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									                                             LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                  Version : May 2011
               Government Office           Location     Phone No.                     Name                      Designation                E Mail
                                            Colombo     0112-676000    General Number
                                                                       Mrs.N.Edirisuriya            Deputy Commissioner          
                                                                       Mr.W.M.M.B.H.Gunarathna      Deputy Commissioner          
                                                                       Mr.Ravindra Hewavitharana    Commissioner General         
                                                                       Mrs.Sumithra Kannangara      Addl Commissioner General    
Department of Agrarian Development                                     Mr.W.A.D.Karunathilaka       Deputy Commissioner          
                                                                       Mr.S.Kodithuwakku            Commissioner-Finance         
                                                                       Mr.H.S.S.Lussena             Deputy Commissioner          
                                                                       Mr.W.M.U.Nawarathna          Chief Engineer               
                                                                       Mr.U.P.Siripala              Asst Commissioner            
                                                                       Mr.D.D.P.Witharana           Engineer                     

                                           Peradeniya   081-238-8000   General Number
                                                                       Mr. M.N. Mankotte            Director General of Agriculture
                                                                       Mr. K.A.N.Kurukulaarachchi                                  
                                                                                                    Senior DD, Progress Monitoring and Evaluation
                                                                       Ms. D.L.Geetha Indrani       Director, Administration       
                                                                       Mr. K.B.Wahundeniya                                         
                                                                                                    Director, Horticultural Development Institute
                                                                       Mr. T.H.C.S.Perera           Director, Socio Economic Planning
Department of Agriculture
                                                                       Mr. D.G.J.L. Sunil                                          
                                                                                                    Director, Seed & Planting Material Development Center
                                                                       Mr. K.Piyasena                                              
                                                                                                    Director, Seed Certification & Plant Protection
                                                                       Ms. J. Abegunasekara         Director, Extension & Training 

                                                                       Mr. N. Govinna               Director, Finance              
                                                                       Dr. Rohan Wijekoon           Assistant Director of Agriculture
                                                                       Eng. M.H.M.A.Bandara         Chief Engineer                 

                                           Peradeniya   081-238-7200   Dr.H.M.S.P.Herath            Director General             
                                                        081-238-7201   Dr. A.D.N.Chandrasiri        Additional Director General  
                                                        081-238-7202   Dr.K.M.T.Kendaragama         Director HRD                 
                                                        081-238-7203   Dr. D.R.T.G.Rathnayaka       Director Breeding            
                                                        081-238-7204   Dr.A.Chandrasoma             Director Health              
Department of Animal Production & Health
                                                                       Vacant                       Veterinary Surgeoan          
                                                                       Mr. R.M.R.Rathnayaka         Director Finance             
                                                                       Dr.K.D.Ariyapala             Veterinary Surgeoan          
                                                                       Ms.S.Obeysekara              Director Admin               
                                                                       Dr.P.Wijewantha              Director Planning            

                                            Colombo     011-269-6500   Dr.Senarath Dissanayake      Director General             
                                                        011-269-6501   Mr.W.D.Gunathilaka           Addl Director General        
                                                        011-269-6502   Mr.M.B.Herath                Director                     
                                                        011-269-6503   Mr.N.Kodithuwakku            Asst Director                
                                                        011-269-6504   Mr.M.J.R.Madagammana         Asst Director                
Department of Archaeology                                              Mr.Nimal Perera              Asst Director                
                                                                       Mr.E.D.R.H.Perera            Asst Director                
                                                                       Mrs.M.H.Ramyawathie          Director                     
                                                                       Mr.P.Rathnayaka              Director                     
                                                                       Mr.U.Wathuge                 Technical Officer            
                                                                       Mr.Deepal Wijethilaka        Asst Director                
                                         LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                       Version : May 2011
              Government Office        Location      Phone No.                    Name                          Designation        E Mail

                                       Colombo       011-269-1100   Mr. W.D. Hemarathna             Deputy Auditor General
                                                     011-269-1101   Mr. N.N.P. Perera               Deputy Auditor General
                                                     011-269-1102   Mr. W.M. Wijepala               Deputy Auditor General
                                                     011-269-1103   Mr. H.A.S. Samaraweera          Deputy Auditor General
                                                     011-269-1104   Mr. W.P.C. Wickramarathna       Deputy Auditor General
Department of Auditor General                                       Mr. M.G.G. Wimalasinghe         Deputy Auditor General
                                                                    Mrs. L.S.I. Jayarathna
                                                                    Mr. K.R. Perera
                                                                    Mr. K.M.P.R. Karunanayaka       Management Assistant
                                                                    Mr. K.D.K.P. Kumara

                                       Colombo       011-232-0000   General Number
                                                                    Mr. C.R. De Silva               Attorney General
                                                                    Mr. W. P.P. Dep                 Additional Solicitor General
                                                                    Mr. V.K. Mallagoda              Additional Solicitor General
                                                                    Mrs. D. Dias Wickramasingha     Additional Solicitor General
Department of Attorney General                                      Mr. W.P. Sunil                  Additional Solicitor General
                                                                    Mr. S. Abesekkara               Deputy Solicitor General
                                                                    Mr. C.M.M. Silva                Deputy Solicitor General
                                                                    Mrs. Indrani Abesekaraesekara

                                      Maharagama     011-289-6900   Ms.W.M.J.Bandara                Administration Officer
                                                     011-289-6901   Ms.Ramani Gunawardhana          Commissioner         
                                                     011-289-6902   Ms.Garly Jagoda Arachchi        Chief Accountant     
                                                     011-289-6901   Ms.Samanthi Mihindukula         Asst Commissioner    
Department of Ayurveda
                                                     011-289-6904   Ms.Thilini Nanayakkara          Computer Unit        
                                                                    Ms.Sandy Perera                 Accountant           
                                                                    Mr.Amarasiri Ponnamperuma       Asst Commissioner    
                                                                    Ms.A.D.S.Sadeeka                Asst Commissioner    

                                      Battaramulla   011-286-4700   Mr. D.C.A.S. Padmathilaka       Assistant Director
                                                     011-286-4701   Ms. T.N. Dayarathna             Assistant Director
                                                     011-286-4702   Mr. D.G.S. Jayakody             Deputy Director
                                                     011-286-4703   Mr. D.H. Jayasuriya             Deputy Director
                                                     011-286-4704   Ms. S.A. Gunasekara             Deputy Director
Department of Buildings                                             Mr. A.C. Yapa                   Deputy Director
                                                                    Mrs. C.D. Alahakoon             Deputy Director
                                                                    Ms. S.M.C.S. Samarakoon         Chief Engineer
                                                                    Ms. R. Maddevithana             Chief Engineer
                                                                    Ms. W.A.W. Abayawardhana        Chief Engineer

                                       Colombo       011-269-8700   Mrs. S.P.Lakmali Jayarathna     Statistical Officer
                                                     011-269-8701   Mr. H.R.S.L.Ranathunga          Statistician
Department of Census and Statistics                  011-269-8702   Mr.Dilan Priyantha              System Analyst
                                                     011-269-8703   Mr.H.M.A.W.Herath               Senior Statistician
                                                    LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
Department of Census and Statistics                                                                                                                                   Version : May 2011
               Government Office                  Location      Phone No.                     Name                       Designation            E Mail
                                                                011-269-8704   Dr. Amara Satharasinghe       Deputy Director

                                                  Colombo       011-238-8300   Mr. H.N.R. Perera             Director
                                                                011-238-8301   Mr. K.D.D. Wijewardana        Chief Engineer
Department of Coast Conservation                                011-238-8302   Mrs. D. Chandrika Jayanetti   Chief Engineer
                                                                011-238-8303   Mr. A. Premarathne            Additional Director
                                                                011-238-8304   Mr. Bandula Wickramarachchi   Senior Engineer

