “Words of Peace,’ 7-8pm, free.
                                                                                     Videos shown from the award-winning
July 30-31                                 Healing Hands Circle, 10; Sunday          TV series. Prem Rawat addresses the
     Yoga Retreat: The Integrated Amrit    Service and Youth Education, 11;          question “Who am I?” and asserts that
Method with Yogi Desai, Chandrakant        NGU, 12:30. Unity of Gainesville,         “Peace begins in the heart of all hu-
and staff. $99/person includes pro-        8801 NW 39th Ave., 352-373-1030,          man beings.” 1208 NW 6th St. Suite A.
gram, lodging, 3 vegetarian meals.         www.unityofgainesvillefl.org.             Gainesville. Free. Info: 352-373-5578,
Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, FL,        Meditation and Spiritual Lesson,      www.wopg.org.
www.amrityoga.org, 352-685-3001,           10am. Unity of Ocala, Unity of Ocala,
info@amrityoga.org.                        101 Cedar Rd., Ocala, 352-687-2113,       Thursdays
                                           www.unityocala.org.                            Amrit Yoga w/Veda, 5:30-6:30pm
August 4-7                                     Science of Mind and Spirit Medita-    every Thursday. Downtown Public
     Stansted-in-Florida, Psychic/Me-      tion 9:45am, Celebration /Message         Library, 401 E. University Ave, Gaines-
dium Spiritual Development Course.         10:30am, Youth and Children’s Cel-        ville. Free. Dress warmly, bring light
Patterned after courses taught at Arthur   ebration 10:30am. Love offering. Oak-     blanket. vedalewis@aol.com.
Findlay College, Stansted, England.        Brook Center for Spiritual Living, 1009        Healing Yoga with Marque. Move-
Tutors: British mediums Eamonn             NE 28 Ave, Ocala, FL 352-629-3897,        ment class combining yoga, Pilates,
Downey and Jan Marshall. Held at San       www.oakbrookcsl.org.                      body alignment, breathing. Bring a
Pedro Center, Winter Park, FL. Cost                                                  mat. $25/4 weeks, Feb. 3-24 every
varies by room accommodations.             Monday-Friday                             Thursday, 12:30-1:30pm. To register:
Sponsored by International Foundation           Organic Food Pickups. Monday,        352-867-9660. Class held at Unity of
for Spiritual Knowledge. www.ifsk.org,     Ocala; Tuesday, Eustis and Mt. Dora;      Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd., Ocala.
407-673-9776.                              Wednesday, Ocala and Gainesville;
                                           Friday, Oxford/The Villages. Home-        Saturdays
August 12-13                               grown Organics by Doreen, 352-598-            Farmstead Saturdays. Free, 9-3pm.
     Initiation Healing® Meditation:       4184, http://www.homegrownorgan-          Crones Cradle, 6411 NE 217 Pl, Citra.
Awakening to Soul Workshop with            ics.vpweb.com. Recipes: http://           352-595-3377, www.cronescradlecon-
author Ojela Frank, Ocala Inner Cen-       homegrowngainesville.wordpress.com/       serve.com.
ter, $95 pre-register or $125 at class,
352-239-9272, www.initiationhealing.       Tuesdays                                  Seven days/week
com.                                            A Course in Miracles, 7pm. Unity          Abraham, yoga, breathwork, reiki,
                                           of Ocala, Community House, 2 Cedar        much more—something every day.
Saturday, August 27                        Course, Ocala, 352-687-2113, www.         Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th
     Fall Garden Kickoff, 9-3. Featuring   unityocala.org.                           Ave., 352-373-1030, www.unityof-
Fall Garden Seedlings, organic work-            Understanding How to Heal Your-      gainesvillefl.org.
shops, garden tools, books. Crones         self: Empowerment Medicine. 6:00-              Bellydancing, fitness, yoga classes,
Cradle, 6411 NE 217 Pl, Citra. 352-        700. Call for reservations, Dr. Paula     personal training as early as 5:30am,
595-3377, www.cronescradlecon-             Koger DOM, 941-539-4232.                  as late as 7:30pm. Hip Moves, 708
serve.com.                                                                           NW 23rd Ave, Gainesville, 352-692-
                                           Wednesdays                                0132, www.hipmoves.com.
August 27-28                                    A Course in Miracles, 7-8:30pm.           Yoga classes as early as 5:30am, as
     First Degree Reiki Certification      Amrit Yoga, Salt Springs, 352-685-        late as 8:30pm, beginners (including
Training, Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT, Oca-      3001, ganga@amrityoga.org.                “Stiff Guys”) to experienced Hot Yoga.
la, FL, $100 pre-register or $125 at            Meditation and Visioning, 6pm,       Big Ron’s Yoga College, Gainesville,
class, 352-239-9272, www.initiation-       followed at 7:15 with Speaker, Spiri-     352-367-8434, www.bigronsyoga.com.
healing.com.                               tual Craft, Drumming, or Spiritual
                                           Film, depending on the week. Love
                                           offering. OakBrook Center for Spiritual     Calendar listings are free to our
                                                                                       advertising sponsors, and just $15
         ONGOING EVENTS                    Living, 1009 NE 28 Ave, Ocala, FL
                                                                                       each for all others. “SAVE THE
                                           352-629-3897, www.oakbrookcsl.org.          DATE” calendar listings available
Sundays                                         Pilates with Ana. 5:30-6:30pm,         too; call for details. To place your
    Farmers Market, 12-4. Mosswood         $55.00 for 5 classes. Space is limited.     listing(s), call 352-629-4000,
Farm Store, 703 NE Cholokka Blvd,          Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW 93rd Court          e m a i l G o N a t u ra l Awa k e n i n g s @
Micanopy, 352-466-5002, www.               Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, 352-291-9459,         gmail.com, or visit http://www.
                                           www.LemireClinic.com.                       naturalawakeningsncfl.com/news.htm
                                                                                       to order instantly online.
    Master Mind Prayer Circle, 9:30;

