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     Rosemere Cancer       Centre

1.     GENERAL

This is a replacement post based in the Rosemere Cancer Centre in Preston with some commitments in
East Lancashire. The person appointed will work with existing consultants working at the Blackburn
General and Burnley General Hospitals (East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust) and the Royal Preston
Hospital (Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) in the treatment of urological and colo-
rectal cancers. The post-holder if interested will be able to develop an interest in another disease site
following discussions within the directorate.


The post holder must be eligible to the Specialist Register in Clinical Oncology under articles 9(2) and
9(3) of the Specialist Medical Order. Possession of the FRCR qualification, or equivalent in Clinical
Oncology (Radiotherapy and Oncology) is essential.


The post will be based at the Royal Preston Hospital (RPH), which is part of the Lancashire Teaching
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Clinical sessions in East Lancashire will also be required. The
individual will join eleven other consultant Clinical Oncologists, and two Medical Oncologists (appointed
in Morecambe Bay). Three Staff Grades work in Oncology.There are 2 Palliative Care Physicians and
two Clinical Haematologists at the Preston Cancer Centre (the recruitment of a third Consultant
Haematologist is proposed). The Cancer Centre, which opened in 1997, provides radiotherapy and
specialist chemotherapy services for the residents of Lancashire and South Cumbria, chemotherapy
services for the local population.     The resident population of the Borough of Preston is 128,000.
However, the catchment population for the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
(LTHTR) for general services in 230,000. The RPH is a sub-regional centre for neurology, neurosurgery,
renal medicine, burns and plastic surgery.

Consultant clinical oncologists employed by the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust provide
outreach clinics in hospitals in Barrow, Kendal, Lancaster, Blackburn, Burnley and Blackpool.

The Royal Preston Hospital (753 beds), the majority of which was built in the 1980s, is located off
Sharoe Green Lane North in Fulwood. Access to the hospital is easy being situated within one mile of
the M6. A network of motorways provides ready access to the surrounding areas including the various
outreach clinics.
Oncology Services are designated as a Clinical Directorate within the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust. The Directorate also includes palliative care and clinical haematology.

Further information on the Trusts is attached.


4.1       General

The service as designated by the Regional Health Authority as the third Cancer Centre in the North West
Region for radiotherapy and specialist chemotherapy in October 1999.

4.2       Radiotherapy

The Cancer Centre at Preston provides radiotherapy services for residents of Morecambe Bay, North
West Lancashire, South Lancashire (Chorley district) and parts of East Lancashire – a population of up
to 1.5 million. Some services, including brachytherapy, continue to be provided by the Christie Hospital,
Manchester.      Patients are also referred to Leeds and Birmingham for the treatment of some rare
As a new purpose built department, the radiotherapy service boasts a modern and technically advanced
equipment profile.

      ♦      Six Elekta linear accelerators, including four with a standard MLC and one with a Beam
             Modulator, and three with aSi portal imaging.
      ♦      Delivery of an IGRT upgrade is scheduled for October 08, with a clinical go-live date in the
             first quarter of 09.
      ♦      Gulmay Darpac 10-150k V Superficial Unit
      ♦      GE LightSpeed RT16 CT Simulator, with four GE Advantage SIM workstations for CT
      ♦      Elekta Precise Simulator with CT, IMCON digital imaging and OSIRIS outlining
      ♦      Oncentra Visir R&V system
      ♦      Mosaiq resource scheduling system
      ♦      Nucletron Plato 3D Planning system with outlining on two additional Masterplan workstations.
      ♦      A new Pinnacle planning system with 16 workstations is currently being commissioned.
      ♦      Kodak CR PACS system for all films
      ♦      Access to PET/CT scanner in the hospital

A multi-disciplinary approach to radiotherapy has been developed and practiced since the department
opened in 1997. The department has an active IMRT programme with the first patient treated in 2003,
and has been active in IMRT clinical trials for some time (FAST, CHHIP, and soon IMPORT).

The department is actively looking to the future, with plans to establish stereotactic radiosurgery and
prostate brachytherapy on site. Plans are also being considered for expansion of the department by
setting up satellite units.

The Rosemere Cancer Centre is an international reference site for Elekta and we have a research
agreement with Elekta covering the Beam Modulator device. The department is also a test site for the
Nucletron PLATO and VISIR products.            We have academic links with the University of Central
Lancashire and this has resulted in two joint PhD projects.