                                                  Colombo       011-232-9700   Mrs. Manel De Silva           Director General
                                                                011-232-9701   Mr. Gomi Senadhira            Director
Department of Commerce                                          011-232-9702   Mr. P. D. K. Fernando         Deputy Director
                                                                011-232-9703   Mr. B. M. S. B. Godawita      Deputy Director
                                                                011-232-9704   Mr. A.A.K. Perera             Director

                                                  Colombo       011-267-2000   Mr.A.K.T.De.Costa             Commissioner - Finance   
                                                                011-267-2001   Ms.D.M.P.Kumarihami           Deputy Commissioner - Finance
                                                                011-267-2002   Mr.K.R.Pathmapriya            Deputy Commissioner - Admin
Department of Commissioner General of Samurdhi
                                                                011-267-2003   Mr.H.Ranathunga               Commissioner General     
                                                                011-267-2004   Mr.M.J.S.Ravisinghe           Asst Commissioner        
                                                                               Mr.S.Wallipuram               Asst Commissioner        

                                                                  2573700      Mr. A.G.P. Kithsiri           Commissioner & Coop. Registrar
                                                                  2573701      Mrs. M.C.K. Piries            Deputy Commissioner      
                                                                  2573702      Ms. A.A. Jayathunga           Assistant Commissioner   
                                                                  2573703      Mr. L.S. Fonseka              Assistant Commissioner   
                                                                               Ms. M.G. Somasiri             Development Officer      
Department of Co-operative Development                                         Ms. Y.R.W. Piries             Development Officer      
                                                                               Mr. J.H. Senarath Bandara     Development Officer      
                                                                               Ms. M.G. Wijeadasa            Development Officer      
                                                                               Ms. K.K.A. Pathmakumara       Development Officer      
                                                                               Mr. Chandana Fonseka          Co-operative Development Officer

                                                 Battaramulla   011-287-3000   Mr. Kamal B. Dissanayaka      Cultural Assistant Director
                                                                011-287-3001   Mr. E.M. Abeharathne          Director                 
                                                                011-287-3002   Mr. P.M.S. Bandara            Cultural Officer         
                                                                011-287-3003   Mr. G.D.A. Mahanama           Cultural Officer         
                                                                011-287-3004   Mr. D.V.S.R. Dahanayake       Cultural Officer         
Department of Cultural Affairs
                                                                               Ms. Sujeewa Abeysingha        Management Assistant     
                                                                               Ms. Thanuja Wimalawardhana    Management Assistant     
                                                                               Ms. H.U.C. Prajani            Management Assistant     
                                                                               Ms. Thanuja Perera            Management Assistant     
                                                                               Ms. Lanka Dasanayaka          Management Assistant     
                                                                               Mr.C.H.P. Liyanarachchi       Accountant

                                                 Battaramulla   011-278-5400   Mr.W.M.N.J.Pushpakumara       Commissioner General     
                                                                011-278-5401   Mr. R.A.D. Ranasinghe         Addl. Commissioner       

Department of Educational Publications
                                            LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                Version : May 2011
              Government Office           Location      Phone No.                    Name                       Designation             E Mail
                                                        011-278-5402   Ms. W.D. Padmini Nalika       Addl. Commissioner - Developmet
                                                        011-278-5403   Mrs.W.A.N.Piyaseeli           Deputy Commissioner      
Department of Educational Publications                  011-278-5404   Mr. L. Madiwanam              Assistant Commissioner   
                                                                       Mr. I.S. Gamage               Assistant Commissioner   
                                                                       Mr.K.D.L.Chandrasiri          Assistant Commissioner   
                                                                       E.F.D.Nanayakkara             Consultant               
                                                                       Mr.D.D.Padmasiri              Commissioner-Finance     
                                                                       Mrs.Leela Wijesuriya          Asst Commissioner        

                                          Rajagiriya    011-286-8400                                 Administration Officer   
                                                        011-286-8401   Mr.Mahinda Deshapriya         Deputy Commissioner      
                                                        011-286-8402   Mr. D. Dissanayake            Commissioner General     
                                                        011-286-8403   Mr.S.Ekanayake                Computer Programmer      
                                                        011-286-8404   Mr.R.V.N.Gunawardhana         Asst Commissioner        
Department of Elections
                                                                       Mr.N.Kumara                   Accountant - Supplies    
                                                                       Mr.P.M.Siriwardhana           Addl Commissioner        
                                                                       Mr.W.P.Sumanasiri             Addl Commissioner        
                                                                       Mr.E.A.Weerasena              Accountant - Finance     
                                                                       Ms. Achala Weerasuriya        Systems Analyst          

                                         Battaramulla   011-278-6200   Mr. Anura Edirisinghe         Commissioner General of Examinations
                                                        011-278-6201   Mr. W.M.N.J.Pushpakumara      Acting Commissioner of Examinations
                                                        011-278-6202   Mr. L.M.D. Dharmasena         Acting Commissioner of Examinations
Department of Examinations
                                                        011-278-6203   Mr. H.J.M.C.A. Jayasundara    Acting Commissioner of Examinations
                                                        011-278-6204   Mrs. K.D.G.M.Abeygunasekara   Deputy Commissioner of Examinations

                                          Colombo       011-230-1100   Mr.D.G.M.V.Hapuarachchi       Commissioner General     
                                                        011-230-1101   Mr.L.K.G.Gunawardhana         Commissioner - Revenue   
                                                        011-230-1102   Vacant                        Commissioner             
                                                        011-230-1103   Mrs. D.G.M.V.Dissanayake      Commissioner - Finance   
                                                        011-230-1104   Mrs. P.W.Rajapaksa            Excise Commissioner - Admin & HR
Department of Excise                                                   Mr. Kapila Soyza              IT Consultant            
                                                                       Mr. A. Bodaragama             Deputy Commissioner - Revenue
                                                                       Mr.W.Withanage                Deputy Commissioner - Admin
                                                                       Mr. A.A.Priyantha             Deputy Commissioner - Finance
                                                                       Mr. S.D.L. Mellawa            Assistant Commissioner   
                                                                       Mr. K.M.G. Bandara            Assistant Commissioner   

                                          Colombo       011-248-4500   J.H.J. Jayamaha               Addl Director General
                                                        011-248-4501   Malanie Gamage                Addl Director General
                                                        011-248-4502   A. Kumarasiri                 Director
                                                        011-248-4503   Jagath Thalpawila             Director
                                                        011-248-4504   P.G.S.B.A. Pebotuwa           Deputy Director
Department of External Resources
                                                                       K.A.S.S.K. Perera             Deputy Director
                                                                       Anura Ranasinghe              Deputy Director
                                                                       K. A. Suriyarachchi           Deputy Director
                                                                       P H S Fareeda                 Deputy Director
Department of External Resources
                                                 LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                         Version : May 2011
              Government Office                Location      Phone No.                    Name                          Designation                E Mail
                                                                            R.M.S.P.S. Bandara              Asst. Director

                                               Colombo       011-247-2500   Mr. S.W. Pathirana              Director General
                                                             011-247-2501   Mr. A.D.P.C. Wijegunawardhana   Deputy Director
Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources                  011-247-2502   POST IS VACANT                  Deputy Director
                                                             011-247-2503   Mr. H.M. Weerasignha            Director
                                                             011-247-2504   Mr. A. Ariyasena Fernando       Programme Manager