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Friends Can Add Sizzle
to Your Romance
N     eed to spice up a romantic rela-
      tionship that’s in the doldrums? A
Wayne State University study reveals
dating couples that integrate other
couples into their social lives are more
likely to have happier and more satisfy-
ing romantic relationships.                                                               n Psychic/Medium Spiritual
      In the study—named When Harry                                                         Development Course, Aug. 4-7,
and Sally Met Dick and Jane—Assistant                                                       San Pedro Center, Winter Park.
Professor of Psychology Richard B.                                                          Tutors: British Mediums, Eamonn
Slatcher, Ph.D., worked with 60 dating                                                      Downey and Jan Marshall.
couples in a controlled laboratory set-                                                   n Private readings available.
ting to better understand how couples form friendships and how these friendships
affect each couple’s relationship. Each couple was paired with another couple              Check Web for complete 2011 program
and given a set of questions to discuss as a group. Half of the group, dubbed the
fast friends group, was given high-disclosure questions to spark intense personal
discussion; the other half received typical small-talk questions.
      “We discovered that those couples that were placed in the fast friends group
felt closer to the couples they interacted with and were more likely to meet up
with them again during the following month,” says Slatcher. “We also learned
that these same couples felt that these new friendships put a spark in their own
relationships, and they felt much closer to their romantic partners.” They also
reported learning new things about their partners through this novel experience.