4.3       Chemotherapy

. The Directorate has integrated Outpatient and chemotherapy units which will be relocating to a new
purpose-built development, adjacent to radiotherapy, within the next year, with a temporary decant
preceding this. There 26 inpatient beds are available. Facilities are available to provide a wide range of
in and outpatient chemotherapy regimens.      PICC lines can be inserted on the unit by trained staff and
Hickman lines by the radiology department


A database has been established for the unit to collect treatment details and to facilitate audit and

The unit has the services of a data manager, a clinical trials co-ordinator and research nurses. The
Research Team work closely with colleagues in the Lancashire and South Cumbria Research Network.
In early 2003, an innovative nurse-led service to support chemotherapy patients throughout their
treatment journey was established.

Three SHOs provide ward cover for the cancer unit and are part of the SHO rotation in general medicine.
There is also a staff grade in Oncology. At present, there are 4 Specialist Registrars in Clinical Oncology
and 1 in Medical Oncology, all linked to the Christie Hospital. An expansion of the number of Specialist
Registrars is planned.

4.4    Activity April 2008 – March 2009

Outpatients at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

          Site                 New           Follow-up

Preston & Chorley               1988            10303

In East Lancashire the Urological and colorectal service will be run between the appointee and Dr
Marcus Wise and the colorectal service in Preston will be similarly shared. In 2008/09, 400 new patients
were seen by the two clinicians responsible for urological and colorectal cancer.

It is expected that the consultant will see approximately 300-350 new patients per year.


5.1 General

The East Lancashire Health Trust serves a population of over 0.5 million and the area is diverse in its
combination of large towns and rural villages. There is District General Hospital in the main
conurbations of Burnley and Blackburn. These two District General Hospitals provide a full range of
acute and community services with a small number of specialist services provided jointly on a federated
basis. Other more specialist tertiary services are generally provided by hospitals in Preston, Manchester
and Leeds.

In 2006 new hospital facilities were opened in both Blackburn and Burnley

The 2 District General Hospitals have been jointly designated as cancer units for breast, lung and
colorectal tumours and palliative care

5.2    Blackburn

Acute services are all now provided at the new Royal Blackburn Hospital. which opened in July 2006.A
full range of hospital services to adults and children are provided with a full range of diagnostic and
support services, eg MRI,CT scanning .In addition to the modern facilities within the first stage of the
hospital the new building includes state of the art new inpatient facilities, a centralised outpatient
department, new operating theatres and the Accident and Emergency Department

5.3 Burnley

Burnley General Hospital provides general and specialist medical and surgical services including a full
range of diagnostic services including MRI and CT scanning. There are also purpose built facilities for
the Younger Disabled and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit. In May 2006 the trust opened the
Phase 5 development with a £33 million investment in new facilities including new outpatient and
inpatient facilities
A purpose built chemotherapy unit opened in Burnley in January 2002.

Rossendale General Hospital provides a local facility for the Borough of Rossendale with outpatient, X-
ray and rehabilitation services. Pendle Hospital is a modern community hospital providing intermediate
care and medical beds together with an outpatient and day hospital for the elderly

5.4 Cancer Network

Rosemere is the Cancer Centre for the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network.

The Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network was formed in March 2001 and links together the
organisations that provide care for cancer patients in the areas of Barrow-in-Furness, Blackburn,
Blackpool, Burnley, Chorley, Fylde, Kendal, Lancaster, Morecambe, Preston, South Ribble, Ulverstone
and Wyre. The Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network covers a population of 1.5 million.

The Cancer Network is the vehicle for ensuring that all patients within its population area have equal
access to the highest quality of cancer services available.

The Cancer Network is managed by the Cancer Network Management Board, which is accountable for
ensuring that the Network meets its key responsibilities and objectives as defined within the Manual of
Cancer Services Standards and the NHS Cancer Plan.


Dr Gerry Skailes, Clinical Oncologist and Clinical Director (gynaecological and lung cancers)

Dr Wiebke Appel, Clinical Oncologist ( lung cancers and germ cell tumours)

Dr Alison Birtle, Clinical Oncologist (urological and colorectal cancers)

Dr Ashoke Biswas, Clinical Oncologist (lymphoma, and head and neck cancers)

Dr Andrew Hindley, Clinical Oncologist (gynaecological, lung, breast and CNS)

Dr Martin Hogg, Clinical Oncologist (breast and gynaecological cancers)

Dr Ajay Mehta, Clinical Oncologist (Head and neck and upper GI cancers)

Dr Graham Read, Clinical Oncologist (urological, brain and skin cancer)

Dr Shabbir Susnerwala, Clinical Oncologist (colorectal and urological cancers)

Dr Marcus Wise, Clinical Oncologist, (colo-rectal and urological)

Dr Elaine Young, Clinical Oncologist (9 sessions) (breast and upper GI cancers)

Dr Valerie O’Donnell, Consultant in Palliative Medicine (hospital)

Dr Louise Forman, Consultant in Palliative Medicine (community)

Dr David Eaton, Visiting Medical Oncologist (1 session)

Dr Frederick Kanyike Haematologist

Dr Tibor Raposa, Haematologist

Ms Lynne Smith, Directorate Manager – Oncology Services

Mr Glyn Shentall, Consultant Physicist

Mrs Helen Clements, Clinical Manager – Radiotherapy

Mrs Catherine Silcock, Lead Chemotherapy Nurse Specialist

Mrs Sandra Finch, Clinical Manager – Inpatients and ambulatory care.