                                              Battaramulla   011-286-6600   Mr.W.A.S.B.Amarathunga          Conservator of Forests       
                                                             011-286-6601   Mr.K.P.Ariyadasa                Conservator of Forests       
                                                             011-286-6602   Mr.P.M.Anura De Silva           Senior Deputy Conservator of Forests
                                                             011-286-6603   Mrs.S.Geekiyanage               Forest Department Library    
                                                             011-286-6604   Mr.S.A.D.Kingsley               Senior Deputy Conservator of Forests
Department of Forests Conservation
                                                                            Mr.R.S.Kulathunga               Senior Deputy Conservator of Forests
                                                                            Mrs.Amara Liyanarachchi         Senior Deputy Conservator of Forests
                                                                            Mr.S.A.A.Sathurusinghe          Conservator of Forests       
                                                                            Mr.M.W.Tiddy                    Administration Officer       
                                                                            Mr.D.A.W.Wanigasooriya          Accountant                   

                                               Colombo       011-269-4700   Mr. D.H.L.W. Jayamanna          Senior Assistant Government
                                                             011-269-4701   Mr. J.M.R. Jayasundara          Assistant Government Analyst
                                                             011-269-4702   Mrs. S. Tennakoon               Deputy Government Analyst 
                                                             011-269-4703   Ms. Samantha Wimalasena         Administration Officer    
                                                             011-269-4704   Mr. S.A. Batakandage                                      
                                                                                                            Government Examiner of Questioned Document
Department of Government Analysts
                                                                            Mr. W.D.G.S.Gunathilaka         Additional Government Analyst
                                                                            Mrs.G,Ramanah                   Senior Asst Government Analyst
                                                                            Mr. T.R.N.M.Liayanarachchi      Government Analyst        
                                                                            Mr. A Welianga                  Deputy Government Analyst 
                                                                            Mr. S. Kaluarachchi                                       
                                                                                                            Assistantt Government Examiner of Questionned Documents

                                               Colombo       011-251-3700
Department of Government Information                         011-251-3702
                                                             011-251-3703   Mr.Shantha Priya                Head Of Publicity
                                                             011-251-3704   Mr.D.Widanagamachi              Assistant Director

                                               Colombo       011-232-7100   Mr.I.G.Ruwan Chandika           Investigation Assistant      
                                                             011-232-7101   Mr.Neel Bandara Hapuhinna       Controller of I&E            
                                                             011-232-7102   Mr.R.K.Jayalath                 Asst Controller              
                                                             011-232-7103   Mr.M.H.Karunarathna             Deputy Controller Finance    
                                                             011-232-7104   Mrs.S.M.E.C.Karunasena          Asst Controller              
Department of Import and Export Control
                                                                            Ms.W.A.M.Malkanthi              Asst Controller              
                                                                            Ms.A.Nimanthi                   Shroff                       
                                                                            Mr.M.P.N.Rodrigo                Data Management Assistant    
                                                                            Mr.N.A.Samaranayake             Systems Operator             
Department of Import and Export Control
                                            LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                 Version : May 2011
               Government Office           Location   Phone No.                    Name                       Designation              E Mail
                                                                     Mr.W.A.R.H.Wansathilaka       Deputy Controller         

                                           Colombo    011-258-6700   Eng.(MS) W.L.D.P.S.De Silva   Director                  
                                                      011-258-6701   Eng.W.P.Fernando              Director                  
                                                      011-258-6702   Mr.G.G.Godaliyedda            Director                  
                                                      011-258-6703   Eng.(MS).Y.G.M.C.Godaliyeda   Director                  
                                                      011-258-6704   Eng.N.Indrasena               Director                  
Department of Irrigation
                                                                     Mr.H.M.Jayathilake            Director                  
                                                                     Eng.G.V.Rathnasara            Director                  
                                                                     Eng.P.C.Senarathna            Director                  
                                                                     Mr.H.P.S.Somasiri             Director General          
                                                                     Eng.M.Thuraisinghem           Deputy Director           

                                           Colombo    011-243-8000
Department of Inland Revenue                          011-243-8002

                                           Colombo    011-532-9400
Department of Immigration and Emigration              011-532-9402

                                           Colombo    0112-581000    General Number
                                                      0112-581232    Mrs. V.B.P.K.Weerasinghe      Labour Commissioner General
                                                      0112-581235    Mr. Herath Yapa               Add. Commissioner General
                                                      0112-581351    Mr. H.K.K.A.Jayasundara       Labour Commissioner - Development
                                                      0112-581451    Mr. D.P.K.R.Weerakoon         Labour Commissioner - EPF
Department of Labour                                  0112-581244    Mrs. W.M.Dayawathie           Labour Commissioner - Admin
                                                      0112-581327    Mrs. D.M.S.Dissanayake        Labour Commissioner - Technical
                                                                     Mr. P.S.Pathirana             Labour Commissioner -    
                                                                     Mr. R.H.S.Abenayake           Deputy Director - Statistics
                                                                     M.D.C. Amarathunga            Labour Commissioner - Child &
                                                                                                   Labour Commissioner - Training

                                           Colombo    011-269-5800   Mrs.A.D.Y.Anandani            Asst Commissioner         
                                                      011-269-5801   Mrs. U.W.R.U.M.Amarasekara    Commissioner              
                                                      011-269-5802   Mr.S.D.A.B.Boralessa          Commissioner General      
                                                      011-269-5803   Mr.Shaminda Mahalekam         Deputy Commissioner - Development
                                                      011-269-5804   Mrs.W.W.A.Chandra             Deputy Commissioner - Admin
Department of Land Commissioner General
                                                                     Ms.H.K.N.Priyangika           Asst Commissioner - Land  
                                                                     Ms.T.Murugeson                Commissioner - Land       
                                                                     Vacant                        Sociologist               
                                                                     Mr.F.H.L.M.P.Silva            Commissioner - Finance    
Department of Land Commissioner General
                                             LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                      Version : May 2011
              Government Office            Location      Phone No.                    Name                          Designation             E Mail
                                                                        Ms.P.D.I.L.Wijegunawardhana      Deputy Commissioner      
                                                                        Mr.K.M.C.K.Bandara               Deputy Commissioner - Finance
                                                                                                         Common email             

                                          Battaramulla   011-287-2400   Mrs. D.L. Gunasekara             Secretary                
                                                         011-287-2401   Mr. Ananda Amarawera             Assistant Secretary      
                                                         011-287-2402   Mr. A. Lakshman Marasinghe       Chairman                 
                                                         011-287-2403   Mr. H. Upul                      Management Assistant     
Department of Law Commision                              011-287-2404   Mrs. D.L. Gunasekara             Secretary                
                                                                        Mr. A. Lakshman Marasinghe       Commissioner             
                                                                        Ms. K.M.C.L. Rodrigo             Assistant Secretary      
                                                                        Ms.J.P. Rajapaksha               Assistant Secretary      
                                                                        Mrs.T.W.C.Thumpathliyadda        Librarian                

                                                         011-268-6000   Mr.R.P.B.Thilakasiri             Director General         
                                                         011-268-6001   Mr. P.A. Muthukumarana           Commissioner of Title Settlement
                                                         011-268-6002   Mr. K.A.D.P. Poal                Add Commissioner         
                                                         011-268-6003   Mrs. H.P.I.I. Abeygunawardhana   Add Commissioner         
                                                         011-268-6004   Mr. A.M.K.K. Attanayaka          Dep Commissioner         
Department of Land Settlement                                           Mr. W.M.S. Warnakulasuriya       Dep Commissioner         
                                                                        Mr. Noman Halwathura             Dep Commissioner         
                                                                        Mr. I.P. Sumanathilaka           Ass Commissioner         
                                                                        Mrs. Kamalani Rasneggedara       Ass Commissioner         
                                                                        Mrs. Seetha Padmaseeli           Ass Commissioner         
                                                                        Mr. H.N.P. Fernando              Accountant               