Watermelon Takes a Slice
Out of High Blood Pressure
S   ummer-sweet watermelon is known to be high in fiber and nutrients and low
    in calories. Now, evidence from a pilot study led by food scientists at Florida
State University suggests that eating watermelon might also help dispel pre-hy-
pertension, a precursor to cardiovascular disease.
      “Even better, it may prevent the progression from pre-hypertension to hy-
pertension in the first place,” says lead researcher Arturo Figueroa, an assistant
professor at the university. A University of Illinois study estimates that as many as
60 percent of U.S. adults have elevated tension levels.
      Why might this large-size fruit pose such a benefit? “Watermelon is the richest
edible natural source of L-citrulline, which is closely related to L-arginine, the ami-
no acid required for the formation of [the body’s own natural] nitric oxide, essential
to the regulation of vascular tone and healthy blood pressure,” says Figueroa. Once
in the body, the L-citrulline naturally converts into L-arginine.
      The scientists caution that consuming L-arginine as a dietary supplement
isn’t a good option, because it can cause nausea and gastrointestinal discom-
fort; watermelon, on the other hand, provides a safe delivery system. It also has
been shown to help reduce serum glucose levels. All of this makes watermelon a
“functional food,” because it offers health-promoting or disease-preventing prop-
erties beyond its delicious taste.

www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                                                               July 2011              35
                                                                   Phenomenal Monthly Circulation
                                                                   Growth Since 1994. Now With

                                                                   3.6 Million Monthly Readers In:
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                                                               •   Huntsville, AL           •   Asheville, NC

     own a Natural Awakenings                                  •
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 natural, earth-friendly lifestyles.                               Flagler, FL                  Orange Counties, NY
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 We offer a complete training                                  •   North Central Florida*   •   Lehigh Valley, PA
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 and support system that allows
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www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com   July 2011   37
38   Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
 Williams Chiropractic, P.A.
                      & Acupuncture
                        Dr. John A. Williams, DC, FIAMA
                    An integrated holistic approach to health

                              SERVICES OFFERED:
                              Physical Therapeutics

   WE CAN HELP:                                                   INSURANCE:
   Headaches                                                      Providers for
   Back Pain                                                       Blue Cross/
   Neck Pain                                                       Blue Shield
   Trauma from                                                        Medicare
   Auto Accident                                                Auto Accidents

                                 Mon., Wed., Fri.:
                                   9-12 and 2-6
                                Tues., Thurs.: 2-6 *

                         * Call to Schedule Your Appointment
                        1551 N.E. 14th Street, Ocala
                     352-351-9696 / www.OcalaDoc.com
www.GoNaturalAwakenings.com                                       July 2011   39
     Restore energy
     with                  natural
     For decades, Americans have increasingly turned to “alternative” forms of medicine and natural treatments.
     They have sought help for all kinds of diseases and conditions that were not helped by traditional Western medicine, which is
     often characterized by surgery and narcotics.

     Lemire Clinic focuses on “functional natural medicine,” which does not rely only on invasive procedures or drugs. It combines
     modern science with ancient healing wisdom from different parts of the world, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

     At Lemire Clinic, we combine various natural therapies with safe, proven medical treatment to help remove stress, reduce
     pain and anxiety, manage symptoms and promote well-being. Using these non-traditional pain management techniques and
     detoxification therapies, we can cleanse the body of chemical, heavy-metal and environmental toxins. We have successfully
     reduced pain and symptoms and improved the overall condition for many patients.

     •	 Physician	Assisted	Heavy	Metal	        •	 Electrical	Dermal	Screening             •	 Hydrogen	Peroxide	Therapy
        Detoxification                         •	 Hydrogen	Peroxide	Therapy               •	 Colon	Hydrotherapy
     •	 Bio-Identical	Hormone	                 •	 Prolotherapy                            •	 Microdermabrasion	Patient	
        Replacement	Therapy                    •	 Far	Infrared	Sauna	Therapy                 Information
     •	 Ionic	Foot	Bath	Detoxification	        •	 Live	Blood	Analysis                     •	 Voice	Mapping/Emotional	
        Therapy                                •	 Occupational	Therapy                       Clearing	Technique

                              Call for your free consultation today
                                  11115 SW 93rd Ct Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, Florida 34481

                               www.lemireclinic.com                                                           Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 8 – 5
                                                                                                                     Tuesday 9-6
                                                                                                              Closed everyday from 12-1

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Description: “Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2011 issue. The full-color monthly magazine about green, local, organic, wholistic, natural, fun, healthy living.