The employing authority will be the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Clinical Duties

The clinical duties of the post will include the provision of a clinical oncology service with outpatient
clinics, chemotherapy clinics and MDT meetings with the local clinicians, ensuring optimum patient care
and efficient use of the hospitals’ resources. The successful candidate will also be expected to develop
a special interest at the Cancer Centre. A detailed work plan and the special interest will be developed
after discussion with the successful applicant. It is envisaged that the post holder will treat urological
and colorectal cancers in East Lancs with potentially the same specialisations within the Centre,
although other disease sites could be considered if preferred.

The post holder will be expected to attend relevant meetings with colleagues. It is anticipated that there
will be close liaison with other groups in the North West Region at Christie and Clatterbridge hospitals.
Attendance at relevant multi-disciplinary meetings will be essential.

Indicative Job Plan

The allocation of sessions will be subject to review as the new service develops but initially will be as


3.5 PAs in East Lancs                      To provide consultation, outpatient services(2 clinics), MDT
                                           meetings (2) and chemotherapy

4 PA s at LTHTR                            For radiotherapy( with designated Sim and CT planning
                                           sessions equivalent to 1.5 PAs),chemotherapy, ward rounds
                                           and inpatient and outpatient care (1 clinic)related to the
                                           specialist interest
                                           Including on-call and medical administration work
                                           Audit and guideline management, professional, educational
2.5 SPAs                                   activities

Consultants currently work on-call on a 1: 12 rota.


Modern Education Centres are based at both Royal Preston and Chorley and South Ribble Hospital
sites. Both offer excellent library and study facilities, including PC/Internet support for hospital doctors
and GPs as well as other medical practitioners. The new unit at Preston opened in November 2003.

The Trust supports the requirements for Continuing Medical Education as laid down by the Royal
College of Pathologists and is committed to providing time and support to these activities.

The post holder will receive the full support of the trusts and the Directorates to develop specialist areas
of interest in line with directorate business plans and the development of services generally within the


This post will form part of the Clinical Directorate of Oncology and the postholder will be expected to
support the Clinical Director across the whole range of his/her managerial and administrative functions.
The postholder will be expected to attend Directorate meetings and will be a member of other
committees to which he or she is appointed or co-opted. All Consultants are eligible for consideration of
appointment by the Chief Executive to the post of Clinical Director. Clinical Directors usually have a term
of three years following expressions of interest and subsequent interview by the Chief Executive and
Medical Director following completion of the previous postholders term. The successful candidate will
also have the opportunity to be appointed Head of Department.

Opportunities for clinical research exist at all hospitals within the Region and the Trusts are seeking to
establish infrastructures and facilities that encourage research.   A great many projects are undertaken
without the need for additional resources, but if funds are required for the purchase of special equipment,
or temporary assistance with staff, financial support may sometimes be obtained locally from the
Research Fund.        Applications for research grants may also be made to through the Trusts’ Research
and Development Committee for short-term projects not exceeding three years. The Trust supports audit
projects through the Department of Clinical Audit.
There is an active research programme within Oncology. The focus of R&D has continued to develop
via participation in clinical trials, covering a range of disease sites.   Working with the new Cancer
Research Network, there is a strong commitment to expand the trials portfolio, which is discussed at
regular meetings.       In the Radiotherapy department, research is centred on clinical and technique
developments that impact on patient treatment e.g. breast IMRT. The postholder will be expected to
participate fully in this activity.


The post is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Service for Medical and Dental staff agreed by the
Trust.   The Trust will continue to reflect terms and conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions of
Service for Hospital Medical and Dental Staff (England and Wales) unless locally agreed.


The postholder will be required to live within 30 minutes travelling time of the Royal Preston Hospital
unless the Trust Boards agree to a greater distance.


Office accommodation and secretarial support will be available. Access to a PC, E-mail and the Internet
is also available
The appointee will be responsible for providing a service within the resources allocated by the Trust.


The Trust supports the requirements for continuing medical education as laid down by the Royal College
of Pathologists and is committed to provide time and financial support for these activities.

    16 VISITS

Informal enquiries and requests to visit are welcome and arrangements should be made with Mr Tony
Curtis, Chief Executive (01772 522692), and Dr Gerry Skailes, Clinical Director Oncology (01772



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