                                                         0112-683836    General Number
                                                                        Mrs. Chandrani Samarakoon        Local Government Commissioner
                                                                        Ms.W.R.W.Gunasekara              Asst Local Government Commissioner
                                                                        M.A.C. Hakziba                                                         Community Development
                                                                                                         Asst Local Government Commissioner
                                                                        Mrs.S.K.Kothalawala              Accountant                
                                                                        Mr.D.G.H.A.Mahendra Silva        Asst Local Government Commissioner
Department of Local Government                                          Mr.J.W.Silva                     Deputy Director - Planning
                                                                        Mrs.Sulochana Senarathna         Engineer                  
                                                                        Mr.Palitha Abhayawardhana        Legal Officer             
                                                                        Mr.A.N.Piyawardhana              Asst Local Government Commissioner
                                                                        Mr.P.B.Ranathunga                ICT Officer               
                                                                        Mr.W.G.Premalal                  Deputy Commisioner        
                                                                                                         General Email Account     

                                                         011-254-2900   Mr.D.V.V.S.Fernando              Additional Legal Draftsman
                                                         011-254-2901   Mr.H.R.C.K.Mudalige              Librarian                
                                                         011-254-2902   Ms.T.R.Perera                    Legal Draftsman          
                                                         011-254-2903   Mr.T.A.Y.M.Ranawana              Asst Legal Draftsman     
                                                         011-254-2904   Ms.P.I.S.Semarasinghe            Deputy Legal Draftsman   
Department of Legal Draftsman
                                                                        Mrs.R.W.M.P.Senevirathna         Deputy Legal Draftsman   
                                                                        Mrs.F.R.C.Thalayasingham         Deputy Legal Draftsman   
                                                 LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
Department of Legal Draftsman
                                                                                                                                                                     Version : May 2011
               Government Office                Location   Phone No.                     Name                          Designation         E Mail
                                                                          Mr.M.P.D.Udenipala               Director-Finance      
                                                                          Ms.M.S.K.Vidanapathirana         Deputy Legal Draftsman
                                                                          Mr.V.Vimaleshwaran               Senior Asst Legal Draftsman

                                                Colombo    011-258-8900   Mr. K.Premasiri Kumara           Director              

                                                           011-258-8901   Mrs. W.A.Chandrani Somalatha     Accountant            
                                                           011-258-8902   Miss. G. W. C. Wijayasundara     Assistant Director    
                                                           011-258-8903   Mr. S. N. Akuranthilaka          Assistant Director    
Department of Measurement Unit, Standards and              011-258-8904   Mr. S. D. I. Dias                Assistant Director    
Services                                                                  Mr. H. L. I. S. Sampath          Assistant Director    
                                                                          Mrs. J. S. M. Silva              Assistant Director    
                                                                          Mr. R. G. S. A. Perera           Assistant Director    
                                                                          Mr. R. D. M. Alanka              Assistant Director    

                                                Colombo    011-269-4300   Mr. B.D.L. Dharmapriya           Commissioner          
                                                           011-269-4301   Mr.A.M.Dissanayaka               Asst Commissioner - Technical
                                                           011-269-4302   Mr.R.V.R.Rajapakse               Deputy Commissioner   
                                                           011-269-4303   Mr.K.Kannangara                  Addl Commissioner     
                                                           011-269-4304   Ms.Samanthi Senanayaka           Asst Commissioner     
Department of Motor Traffic
                                                                          Mr.V.C.Piyathilaka               Asst Commissioner     
                                                                          Ms.D.S.R.K.Gunathilaka           Accountant            
                                                                          Mr.W.Luyana                      Asst Commissioner     
                                                                          Mr.M.A.U.G.De Silva              Investigation Officer 
                                                                          Mr.A.Wijekoon                    Asst Commissioner     

                                                           011-269-2700   Mr. G.H.P. Dharmaratna           Director- General
                                                           011-269-2701   Mr. P.M. Jayatilaka Banda        Director
                                                           011-269-2702   Mr. D.S. Daluwatta               Chief Clerk
                                                           011-269-2703   Ms. Chaturika Sankapali          Asst. Direcotr
                                                           011-269-2704   Mr. Piyasiri Wellawatha          Head of Branch
Department of Meterology
                                                                          Mr. E.S. Silva                   Deputy Director
                                                                          Mr. S.H. Kariyawasam             Deputy Director
                                                                          Forecaster on Duty               Meteorologist

                                                Colombo    011-269-1200   Mrs. Nanda Wikramasinghe         Director              
                                                           011-269-1201   Mr.Prabath Udakara               Development Asst      
                                                           011-269-1202   Mr. Ananda Ratnayake             Asst. Director        
                                                           011-269-1203   Mrs Mayuri Munasinghe            Asst. Director        
                                                           011-269-1204   Mr Gamini Kulathunga             IT Assistant          
Department of National Museums
                                                                          Mr. Senarath Wickramasinghe      Asst. Director        
                                                                          Mrs Manori Nandasena             Asst. Director        
                                                                          Mr.Yasantha Mapatuna             Asst.Director - zoology
                                                                          Mrs. Thanujaa Kasthuriarachchi   Asst. Director        
Department of National Museums
                                              LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                      Version : May 2011
              Government Office             Location     Phone No.                       Name                    Designation                 E Mail
                                                                        Ms.Nayana Perera            Museum Keper                   

                                                         011-268-8700   Mr.L.R.Gunawardhana         Asst Director                  
                                                         011-268-8701   Mr.D.P.Mayadunna            Photographer                   
                                                         011-268-8702   Mrs.Dilini Liyanage         Investigation                  
                                                         011-268-8703   Mr.H.B.M.Punchibanda        Technical Assistant (Acting)   
                                                         011-268-8704   Mr.P.D.Thilakarathna                                       
Department of National Archives
                                                                        Mr.K.B.G.Sarath             Acting Asst Director           
                                                                        Mr.Patric Peiris                                           
                                                                        Mrs.S.Sirpala               Administraion Officer          
                                                                        Ms.Thilini Siriwardhana     Asst Director                  
                                                                        Ms.S.Weththasinghe          Director                       

                                                         011-272-9700   Mr.B.S.M.Abesekara          Addl Director                  
                                                         011-272-9701   Ms.Renuka Bandaranayaka     Asst Director                  
                                                         011-272-9702   Brigedier P.G.Charles       Director                       
                                                         011-272-9703   Mr.H.B.Disanayaka           Addl Director                  
                                                         011-272-9704   Mr.A.P.Hubat                Administration Officer         
                                                                        Mrs.Y.D.S.S.Malsinghe       Deputy Director                
Department of National Zoological Gardens
                                                                        Mrs.A.Priyadarshani         Asst Director                  

                                                                        Mr.N.S.Silva                Education Officer              
                                                                        Ms.S.Y.B.M.Upeksha          Educational & Research Assistant
                                                                        Ms.C.G.Wijesinghe           Doctor                         

                                            Rajagiriya   011-288-8800   Mr.S.C.J.Bandaragama        Deputy Commissioner - Technical
                                                         011-288-8801   Mr.S.Gunasena               Commissioner of Official Languages
                                                         011-288-8802   Mr.J.P.A.Indika             Development Assistant - Account
                                                         011-288-8803   Mr.D.G.K.Karunarathna       Deputy Commissioner - Admin    
Department of Official Languages                         011-288-8804   Mr.Anura Lokugamage         Deputy Commissioner - Finance  
                                                                        Mr.A.L.Nalantha             Development Assistant - Dictionary
                                                                        Mr.A.S.Pathirage            Technical Assistant            
                                                                        Mr.K.A.Piyathissa           Educationalist - Exam          
                                                                        Mr.J.Weerasuriya            Project Director               
                                                                        Mr.W.Wickramarachchi        Educationalist - Training      

                                            Colombo      011-232-9100   Mr.K.A.Thilakarathne        Director General of Pensions   
                                                         011-232-9101   Mrs.N.Abeywickrama          Director of pensions           
                                                         011-232-9102   Mr.M.A.L.W.Upasena          Secretary & Accountant (W&OP)  
                                                         011-232-9103   Mr.T.M.R.J.A.Cooray         Director Finance               
                                                         011-232-9104   Mr.M.A.P.I.Gunawardhane     Deputy Director of Pensions    
                                                                        Mrs. L.D.Chitra Jayaseeli                                             Pension)
                                                                                                    Deputy Director of pensions (Armed Forces
                                                                                                    Deputy Director of pensions (Policy & Planning)
                                                                        Mrs.A.M.K.K.A. Herath       Chief Accountant (Local Government)

Department of Pensions
                                     LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                  Version : May 2011
              Government Office    Location      Phone No.                        Name                     Designation                 E Mail
                                                                Mrs.S.N.Hapuarachchi          Secretary & Accountant (PSPF)  
                                                                Mr.U.L.Amila S. Perera        Systems Analyst                
                                                                Mrs.T.S.Kanudson              Director of Pensions (W&OP)    
                                                                Mrs.K.V. Dissanayake          Internal Auditor (Internal Audit)
Department of Pensions                                          Miss.E.M.K.P.G.Sanjeewani                                      
                                                                                              Assistant Director of Pensions (Foreign Pensions)
                                                                Mr. K.M.P.P.Perera                                              
                                                                                              Assistant Director of Pensions (Administration Branch)
                                                                Miss. D.M.M.Dissanayake       Accountant (Local Government)  
                                                                Miss.Y.Hema                   Accountant (Payments)          
                                                                Mrs.P.S.Hettige                                                       d
                                                                                              Deputy Chief Accountant (Accounts Branch)
                                                                Miss.S.S.Matharaarachchi      Accountant (Accounts Branch)   
                                                                Miss. T.D.Gammuduwattage      Accountant (Calculation)       
                                                                Mrs.Y.U.P.Dayarathne          Accountant (W&OP)              
                                                                Mr.P.J.C.J.Rajapaksha         Translator                     
                                                                Mr.P.A.Jayathilake Perera     Administrative Officer (W&OP)  
                                                                                              Administrative Officer (Administration Branch)
                                                                Mr.R.H.K.Ranasinghe           Administrative Officer (PSPF)  
                                                                                              General Email                  

                                  Battaramulla   011-552-4000   Mr. J.M.L. Jayasekara         Director General               
                                                 011-552-4001   Mr. Jagath Rathnayaka         Development Assistant          
                                                 011-552-4002   A.W.H.Sarathchandra           Deputy Director - Engineering  
                                                 011-552-4003   Mr. B.A. Thilakarathna        Deputy Director General        
Department of Physical Planning                  011-552-4004   Mr. Neranjan Kurukulasuriya   Director                       
                                                                Mrs.N.Abeyrathna              Director                       
                                                                Mrs.Champa Amarasinghe        Director                       
                                                                Mr.J.A.D.Jayaweera            Director                       
                                                                Mrs.W.D.Samankanthi           Director                       

                                   Colombo       0112-328000    General Number
                                                                Mr.A.S.Abayawickrama          Asst Superintendent            
                                                                Mr.C.Chandrawansa             Superintendent-international Post
                                                                Mr.D.M.U.Dissanayake          Chief Accountant               
                                                                Mr. M.K.B.Dissanayake         Post Master General            
Department of Post                                              Mr.R.D.P.Gamini               Deputy Postmaster - Operations 
                                                                Mr.J.M.Karunarathne           Deputy Chief Accountant        
                                                                Mr.Jagath Kumara              Accountant                     
                                                                Mr.A.Mampitiyaarachchi        Deputy Postmaster - Admin      
                                                                Mr.T.Shreeharan               Superintendent - P&D           
                                                                Mr.W.A.G.Wicramasinghe        Administrative Secretary       

                                   Colombo       011-243-2600
Department of Police
                                                  LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                            Version : May 2011
              Government Office                 Location    Phone No.                          Name                  Designation                E Mail
Department of Police

                                                Colombo    011-268-8500    Mr. V.R. Silva               Commissioner General          
                                                           011-268-8501    Mr.G.M.K.Bandara             Commissioner - Finance        
                                                           011-268-8502    Mr.Nishan Danasinghe         Commissioner - Admin          
                                                           011-268-8503    Mr.M.V.Gunawardhana          Commisiioner - Supply         
                                                           011-268-8504    Mr.M.B.Rathnayake            Commissioner - Welfare        
                                                                           Mr.Laksman Silva             Commissioner - Operations     
                                                                           Mr. M.B.Weerakoon            Deputy Commissioner - Internal Audit
                                                                           Mr. K.E. Wickramarathna      Chief Engineer                
                                                                           Mr.Nirex Milroy              Cigas Officer                 
                                                                           Ms. Lanka Mudalige           Data Entry Operator           
                                                                           Mr. H.C.W.Kariyawasam        Deputy Commissioner - Finance 
Department of Prison
                                                                           Mr. S.Tharshan               Assistant Commissioner - Finance
                                                                           Mrs. S.R.S. Prabashi         Assistant Commissioner - Finance
                                                                           Mrs. R.H.J.Perera            Director - Planning           
                                                                           Mr. Sumith                   Secretary to the Commissioner General
                                                                           Mr. A.Hapuarachchi           Superintended of Headquarters 
                                                                           Ms. D.S.R.D. Goonawardhana   Administrative Officer        
                                                                           Mrs. A.M.P. Aththanayaka     Administrative Officer        
                                                                           Mr. Kenat Fernando           Senior Supirintended          
                                                                           Mr. K.Jayantha Premadasa     Technical Officer             
                                                                           Mr. Ulvishewa                Statistician                  

                                                Nugegoda   011 -285-3500   Mr.Sarath Abeygunawardhana   Commissioner                  
                                                           011 -285-3501   Mrs.I.Aberathna              PMAI                          
                                                           011 -285-3502   Mrs.Harshani Fernando        Asst Commissioner             
Department of Probation & Child Care Services              011 -285-3503   Mrs.V.Jayarathna             Data Entry Operator           
                                                           011 -285-3504   Mrs.Ajantha Peiris           Child Rights Pro Officer      
                                                                           Mr. B.A.C.Shantha            Administrative Officer        
                                                                           Mrs.Nimalee Perera           Probation Officecr            

                                                Colombo    011-258-2800    J.M.Bandara                  public trustee
                                                           011-258-2801    Mrs.C.Miyanawala             additional public trustee
Department of Public Trustee                               011-258-2802    POST IS VACANT               director finance
                                                           011-258-2803    Mr.Gunasena                  additional director finance
                                                           011-258-2804    Mr. Ranga Jayawardhana       development assistant

                                                Colombo    011-245-9400    Mr.B.N.D.Amarathunga         Stores Superintend            
                                                           011-245-9401    Mr. A.L.R.Ratnayake          Operations Superintend        
                                                           011-245-9402    Mr.E.G.Chandrarathna         Addl General Manager          
                                                           011-245-9403    Mr. A.G.Mahanama             General Manager               
                                                           011-245-9404    Mr.S.W.Munasinghe            Director Planning             
Department of Railways
                                         LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                    Version : May 2011
              Government Office         Location   Phone No.                      Name                          Designation                E Mail
Department of Railways                                            Mr.P.Samarasinghe                Data Processing Manager       
                                                                  Mr.V.Samarasinghe                Commercial Superintend        
                                                                  Mr.M.S.M.Siddige                 Chief Accountant              
                                                                  Mr. H.M.T.N.Bandara              Addl General Manager          
                                                                  Mr.P.P.Wijesekara                Addl General Manager          

                                        Colombo    011-239-3000   Mr. N. Sathasivaiyer             Asst. Registrar General    
                                                   011-239-3001   Mrs. S. Ranadheera               Deputy Director            
                                                   011-239-3002   Mr. L.H.P.De Silva               Addl. Registrar General    
                                                   011-239-3003   Mr. E.M. Gunasekara              Registrar General          
                                                   011-239-3004   Mr. W.Tharaka Prashantha         Addl. District Registrar   
Department of Register General
                                                                  Mr. D.M.D.B.K. Jayasena          Deputy Registrar General   ,
                                                                  Mr. T.M. Premasiri               Asst. Registrar General    
                                                                  Mr. Wasantha Sandiligama         Registrar of Lands and Addl. DIST
                                                                  Mr. M.R.K. Nandiweera            Accountant                 
                                                                  Mrs. M.T.S. Weerasinghe          Admin. Officer             

                                        Colombo    011-239-5500   Mr.K.A.S.Abeygunawardhana        Publicity Officer             
                                                   011-239-5501   Mr.P.H.S.W.Bandara               Director                      
                                                   011-239-5502   Mrs.H.H.D.A.W.Damayanthi         Systems Analyst               
                                                   011-239-5503   Mrs.Thanuja Fernando             Asst Director                 
                                                   011-239-5504   Mr.R.M.I.K.Pattapola             Internal Auditor              
Department of Rubber Development
                                                                  Mr.R.B.Premadasa                 Director                      
                                                                  Mr.V.Rajapakse                   Statistics Officer            
                                                                  Mrs.R.A.N.D.Ranathunga           Asst Director                 
                                                                  Ms.F.R.M.Riyaldeen               Asst Director                 
                                                                  Mr.Wimal Rubasinghe              Director General              

                                                   0112-555000    General Number
                                                                  Mr. Jagath P. Wijeweera          Commissioner General          
                                                                  Mrs. P.P.K.Abesirigunawardhana   Commissioner (Admin)          
                                                                  Mr. Anuradha Wijekoon            Commissioner (Operations & IT)
                                                                  Mr. J.M.U.P.Jayamaha             Chief Accountant              
                                                                  Mrs. K.K.C.Kaneru                Deputy Commissioner - Operations
                                                                  Mr. J.M.K.D.Jayasekara           Assistant Commissioner - CI   
                                                                  Mrs. H.R.H. Karunarathna         Assistant Commissioner - A    
                                                                  Mr. I.P.Sumanathilaka            Assistant Commissioner - LI   
                                                                  Mr. H.R.Jayarathna               Assistant Commissioner - Legal
                                                                  Mrs. N.Jayasingha                Assistant Commissioner - B    
Department of Registration of Persons
                                                                  Mr. B.A.Daminda Chinthaka        Assistant Commissioner - Distribution
                                                                  Mr. A.G.R.Ashoka Kumara          Assistant Commissioner - Computer
                                                                  Vacant                           Assistant Commissioner - Mobile
                                                                  Mr.G.A.R.Dewapriya               Assistant Commissioner - Belt 
                                                                  Miss. A.Y.C.De Silva             Accountant                    
Department of Registration of Persons

                                                   LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                       Version : May 2011
              Government Office                  Location   Phone No.                      Name                              Designation        E Mail
                                                                           Mrs. H.R.M.Rupawathi                 Administrative Officer
                                                                           Mr. P.B.Jayamanne                    Project Director      
                                                                           Mr. Gamini Rathnayaka                Procurement Specialist
                                                                                                                Project Director - eNIC
                                                                           Mr. W.A.R.Nishantha                  CIO                   
                                                                           Registration of Persons Department   General Email         

                                                 Nugegoda   011-282-5200   Mrs. K.H.L. Jayasinghe               Director              
                                                            011-282-5201   Mrs. Indumathi Ketipearachchi        Administrative ofiicer
                                                            011-282-5202   Mr. M.A.I. Perera                    Assistant Director    
                                                            011-282-5203   Mrs. S.A.D.A.M.J. Thilakaratna       Addl Director         
Department of Social Services                               011-282-5204   Mrs. S.D.C. Damayanthi               Deputy Directory      
                                                                           Vacant                               Assistant Director    
                                                                           Mr. W.R.W.M.T.B. Buramulla           Assistant Director    
                                                                           Mrs. Hasali Rajapaksa                Secretary             
                                                                           Mrs. Sudarshi Weerasinghe            Personal Assistant    
                                                                           Mrs. M.W.D.Sriyani                   Personal Assistant    

                                                 Colombo    011-268-5300   Mr.N.K.Abesinghe                     Project Officer       
                                                            011-268-5301   Mr.B.D.Dahanayaka                    Director General      
                                                            011-268-5302   Mr.A.A.Jayathissa                    Project Officer       
                                                            011-268-5303   Mr.B.D.L.Kularathna                  Project Officer       
                                                            011-268-5304   Ms.L.P.P.Nilanthi                    Asst Planning Programmer
Department of Sports Development
                                                                           Ms.C.Pathiraja                       Project Officer       
                                                                           Mr.M.T.Pathnmasiri                   Deputy Director       
                                                                           Mr.A.D.D.Perera                      Deputy Director       
                                                                           Mr.K.J.R.Perera                      IT Officer            
                                                                           Mrs.R.L.S.P.Swarnalatha              Deputy Director       

                                                 Colombo    011-236-8000   Mr.W.P.G.Gunarathna                  Unit Head             
                                                            011-236-8001   Mr.M.I.M.Hasan                       Unit Head             
                                                            011-236-8002   Mr.C.G.Hettiarachci                  Director Finance      
                                                            011-236-8003   Mr.K.A.U.N.Kasthuri                  Deputy Survay General 
                                                            011-236-8004   Mr.R.Mudalige                        Administartion Officer
Department of Survey
                                                                           Mr.S.Piyadasa                        Senior Deputy Survay General
                                                                           Mr.V.Rupasinghe                      Unit Head             
                                                                           Ms.P.M.Somawathie                    Unit Head             
                                                                           Mr.S.Thilakarathna                   Unit Head             
                                                                           Mr.A.I.Vidanage                      Staff Asistant        

                                                 Colombo    011-242-3300   Dr. H. Chithral Ambawatta            Director General      
                                                            011-242-3301   Mr. D.V.P.Y. Kulatunge               Additional Director General
                                                            011-242-3302   Mr. W.S. Sathyananda                                       
                                                                                                                Director(Human Resource Management)

Department of Technical Education and Training
                                                  LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                      Version : May 2011
               Government Office                 Location   Phone No.                    Name                            Designation            E Mail
                                                            011-242-3303   Mr. K.K.A. Karunathilaka          Director(Research & Development)
                                                            011-242-3304   Miss. P.K. Panapitiya             Director(Finance)      
                                                                           Mr. T. Shanmugarajha                                     
                                                                                                             Director(Infrastructor Development)
                                                                                                             Director(Industrial License & Career Guidance)
Department of Technical Education and Training                             Mr. D.M.S.K. Bandara              Director(Academic Affairs)
                                                                           Vacant                            Director(Suplies & Services)
                                                                           Mr. J.A.D.W. Perera               Director(Testing & Evaluation)
                                                                           Mr. A.D.A. Mahinda                Deputy Director(Data Processing)
                                                                           Mr. K.K.A.R. Jayakody                                    
                                                                                                             Deputy Director(Human Resource Managemen)
                                                                           Mrs. R.M.K. Rathnayake            Deputy Director(Planning)
                                                                           Mrs. S. Prasanthan                Assistant Director(Finance)
                                                                           Miss. N.D.T. Prabodini            Assistant Director(Finance)

                                                 Colombo    011-268-9200   Mr.K.P.Weerasinghe                data processor
                                                            011-268-9201   Mr.S.Wedikkara                    management assistant
Department of the Registrar of Companies                    011-268-9202   Mrs.P.Vilot                       management assistant
                                                            011-268-9203   Mrs.A.Sumanalatha                 secretary
                                                            011-268-9204   Mrs.L.K.S.Dharmakeerthi           assistant registrar of companies

                                                 Colombo    011-269-5500   Mr. P.W. Senarathna               Chief Valuer             
                                                            011-269-5501   Mr. R.W.M.S.B. Rajapakse          Deputy Chief Valuer      
                                                            011-269-5502   Mr. P. Sandirasegaram             Deputy Chief Valuer      
                                                            011-269-5503   Mr. A.F.M. Fatheehu               Deputy Chief Valuer      
Department of Valuation                                     011-269-5504   Mr. Sarath Premalal Weerarathna   Regional Valuer          
                                                                           Mr. J.M. Senanayaka Bandara       Regional Valuer          
                                                                           Mr. W.D.P. Rupananda              Regional Valuer          
                                                                           Mrs. W.C.E. Perera                Asst. District Valuer    
                                                                           Mrs. S.R.B. Fernando              Accountant               
                                                                           Mrs. H.M. Rohini Silva            Administration Chief     

                                                            011-244-6900   Ms.K.W.T.N.Amarathunga            Director                 
                                                            011-244-6901   Ms.B.M.S.S.Basnayake              Accountant               
                                                            011-244-6902   Ms.D.H.S.P.Damayanthi             Development Assistant    
                                                            011-244-6903   Ms.J.A.Manel                      Balance                  
                                                            011-244-6904   Ms.M.N.Muthunayaka                Development              
Department of Textile Industries                                           Mrs. K.G.Nandawathie              Asst Director            
                                                                           Mr.Pradeep Ranasinghe             Development Assistant    
                                                                           Ms.S.W.Chitra Rohini              Deputy Director          
                                                                           Ms.N.Sudershani                   Administration           
                                                                           Ms.Naleeka Wimalasena             Palnning                 

                                                 Colombo    011-269-4200   Mr.W.A.D.A.Wijesooriya            director general
                                                            011-269-4201   Mr.P.H.A.Wimalaweera              director administration
Department of Wildlife Conservation                         011-269-4202   Mr.H.D.Rathnayake                 acting director operation
                                                         LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                             Version : May 2011
Department of Wildlife Conservation
              Government Office                        Location      Phone No.                    Name                         Designation      E Mail
                                                                     011-269-4203   Mr.J.P.N.C.Jayakody            director finance
                                                                     011-269-4204   Mr.M.G.Eranda                  wildlife ranger

                                                LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Other Organizations
                                                                                                                                                                    Version : January 2010
                 Government Office                     Location       Phone No.                   Name                          Designation     E Mail
                                                       Colombo       011-255-9900   Ameer Ismail                   Chairman           
                                                                     011-255-9901   Mrs. D.A. Wickramasinghe       Management Assistant
                                                                     011-255-9902   Ms. S.C. Priyanka              Management Assistant
Commission to Investigate Allegarions of Bribary or                  011-255-9903   Mr. M.V.W.R. Silva             Management Assistant
Corruption(CAIBOC)                                                   011-255-9904   Mr. R.A.K.G.C.J.K. Ranaweera   Budget Assistant   
                                                                                    Mr. S.A.S.L. Senarath          Management Assistant
                                                                                    Mrs. Yamuna Karunarathna       Management Assistant
                                                                                    Mr. S. Krishantha              Inspector Police   

                                                      Battaramulla   011-287-2200   Mrs. Ramani Ellepola           Deputy Director General
                                                                     011-287-2201   Mr. Tissa Gamage               Director
                                                                     011-287-2202   Mrs. Nelum Jayarathne
                                                                     011-287-2203   Mrs. Lalitha Fonseka           Deputy Director General
                                                                     011-287-2204   Mr. M.D.A. Suneetha            Director
Central Environment Authority
                                                                                    Mr. J.M.U. Indrarathna         Deputy Director General
                                                                                    Ms. Kanthi De silva            Director
                                                                                    Dhammika Kasthurirathne        Manament Asst
                                                                                    Mr.P.W.K.D.Pradeep             Asst Director
                                                                                    Mrs.Ajitha Dayarathne          DIrector

                                                       Colombo       011-230-1700
Export Development Board

                                                       Colombo       011-242-4000   General VOIP Number
                                                                     011-242-4202   Mr. S. Abeysinghe              Secretary          
                                                                     011-242-4203   Mr. L.P. Jayampathy            Additional Secretary
                                                                     011-242-4206   Mr.G.P.Abeykeerthi             Additional Secretary
                                                                     011-242-4208   Mrs.S.H.A.N.D.Abeyratne        Senior Assistant Secretary
                                                                     011-242-4204   Mr.A.N.Amaradeva               Accountant         
Cabinet Office
                                                                     011-242-4121   Mr.B.Puranegedara              Assistant Secretary
                                                                     011-242-4214   Mr.R.K.K. Siriwardhana         System Analyst     

                                                                     011-242-4210   Mr. R. Nandasiry               Cordinating Secretary
                                                                     011-242-4211   Mr.H.D.Wijegunaratne           Progress Assistant 
Cabinet Office
                                                       LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                  Version : May 2011
                 Government Office                   Location   Phone No.                     Name                    Designation          E Mail
                                                                011-242-4217   Mr. K.P.R.B. Kempitiya      C.P.Unit              

                                                     Colombo    011-246-0000   General VOIP Number
Sri Lanka Customs

                                                     Colombo    011-244-5800   Mr. Rumy Marzook            Chairman              
                                                                011-244-5801   Mrs. C.N. Thilakarathne     Director General (Acting)
                                                                011-244-5802   Mr. W.M.Priyantha           Director Finance      
                                                                011-244-5803   Mrs. Deepthi Tissera        Dir. Compliance & Enforcement
Consumer Affairs Authority
                                                                011-244-5804   Mrs. S. Thiruneelakandan    Dir. Competition Promotion
                                                                               Mr. S. Angulugaha           Dir. Admin & HR       
                                                                               Mrs. C.N. Thilakarathne     CA & Information      
                                                                               Mr. A. Bandara              Consumer Complaint Bureau
                                                                               Mr. Lal Thageswatta         Fulltime Member       
                                                                               Mr. Rohan Meewange          Dir. Pricing          

                                                     Dehiwala   011-273-9300   N.T.S.Wijesekara            chairman
                                                                011-273-9301   Dr.D.M.B.Dissanayake        director
Geological Survey & Mining Authority                            011-273-9302   S.M.A.T.B.Mudunkotuwa       deputy director
                                                                011-273-9303   B.A.Peries                  deputy director mines
                                                                011-273-9304   Dr.D.K.B.Prem               assistant director

                                                     Colombo    011-236-9000   General Number              Receptionist

Information and Communication Technology Agency
of Sri Lanka (ICTA)

                                                     Colombo    011-268-9300     Dr. D.M. Karunaratne        Director General    
                                                                011-268-9301     Ms. Indira Wimalasingha     Management Assistant
                                                                011-268-9302     Ms. W.D.T. Wijesinghe       Translator          
                                                                011-268-9303     Mr. Nalinada Athapattu      Technical Assistant 
                                                                011-268-9304     Ms. Mali Kusumalatha        Research Assistant  
National Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka
                                                                                 Ms. D.A.B. Roopasingha      Head, Establishment Branch
                                                                                 Mr. S.D. Jayawardena        Head, Accounts Branch
                                                                                 Mr. Sanjeewa Bandara        IT Assistant        

                                                     Nugegoda   011-281-2100
National Productivity Secretariat
                                           LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                             Version : May 2011
                  Government Office      Location      Phone No.                    Name                      Designation             E Mail
National Productivity Secretariat

                                        J'Pura Kotte   011-277-7100
Parliament of Sri Lanka

                                         Colombo       011-242-1200
Ports Authority

                                        Battaramulla   011-286-4100
Sri Lanka Foreign Employeement Bureau

                                                       011-231-4000   Mrs.H.D.L.Goonawardene      Secretary                   
                                                       011-231-4001   Mr.N.A.Cooray               Additional Secretary        
                                                       011-231-4002   Mrs.R.D.P.S.Dharmasena      Senior Asst Secretary       
                                                       011-231-4003   Mr.J.Nawarathna             Senior Asst Secretary       
                                                       011-231-4004   Mrs.S.D.W.Padmaseeli        Senior Asst Secretary       
Public Service Commission
                                                                                                  Deputy Secretary - Appointments and romotions
                                                                      Mr.W.U.P.Premachandra       Deputy Secretary - HR       
                                                                      Mr.R.R.K.Nugapitiya         Deputy Secretary - finance  
                                                                                                  Asst Secretary - Appointments and Promotions
                                                                      Mr.D.M.D.C.Bandara          Asst Secretary              

                                        Battaramulla   011-287-3700   Mr. W.P.P. Yasarathna       Deputy Director
                                                       011-287-3701   Mr. M.C.L. Rodrigo          Director
                                                       011-287-3702   Mr. R.P.B. Thilakasiri      Director General
                                                       011-287-3703   Mr. K.D. Chithrapala        Director
                                                       011-287-3704   Mr. M.C.L. Rodrigo          General Manager
Samurdhi Authority
                                                                      Mr. S.D.K. Thanayamwatthe   Director
                                                                      Mr. P.C. Hettiarachchi      Director
                                                                      Mr. Sunil Weerasinghe       Director
                                                                      Mr. S.A.D.P. Mathagadeera   Chief Internal Auditor
                                                                      Mr. L.C.L.S. Mahanama       Deputy Director
                                             LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
                                                                                                                                                                    Version : May 2011
               Government Office            Location   Phone No.                    Name                                  Designation    E Mail

                                            Colombo    011-258-2100                                    IT Division
                                                       011-258-2101   Mr.Edward perera                       head of IT
SLIDA                                                  011-258-2102

                                            Colombo    011-258-2900   Mr.M.T.W.Ponnapperuma                 Chairman           
                                                       011-258-2901   Mr.D.G.Dayarathne                     Deputy Chairman    
                                                       011-258-2902   Mr.R.P.B.Thilakasiri                  Director General   
                                                       011-258-2903   Mr.G.M.G.A.Gallabha                   Director HRD and Admin
Vocational Training Authority of SL (VTA)              011-258-2904   Mr.K.J.Korellage                      Director training  
                                                                      Mr.Chandana Widanapathirana           Director           
                                                                      Mr. W.A.Ranaweera                     Director           
                                                                      Mr.E.M.C.Thushara Ediriinghe          MIS and IT Advisor 
                                                                      Mr.W.D.Fernando                       Exams Division     

                                            Colombo    011-286-3600   Mr. J.C.K. Basnayaka                  Director (Training)
                                                       011-286-3601   Mr. Piyathissa Gamage                 Director (Administration)
                                                       011-286-3602   Mr. Ranjan Perera                     Director (Development)
                                                       011-286-3603   Mr. N. Ekkanayaka                     Chairman           
                                                       011-286-3604   Mr. N.M. Mohideen                     Assistant Director 
                                                                      Mrs. N.A. Samarasekara                Training Manager   
                                                                      Mrs. Indrani Jayawardhana             Training Manager   
                                                                      Mr.V.C.B.Nanayakkara                  Asst Director - Evaluation
                                                                      Mr. Nilantha De Silva                 Training Officer   
                                                                      Mr.Jayantha Wahalathantri             Deputy Director    

                                            Colombo    011-243-6400   Mr.A.K.R.Alawaththa                   Commissioner       
                                                       011-243-6401   Vacant                                Asst Commissioner  
                                                       011-243-6402   Mrs. G. A. N D Gamlath                Accountant         
                                                       011-243-6403   Mrs. Hemamala Nissanka                Chief Management Assistant
                                                       011-243-6404   Mr .S.A.H.N.Subhasinghe               Management Assistant
Motor Traffic - Western Province
                                                                      Mr. A. S. Simistrarachchi             Management Assistant
                                                                      Mr.W. A. N. P. Wijesingha             Management Assistant
                                                                      Mrs.K.A.D.S.S.Kariyapperuma           Management Assistant
                                                                      Mr.K.A.I.S.Gunawardhana               Enforcement Assistant
                                                                      Mr.E.K.K.Chamaka                      Enforcement Assistant

                                            Colombo    011-278-4900     Mr. N. Padmasiri Kariyawasam           Chairman          
                                                       011-278-4901     Mr. S.D. Nanadasena                    General Manager   
                                                       011-278-4902     Mr. Kamal Obeysekara                   Dep General Manager
                                                       011-278-4903     Mr. M.B. Cyril                         Dep General Manager
                                                       011-278-4904     Vacant                                 Asst Gen Manager  
Tea Small Holdings Development Authority
                                                                        Mr. D.P.L. Kodikara                    Asst General Manager
                                                                        Mr. D.P.G. Jayanthi                    Finance Manager   
                                              LGN GoSL VoIP Phone Number List - Departments
Tea Small Holdings Development Authority
                                                                                                                                                                 Version : May 2011
              Government Office             Location      Phone No.                    Name                                Designation      E Mail
                                                                           Mr. K.G. Narada                        Internal Auditor  
                                                                           Mrs. Indra Samarawicrama               Monitoring & Evaluation
                                                                           Mr. Rohitha Arunasiri Waidyarathna     Data Processing Manager

                                           Battaramulla   011-287-5900   Mr.L.H.Indrasiri                       Director
                                                          011-287-5901   Mr.K.H.M.Perera                        Database Administrator
                                                          011-287-5902   Mr.T.A.Perera                          Director
                                                          011-287-5903   Mr.R.M.Somarathna                      Director
                                                          011-287-5904   Mrs.S.Karunanayaka                     Director
Urban Development Authority
                                                                         Mr.R.M.Ariyadasa                       Director
                                                                         Mr.E.M.R.U.B.Dorakumbura               Director
                                                                         Mr.Weerasena Adhikari                  Deputy Director
                                                                         Ms.W.Geeganage                         Deputy Director
                                                                         Mr.W.P.G.S.Vithana                     Assistant Librarian

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